Chapter 5


"Make sure all the flowers are cut right-----hello----hey you, IDIOT!"


Seelie good. Unseelie bad. That's what they want us to believe. The Summer and Spring fairies of Seelie were good. The Unseelie of Autumn and Winter were bad.


Someone smacks me on the back of my head to get me to pay attention.  They smack me HARD!


It's a Seelie who does it. Doesn't feel very pure and regal like they want us to believe they are.


I feel the disrespectful and rude burning sensation on the back of my head.  That kind of disrespect could only come from a fucking fairy.  Working for them was a  nightmare.  The IAs have been barking orders this entire time.  This time it's Solaris, the leader of the Summer Fairies talking to me at this moment.  It's been a month since the engagement announcement.  The good news was that the Unseelie Court had disappeared again and everyone at court was back to the normal Seelie-on-Seelie backstabbing, gossip, and court intrigue.  Us servants were tasked to arrange flowers for the marriage of the century.  The marriage of the century just so happened to be the marriage between Indigo and Paris.  I'm not paying attention.  It's hard to when Indigo and Paris were just a few feet away, practicing taking their wedding vows.


"Sorry, sir."


Not like I had any rights or self-respect. Not in a place like this.


We aren't even in the palace.  The wedding is going to take place tonight along the Potomac River.


"Don't be sorry.  Be better," Solaris tells me, "This wedding is the biggest event of the year.  There will be millions spent on this wedding."


He moves on down the line.  There are more servants than I can count.  I didn't know the true scale of it locked in the Summer Tower with Dino.  The multitude of servants was like a small army that just came to do their bidding.  Solaris might as well be cracking a whip.


"Worthless humans," the Summer Fairy mutters.


Then he goes on to torment some other poor worker and no one can do anything but smile.  I didn't matter.  The dead girl who was poisoned by someone aiming for my nephew didn't matter.  I doubt they even knew Aaliyah's name.   If you weren't a fairy----you didn't matter.   And today it was all about Lord Indigo and his political marriage to Prince Paris.


A gay wedding clearly was some grand event for fairies.  It was really irritating.  One of the servants gives me an elbow to my side.  The kind of elbow that says that I should just shut up and take the abuse.  Every event was the biggest event of the year to the fairies.  The golden Summer Fairies were that dramatic.  They just seemed to put themselves above everything and their sole purpose in life was to prove that Summer Fairies were the superior fairies.  So here we were decorating with golden sun banners to show just how rich and powerful the Summer Court was.


It's hard to notice because I see him.  Indigo.


"Now this is the part you two will exchange your vows," the practitioner says, "Have you two written your vows yet?"


"What's the point?  I'm sure Queen Cerulean already wrote them out.  This is all her idea that she doesn't have to marry a kid?" Paris asks.


I realize that as soon as Paris says this, Indigo stares over at me.  The stare is haunting.  It's the kind of stare that lets you know he isn't comfortable with this.  It's the kind of stare that lets you know he doesn't want to be here.   Actually, they both look irritated.


"God they are beautiful," one of the servants says to me.


This is coming from one of the Spring Court servants.  They are decorating the court with blue flowers and we are decorating it with gold flowers.  It's like both courts are competing on so many levels.  Even down to the flowers, the servants were putting out.  Each court had to have more flowers.  It was so petty on so many different levels.


That's when I see Titania.  It's strange she's here amongst the servants and they seem to be making a big deal of it.  Titania looks over at me as she smiles. Somehow....she's made her way to me.  Again.  Somehow she's watching me.  Again.  Every time she is around I get nervous.


"I have to admit they are a sexy couple," Titania states, "The two most eligible and sought after fae---in all the country ——are getting married to one another."


"I'd die to watch the sex they have on their honeymoon," another Spring fairy states, "Or be part of the sheet testing committee?"


"Sheet testing committee?" I ask.


Titania smiles, "It's a fairy tradition. The bedding examination is fairy----specifically Seelie Court—— wedding tradition. It's intended to provide evidence that the couple has consummated their marriage.  In order to make sure a fairy marriage has been sealed, the bedding is examined know?"


"Cum?" I ask.


"So foul, darling.  I love it.  I'd examine the sheets, but I think nowadays we need REAL proof.  Oh god, I'd record that," Titania states.


