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From part 1

What the fuck am I thinking? Maybe I should back out or, maybe I can fix this myself. I am going to hate this testing.  I wish I didn't need help. Oh for fuck sakes just do it....... Horny again and no where to jack off. I guess I can jerk in the car on the way home.

Desperate for More part 2

Preparing myself

So many things running through my head as I am leaving the interview. I am a little overwhelmed and my head can't stop thinking. I did pull out my cock and stroked as I drove home. A trucker honked as he passed and I felt like such a horny bastard. I don't know what to tell Darlene. She is really sensitive about me needing more sex that she can offer. Fuck! I hate myself for needing more. I am selfish. I don't know if I can handle another guy touching me. I only have had one guy make me cum before. I know Jeffie won't be there this time and, I 'm a little scared.

I talked to Darlene and told her I was helping my old friend Jeff do some testing on a new treatment. She asked so many questions and finally said “ I hope they can help you to stop playing with your penis all the time. You act like a teenager. Just what I needed to hear. I bet Jeff never hears that from his lover. I guess there may be some advantages to being gay. I'm not about to give up on pussy, I just love getting off. .

I found that the schedule was for two days for pre-operation testing. I wish I could shut of my mind. I keep running through all the scenarios and get a boner. I know I shouldn't be turned on but, the idea of people helping me get off multiple times has me constantly hard. And as much as I wish they were all women maybe, a guy might know how to give me a better orgasm. I have jerked off five times today just thinking about not having to jerk myself for a few days. What the fuck! Could I be any hornier?

The testing begins

I show up to the clinic and am escorted to a room where they explain the testing procedures. For the next two days they will test each of the male pleasure points and document responses with equipment. Dr. Jenings says that after the testing they will know what parts of my body give the most pleasure and, it will help then decide which devices to implant. This is a little strange for me because none of my lovers (even my wife) have ever cared enough to find out what causes pleasure. I know I am selfish but, aren't they a little selfish also for just making me do all the work?

Dr. Jenings asked a strange question just before they started. Doug, would you like this to be a private session or, would you want to be tested in a room with the other guys? I said “ you've got to be kidding!” I don't what any of those guys watching me get off. Okay Doug, some of the other guys are friends and enjoy being exposed and watching their friends be exposed. You mean that are gay I said. Not necessarily, many straight guys like being admired or watching other males. Like to see how they measure up. Not me I said I am private. Really, I thought you told me you masturbate in your car where truck drivers can see. Damn they already know more about me than I wanted to share.

Okay Mr. Randolf, I need to you to go into the next room and shower with this special soap. When you come back we will prepare you for your first experiment. I went into the room and stripped down. I got in the shower and began to wash. My cock started rising and I was tempted to stroke a little. I was a good boy and just washed my whole body very carefully. Especially my butt and man parts. I kept trying to get little Doug to go down but no luck.

I came back in the room and a handsome intern helped me climb up on the bed. He took my left arm and put it above my head and fastened it to the rail. I said you are a little kinky aren't you. Mr. Randolf, we need to be able to get accurate testing and don't need you assisting with the testing. He put my something under my knees to hold my legs open and raised slightly. Fuck, I am leaking. The technician smiled a little.

This next part may be a little uncomfortable but, don't worry I will make it as gentle as possible. He inserted something in my ass and I could feel liquid starting to flow. I though I was going to shit all over but, I noticed that it was sucking the water out as fast as it came in. They were cleaning me out. It actually felt kind of nice.

After I was cleaned he inserted some rubber device in my butt. This will keep the instruments clean as well as measure your anal responses. It seemed like a female condom but much thicker. He places electrodes on my balls dick nipples and even near my butthole. He turned on a device that looked like a heart monitor but, it has many lines. Are you ready Mr. Randolf? I guess so..

Ready or not

He started playing with my nipples and I watched the monitor and also started to feel aroused. He started very gentle and slowly increased pressure watching the monitor to see how my body was responding. His hand lightly started moving in circles over my chest and stomach and the monitor went crazy. I didn't need the monitor to know how I was feeling. My cock was getting harder by the second. While he was rubbing his hands over my chest and abs I kept watching his pants to see his response.

