Mist was alive.


I look at him as though he's some sort of ghost, but I should know better. He isn't. He's standing there with this look on his face that just tells me he is all too aware of everything. He knew everything.


"You lied to me..." I state.


I'm not sure who to blame at this moment. My Aunt Willow or Mist. Hell, I am even wondering if I need to blame the mysterious Autumn Court leader Dorian who they worked for.


"The Lost King is returning...I had no choice," Mist whispers so low I can barely hear him.


The Lost King? Dorian?


This was all for Dorian. Knowing that Mist and Aunt Willow were nothing more than his fucking lackies makes me sick to my stomach. All this "Seelie Hate" was only because they preferred the Unseelie.


"I couldn't have you getting too close to the Summer fairies," Aunt Willow explains to me.


"So you made me think they were responsible for killing Mist. You wrote me that letter," I remember feeling this urge to throw up all of a sudden, "And Mist----you knew about it all along."


Mist can't even look at me. His face falls to the ground. He's hiding behind Aunt Willow but I can see him. I know he's standing there. This was the person who I was closest to in the world. I was just as close to Mist as I was my own blood. When I thought the Seelies had killed him I had felt this deep hatred and resentment for them.


I was wrong. This whole time I was wrong.


"Yes," Mist states, "I knew."


His voice is sober. Quiet. I can't believe him at this moment.


Aunt Willow just can't find it in herself to stop talking, "It's best that you hated them. Mist being alive changes nothing. My family has served the Unseelie Court for generations. Everything is on the line here."


"So why is he here now?"


"The war is coming," Willow explains, "The Lost King is returning. And we must prepare. We need you to do something."


"What's that?"


"Bring us, Dino."


"You've lost your mind."


My Aunt Willow was always willful, but she must have been losing her mind if she thought that I would bring my Nephew----king of the Summer Court----to his mortal enemy Dorian---King of the Autumn Court. It wouldn't happen.


That's when I realize why Mist is here. With a single stare, I know why he was revealed as being alive now. Mist walks up to me. He grabs me by my hand. Slowly he puts his fingers between my fingers and slowly I remember all those times we've spent together.


Mist's voice is slow, steady, "War is coming. I don't want it. No one does. But it's coming. We'll keep him safe. But when the war starts, we need leverage. We need Dino back."




"Look at me," Mist is saying, "You trust me----don't you?"


Of course, I trusted him. He's grabbing onto my hands and I melt between them. This is my best friend. He'd taught me everything I knew about life. He was always there. I didn't trust Aunt Willow. She was as slimy as it gets. But Mist. This was my best friend.


"I should go," I state.


They don't stop me as I head back. Mist just looks at me and calls out.


"Raine. Do the right thing..."




Aunt Willow brings me back to the party that is still going on. She alone doesn't escort me back. I notice Dorian, striking dark and fierce in his silent demeanor. He doesn't say a word as he leaves. He doesn't have to. He gets on his dark horse and they leave like dark shadows into the night. I swear they disappear into the darkness engulfed by it.


Within a matter of seconds, she just whispers, "I'll let you know where you need to bring Dino. The war is coming soon now. Be careful you're being watched..."


"By who?"


"Our enemies. But don't be afraid, young one. They can't stop us. The Lost King is returning."


I'm not sure what she's talking about when she leaves. I don't say goodbye to Aunt Willow. Maybe it's because I am not quite sure how I feel about her. Aunt Willow was always---difficult. She was always quite difficult. She bided her time waiting for Dino to get his crown. She made sure that I had accustomed myself to the Summer Court. She made sure that my relationship was protected by a Summer Fairy. It was genius really. Now she was going to use me to start her war.


Dorian's war.


She didn't care about Dino. She wouldn't have lied about Mist being alive. She wouldn't have made such a scene if that was the case and she definitely wouldn't have come here with a fucking Unseelie King.


I didn't know how to feel about her return but I can't think about it. Not now. Not when I'm being watched.


And as I shuffle back to the tents I realize the person who was watching me.


"You lost?" the voice states.