It's as though she knows it's bothering me somehow.  Her eyes keep jerking towards me.  She wants a reaction.  I struggle not to give her one.  I look down.  Lilies, roses, turnips were shuffled around in massive desperation to distract from the fact that Indigo was getting married to someone else.


That's when a rather eager girl joins in, "I'd join in!"


It was almost as though the servants were trying to one-up one another by how turned on and happy they were about this marriage.  It's irritating really.  Maybe a part of this was sexy.   Two handsome guys getting married.  But were people really that excited about the fact that this was a fuckin' loveless marriage? These two guys both looked fucking miserable and everyone could see that from a mile away.  They were putting on for Titania.  She set the tone and the Summer servants just went with it to please her.


Everyone knew the love wasn't real.  Whether it was Paris exploding and making smart ass aggressive stances where he needed to be calmed down or Indigo just staring down acting as though he was removing himself completely from this situation.  There was nothing hot or sexy about this marriage if you looked at it for more than two minutes.  But these servants were brainwashed.  In the Courts, they OVERDID it with the fake bullshit.  I didn't even completely understand why these servants were so eager to front on how optimistic they were about all of this.


"Would you record, Raine or join in?"


The question is coming from Titania, of course.  She stares at me. Her eyes almost testing me. I struggle. What if I said the wrong thing? Should I say no and risk sounding jealous or say yes and join the chorus of fake adoration. What was the right answer here? In the fairy court, every word was a test.


Would I pass?


Would I fail?


I sigh a little bit not wanting to be a part of this stupid fucking conversation.  But I had to play the part.


"No recording," I state, "Tech is outlawed, remember?"


Good answer Raine. Wiggle out of this.


"So you would join in then?" she says.




The way she says it and the way the other Spring Court fairies start giggling afterward makes me think about the night Spring Court Fairies helped Indigo plan a romantic night for me.  I don't remember if these were the same girls.   It could have been.  It could not have been. That is the scary part.  All of a sudden I'm pissed off at Indigo again for allowing his servants to see us in such a compromising position.  Had they told someone?  Had they told Titania.


My heart is beating.  How much did Titania know?  Why was she giving me this fucking look?


I look up reluctantly, "I guess so..."


I glare at Indigo. He looks up at me as though he could feel me being forced to say something so stupid. I can't take this anymore.  I find myself walking off.


"Where are you going?" Titania asks me.


"I need a break, ma'am.  Is that OK?"


There's a pause and a smile.  A wicked knowing smile.  I hated this place.  No.  It was beyond hating this place.  I despised this place and despised these people.


"Hurry back," I hear Titania with a wild smile, "You don't want to miss the festivities."


I walk and walk and I'm not surprised when I feel a hand after me.  The hand tosses me around.  I turn and realize that it's Indigo.  He's come after me.   I've been avoiding him for quite some time now and it hasn't been hard because he's been so busy planning this stupid wedding.  Seeing him actually practicing it now all hits a little too close to home for me.


"You look horrible," Indigo states.


"Thanks. That's exactly what I needed to hear."


"I didn't mean it like that," he struggles to correct himself, "I just meant that you look somewhat upset about what's happening right now."


Indigo was nice.  It had always been his problem.  He was too nice.  The kind of man that got along with everyone.  The kind of guy who could walk into a room and immediately become everyone's best friend.   I shouldn't be surprised he didn't push back about this marriage.


"I should have known," is all I can find myself saying.


I can't even look him in his eyes.


"I didn't want this," Indigo states.


"I know that it's just-----"


"Tell me you don't want me to do it," he tells me, "I'll turn it down."


He isn't just asking me to reject this.  He almost pleading for it.  The way he looks at me is as though he needs a reason to get out of this and he wants to use me as this reason.  It irritates me in a way.  Indigo was such a nice guy.  If he really didn't want to do it, then why wait for a reason or an excuse.  Why just not do it?


"Then what?" I ask, "What happens when you turn it down----if I asked you to?


It's hard to look at him.   First all he looks striking in his suit, even if this is just a suit for rehearsal.  He was ridiculously tall doming over me with his bright eyes and his long statuesque features.   I wanted to be smart.  To say something like he and his soon to be husband looked good together.  I don't though.  It just sounds too petty, even for me...even for me at this moment.


"We leave.  We go away together?"


"What about Dino?"


"Bring him with us."


"You think they'll let him leave?" I ask.


