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Claws On My Ass 6

During our free time, Max and I explore. Since our magic instructors say this underground complex is Max’s and mine, we both want to know everything about it.

Hard to believe it’s all ours.  

The suite of rooms we use as living quarters is huge and unusual compared to anything I’ve ever lived in. Max says his master’s estate is big, but this is also different from anything he’s experienced.

There’s no clear source of where the light is coming from and changes from daylight to moonlight on its own.  At night small lights that look like stars appear on the ceiling, and the floor is covered with miniature soft grass.

The walls and the ceiling both are rich with veins of precious metals.  Masterfully carved on their surface are repeating motifs of large shifters and a man half their size.  I realized after a while the man must be David from the entrance doorway.

Sometimes the shifters appear to be the size of mountains and David super tiny—sitting in their open mouths, legs bent, hanging out over their bottom lip, dangling in the air. Most of the time, the carvings are of him being carried in the arms of shifters, protecting him from demon-like men and herds of what appear to be the undead.

In scenes with David and the mountainous shifters, a complicated geometric object floats in the sky above them. St. Adamus never appears in the reliefs.

Out in the hallway, the walls and vaulted ceiling are no less elaborate than our private rooms.  Even Max at full stretch isn't able to reach the ceiling, and a village street could fit the span between the walls.

This evening, we explored further down the hall. A light mist covering the floor was kicked up as we passed through it. Pen points of light flickered in the ceiling.

We came to a fork.

“What do you think, left or right?” I asked Max.

Max sniffed. “Left. Food that way.”

“Oh? Let’s go see.” I’m a little surprised. We've been getting supplies from Lord Nec, the necromancer and Max’s master. Lord Nec's name is actually Blackthorn, but he prefers the nickname.

Not far from the fork, a large gated archway in the wall came into view. Closer, I could metal scrollwork taking on the form of St. Adamus and David holding hands, again one to each side of the gate doors like the entrance to the compound.

I looked up at the arch stones. There was no writing this time. At the shrug of my shoulders, Max took the initiative and stepped forward. The side of the gate with David's figure opened inward by itself. Max motioned me to stay close to him.

Through the gate, for a moment I thought we somehow made it to the outside but noticed beyond the few clouds in the distance that the sky was a vaulted dome. Below it and before us was a meadow, full of wildflowers and tall grass, gently sloped down to a forest of large silver trees.

Beyond the trees was a clearing on a hill partitioned for agricultural use. A few thatched cottages were scattered about. As I looked around, taking in this incredible expanse, I noticed some distance away to the side was a grape orchard with a large stone building.  

A breeze swept across the field. Sound of grass undulating in waves and trees shimmering under moonlight overwhelmed me.

“What is all of this for?” I said to no one in particular. I reached out to hold one of Max’s large fingers – just one of them is as thick as my wrists.  

A sigil overlaid my vision. I looked at Max. Gold specks appeared around his head. He turned his head toward the sky above the valley. A golden ball of light appeared. Inside it a complex geometric shape formed slowly rotating counterclockwise.  

Within a stone's throw, a whirl of gold dust and light formed then disappeared, leaving behind two men. One was small and thin, the other tall and muscular:  the two men Max and I have been seeing so much of.  

St. Adamus, looked like a youth with wavy medium length hair, and a shy smile. David nodded at Max in greeting.

Max and I began to prostrate ourselves; falling to our knees, we touched our heads to the ground.  

“No, no. Stop please. None of that,” one of them said, voice soft and sweet. Unable to see who spoke, I guess it’s St. Adamus?  

The smaller man took the other man’s hand. “I’m Adam and this serious man is David,” He said smiling up at David.

“Saint, I'm Dawny and this is Max.” I lean my head toward Max and was about to ask a question.

“You have questions as any person would. The simplest way to answer is to start from David's and my beginning, and how it connects us here to you.”  

St. Adamus let go of David's hand and gestured to the geometric shape. It vanished. The surrounding light dimmed, and the sky became a window to somewhere else.

