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Claws On My Ass 2

When six huge mountain size rock hard muscle bound orcs showed up I knew the rest of my night was shot.  It's going to be a hot night though. I know these guys. They're always undressed when they step into my cell. Huge flaccid dicks swinging against their meaty swollen thighs.

They're completely hairless and their two lower tusk teeth are so big it's hard to understand what they say at times.

They'll spend hours fucking while talking shit to each other during the whole time. From what i can make out, daring each other to go further, longer, faster, slower, you name it.
Orc shifters are social creatures.

Their master is a wealthy warlord visiting the kingdom from the cold north. They've been here since last spring. He's booked his six commanders to be made as happy as possible every other month. I believe the idea is a bored orc shifter is a bad thing. Six of them would be extremely bad.

On their first appearance my coworkers asked me to do the honors since all six wanted to fuck at the same time with the same person. My colleagues knew I'm up for a challenge. I wasn't sure how my shaping stone would handle this, but I gave it a shot. They've been cumming back ever since. Get it? Cumming...anyway.

Several tavern workers from upstairs carried in a spare mattress for me to lay on the floor. Once I'm on it face down the men put a circular table over me. Its feet was wide enough apart that it rested on the stone floor and not the mattress. The table completely covered me except in the middle. It was a cut out circle exposing my butt and the shaping stone bound to my lower back.

The orcs began to spit as soon as the the table was in place. One wasn't a very good spitter so the orcs were laughing at him.

Hopefully the workers were able to get out before spit started to fly.

My anus opened. The guys got quiet once hit with the compulsion to pee. Something about this part, the second step, is very meaningful to them. Their expression is of awe. I can't see them now but the first couple of times I saw their faces up close and personal. It was hard to mistake that look for anything else.

I have to admit this part is different for me to. Once their piss is absorbed the stone makes a secondary anus cavity that's pushed out. It feels wonderful, a huge part of myself freed, exposed to the air.

One of the orcs positions it on the table as it spreads out into a fleshly translucent thing with six appendages. Each orc inserts his dick in one.

This is when they start talking shit about who will loss control and cum first. Laughing when one gets close. We'll edge like this to the point of busting for about three hours until one nuts uncontrollably. It's not difficult to mistake who it is. Ocrs roar when they cum. At least this bunch do. I wouldn't be surprised the tavern upstairs could hear them if the rooms weren't so far underground. Once the first one goes the others follow suit in quick succession.

The appendages turn from fleshy translucent to gradations of pink to intense red as more semen is pumped into it. They'll be shouting and roaring for sometime trying to best the others on how much cum they can breed in to me.

The middle of the starfish like thing that is me will swell in it middle resting on my butt through the tablets hole. Once the last one is finished nutting their next and last challenge for the evening starts.

"I haven't had a say in what gift we receive. The last two times I agreed with the group to strengthen ourselves. This time I suggest we improve our strategy skills." An orc said from my left.

"Even though you are a fool Trag that is a good request." Behind me an orc said. "Do you agree to our brother's request?"

After some grumbling a consensus seemed to form.

"Honoured Bred, is it possible?" One asks me. I've no idea why they call me that.

"Yes, do as you always do next and you'll be guided along." The bosses gave me codes to access certain properties of the shaping stone not usually granted to keep the warlord to these guys happy.

I closed my eyes and quickly visualized the unlocking sigil expecting their piss to start flooding me at any moment. Warm fluid started to fill me. A chime in my head sounded, notifying me I was successful.

Eyes still closed I was able to see the ceiling and it got closer. I looked down. An orc is looking at me. I turn around and all of the orcs are looking at me. How's that? I look down to see what they're looking at. I see a thick stock leading up to my point of view from my anal starfish like extension.

From the stock tentacles shot out. With a splating sound they attached themselves to the orcs' foreheads. Their eyes rolled back in their heads.

Memories squeezed into my head. Not my memories, the ocrs'. After a while I began to see a pattern.  Each dealt with strategy they used from their earliest memories to most recent.

Then something strange happen. Scenes from the distant past seemed to flash by. Covering hundreds of years based on what I knew of orc and human fashion history. These must be memories passed down through genes. Had no idea the stone could do this.

After what seemed like forever the onslaught slowed and we were left by ourselves connected mind to mind. There was silence then a light bloomed in the mental space we dwelt.

"Friends of Honoured Bred, two brothers will forget the memory gift. It was too much for them. In times of great need your minds will reconnect as you are now and they will remember with your support." The light said then faded away.

My mental space was just me now without the orcs. I could no longer see them above the table either. I became aware their dicks were still as solid as rock inside me.

Several started to laugh. "You lot look like you have come off the battlefield," One said.

"Indeed you do," another said, "and we haven't asked for a gift yet."

"It gets late brother. Let us breed the Honoured Bred quickly one last time and be on our way. We'll let the two of you decide what the gift is next time," An orc said.

As they began to fuck in earnest, I wondered if the light being was the shaping stone.