He pauses.  He hasn't thought about that.  Not even for a minute.


"Cerulean can arrange another marriage.  I have a cousin or a ..."


"Do it."




"Do it," I repeat, "Marry him."


He pauses.  I can tell that's not what he expected me to say.  Indigo was a romantic.  He wanted me to give him a reason to be romantic right now.  This wasn't about him and his romance though.  Him finding a way to make roses rain on me was not going to fix this issue.  Not this time.


After a few awkward seconds, he sighs and speaks, "You told me...that you loved me.  The night with the roses.  Did you mean it?"


I tried to forget about those moments.  It was so hard to do in moments like this already without him having to remind me every second about how special it was.


But I wasn't going to lie to him.  Indigo deserved better than a lie.


"Yeah, yeah I did mean it," I state.


"Then how can you sit around and let me marry another man?" he asks.


When he asks me that he looks at me.  His translucent wings seem to flutter a bit when he gets nervous.  Maybe it's a fairy thing.  When he glares at me he just seems to be wanting me to fix his emotions but this wasn't about emotions.  I realized this from the moment I came to this fucking place.


"My nephew needs peace.  I've seen the chaos this place can cause to regular people.  The people in this country need peace.  If a simple marriage can bring about that peace then don't you think that the marriage needs to take place?"


"You sure?" he asks.


"I'm sure.  If you love me.  Please do this for me.  If you love me please make sure this place is peaceful...for Dino."


I'm not sure Indigo understands what I'm saying.  I was here for Dino.  My purpose in life was to make sure my nephew was OK.  If his marriage could help bring about my nephew being OK then that is the ultimate way he can show his love for me.  It's a complicated idea.  It's something I'd think would go over his head.  I think maybe he can only think about his own wants in a moment like this.  That's when I see Indigo smile.  It's the same warm, selfless smile he's always given me.


Indigo nods, "I'll do it."


I want to thank him.  Maybe that's why I lean over and kiss him.  It's not as passionate of a kiss like we had before but it's a kiss none-the-less.


And just when it's happening I feel eyes watching us.  I feel them before I see them.  And when I turn around I see her.


Titania. Again.


"Oh sorry.  Just checking out the flowers," Titania states, "You must be preparing for that threesome you said you wanted with them..."


Fuck.  My heart races as I see this smile spread across her face.  Titania knew something.  That was clear as day.


As soon as she leaves he gets closer.


"You said that to her? You want a threesome..."


"NO! Well yes—-but that wasn't the context..."


It was beyond awkward. Indigo just sighs, "I'm more confused than ever..."


"Ignore her. She is ...after me..." I state.


"Be careful with her."


"You don't have to tell me.  I already know."


"You have no idea.  Have you heard the history of Titania's parties?"


"I haven't..."


"Let's just say you'll never want to attend one of them. Ever," he warns me again.


It was too late though.  I knew it even as he says the words.  Titania was already onto me.  I was already on her radar...




It's the night of the wedding and I feel like I'm in some sort of fantasy.  I guess it's the theme.  The magic of it all.  I had to give it to the fairies.  They knew how to create magic.  First off, the wedding took place in a beautiful tent erected in the middle of the valley.  Luckily I missed the wedding but I didn't get to miss the reception that was happening afterward.


I stay far away in the reception hall, cleaning up the bathrooms.  I'd rather be picking up horse shit then to watch Indigo go down the aisle with handsome, perfect Paris.


"The King asked for you," a voice says.


Titania is standing there.  She finds me in the back, tears freshly dripping down my face.  She looked beautiful and here I was in scrubs cleaning up after the rich and famous.  Her gown was one of the most delicate things that I've seen.  White with lace trimmings. As she looks at me I can tell that I'm nothing to her and never will be.


"I'll go see him."


"I had another servant put him to bed," Titania states, "I just find it quite confusing why King Dino always seems to ask for you.  Help me understand."


"I'm good at my job."


"You're horrible at your job," Titania states, "You don't know a thing about fairies and you speak like an idiot half the time.  You're a mess.  And I can't figure out why it is----someone like you----even qualified to serve us."


I wasn't even good enough to serve her if you asked Titania.  She circles me much like a vulture trying to figure out me out.  Maybe she had a point.  I wasn't picking this up.  I wasn't a servant and it was becoming more and more clear, especially to her.


