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Claws On My Ass 8

Since the past week, Max and I have been going to the park where we met St. Adamus. Max runs and lifts weights given to him by David. The two of them have gotten close. Myself, I've talked some with St. Adamus but he's on a different level – not even sure he's human any more. He's almost a god while I'm just a cum whore in comparison, a nothing.

Max watched as I walked over to the transport disk. He didn't like me being somewhere without him, fortunately several of Lord Nec’s dead warriors are stationed at the orc pool. He's less edgy when I'm in their company. Plus David taught him how to call up a viewing window that tracks me.

Light from the disc flashed then dimmed. I stepped down from the platform into the cavern. I go to the orc pool when Max spends time ‘working out’ as David calls it. On my approach to the pool, several guards saluted me, fist to chest. I nodded and sat on the grass at the edge of the pool. The big orcs looked peaceful gently floating in water, moving slowly in its current, each tethered to their root.

The things I birthed several weeks ago still lived and continued to be used to collect semen endlessly from the orcs. The roots had grown fine hairs that connected to the orcs' muscles. While being pumped of cum their muscles twitched. Whatever it did seemed to work because none of the orcs I can see at the surface are wasting away.

Reflected in the water a headless warrior had turned toward me. He seemed to be waiting.

“Yes,” I said as I continued to gaze at orcs.

“Lord Dawny. Lord Nec has ordered a division of his body soldiers to be under your control and ownership. Those here are included in this transaction.”

Surprised I turned to look at it. It wore the face of a man climaxing. “Really? How many is that?”

“Fifty, my Lord.”

I wondered why Nec did that? Did St. Adamus plan something?

“Freedom to speak my Lord?” It said.

Shocked, I could only nod yes. These walking dead men could independently think?

“Over the past weeks since being stationed here my division have become aware, even those who have never physically been here. Lord Nec noticed. We were told he had expected this since it had happened in the past whenever the undead come in contact with St. Adamus.”

The big warrior got to one knee on the grass, its ghostly head bowed.

“Each member of the division knows the thoughts of the other intimately and my Lord we wish to have our heads restored, to be made whole.”

Wow, okay. Is that even possible? I thought.

A group of soldiers marched in. I stood up. They saluted me with a fist in the air. Each with a ghostly head in various expressions of an intensely personal moment.

St. Adamus, what can be done for them? I asked myself panicked. These men, even dead, didn't deserve what they are now.

Gold light that turned white blinded me. The light wasn't seen with my eyes but by my mind.

“I am here to serve,” The light said.

“Who are you,” I asked in my head.

“I am the stone you wear.”

“Oh. I’ve seen you before?” That time with the orc commanders, I thought to myself.

“Yes, a version of me. St. Adamus refers to me as an upgrade.”

“What? You spoke to the Saint?”

“A moment ago. He gave instructions and guidance.”


“He said you had asked a worthy question and I am to help.”

“Okay, about restoring their heads, any suggestions?”

“Open your eyes and look”

I looked and noticed nothing different until I saw gold mist by the wall across the cavern. An arch and hallway formed in the wall.

The soldier who had spoken to me followed me to the new passageway much like the hall outside my suite. It was filled with sunlight or what seemed to be. However, the relief mural carved in smooth translucent white marble was different. Instead of St. Adamus and David, it was Max and me. We led standard bearers with flags that rippled in a headwind, a procession of soldiers and followed by men of a kind I hadn't seen before.

“Stone, did you do this?” I asked inside my head.

“No, I knew He was about to do something.”

The passage opened to an immense chamber whose ceiling I couldn't see. In the center, a large roughly cut yellow stone sat atop a dark marble obelisk. Walls of the chamber were lined with graceful colonnaded balcony walkways stacked one on top of the other as far up as I could see. A rainbow effect was created by light being caught by gems in the stone.

As we walked to the obelisk, we came upon a fairly large six-sided pool. A small stone platform was in its center. At the bottom of the pool surrounding the platform was a mosaic of repeating spiral strand patterns in silver and gold.

