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From part 3

Darlene: To me this is like you have spent the night with another woman or, even worse another man. You have had sexual things done that I can't imagine. You are kind of creepy right now.

Well I guess I learned more today about myself and my wife today. She feels that I am disgusting and a pervert. I guess I will get comfort before coming home next time. As good as I feel right now, I may not need that pussy of hers for a while. I didn't cheat, I didn't do anything wrong. If it were her that needed more, I would find a way to help her.

Desperate for More part 4

What to do about Darlene

My wife had just made me feel pretty low and worthless. On the plus side of things, I went to sleep fully satisfied for the first time in five years. I an not sure what to do with Darlene. She is a beautiful woman that was introduced to me by Jeff of all people. Darlene was 17 when we first met. She looked like a young Ann Margaret . She was pretty but, what really attracted to me was her wit and ability to carry on an intelligent conversation. She was the first girl to hold me accountable for my sexual escapades.

I was dating her and about three other girls as well as hanging out with my buds. I tried to get her to go to bed with me but she would say to me "Doug Randolf am I to understand that the only brain you think with is between your legs? If you want me just for sex, get lost. Lets face it, you are no Robert Redford and I have heard that you are a selfish lover from the bimbo's you have been bedding. I need an adult man that is smart as well as sexy. I know you are a sex hound and, I am not going to marry or even date a skirt chaser.

I loved how she would tell me what she was thinking. She was honest and that made her sexy (Along with that beautiful face and body). It took Darlene six months before she would say yes to my marriage proposal. I guess you probably think that I am not a handsome guy. I was a handsome guy but more in a rugged sort of way. I was six foot three in high school when I graduated. My hair was golden blonde and my eyes hazel. I wasn't the most handsome guy but, I did have charm especially when trying to get laid. I was a high school basketball player with a decent shot but, a little slow on defense.

Darlene and I found many common things when we dated. I always tried to do different activities rather then get stuck into the dinner movie routine. Sometimes we would hike or just take a long walk along the beach. Darlene taught me how to make love rather than just fuck. As we have gotten older in our forties she acts like making love is a chore and, tries to do things to make me cum quickly. It was nice when we both wanted each other. I really do miss that.

My sexual history

I learned about sex as a young guy, when I discovered my penis. Jeffie was my friend at the time. He was a late bloomer and I was too horny to wait for him. I showed him how to jack off;. I even tried jerking him off. He participated but, he wasn't ready to experience an orgasm for almost six months. I always made him play sexual games and he just wanted to be around me. (Which is the only reason he was doing these things). When Jeff got the hormones we played a lot more. I like being touched and touching but, I started to notice that Jeff wasn't interacting with other guys or gals.

I really had thought that Jeff would get the attraction to girls like I did. As time moved on, I started to feel more and more that he was gay. I loved Jeff but, was afraid of what people would say if they found out. Would they think I am gay too? I know that I hurt him when I pushed away. I was always way to worried about what other people thought.

It took till my Senior year before I missed Jeff more than I feared gay. It was at this time I also discovered that if got blue balls, Jeff was there for me. At first would give me a hand job. Later, I also talked him in to giving me my first blow job. I admit that I would fake being rejected by a woman sometimes, just to get a blow job from Jeffie. It felt great having Jeffs mouth on my cock he would play with my balls too which made it even better. Jeff would do things that my girlfriends refused. I hate to admit it now but I used his love to get what I wanted. To me he was more than just a friend, he always understood me. To Jeff, I was like a lover except I didn't give him the things he needed. I see how he felt now and, hate being the person that broke his heart.

When we were in college. I tried to pledge for a fraternity. I got in then, found that they hated gays. I didn't know what to do about Jeff.. He got my hints and transferred to another university. I tried to apologize but, we ended up growing apart. When I married, it should have been Jeff that was my best man. When Jeff married, I should have been his best man. All those years without my best friend.

I did finally reach out to him five years ago. Actually, reach out is not really correct. I developed a kidney stone and felt like I was dying. My insurance gave a list of doctors in my area. I chose Jeff as my urologist. Jeff helped me break up the stone and recover once it passed.

Our first meeting was a little awkward but, Jeff was very professional. We waited to have the talk about our friendship until, I was recovered from the stone. We are friends again but, it will never be like it was when we were young. Five years later and, like Jeff said "the macho Doug Randolf" doesn't reach out to his friend unless, he is desperate".

Advice from a friend

I walked in to Jeffs office again after a testing session needing to talk.

