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Claws On My Ass 5

Dear Lon,

I know I've written this in our the first letter but again I'm so relieved we can write each other while I'm down here training with Max.

I would never have considered an oath spell necessary until the last few days. It’s allowed us and the rest of our friends at the tavern to talk amongst ourselves about everything that's happened and is happening.

After discovering Max's book, I'm still amazed we know that during the shaping war weremen lost their ability to shift. The shaping stones had been used to take their humanity away.

I believed, like we all did, that over hundreds of years shifters lost their ability to become human in form by choice. They had become locked in their beastly forms.

We consider ourselves freaks—and we are—but not quite as freaky as others condemned us to be. Yes, we’re cum whores, but we've always acknowledged weremen as more than animals. We believed they were human even if they couldn't shift anymore.

I never tolerated people who say they’re inferior beings, nothing more than chattel or restrictions placed on them for public safety. Well, some cautions are needed but what we do manipulates werewolves into an instinctual reaction most people if any would never experience.

Sorry for the rant. Do you want news regarding Max?

He's super buff in human form. Yes, even more so than the ones we power up with the stones.  His dragon-wolf form is double the muscle mass. He's shredded more than a couple shirts. To keep things simple, we've decided on him wearing pants and kilts, no shirts. At least until we figure something out. He's so hot though!

This next part I haven't written about because I don't want to worry you. We've had issues since Max doesn't have fur now. His self-image is damaged. I try to show him affection, to convince him he's still sexy, but it hasn't worked, not yet.

Yes, it's been a week without cum. Don't worry, I'll survive. You cum whore, you.

Every morning he has a huge erection. HUGE. He’ll whine if I touch it. It's so heartbreaking. Holding him, rubbing his chest and tummy until he calms down isn't good enough. I can tell how shocked he is about not wanting sex when I look into his bewildered eyes.

I think I figured a way to improve his self-image problem and fix our dry spell.

Yesterday after our daily magic lesson with the necromancer and golden lords we horsed around with our scribe brushes. He marked me up with ink pretty good but I got him good myself. What I noticed was he seemed fascinated with the black marks against his white skin. He kept looking at his arms until he reluctantly let me clean him up.

I'll write more after I try an idea I have...

It worked! Touch this memory charm I drew to your forehead. Learned how to do it yesterday.

Share it with the gang.

Max asks not to let any orcs see it...he wasn’t so polite. He's okay with them fucking me but he's uncomfortable with the idea of him fucking an orc even if it's a memory experience.

Take care,



“You want to mark on me.” Max looked perplexed.

“Well more than the marks we made on ourselves the other day playing. I want to draw designs on you and you can decide what you like.” I said, hoping my smile looked pleasant, not anxious.

Max was puzzled until I handed him two parchments with sketches. A picture of a dragon fighting a demon was on one. The other was of the two men on the doors.

His eyes lit up, brightened by a true smile. It was the first I'd seen from him since his change.

“You would cover me?” He said head tilted down, voice quiet.

“Of course I will my big powerful man,” I said and hugged him. He likes being called a man.

He returned my hug.

I'd always had a gift for drawing but it never won out over other pursuits. I hoped it would pay off this time, that it’ll would help Max.

“Here, let's see,” I said unwrapping my arms from around his waist. I'm average height but only come up to his six-pack now.

With a piece of chalk I draw scenes on the stone floor, werewolves kicking ass, and dragons flying. Plants twined around the wolves and smoke shrouded the dragons.

“I like wolves. Dragons are good far away from brothers,” he growled.

Over several hours Max was patient watching me paint the front of his body. He offered input as I went along. We were both undressed so he wouldn’t feel exposed as the only one bare.

He wanted St. Adamus and David painted on his back and the weremen scene on the doors drawn to cover his arms, legs, bottom, and shoulders.

From the front of his neck running down to his flaccid cock was an unfilled strip of white. I told him I like his dick as it was. He had me leave it unmarked. His fur never covered his dick anyway, so he was okay with leaving it alone. His face and ears were left unmarked too.

"How do I make this permanent?" I asked myself. A sigil appeared in my mind's eye and a strong impulse supplied by my shaping stone.

I held my arms up toward Max signaling him to pick me up. “Don't let me touch you but I need for us to swap spit.”

He picked me up, careful not to brush me against his inked body and kissed me until his tongue teased into my mouth then retreated, replaced by a mouth full of saliva.

It triggered my mouth into over salivating. I pushed my overloaded mouthful back to Max before it could spill out wasted. He took it in.

I felt his body heat spike. He kissed me again, his huge tongue more aggressive. The stone adapted my jaw and throat as he pushed it far into me.

His saliva was more like a slick gel. He was producing so much of it, it covered me and him, tingling everywhere it touched.

Max made a low slow growl. I've come to think of it as his extra hard boner sound. He held me close, powerful arms wrapped around me, forgetting about the ink covering him. I didn't care either. The stone had us both in heat.

A clawed finger found its way into my hole. The stone protected me from getting cut. I felt the lining of my rectum forming itself like it does for the orc commanders.

Pushed out by an uncontrollable stimulus, Max caught it with his free hand and knew to connect it with his leg-size erect cock.

My arms were tight around his bulging neck. His large hyperexcited tongue ploughed itself into my mouth and extended throat. Throat fucking me with his tongue. I'm not sure how I could breathe. My legs wrapped around his lower chest, and I was in bliss as he fucked whatever had become of my rectum.

He was looking down at me lovingly in our bed, still inside me—well technically an extension of myself—between my legs. I must have blacked out.

Max smiled upon me seeing my eyes were open. He rose to his knees about to show me something until he jostled our connection sending a wave of pleasure through me. He grunted as his rock hard dick convulsed.

Determined not to miss it this time, I kept my eyes open. His eyes squeezed shut, Max was riding out his spasming cock. Specks of gold appeared in the air around his head.

I felt him releasing a massive load into me. His eyes opened and solid gold orbs were looking at me. He smiled and leaned down, his head toward mine.

“Dawny,” he whispered before giving me a gentle kiss.



Everyone is so relieved Max is back in the game, and you're being well creamed. Talk about a potential waste of prime shifter meat and all that yummy cum not being had.

We were really worried.

Being able to experience the stone’s extreme mod of your rectum makes it a lot less frightening for some of us, including myself. I've watched you plenty of times with that crazy orc group of six. To actually live it first hand is an eye-opener even with one sex partner like Max.

Speaking of which, we've had a big influx of new orcs this week wanting the same service. Don't know if they're from the same regiments overseen by those six commander orcs or what.

With everything that’s been going these past two weeks, whoever is running this place scheduled them to come in groups at a time, starting next week. I’m guessing you’ll be back in business soon because none of us holes can do what you do.

Good thing your Max is okay with sharing, is all I got to say.

FYI: Several asked what's up with the gold sparkly stuff and those sexy gold eyes? The new guy Andrew served at a Golden estate. Said he never saw a magical display like Max did.

Need to get going. Impatient client banging on my door.

Hope to see you soon.

Oh, please do another memory charm for one of those orc group bangs so we can get tips!