She was always there.  Never too far.  Always watching.   The more I see her the more I feel uneasy.


I can't take the stares and my voice breaks in desperation, "Is there something you wanted ma'am?"


"Walk with me."


"Ma'am I had some additional work to do----"


"It's an order."


Her voice is blunt and plain.  I am trying to avoid walking around too much.  I don't want to see the couple.  No, it's past that.  I couldn't bear to see them.  I couldn't imagine what it would be like seeing them.


"Where are we going?"


"I wanted to show you something," she states, pulling something out.




"It's called a cellphone.  Humans used it before the war."


"I can't have this."


"I insist.  Scroll through it.  I have pictures."


I hesitate looking around.  We've walked into the garden by now.  The main tent where the reception for Paris and Indigo is taking place is lit with lights and music.  The celebration is getting louder by the moment.  Id did it before. No one would miss me looking through some tech for a second, I suppose.  So I do it, quickly.  I scroll through the pictures.


It's a man.  A dark man with striking eyes standing next to a woman.




"The Winter Court," she explains to me, "There was a time the halls had portraits painted of them back at the palace. Now you won't see a picture of them anywhere else."


I don't want to look at them.  I hand her the phone quickly and watch as she shoves it down her blouse.  I'm quite confused about why she's showing me any of this.


"They are traitors..."


"My family fought the Unseelie.  You see when you come to Court, a lot of people think they are special.  They have their own intentions.  The Winter King had intentions.  Do you have intentions, Raine?"


"No, ma'am."


She doesn't acknowledge my answer, "The Winter king quickly learned not to cross us.  Do you know what happens to people who cross us?"


By us, I assume Titania is speaking for the entire Summer court.  She looks over at me and I swear she is staring right through me.  The harshness in her stare makes me shiver.




"We murdered the Winter King.  We killed his family and everyone in his court. But not fast.  Would you like to know how we killed them?"


I swallow.  She's circling me again.  Looking at me.  Her own intentions pouring out with every single threat that she is making to me.


"I should be going back to the party."


She ignores me and I am not able to get away before she starts talking again, "Yes a party. But not that king. My kind. Have you heard of my parties?."




It was a lie. I'd heard about them.


"After the Winter King rose up against the Summer King, we had no choice but to end the war in any way possible.  The Summer conspiracy was an attempt to destroy the Winter King and his family and remove them from their rule of the Unseelie Court. The plot was organized by me...even back then when I was a child.  It was my birthday and we invited the Winter King to a party for my birthday.  He was an idiot enough to bring his entire family really thinking this was a peace offering.  What he didn't know was that the food was poisoned. Not poison to kill. Only to paralyze.  We took his entire family hostage.  And we tied them up and let their open scars burn throughout the day in the sun.   You one can really avoid the sun."


Cruel.  Her court sigil was the sun. I look at her face.  I see how Titania is getting some sort of joy from telling this story.  I'd heard the war was fought to a standstill and only one party ended it.  I'd never asked what the details of that party were for but it was clear now.  It was a deception.  I should have known.


"I see..."


"It didn't end there.  See when night came we tied the Unseelie court to a stake and smeared them with Dust.  Have you heard of Dust?"


"Fairy magic?" I ask.


She nods, "Yes. Fairy magic.  Very rare.  Hard to find.  The dust, you see, then set ablaze, slowly burning the Winter Court to death from the feet up.  All the while they are alive.  Dust keeps you alive until there was nothing left. What set this above the many other similar methods is the fact that our enemies were lined up outside to provide the lighting for my party.  That is Titania's party."


"Why are you telling me this?"


That's when she grabs me.  She grabs my wrist so hard that I can feel it bending onto me, squeezing me.   I try to pull away but she's strong.  She's FAIRY strong.  Maybe it was the Dust living in her bones that made her this powerful.  I'm not quite sure.  All I knew was that she was quite devastating.


"Because you are lurking in the shadows, and I don't like that, Raine.  Something is OFF about you.   I'm not sure what you're up to but I'll find out."


She won't let me go.  She won't let me fucking go.


"I don't know what you're talking about."


That's when she throws me onto the ground right into the mud.  The mud covers my clothing.  I smell a hot mess and I can see it all over me.


Titania's warning becomes clear, "Everything in the shadows comes to the light.  You can't escape the sun.   First, it lights up the darkness and then it burns it away."


