Chapter 12

"How is this possible?"

Paris has barely fainted.  It's Titania who stands up, fiercely trying to maintain her composure in a chorus of IAs who have been whispering like crickets amongst themselves.  She too looks as though she is about to faint.  She is ashen, lips almost blue in this crazy summer heat.  Her limbs move as if someone inexperienced has developed some illegal tech to control her remotely.

I walk up to her, "You attempted to kill me.  Of course, you remember that. I did not die.  I survived.  Look at me.  Do I look like them?  Do I look like the people you burned alive?"

I'm surprised when they don't stop me.  Not even when I'm inches away from her face.  She looks at me, wide-eyed----but not really.  She's seeing something, perhaps the past.  Perhaps the future.  Who knows at this moment.

"He could be lying.  We have no proof.  Every piss scrubber and shit cleaner could come around and call himself Midnight at this point," Solaris states.

I walk past him without really acknowledging him. A part of me doesn't think that Solaris honestly felt that way.  Pride had taken over.  So many times he'd walked past me barking stupid orders as if I was no one.  I wonder what would he have done if he knew it was his greatest enemy all along.  Would he use me like he was planning on using Indigo or would he slit my throat right then and there to cut his losses?  There was no real telling at this point.

Titania is quick to correct him however, "It's him.  Only a Winter King could learn the complexities of using Dust so quickly.  That is pure dust as well."

Paris gets up, "Raine...Raine, why didn't you tell me?"

"His name is Midnight," Dorian corrects, "And my husband owes you no explanations."

I would have thought it would feel good to see Paris completely punched in the gut at that moment with reality.  But it doesn't.  It feels like so many people had kept secrets from me and I had returned that by keeping so many other secrets.  I felt vindicated but it didn't feel enjoyable.  His mouth remains an uncharacteristic grim line amid his stubble.  Almost robotically his hand rises upward and tries to reach for me to no avail only to give up half attempt and drop them to his side.  What was this?  Embarrassment?

"You must be enjoying this," Titania hisses at me, "Your moment of triumph.  You have dust, I see.  Pure dust.  Perhaps the last bit of pure dust left.  You must feel like your surprises will give you an advantage in the war, King Midnight."

"As a matter of fact I don't want war," I state, "I want peace.  I meant my peace offering."

I turn to see Cerulean.

"How is she alive?"

"She faked her death," I state, "The Spring fairies have been plotting against you.  Aquamarine, Cerulean and Indigo are all co-conspirators working to bring this country into war and rule what is left of it.   I don't plan on helping them."

"What do we do with her?" Solaris asks.

I shrug, "What you want..."

"Why would we trust this is a real peace offering?" Titania asks.

Things were still tense with her.  Things were beyond tense.  I didn't expect anything less from Titania.  I wondered how Solaris would have treated me.  I knew with Titania.  There was no doubt she would have murdered me.  I wonder if she is thinking now the best way to murder me in the future.

"I want peace," I state, "Unlike Indigo, Dorian and the Autumn Court acknowledge me as the Winter King.  Believe me or not, I don't hate all Summer Fairies."

"I believe you, Uncle Raine," a little voice says.

I'm surprised when little Dino runs over to me and gives me a hug.   Perhaps he felt the love.  Perhaps he knew I was referring to him.  When he hugs me I can tell that it surprises them even more.  At this point, I think Solaris just sits there with his mouth open.  At this point, several IAs have eyes bulging out of their heads wondering what the hell is happening here.

Titania turns quickly.


I stop, "We have a reason for peace.  Dino is half Winter Fairy."

It shocks them.  I know it will, but it needed to be said and it needed to be said now.  I wasn't just saying that I wanted peace.  I needed peace.  My sister had done what was needed to secure that future peace and I was following up where she had left off.

And I didn't plan on letting her down.


I'm assuming it was a peace treaty but nothing was signed for now it seemed like a ceasefire.  It was good enough from what I can tell, but then again I can't really tell much.   It's new having guards at my room.  It's new having 20 people here tending to my each and every whim.

"I can't believe it's your coronation already," Mist states.

They've given me expensive white fur.  The long hairs fall to the ground dripping all over the floor with a long dramatic tent.  I take it off and put it on my chair after trying it on.  Underneath I have leather pants and so many diamond necklaces that my neck feels almost heavy.  The silver sparkles even in the dark Autumn Tower. Luckily Summer was coming to an end so the booming heat had all but begun to fade away.

