What follows is a work of complete fantasy.

This tongue-in-cheek modern fairy tale will describe sexual acts between several young boys and a giant.  Yep, ya heard me, an actual beanstalk dwelling, cloud kingdom owning, fee-fi-fo-ing giant.

If this is not the type of story you would enjoy, please stop reading now.

If there is any reason legal or otherwise why you should not read such a story, please stop reading now.

If you are the type of person who has any difficulty whatsoever separating fantasy from reality, please stop reading now.

The events depicted in these stories have not happened, and will not ever happen. No one should ever attempt to replicate them in any way in real life. These events are a work of fantasy for the enjoyment of those with a healthy mind who have no problem keeping them in the realm of imagination. I have never attempted, nor would I attempt, any such acts myself and as such I am likely to get some details completely wrong. One thing I am certain of is that in real life, young boys would NOT appreciate this sort of thing being done to them and they are INCAPABLE of giving informed consent to allow these things to be done to them. If you ever even consider attempting these acts in real life then you should immediately seek help.

Children are wonderful innocent little people. If there are any in your life I would appreciate if you would consider it your duty to shelter them from any of the sorts of ideas presented in this story. Let them grow up without the knowledge that anyone even thinks this way. Let them become the excellent men and women they are destined to be without knowing these thoughts exist until they are adults and old enough to decide for them selves what they like to fantasize about. Respect them, protect them, and defend them from anyone who may seek to harm them in any way, and most of all just let them be kids.

That said if you are still reading I do hope you enjoy the story.

This story is the property of the author and may not be reproduced in whole or in part in any way without my express, written consent. Nifty.org has my express consent.

About the story:

This is another slightly less than wholesome entry in a tongue-in-cheek series describing the adventures of three innocent young lads and the giant who taught them everything they needed to know about enjoying each other sexually.  It will contain a bit of the same sort of fetish and kink the previous story had, so be prepared to duck so you don't get any on you.

Some of you will find these writings exceedingly offensive on a great many levels, so many levels indeed, truly, deeply offensive.  By that I mean that there is no doubt that good times will be had.  To those of you who are upset by it I would like to offer my most humble and sincere apologies.  To those who are not upset by it, good on ya, and I assure you that my previous apology to those other people was completely facetious.  I don't give a flying fuck who I might upset.  I think everyone just needs to stop taking things seriously once in a while and be offensive just for fun.  That's just how I roll.  Why do people get so easily upset these days anyhow?  What the hell changed?  People used to be so cool, now they're just touchy little bitches who get all butt-hurt about every little thing.  Not you of course, you're awesome.  It's those other people.  They know who they are.  The world would be a better place if they would just chill out.  But I digress...

If you haven't yet perused James and the Giant Perv, then what the fuck is wrong with you?  Go and read it, then come back and read this nasty shit if you still think you can handle it.  :)

This entry has a wonderful winter theme, so it would be best if you read it while curled up with a blanket in your most comfortable reading chair next to the fireplace, with a bottle of lube and some tissues handy of course.  If you're lucky enough to have a significant other with stinky feet who just got home from a long, hard day's work at his manly job with his feet sweating into those big ass work boots of his; have him put those awesome feet right in your lap to add to the overall ambiance.  Maybe give him a nice long foot rub.  Undo his pants.  Suck his cock for a while.  Then just have wild, passionate sex for as long as you can.  Never mind about reading this crap.

If you're all alone then by all means go ahead and read this crap, and know that you aren't truly alone.  Many of us around the world are reading crap just like this right along with you and wishing we were right there to rub your smelly feet.  Maybe open your pants, suck your cock for a while...fuck, I wish I was there with you right now.

Anyhow, thank you for your kind consideration,


James and the Giant Christmas

Once upon a time, nearly six months after that other time, there were three teenage boys who were walking along a green belt that cut through the heart of their city while eagerly anticipating a visit with a dear friend who they hadn't seen in a while.

It should be noted that they weren't really walking along the green belt, more like trudging along it.  They were trudging mainly because it wasn't really a green belt at the moment, it was more like a white belt, and it was the whitest they'd ever seen it.

Winter had come to their home town, you see, and it had hit hard.  The weather had been getting steadily colder over the past couple of months, but over the past week it had got far worse than was normal for this area.  A massive arctic high-pressure zone had slumped its way down into their part of the world and it was refusing to budge, leaving the boys wondering what the fuck all this "global warming" bullshit was really about and when the hell it was going to start so they could enjoy it.  Right now they were experiencing a "global colding" and it sucked.

It was so brutally cold that the boys had been forced to stay mostly indoors for the past couple of weeks where it was warm and cozy.  They liked to hang out in James' bedroom that was strewn with his filthy socks and underwear that he was too lazy to pick up and take to the laundry room, so it smelled absolutely fantastic.  It was the well-seasoned lair of a typically unhygienic teenage boy and it was off limits to the adults.  Not only were there filthy, smelly underthings littering the floor, it also smelled of old, heavily used sneakers, a gym bag full of clothes that were so stiff it seemed as though they should be quite capable of getting up and walking to the laundry on their own, and the smell of teenage sweat and sex from a great deal of physical exertion brought about by endless sessions of rutting that the three boys enjoyed there recently.

It was interesting because the boys were drawn to the incredibly erotic scents in the room as though they were opposite poles of a magnet.  The closer they got to it, the more powerfully they were drawn until they were rolling in it.  They were pulled right in and they loved to continually add to the wonderful aroma.  Adults, on the other hand, were more like the same poles of a magnet when it came to the stench emanating from the room.  Even as they tried to approach the dank boy-cave they were automatically repelled by the invisible force field of stink and pushed away.  The closer they tried to get, the harder the room pushed back.  As such, the boys could do in it whatever they pleased without fear of being caught.

This long deep freeze had begun right about the same time as their Christmas holidays from school had started.  They'd been getting a bit bored and restless and at one point when they'd intended to go outside the house and had been struggling to get their winter boots and parkas on, James' rather coarse father had shouted to them to not be out too long or they'd freeze their peckers right off.  None of them wanted that, so Nick had suggested to James and Kevin that they should put their peckers in each of his holes to keep them safe and warm and completely thawed.  The two boys had agreed that Nick's suggestion was a good one, so they'd retreated back to James' room instead and James and Kevin had been tucking their peckers into the warm confines of Nick's holes over and over again every day for the length of the extended cold snap.  Nick, of course, was hoping that it was the beginning of an ice age so he could enjoy having the cocks of his best friends stuffed inside him at both ends every day for the rest of their lives.

No one could ever argue that Nick was any sort of a genius, but by now you would think he would have realized that there was no need for an ice age or the threat of having their favorite toy freeze and snap off of their bodies for James and Kevin to stick them inside him where it was tight and warm.  Neither of the other two boys was gay, as Nick most definitely was, but that didn't matter.  They had no hang-ups whatsoever about using another guy's body for their pleasure, or letting another guy use theirs for that matter.  It was all in the name of great orgasms.

There was nothing James and Kevin enjoyed more than burying their cocks into Nick's tight pucker, or feeding them to his talented mouth, and humping away until they shot their young loads into him.  Nick had become extremely well practiced at it and they doubted they would ever get so well treated by anyone else.  They never tired of it and being teenagers they could, and did, shoot their loads as often as you might remember doing it when you were that young.  That's a lot, right?

Something had finally driven them to leave the comfortable, wonderfully funky-smelling confines of James' room and venture out into the cold of the late afternoon, and they now found themselves trudging through the snowbanks deep down in the river valley dressed in their heavy winter boots, parkas and mitts.  They were not making very good time and they were beginning to feel the effects of the deep cold.  They weren't making good time in part because had to stop every once in a while to look around and get their bearings.  They'd spent so much time down here last summer that you would expect them to be able to find the place they were looking for easily, but the landscape looked so different now with all of the snow that it was hard for them to believe it was the same place.

