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Chapter One: Beginnings

It was a cold night, something not out of the ordinary in the first month of the year in New Orleans, but this night was cooler than usual, the air hilled peoples bones, 'Just like when ghosts are near' thought the young witch when she entered Saint Louis Graveyard, as she passed by Marie Laveau's tomb she paid her respects to the most important voodoo priestess ever to have lived and she carried on her way to her grandmother's grave, once there the witch laid all her candles and artifacts, for the untrained eye the girl must seem like one of the modern witches who believe in rituals and the power of the mind but not capable of much real magic, but for the few ones who knew the truth this amazing being was one of the most powerful witches alive in New Orleans.

"These are dangerous tides my child" spoke an elderly female voice coming from the mist, an ethereal figure was forming in it

"I know GramGram but it now or never" replied the girl looking at the ghost in front of her

"This can kill you"

"If everything goes to plan I will die anyway"

"Are you sure this boy is worth it?" said another voice this one stronger and masculine

"Yeah uncle Thomas, I'm sure"

"Then you'll need all the help you can get" said the grandmother reaching her arm outside of the mist for the girl to grasp, the man, reluctantly, did the same, the mist surrounded the grave and the three figures stood around a circle the witch drew with cascarilla and then laid the offerings for the egguns while saying

"Alfaba iku, Alafaba ano" she proceeded to throw pieces of coconut

"They accept the offerings," said the uncle reading the coconut,

"I know what the signs mean" retorted the girl

"But you can't interpret them, I am the las Babalawo of this family so I should be the one to interpret the signs

"Just because you are the last cisgender, heterosexual male of the family" responded the girl

"Our religion is as old as time, do not believe for a second that you are going to be the one to change this rules" shot back the uncle in anger" If I'm here is because you know you need a Babalawo by your side

The girl did not respond to such comment so she just carried on with the ceremony invoking the first of the Orishas, the saints of Yoruba religion, Elegguá, as she pulled out her offerings she recited his songs; when finished she went to invoke her Orisha, Oya and so on and on until she invoked every Orisha she wanted to invoke, Olokun, Oddúa, Babalú Ayé, Oshún, Shangó, Yemayá, Obbatalá. Oggún, Orula, she even invoked the supreme omniscient god Olodumare and his manifestation Olofi. The ceremony was long and arduous and invoking so much energy was taking a toll on her but she carried on, she asked the deities for her favor and to bring what must be brought, she then started releasing every one of her invocations, leaving Elegguá the last as it was mandated.

"I must let you go before I release Elleguá," she said to her ghostly companions

"We will see each other on the other side" answered the grandmother with a tear before she vanished in the mist

"Try to delay the time of your death please my child," said the uncle vanishing too into the mist

The girl wiped a tear and started saying goodbye to Elegguá but as she did someone approached her from behind, this one, very alive.

One month later

I usually had breakfast at home but today I wanted a change, as I was in line to buy my breakfast to go to eat on my way to class I saw the poster hanging in the board 'MISSING PERSON' read in bold black letters above the picture of a young girl, she had been missing for a month already, the story is that the caretaker of Saint Louis Graveyard heard some noises and when he went to investigate he found the remnants of a religious ritual and signs of a fight, among the things the police found the identification for Laura Martinez, a Cuban-American born and raised here in New Orleans, no one had reported her missing but the police followed the case. After I got my breakfast I walked the distance to my class.

Just great, I thought when the hot guy took the seat beside me, now I had to spend an hour and a half trying to avoid looking at him, I was used to looking at him from afar but up-close he was even more beautiful. But I couldn't look at him because if I stared too much he would notice. At first, everything was going smoothly until he asked me something and I had to look into his eyes.

"What? " I asked but it came out a little harsher than I expected

"I asked if you could explain that thing that the professor has just said, but I don't want to bother you"

"Oh, it's OK," I said with a very cheese smile and explained to him what the professor was explaining

"Oh man, thank you, you explain a thousand times better than that old hag," he said pointing with his chin to Mrs. Rodriguez "I am Albert, by the way" he added extending his hand.

"I am Mohamed" I answered shaking his hand, his beautiful strong, manly hand.

