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From part 2:

I was feeling good as I left the clinic that first day. I saw the guy who was testing me and he walked up to me to shake my hand. I pull him toward me, I only meant to hug him but ended up kissing him on the mouth as we hugged. I apologized. He said don't worry about it. A normal reaction to the stimulus of the day.

I know I am not gay but, I am feeling a little bisexual after this session.

Desperate for More part 3

Day 2

I got to the hotel after the testing and took a little nap. I didn't even feel like jacking off. I felt more satisfied with just the testing than I did with all the jerking and sex. I really liked being touched. I though sex was just about my penis and sometimes balls. I do like tits and pussy. Sex is really pretty quick with Darlene. I pump and pump and try to hold off till she has a orgasm. At least I hope she isn't faking it. I woke up with an erection and started to play with my toy. I started by think about my wife, nah that hot gal at the bank no, I thought about being touched again. I played with my nipples and touched my butthole. O shit! I squirted in my own face. I think it is hilarious that I have been jerking off since I was eleven but, it took a technician in a clinical trial to teach me how to get in touch with my body.

I was a little excited to be tested again and wondered what could be done that hadn't been dong yesterday. I arrived at the clinic early and saw Dr. Jenings again. This time he told me that each person would be in a private room today. He said “I hope you got enough sleep, today will be very taxing for you. He told me it would take two interns this time possibly three at times. I was sent to the showers to get ready. I saw one of the other guys in the shower. The one with the biggest cock, not that I would care. He does make me feel a little shy.

I came back to the room and expected to see the man that gave me heaven yesterday. Not so lucky this time. I had two nerdy guys kind of puppy dog cute but not the nice body of the other guy. I climbed up on the bed and they started attaching probes and yes they put that thing in my butt. I felt like I was going through a car wash. They replaced the washer with my butt sensor/condom. I was thinking that if they wanted me to respond give me a stud of a guy.

The testing begins

My two new friends started and fuck fuck fuck, they are doing two spots at once. One has my nipples in his hands and the other is lubing my butthole. Aaah three seconds for that orgasm to start. They collected my cum and started again more work on my tits and the other guy worked on my feet. I feel like I had taken viagra. He had a paint brush type thing and it was wet. Felt like licking. Then he had a sucking device he put on one toe at a time. I didn't cum but, it gave me nearly twenty minutes of pleasure. One guy moved to the inside of my thighs and brushed my balls with his hand once in a while. My nipples got sore so the first guy caressed my face while the other continued with my balls and squirt I was done.

A whole day of cum after cum after cum. I think it was 10 times. They simulated a blow job, rimming, prostate massage with a smaller dildo. Two guys, three guys and even four guys at one time. I felt like a slut! A happy slut yes but, still a slut. By the time they were through I didn't even want to shower with other guys. I also didn't want anyone to touch me for a while.

I got home late Sunday and went right to bed. Darlene was a little frisky. For the first time in my marriage I am the one what said no. I fell to sleep and had horrible dreams about being abducted by aliens and used for their pleasure. I even woke up with a soft cock. I took a quick shower because I didn't like touching myself. After two days my old desires came back full force and, I thought about the last experiment and wanted more.

Surgery then what?

Jeff called me early on Thursday and said “Doug they want you to be the first man to receive the new implants.

Doug: What do I expect Jeff?

Jeff: They will do an outpatient surgery and implant some nerve enhancements and a port connection that will allow them to introduced artificial semen into your body. After about a week they will start testing the devices to see how your body responds.

Doug: Is there a chance that they will injure my body from extended orgasm?

Jeff: I have heard of old men dying while having sex but, you are in good health my friend. Frankly you are the best subject they tested.

Doug: Can the process be easily reversed if I hate the artificially manufactured orgasms?

Jeff: From what I understand the port will not be noticed in day to day activities. The port will protrude a little just below your balls bud.

Doug: Will it hurt my marriage?

Jeff: It should enhance the sex and give you a way to get the “ more” you came to me for.

Doug: Schedule me for the procedure.