Just then as I'm laying in the mud we are interrupted.  It's one of the servants.  I recognize the servant.  It's one of the Summer servants.


"The King refuses to go back to the palace without saying goodnight to Raine, ma'am," a servant states.


She looks down at me as though I'm pathetic.  Perhaps I am.  I look up at Titania realizing just how frightening she really was.  She was quite a monster.  I struggle to get to my feet and watch as she smiles all the while.  The worst thing is I can't just leave.  I don't just serve Dino.  Because Titania is also a Summer fairy, I have to listen to everything she has to say as well.  So here I am, basically tucking my dick between my fucking asshole to look down at her feet.


"May I be excused, ma'am?" I have to ask.


I'm embarrassed.  My face is blushed with it.  I feel the heat all around me and there's nothing I can fucking do.  These were the cards I've been dealt.


"Say goodnight to the king and disappear somewhere," she states before quickly adding, "You smell like shit.  Not fit to clean my shoes."




Titania has me thinking.


The Spring Court was the court I knew the most. They had the most members and were the most popular among humans.


Together with the Spring Court, the Summer Court made up the Seelie Court. The Summers were the decision makers. The important ones.


Then came the Autumn Court. They were few in number—that I knew of at least.  Mysterious and strange. Traitors to the Unseelie Court.


Last was the Winter Court. The dead and the long gone memories of the past...


I contemplate the meanings of courts in this dangerous land when I go to find my nephew. The Summer King was the leader of the highest court at this time. The court that made the orders. They were more visible then Autumn but didn't mingle with humans like the Spring.  They held themselves to a higher regard.


I find Dino back at the party.  I have to sneak in the back because she's right.  I look crazy.  Dino sees me and automatically he seems to throw a fucking fit.


"What happened to you?" he asks me.


The kid is loud making a big deal about it.


"I fell," I state.


"Raine---don't lie to me. Someone did that to you? It's ok, Uncle Raine. You know why? I'm king. Titania tells me there are too many Kings and queens in the courts. She tells me there should only be one. Me. And when I am the only ruler I can do what I want. I can protect you."


He means well. I see him holding onto me and I think he really believes it's his job to protect me and not the other way around.


But why was he even thinking about these things? Titania had been talking to my nephew behind my back.


"Don't talk to her anymore."


"But Titania said..."


"Listen to what I say!  And I said I fell," I tell him, leaning in before giving Dino a direct order, "Don't talk to Titania anymore.  You need to get to sleep.  It's getting late."


Dino looks like he wants to argue and make a big deal about it but he doesn't.  I don't know why Titania was telling him anything at all and it was pissing me off. The woman wasn't trustworthy. I'm glad, thinking that he still respects me but then I realize he's not arguing because something has caught his eye.  We both turn at that moment and realize that the happy couple is making their leave.  If the trumpets and army of servants walking out don't give it away then the two grooms themselves do.


I watch them walk out.  Indigo is wearing a soft blue and Paris is wearing white with a golden cape.   They are holding hands.  Seeing them even from Dino's carriage I can almost feel jealousy flood through me like some sort of curse.  It hurts.  It hurts because I see Indigo's face.  I see the way that he is clinging onto Paris.


They almost seem...happy.


Was it real?




The chant gets louder.  I look over at Paris who is standing there looking like some sort of Prince Charming.  Paris was just so secure, way more secure than Indigo could ever be.  Way more secure than I could ever be.  For a minute it seems like he made Indigo more secure in himself.  A man who feels secure in his own skin makes his partner feel secure.  Him standing there made it seem like he had no fear in the world.


And that's when he grabs Indigo, swinging him back and throwing his tongue to the back of his throat.  The passion between them seems to turn almost immediately.


His kiss is so strong and so passionate that Indigo manages to spill some wine on him.  I watch as the two giggles and watch as everyone seems to laugh along with them.


"Servant.  Hey you---YOU RIGHT THERE.  Come clean them up," Solaris states.


He's looking right at me. Shit!


I look over at Dino hoping I can use some sort of excuse but Dino looks like he's already half asleep and his driver is ready to pull off.


I close the carriage door and let them leave.   At least my nephew wasn't going to see me be completely unmanned in front of everyone.


I walk over ready to clean them up.


"This isn't necessary," Indigo states.


