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His Magical Poutain 2: Ghoulish Boner

Pounding woke Tad from his  daydream of traveling to the Highland Asonak Monastery. It held a number of books potent with magic that might help him understand his mistake that laid before him.


He had lost the luck that had been on his side earlier in the evening when he found and rescued a very appealing body from the battlefield nearby.  Tad knew by the man’s tartan the corpse was of the MacRaibeirt clan, and politics would require him to be careful -- perhaps even change the warrior's appearance.


The supposedly reanimated hulk that laid naked face up on his table wasn't moving and it should be. Tad felt the body's jugular vein for a pulse. Yes, it was there.


“Why hasn't it moved or at least open its eyes?” he asked himself.


Tad had done all he could do for now. He had carefully washed the body of blood, grime, sewn together any wounds it had with clean thread, and none of its bones were broken.


Banging in the background got louder.


“Okay, okay,” Tad said in exasperation over his shoulder.


He shook his head, grabbed his herbal potion, and walked up the stone stairs that curved along the rounded wall. A light followed at his side, dim but enough for him to see where he stepped.


At the ground floor, he walked to a large square elongated box made of iron. Fairly decent size holes ran along the side of its walls. Three large grey penises protruded out from them. Their owners knew enough to stick their cocks in the hole and pound on the metal with fists to draw his attention.


Tad uncorked his potion and took a sip. He approached the penis closest to him. Placed his fingertips on the iron next to it and with his other hand, Tad snapped his fingers. Runes surrounding the holes, where the other two bobbing penises were, flared with reddish light. The dicks stopped, frozen in time.


The cacophony of multiple fists hitting metal died to just one. Tad sighed with relief. The sound created by firm flesh and bone striking against iron panels always rattled him.


He grabbed the meaty semi-erect cock swinging in front of him and slightly squeezed. The final bit of noise stopped and the dick’s owner hands grabbed the rim of the hole with four long thick gray fingers with black sharp talon claws.


Tad got on his knees and nodded his light to move closer to the dick he held. The ghoul had a mostly scar-free cock. Their equipment can get pretty damaged in the course of infecting an unwilling person into their brotherhood.


He had to mend more than several ghoul dicks with a bit of thread and care. They keep their privates remarkably clean so there is no need to bother washing wounds beforehand. As long as someone is handling their dicks they will allow just about anything done with it and not attack.


Tad retracted the foreskin revealing a nicely rounded head. It began to ooze pre-cum. Tad licked his lips. This ghoul had a large set of balls even for his kind, so he was hoping for a nice surprise.


The cock was fully hard now. Its head engorged with blood. Tad took it into his mouth, sucked on the head, teased its slit with his tongue. Was rewarded with a thick flow of sickly sweet pre-cum.


A hideous laugh behind the iron wall encouraged Tad to suck a little longer, then he tried to take the full length of the thick shaft all into his mouth and throat. The laugh became hysterical. He knew the ghoul was about to ejaculate so he pulled back, took a deep breath through his nose then pushed the swollen cock back in and down his throat. His lips were at the root of the shaft. Large hands grabbed his head, claws lightly prickled his scalp. He kept his hair cropped close to his skull for this very reason. It's too easy for hair to get tangled in those hooked talons.


His head locked in place, the ghoul began to nut down his throat giggling as it did. Tad wasn’t disappointed by the amount of infected semen that gushed to his stomach.


Finished, hands withdrew from Tad's head, the cock pulled out abruptly and then out entirely from the hole. A string of cum trailed behind from the tip of the head.


Tad went to the next dick, flaccid but pointed up, still paused in time. On his knees, the long girthy shaft was crisscrossed with scars. To the side midway down the shaft was a fresh cut.


He touched its bull size testicles bloated with semen. Its balls aren't as big as the first one, Tad thought but it'll be worth the hassle of helping it to release that juice. So he got up and collected his ghoul first aid kit consisting of healing salve, clean cloth, and waxed thread, and an already prepared small bone curved needle.


Back on his knees, he drew a release rune on the hole’s iron rim. The ghoul struck the metal once but stopped since a hand was on its dick that immediately began to get hard and long, flooding with blood caused the fresh wound to bleed, dripping blood.


Tad firmly held the big cock at the shaft’s base and began to carefully but quickly to suture the deep cut. The ghoul growled but waited patiently, its hard cock drooling pre-cum.