" I think I know you," he said and then added" Oh yes you are friends with Roly" Rolando, Roly for everybody was a friend of mine, he is as gorgeous as Albert, Roly, Albert, and William, are always together, they all play in the school football team, and the three are super beautiful, my best friend

asked me which of the three I liked more and I couldn’t answer her. They are so close that people started referring to them as Raw, nobody knows who started it, but according to to the rumors it fits perfectly, all girls are piling over them, and more than one had come back talking about their great performance in the bed, there is only a girl recorded to had sex with the three of them, Jessica Lars, she is one of the school slut and a very good friend of mine.

"Yes, I am" I answered" If you need help with this class I tutor other students.

"Thanks but I can’t afford any more expenses," he answered

"Oh, I will do it for free. we are classmates and besides, we have friends in common

"Great, thanks, when can we start," he said a little too excited" I am free this afternoon, I should have practice but today the field is being used to other thing and the coach gave us the day off.

"I have a class at three" I answered

"Cool, we can go grab some lunch and then study before your class.

"Easy there, it is my only free time this week". I said

"Sorry then, it is just that I need to study for next week test.

"OK, I will help you but you buy lunch," I said

"I wouldn't have it any other way," he said with a grin.

After that the class carried on uneventful, he asked a few things here and there when was time to leave I followed him to Subway nearby. We order our food and he took me to a table were two other guys were already seated, Rolando and William.

"Meedo! " exclaimed Roly as he got up and imprisoned me in a very tight hug, after a moment I returned the hug "How have you been? What are you doing here?''

"If you don't want me here I can leave," I said

"That is not what I meant, I didn't know you and Albert knew each other"

"We didn't until today" answered Albert who was already seated eating his sandwich, William beside him was looking at us and he cleared his throat

"Oh yeah, right. Meedo William, William Meedo" said Roly introducing us

"Nice to meet you," said William raising his hand for me to shake, I took his hand in mine and answered

"We already know each other"

"You do? " asked Roly

"We do? " asked William

"Yes, you and I were in the same dorm last year, your room was next to mine and I went over your room several times to ask if you could keep it down

"Keep what down? " asked Roly

"You know Will, sex" answered Albert

"It is not my fault that I make them scream, and I was super horny that time"

"But you could have not been a jerk about it," I said

"I was a jerk to you? " Will asked surprised

"I remember well the last time I went over you said to me "Go fuck yourself, that's the only action you will get, "I said and William went as red as a tomato and Roly looked at him while Albert ate undisturbed.

"I am sure I didn't see you, I just opened the door and answered and closed it again without looking, can you forgive me? " he said and with his beautiful brown googly eyes I couldn't say no to him

"How old are we, seven? It is in the past, OK?" I said and took the seat beside Roly, during lunch Roly and I got up to date and I got to know a little better Albert and William, or as they asked me to call them, Alb and Will, I learned that Roly was doing a major in Architecture, Will was doing Chemistry and Alb was doing a major in Psychology and a minor in Early Childhood Development.

"So tell me Meedo how a guy like you ended up in Tulane and not in an Ivy league? " asked Roly

"What do you mean a guy like him? " asked Will

"You have heard about the guy who got perfect SAT score, perfect GPA and perfect ACT"

"No way! I am going to be tutored by a genius" exclaimed Alb,

"Don't say that. He doesn't like people referring to him as genius although he has an IQ of 170," said Roly remembering

"Actually 175," I said without thinking"

"WOW! that is awesome," said Will" although I once met a girl genius and she was an asshole she was super egocentric and had no filter, and certainly didn't know how to behave"

"That is because sometimes high IQ people, have low emotional intelligence, for them things like modesty and empathy are hard to comprehend because these don’t have a logical and rational explanation, but low IQ people also can have low EQ, so it is said that both of them are not related, but in the real life is most seen among geniuses" said Alb in a breath and I looked at him with a smile and he went as a tomato

"I am beginning to think that you don't need my help so much," I said jokingly

"I really need you," he said "With the tutoring I mean,"

"Speaking of tutoring, we should get going if we want to study a bit," I said

"You haven't answered my question," said Rolando

"I don't know, I like it here, it is like if something pulled me here" I answered and he nodded