The trees along the heavily forested parks, through which cut the multi-use trails that the boys normally used for their skateboarding and bike riding adventures, were now heavily laden with snow.  Long icicles hung off the ends of the branches and glistened in the late afternoon sunlight.  All of the visual cues the boys normally used to lead them were completely obliterated by a thick and heavy white carpet of freshly fallen snow.  The park benches, fountains, pathways, signs and all of the other things that their brains used to guide them had been replaced by vague shapes buried under the snow here and there.  An intensely cold breeze blew through the valley occasionally, blowing sparkling clouds of snow up off the ends of the snowdrifts.  The landscape gleamed white and the whole place twinkled from the freshly fallen snowflakes from the night before.  It was a veritable winter wonderland.

The path this far down into the park was not maintained at this time of year and the going was tough.  The snow was several feet deep in spots and difficult to plow through, but they were determined to make it to the quiet, secluded clearing that had become their favorite place down on this depressingly mundane Earth.

It was their favorite place on Earth because it was the gateway to their favorite place off Earth.  It was the clearing that they'd recently discovered, just last summer in fact, was actually an elevator that took them up to the most incredible place they had ever been.  It was the home of the gigantic pervert who had taught them the wonders of sexual exploration and freedom.

Jake the giant was the kindest, most intelligent, most funnest, mostest horniest and easily the most sexiestest 65 foot tall guy they'd ever met.  Of course, they'd never met any other 65 foot tall guys, but they were fairly certain that even if they had, Jake would be right up there as one of the best, probably in the top ten or twenty at least.  He'd opened their minds to the idea of helping each other to enjoy their own bodies by exploring any and every urge that might come over them without feeling embarrassed or ashamed.  Also, completely selflessly, he'd allowed them to use his body in any way they could imagine to get their rocks off as often as they liked.  Needless to say, the three boys had done a hell of a lot of exploring with each other since that first time Jake had started them down that road, but they all agreed that none of it matched the fun they had with Jake.

After that first visit last summer, the giant had been thoughtful enough to order a boy-sized remote control for the elevator so that the boys could simply get on it and come up to see him whenever they felt the urge and he wouldn't have to watch for them.  He'd even set up one of his childhood toys, a garden scale electric choo choo train, with a track that started where the elevator dropped the boys off, and ended at Jake's front yard.  That way they wouldn't have to suffer the two hour walk to the giant's house through the thick, oversized jungle if he didn't know they were coming.  Instead they could just chug along in the train at speed and it would take them less than twenty minutes.  To the boys, of course, the train was completely life sized and they loved to use it.

Much to Jake's delight, the urge to fuck a horny giant overcame the equally horny teenagers quite often and they never hesitated to impose themselves on him. They kept the small remote for the elevator hidden in the hollow of an old tree right near the clearing so that any of them could go and use it any time they wanted.  One or another, or all three of the boys, were almost always finding their way up into the clouds to come and play with Jake whenever they had some free time, which was quite a lot during the summer, but unfortunately much less often once school had started up again.

Ever since the weather had begun to cool towards winter, they had been coming to see him less and less and the giant couldn't really blame them.  It was simply too cold to be blasting upward through the air on the open platform.  It was quite a bit colder up in the sky than it was down here on Earth.  It was a bit warmer once they broke through the clouds to the magic kingdom but Jake's magnificent jungle world, it turned out, was susceptible to the change in seasons as well.  It snowed up there just as it did down here.  Normally, Jake would move it to a more tropical locale for the winter, but he just couldn't bring himself to put that much distance between himself and the boys he'd grown to love.  He wouldn't be able to see them for most of the winter, but he would know that they were just down below him and it eased his heart.

Jake had repeatedly warned the boys never to use the remote device when it got too far below freezing.  The elevator had not been rated for extreme cold weather and it just wasn't safe.  He'd told them to never try to come up to see him unless the temperature was above freezing.  It would mean they would likely not see each other at all for a couple of months right at the heart of winter and he would miss them terribly, but he didn't want them in any sort of danger.  They had agreed and they hadn't used it for weeks now.

So why, you may ask, were they going against that warning today?  Actually, I don't even care if you ask it or not.  It's important to the story so I'm going to tell you anyway...

For one thing, they're teenage boys, and as such they are driven by their hormones, not their brains.  They hadn't had sex with their giant in weeks now and they wanted it badly.  Their brains were saying, in a very anal, small, annoyingly nasal, and extremely nerdy voice, "perhaps this is not the wisest course of action and it may behoove us to reconsider this ill-conceived plan", while their hormones were chanting in a very loud, masculine, and irresistibly confident voice, "GIANTsexGIANTsexGIANTsexGIANTsex" in perfect rhythm with each of their trudging footsteps through the snow, and it was drowning out any thoughts remotely resembling reason in their heads.  It's relatively easy for boys to unlock their brains from reason when it comes to taking chances if it means they get to do something that would be more fun than whatever they were doing before.  In this case, James had suggested they make a quick trip up to see Jake despite the freezing cold weather, and that sounded like a lot more fun than what they'd been doing, so the other boys had latched onto that idea and ran with it.  What harm could it possibly do to use the elevator just this once, even though it was the coldest day ever recorded in their sleepy little city, and they'd been clearly warned never to use the contraption when it was below freezing?

For another thing, it was a special day and they didn't want to miss visiting their favorite giant before it passed.  It was Christmas Eve and the boys wanted to wish their preternaturally prodigious and profoundly prurient pervert a merry Christmas.  Or "happy holidays" if you're one of those annoyingly touchy, politically correct sorts.  And if you are one of those sorts, what the fuck is wrong with you?  Lighten up!  It's Christmas for Christ's sake!  Jesus!  If there's one thing that really gets on my nerves it's when people start to line up and adopt some moron's idea of a way to not upset those who are of a different religious belief by not using Christians' precise word for the holiday, and in the end actually upset the very ones who created the holiday and named it in the first place!  Ummm, the holiday is in celebration of the birth of their savior, Christ, get it?  Who else's name would you have them assign to it?!  By using any other word for it you are blatantly insulting and antagonizing them!  You do not want to piss off the Christians!  So, say it with me now, 'Merry Christmas!'  But I digress...

The three boys stopped their trudging to look at each other, sigh heavily, shake their heads, and roll their eyes at the author.  He was always going off on some fucking tangent and it was beginning to wear on them already.  They were cold and miserable and they were simply not in the mood.  They'd been hoping they could get through just one adventure without him getting in the way and yanking the readers out of the story with all his fucking 'digressing', but clearly that was not going to happen.  It just wasn't in the cards.  No way.  Nope.  In fact, it was quite likely that their snarky attitudes would only lead to some sort of exceedingly unpleasant retribution against them.  The author was fairly certain of it.  He just needed to figure out what it was going to be.  How bad it would be would depend on how much longer they would continue their snarkiness towards him.

The boys wisely ceased their eye rolling immediately and turned back to their trudging through the almost waist deep snow and the bitter cold until suddenly Kevin stopped and yelled, "There it is!  That's the tree!"

"Are you sure?  Everything looks so different," Nick said.

"I think he's right," said James, "That's the one.  The clearing should be just on the other side of it.  Let's go."

He led them through the deep snow to the large old tree and sure enough, right where they'd left it last, they found the small remote control that operated the elevator.  They had to dig down a bit through a drift to free the device from the snow-packed hollow in the tree, but it was there.

They grinned at each other and trudged just a bit further until they were standing right about in the center of the clearing.  Then they sat down in the deep snow and James raised his hand with the remote device in it and pressed the button, but nothing happened.

"Press it, dipshit, I'm freezing!" Kevin barked.

"I did!  Nothing happened!  I think it's frozen," James said.

"Shit, give it here," said Kevin.

James handed the remote to Kevin and the boy looked at it carefully.