"Wish Dino could be here..."

"You know..."

Yeah, I knew.  It was much too soon with the peace treaties.  Everything was too fragile.  I hadn't seen my nephew since the revelation of who I was.  Hell, I hadn't seen any Seelie Fairy.   Dorian kept me heavily guarded.  He made it clear that whether I like it or not I was a target and Seelies would want to kill me.

"Yeah I know," I state, "I just figured since Cerulean has been placed in prison and the Spring fairies have gone into exile, things would be different."

The exile was really self-imposed.  It wasn't all of them either.  It was impossible for all of the Spring fairies to leave so quickly.  There were just too many of them.  Aquamarine and Indigo were gone through.   They just disappeared.  No one was even looking for them.  I had heard no rumors that the Summer Fairies were going to arrest them like Cerulean. Maybe they felt like I would go after them.  Perhaps it would have been politically smart to do so.  The problem is I was new to this ruling thing.  I was a king without a court.  I literally depended on Dorian for everything.

"I'm sorry," he states.

"No it's OK," I state, "Thank you for working so hard on this.  I don't know if I could have done this without you."

It's true.  Mist has literally been the closest thing to me.

"We are having it in the Winter Court.  No one has been in there in so long.  It's beautiful.  Wish you could stay there instead of here.  It's so...gloomy in the Autumn Towers."

"I know you worked hard decorating it.  I can't wait to see it."

"Neither can I," he states, "This is the last time I'll see your back without wings."

The coronation ceremony meant I'd be growing out my wings.  He touches my back.  I don't expect him to be so gentle when he does it.  He rubs my back slowly pressing my hands up against the smalls of my back.  I shiver a bit surprised by how sensual it all feels.  But I don't move.  I don't move even when he gets a little bit closer.  Luckily we are alone in my room and it's rare nowadays that is ever the case.


He's smelling me, taking me in.  I can feel his dick growing up against the seat of my pants.  I'm not imagining it.  He's getting hard.  His breath gets warmer too.

"Do you want me to stop?" Mist asks me.

"If Dorian found out, he'll whip you...again.

It had happened several times in the last few weeks.  It would be like this for most infractions no matter how minor.  Mist looking at me for a second longer than Dorian allowed would cause him to be dragged out into the Autumn Court in front of everyone, stripped naked and lashed.   He even banned Mist from seeing me at a point but I threw such a fit that it didn't last long.  I was Dorian's superior and we all knew that.  The problem was that Mist was bound to serve Dorian.

If he didn't serve Dorian something horrible could happen to him.  I had to walk the fine line of taking that risk.

"I know," Mist states, "Can I just feel it.  One time?"

I don't know what he means but for some reason I find myself nodding. It's more curiosity than anything.  Ever since I had revealed myself to be the Winter King, Mist had been there in a way that I had needed.  I hadn't seen Paris and Dorian...well...he was Dorian.  I had never expected to get any warm and fuzzies from him.  I had never expected it to be taken back when he kisses me on my shoulder blade.

I have to admit, "That felt good."

"This will feel better," he assures me.

He kisses me again.  First on my neck.  Again now on my ear.  He turns me around and before I know it I am thrown to the ground with Mist in between my legs.  His heavy dick pressed up inside of my thighs.  Mist has a way of looking at you with this longing desire and even at this moment when he has me where he needs me that burning desire doesn't fade away.

He unzipped me, took out my penis and it put it in his mouth.  I tried to move, but it felt as if my body were tied down by invisible threads.  I felt myself growing big and hard inside of his mouth.

"Oh god," I moan.

That's when he turns me around enters my asshole with his tongue.   His tongue was long and soft and seemed to warm itself inside of me.  Just as I was about to cum from it he suddenly moved away and sat on my bed.

"My mother tells me you're not mine."

"I'll be the judge of that," I state.

I sat on the bed, took his hand and brought it into my asshole.  I let him feel the warmth of asscheeks as I spread revealing my hole.  It was deep, warm and very wet.  His fingers were all but sucked inside.  That's when I mounted him and used my hand to slip him inside of me.  Once I had him deep inside, he began the slow rotation of his hips.   His dick grew larger and harder.  I felt I was about to burst wide open.  It was the strangest sensation, something went beyond simple sexual pleasure.   We had a history.

A history that led me to where my hips were sprayed with hot sticky muck...just as the door opened.  Just as I see Aunt Willow walk in...catching us.