"And what are you majoring in? " asked Will

"Well I am actually doing a triple major, in Anthropology, Psychology, and History, besides, I am thinking about adding another degree, to do a Bachelor of Science," I answered finishing my food

"WOW, I didn't know that was even possible," said Alb

"Meedo, tonight we are going to a party at a friend's, you should come," said Roly

"I don't know" I started

"Nonsense, we will pick you up at 9, where do you live? " asked Will

"I live at the Barbara Greenbaum house, here on campus," I said

"I know where it is" added Alb

"OK, we should get going," I said to Alb and said my goodbyes to will and Roly gave me another one of his hugs and a kiss in the cheek, I know many will say that is a little gay but no if you are Latin American, you see, Roly and I were born on a little Caribbean island called Cuba, and us Cubans are very loving towards each other and physical contact is not a problem.

After we throw our trash Will and Roly left and Alb and I went to the library that was near my classroom. When we started studying I noticed that Alb wasn't dumb or anything like that, he just needed to focus on it, after he concentrated you could see he was actually pretty smart. We were seated one beside the other and I was explaining something to him doing a diagram, and he leaned in to see better and he stayed there resting his shoulder and his hand against mine.

We stayed like that for a long time while I explained to him. For him, it was nothing, just two straight guys studying but for me, it was at the same time an amazing experience and torture. When my phone rang signaling I only had fifteen minutes until my class I said goodbye and he thanked me for the tutoring, we exchanged numbers and I left for class leaving him in the library to study a little more.

I arrived at my class on time, I greeted one or two friends and took my seat in the middle of the room.

Rolando's POV

I was returning from the store when I received Alb text and I picked him up near the school campus.

"How was it?" I asked

"Great and just a question why are you driving Will's car?" said Alb

"He is using yours he went to see someone" I answered and Alb smiled

"I bet he used the line, is easier to seduce in a Maserati convertible than a Chevy," said Alb

"Hey, what do you want, not all of us have the luck to have millionaire parents," I said

"You know I had to work hard to get that car" protested Alb

"I know you did," I said pulling over our parking, we were rented on a very beautiful Victorian House on the Garden District not far from the campus, it was a 10 minutes car drive and 20 on the trolley, I loved the house, it was a medium house, it had three bedrooms. We saw Alb's car parked so we assumed that Will was at home, what we didn't assume was that he had brought someone over. When we came inside we went upstairs to see, I know we are kind of pervs. And there he was, Will, giving his best pounding the ass of a guy, the guy was screaming like crazy, he was on cloud nine, we opened the door slowly and Will noticed our presence, and so did the guy, we stayed at the door looking at the two lovers accommodating themselves to give us a better show, Will put the guy on his back and began to pound even harder, he looked at us and I saw in his eyes what he was doing, the guy started screaming again and suddenly his cock began to ooze semen, without even touching it.

Will kept pounding a minute or so until you could see his own orgasm coming, his rhythm changed and he pounded one last time into the guy's ass coming inside, Will, pulled back and removed the condom throwing it into the trash, he kissed the guy

"That was hot," said the guy looking at us" I had never had an audience"

"Well, you performed amazing," said Alb and you could see the big bulge in his pants. I was hard too

"If you want I can help with that," said the guy eyeing our crotches

"No thanks, We will deal with it," said Alb

"OK, then better I will get going," said the guy, he took a fast shower and left, Alb and I where on the kitchen drinking a beer when Will came down wearing only a pair of boxer briefs he took a beer from the fridge and sat on  the island beside us.

"Who was that?" I asked

"Ian, he works on the Starbucks near here, why did you decline, he has a great ass," said Will

"I have another ass in mind," said Alb

"Oh really," said Will changing into his flirty mode and leaning over Alb

"I was hot before I saw you, that study session with Meedo really got to me," said Alb

"So you are sure he is the one?" Asked Will

"I always was," I said and Alb nodded

"Great," said Will" we have found another partner, you are sure he is gay

"Yes, I am sure," said Alb

"Then we have to celebrate then," said Will taking our hands and leading us to the room where we stripped each other and began to kiss very savagely.

Meedo's POV

I was arriving at my home when I received a text from Alb.