"There's snow stuffed in around the button.  I think it's jammed.  Nick, you're great at blowing, blow on this thing to melt the snow, yeah?"

Nick was indeed great at blowing, so he took the remote and cupped it in his mitted hands and began to breathe his hot breath out onto it repeatedly.

In no time at all the snow that had been jamming the button began to melt around it into the device's internals.  Unfortunately, being made of electronics, the remote chose to act like most electronics act when you pour water into it.  That is to say, it chose to act quite erratically.  Almost the moment the snow began to melt into its guts and the water spread out across it's vital circuits and chips, the remote let out a series of chirps and then there was some deep and heavy groaning coming from the ground below them.

"That did the trick!" James grinned.

"I didn't press the button!" Nick exclaimed, "It just bleeped on its own!"

The groaning grew louder and they started to hear sounds sort of like gears not meshing properly and grinding.  The cacophony began to build beneath them and the ground began to shake and shudder, then suddenly the remote emitted a few more chirps and the whole thing stopped and got quiet.

"Phew, it sounded like it was gonna blow apart!  Good job shutting it off, Nick," Kevin said.

"I didn't press the fucking button!" Nick exclaimed again, "I think it got wet!"

"Shit!  We'd better get off this thing," James suggested.

They began to stand up to move off of the elevator platform when suddenly the remote let out a few chirps on its own again and there was a deep boom followed by a loud mechanical squealing as the elevator finally and quite abruptly broke free of the frozen ground and began to rocket skyward.  The boys had just started to get up, but the sudden and powerful acceleration caused them to get slammed back down on their butts with a grunt.

There was a horrible, screeching sound of metal against metal coming from below as the platform vibrated and lurched faster and then slower, then faster again while it pushed onward up into the bitter cold sky.

The boys looked at each other in alarm.  The elevator ride was normally quite smooth, powerful, and quick.  This felt nothing like that.  They could feel deep, dissonant vibrations and hear loud clanging sounds coming up through the shaft from the machinery below ground that was driving the platform up, and their bones and teeth were getting rattled by it.  The sound of metal grinding on metal was fading away, but that was only because they were putting miles between them and the source of it way down below them.

Something was terribly wrong with the equipment and they could do nothing but wait and pray that they survived this shit as the platform continued its crazy, jerky journey skyward through the sub-arctic air.

"Fuck!  I hope this fucking thing gets us all the way up or we're truly fucked!" Kevin shouted.

"We're almost there!" yelled James.

All three boys looked up and they could see the bottom of the cloud deck that hid Jake's magical world away from the mundane one below.

At the sight of their goal approaching they all let out a loud sigh of relief, just before the remote let out a sighing chirp, and the platform suddenly shuddered to a standstill.  They were still at least a couple of hundred feet from the cloud, but they were no longer moving.

"Fuck!  It stopped!" yelled Nick.

"No shit, Sherlock!  Press the fucking button again.  We can't stay here!" Kevin shouted at him.

Nick pressed the button, but nothing happened.

"I pressed the button, but nothing happened!" Nick shouted.

James shouted, "Press it again!"

He pressed it again, then again, then again, but still nothing happened.

"I can't get it going!  We're gonna die up here!" yelled Nick.

"Fuck, do you think it's the author getting back at us for all the eye rolling earlier?" Kevin asked.

"Shit, you might be right.  He's a real asshole.  This could be the retribution he was talking about," James said.

James was right.  The author most definitely is a real asshole.  He was wrong about the retribution thing though.  This time it really was just bad equipment and not the author being a vindictive dick.  The boys should probably have heeded the giant's warning about not using the platform when it was too cold.  If they had, they wouldn't be in this pickle.  They'd be back home in a nice, smelly room with their cocks buried in each other's warm, tight holes, humping away with the boundless energy of horny youth and shooting their thick, heavy, succulent loads into each other's bodies in utter and complete ecstasy over and over again.  God knows we'd all enjoy reading about that a lot more than reading about this shit.  Am I right or what?  Well, some of us would anyways.  There are those who want to read about hot sex, then there are those who complain that their stories are constantly getting interrupted by some horny bastard sticking his cock in someone else, or the Jake character sticking his tongue in yet another tasty crack or his nose up under some dude's awesome toes.  It's difficult for the author to find the right balance to try to please those who really enjoy reading about endless, raunchy sex, and those truly sick individuals who just want the sex to end already so the story can continue.  There's always either too much sex, or too much story.  One of these days I'll get it just right.  Unfortunately for you, this probably isn't going to be that day.  But I digress...

The three teenagers looked at each other with the dawning realization that if it wasn't the author doing this to them then there was no amount of ass-kissing or apologizing that might get them out of it, and they were truly screwed.  They had no way up and no way back down.  Jake the giant didn't even know they were coming so there was no chance of getting any help from him.  They were stuck, completely exposed, up in the bitter, biting wind of the steady arctic jet stream and they could already feel Jack Frost nipping at their various tender parts.  He would soon chew them right off.  They knew without doubt that they would surely freeze to death up here, and they would have to be buried without their tender parts.

Suddenly the remote let out a chirp once again and the platform shuddered and jerked roughly downward a couple of times, then it began to drop in free fall, plummeting back down toward the Earth at a gut-wrenching speed.

The three boys screamed like three girls when they suddenly found themselves weightless, and they clung to each other as they began to rise off the platform while it continued its headlong rush back down to what was likely going to be a fairly unpleasantly abrupt landing several miles below.

Due to all of the girlish screaming, they failed to hear the remote let out a chirp again and the platform suddenly ground to a stop and the three boys grunted as they landed with a thud into the deep snow.  The device chirped again and, after some jerking and hesitating, the platform started to rocket upward again.

They were briefly hopeful that this time they would actually get all the way to the top and could jump off, but they obviously weren't aware yet that the author had regained control of the machinery and this time he really was just being a dick and teaching them a lesson.  They began to get suspicious of what was going on when the platform stopped just ten feet below their goal, where it paused just long enough to give them a tantalizing look at safety and freedom, then the remote chirped again and the platform abruptly dropped a hundred feet or so, then chirp and stop, chirp and rocket upward, chirp stop, chirp drop, and so on ad nauseam.

The chirping and starting and chirping and stopping went on for an inappropriately long stretch of time as the boys got roughly slammed upward and dropped downward repeatedly while they screamed in terror for their lives and the author giggled maniacally.  He was going to continue pounding them this way until he was quite certain that they had learned their lesson properly, whatever the hell that lesson was.  There was supposed to be some sort of lesson, he was almost sure of it.  He'd totally forgotten about the lesson really, and just got absorbed in the fun of torturing the boys.  This is what teenage boys are really for.  This is the reason God made them.  They are entertainment fodder for the adult males in their lives.  They can be the source of no end of fun.  They're so gullible, so goofy and dumb, so enthusiastic, so ready to get into trouble, and just so fantastically fun to screw with.  But I digress..., again, which shouldn't be too surprising by now, right?

Suddenly, unexpectedly, and completely without warning even, most likely due to the author's way over the top abuse of the cheaply built machinery in the interests of causing the boys grief, with a painful shudder and screech of metal exploding against metal rising up from the earth many miles below, the whole thing came to a rough, grinding halt one final time, still well above the bitterly cold Earth in the even more bitterly cold air, but still also well out of reach of where they needed to be up in the clouds above, and the author said, "Oops, I think I might have pushed the machinery, and this sentence, way too far," and then, though he felt a slight pang of regret because he'd been shooting for a record, he finally put a stop to the ridiculously long sentence by placing a period at the end of it.

The remote emitted one last forlorn chirp, and then it went silent and a small amount of smoke rose out of it, like its tired and heavily abused ghost had finally had enough of this shit and was rising up to heaven.

"Shit!" Nick exclaimed, "My uncle told me all electronics run on smoke!  If you let the smoke out it stops working!  We're fucked!"

