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Claws On My Ass 4


I awoke in a mental haze, confused.  Did someone call my name?

Laying on my side, I looked down, an arm draped heavily over my waist. A blonde fur covered arm, my blindfold in a werewolf's hand. A dick hard inside me. Instantly my heartbeat started to race.

Is this the same guy I discovered the book with? I focused on my right butt cheek. There was something metal with bumps pressing into my bottom. Yes, it's the same werewolf.

Warm breath tickled the back of my neck. "More than cum hole now. Master says I protect you." He pointed a white clawed finger to a figure in robes immersing out of a dark wall of my cellroom.

An bald small man, thin and pale. Long black hair flowed from his cloak's collar marked him as a necromancer lord.

I lowered my head even though I was already on the floor in my nest of pillows.

"At ease Stone Bearer." The necromancer lord said with a warm voice. He slowly walked closer and stopped. "I was summoned here by the stone through my servant's band." He pointed with a silver tipped cane to where I imagined the werewolf's band to be resting against my ass. "Your heart still beats fast. Truly, be at ease."

"Lord, my blindfold is in his hand and with all do respect I'm connected to your very hard servant." I said, my head still averted.

"That conditioned protocol no longer applies." He said unconcerned. Raised his head, nose up imperially, signaling two men from the aboveground tavern to carry into my room a table. On top sat a covered silver serving tray. Followed by a third man who carried a plush red chair.

He directed them to put the table in front of me and my what - my guard? The chair was positioned facing us and the necromancer took his place at the table.

Two of the men left. One remained to serve.

My new bodyguard sniffed after the lid of the serving tray was lifted off. His stomach grumbled loud enough for me to hear. The necromancer must of heard it to because he tossed from his plate a chunk of meat.

The wolf caught it gracefully with a snap of its powerful snout. He hummed contently and moved his erection slightly out then pressed it firmly back in, making sure he was all the in all the way I guess.

"Forgive my rudeness Stone Bearer. The stone kept the two of you nourished for several days. It has not quite enough for your guard mate." He said as he wiped his hands on a silk cloth.

Several days? I was attached to a werewolf that long?

"It seems you were put into a deep sleep. Deeper than him." The necromancer waved at the wolf, "I assume he was in a lighter sleep encase you needed protection until I arrived."

Why was he called here?

"Lord, am I in some kind of trouble?" I asked.

"Let me ask you instead. Are you aware some call those who serve shifters sexually are nothing more than human cumrags? Is that your ambition, to be used and discarded?" The lord said.

He raised to his lips a silver goblet encrusted with gems. He sat it back down on the table waiting for me to answer.

My guard's cock flexed. Still impossibly hard.

After catching my breath. "Do I have a choice, my Lord?" I asked weakly.

"If it was my choice the stone never would have awoken from its long sleep in the first place." The necromancer waved the man serving him away. Wiped his mouth with a cloth, sat it down as he pushed his chair back and stood. He returned to the dark wall.

"Max, bring your friend." He said, walking into shadow and vanished.

"So it's Max, is it?" I asked trying to keep a sense of humor. Unfortunately I failed.

"Yes." He said as he munivered me to face him. He pressed me close to his chest.  He stood up with ease, a testament to his strength.

He moved forward. My skin tingled as he stepped through the wall into a gloomy tunnel of roughly cut rock.

He caught up to his master. His dick softened enough it slipped out of my hole. I took the opportunity and climbed down from him. On the ground my legs were shaky. My ass felt completely empty.

A glow light hovered above the necromancer. It brightened then another light emerged from it and moved over to Max and me.

"Good, you are walking. It would not have been safe for you to be carried down those." The necromancer said pointing to stone steps leading down into darkness. He turned toward them and began our descent.

Max's hand on my arm tried to steady me to keep me balanced going down the ancient chipped stairs. I struggled to keep up with the dark lord's pace.

They seemed to go for forever.

Every once in awhile Max's hand would get uncomfortably hot, almost burning. His whole body seemed to glow red. It grew brighter as his hand increasingly got hotter.

"Something is happening with Max?" I said to the Necromancer's back.

"We don't have much time. I'm afraid my delay has put our poor Max in some parel. Making the entire reason for this place to be built for not." He said with a sigh.

"However, we are in luck." He said as we reached two large double doors. They appeared to be made of strong black iron oak. Each had a carved man on it. They held hands. Lovingly gazing at the other. Around them delicately sculpted weremen of types I've never seen before played athletic games.

I read out loud an archaic script carved above the doors. "First Saint and Companion. Greetings. Present the Key to enter."