(Just checking on you, everything cool for tonight)

My response to the text was (Everything cool :))really? I used an emoji, I regretted it the moment I send it and he responded with a winking face. I smiled and got in the elevator I had gone for takeout before I got home because I wasn't in the mood to cook today. I got to my apartment and

I saw it was already past six, so I put my phone to charge and then I went to get a shower, I cleaned everything I could, I washed my hair. I had always shaved my armpits and my groin area, it is more hygienic, and it was a normal thing on Cuba, that and daily shower along with men using perfume, and cologne, I have always liked that of Cubans over Americans.

When I got out of the shower I saw I had a call and a text, both form Sarah, my best friend and I called her back.

"Hey," I said as soon as she picked up the phone

"Excuse me, who is this?" she asked

"Oh cut the crap Sarah," I said

"Well, you obviously didn't recognize me today when you were parading around with that hot guy."

"Wait, what?" I asked shocked

"Today I saw you on the quad walking with a guy, you were giggling like a retarded to any shit he said"

"For how long were you watching?" I asked

"Long enough to see you have a crush on him," she said with enthusiasm "Finally I am gonna meet one of your boys, when do I meet him?" she asked

"Oh, no he is not one of my boys, he is straight," I said

"No, he isn't"

"Yes, he is"

"Meedo, trust me I have a better gaydar than you do, and besides, he was looking at you all the time"

"Oh my God, you are super creepy," I said

"He, sorry if my best friend doesn't recognize me and I follow him to know who is he with, is for your protection"

"For my protection or your curiosity"

"Both," she said

"Well, I know he is straight because that was Albert Heinrichsen"

"Albert Heinrichsen as in Albert Heinrichsen of the Marvelous three," she said

"I don't understand why people called them that

"Just because he and his other two friends are among the hottest guys in Tulane, they are the best Football players and everybody knows who they are" she practically screamed at me.

"Oh you mean Will and Roly," I said

"So we are on a Nickname basis?"

"Well I know Roly since I am in kindergarten," I said

"And why I didn't know this before?"

"I didn't think it was important," I said

"Thank God you are cute or I would have smacked the shit out of you already," she said" Well I maintain what I said, Albert is into you, big time, maybe he is bisexual

"Let's agree to disagree on that," I said" Look I need your help, they invited me to a party today"

"WHAAAT? and what did you said"

"I was gonna say no but they didn't let me"

"I am going to that party too," She said

"How do you know?" I asked

"Actually, I am one of the people hosting the party, it is here on Pi Beta Phi, So you will introduce me to them."

"I thought you would already know them"

"Well, I do, but it is not the same for them to know as another sorority girl than to know me as a friend's friend"

"OK, so, what I was going to ask you, what do I wear?" I said

"Easy, I have been trying to get you to one of our parties since I got in, so I already have your outfit planned"

"You do?"

"Yes, use the biker black leather jacket your sister send you from London.

"That is weird, you know I have never used that jacket, last week I took it out of the closet and took it to the dry cleaning, and I paid a lot to have it conditioned and waterproofed"

"You see, is the destiny"

"OK, I will wear it before you keep talking nonsense, what shirt? One of mine"

"No, Please don't wear one of your weird Psychology Shirts, please, just a plain white one, and a pair of black jeans, I know you have, Ohm and before I forget, nice and clean shoes"

"OK, see you there at 9," I said, and hung up after her goodbye. I ate the food I bought and went to clean my teeth, I put all my clothes on and combed my hair that was medium length reaching my ears, sometimes it grew so much that I had to do what people call a man bun, the good thing is that I was finally growing a beard, so modesty aside, I looked hot, thank goodness I had lost all the weight I had on middle school, now I was even a little

muscular, but I didn't have the time to go to the gym every day. I wasn't as good looking as Roly, Will or Alb, but I was fine, my mother Cuban and My father Egyptian, I had a very good mix, I had full lips and light brown eyes, I had black hair and my skin was rather tan. At first, I didn't want to grow a beard because of what people may think, being Arabic and all, but eventually, people got to know me and they began to lose their prejudice. I had just finished when Roly send me a text

(We are here already if you are ready we can go) I looked at the time and it was 8:32 so I answered

(I am coming down, give me five minutes) I checked everything was closed and ready, and I grabbed my phone, wallet, and keys, I checked myself one last time in the mirror and left.