James and Kevin looked at Nick in stunned silence, and then both started laughing their asses off.

"Fuck are you dumb!  It runs on smoke?!?" Kevin laughed.

"Shut the fuck up!  That's what he told me!  It's never been proved wrong for me!  Every time the smoke gets loose and comes out of electronics, it stops working!" Nick shouted.

"Isn't that the same uncle that told you that the rumble strips on the edges of the highway are so the blind drivers will know when they're drifting out of their lane?" James asked.

"Yeah, exactly!  He knows what he's talking about!" Nick exclaimed.

James and Kevin went quiet and looked at Nick in stunned silence once more, and then both started laughing their asses off again.

"What's so funny?" Nick asked, suddenly feeling like he was the butt of some sort of joke.

Nick felt it was his turn to digress, and he began to think back on some of the discussions he'd had with his uncle in the past and he started to get a sinking feeling.  Something didn't quite add up.  He also remembered what the author had said earlier about teenage boys being entertainment fodder for the adult males in their lives.  Come to think of it, why was his uncle always red in the face like he was trying hard to contain himself whenever he'd explained things in answer to one of Nick's many questions about how the world worked?  Why was it whenever his uncle's friends were over he would say to them, "Listen to this, guys.  Hey Nick, explain to the boys here why..." and then he'd ask Nick to explain something that his uncle had explained to him just the day before.  When Nick had finished explaining it to them the guys would all bust out laughing and his uncle would say, "I told you he was a genius!"  Nick usually felt quite proud at being called a genius, but he suddenly found himself wondering if he'd gone in the right direction with that.  Something was telling the boy that he might have been played all along.  Nick was going to have a very long chat with his uncle if he ever got back home, but for now he resigned himself to simply freezing to death along with his two best friends.

They had come to a stop at least a hundred feet below the bottom of the cloud and the air up here was easily ten degrees colder than the already incredibly frigid, sub-zero air down at ground level where all this shit had begun.  The steady wind up here was only making things worse.  Even wrapped up in their warm parkas they were not going to last long against this level of cold.  They were completely screwed and there was absolutely nothing they could do.

"Shit, why the fuck did we listen to you, James?  We shouldn't have used the fucking elevator in this cold when we were told not to!" Kevin moped.  (Oh yeah, that was the lesson!)

"I'm really sorry, guys.  I only wanted to go up and see Jake and give him the Christmas present I made for him.  I never thought anything would go wrong," James lamented.

"Oh, it's not your fault," Nick consoled him, "I wanted to see him too.  Kevin's just being a dick."

Kevin shot a look at Nick, and then he looked down at his feet and shrugged his shoulders and said, "Yeah, you're right.  I wanted to see him too.  What did you get him for Christmas, James?"

James replied, "Ever since the school year started back in September, I've been wearing the same socks and underwear to gym class.  I just leave them in my locker and the next time there's a class, I put them back on and sweat in them some more.  They smell absolutely over the top now.  I'm wearing them.  I wanted to let him take them off me and keep them."

"Wow, that's so thoughtful!" exclaimed Nick, "You really know exactly what he'd like!"

James nodded and asked, "What did you get him?"

"Exactly the same thing," Nick said, and smiled.

Kevin grinned and said, "Me too.  He's pretty easy to please."

They all laughed, then they went quiet as they contemplated the fact that they might never see him again, or their parents, or even each other after a short time more when they all froze to death.

Time passed and the sun began to set as evening approached and they waited to become horny, teenage, awesome smelling popsicles.

The cold seeped into their very bones and they began to shudder and shake from it.  They should probably get up and stamp their feet or something to try to get their blood warmed up a bit, but they could barely think, let alone move.  They were at the beginning stage of freezing to death as their internal body temperatures began to drop dangerously low.

The author considered ending the story right here because it was just that hopeless, and watching these boys die would be way too sad, especially on Christmas Eve.  They may have been jerks to him earlier, but the author really did feel they were just a bunch of sweet, dumb boys who'd made a mistake and who didn't deserve this brutal end.  He felt that he was at least partially to blame for their predicament since he was the one that had repeatedly jerked the flimsy elevator machinery up and down just to torture them and had ended up breaking it.  It had been a ton of fun to do, but it was probably not the wisest course of action.  Though really it was a stupid thing the boys had done, using the platform in the cold when they'd been warned not to and all.  So yeah, it was all their fault, not his, for sure.  The author was completely free of blame.  There was simply no other way to look at it because this way made him feel a lot better and that's all that really matters in a situation like this.

Still, he felt sorry for the sweet, lovable, dumb little bastards and he was wracking his brain trying to come up with some ridiculous way to get the boys out of this jam but he was having no success, when suddenly James said through chattering teeth, "D-d-d-do y-y-you guys see that r-r-r-red light way out there?"

"Y-y-yeh-y-yes!" said Kevin.

"Sh-sh-sh-shit!" exclaimed N-nih-n-n-Nick, "I th-th-think it's a f-f-fuh-f-f-fuh-f-fucking jet p-plane!  It's cuh-cuh-c-coming r-r-right at us!  It's g-gonna k-k-k-kill us!"

They all came to the quick realization that they really shouldn't talk anymore, it was way too annoying to try to read that shit with all the stuttering and stammering from the cold.  Instead, as the slowly blinking red light grew steadily brighter while it raced towards a certain collision with them, they just screamed long and loudly.  That's really easy to read because it just goes, "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!"

Just as it was almost upon them, the light jinked to the side and there was a whoosh as a startled reindeer who was wearing a rather smart looking scarf that had a red, flashing light hanging from it shot past while desperately veering to avoid a collision.

The reindeer was pulling a small, battered old sleigh, and a very rotund old man dressed in red who was suddenly clinging for dear life at the abrupt and unexpected change in direction shouted, "What the fuck?!?" as he zoomed past them.

The three boys looked at each other in shock.  They stuck to their resolution not to try to speak because of all the annoying stuttering, but each knew that both others were thinking the same thing as they were, which was, Did you guys see that shit?

James, being the most intelligent of the bunch, suddenly realized they must be in the final stages of freezing to death and they were obviously hallucinating just as their brains were beginning to shut down forever.  As much as it looked like him, it simply couldn't have been Santa Claus.  That guy was just a made up character and couldn't exist in the real world.  There was no such thing as flying sleighs pulled by magical reindeer.  It was simply not remotely possible.  They were clearly dying.  James knew it for a fact.  There was no other possible explanation.  The warm embrace of oblivion would drag them all down soon and all of their troubles would be over.

What he'd failed to realize was how absurd the thought that there couldn't be a Santa Claus was, given the fact that they were all stranded on an impossibly tall elevated platform while they'd been on the way up to have wild sex with a fucking giant in a magical fucking kingdom in the clouds for the umpteenth fucking time!  Besides, does he not realize this is /gay/sf-fantasy?  Anything goes in here!  No Santa Claus?!  Sheesh!  The things I've seen in here would make Santa Claus suddenly showing up seem pretty run of the mill.  One dude even got thoroughly raped by a plant one time!  There is some sick shit going on around here!  In fact, if I don't miss my guess, Santa's gonna turn out to be a total lech and he's gonna do some pretty awesome things with the boys.  Man, this is such a great place to hang out!  But I digress...

They heard a snort as the huge, massively appealing, incredibly well endowed, masculine, muscular reindeer (Oh fuck, I totally forgot about the reindeer!  Man I love this place!) came in for a landing onto the platform from behind them and pranced right up alongside and finally stopped.  The sleigh settled in behind it in the deep snow and the fat old man got off and walked toward the three boys with a smile on his round, rosy-cheeked, white-whiskered face.

He was wearing a red velvet outfit that was so gay and not chic, they knew in a moment it must be Saint Nick.  No one else would be caught dead wearing shit like that out in public.

