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Claws On My Ass 1

Waiting naked. My ass up for my first John. I'm blindfolded so I don't get into any unfortunate situations with our monster clientele. 

I've heard stories from the other subs here of how one poor guy had the misfortune to glance into the eye of a customer when his blindfold somehow had came off. There wasn't much left of him to pick up off the floor and walls other than his ass once his fuck was finished with him.

We're on our own here since we're doing something very illegal. The pay is good and the dick is even better than incredible.  Freaks like us who can't get enough dick nor enough cum, that's why we work this scene and don't let the secret out. The bosses leave us alone. No sex workers here have been snuffed out. Most importantly we don't care who or what the dick is attached to as long as the dick is better than good.

Large hands wrap around my upper legs. Thick fingers press into my inner thighs. My legs are spread apart. Warm fur rubs against my legs as a large firm body fills the space between them. Thumbs gently caress the side of my ass cheeks.

He must be huge. I hope he knows what he's doing. Not all Johns listen during orientation wanting to go right to fucking.  More than once I've had to give directions while a dick was trying to work its way in. I can't fault them wanting to get to it but many don't know about the shaping stones we wear.

I hear him gathering spit. Good he paid attention or has done this before.  He must of hit the stone on my lower back with a good amount saliva because my ass hole opens almost immediately, releasing pheromones based on his DNA. He'll have an uncontrollable compulsion to urinate on me which he does with a low growl.

The piss doesn't actually stay on me for long. The black leather the stone sets in has four laces that wraps around both my legs, and up to my chest. The leather absorbs the liquid, carrying it to the stone where it forms my ass into the perfect receptacle for his dick.

My thighs and pelvis enlarge. It's an odd sensation but nothing someone can't get used to when you're about to enjoy some prime shifter dick as only a shaping stone can provide.

Oh, he's gliding his huge solid dick in. Shit it's hard. Fuck! He just passed my second hole and he's still going in deeper and passes a third hole just before he's all the way in. I've been doing this long enough to know the species by how my ass is changed. Three ass rings tells me this dude is a werewolf.

His hands move to under my arms and lifts me up as he stands. Covering my upper body his hands press me against his chest.

Dick firmly planted in me, I feel hot breath on my ear, a wet tongue swirls around my ear then enters it. I squirm on his dick trying to get even more of him inside me.

"Human with not human pussy." He pauses. "Good pussy, worthy of me," He whispers.

 I feel him moving us. One of my small cell walls press against me.

"My master rewards me tonight for killing many enemies." He says and begins to fuck. He pulls almost all the way out glides back in all the way and stops, impaling me hard to the wall.

"He told me I will fuck tonight like those with a true mate."

He starts fucking my ass again.  Going from slow to fast but always hands firm me as if worried the hole he's in might be taken away.

He stops deep in me.

"Smell many true mates shared bodies in this place. Several I know from their scent. They have no true mates. The smell is a lie. Master must be right. I need not worry how my body craves you."

He licks my earlobe traveling slowly down to the nap of my neck. Nibbles on it with sharp teeth. He starts plowing my hole.

He growls as he bites my neck harder until he's slow pounds me. I'm overwhelmed with pleasure, completely his as he works his business within me.

His growls grow louder until he bites fully down on my neck and stops inside of me.

He drinks my blood, his dick begins to swell. He whimpers just a little still locked on my neck but eases up and licks my wound gently.

I'm jelly in his muscular arms. He moves us over to my bedding.  It's big enough to hold the biggest humanoid male. Reclining back against the wall he holds me on top of him. His dick is still pulsing in me and its tip getting bigger, forming a barrier so no semen can leak out of my ass.

My stomach starts to swell from the his huge knot and gallons of cum filling me. He lovingly rubs my tummy and whines a little. No one knows other than mated werewolves the amount of cum they produce when knotted to their mate. he'll be nutting in me for probably thirty minutes and his knot will probably not go down another thirty minutes after that.

During this time the werewolf is highly territorial. The poor guy ripped to pieces was likely done while he was stuck to his werewolf John. Eye contact breaks the spell and the wolf's body rejects the imposter mate. The response is always to kill.

He licks my bite. The stone will replenish my blood since this is part of the mating process.

His master has given him a true gift he wouldn't of had until he was with a true mate. Wolfs are my favorite clients. We don't see many since they usually don't have the money or their masters aren't aware of us. However once they knot in a hoe that hoe becomes their favorite pussy and won't call on anyone else.

He caresses my stomach.

"Human females would get a pups with my strong seed. I don't want weak crossbreeds. I am satisfied to make you swell. I can start to smell my scent on your breath." From the volume of cum it pushes its way up the digestive tract. There is something about werewolf semen that allows it to fill the stomach without becoming acidic as it comes up to the mouth.

I turn my head to the side. He'll instinctively want to taste himself in me. He kisses me and I push some of his load into his mouth.  I feel his lips smile. He's pleased with his virility.

He tenses for a moment. He must of noticed this isn't just his semen. The shaping stone modified it.

He greedily sucks the fluid out of my mouth and gently squeezes my stomach forcing more up to my mouth. I feel his body expanding. He moans into me. His dick enlarges. My feel my ass being modified to  accomidate him.

His master paid extra to have his strength boosted. A knowledgeable master otherwise my bosses won't tell a John what a shaper can do. Of course we can't access everything it's capable of.

I studied mage theory at university not long before traveling to this kingdom. A particular part of the history covered was how shifter combat soldiers were enhanced and controlled by shaping stone users. The control part takes special training and complex restriction locks are in place. General knowledge about the stones are murky to nonexistent. Most know about them through rumor. Our bosses know someone important to have access to military grade secret toys.

He slows his feeding and breaks from my lips.

"Ones I smell here and know are no bigger after mating." He says in my ear.

"Your master requested it." I tell him after clearing my throat.

"How long will new strength last?" He moves his pelvis a little. His dick planted deep in me.

"It should last maybe six months." I shouldn't ask, but I'm courious. "Is your master a wizard?"

"Yes, very strong. He wants me to be strong to." His voice fades. After a few moments his breathing evens out. He's fallen asleep.

I'll let him sleep for a little bit to recover from making all that nut. The power up always drains them as well. He'll need to finish eating the rest of his load before his dick deflates. He'll be pissed if he wakes and his legs are covered in something that would of added more to his boost.