When I got out of the lobby, they were waiting for me outside a car looking beautiful, Will was wearing his Football team jacket and a pair of dark jeans, he was of the three least muscled, he was rather lean, but in the hot summer practice days, he and the other football jocks sometimes train shirtless and I have seen them, once or twice. And he was very defined, he was gorgeous hi once dyed his hair blonde but it was black now, he had hazel eyes. his features were a little squared.

Albert was beside him wearing a black shirt that said, I am a psychology major, so to save time lets assume I am always right. I smiled at that, Albert was more muscular than Will but less defined, his factions were more smooth, he had brown eyes and brown hair. And last but not least was Rolando, my old time friend Roly, he was gorgeous, he was the most muscular of the three but he was also defined, his skin was a little darker than the other guys, he had black hair and a pair a pair of beautiful eyes that were Darker than hazel but lighter than brown. he had a beard, and his factions were more round, he was wearing exactly the same outfit than me, just his jacket was brown and of a different model. The three of them were beautiful, I couldn't choose between the three.

"Nice outfit," said Roly smiling and I blushed

"You too" I answered and looked at Alb" nice shirt, very modest," I said and he smiled.

We climbed in the car and in less than five minutes we were there, they must live off"campus because it doesn't make sense to go on a car inside the campus. when we arrived the party was at full swing, even this early. Pi Phi parties were epic, everyone attended. We get in and Instantly Sarah came to me, she was never this affectionate, she was dressing a little sluttier than usual.

"Hey," I said

"Oh Meddo I didn't you were coming," she said

"I decided last minute," I said catching up with her

"Hey Rolando," she said and greeted Roly and the others" I didn't know you were Meedo's friend"

"I didn't know you were his friend either"

"Well guys, I have to go, enjoy, Meedo I will catch up with you later," said Sarah and left. I followed the guys to the kitchen and While everybody was drinking beer, Roly prepared us both Rum and Coke, the usual party starter drink in Cuba, that and shots of something, Will and Alb grabbed a beer each one. They made me down my drink in and then Roly made me another, only then we went to meet their teammates. I was thrilled, any second now I was going to meet the whole football team and I was nervous they would found me to dork and unpopular to hang with them and then my new friends would abandon me. But maybe I was being a tad over-dramatic. Times had changed and Tulane was a very open-minded university in New Orleans, who is by itself a very open-minded City. When we arrived at the group of football jocks I was expecting them to ignore me and banish me from this party but instead of that several of them were friendly towards me, one or two were to busy making out with their girls to even acknowledge anything but aside from that everyone was very friendly, especially PB&J, he was this giant bulky guy who hugged me the moment he met me, his real name was Paul Benjamin Jackson and he loves PB&J so that is his nickname. the rest of the team was OK

"The fuck, look at those fags," said One of the guys looking at two guys who were dancing

"Jay, please, don't be like that" defended one of the teammates.

"Like what, that is disgusting," said Jay again, I was getting angry

"Look, Jay, if you don't like it, you leave, none of us have a problem with that" protested Roly

"You are right, I'll leave, I think if a stay any longer I will end up throwing up" he responded and left.

"Please forgive him, his intelligence is not enough to understand freedom,"

said a guy whose name I think was Louis or something like that

"And I thought many more of you would have problems with homosexuality," I said

"Oh god, and then people say we are the ones who discriminate, no because we are in the football team means we are racist homophobic brutes" protested Roly

"Well I know for a fact you are not either of those things," I said

"How do you now?" asked Louis

"I know him since kindergarten, and besides most of the Cuban population is mixed so racism is not very extended," I said

"Well, I don't like gay people either but as long as they don't mess with me I don't mess with them," said one of the guys

"I in the other hand, love gay guys, I used to have a lot of gay friends back in high school, they are the best to make you feel better and besides girls love them," said TJ an African American guy

"And James back there," said Will pointing to a guy" he hates gays too, and straight, and everyone sexually active.

"So it is true," I said surprised

"What?" asked Will

"That there is an asexual student here on Tulane

"Yes," said Alb

"What kind is he?" I asked

"I think type B" responded Alb being the only one in this group who knew what was I talking about.