I recognize him. It's definitely Paris who had this guy looking after me. It was Striker. He looks at me with that hard look that I remember from the very first time I came to court. He's not even attempting to hide how scary he is. He's not attempting to hide how frightening he can possibly be.


"Just getting back," I respond.


I don't say another word as I walk past him, but I can feel his eyes burning on me. How long had he been following me? How long had he been watching me for Paris? And what had he been able to report back to his boss?




I find Paris and Indigo back at court. It looks like at this point the Unseelie had come and were getting ready to leave. Everyone seems a bit broken up still when I return. It was almost like the survivors a storm or something. The Unseelie court returning seemed to shake everyone to their core and there were only six of them. It's amazing really. Amazing that six people had that sort of effect on people. I get back right when they are getting on their horses and leaving.


Was it magic? Was it Dust?


Too hard to know.


"We should enjoy the rest of the night," I hear Indigo announce forcing a smile, "I need a servant to help clean my consummation room. You---you will do it."


I shouldn't be surprised when he points to me but he does. I can see the other servants all seeming a bit jealous at the thought, but honestly, I wished it was anyone but me. I don't look forward to following behind Indigo and Paris as they hold hands. I have no choice though. I have to make their fucking beds.


We arrive at the tent that they are going to consummate their marriage and it seems like the Unseelie arrival had taken away a bunch of the revelry from this occasion but not all of it. Paris and Indigo are putting on quite the show. They can't take their eyes off of each other and as they walk up to the tent I realize the dozens of other fairies gathering outside of the tent as though waiting for something. I'm not sure what though. I'm more confused than ever.


It isn't until we get into the private tent that I hear Indigo finally address the crowd that is crowding outside of the tent.


"They are literally going to wait out there all night for us," Indigo states seeming more annoyed than anything, "Those perverts will make sure that we spill some seed on these sheets even if they have to taste it for authenticity."


I have forgotten about the wedding ceremony that the fairies had. I knew they examined the sheets for cum, but I had no idea that they were going to wait outside the entire night until the act was done. I feel how awkward it must be for Indigo and Paris. If they were comfortable it didn't show any longer. Paris was on the other side of the room and Indigo not too far away from him. The awkward tension between the two was something you could slice through.


It was all an act. All the kissing and holding hands outside. It was all an act. Just like a fucking fairy to put on a show for a crowd only to almost hate themselves for it in private.


"Well we are in this together," Paris states, "With Dorian and the Autumn Court showing their face, our alliance is needed more than ever."


A political marriage. That's all it was. For some reason it made me feel better. It didn't make me feel good. Paris and Indigo were still married, regardless. But it did make me feel good to know that they hadn't immediately fallen in love with one another.


"I'll fix the sheets," I state, "And leave you two to it."


"Wait----that's not why I invited you in here."


I stop and turn at that moment and see Indigo. He's looking over at me. His eyes melt into me almost like butter. He's standing over the bed. He hasn't removed any of his articles of clothing. I assume he's still quite uncomfortable. I guess I would be too if I had an arranged marriage. It was impossible to tell what he's thinking at this moment though. All I knew was that things were awkward.


Being unable to read his mind, I have to just ask, "Well why did you call me in here for then..."


"Help," a voice states.


That's when I turn and see Paris. Paris wasn't going to beat around the bush, not like Indigo. That was never his style. And that's the reason he confidently takes his clothes off. I swear I'm imagining it but it happens so quick. One minute he's dressed in a suit that looked like it was worth thousands and the next moment he's naked as the day he was born. His dick----fortunately for him-----wasn't the same length as the day he was born though. His long impressive dick had already gotten a bit of weight to it. His strong thighs were like bricks. His abs cascade as he stands in the middle of the tent with his arms crossed.


"I shouldn't be in here," I state.


"I'm asking you to be in here," Indigo states.


"Indigo what are you saying?"


