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Claws On My Ass 9

Reclined on his side by the orc pool, Dawny idly played with lush cool grass between his fingers as he watched a submerged orc closest to him peacefully floating in water, muscles relaxed after its recent stimulation.  Air from the gourd attached to its face decreased. Its breathing slowed.  


Dawny sighed.


"During St. Adamus' time before His sainthood, there was an idea called the Kardashev Scale. When the last human on His world died a type six Kardashev Scale civilization spanning multiverses copied itself through Him into His world. The magic of that greater realm infused every inch of His world and spread out to untold others." The shaping stone said.


As Dawny listened he puzzled that several months had passed and the orcs were still in the pool.


"St. Adamus is not sure the exact classification of the device or engine since no one could imagine such technology during..."


Dawny interrupted, "How long are they going to be in there?" He reached into the water and gently touched the orc he had been watching.


"As long as necessary. St. Adamus wanted you to see part of the reclamation process used during the re-establishment of a decimated species."


Dawn's breath caught, his stomach sank. He quickly withdrew his hand from the water and stood up, eyes wide, face hot with blush. "These men have been kept floating in a pool for months, drained continuously as a demonstration?"


"The Necromancer and the Golden Brother are not your only instructors."


"I wanted these men fixed not used!"


A guard, who had been waiting in the background, step forward placed a hand on Dawny's shoulder and kissed the back of his neck. Whispered in his ear, "This will correct their condition once you join them."


Dawny flinched away from the guard and thought "what the fuck, I might as well" and jumped into the water joining the sleeping orc. A root placed an air gourd on his face, another root gently enveloped them both in a fine web as the orc's original root disengaged.


It pulled them down into the pool. Dawny passed an endless column of floating orcs arranged in a ring as they were at the top of the pool, feet faced toward the center. Each orc were either being pumped or resting.


"There's more here than we started with." Dawny thought to the shaping stone.


"Yes, each healthy sperm collected is paired with its optimal genetic match then gestated."


The root drew Dawny and the orc into a dim tunnel that opened into another space thick with pale roots attached with bodies in various stages of development inside translucent membrane sacks. Space opened again to a massive fleshy sphere covered with the things Dawny had given birth to collect semen. The collectors were placed and removed from the sphere continuously by roots. The sphere's surface was covered with mouth sized slits that expelled small wrinkled white balls quickly gathered by small roots.


"There are five other pools and gestation chambers like this one." The shaping stone said.


"How many are there? Orcs," Dawny said. He held on to the sleeping orc.


"Two point three million. St. Adamus requested you to have a kingdom of at least ten million before you begin implementing social change."


"Is there room for so many?"




"But what about fixing them?"


"Those grown here are fixed. They have been bred to be ideal companions to you with all the characteristics you like in men but also designed to be the best warriors."


"This guy here. How about him?"


"In two months the founding orcs of this brood can be released once numbers are high enough. Max can help restore their shifting ability."

Dawny looked at the orc he held. "So I guess he's going back."


"His erection should be taken care of before that. Saliva cannot be collected here without drowning him so mucus cells from his rectum will have to do," The shaping stone said.


Dawny shrugged and maneuvered the orc's massive legs apart and up, giving him access to its plump round ass. Its anus was closed tight. To ease it open he put his face between the smooth hairless butt cheeks and began to rim. The clinched sphincter immediately relaxed enough to allow Dawny's tongue in. After a couple of probing licks it relaxed even more. The retracted hole was impressive. Dawny pulled his head from between the bent raised legs and slid his hand gently into the ocr's warm silky rectum. He slid his hand deeper until he was up to his elbow in big orc booty. He withdrew his arm then reached around to the shaping stone and wiped the back of his hand against the stone's surface. Dawny's ass enlarged and his ass hole began to spasm open and close.


Dawny moved up and sat on the orc's big girthy boner. As he impaled himself over and over again, enjoying the fuck he observed the muscles of the chest, neck, arms flexing by stimulants from filaments connected to them.


The orc's body instinctually slammed its dick hard up into Dawny's hole. The breathing gourd made it awkward to gasp in pleasure feeling the big guy load him with juice.


Dawny remained mounted until the cock deflated. As he moved off a root gently pulled him out of the net he had arrived in to the sphere ass first. He was placed on a mouth slit that opened and something like a tongue -- Dawny assumed -- thoroughly probed his rectum collecting semen. The tongue withdrew then he was pulled away and placed back in the net. He snuggled down with the orc as they were carried back to where they began.