She doesn't look pleased.

"You're needed in the Winter Tower, King Midnight," she states, "All the visitors are waiting."


The ceremony itself is uneventful.  Save the actual location it was quite boring.   The location sparkled as though the walls were made of crushed glass.  I'm not quite sure what gave the walls of the Winter tower that effect, but Mist tells me that they must have dust in them.  I doubt that was what made the walls sparkle the way they did.  I just appreciated the effect.  He had been right. It was cold in a way, not as warm as the Summer Court and not as colorful as the Spring Court.  The Winter Towers had an ease to them.  It reminded you of Winter.  A frost regality that made you want to see what was beyond their depths.

Mist doesn't show up at the ceremony and Willow is late.  That tells me she had a few choice words for him about what she caught us doing.  Perhaps she blocked him from coming here.  Knowing Mist he'd find a way to get to my room before the end of the night for a second round.  I wasn't too worried.  Perhaps that's the only thing that makes me smile as Dorian sits next to me during the following feast after the ceremony.

"This place reminds me of your parents," he whispers, "Tonight when the humans see you for the first time during the Winter Parade everyone will catch a chill."

He smiles,  satisfied with his pun and giving himself a laugh.   Dorian wasn't the kind of person who had much of a sense of humor and times like this when he tried it came off dry and a bit blunt.

"I didn't agree to a parade.  Isn't it dangerous?"

It was too much pomp and circumstance.  The leaders of the Spring fairies had gone into hiding.  The Summer Fairies had gone silent.  It was too peaceful.  Strangely peaceful.  I had expected all hell to break out when I had announced who I was.  It was the opposite.  And I wasn't quite sure how to feel about that.

"Baby it is important.  People need to know that the son of the Winter King has returned," he explains softly.

He spoke about my parents often.  I'm sure it's the regret of betraying them that makes him discuss it with me.  As though beating over my head how much respect he had for them would have made it any better than he allowed them to be burned by Titania.

"I was wondering perhaps I can stay here..."

"Oh no."

It's very like himself not to offer much of an explanation or even much of a care about what I'm saying.  Dorian can be very dismissive at times.   He presses his hands on the sides of my chair.  There is some talk amongst the Unseelie Court but it is quite different from anything like the Seelie Court.  The Summers like to act dignified but they were quick to drop the act when need be.  Then there were the Spring fairies who all acted like they were all everyone's friends.  This was very different.  Everyone spoke in a low respectful volume as though being aware of the time spent.  I could barely hear the conversation of the people next to us.

"This is my home," I state, "This tower is my birthright.  I haven't even seen it until today."

And even today I had only seen this room.  This glittery beautiful room that seemed to be made out of moondust and wonder.  I wanted to know more about the Winter Tower.

"You're my husband," Dorian explains, "You belong with me.  The Winter Palace is dead and empty.  You are the last Winter Fairy.  It wouldn't be reasonable."

It's times when Dorian's possessiveness seemed sexy but other times when it seemed scary.   Right now Dorian had on his usual black lace which was stretched enough to reveal the segments of smooth, sultry skin underneath.   He isn't shy about the size of his manhood and never has been as he mounts his leg up on the other revealing it to me.   I should be ridiculously attracted and turned on.  I should perhaps even be lucky but honestly, the mystery of Dorian was making me give up on ever being able to fully figure him out.

"Shouldn't you want me to rebuild the Winter Court."

"There is no one to rebuild it with."

"I can hire my own help."

"Nonsense.  The Winter Court did not have human help.   You'd be disrespecting your family legacy."

"That's a legacy I hope to change," I tell him, "I want to hire help that can help me really govern the humans.  There is so much anger towards fairies.  We have more money than we know what to do with.  Maybe I can help the people from here.  If I have the help."

"Who are you---Aquamarine?  The Unseelie don't do charity.  Besides, you don't need it.  I've given you all the help you need.  What else do you require?"  He seems annoyed as though I've been whining with him before quickly adding after a moment of thought, "More servants?  More cooks?  More security?"

It isn't until you become one of the fairies that you realize just how heavy their influence stretched.   The Autumn Court alone governed all of what was once the Midwest and the Northeast which was supposed to be under Winter Legislation when there was a full Winter Court.  They paid taxes.  A percentage of those taxes went directly to Dorian.  I'd seen the wealth directly that he controlled.   This man was rich beyond anything that I could imagine.  His power was long.