Indigo is struggling. I watch his face get red. Not a little red either. He was flushed with embarrassment. Indigo wasn't the most straight forward person. That day he got drunk was the exception and not the rule. He was always so careful and even now on his wedding night, I can see how sober he was. He opens his mouth and trips over them a little bit only to shut it again and stare blankly into the romantic candles lit up in his consummation chambers.


"He's trying to tell you that it might be difficult for us to consummate our marriage," Paris explains, "Because we both sort of like----the same thing."


"So you going to fake it?" I ask.


I immediately want to take it back feeling as though what they were about to do with their time was none of my business. Deep inside I did want to know but I felt like I was out of place. However, I quickly realize that neither of these men felt that way.


It's Indigo who shakes his head, "We can't fake it. It has to be the real thing and that's why we want you here. We want you to---you know..."


"Join in?" I ask.


Indigo nods, "Yes."


"I can't believe you Indigo. Are you joking?" I ask him, "What am I to you? A piece of meat?"


This wasn't something that Indigo would come up with. I knew it and Indigo knew it. That's why he doesn't look at me when I call him out on his strange change in behavior. Indigo was way too pure to come up with this.


It was someone else. Someone accustomed to getting what he wanted when he wanted it.




Paris laughs a little bit, "It's just sex..."


I want to walk out when I see Paris clearly entertained by how uncomfortable this all is. I think I make the move to walk out. I would probably be punished for leaving without being excused since I was clearly a servant on a good day and a slave when they felt like twisting it around. I don't make it halfway to the door before Indigo stops me, however.


"I want you here," Indigo states, "You're the only one I trust to keep this secret."


"I don't care."


Paris seems annoyed. At this point, he's laying on the bed. His big dick in between his legs like some sort of intimidating rocket, "It's a big deal that the Spring Fairy and The Summer Fairies have a marriage alliance. You can help bring peace to this world through sex. I don't love Indigo. If the two of you already have something going on it only makes sense you join us."


"You would only care about politics," I say to Paris.


"You think the worst of me."


"You have someone following me. You must think the worst of me too."


"You're doing what?" Indigo asks in a protective manner.


He is clearly not aware of what his new husband has been up to having someone following me. I knew Indigo. I knew he wasn't the type to know about something like this. He's just as shocked as I am. He looks like he's about to take up for me but Paris sees it coming a mile away and quickly gets defensive.


"I don't trust anyone," Paris announces, "But I want to keep the peace. Do you think those Unseelie that crashed the wedding can say the same? The Unseelie are back. If you think they have good intentions——you are wrong. What do you think they'll do to Dino if they get into power?"


My heart sinks.


"What are you talking about?"


"They are going to kill him," Paris states, "They are going to kill all the Seelie, as Titania did to the Winter Court at her party."


I think about Titania's parties. I remember how horrid and terrifying these fairies can be for power. I was pissed at Paris. Why would he say such a thing?


Aunt Willow would never hurt Dino.


Would she?


No. Of course not. She raised us. Not even she can be so cruel. I shake off the thought. He was trying to confuse me. I probably hated him at this point. With him, it would be just sex but with Indigo it was more complicated.


"You want this?" I ask Indigo, specifically.


"More than anything."


I sigh. Fuck. I wasn't doing this for Paris. I wasn't even doing this for Indigo. As stupid as it sounded I was doing this for the country. I was doing this for Dino. If we could keep the peace somehow then maybe it was needed.


We stripped down bare and laid together on the mattress that dominated the tent in the room, I laid between the two.


"So do we just---" I start.


"You two start," Paris states.


I hesitate but it's Indigo who reaches down grabbing my dick. Almost immediately he begins sucking and slurping on my dick. I don't expect him to go straight for the dick in the way that he is. I guess it's the quickest way to turn me on. As he does it I notice Paris coming closer to me. I was comfortable already with Indigo. Paris was the outsider.


Paris started working on my nipple. I was instantly in ecstasy and let out a soft moan as Indigo continued to run the length of my dick with his tongue, taking care to lap his tongue around my scrotum a few times.