The awkwardness that comes in when I approach is unbearable.  I'm not the only servant here but I guess I'm the closest.  So here I am struggling to clean up Indigo.  I can still smell Paris on him.  And that was a good smell.  It was the best kind of smell actually.  The kind of smell you don't easily forget. Paris was THAT sexy.


"It's fine," I state.


"You aren't my servant," Indigo tries to stop me.


That's when Paris shakes off the thought, "No----he's doing his job.  He's a Summer servant.  Now that we are married, my servants are yours."


It's romantic. They exchange another kiss at my expense.


I hated how he said that.  It's almost as though he rubs it in.  I watch as he kisses Indigo again causing people to blush even more.  It was so believable.  They looked like they were taken by each other.  Why shouldn't they be?  I couldn't compare to Paris.  His body was like a fitness model.  His face was like a face model.   He was wealthy and he was a fairy prince.  Indigo had lucked up and got the perfect man in so many ways.  He wasn't just a Summer fairy.  He was almost like a Summer god.  It was as though he had taken the sun and swallowed it whole.  Maybe that's why his eyes were so white.  How could I ever compare?


"Clean every last drop of wine, slave," Solaris states, "We need to make sure they are perfect before the wedding ceremony over there."


I don't miss the fact that he calls me a slave instead of a servant.  I stay quiet.  Solaris points to the tent.  I guess that was the tent where it was going to happen.  That was the tent they were going to consummate their marriage.


Everyone in the court is talking about how beautiful they are and making a big deal about all of this.  I can't leave because I'm not excused so I just have to sit there.  I just have to dwell in this shit and I'm just hoping that somehow this was going to end.  I'm not sure how but I needed some sort of distraction.


We're interrupted.


At first, I think it's someone big, perhaps a Queen Cerulean or maybe Solaris gathering together the Summers.  That wasn't who interrupted us, however.  I turn at that moment and see us being joined.


I take a step back retreating, surprisingly behind the last person I'd think I'd retreat to.  Paris, of all people.


"Who are they?"


Paris whispers back, "They are the Unseelie.  The Autumn Court to be precise----what's left of them."


I'm in shock.


"They still exist?"


Paris nods.


"They do.  That is Dorian—-the leader."


The Unseelie all have a sense of...strange edginess to them. All of them were men. All of them were polished, but not in the same way as the Seelie elves.  They didn't share a smile amongst them.  It was like night and day seeing the Unseelie fairies.  When they walked in you would have thought they came with their own frightening music soundtrack by how people were reacting.  They were dressed in black and seemed military walking in two straight lines.


No nods.  No smiles.


No happiness.


There were about six of them.  All of them had dark and all strangely foreign looking.  They had dark features, thick eyebrows, sharp handsome faces, and gothic couture apparel.   Then there was him.  The leader.




Dorian had jet black hair, icy blue eyes, and a brooding expression.  I couldn't stop staring. The thing that kind of bugged me about him was that he looked mean, REALLY mean.  He didn't smile or laugh once with the rest of the Unseelie.  This was a happy party that seemed to almost be completely opposite of the mood he brought with him.   They don't speak but for some reason, I can't take my eyes off of them, especially Dorian.  He moves to the main table and slouches in a confident and silent sort of way.  I hear them whispering amongst themselves. I have never seen him.  Or did I?  Maybe I have, but he was defiantly new and mysterious.


The reason Dorian stood out was that he was completely and amazingly hot.  I only saw him from afar but I saw what he looked like.  His clothing, much like the other darker fairies was almost...see through.  From here I could see Dorian's beautiful bare bulging curve from his muscular ass, forming the perfect mounds.


I was a little shocked that my eyes kept being drawn there.


"Don't stare too hard," Paris tells me.


He caught me.  It's impossible not to be caught.  I shrugged off the idea and pretend to look away only to turn back towards Dorian and the Unseelie a few seconds later.  He has his legs spread, his sheer black cloth draped over his skin reveals his dick hanging gently between his legs behind a pair of big balls.  I snapped myself out of staring when Dorian looks at me interestingly.


"New servants," he states probably noticing how hard I was staring, "So much has changed."


"Can we help you, King Dorian?" Paris asks.


King Dorian?  It made sense.  The Spring Court had Queen Cerulean and the Summer Court had Dino.  I would have assumed the Autumn Court would have a king as well.  I just wasn't expecting him.  He was young...but then again so was Dino.  He just seemed...different, though.