“How was all of this made so quickly?” I asked the stone.

“Shadow particles of St. Adamus’ Device is everywhere and in everything, when activated they can change anything, do almost anything within established protocol.”

"What does that mean?" I asked it.

“St. Adamus shared some of His knowledge with me which requires some context. He wished me to help unwrap some of it for you. However, I believe you want to do something first.”

“Right,” I realized I was lost in thought. The warrior patiently waited next to me focused on the obelisk.

I walked toward it. At its base was carved “THE DEAD WHO SERVE, FREEDOM IS YOURS TO CHOOSE”. I wondered what it meant.

The amber piece in the warrior’s head glowed brighter as he touched the black marble of the obelisk. I looked up. The large yellow stone at top lit up and I heard a group running toward us. I turned to see soldiers headed our way. They stopped at the pool. Removed all their equipment and clothes. Dead buff soldiers surrounded the pool naked, their backs to me.

“My Lord, will you allow me to take you to the pool? The warrior said. He took his hand from the marble and faced me.

I nodded yes. He picked me up after he stripped. He easily lifted me into his thick arms and carried me. We stopped at the gathered group.

“He waits for instruction,” The stone said in my head.

“The only way I’ve been able to fix anything so far is by fucking it. Do the dead get hard?”

“They are not technically dead but reanimated. And yes they can get an erection. The part of the brain the necromancer kept intact controls that function. However, it is taboo among necromancers to allow their reanimated to achieve an erection let along perform sex.  In the past there have been incidents of rebellion once the reanimated were granted sexuality.”

“Okay, but they can’t spit to activate you and for you to modify me to suit them, to somehow help them.”

“That is a non-issue. If you would give the one carries you permission, I will instruct them from there.”

“I give you permission to get hard,” I said the one who held me.

“Do you grant the others of the division the same, Lord?” He asked.

“Yes, I do give the division I own permission,” I said formally encase there was a protocol to unlock the charm that kept them flaccid.

The line of soldiers turned around in unison, faced out towards me. Their dicks were getting hard. For not letting them serve a sexual purpose, Lord Nec sure seemed to prefer his men hung -- if this group was typical for him -- every one of them was endowed for a human.

He step forward to the nearest soldier. The soldier reached for its hard cock and squeezed out some pre-cum.  It rubbed its finger against its head then smeared it on my stone.  I felt my ass respond to his pre-cum and to all the others we passed.

Once done the one who carried me jumped into the pool with me in his arms followed by other men. The water wasn’t deep. It went up to about his waist and the water wasn’t cold. He took me to the platform and laid me on it. The stone was formed perfectly to my body for me to lay face down, arms, legs spread out and down into the water.

As soon as I was positioned on the stone platform my Shaping Stone began to change the lining of my rectum and a strong muscle spasm pushed it out into the water with a splash. Tubes grew from my extended rectum to join the men against the pool walls.

The one who carried me positioned himself in front of my face. I saw and felt the tube for him connect. It began to suck and move on his firm erection. He came almost immediately as did all the others.

"Damn, that was quick," I thought.  

"I sped up their usual tolerance. Should you wish to play with them later they can last as long as you wish. I will dial down the sensations of this session so you can observe what is done. First I will strip the wax compound from their brainstem and unlock the information off their amber crystals," The stone said.

A tube separated from the tube attached to his cock and traveled up his torso to his neck then enveloped the wax and amber structure. I knew the stone was increasing the amount of semen produced by the man to use it to restructure the lost portions of the brain and the entire head.

After a moment I could see a solid form of a head take shape under the stretched membrane of the tube. The man opened his mouth and the tube retracted itself off revealing a very attractive smiling man. His smile was normal, not extreme.

He moved close and gently kissed me on the cheek and whispered, "We can not thank you enough. We are truly yours forever, my Lord. You freed us from a prison none of us thought we could escape."