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Desperate for more 

The Problem
I don't know where to start. I am test subject 0001 in a experiment that may decrease the straight male population to the lowest in history. Such a bold statement I know however, please let me explain. 

It all started when I went to my urologist for a consultation. My doctors name Dr Jeffery R Clark. Jeff and I were best friends from eighth grade to mid twenties. So I went to my best bud to help me solve my problem: 

Jeff: Hey Doug, it must be something very serious for the macho Doug Randolf to see a doctor. 

Doug: Come on Jeff, I came to you because you always have had my back your my best friend. Jeff I have a serious problem and need your help. 

Jeff: All right bud whats going on? 

Doug: Jeff I am jerking off nearly ten times a day. That is in addition to fucking Darlene every night.

Jeff: You always were very fond of that seven inch cock of yours. Always jacking off or trying to get a blow job. And when you got turned down by the girls. You finally trusted your gay buddy.  Most guys would kill to get that much action with their penis as you have my friend.

Doug: Jeff, I was there for you when you came out to the world and, I stood by you. Now be that guy I grew up with and be there for me. 
Jeff: It took a little while from what I remember. It also took a bad case of  blue balls before you needed me. I think you tried to mount every girl in our high school. I also remember when I needed you to help me do a study,  you didn't want your gay friend looking at your junk.

Doug: You know I did eventually come around and, you always were my best friend Jeffie.

Jeff:Please don't call me that in front of my co-workers.

Doug: Okay bud but, I really need help! My wife Darlene gets so upset when she catches me jacking. The reason I am constantly horny is, that I am not feeling satisfied. I need more than 30 to 60 seconds of release.

Jeff: Are the ejaculations weak or, or do you have  low semen flow?

Doug: No they are good and average semen.  I feel cheated because I want them to last much longer. Darlene has multiple orgasms. I want the orgasm to last till I can not take any more.

Jeff. You have a penis for god sakes, not a vagina. 30 – 60 seconds is good for ejaculation. Have you tried delaying orgasm,  edging or longer foreplay?

Doug: Yes, yes I have tried everything and, I want to cum till I am ready to stop.

Jeff: Have you considered trying to decrease your testosterone levels to calm you down a bit
Doug: I like sex! Why would I want to decrease my libido? How would you and your lover feel if I asked you the same question? 

Jeff Okay Doug, tell me what types of therapy have you tried?

Doug: Prostate exercise, almost every  supplement I hear about. Walking, weights, bicycling.. Jeff,  I feel empty.  Sometimes I think my balls will dry up and other times I feel lonely and guilty for not being satisfied with what I am getting.   Is there anything can take or do to fix this? 

Jeff: Sorry bud, most of the miracle cures are just nonsense. I do feel that you should cut way back on the penis abuse. Your sperm count is probably way down and can develop soars and damage to your penis.  Before I give an opinion lets check you out to see if there are any obvious problems. Get naked and lets check out the plumbing. 

Doug: Some how I knew you were looking forward to getting me naked, you perv. 

Jeff: You're not exactly the 18 year old guy I fell in love with. I have my own young Latino stud to keep my eyes from wandering now. Why would I want to see a wrinkled butt and shriveled cock? 

Doug: Wow you really know how to hurt a guy. Are you going to leave the room so I can get undressed?

Jeff: You didn't just start abusing your cock you know. You were always taking that thing out. I have seen your cock, balls and ass more than I have my own.

Doug: What? You didn't exactly sit by and just watch. You jerked  that little six incher almost as much as I did mine. 

Jeff: True however, for me to get the same view of my junk would be impossible. You forget how many times your butt or cock were in my face?  Now get those clothes off!

I took off my clothes and felt a little shy.  Jeff hadn't seen me naked for almost twenty years. I got undressed and stood before him. He took my testicles in his hand and rolled them one at a time. I tried hard not to pop wood but my cock poked him in the forehead.. Jeff chuckled as he touched my cock and balls. I appreciated him being professional and not making any comments. The son of a bitch made me bend over and spread my cheeks as he lubed up his gloved hand. He examined my prostate and almost made me cum. That jerk made sure that the prostate exam lasted almost twenty minutes.