"So your schooling was not completely forgotten." The necromancer said. "You and Max hold hands and Max, you need to touch the Saint's left foot."

Max and I held hands. His hand shaked around mine.  He touched the saint's foot with his other. I heard a click and Max's hand started to burn.

"Ouch! Max your hand is burning hot." I shook his hand off.

"Hurry along." The Necromancer gilded pass us.

We followed him into a huge room. Table after table was filled with magical devices. Some looked to be clockwork gears of wood or metal. Other devices seemed to be made of nothing but glass holding boiling liquids.

The far walls of what I could see from our glow lights were lined, floor to ceiling with shelves. Some occupied thick books and other wider spaced held glass jar specimens as big as men.

I noticed none of the devices or tables had any dust. The floor was free of dust to. The room must of been preserved and sealed with a spell.

We reached a clearing free of tables. In the center was a large grey nondescript stone slab, much like the material of my shaping stone.

"Dawny, step up onto the stone please. Max, you must choose. If you step on that stone you will be changed."

"Be stronger?" Max growled, his voice uncharacteristically shaky.

"Yes, much stronger. You will still be you, just different."

Max took no time to consider and stepped up next to me. Heat radiating off of him warmed me. I didn't realize his body heat had kept me warm coming down here.

"Spit on the stone please."

I looked at Max. I caught his eye and we both spat. Our floating glow lights dimmed. The devices on the tables glowed a purplish tint.

After several moments a bell chimed at one of the near tables. The Necromancer walked over and picked up something. As he brought it near I could see it was a glowing white liquid inside a glass tube.

"St. Adamus directed my ancestors and one noble house of a Golden to secretly build this complex. He Himself oversaw the overall project." The necromancer held up the tube. "What this vial contains is the completed result. Well almost. Dawny, you will remain mostly the same. Max, you will be very strong."

He bend down, emptied the contents on the stone then stepped back.

The liquid flowed to our saliva changing from white to gold. Max's area of the stone turned gold. In a blink Max was enveloped in a gold column of light. Sparkling gold dust floated thickly around him shimmering in the light. Max slumped over eyes closed and rose gently into the air a little above the stone.

"He sleeps." The necromancer said next to me watching Max. "This is the Saint's magic."

Max's body hair dissolved. His heavy werewolf brow softened, jaw receded becoming more human. His ears stayed long and pointed. His muscular chest rapidly inhaled and exhaled as if he was in a race. Light flashed and Max's body jolted like a ragdoll being shook by a giant hand. I jumped in surprise.

The glittering dust seemed to flow around him, cressing his body.

"He will be fine, actually much better than fine. Please do not worry."

"Lord, who's this Saint? I've never heard of him." I asked

 "He was erased from history long ago. His memory only kept alive with secret oral traditions."

The dust gathered in dense patches then flowed into him through every one of his orifices, at least the ones I could see. Max's body began to enlarge, doubling in size. His muscles bulged rock hard even in his unconscious state. More golden dust rose from the stone under Max up into the light.

"The reason this world of ours exists now is because of Saint Adamus and his companion David. They were the only living humans to survive beside the walking dead. Animals were unaffected by the plague survived as well. This is the history taught to both Necromancer and Golden Brotherhood children alike."

The dust collected around Max again. His body spasmed. The dust became so dense Max wasn't visible. Then they faded away leaving in his place a terrifying werewolf from hell. Max's body was covered with black sleek fur. Long black claws on both feet and hands. His head looked a cross between wolf and dragon with sharp angular corners and long black spikes protruding from his elbows.

"How did they survive?" I asked while keeping my eye on Max.

"Something to do with his unique gift. It was his love of David that decided we would exist. Adamus easily could have chosen to leave this world for another. However a deal was struck to stay if David might live."

I turned my head slightly to look at him. He was watching Max.

"What, my Lord?" I asked.

"The gold shimmering particles is what He struck a deal with." He pointed toward Max. "It and He are connected somehow. The magic of Necromancers and the Golden Brotherhood is a tiny fraction of what the First Saint can command. Our two magics are separate. We believe he created us this way to keep balance."

The light dimmed, the shimmering dust gone, and Max had changed back to his new humanoid form floating down to the slab asleep.

"He should be find in a couple of hours. I will show you the room you and Max will share. You can check back on him after you get settled in. We will talk more tomorrow and you have yet to meet the other party of this project."

I leaned down, touched Max's neck. His pulse strong and even. My fingers glided down to his swollen muscular chest. It will take some time to get use to his hairless chalk white body. Luckily his cock and nut sack look fairly the same just bigger.

With a smile I turned to the necromancer lord and asked about acquiring some clothes as he led me to our new living quarters.