The really odd thing was that as he walked along the platform towards them, the snow in a circle around him was instantly melting and evaporating, leaving green grass in his wake.

"Hello boys," the jolly old bastard bellowed, "Having trouble with the old equipment, are we?  Someone should have warned you not to use this crappy Acme built shit below freezing.  It just can't be trusted.  It's a good thing I happened along or you'd really be up the creek."

As Santa Claus came very near to him, James suddenly noticed the temperature shot up to well above freezing at the same time as he noticed the sharp odor of bad gas, and the snow around him began to melt and dry up too.  It was like stepping indoors into a warm room full of people who had been eating chili all day.

He suddenly felt soothing warmth flood back into his body again while he coughed a little at the foul smell.

His muscles and brain all unseized at the same time from the wonderful heat and the feeling of relief was incredible.

"Holy crap, that feels so good!" James coughed.

"W-wh-whu-wh-w-w-what d-d-does?" asked Nick, with a really annoying stutter through his chattering teeth.

James noticed Nick and Kevin were both still shivering and shaking uncontrollably and still sitting in deep snow.  They were further away from Santa.  It was like the fat old dude was surrounded by a bubble of heat just big enough to include James in it, but not quite big enough to reach his friends, and the bubble was following Santa wherever he went.

"Oh, shit.  Sorry, guys!  Hang on," Santa said.

His face scrunched up and began to turn red as he lifted one knee slightly and grunted and a long, loud fart came out of his ass causing the red velvet back of his coat to flutter, and the bubble of warmth suddenly expanded to twice its size to encompass Nick, who immediately started coughing, but Kevin was still out in the cold.

"Wait, wait for it..." Santa gasped and took in a deep breath and began exerting himself again.

He grunted once more and a much longer and much louder fart blew out, causing the red velvet back of his coat to lift right up and hover briefly before it settled back down, and the heat bubble grew to encompass the whole platform.  In moments all of the snow on the platform magically melted and evaporated and the whole thing reverted back to being their grassy clearing from last summer, and Kevin and the reindeer began to cough from the effects of the gas as well.

Santa sighed with relief and then said, "Sorry about that, but it's the only way to keep us warm.  The magic of Christmas takes a lot of effort though.  My doctor says I shouldn't strain so hard or I might rupture something, but it's the only way this works.  I have to eat a few cans of beans before I go out for the night to deliver presents or I won't be able to stay warm for the whole trip.  The bubble slowly shrinks over time so I need to fluff it up again once in a while."

The boys were holding their mitted hands up to cover their noses as the air was suddenly full of the stench of rich bean farts.  They looked at each other and then looked back at Santa with disgust.

"What?  Would you rather be back out in the cold?  Give the smell a chance.  You'll get used to it in time.  You might even grow to like it," Santa suggested.

The big, beautiful, muscular reindeer, who was now also included inside the bubble, looked back at the boys and shook his head vehemently.  He'd been exposed to it for countless years and clearly he was still not in a position to enjoy it at all.  Not even remotely.

Strangely though, the smell did seem to be weakening.  It was either wearing off, or it was simply burning out their scent receptors.  Happily, the heat bubble remained even though the smell was dissipating somewhat, and they were all very toasty and warm.

"Shit, Santa, thanks a bunch.  We would've been dead soon if it wasn't for you.  We got stuck up here.  We were on our way to visit our friend up in the..." James began.

Santa Claus raised his hand and said, "Say no more.  I know who you all are.  You're on my lists.  I've had my eye on you since you were little boys.  I know Jake too.  You guys were gonna go screw around with him weren't you?"

They all grinned and nodded.

Santa smiled and said, "I can't fault you for doing something stupid in the interests of going to fuck a horny giant.  I never get tired of that myself.  That guy can cover me in cum from head to toe in a single spurt.  I love it!  Has he ever shot you out of his ass?"

They all grinned and nodded once more.

"Man, I wish I had time to go up there and screw around with him too, but I have to make my run.  I've got all of these fucking presents to deliver," Santa lamented as he jerked his thumb back at his sleigh and the large, bulging sack of toys that was on the back of it.

"How the hell do you fit all of the toys for all of the girls and boys on the back of that shit heap anyhow?" Kevin asked.

"That's not a shit heap, boy, it's a classic!  You kids today have no appreciation for antiques!  She's been purring like a kitten for thousands of years now, and she'll carry my fat ass for thousands more, easily!" Santa exclaimed, "Why don't you show me your shit hot flying sleigh so we can compare, huh?  What's that?  Don't have one?  Then where do you get off putting mine down?!"

"Hey, sorry," Kevin said, "I didn't mean anything by it.  It just looks like crap is all."

Santa looked back at his piece of shit sleigh and then chuckled and said, "You're right.  It does.  Anyhow, take a look at this..."

He went over to the big sack and reached into it with his red-mitted hand and pulled out a mitt full of what looked to the boys like almost microscopically small, brightly wrapped parcels of all shapes and sizes.  It was like colorful, individually wrapped grains of sand complete with microscopic ribbons and bows.  Santa dropped a few of them down on a small patch of dirt and then he pulled out a green plastic syringe from his coat that had a plastic tip with a very small hole.  He carefully pressed the plunger to squeeze out a single drop of clear liquid from the syringe and let it fall on each of the parcels.  One by one, as the drop hit them, the presents suddenly grew to full size.  One was big enough to hold a comfy leather office chair in it, one was the size of a big stuffed bear, and another looked the right size and shape to contain a new PS4 or something.

The boys all gasped in amazement.

"That's so cool!" exclaimed Nick.

"I know, right?" Santa said, grinning, "Watch this..."

He pulled out another plastic syringe that was red, and once again he carefully squeezed one drop onto each present.  This time, as the drop hit them, each package quite suddenly shrank right back down to almost microscopic proportions.

"That's amazing!  So that's how you get billions of presents on your little sleigh!" James exclaimed.

Santa smiled and nodded.

"You must have tons of great stuff in that huge sack of yours!" said Nick.

Santa grinned and looked down at the well stuffed basket at his crotch and said, "Thanks for noticing!  If you play your cards right I'll show you exactly what comes out of this huge sack of mine.  There's enough of it to easily cover your face, Nicky."

The boys raised their eyebrows at the old man, and Santa looked at them for a moment, then looked back towards his sleigh and said, "Oh wait, you mean the huge sack on the sleigh.  Yeah, there are millions of presents in there.  It used to be billions of presents years ago, but I still do all that naughty/nice shit.  The number of names on the 'nice' list seems to go down dramatically every year now, ever since the Internet came online.  That fucking thing gets everyone in trouble eventually.  The shit they read on there warps their minds really bad.  Works for me though, as it means my run gets easier and easier every year.  To be totally honest, the 'naughty' list is the one I really like anyways.  There's way more fun to be had with the people on that one.  You would not believe the things little Jimmie is ready to try after reading some of the stories on Nifty.  I regularly stop at the homes of the naughty ones during my run, but not to deliver gifts, just to sneak into their bedrooms and do unspeakable things to them with my private parts as they sleep.  It's loads of fun."

Once again the boys just raised their eyebrows at Santa.

He cleared his throat and continued, "Anyhow, the weight of the presents goes down too when they shrink.  They're not heavy at all.  I have to get them all delivered by midnight though.  That bit of magic only works on Christmas Eve.  Right at midnight they all go back to their true size and if they're still on the sleigh and I'm flying, I'm totally boned."

"Is that why you only have one reindeer, because the presents are so light when you shrink them?" James asked.

"Yeah, in all the stories you have eight tiny reindeer," Kevin remarked, "Why do you have just the one?"

"What the fuck would I want with eight tiny ones when I can have one big, sexy, butch one?  Check out the rack on this one.  He's fucking gorgeous!" Santa boasted as he indicated the beautiful, muscular reindeer attached to the front of his sleigh.

The boys all smiled and nodded as they admired the impressive creature.