"So he feels Romantic Attraction but doesn't feel sexual arousing. Fascinating" I said

"Indeed" Alb agreed

"Nerd alert" shouted PB&J

"Sorry," I said.

After that we began drinking a lot, Alb was drinking soda, so I guess he was the designated driver. Roly was almost pouring the drinks down my throat. I had a very good liver. In Cuba, again, people are allowed to drink since we are 16, and my father was Egyptian but not a very strict Muslim so he liked

to drink, and I was like him. As I was saying, I have a very good liver, but at the fifth beer and third tequila shot, I was pretty wasted myself. The good thing tomorrow was Saturday, and I had a class at 1 pm, so I could sleep late. Little after midnight, I was speaking with Sarah and a group of her

friends when Roly came to where I was and said

"Hi girls" to what all girls giggled and responded HI." Hey Meedo, A couple of the football guys and us are going to go to our house for something, If you want we can leave you on the way but I would prefer if you came with us" he said

"Of course he will go with you" Responded Sarah "Yeah?" I asked and she stomped on my feet" Yeah, of course.

"OK, meet me in the car in ten minutes OK?" he said and I nodded, he left after winking at the girls.

I took Sarah by the arm and took her to the kitchen where the music was less loud.

"What was that about?" I asked her

"I want you to go with them, I have a feeling that THE RAW is into you"

"What do you mean by The Raw"

"To the three of them, today neither of them could take their eyes off you, and Roly was super touchy," She said

"You are being crazy," I said back

"Trust me It is like when I told you about Ian"

"You are a freak you know? One day you will tell me how you do it"

"When you are ready my little padawan," she said and then kissed my forehead

"I will go with them and when nothing happens I will say told you so, tomorrow night at my place?"

"Cool," she said, I kissed her cheek and turned to leave and she spanked my ass cheek. I looked at her and she was already walking off to the patio where several people were skinny dipping on the pool.

I went to meet the guys at the car and they were already there waiting for me, the other guys from the football team were there, at least some of them, PB&J, TJ, James, Louis and another guy whose name I didn't remember.

"Hey, Kurt, you will be the one driving them back?" asked Roly, so Kurt it was

"No, James is " answered Kurt and James jingled the keys, they went to their car that was several cars behind ours, we climbed in the car. Alb started the car on went on the way, I saw the other car following behind, this part of New Orleans wasn't very active so the street was very quiet.

"Nice, you live here?" I said

"Yes, We rented this house," said will

"It must cost a fortune."

"No, this house belongs to Alb grandmother and she wanted to give it to us for free, she lives in San Francisco with one of her daughters but we wanted to rent it, so she is renting it super cheap, but we pay for anything the house needs" Answered Roly

"We have room for one more but we could never found someone, you know anyone interested?" Asked Alb and I must say living with these gods may be a very appetizing treat but I wasn't going to say it, I had wanted to leave the campus but never had anyone to do it.

"Maybe," I said, I don't know if it was me or the alcohol talking. I did saw Alb smirking for a second. In the parking, there was also a Maserati and I knew it was Albert's everybody knew he had money. Seconds later the other car arrived and the rest of the guys joined us in the porch, Roly opened and one by one we got inside, everybody went to the living room and it was decorated in a mix

of modern and vintage furniture.

"So why are we here?" asked Louis

Roly opened a wooden box on the coffee table and it had inside a bottle of absinthe

"Cool," said one of the guys

"Now I am regretting being the designated driver," said James

"Don't worry, another day we will invite you alone," said Alb


"Promise," said Will


"My grandmother was a very bad girl back in the day," said Albert

"How do you know," said PB&J

"Because what other reason should she have Absinthe glasses and spoons when in her time it was prohibited" answered Albert as he moved a painting and took out a set of weird looking glasses and some weird perforated spoons. Will went to the kitchen and brought a pitcher with ice cold water and a soda for James and a little bowl with sugar cubes. Albert prepared the first round and Roly prepared a pipe with I can only assume was marijuana.

"It is safe to mix those?" asked James who was already drinking his Coca-Cola

"It is, it is even better," said Alb" trust me, I visited Amsterdam last year with my brothers and it was epic" I was a little nervous but I took one of the glasses and the other guys followed me instantly.