But there were some things not even a powerful man like Dorian could give me.

"I need people I can trust," I state, "Not people who are bound to you."

More irritation as though this conversation itself is below him.  He grunts with annoyance, "Again with Mist?"

He knew where I was getting at.  It was hard to talk to Dorian because he shut down so often.  Times like now.  It was hard to really make him understand where I was coming from.

"I want you to unbind him."

"I told you I can't do that."

"You haven't even tried.  What if there is a way?  I'm telling you that would make me happy."

He seems annoyed, slouching down in his seat.  He just stares out at that moment.

If what I'm telling you annoys you so much then perhaps you should divorce me."

I say the words quickly and get up from the table.  I'm not loud.  The visitors don't hear what I'm saying but they do react when Dorian gets off of the table and aggressively grabs me.  It is enough to scare someone really.  This rush of passion is probably the most I'd ever seen from Dorian since I'd come out as Midnight to the public.

"What is it that you want," Dorian asks, "Damn it.  I'm giving you everything you need to make you happy.   I'm giving you everything you need for you to love me.   How much does it take?"

"That's the problem," I tell Dorian, "Love isn't measured in quantity."

Dorian tries not to look annoyed and I can tell he's trying quite hard not to wrinkle up his face as though I'm some little boy with too many emotions that he couldn't be bothered with and couldn't begin to start to relate.  I'd always known Dorian was dark and mysterious.  I always knew the issues from losing the war against the Seelies had put a wall up.  What I didn't realize was how detached he was all the time.

"I don't even know what that means," Dorian responds, "Love isn't measured in quantity then what is it measured in."

He looks so confused?

Have I lost it?

Was I the one not being fair to Dorian about what I wanted from my new position?

Was I not being fair about what I wanted from my marriage?

He looks desperate to understand what I'm trying to say.  But it just doesn't feel legit.  It's as though he just wants me to shut up and smile instead of really getting to the route of my problems.  I begin to think maybe I'm the issue.  Maybe I care too much.

"Love should be measured by quality..." I state.

Dorian smiles at me, dismissively, "Cute.  I love your passion.  Just like your mother.  Let's just get through the parade, OK?  And we'll talk later."

I have no choice but to sit.  He leans over and kisses me.  It's a hot steamy kiss that only Dorian could give.   A kiss I feel immediately in my dick as it rises.  That's the problem.  The only time I felt anything with Dorian was when it came to my lower regions.   I had a feeling Dorian had no intention of talking later.  I didn't want to think the worst of him.  He could be passionate in the bedroom but it didn't translate anywhere else.

It seemed all of this was to placate me with these easy conciliations.   Nothing more.   I sit down for now.  I would behave for now.  I would let him think I was so easy to pacify.

But inside...I was screaming...


"Your Grace...this way," a voice states.

We leave the Winter Palace.   The cold white steps light up and I see all these eyes staring at me.  All around me are these guards.  They are dressed in all black.  Unseelie guards.  Humans bound to the Autumn Court and because of that, openly here protecting me.


"You're the King, aren't you?" Dorian states.

He was right.  They were referring to me.  I didn't feel like a king, even after the ceremony.  I just felt...normal.

The men are all quite strong looking men.  Some of the best men the country had to offer.   And they were here to me.  They were here to protect me during this parade.

"Where are we going?"

"Throughout Solitude and back to the courts.  Rumors are even the Summer Fairies have gathered around to see you," Dorian states, "Didn't I promise you greatness.  All the world has stopped to pause.  Everyone is afraid."

"I don't want them to be afraid of me..."

"Nonsense.  You are the Winter King," he states quickly dismissing me before adding in, "Mist, take your lord to his private carriage."

I notice Mist when he walks forward.   Since when was I Mist's Lord?  By the way, he doesn't even stare at my face it's clear that he has been given quite the talk from Willow after she caught us doing what we were doing earlier.  He seems to be avoiding me all together.  As though not even wanting to be around me.

When I get into the carriage I look over at him.

"Are you OK?" I ask Mist.

Mist looks back towards Dorian.  He's intimidated.  I don't blame him.  Dorian has always been quite intimidating.  Tall, dark, handsome and dangerous.  He stands there in front of the White Palace like a statue waiting for me to return.  The guards have surrounded a golden carriage which Mist walks me in front of.


"You don't seem fine," I state.