"So, which one is that?" Nick asked, "Is it Prancer?"

"Well, he does prance a bit, but that's just because he's gay.  His name is Nigel.  We've had a lot of good times together, Nigel and me," Santa said wistfully as he patted the reindeer's taut and muscular ass, "So many, many, really good times."

The animal looked back with a grin and winked at Santa.

The boys all stared at Santa in shock.

"What?  Don't knock it 'till you've tried it.  It gets lonely up there at the north pole.  The elves are all straight and unwilling to experiment.  I'd get in all sorts of trouble with HR if I tried anything with them," said Santa.

"What about Mrs. Claus?" asked James.

Santa shook his head, "There is no Mrs. Claus.  My publicity guys made her up.  Women gross me out to tell you the truth.  I have Nigel, and he's all I'll ever really need.  Both of us like to screw around with a few others too of course, like Frosty the Snowman, that guy will stick his nose into anything, Smokey the Bear, he's a real freak, Jack Frost, though he nips a bit too hard sometimes, the Headless Horseman, he can't give head but he makes up for it in a lot of other ways, and a bunch of others.  Nigel even had a go at the Great Pumpkin one Halloween, but that got a bit messy.  One guy we really love to hang with is the Easter Bunny.  He comes from Jake's domain and he's a bit bigger than you guys in size.  I think he'd love to meet you.  Maybe you guys could have an adventure with him next Easter or something.  I can tell you from experience that you have not truly been fucked until you've been repeatedly, rapidly and relentlessly rogered by a rascally rabbit with a nine inch cock.  He never tires out and I never get tired of letting him at me.  Nigel and I just really like to try to screw everyone we can who's willing.  There's no sense limiting our options.  Our relationship is wide open.  Jake the giant is our favorite fuck buddy though."

"Wow!  Jake messes around with a reindeer?" Nick asked, suddenly looking at Nigel with a new sort of interest.

"Shit yeah.  You should see the things those two get up to.  It even makes me blush, and that takes a lot," Santa said.

Nick smiled and said, "I wish I could see it.  I really miss Jake.  We haven't seen him in a while.  I can't believe we broke the elevator.  Who knows when we'll ever be able to see him again."

"Don't worry about the elevator.  I'll get my elves on it as soon as I get back home.  They'll fix it right up.  You'll be able to see Jake soon," Santa said, "In fact, I'll tell you what, I have to go and do my run for the night, but I can take you guys up to Jake's world before I start.  When I'm done after midnight I can come pick you up and take you back down.  How about that?"

"Hell yes!" the three boys shouted in unison.

"Cool, we just need to get you properly warmed up after your ordeal.  You obviously were right at the edge of freezing to death when I came to your rescue," Santa said.

"We're really warm now.  It feels great.  Please don't fart again.  We're all good," James said.

Santa shook his head and said, "No, I don't think so.  You're probably still in shock from the cold.  You could still die at any moment.  You all should take all of your clothes off and share your body heat right away, before it's too late!"

The boys all looked at each other in puzzlement.  Kevin actually had a bead of sweat forming on his forehead he was so hot inside the bubble while still wearing his parka.  If anything, they might need to take their clothes off just to cool down.  None of them were in any state of hypothermia, that was certain.

"Seriously, I'm really hot," said Kevin, "We're really grateful to you for saving our asses, but we're ready to go."

"Just how grateful are you?  Care to show me by doing what I suggested?" Santa asked.

Santa looked at them all expectantly.  It was obvious they weren't going anywhere until they did what he'd asked, so they shrugged and began to disrobe.

In no time at all the smell in the bubble shifted to that of the gifts they had all brought for Jake as they stripped right down to their ripe socks and underwear, and they all started to get hard and horny from the great aroma.  Even Nigel was suddenly sporting an erection.  Then, at the Claus's coaxing, the boys removed even their underwear, freeing their proud, stiff, young tools to the warm air inside the bubble.  They were now completely naked except for their rich-smelling gym socks.

Needless to say, Santa suddenly had a massive tent sticking out of the front of his totally gay, red velvet pants.  He was almost drooling as he surveyed the incredible scene before him.   Three luscious young teenagers were baring their beautiful equipment right before his eyes.

"Go ahead and share each other's heat why don't you?" the fat old lech suggested.

The boys looked at each other and smiled.  It was obvious Santa was just another perv looking for a show.  They certainly had no problem giving him one.  He'd earned it by saving their asses and keeping them from freezing to death.  They were happy to do anything for him out of gratitude at this point.  The three boys all lay together in the lush green grass and began to feel each other up while Santa rubbed at his crotch and watched with glazed eyes.

Kevin took James' hard, straight, young tool in hand and began to stroke it as he'd done so many times before while taking his own tool in his other hand and beginning to work it.  James cupped Kevin's awesome balls in one hand and played with them while he reached over to stroke Nick's cock with the other.

Nick looked over at Santa and grinned at the massive tent jutting out from the jolly old fuck's crotch and he said, "I'm still feeling a bit of a chill.  We need more body heat."

Red velvet was suddenly flying in every direction as mitts went this way, the hat went that, pants and coat and suspenders, red velvet boxer shorts, black shiny boots, and socks all flew outward from the blur that was Santa stripping down.

When the dust settled there was a very chubby old naked guy standing before them.  To the boys' surprise, he was sort of sexy in a burly, stocky way.  Even though he must be thousands of years old, he didn't have a wrinkle on him anywhere.  His skin was smooth all over his chubby body.  He wasn't exactly fat with rolls hanging everywhere; he was firmly large and bulky.  He had a long and thick head of white hair.  He had pure white tufts of hair in his lightly sweaty armpits.  He had a luxurious, long, thick, curly white beard and a mat of thick, soft white chest hair.  He even had a long treasure trail of pure white hair leading down his big, sexy, hard belly to a big patch of snow white, curly pubes.  His balls were very big and full and lightly covered in soft white hair.  Santa's cock was surprisingly long, thick and straight.  It had to be at least eight inches of hard, thick Christmas magic.  It was uncut and had a big, clear drop of precum hanging off the tip of its big head.  It looked magnificent and powerful.

Nick did not waste any time.  He immediately got on his knees in front of Santa and looked up at him with a huge grin on his face.

"Ever since I was a little kid I've had a fantasy of hiding behind the Christmas tree so I could pop out when you showed up and do this for you," he said as he moved his face in and slurped Santa's thick, throbbing cock down to the root.

Santa put his hands on the back of Nick's head, placed his feet farther apart and bent his knees out to the side slightly to get his sweaty crotch at the perfect height to fuck the boy's face, then he moaned as he pulled his cock back out and shoved it down the boy's throat once again.  He began to build up a rhythm and humped at Nick's face.  Each time Santa thrust forward Nick's nose would disappear into the thick patch of pubic hair and the jolly old elf's massive, sweaty balls would bump forward against the boy's chin.  Nick's face was getting thoroughly coated with the wonderful, masculine, musky scent of the crotch of a grown man who's been sweating into his velvet suit all day, and his toes began to curl from the intense horniness it made him feel.

It didn't take long at all for Santa's breathing to become ragged and quick as he continued to fuck the boy's drooling mouth hard and he approached his climax, but he didn't want to cum just yet, so he pulled out of Nick's throat and pushed the boy's head away.

"Get on your hands and knees, Nicky; I'm gonna cum in your ass.  James, I want to watch you fuck his face while I work him.  Kevin, I know what your favorite hobby is.  You're right near the top of my naughty list and I love you for it.  I've been sweating a lot back there and I know you're gonna enjoy it.  Don't be shy," Santa encouraged.

The boys all moved to do as they were told.

Nick grinned and turned around to get on his hands and knees while presenting his ready ass to Saint Nicholas.

Santa watched and smiled as James got up and walked over in front of his friend, then bent his knees slightly to put his cock in position while he tilted Nick's head back a bit, then he shoved his hard young cock all the way into his best friend's face and began to hump away at him.