"We should toast to something," said PB&J

"To friendship," Said Roly "For the old" he looked at me "and for the new."

"To friendship," said everyone and we all took a sip of the drink, even with the water and the sugar it was still very strong. When Roly began to pass around the pipe we all began to have a good time, we began to play truth or dare, well actually it was for them to know me better and for me to know them, the good thing is that I could evade any dangerous subject. when everyone was very wasted we decided to call it a night.

"Hey Mohamed if you want I can give you a lift," James said

"Oh, he will stay here tonight" answered Roly putting his arm around my shoulder, then we all helped carry PB&J to the car because he was totaled and the guys left, It was just me Roly, Will, and Alb at home.

We went to seat in the living room and I lit a cigarette, I know smoking is bad but fuck it.

"Why did you tell him I was staying?" I asked Roly

"Because you are," he said

"OK then, but it is so good to know I can control my life," I said sarcastically"

"I know you love me," he said jokingly and I stuck my tongue out" Keep doing that and I will bite it off

"You don't have the balls," I said and Alb was almost suffocating because of laughter, I was so drunk that it costed me to speak well

"Don't provoke me" said Roly who leaned over me as he was seated next to me, I leaned back in the sofa and smoked my cigarette, after I released the smoke I stuck my tongue out again, the second I put it back in Roly jumped over me and he straddled over me, put one hand on my shoulder and the other in my face and before I could register what was happening I was feeling his lips against mine.

His tongue was trying to open my mouth, but I was in so shock that I didn't know what to do. after a few moments, I opened my mouth and his tongue got in claiming it as his, seconds later I felt myself returning the kiss; and when my tongue went inside his mouth he bit it, softly. Then he parted and seated beside me again, I was so shocked the only thing I did was put the cigarette on my mouth and inhaled the smoke. From the corner of my eye, I noticed Roly lighting a cigarette of his own and Alb and Will seating in the border of the seat as if expecting something.

"What was that?" I said after a minute or two

"I told you I would bite your tongue," Roly said

"Roly, I am serious" I protested. I was looking straight front.

"A kiss," he said

"No kidding," I said and now I looked at him, he was looking at me with expectant eyes

"Did you like it?" he asked

"It is most important to know if you liked it, "I said

"What do you think?" He asked again

"Look, Roly, please, can we be honest with each other for a moment?" I asked looking at his eyes

"Do you promise you won't get mad?" He said and I nodded" I am bisexual, and I find you incredibly appealing," He said" Well, to be honest, Will and Alb feel the same way," He said and I saw Alb and Will lean more into the border of the seat

"Please don't play with me," I said

"Meddo, Look at me," he said and I did, he got my hands into his" I will never lie to you, Now tell me, did you liked it?" he asked pressing his forehead against mine

"No" I whispered and he was going to back off but I held him in place" I loved it. Then I did what he did to me, I kissed him, hard, raw and full of passion. When we parted Will and Alb were near us

"How do you feel about us?" asked Will

"That both of you are taking to long," I said and they smiled, Alb straddled me and kissed me, his kiss was gentle and loving. then Will kissed me while Alb and Rolando kissed each other, Will was savage and animalistic. After the kissing round, Roly took me from one hand and Alb by the other, Will put his hands in my shoulders and pushed me, they took me to one of the bedrooms upstairs, in there they had a bed big enough to accommodate the four of us, so I guessed they did this pretty often.

In the bedroom, they started to take off my clothing. leaving me naked and defenseless in front of them, Roly began to kiss me again and Alb began to suck my neck, Will just stood there, and then they changed, Will kissing me and Roly began to kiss from my neck to my chest, and nipples, he suckled

them before he carried down into my belly button, when he arrived at my groin he looked up and I nodded, and instantly he began to lick the head of my cock. Will got down beside Roly and between both of them began to suck my cock, Will was deepthroating every time he took it in his mouth.

Then Alb joined them and I was on cloud nine, I looked down and saw those three gorgeous Greek gods servicing me. Then they stopped and pushed me into the bed, I pulled myself up and rested on my elbows, and they began to undress each other, while kissing and massaging and grinding against one another other, they were giving me a hell of a show, and I wasn't going to be the one to stop it.

