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Claws On My Ass 7

When light from the disk we stood on dimmed, Max and I found ourselves in a low lit cavern. We had appeared on a platform overlooking three large circular interconnected pools surrounded by a carpet of green that seemed to cover the entire floor like it is in our suit. Thick foliaged vines cascaded in clusters down from a low-domed ceiling. Marble-like ribbons of green jade and gradations of white and black quartz streamed across its glistening wet smooth surface.

He picked me up and positioned me on his right forearm. I placed my left arm on his shoulder, and my fingers caressed his warm muscular neck. He walked us down several large steps and we moved toward the pools. The vines, that trailed down from large
perfectly cut ovals in the ceiling, continued down through identical ovals in the floor. Vibrant grass of the floor grew to the edge of the pools cut into the ground at a sharp 90-degree angle.

As Max got closer, the pools illuminated, and its surfaces roiled from rising currents. In Max’s arms, I leaned over to get a better look. The walls of the pools had hexagon openings spaced
evenly in horizontal rows and ran down into its depths vertically. Thick pale fleshy white roots protruded out from them. Each root had several large air bladder like gourds attached.

Max turned us toward a tunnel I hadn't noticed earlier.  “Lord Nec servants here,” he said.

A light appeared, followed by four undead soldiers dressed in kilts and carrying spears, who led a group of unclothed orcs. Six more soldiers followed behind. Lord Nec not only had werewolf bodyguards but many hundreds of buff walking dead warriors. Different from other lord necromancers, Lord Nec had each animated dead wear a small amber stone that glowed in place of a head.

“This is a surprise. Did David mention this to you?” I asked Max whispering in his ear.

“He said your old room had ways here,” Max grumbled.

As part of our new magical education, I've had to observe more than once the warriors being made. Things I'd rather not know, made worse by Max drooling the whole time over the corpse.

The entire head above the neck
was removed except for what the necromancers  called the brainstem, and certain parts of the larger brain; encased in resinous beeswax, painted with charms, then topped with a small glowing amber gem magically condensed from the body’s removed head

“Anything else, big guy?” I asked.  

He's not much of a talker, so I don't hold surprises against him. If it was something that’ll be a problem for me, he’ll act and not talk about it.

“Help orcs first.” He grumbled deeper.

I rubbed the back of his powerful neck. “We’ll get to your brothers soon,” I said.

The soldiers stopped the orcs some distance from us. Two soldiers walked toward us. Within a certain distance, ghostly heads appeared on their stumps. Lord Nec feels it’s impolite not to see the face of those you speak to. The one on the right wore a ridiculous self-satisfied smile displaying a full set of teeth. To the left, his comrade looked as if he was having a
particularly rough time taking a shit.

The lord either tries to be disturbing or has been in their company for so long not to notice their extreme body memories frozen on their faces. The process used to create them affects the head glamour since it pulls from the corpses’ most powerful memories etched in its dead brain. Such unguarded expressions made in public
is usually considered humiliating for the bearer and grotesque to the beholder in polite society. It's hard not to feel both repulsed and sorry for these brutes.

Smiling soldier reached into a pouch tied around its waste and withdrew a circular piece of glass. It held it up to its glowing stone between its ghostly eyes.

“Master sent this lot as a gift for you,” It said in a faraway sound typical of its kind.

I wonder why the orcs were under an obedience enchantment? It was hard not to notice how zoned out they seemed.

Max grunted. Pointed a finger at the pools. The orcs were prodded forward and fail into the water. Roots wrapped around them like tentacles pulling them down into the pool. There were no splashing or thrashing just the sound of water moving.

After a moment each root had an orc attached to it. Their face covered with two tubes. I looked
closely at the ones nearest the surface. Their chests were expanding and contracting smoothly as if asleep.

Once none of the orcs
were left standing one warrior carried a wooden bucket, stepped forward, and placed it by us.

Max positioned me so I faced his chest, my arms around his neck. He tapped my shaping stone with a claw. My rectum
creamed then extend outside me. I felt it move as if looking for something. It touched wood, and I sensed moist air near my rectum lining. It moved to liquid. I felt my lining connect and sucked liquid up into me.

My stomach
began to get full then rolled as if it was doing something. A little uncomfortable, I fidgeted.

“What was in the bucket,” I asked over my shoulder.

“Spit from all the orcs we brought,” a warrior answered.

I relaxed into the odd sensation, comforted spit was up in me and not something like blood -- with a necromancer, you never know what it could be, my rectum retracted back up into me as something was expanding in me
rapidly. I felt a wiggle, and then its movement to my anus. A large finger rubbed against my hole, worked its way in, and then to an entire large hand in me. It grabbed the wiggling thing in me and pulled it out. I gasped from sudden emptiness. My arms tightened around Max’s neck. The sound of something being tossed into the water slashed behind me.

Immediately another thing formed in me, growing, moving, and a large hand pulling it out followed by the sound of a water splash.

This continued for I don't know how long until it stopped. I
was exhausted, cradled in Max’s arm.

“Let me see the orcs in the pool, please Max.”

He tilted me over, enough to see several orcs in the pool. Each had a translucent caterpillar-like thing attached to their huge erections, gliding up and down on them.

Two orcs convulsed as they came. Pouches on the tip of the caterpillar-things filled with semen and grew until the orcs
were spent. Tentacles from the roots gently detached the pouches and passed them to other root tentacles in a chain downward into the depths of the pools. The orcs were allowed to rest a moment then the creatures began pumping them again.

I fell asleep entranced by an endless cycle of orcs cumming, pouches swelling, and tentacles delicately carring them off into the deep.