That's when Paris comes up from my nipple and I greeted him with a deep French kiss thrusting my tongue as far as I could go. I had to admit, I've dreamt of kissing Paris. My dick gets harder and I think I precum because I feel Indigo stop as though something surprised him slightly. I look down and sure enough, he tasted something different. That doesn't stop him though.


He mutters out a quick, "Your cum is salty..."


But then he continues, sucking up my precum as if it was wine letting his tongue lap around the tip of my dick.


We continued like that for a while, Paris and I exploring each other's mouths while Indigo finally lifted my legs and started to suck my dick.


We then shifted as Indigo laid on his back and asked me, "Suck it please?"


Just like Indigo to say please. Even during sex, he was the most agreeable person I knew. I moved on top of him in 69 positions and quickly swooped in to take his fat dick in my mouth. I had to admit I wanted to taste him. I had to admit that I was turned on by this. I was sucking his dick so hard that it seemed to surprise him. He popped his dick out of my mouth to let it cool down.


Out of nowhere Indigo states, "I want your ass..."


Paris had been staring for a while but I'm surprised when before Indigo could get the words out Paris' tongue was already in and out of my hole. Rubbing the tip of his head around it and slapping it against my ass. Indigo wanted my ass first but it was Paris who was taking the initiative to get it.


Paris began prepping my asshole for entry and I did what came natural, sucked on Indigo's dick. It wasn't long before I could feel Paris pressuring inside of me. The feeling of his dick entering and slowly exiting was almost relieving.




"Damn you're so tight..." Paris responds, "I figured it would be like this but damn..."


It's a strange comment and I wonder if I heard it right. I think I did because Indigo reacts to it as well by turning to Paris.


Paris is had been wondering about me?


I thought this was all political to him. Strange now I was wondering his motives for this.


Paris could care less if we were both reacting to his comment though because his eyes were closed at this point. Paris grabbed me by my hips and was pulling me up to play with my nipples. With a few extra thrusts, I could feel Paris' dick swell.


The expansion of Paris's dick was overwhelming as he began to cum shooting streams of cum inside of me. My dick swelled. That's when I climaxed as well but this was in Indigo's mouth. As the pleasure subsided Indigo grabbed me kissing me pulling me away from Paris at the moment to give me a long hard kiss.


But something weird has happened.


Paris opens his eyes and looks at me. In the silence of me kissing Indigo I make eye contact with Paris. His breathing is hard and he's just staring at me. Silently staring at me and it's as though he wanted to say a million words but only one word comes to mind.


It's like some sort of strange acknowledgment when Paris says, "Oh..."


It's as though he had an epiphany right there in the darkness. And even when Indigo goes inside of me and hammered away reaching deep inside of me to send waves of pleasure throughout my body I knew Paris was watching me.


And by the way, he was watching me I knew something else.


Things wouldn't be the same.




"What's that?" Dino asks.


My nephew is on my lap when I notice a piece of paper under a plate. Someone snuck it under there. I grab the paper and read the words.


THE LOST KING IS RETURNING. The time is coming soon. I will tell you where to bring Dino when the time is right before the attack.


More lost king bullshit. I didn't get it really. If this was all about Dorian returning then what did it matter. He was already here. He was never really lost. I could tell Aunt Willow's handwriting anywhere.


"Nothing. Finish your breakfast."


"Then can I go play?" Dino asks me, "Ayina is waiting for me by the gardens."


Ayina was Titania's daughter. The Summer Fairies all had their children be the personal play partners for King Dino. I wasn't surprised Titania had already made sure to cement her own daughter's position amongst Dino's friends.


I think about saying no but that is when I see Indigo.


"Fine," I tell my nephew.


He seems beyond eager. He'd be safe in the Summer Gardens. After the first attempt to take his life, Paris had increased security tenfold. The young King could go nowhere without at least 10 guards making sure he was safe. At times I felt like I was even getting in his way.


I approach Indigo. Indigo is officially being moved to the Summer tower. He is now staying in Paris's quarters. That means that I am forced to see him more. Seeing him walking around the Summer tower is a strange thing. He doesn't fit in. His colorful clothes differ from the golds and white majestic color scheme in the Summer Towers. Indigo walks in looking like he'd been dipped in a rainbow. It's quite intriguing and he looks a little uneasy.