“Long ago, when I was a child, I saw and heard things others couldn’t. David looked after me when the invisible world intruded on the visible world. Most thought I was sick.”  

In the vision David had close cropped blonde hair and stood beside St. Adamus on a hill much like the one we were on now. A sunrise cast its soft light on St. Adamus’ closed eyes. He was smiling, then his expression changed to a grimace. Watching him, David looked concerned.

 “In the age I lived a group of scholars released into the air, I assume by accident, something tiny but lethal. Within a week humans became neither living nor dead but something horrible. Every living soul in essence died.”  

Looking down, as if we were among stars in heaven, we saw a beautiful blue world. A bright light flashed on the edge of the globe, then the world became clouded in a dark haze.

 “Those like me with mystical aptitudes were saved, taken to a different world. I was asked to join the others, but David wasn't asked. He would have died. So I stayed.

 “That choice had a consequence. By staying I triggered a reclamation protocol. One performed thousands of times before in other worlds, other timelines, where every human died except for one person like me, who stayed."

David was shown being carried by a huge man beast in its arms as it ran, in the center of a pack of simular man-beasts, away from deformed men and the undead. The geometric form followed them.

“I became this universe’s founding Saint granted by a device created far in the distant future by Man when their sun had grown cold with age. They tasked it to save humans and only allow it to do so under strict conditions or the timeline simply perishes after a human extinction event. It cannot reign over a universe without a Saint to seed it.

 “Humans are the only beings found who can reach through the layers our physical world rests on. We make passage possible for the device to flow throughout all time and locations wherever those like me exists.”  

A scene appears of a gigantic man like creature asleep against a mountain. The brutish creature lay inclined toward the sky in a carved form-fitted alcove in the mountain's side. The view moves revealing not only one huge man, but six others asleep. David looked at the giant from a balcony next to it. The geometric form hovered by him.  

“Adam, how can there be seven of me at the same time? If that’s even possible how do I control these giant beasts of yours and bring you back from this strange thing I don't understand?” David's voice could be heard coming from the window. The scene dimmed and faded away.

“During the reclamation we had challenges to overcome. David and I overcame them together.” St. Adamus said. They looked at one another. David gently kissed him.

Once they finished I asked, “A question, Saint?"    

“Call me Adam. Of course ask. Go ahead.”

“Is this place really for Max and me?” I said. I bowed my head feeling overwhelmed.  

“It is.”

“Why?” I tried not to panic.  

“David and I are making an effort to balance what happened to shifters in this world during the shaping war. The race of man wasn't threatened so I was not able to intervene. That doesn't mean we liked what happened to the beings David and I made.

You two are uniquely suited to help us fix that. This compound we built for you may seem vast. From my perspective it is small gift.  I governs thousands of worlds, stars move at my command if there's need. What may seem incredible, is not so to me. Yet there are rules David and I have to abide by. We cannot live here as you do. This project is special enough to us we make the two you our proxy .”    

David nodded in agreement.

“Keep in mind what I never forget. To be called Saint is a reminder we are still men even though we are part of this amazing device. I am not a god. Every thought I have and action I take is analyzed by it against thousands of outcomes. It guards against dead ends to ensure humans will always exist so the device can exist in return.”  

“Max and Dawny explore this area later,” David said as he waved his arm to encompass the landscape. “However Max, I think your mate would like where this leads better.” He smiled and pointed to a disk platform that appeared under our feet. "You left him dry for a number of days after all."

Max growled a little.  

“David, you shouldn’t kid Max about something like that.” I heard St. Adamus reprimand and David's laugh as they faded away in a swirl of golden dust.

Max growled louder.  

I stood on my tippy toes and patted his arm. “He was just teasing big man. I do wonder where this will take us. How do we get it to move, or does it move at all?”

“David talked without moving his mouth like Master can sometimes. He said Saint’s words are for you and told me how to be strong for you. He always guards his Saint. I guard you.”

I reach for one of his fingers to hold.

“We go to place. Makes easy play when you with orcs.” Max said, nearly spitting when he mentioned orcs.  

I tried not to smile at Max’s jealous frown.