"We have been with each other many times," said Roly" today is about you," Saying that he laid beside me on the bed and started kissing me as Alb carried on sucking my cock, Will placed himself on the other side and I alternated between him and Roly. After a while they made me raise my legs and Will begins to lick my ass and to probe my asshole with his tongue. Roly sucks my cock and I take Albert's cock in my mouth. After a while, I felt Will backing off and his finger on my asshole, I relax and let him in. At first, it was a little painful, I hadn't had sex in a long time. Sooner than I expected I had three fingers in my ass and Will took this as a sign that I was ready, and I was, but before they looked at me as if expecting me to back off, but I didn't, I just nodded again. And I felt Will's cock trying to go inside me, Will cock was bigger than I expected for such a lean guy, Albert and Roly's cocks were also big, Roly was the bigger of them all, he had a cut beautiful piece of meat, Albert was cut too, he had a very big cock but what most called for attention was his balls, they were insanely big. and Will cock was uncut, a piece of raw uncut meat. He started pushing inside and it felt delicious, I barely felt any pain, and Will was taking care of that, he had lubed his cock very well and was coming in with very slow speed but at a constant pace. when all his meat was inside me he began to rock his hips back and forth, in less than five minutes he had built a very fast speed with a very strong push, he was hitting my prostate every time, five minutes more and Albert pushed him away and occupied the place that William had seconds ago, Albert's cock was slightly bigger but it felt as good as the other. He didn't fuck, he made love, he didn't get a very fast speed but his pace and strength were enough to drive me crazy with pleasure, and then he was pulling out after several minutes. When I saw Roly lubricate his cock and rest the head against my ass.

"I had always liked your ass, it looks so meaty and soft but firm at the same time" he said and began to push" Ever since high school I have wanted to fuck you, to make you mine" he carried on until his cock was buried balls deep in me he lowered his face and kissed me on the mouth, then he began to fuck, I had liked Roly for years now, so now feeling his cock slide in and out of me was blissful, I was crazy with pleasure. They began to rotate every few minutes. When I thought they were going to cum they made me stood and all of them laid in their backs and raised their legs

"We told you today was about you," said Will passing em the lube, I went for Alb first. His ass was amazing, it was warm and slippery because of the lube, I had a pretty good cock, it wasn't gigantic but it was big, the best thing is that it was fat.

I was cut. I fucked Alb as he fucked me, then I passed to Roly, Roly's ass offered a little less resistance than Albert's but it was very good. When I got to Will he was in all fours, I put my cock against his ass, and Roly whispered in my ear

"Ask him if he wants it, sensually"

I grabbed Will by the hair and softly pulled his head back until his ear was at my mouth" Do you want it?" I said in almost a whisper


"Do you want my cock in you?"

"Yes, I do, please" answered William and I pushed inside. He couldn't wait for me to finish pushing it inside and he pushed back impaling himself on my cock, we both moaned at the same time, his ass was amazing, he had the best ass of the three of them. and he loved to be in the receiving end" Fuck me hard, please Meddo" he begged me and I didn't say anything, I just started fucking him with more force, the only sound was the sound of our bodies colliding, a very delicious clap clap clap.

I then laid in my back and Will straddled me and impaled himself on my cock without flinching, and he began to ride my cock as if it was a rodeo. Then Albert laid beside me and Will changed and began to ride him, I was going to accommodate to watch the show but

"Come, I want you inside too" I did as he told me and soon we were double penetrating Will, he was moaning like a bitch. Just then I felt Roly's cock trying to go inside me and let him in. It felt delicious to fuck and be fucked at the same time. I was at the brink of orgasm and I said it, they stopped so quickly that I didn't notice until I was standing again and they were on their knees waiting for my sperm, and I was not going to be the one to deprive them of that.

I stroked my dick a couple of times and I was spurting semen sooner than I knew, it was one of the biggest loads I had ever released, They took my semen with their mouths and swallowed, then they licked my cock to clean it. I knelt and they stood, And they gave me the same treatment I just gave them, I was showering in cum, I tried my best to swallow all I could but most of it fell down my face and chest. We kissed each other one last time when the rush of sex passed I felt super tired so I laid in the bed and fell asleep in the arms of those three beautiful men.



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