"You shouldn't wonder," I warn him, "You look too curious. Titania has eyes in the walls."


I laugh but a part of me wonders if it's true. Nowhere in the Summer Court was truly private with the Summer HOUND lurking around in every corner, popping up when you least expect her.


"That would make my mission harder if I didn't," Indigo states with a strange revealing smirk and leans into me to whisper, "Cerulean wants me to spy on Paris for her. Says I am the only one she can trust."


More games. Looked like the Spring Queen hadn't quite given up on her quest for power.


"That's why she arranged the marriage?"


Indigo looks down, "I guess so. She believes that the Summer fairies killed her husband and will kill her so they can have Dino as a puppet king."


"She's paranoid."


"Perhaps. Perhaps it's the hormones from the baby."


He doesn't mention that it's his baby. I wonder if they talk about it when no one's watching. If they do, that is one secret he isn't going to tell me. Maybe it was her hormones. Cerulean was a major player in this card game. I couldn't keep my eyes off of her. It would make sense if it were true that the Summer Fairies killed Dynamis. I can see why Cerulean is concerned but it's not true. Dynamis was killed by Mist...


And here I was keeping a huge secret while Indigo was spilling his guts to me.


I feel guilty. My face gets real stone and I just gag out the words, "Why are you telling me this then?"


"I don't plan on spying but I do I want to know if Paris is up to something. You have been here long enough to know."


I sigh, "No. No, he's not.


There were people up to something but it wasn't Paris. They had no idea what was coming and it made me nervous even thinking about it.


"Thank god. Maybe this is a new start. You know?" He asks, "Moving here is a new chance at love..."


"Indigo it might be easier for us to see each other now but it will still be hard. That threesome can't happen again."


"Oh you thought..." he starts before catching himself and saying, "Fuck..."


That's when things got tense. Indigo was the kind of guy who revealed everything right on his face and right now he looks somewhat embarrassed that I misunderstood what he was trying to get at. He bites his lip and squints at me with those stunning eyes of his.




He hesitates but finishes, "I meant: this may be a new chance to find love with my husband——Paris. You didn't think I was talking about you, did you?"




My face is hot with embarrassment.


"No of course not I..."


I sounded dumb. I'm lying. What's worse is that he knows.


"I take marriage seriously. That threesome was just to get through the wedding night. I appreciate it, but I have all intentions of working things out with Paris and falling in love with him."


Fuck. It hits me like a ton of bricks.


"I get it."


"Good. I'll...see you around," he states.


I don't respond. I just give him a smile. I'd never imagined that Indigo would be the one to shut me down. I never thought that he would tell me that he was putting his duty before his feelings. I want to understand. A part of me wants to pretend like I don't care.


But I do. I care way too much.




I'm heartbroken for the rest of the week. It gets so bad that Dino throws a tantrum demanding his servants to find out what's wrong with me. What's crazy about it is that it's the first time I realize how powerful Dino is. Soon professional after professional is coming to my private quarters pleading for a chance to mend whatever was broken with me.


How do you mend a broken heart though?


There is a knock on the door that night.


"Go away!"


"I would," the voice behind the door says, "But Dino would kill me if I didn't figure out what's wrong with you."


Paris. I can tell the sultry, deep regal tone anywhere. Paris was the kind of person who matched exactly what he was. Titania may have looked the part of a Summer Fairy but she wasn't deep inside. Paris WAS a Summer Fairy. It wasn't just the golden hair that grew out of his scalp either. He was that regal, poised, majestic, untouchable noble that I had imagined growing up all the Summer Fairies were. When I open the door here he is shirtless wearing a pure white linen suit looking like a young god on a vacation.


And I looked like shit.


"I'll tell you what I told the 78 other people who came here before you. I'm fine."


"Now I see where Dino gets his stubbornness," he states, "Just talk to me. The longer you are upset, the longer Dino is upset. And the more obvious it is to the court that you aren't just a servant to him."