I knew Mist.   I also knew Willow.  She'd gone all out, no doubt warning him of what would happen if Dorian found out about what we had done earlier.

"I'm a nobody, not like you," he states, "Even if I weren't OK, why would it matter to you?  You're a fairy King now."

It breaks my heart when he says that.  It literally hurts that he isn't looking at me the same.  Here I was in this heavy fur in this warm weather as though I am this grand important person.  I didn't feel like that person.  Not yet at least.  I still felt the same.

"I'm the same person," I promise Mist.

Mist winces with a slight teasing smirk, "I would disagree with you but I don't think I'm allowed.  Might end up in the Shadow Court if I did for all I know---"

I know he's just teasing but there was truth to his fears about the Shadow Court.  Not in regards to me but in regards to Dorian.

"Is that what she threatened you with?"  I ask Mist, "Your mother?"

He pauses.  Way too long.  Way too uncomfortable.

"Just go OK?"

"Join me..."

"You're supposed to take the parade alone."

"That's an order.  Join me," I state, "I want you in here with me."

He pauses a moment and gets in.   I look back and see Dorian when I enter the carriage.  Dorian doesn't panic or act out with all these people watching.  That's never been Dorian's fear.  But the way he looks at the carriage after seeing Mist come in here makes me nervous.

I'm not the only one who notices.

"He's not happy," Mist states with a sheer trepidation in his tone.

I'm not bothered by Dorian.  Not now, "He wants to regulate me.  Control me.  The Winter Court is Superior to the Autumn Court, isn't it?"


Figures.  Dorian couldn't rule the Winter Court so he wanted to rule it through me.  That's why he didn't want me to rebuild the Winter Tower.  That's why he didn't want me to hire my own people.  He didn't want me to have my own Court.  He wanted the Winter name to fall under the Autumn Umbrella so that he could control everything.

"I feel like a box.  Look at these people.  They don't know me.  Not too long ago I was among them and they walked past me.  All it took was a change in my name.  Now look----"

I point out of the window and the sight itself is shocking.  As my chariot goes through the streets of Solitude, I realize I am causing a reaction of unrestrained joy. The costumes lit up the summer's day, a riot of color to rival any Spring Fairy's paradise. Music filled the air, festive beats lifted the spirits and made the people want to move, jump and sing. Perhaps they were afraid of what was to come but the ones who had come here didn't feel that way.

"They are Winter Loyalists.  Many humans wished to serve the Winter Court at a time.  Of course, your parents turned them all away.  It made them want to serve even more."

"Madness..." I state.

"People flock to power.  They want to be controlled," Mist shrugs.

It was a time to celebrate me, celebrate the wonders of Winter and feast on my face pressed against the glass of the horse-drawn carriage.

"If they knew I was the only one left with Dust...I wonder what they would feel about the perceived Fairy power," I sigh.

"Don't think about that.  Just wave.  They want to see you."

Easy enough.  I open the window and stick my hand out.  For hours we ride through Solitude.  Me waving to the point that I was sick over how my old me would look at some Fairy King riding through the town.  I would have laughed at how big of a spectacle it all was.  Mist would have laughed with me.   But now I WAS that spectacle and Mist was nothing more than a shadow servant next to me probably nervous about how my husband would react when we got back.

He is looking down clearly upset.  He doesn't see what I see.  We are heading back towards the court when I see him.


He's standing at the entrance of the palace, posted outside.  He's watching me.  Curious.  It's been so long that I've seen Paris.  So long that I've been able to lay my eyes on him.

"STOP THE CARRIAGE!"  I scream out.

I jump out of the carriage when it stops.  Mist tries to stop me but I'm faster than I remembered ever being.  It was as though I leap from the carriage and for a moment I think my wings have already grown in by how swift I am able to make the leap.  Before I know it I'm in front of Paris.  He's looking at me and I'm looking at him.

"King Midnight," he states.

He offers me his hand.  I give him my hand placing it in his.  He leans forward and kisses it.  Afterward, however, he doesn't let go.  I try to move my hand away.

"Paris...your grip..."

There is this look in Paris's eyes.  A look that I had not recognized before.  But there is something else.  He's breathing heavy.  So heavy.  It's as though he's nervous about something. I'm not quite sure what it is but he's nervous as hell.

I look at Paris hard. Really hard.  What was he so nervous about?  Why was he squeezing my hand tighter and tighter?

"Paris, let me go----you're hurting me," I state.