Jeff: Hey Doug, how are the trials for the sex implants going?

Doug: I am not sure what they are going to call it but, it did give me at least part of what I was looking for.

Jeff: Doug, cut the bullshit and get to the point.

Doug: The testing has had a side effect on me.

Jeff: If the side effect is that you need your old friend again, that is good.

Doug: The side effect is that I need more than an orgasm.

Jeff: As a doctor, I can tell you that sexual desire and sexual satisfaction are very complicated. You are able to have a long orgasm, but there is another side. The other side is why you sleep with the person you just fucked. You need the touching, the closeness. You want to feel a deeper connection that should happen when you make love. Making love, includes sex and orgasm but, continues with the tenderness caressing and connecting.

Doug: I went home to my wife to find the second part, and she rejected me! Jeff, What do I do?

Jeff: When we are young, We masturbate we fuck when we can. We try partner after partner. Yet, after a while sex is to mechanical and our mind is saying "I feel lonely, I need more. You go around getting more sex but, what you need is that connection. Doug, I can't tell you who but, I can tell you how. Focus on the love making not the orgasm. Get the emotional connection the spiritual connection if you will. You will need more till, you satisfy all of your needs you will keep searchinjg.

Doug: What do I do about Darlene?

Jeff; She can be part of the answer or, she can contribute to the problem. Only you can make a decision about your wife.

Receiving Satisfaction

I left my friend and scheduled the final test with Dr. Jenings. I arrived early and went through the cleaning the preparing and the attachments for the final time. Today they were trying different types of artificial semen. Some was thicker which seemed to give a better orgasm but, also the volume of semen made the ejaculation especially satisfying. Adrian was there again and he helped me get dressed again and started to drive me home. This time, I was finished by noon. Darlene wasn't expecting me home for hours.

As Adrian started to drive we began to talk:

Doug: Adrian, I wanted to ask you something.

Adrian: What is your question Mr. Randolf?

Doug: Are you straight or gay?

Adrian: Sexuality is a personal thing Mr. Randolf. Are you asking me this question because you need something from me?

Doug: Actually Adrian, I do need something from you.

Adrian: Let me guess! You just had one of the best orgasms ever and need something more.

Doug; How did you know?

Adrian: Before we started your testing, each of us tried all of the earlier versions of the equipment you received. The young guys were okay with just a great orgasm. The more experienced needed touching caressing even kissing.

Doug: That is how I am feeling.

Adrian: You are married, I would think you would want your wife to complete the love making.

Doug; She feels that I am disgusting and refuses to help me.

Adrian. So tell me what you are asking of me?

Doug; I know that I am an old guy to you. but, would you please help me lose this hunger for more.

Adrian: Are you willing to satisfy my needs also?

Doug: I am not gay, but will do as you say.

Adrian: There is a cabin that my family owns on the way to your house. By the way, I am bisexual myself but have never been with an older guy.

Doug;. Please Adrian show me how to feel better.

We arrived at the cabin and went inside. The cabin was modest but looked inviting. Adrian said: I know you are clean but jump in the shower with me before we start.

Doug: I though you said I am clean.

Adrian: I need to get my engine going Doug. Showering with you is a good way to get me going.

Adrian got undressed and I followed. He had a nice body He was nearly six feet tall and weighed approximately 175. Slim but a muscled chest with a light smattering of hair. His pubs looked like that had been buzzed and his cock was around four inches when soft. I weigh 192 and am 5.11 I am hairy and my cock is 31/2 soft.

We climbed in the warm shower and he had me wash him. I felt good about washing him his body was so toned and he actually had a sexy butt.. He had me wash his cock and balls and also his butt. When he turned around he had a 71/2 inch boner. I sprung a boner also and he just smiled at me.

We dried each other off and headed to his bedroom. He laid on the bed and I spooned with him from behind. It felt good to feel his flesh against mine. My boner was poking him in the butt. He reached back and stroked me gently. I nibbled on his neck. Adrian said something that scared me a little "We are not having hetero sex here so hang on to your hat. He turned around to where our boners could play together and grabbed me so tightly and pulled my face to his. He kissed me, but this was unlike any kiss I have had. It was powerful and deep. He kind of kind of bit half of my lip and put his tongue in my mouth. For ten minutes our mouths were clamped together as we explored each others mouth. He hugged he and would grab my butt cheeks every once in a while. He was humping, I was humping. Then he said, I need to show you something that will blow your mind. With that said he pulled the controls to my implants. Made a few adjustments. I really didn't feel much of anything. He had me lay on my stomach and I started to protest. He said "Just go with it Doug, I promise it will be worth the reward".