The last thing I needed was to draw attention to my relationship with Dino. Still, Paris was the last person I wanted to talk to. How do you tell a man that you are heartbroken because HIS husband has decided to stay loyal to him?


My face gets stern, "It's nothing."


He sees right through me, "It's the threesome..."


Fuck. Had I become that obvious? Damn it Dino for your tantrums. Back in the Outskirts, Dino could throw all the tantrums he wants. We weren't in the outskirts though. We were in the Solitude and Dino was a king. He was THE king. The most powerful king of all the fairy royals. Here every word he uttered was blown out of proportion.


"If you must know. I'm just confused about what happened."


"I'm not."


"You aren't?"


He sits on his bed and leans. Paris blends into the brown sheets because of his chestnut skin. His abs are just as hard as the nuts as well rippling as he strains at me into the darkness. He pats on a bed. It's a sign that I should come to sit next to him.


I assume he won't leave unless I do what he says, so reluctantly I go over to the bed and take a seat.


"Can I admit something to you?"


"I don't think I have an option here. You are holding me hostage in my own room for this conversation."


He laughs, bite his lips and takes a deep breath. I could never imagine Paris being nervous but at this moment I assume this is what it would look like. He is hesitating for some reason. Some odd reason. Of course, if I hadn't surveyed his face religiously since the day I met him I wouldn't have known the distance. He looks like the confident, golden-haired prince charming that had girls across swooning to touch his rock hard body. But there is a slight glitch. A slight interference.


And it isn't until he opens his mouth again that I realize what it is.


"I can't stop thinking about that night," he states.


"Well yeah, it was awkward."


"It was amazing."


"Well, your wedding night was----"


"Stop patronizing me, Raine," he states, "We both know what I'm referring to. I can't get YOU out of my head. Every moment since that night I've been trying to fight off the urge to come here and do this----"


That's when he kisses me. It's a soft kiss. Not pressed with the passion but laced with a delicate intimacy. He brushes his lips up against mine. My heart flutters when he does it. When he's done he doesn't move back much. His lips are still so close to mine that I can almost imagine still feeling them afterward.


There was a time I would have never allowed myself to get butterflies in my stomach for a Summer fairy, let alone the one I felt was responsible for killing Mist.


But Mist was alive.


And these butterflies were fluttering all around my abdomen. Damn, that kiss was amazing.


"Indigo..." is all I can manage to mutter out.


"He knows it's a political marriage."


"Does he?" I ask, "I think he might want to actually work on your marriage."


"That's ridiculous. Why would you think that?" he asks.


Because he told me. I don't want to betray Indigo's trust in our conversation, however, so I just shrug my shoulders instead of answering. This causes Paris to be much more confident. He leans over again and kisses me again.


"I don't know."


I didn't know much of anything lately.


"Dino talks about you everytime we're together. I have to listen because I'd rather him let it out with me than with anyone else," Paris explains, "I find myself feeling like I know you. I find myself wanting to know more about you. And I want you to know more about me...if that's OK."


Paris is playing with my fingers. It's sweet to know that he's having conversations with Dino and bonding with him. It's nice to know Dino has someone looking out for him. I have to admit Paris wasn't taking the idea of protecting Dino lightly.


"Can you tell me a little bit more about...fairies?"


"I meant I wanted you to know specifically about me."


"In order to know about WHO you are, I want to have a better understanding about WHAT you are."


"Come...I'll show you."


"Where are we going?"


"We're going to take a walk down memory lane."






I don't think he should be taking me here. I have a feeling because we go through a side entrance and he keeps looking around. Fairies are always light on their feet but I can barely hear his footsteps as we sneak into a building just outside of the Seasonal Courts. From the lights that were surveying the front area, I imagine this building is highly secured.


He manages to get us in and all I wonder is what could be so important that it was under lock and key. What gold or precious material was stored away here so heavily guarded.


And that's when I see them.




"It's a museum," I realize.