I swear his dick seemed to be a little bigger oh maybe, I was just wanting to feel like he was enjoying this also. I almost squirted as he worked his way down to my pubs and wanted to finish so bad. After all it had been almost two hours since I got off. My cock was twitching with my heart beat. He paid close attention to the monitors and each time my orgasm neared he would stop. He hadn't even touched my cock and I was ready to shoot.

He grabbed each ball on at a time and started playing with them. My poor cock was so hard and leaking like a fountain. He next started teasing my cock lightly with his finger. The monitor was going wild and I was ready to launch inter orbit. He grabbed my cock firmly and I shot a big load on my stomach. He grabbed a flask and gathered up my discharge. He said “ Relax for a few minutes and I will be back to continue. Finally, I had gotten off for the first time at the clinic. It was better that a jerk off but, I am still horny.

While I was relaxing I could hear the other guys moaning and begging for release in the other room. I kind of wanted to see but, not because I wanted to see cock. I just wanted to see if the other guys were responding like I did. When he came back and continued I realized that he was focusing only on one part of my anatomy at a time. While it felt great to be touched, it was a little too clinical to me.

He grabbed my cock again. Pulled back the foreskin and ran his thumb over the head of my uncut cock. This was driving me wild. Again and again he rubbed his fingers and thumb around the edge of my knob and then focused on my piss slit. I came again and he chuckled and continued till, I begged him to stop touching my sensitive cock head. He gathered the semen in the flask and wrote down the volume.

Please don't touch me there

Next he started teasing me touching the bottom of my balls and started to ask like he was going for my anus. I was too nervous to enjoy his touch waiting for my butthole to be penetrated. I clinched it tight but, forgot it was being held open by the insert. He teased around the hole for minutes which felt like hours. Then lubed the sheath inside me and told me to try to stop him from inserting his finger in my butt. I clenched and clenched so hard it almost hurt. He was spreading lube on my anus through the sheath and relaxing the muscle. In a matter of minutes I couldn't keep his finger out anymore.

His finger explored my entrance and worked in and out just like I had a pussy. He kept hitting a spot that felt really good. I tried not to let him know but, that damned device in my ass was letting him know things I didn't want to share. Had I had things in my butt before? Come on guys I have been a teenager also and, tested every part of my body. Also I went to college and had hazing when I joined a frat. At least his finger was smaller than the vegetables that the frat brothers put in my ass. He zeroed in on my prostate and whoops for the third time in 30 minutes I became a sperm donor.

It must be over for today

I relaxed a bit as he took a break. I listened to the guys in the next room again and got a boner. Some of them moan like a woman. To be honest I do like to watch sex. I have watched every type of porn I can find. I don't mind lesbian or gay but, watching a guy with a huge cock plow a hot gal really gets my balls tingling.

I was sure that he was through I mean, He has touched all the sex organs. Nipples cock, balls anus and every place between What else can he do? I am such a dumb-ass. He had me turn over and my cock went into a sleeve opening in the mattress. The tech had me lay on my stomach and my dick fell into a cup of some kind. I really was confused I mean all the wires are on my genitals nothing on the back. He started with my hair running his fingers and caressing my face. It wasn't much of a turn on but, it felt nice. He touched every part of my body a little at a time.

I couldn't believe he squeezed my butt cheeks and I actually got hard. His hands on the insides on my thighs made my balls tighten also. However, when he started on my feet with something that felt like licking and sucking my toes I had another orgasm.

He finished and had me get up and go shower. I saw the other guys again as we all showered together. I can tell you that the best looking guys had the smallest cocks hee hee. Some of those guys had nine and ten inches. If you are wondering, yes we all popped wood in the showers. We all know that boners are contagious. I won't say who was the first to pop up but I do know who was the second. Yup it was the forty year old straight guy. I found that of the ten other guys, two were gay, three were bi and the rest were straight.

I was feeling good as I left the clinic that first day. I saw the guy who was testing me and he walked up to me to shake my hand. I pull him toward me, I only meant to hug him but ended up kissing him on the mouth as we hugged. I apologized. He said don't worry about it. A normal reaction to the stimulus of the day.

I know I am not gay but, I am feeling a little bisexual after this session.

End of Part 2

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