He pulled out some lube then lubed my ass. He inserted something that felt familiar. It was the heavy rubber insert that the lab used on me. Adrian said: This will protect both of us. He slowly started to insert his cock in my ass and it felt like I needed to take a shit. He took it slow and inch by inch I felt an intruder in my ass. All of a sudden his cock felt so good in my ass he was hitting my prostate and I screamed fuck me harder! They had inserted things in my ass when we tested but, that was before the enhancement My whole body was shaking and I wanted more cock faster harder deeper. I started pushing towards him to get more in. As he was fucking me he reached around and took my balls in his hand. I wanted to shoot but, he wasn't letting me.

He rode me like a cowboy and touched me with the power and strength of a sex God. This was no woman, no feminine man. He was making love to me and I loved it. He turned me over on my back and made me put my legs in the air. He made love to me face to face. I wanted to be kissed and he moved toward me almost like he could read my thoughts. We made love for almost an hour. He fucked me then I fucked him. Wow my balls and cock were ready to shoot a huge load but, we hadn't loaded any juice. I had a dry cum and Adrian pulled out just before cumming and shot on my stomach.

We embraced and fell asleep holding each other. Adrian woke me and said " Doug, we need to get you home". I felt so good that I was in love with everything and everybody. Adrian said "Doug, you need to understand that this was enhanced love making. I could not give you the same pleasure without the implants. And, you could not satisfy me without my implants. I said what does it matter?. You don't want to fall in love with someone just because you had great sex. This it the beginning for you. Pretend you are a virgin and I am the first person that you have had sex with. Sex will never be the same Doug.

I found that the good doctors had known that this male to male bond was a side effect. They didn't tell us because we may not have agreed to the implants. They tried to reduce the impact but, if they bond with another man, they rarely go back to women. My testing was over, the only other session I would need would be to learn how to use the controls.

Things go badly at home

To be clear, I am not gay, I am straight however, I needed a guy to give me the best sex that I have ever had. I still love pussy but, love making will include men in the future. Darlene was cold when I came home. She said " I see that you had your boyfriend drop you off again. Just to drive her crazy, I pulled Adrian into a hug and kissed him on the cheek. He went bright red and quickly hurried off. Darlene screamed at me "You asshole! you can sleep on the couch. I said " I would get more comfort from the couch that I do from your cold bed". What happened to my beautiful soul mate.

I feel closer to a man that just fucked me than I do to my wife. I made a suggestion to that doctors to have test subjects bring a friend to the testing. The testing completed for the other guys withing a few months after I was tested. Only one of the guys did not like the new implants.

The FDA approved the devices for men with erectile and sexual dis-function. It was a big hit for the guys with prostate issues. For the men like me, the market literally exploded. The doctors were making money on the artificial semen as well as the procedure. Within a short time. there were waiting list for the operation. Men that had no problems at all wanted a better orgasm.

For me my life was turned upside down. Darlene asked for a divorce and I gave it to her. I talk once in a while with her and we have no animosity. I have tried dating other women but, the ugly ones are the only ones willing to help me with my new sexuality. Being the first to have the implants makes me sort of like a test animal in a lab. They pay me to give feedback on the device and side effects. When I am horny, I found that the gay bar is a great place. I can usually find someone that is interested in me. For a straight guy I do strange things, even at the gay bar. I don't care how good looking a guy is. I am interested in his love making abilities.

I have tried craigslist but, found that it is as hard to date a gay or bi guy as it is dating women. I always ask for cock pics. I have a certain type of cock that I want up my ass. I like long and less thick slightly curved upward hits the spot;. I get caught all the time at the gym. I go in the shower to check out cocks. I know what I want and have found that the best looking guys have smaller cocks (which is okay). I really look for a romantic type of guy.

I love being fucked by a guy that makes love and will spend the night. The ones that cum quickly and then leave drive me crazy. I am still not gay but, I can't say that I am fully straight either. I found that in a few months there will be a device that doesn't require surgery. I have hooked up with a few other guys from the lab test. Gene was 32 with a small build but a big cock. We got together a few times and had great sex. I wanted to be with Adrian but, he is so popular with the other guys that I never get to see him. He is still the best I've had. I think it is because he took time with me. Finding much more at this time than I ever thought possible. I can't wait for the future.

End of part 4.

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