The old fat man then got on his knees behind Nick and spat a couple of times at his asshole and pushed the spit in with a thumb, then spat on his fingers and spread it around on his cock.  He then pushed his fat, thick cock head up against Nick's well practiced anus and began to apply pressure.  Nick moaned and relaxed his sphincter to let Santa's thick cock stretch his anus out and penetrate him, and the old man moaned loudly as his big cock head breached the tight ring of muscle and entered the warm, cozy confines of the teenager's rectum.

"You're so fucking tight, Nicky.  Santa's gonna fuck you hard and blow his huge load into you now," he breathed as he steadily pushed the full length of his cock deep into the boy while Nick moaned loudly from the terrific sensation of that big log invading his body.

Once he had fully inserted himself into Nick's snug rectum, Santa leaned over the boy and moved his knees slightly further apart to get into the best position, and then he waited as he looked over at Kevin expectantly.

Kevin grinned and got up and went over behind Santa.  Kevin was not gay, but for some reason he couldn't explain, the most appealing thing to him was a guy's sweaty asshole.  Any guy's.  He loved to stick his cock in them, but he also loved to taste them.

He knelt behind Santa's wide butt and moved his face in while spreading the chubby old man's ass cheeks apart.  He loved what he saw there.  Santa had been sweating quite a bit in his hot velvet suit and he smelled really good.  He had a light bit of fur on his fat butt, and a trough of soft, pure white curls in his butt crack with a small bush of white hair around his hole.  His big, sweaty, heavy balls hung down invitingly and Kevin couldn't resist reaching up and fondling them with one hand, as he reached between Santa's and Nick's legs to take hold of Nick's stiff young cock and stroke it with his other hand.  He then moved his face right in and extended his tongue to lick Santa from the base of his balls right up past his pucker to his tail bone several times.

Kevin quickly felt his heat rising as he moaned and moved his tongue right to the bullseye and pushed it into Santa's asshole and wiggled it around against the satiny smooth walls of the man's rectum.  This guy tasted better than anyone Kevin had ever eaten out.  It was amazingly good.

Santa moaned and began to very slowly pull his hips back, and then thrust forward again in a slow and steady rhythm that Kevin did everything he could to match so he could keep his tongue in Santa's ass while the man humped away at young Nick beneath him.

"Fuck yeah, that feels amazing," Santa groaned, "Tongue that fuckin hole, Kevin.  James, let me taste that sweet cock of yours for a bit."

James smiled and pulled out of Nick's face and maneuvered so his knees were on either side of Nick's head to position his hard cock right in front of the face of Santa Claus, who had leaned over Nick's back while he pounded the boy's ass.

Santa moved his face in and rubbed his cheek lovingly against James' rigid boner, then sniffed at the young boy's sweaty pubic patch and licked at his balls before finally putting his lips against the proud tool's head and parting them slightly to slurp it in.

Santa sucked at James' cock for a while, savoring the youthful tool, then he briefly pulled his mouth off and looked back at Kevin and said, "I want you to fuck me, Kev.  Really let me have it."

Kevin so loved the taste of Santa's pucker that he was a bit hesitant to pull his tongue out, but he couldn't pass up an invitation to fuck Saint Nicholas in the ass.  He quickly stood and put his hard young cock against Santa's tight anus and shoved it right in.

Santa groaned loudly and then turned back to James' stiff tool and sucked it in again.

The moaning grew louder and more frequent all around as they all built up a faster, harder and more urgent rhythm.  Santa began to grunt and buck hard against Nick as he grabbed the top of his shoulders and pummeled the boy with his thick, hard tool with as much force as he could.

James had his hands on top of Santa's head and he was pistoning his hips at the old man's face as he fucked him with all his might.  He loved the sensation of his balls repeatedly rubbing against the thick, soft beard and he couldn't wait to shoot his boy spunk down Santa's throat.

Kevin put his hands on Santa's back and leaned forward more to get a really good angle so he could pound at him even harder.  He grunted and groaned in pleasure as he repeatedly pulled his young tool back out of Santa's rectum until it almost came right out, and then shoved it all the way back in in perfect rhythm with Santa's ass humping back and forth at Nick.  As Santa pulled his big hips back, Kevin would thrust forward hard and deep, and as Santa thrust hard into Nick, Kevin would pull back until his cock almost emerged from the tight hole.

The three bucked and humped and grunted and groaned and worked themselves up into a frenzy while Nigel watched, drooling, and his massively long and thick reindeer cock extended and thickened to its full magnificence.

Nick couldn't take anymore.  The sensation of the full, veiny length of Santa's incredibly thick man meat rubbing vigorously against his sensitive anus, and the thick head bashing past his prostate repeatedly, started the familiar surge of orgasmic energy building between his legs.  He reached up under himself with his right hand and began to jack his cock quickly as his orgasm crashed into him and he grunted loudly and tensed as he shot a thick wad of cum out onto the grass.  He tensed again as another jet shot out and he continued to work his cock as he rode out one of the best orgasms of his young life.

The sensation of Nick's incredibly tight hole suddenly grabbing onto his cock even harder and then releasing over and over again as his anus pulsed out his orgasm sent Santa Claus sailing over the edge.  The jolly Christmas icon moaned around James' young cock as his big balls began to bunch up tightly and he slammed himself hard against Nick and his big cock head expanded and shot a long, thick wad of cum out of its slit and deep up into the boy's bowels.  Again and again Saint Nicholas grunted and hammered his cock deep into Nick and shot another massive jet of semen to fill the boy's insides with his seed.

Kevin was the one who's cock was now being massaged hard by Santa's pulsing sphincter muscle and he began to buck even harder and faster against the man until his orgasm crashed into him and he shouted out and tensed and shot a spurt of his hot cum deep into Santa's bowels.  He repeatedly grunted and thrust his hips forward hard to shoot another jet of semen as deep into Saint Nick as he could manage.  It felt amazing to unload his young balls into Santa Claus.

James could take no more either.  Santa had clearly had a lot of practice sucking cocks and he was great at it.  James was hammering away at his face and his cock head would duck down into Santa's throat and the old man would make a swallowing motion that would squeeze James' cock head and at the same time he would extend his tongue to work at the boy's balls as they  bumped up against Santa's face.  He humped harder and faster and his breathing became ragged and quick as his orgasm began to wash over him and his knees weakened to the point of almost buckling as he grunted and tensed and spurted his young load all over Santa's tongue and down his throat.

The three of them were now grunting and groaning and moaning as they all shot all of the seed they had, and they began to slow down as their orgasms finally reached the end.

They stopped humping and one by one they pulled their still oozing cocks out, and then collapsed in a heap on the grass.

"Man, you boys were great," Santa exclaimed once he got his breath back, "I'm really glad you forced me to have sex with you.  I'm hoping you'll force me to fuck you again when I come back to pick you up later.  I get hornier than ever around Christmas and I don't usually get much chance to dump my cum into anyone because I get so busy."

The boys had no problem with that idea.  They had enjoyed themselves immensely.  They had no illusions about who had forced who, but they didn't care.  Santa was a terrific fuck and they wanted to have another go at him.

Nick looked over at Nigel and saw that the beautiful animal had a very satisfied look on his face.  The reindeer's massive tool had shrunk back down and was dripping profusely, and there was an incredibly large puddle of at least a gallon of thick, white cum beneath him on the grass.

"What the fuck?  Nigel has no hands.  How exactly did he work his cock to get himself off while he watched us?" he asked.

Nigel just smiled and winked at the boy.

Santa suddenly looked at his watch in alarm and said, "There's no time to explain.  We have to get going.  Hurry up and get dressed boys, I need to get these toys off the sleigh before midnight and thanks to you forcing me to have sex with you I'm running late now."