Post Surgery

I was a little sore for a few days and I noticed that there was more then just a port. It seemed like there were two pins next to the port also. I feel like they gave me an electric weenie. It took a week before I was back to my routine. Then I got a call from Dr Jenings:

Dr. Jenings: Mr Randolf, this is Dr Jenings and I need to schedule some testing for your new implants.

Doug: I need to know how many days I need to take off for the testing.

Dr. Jennings: The first appointment will be used to calibrate the equipment to your body. It should take a few hours. After that once every four days to test the equipment and then after a month you will be trained to use the equipment on your own.

Doug: Okay then I will plan my schedule around your appointments. Can they be worked around my job?

Dr. Jennings; After the first appointment, we will work around your schedule as much as possible.

Calibrating my Equipment

I arrived early on a Saturday morning and five men were waiting for me. No college boys just the nerdy guys the doctors and the stud technician. The stud tech took me to the shower and instructed me on cleaning myself. I felt like a little boy when mom would say “ have you washed behind your ears? I was given a towel and he watched me dry off and checked to make sure that no moisture remained. I looked for hidden camera's to make sure that weren't filming for youtube.

Dr. Jenings said “Sorry for the monitored shower. We will be using a monitor and control that uses batteries. We don't want you to conduct any stray voltage.

The bed this time was much bigger and each man was positioned to at a different test station. One of the nerdy boys instructed me to climb on the bed. He connected a device to my new port and electrodes. Just relax Mr Randolf this testing should be painless and if done right you will feel like a new man. Dr. Jennings motioned to the guy with the remote and he said start implant one at low setting.

I didn't really feel anything till the nerdy guy touched my testicles. Wow oh wow they fill great just a little tingle and my cock is rising just like it was filling with air. They turned it a little higher and my butt started clenching. They backed it down a little and it felt great. The next part of my body they tested was my anus. The outside kept opening and shutting as they lubed my butt. A small penis shaped device was inserted and my god It cause me to ejaculate. The Dr. was a little upset and told the tech to turn it down. We don't want his body to wear out the natural organs. Lets insert some of the test semen and give him his first artificial orgasm through his new attachments.

What did he mean wearing out my natural organs? I am a little scared. The tech said “How much semen should I load doctor?” Well let me see the doctor said a normal ejaculation is a few teaspoons. Lets try two ounces!.

Dr. Jennings: Are you ready for your first test orgasm Mr Randolf?

Doug: I can take as much as you can give me.

Dr. Jennings. This will feel a tiny bit different since we are using artificial devices to carry the semen through your prostate and penis. I am going to attach something slightly inside your penis to capture the artificial semen. Okay lets start the orgasm.

My cock started pulsing and I felt the ejaculation start. It was so intense that I nearly passed out. It took almost three minutes for the ejaculation to stop;. Intense hard orgasm that went on and on and on. After a minute I kind of wanted it to stop. The tech turned down the intensity a little and I was able to finish my three minute orgasm. My heart was pounding my dick was still twitching. The difference was that my cock wasn't sensitive since it wasn't rubbed. It was almost like a wet dream that went on and on. It felt so good I wanted to kiss everybody in the room. They cleaned me up and even sent a tech in with me to wash me off and dry me. I was wanting to sleep.

The end of a great day

A nerdy guy drove me home. I found out his name was Adrian. He talked to me and took me right to my front door. I thanked him and he walked me to the door. Darlene was inside and helped Adrian put me to bed. It had been an incredible experience. I was satisfied sexually but, I felt the need to be held and caressed. I tried to talk Darlene into getting into bed with me. Her response surprised me.

Darlene: To me this is like you have spent the night with another woman or, even worse another man. You have had sexual things done that I can't imagine. You are kind of creepy right now.

Well I guess I learned more today about myself and my wife today. She feels that I am disgusting and a pervert. I guess I will get comfort before coming home next time. As good as I feel right now, I may not need that pussy of hers for a while. I didn't cheat, I didn't do anything wrong. If it were her that needed more, I would find a way to help her.

End of Part 3

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