I hadn't even noticed he isn't alone.  I'm surrounded by Summer Fairies.  All of a sudden I see Titania herself emerge like a snake from the bushes.  She has a glaring eye on me.   The kind of eye that makes me think she isn't ready to let me go.

"Let him go----" a voice states.

It's Mist.  He has his bow and arrow drawn from the quiver he always keeps at his back.  He has it pointed at the ground but the threat is still real.  Mist isn't alone either.  The guards who have been escorting me have all come down.  More heavy than ever.  They surround us.

I look over at Paris, "What were you about to do Paris?"

No answer.

What the fuck.

"PARIS!" I am screaming out to him, "What the fuck were you about to do?"

No answer.  He just steps back.  It's so odd.  It's so fucking weird.  But then I see Titania come forward and smile.

"Nothing King Midnight," she explains, "He was just getting your attention to give you this."

Her eyes dart from me to the almost half a dozen men who have somehow managed to formulate a barrier between Paris and me in a matter of seconds.   These men meant business.  I am quite shocked they are so aggressive.  None are as aggressive as Mist though.  Mist clearly doesn't trust the Summer fairies and he isn't hiding it even a little bit.

She reaches something out.  Something that the guards won't even let me touch.  It's Mist who goes out and takes what Titania is offering me.

"What is it?" I ask from afar.

"You'll see," she states.

With that, the guards seem in a rush to get us back in the chariot.  It's very clear that me jumping out of the carriage in the way that I did was a mistake.   For the first time ever I look at Paris and I don't quite see a friend.  I'm not sure what I see but when I look at him it's almost like I'm looking at a stranger.

And it fucking hurts.


I don't know why I'm so heartbroken on the way back.  I just keep thinking about how Paris was acting back there.  It was as though he had never cared about me.  It was as though he had never loved me.

"What were you thinking?" Mist asks when I get in the carriage, "You literally run out away from the people who are protecting you to a swarm of your enemies."

"I ran out to Paris----"

"Like I said, your enemy," Mist states, "You told me yourself that Paris made a bond to kill you."

"He would never hurt me..."

I am so sure of this.  I am as sure of it as though saying the sky was blue or that water was wet.  Paris would never hurt me.  He wouldn't.  I knew him.  I cared about him.  He cared about me.  Maybe we had a tough break up.  Maybe we separated on bad terms.  But we had a history.  We had an amazing history and it meant something to him.

"He doesn't have a choice," Mist states, "When someone is bound to do something they must complete it.   Or else they go to the Shadow Courts for an Eternity never to return.  If you think for a moment that he would refuse to kill you and risk going to the Shadow Courts, you're wrong."

"You don't know Paris..."

"Open your eyes.  You aren't Raine anymore.  He loved Raine.  I have no doubt about that.  But he NEEDS to kill King Midnight," Mist states, "I warned you about this place.   There is no love in this place."

"I'm telling you that he loves me..."

I'm getting angry right back at Mist.  How could he speak on Paris?  I knew Paris.  I knew his love.  I knew his heart.

I think maybe Mist is telling me this out of jealousy perhaps or some sort of possessiveness, but he seems almost angry like he used to back in the day when I wasn't able to do the things he believed I could do.  He was mad like when we were kids and I refused to even try to do things.

His voice is raising, "He WILL try to kill you!  Fuck.  Open your eyes!  He already has a date that he is going to attempt it!  It's the only date that makes sense.  It's the only date that they will want him to do the deed."

"What are you talking about?"

Mist throws the envelope that he collected from Titania over to me.   He hasn't even opened it but somehow he knows what's in it.  I open the letter.

I read it.

"Oh my god," I ask, "How did you know about this?"

"Because Dorian wants me there.  The same way Paris is going to bound to kill you that night, I'm bound as well.   I don't have a choice.  If I refuse he says he would break the bond and I'd be sent to the Shadow Courts..."

He is struggling.

"Mist----what is Dorian making you do?"

He's taking a deep breath, "I'm sorry but Dorian let me know that I must kill your nephew on that same night."

No.  Fuck no.  I'm stuck at that moment.  Scared to death.  I look down at the paper not believing what I'm hearing.  I should have known the night coming up would be a night of bloodshed.  Historically it was.

The letter Titania was giving me was an invitation.  An invitation I wouldn't dare refuse.

The final event of the year.  The event of all events.

Titania was throwing a party...


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