Once finished, Tad's hands were covered in blood and pre-ejaculate. His hands glided up and down the shaft. The ghoul did its giggle. What little of the head was exposed under the foreskin hood looked ready to burse. He licked the head then began to suck, his hand pumping the cock. Tad ignored the inflamed suture because these creatures seem to enjoy pain while hard.


The giggle became crazed. He went all the way down. The wound was a bit rough going across his lip but once the cock was in place the ghoul grabbed his head tight and came down Tad’s throat. The thick shaft pulsed, spraying semen. The amount of it impressed him and its sweetness overpowered the lingering copper taste of blood.


While the ghoul continued to cum, Tad drew a marker with blood on its well-defined six-pack that would bring the creature back in two months to monitor how the cut was healing.


Done nutting it pulled out and left.


Tad put his kit back and went to the last dick. This one wasn't completely grey. It was large because whoever it was before being infected -- not very long ago -- was very well endowed.


He went back to the table he kept close by the ghoul hole cage and picked up a small branding iron. Back at the hole he cast a heat spell on the brand and touch it briefly with a bit of pressure to the ghoul’s left inner thigh. While applying a little cooling salve he checked the brand, a tadpole curled in a circle, to make sure it was clear.


His fellow sorcerers who enjoy the same hobby of maintaining a ghoul hole would know this future creature was his. That if it's captured for its massive cock they're poaching and there'll be consequences.


Satisfied Tad put the branding iron aside and kneeled down. Pass the hole the soon to be ghoul had massive thighs and part of its kilt was still intact. Another of the MacRaibeirt clan, Tad thought. That battle hadn't been kind to their men.


One of the ghouls that has his mark must of found this one on the battlefield close to death. Branded ghouls carry a charm that drives the newly infected to seek out the sorcerer of the mark.  


Through their evolution male ghouls favor consuming male corpses and infecting living males to continue their species. The more males they eat increases the ghoul’s testosterone and in turn, drives them to fuck any living male encountered. That is why so many sorcerers of his kind take up residence at known places of conflict and are encouraged to by the realm to keep ghoul infections to a minimum.


Potions only have an effect on magic users and poisonous to nonusers. From chronicles Tad had read there have been attempts to eradicate them but it has never worked for long and in some cases, it exacerbates the problem.


He released the time spell with the flaccid meaty cock in his mouth. The ghoul moaned. Its dick was hard in several heartbeats and began to fill Tad’s mouth with pre-cum. He removed the cock from his mouth, spit the mucoid fluid on his hand, rubbed it on and fingered his anus.


From Tad’s experience, those becoming ghouls can only cum inside an ass. He suspects their semen doesn't carry yet enough infection to turn a person by ingesting it alone, that it has to be absorbed in the lining of the rectum or colon to be effective. Once fully turned it doesn't matter to a ghoul where they deposit their load.


He stood up and backed up on the big cock, bottoming out without much difficulty. Tad’s asshole was fairly loose from the night before when he was surprised to find a large werewolf cock trapped in his ghoul hole. He lost track of how long he was knotted to that beast while its cum filled deep into his intestines.


The almost ghoul took hold of Tad’s hips and forcefully fucked him hard and deep with each stroke in.


In a weird mixture of shout and giggle the man-creature shouted, “Mhèinn!”


Tad felt the thick girthy shaft at its base pumping nut into him.


He noticed a buff shadowed silhouette at the top of the stairs that led from the basement he’d taken earlier.


The ghoul lingered inside him, continued to fuck Tad slightly as the shadow came into view, and revealed as the mountain of a man he had tried to reanimate.


Once the ghoul had pulled out Tad walked to the big man. Semen ran down his leg.


The man’s blue eyes looked ahead, unfocused. His long strawberry blonde hair a mess. Tad told himself to add combing to his to-do list.


Tad reached for the man’s soft long wide dick, but the man brushed his hand away, then pointed at his lips.


“What?” Tad shocked, he took a step back.  


The man leaned down, kissed Tad on the lips, inserted its tongue into his mouth. Tad was thankful he sucked off two ghouls, that their cum masked the taste of the reanimated man's day old dead mouth.


As the passionate kiss continued Tad made plans. He was definitely going to need to go to the monastery and do some research.