Not like a king.


That was too calm of a word for this man.


"I've come to pay my regards to the handsome couple,"  Dorian says so low that I can barely hear him.


He whispers and it's so quiet now that I can actually hear him.  Everyone is quiet.  EVERYONE!  The music has stopped playing.  The whispers have stopped.  The celebration had stopped.  The fact that they were here seemed to freak a lot of people out.


I want to be grateful that there is someone or something that can take attention from what is happening but that's when I see them walking up.  They were the same as the Seelie in many ways but somehow quite different.  I knew nothing about them.  I hadn't even imagined thinking they still existed.  I'd assumed they were all destroyed during the Civil war.  There were stories of how frightening they were and perhaps at this moment I am frightened----but not for the normal reasons.


"Thank you," Paris states, "We would have sent an invite only...we assumed you all wouldn't be comfortable coming."


"Oh, nonsense.  I wouldn't miss this for anything," Dorian explains, "We have a wedding gift.  My servant will bring it out."


There weren't many of these creatures that approached but they were quite hard to describe.  Dorian was beyond mysterious and the whispering is haunting.  The Seely of Spring and Summer were describable, probably because you stared at them for so long.  These Unseelie were just as beautiful, perhaps just as perfect but you didn't stare.  At least the others didn't. I couldn't help but sneak a stare.  They had an intimidating look about them.  Imagine seeing some beautiful monster coming out from underneath your bed.  You are impressed with its beauty but still, stagger backward worried about what it might do.  Fear matches your curiosity and you're just stuck in the end.


It breaks when Dorian's servant arrives from the carriage of black horses where they made their amazing entrance crashing the wedding.


Just then a woman jumps off one of the horses.  I look over at the woman and I'm shocked at who I see.  Why was she here?  Why was she with the fucking Unseelie fairies?


I notice the woman almost immediately.


It was my Aunt!  Willow!


She was here.


She circles over to them and quickly hands Paris a small box.  Paris opens the box and stares.  I notice a glow.  A familiar glow.  The same glow that I'd seen in my father's locket.


"Dust," Paris states, "You've brought us, Dust."


"Very rare.  From what I hear you Summer fairies have a shortage.  Fortunately for us, we've come across some Dust."


For some reason, the idea of these Unseelie having access to Dust seems to cause whispers to start up again.  I'm not sure why.  I felt like I've stepped into a history that I can't understand and I knew there was only one person who knew the answers to it.  The so-called Unseelie Servant.  My Aunt.


She looked different.  Maybe it was because her makeup was on the dark side.  She had a sultry, edgy look that I hadn't seen in her before.  She wasn't going for pretty.  She seemed to be going for something more severe.   The dark grey eyeshadows were applied in a matte effect around her eyes.  Her cheekbones had defined bronzer and her lips had a deep dark lip stain.


It was her.  I knew it was her even without her acknowledging me...even with her walking away as everyone was distracted by the arrival of the Unseelie.


I follow her.


I follow her and she's waiting for me in the distance.  Her dark eyes and heavy makeup seem to make her seem almost not alive when I approach her but I can't help but to hug her when I get close.  She doesn't hug me back, but she doesn't quite seem too bothered by me.


"Did she follow you?" Aunt Willow asks.




"Titania. I believe she knows...I am not sure but I think she knows...somehow.  She's been asking about you back home.  Sending her best Summer spies. We must be more careful."


"Aunt Willow why is Titania spying on me?  Is she trying to get information on Dino."


"Dino—-oh no not Dino. How is he though? Is he OK?" she asks almost like an afterthought.


I nod, "Yes.  Yes, he's fine."


I'm confused about how she says it. I'm confused on how she is just matter-of-fact with this.


"And you?" she asks staring at me, "Did you hide the locket?"


"You mean the Dust?" I ask in return.


"You know..."


She seems surprised.


"I figured..."


She pulls me in, "Don't say it too loudly. Keep it hidden, for now at least. Dust is rare. They'd kill to get their hands on yours."


I didn't want anything someone would kill for.


"How do you have fairy dust?" I ask.


"There's a lot you need to know.  I am not related to you.  I'm a servant.  A servant of the Unseelie Court.  A servant of the Autumn Court. Dorian feels as though you can be an asset to his plan with your nephew being who he is.."