Doug; Come on for fuck sakes get your fingers out of my ass!

Jeff: Doug, How am I going to find the problem if you don't let me search properly? Okay Doug I am finished. You still look pretty good and your equipment is in perfect working order. You have the prostate of a thirteen year old and cock of a sixty year old. The poor thing is getting so much exercise. 

Doug: Okay so what can you do for me?

Jeff:I need a few days to do some research and come up with a plan to help you. Now cover that ugly butt and get my nurse all of your contact information. Also go and get your blood drawn and pee in a cup for us. 

Doug: Thank you bud.

Jeff reached out to shake my hand  and I pulled him into a hug. I miss you bud. 

A few days later, Jeff called and said he had set me up for a new treatment that was being tested by a friend of his. 

What the hell?
I got to the address for my appointment with the specialist. It did not look like a  hospital or even doctors office. I sign in at the guards desk and was given a badge. I was sent to a room with desk that looked like a classroom. There were ten other guys but, they all looked much younger than me. The guys seem to all know each other and, most are good looking guys. They are joking and telling jokes. Then an guy walks in the room and everyone quiets down.

Gentlemen, I am doctor Eugene Hening.  Each of you have been referred for this study by your doctor or a school recruiter. I have a short presentation then will answer some questions. The lights went out and a presentation about male reproductive system started. I felt like I was a twelve year old with some of the basic information. Then, they started talking about a new invention that we would be testing. Basically the device is like a artificial replacement or enhancement of male reproductive system. Specifically to allow men to achieve enhanced orgasm from a variety of stimulus. The part about putting artificial semen in my body did not sound right to me. 

We all had been selected for the test because we were in good health and each has a specific sexual dysfunction. In other words all are horny bastards that either fuck everything in site or, pull our puds till that nearly fall off ha ha. To be a little more professional we seem to be sex addicts, which is normal for the guys who are teens and twenties.  The doctor finished the presentation then said: Each of you will be implanted with our latest technology to assist us in treating your situation and to test devices for men with sexual dysfunction. 

Our Doctors will interview you individually and, determine which of our devices to use for your treatment.  What the hell? I thought to myself.  You are going to do surgery on my cock and balls? No fucking way!!! Damn it! I am desperate! I guess I can at least find out more. I still don't  want no doctor messing with my junk. I and not gay! And although I have nothing against gays, Some of this makes me very uncomfortable. 

The Interview
I sit down with Dr. Reichman an assistant to Dr. Jennings. He asked me a lot of personal things like. How many times I have sex in a week including masturbating,  intercourse and oral. I am so uncomfortable answering. Even my wife has no clue. Dr.Reichman is professional but, I keep wondering what he thinks of me. 

Finally the questions end and he tells me to climb up on an exam table. He loosens my belt and pulls my pants and underwear down. He calls an assistant to take down information. He measures each testicle and my penis length width. He pulls off the rest of my clothing and puts my feet in stirrups. O my god he is looking at my butt-hole too. Then to my total humiliation I start to grow. He mentions responsiveness of my penis then, I feel a finger in my ass and he hits something and I squirt all over him and me. 

Dr Reichman: Mr. Randolph, I have finished the examination and feel that each part l of your reproductive system is in good working order. You would be the perfect candidate for our testing. If you would like to be part of the test, I will recommend you for the study. Would you like to know more details? 

Doug: Sure but I am a little apprehensive. 

Dr. Reichman: We have developed several devices to help men with problems achieving erections and more importantly ability to have an orgasm. We would implant a few electrodes and a few devices that will allow us to enhance nerve endings and introduce artificial semen.  I feel that it will enhance your ejaculation intensity and longevity. 

For testing purposes we need to measure your responses before the surgery and then after. Each test subject will have a different device. If you get the surgery, it will be micro surgery with minimal pain and quick recovery time. A warning that we will insert in every subject an external connection that will allow us to add artificial semen. The pre-testing will involve testing your body responses to sexual stimulus. 

What the fuck am I thinking? Maybe I should back out or, maybe I can fix this myself. I am going to hate this testing.  I wish I didn't need help. Oh for fuck sakes just do it....... Horny again and no where to jack off. I guess I can jerk in the car on the way home.

End of Chapter 1

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