"Fairies have been around a long time," he states, "Over there are stone tablets dating 1.8 million years ago with fairy language on it. That was around the time of the Neanderthals. We always stayed very private, however. We stayed separate from mankind. Until the war."


"You mean the takeover?" I ask.


I wasn't even alive then but I heard the stories. The stories of when the fairies made themselves known like aliens to the human race demanding submission. The only real war was the internal war that followed shortly after. The takeover was a slaughter. Humans never stood a chance.


"Dust was responsible. With dust, we could do great things."


"How does it work?" I ask, "Dust I mean."


"It depends on the user. If you use it the right way it can grant wishes. Of course, it takes a very skilled fairy to manage it in the right way. If used correctly it's dangerous."


"Dangerous enough for a handful of fairies to take over the human world," I realize.


He nods, "Fairy Dust is a rare and powerful tool."


He walks over to a display. Something is glowing there. I walk over there. Together we look at the beautiful thing. I look back up at him. I swear I see the reflection in his eyes and together we stare at it. It's a beautiful moment looking at such a beautiful thing. Our arms nestle up against one another. I imagine this is what our first date would be like if we were normal in any way. Him trying to impress me with knowledge and me looking for reasons to stand close to him.


I press up against the glass with my hand, "Is that it? Is that Dust?"


"Not the real stuff," he states, "I shouldn't be telling you this, but dust is...extinct."


"Come again?"


"No one has real Dust. Fairies can't let humans know that we've run out completely. Or else they'd take back everything. The last dust died with the Winter King. Word has it he gave the last pure specs of dust to his children who escaped."


"Excuse me?"


"His children escaped?" I ask, "I thought Titania killed them all during her party. She killed everyone in the Winter's Court."


"Dammit----I shouldn't have told you that."


His slip up was clearly because he was getting comfortable. For some reason seeing how he shuts up makes it clear that he is about to say something very important. I grab his hand. I hold it hard and give him a look.


"You trust me?" I ask him, "Because I trust you. Tell me what happened to the Winter children?"


"My brother Dynamis was friends with the daughter. I wasn't sure how close, but I think they were quite close. He pitied them and warned them. Supposedly Titania burned two village kids posing as the Winter Prince and Princess instead."


Dynamis spared the Winter Princess. What kind of friendship would make him spare his enemy before an attack?


"They could be alive?" I ask.


He shrugs, "Highly doubt it. The war was brutal. They would have been killed in the war. I doubt they would have gotten far. Not without help."


"And if they did have help..."


"You sound like those people talking about the Lost Queen or Lost King returning."


I remember my Aunt using the words. Until now I had been sure the Lost King was Dorian. But now it made sense. Dorian was always around. They were preparing for something else. They were preparing for someone else.


It can't be. My Aunt knew far too much. She was far too concerned with what I was doing here at Court. Concerned enough to fake Mist's death just so that I could do exactly what she wanted me to do. She wanted me not to get close to the Summer Fairies. Why was she so concerned with me? It wasn't about Dino. It couldn't have been. Dino was a Summer Fairy. He was destined to be close to them. Her concern was me. Specifically me.


Could there be more to the story?


"This is a museum. Surely there is a likeness of the Winter Court," I state.


"You really want to see those walking demons?" he asks.


"Yes. Yes, I do."


"Fine. Follow me."


We go down. Down into the basement. The artifacts are getting  darker here. Stranger. It was clear these were artifacts from the Unseelie Court. Documents and history of the Unseelie Court began to illuminate the deeper we went.


Documents with words such as "Unholy" and "Wicked" pop up more and more deeper we go until we get to the bottom and he lights a torch.


That's when we see the portrait. And then I see these faces. Faces that I have deep in my memory. Faces that I could never forget. So many memories are flooding in my mind when I see the painting. Suppressed memories that I didn't even know I had.


"Are you OK?" he asks.


"I'm fine..."


"That's them. That's the Unseelie King and Queen," he tells me.


I don't tell Paris as he goes on to explain things about them. He tells me their names. He tells me their story. I knew them though.


I knew them because they were my mother and father.


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