Dorian... the mysterious Autumn king that crashed the wedding.


"You want to use me. You want to use Dino."


"Your parents were close to the Autumn Court. They would want you to help Dorian."


"I can't be involved in whatever you are doing. I am leaving.  If Titania catches me here talking to you, I am as good as dead. Only thing I care about is keeping Dino safe."


"There was a time you cared for the family too..."


You mean like around the time you were lying about being my Aunt?"


"I still loved you. I still raised you. Didn't I? What about Mist?"


The name. My heart drops. Maybe she had a point. If Dorian hated the Seelies then we could use each other. I'd seen what they were capable of. They killed Mist.


Fine I would at least hear her out.


"Why are they here?" I ask.


"To continue the work of the Winter King. The Autumn King betrayed the Winter King during the war and sided with the Summer King right before Titania's party," Aunt Willow explains to me, "So he was spared."


"So Dorian is a Traitor..."


I don't know why I should have been surprised.  Loyalty didn't mean much to these people.  The Civil war was the Spring Court and the Summer Court fighting against the Winter Court and the Autumn Court.  I guess the Autumn Court decided it wasn't worth staying on a losing team.  And they jumped ship leaving the door open for Titania's `slow-burn'.


"The Seasonal courts are about survival. The Winter Court was losing the war.  A surprise attack was about to happen when Dorian traded sides. Dorian did what he had to do to survive."


Dorin looked young but I assumed he was older than he appeared to have been around during that time.


"The Seelies don't seem too grateful," I infer, remembering the reaction that the Autumn Court got.  I'd never seen such a bad reception in my life.


"Bad blood. Because he turned last minute, the Autumn Court are welcomed at court reluctantly but they never thought that Dorian would return."


"So why is he back?"


Why had Dorian returned?  What did the Unseelies want?  They'd been spared after the Civil war.  There clearly weren't many of them left.   Yet they had decided to come back to a place they clearly weren't too welcome.




It didn't make sense.


That's when Aunt Willow smiles and says coyly.


"To make things right.  The Winter Court always had knowledge. They were known as the keepers of dust. They knew how to control dust. Dust is the most powerful thing in the world. How do you suppose fairies were able to take over the Country from humans and their tech. Dorian is here to harness the knowledge of the Winter Court."


I didn't understand dust or what it was capable of. I knew it was magic but what kind?


Still, the way Aunt Willow spoke made it seem quite impressive.  If the Winter court were still around and controlled such a powerful substance, I could imagine why the Seelies felt they needed to be controlled.


"Wait. What knowledge?  You said the Winter Court harnessed dust. Titania burned the Winter King."


"She did, but not their knowledge. Not completely at least. I want you to follow me..." my Aunt says.


"Where are we going..."


"You'll see."




The horse ride ends after 30 minutes into darkness. She wants to show me something.


"Do you agree the world would be simpler with one king?" She asks.


"I'm confused by the question."


"It's easy. I want to make sure no more war happens. There are too many rulers. Dorian has come to take over the fairy court. And this is how he plans on doing it."


We arrive at a factory. We walk out to the floor. There are workers there. Quiet and dark wearing black. They don't look up at me. They are humans. This whole factory has an eerie presence. As we walk my Aunt grabs something on the table. It's a piece of rock I think that is on a conveyor belt.


It glows...




I never really saw it up close and personal. I had just a little in my locket. This was more than that. This was more than I had ever seen.  There is a stockpile of the stuff.


I thought it was rare!


I can feel the power in it.


Aunt Willow states, "Not pure dust. Only 10 percent of purity. We can not produce it like the Winter Court. This dust is diluted so that we can have enough. It's diluted but still powerful."


I'm confused why were they stockpiling it? Why was Dorian producing this all the way out here?


"How powerful..."


That's when I hear them. They have arrived. The Autumn fairies. I notice Dorian walk in. But he isn't alone.


Dorian is with someone.  Dorian had an ally. Someone who clearly would have helped him.


The Seelie Court had a traitor amongst them. One working with the Autumn court to overthrow everything. Another war was coming whether I liked it or not and now that I knew who was behind it, I doubt I could stop it.


A face I knew too well.


Someone who I was told was dead.


"Powerful enough to kill Kings..." Mist says joining us, "Like I killed King Dynamis."




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