The fat old man got up and suddenly there was a blur again as red socks, underwear, pants, suspenders, coat, black boots, fur-lined hat and mitts all suddenly flew back inward like they were being sucked into a vortex.  Then Santa Claus stood before them completely dressed while the boys had only got as far as getting their incredibly dirty underwear back on and were stepping back into their jeans.

The boys went as fast as they could and jumped into their boots, threw on their shirts, parkas and mitts and ran to the sleigh that Santa had already boarded.

"There's not a lot of room up here," Santa said, "Nick, come and plant your sweet ass down on Santa's crotch where it belongs.  James, get behind us and grab on to Santa's big sack.  Kevin, Nigel wants you to ride him hard, but for now you should just get on his back so he can carry you."

They quickly complied to his orders and Santa said, "Hang on tight, boys!"

Santa then took out his whip and cracked it hard.

It snapped sharply against the muscular buttocks of the big reindeer, who suddenly let out a moan of delight as Santa shouted, "On, Nigel!"

The powerful reindeer's muscles bunched and they were off like a shot.

Kevin screamed as he nearly slid right off the back of the massive animal and James yelled as he almost rolled off Santa's big sack full of millions of microscopic presents.  Nick whooped and yelled in joy and he could already feel Santa's boner starting to build again beneath him and poke at his ass.

They shot forward then turned hard then twirled upward while the boys clung on to anything they could to prevent being thrown off as they made for the hole in Jake's domain that the platform would normally go up through.  They entered the base of the cloud and in just seconds they popped out the top.

The boys saw that what had once been a steamy jungle was now a frigid, white wonderland blanketed in deep snow.  It was breathtakingly beautiful.  Then, just as they came up through the hole, the sleigh abruptly leveled off and landed hard in the snow right next to the edge.

"Sorry boys, but this is as far as I can take you.  Nigel and the sleigh can't fly in Jake's domain.  We've never figured out exactly why.  Nigel theorizes that it's due to the dipolar influxion of conflabulatory mixmagification.  He can be a real brainy nerd.  Anyhow, I don't have the time to take you all the way to Jake's house the old fashioned way by dragging the sleigh through the snow.  I've got to get rid of these presents before midnight or I'm truly, deeply fucked.  Or, as Nigel would put it, I would suffer the effects of an intensely unipolar, forcible insertion followed by an orgasmicalogical exfluxion of rejaculatory essences of universally gargantuan proportions."

Nigel looked back at them and nodded.

The boys got down into the snow and looked up at Santa questioningly.

James asked, "How the hell are we supposed to get the rest of the way?  It's a two hour walk in the summer time.  It would take half a day with all this snow and ice around and it's getting dark already!"

"You'll figure something out, I'm sure.  Say, do me a favor and deliver this gift to Jake, won't you?  I'm sure he wouldn't mind you using it if you want," Santa said as he pulled a very large box out of the back of the sleigh and handed it down to James.

"You're not gonna take us there, and you're gonna make us do your delivery for you?" James asked incredulously.

"You really are the smart one of the bunch," Santa said and winked, then he cracked the whip again and Nigel moaned with delight, then turned and pulled the sleigh right over the edge of the hole and they disappeared without another word back down through the cloud to go on their run.

The boys all looked at each other in disbelief.  Santa had fucked them and then ran.  I mean sure, he'd saved their lives and all, but how could he just leave them here like this?

They looked around at the snow covered landscape.  It looked a lot like their world down below, but as usual everything was on an incredibly big scale.

Thankfully, it seemed nowhere near as cold up here as it had been on the platform, or even down at ground level.  That, combined with the amount of heat they were going to be generating as they tried to plow through the snow for hours, should ensure that they wouldn't be in danger of freezing to death again.

Everything looked so different covered in snow, just as it was down below, and it was difficult to even figure out which direction they needed to go.

"Is that the train?" Kevin asked as he pointed to a long and large hump of snow bigger than a bus, whose odd shape stood out from the rest of the snowy landscape.

They ran up to it and began to dig at the side of it.  A great deal of snow suddenly slid off in an avalanche that nearly buried them, but it clearly revealed the side of the train engine.  There was no way it would work with all of the snow and Jake had no doubt unplugged it from power, but at least it clearly pointed them in the right direction.  They worked their way to the front of it and looked along where the track would be, deep under the snow, and they could clearly see the trail through the trees that would lead them straight to Jake's house.

"Man, this is gonna suck.  You'd think the old man could have at least given us some snow shoes or something.  What if we fall into the snow?  It's gotta be way over our heads!" Kevin complained.

James tentatively jumped up and down on the snow and said, "I don't think we'll fall through.  The scale of the snowflakes is bigger up here too.  They're holding us up no problem.  It's gonna be a long walk.  We should get started."

They all sighed and then began to walk.

"I thought Santa was a pretty cool guy, until he just dumped us here and left us," Kevin moped.

"Shut up!  He is cool.  I can't wait to see him again!" Nick exclaimed.

"Awww, you're just saying that cuz you liked getting his fat cock up your ass and you're full of his cum right now.  He's a horny old bastard, I'll give him that.  He's got a tight butthole too, which is surprising considering what Nigel's probably done to it more than once," Kevin said.

The boys all snickered at that comment.

"I don't think he'd leave us in the lurch," James said, "He seemed like a really sweet guy.  He wouldn't put us in any danger."

"Bah, he even made us carry Jake's present all the way there for him!" Kevin said.

"It's not that heavy," James said as he lifted the big box a bit higher, "It's weird though.  All of the other presents were shrunk down.  Why do you suppose Jake's present is normal sized?"

They all suddenly stopped and looked more closely at the large, brightly wrapped box.  It did seem like a full sized gift.  Why would Santa lug it around like this instead of just putting one of his magic drops on it to shrink it down?

James worked it over in his mind and, being the smartest of them, he suddenly realized the answer.  The gift had been shrunk!  This would be a normal sized present for the boys, but it would be almost microscopic for the giant.  This must be as much as Santa's magic could shrink it!  If that was the case, how big would it be if it were normal sized?

"He did shrink it!  Don't you guys see?  Jake couldn't use anything this small.  He's 65 feet tall for fuck's sake!" James exclaimed.

"That makes sense," Nick said, pretending to understand what James was saying.

"Wait," Kevin said, "If it's been shrunk, what happens to it if we don't get it over to Jake's house by midnight?  Maybe it's not safe to carry it.  Does anyone know what time it is?"

"You're right.  Good thinking.  I'm sure as hell not gonna carry it if it might suddenly expand to the size of a house while I'm still holding it!" James exclaimed as he set the package down.

"Maybe we should just leave it here.  It probably won't take Jake more than twenty minutes to come and pick it up himself tomorrow," Nick suggested.

"Yeah, that might be the best thing to do," Kevin agreed.

"I wanted to watch him open it," James said, sounding disappointed, "I wanted to see what Santa got him."

"Well, he did say Jake probably wouldn't mind us using it.  Should we open it up and see what he got?" Nick asked.

The boys agreed that was a good idea and without hesitation they tore into the package with glee.  There's something about wrapping paper that brings out the greedy bastard in everyone.  You just have to know what great shit is hidden inside there and it's difficult to control your enthusiasm once you get started ripping into it.  You can be the kindest, gentlest, sweetest guy ever, but when someone puts a wrapped present in front of you you suddenly become the Tasmanian fucking devil and you tear into it in a blurred frenzy.  Nothing else in the world matters, nor will matter, until you get through that fucking paper and find out what's inside it.  I love opening presents!  It's like finding that big X and knowing the buried treasure is right there and you're about to find out what it is.  I never get tired of that shit.  But I digress...

The boys laughed as strips of paper flew in every direction and they finally had the box completely exposed.

"Wow!" Nick exclaimed.

"Holy fuck!  Awesome!" Kevin shouted.

"Whoa," James said, "This is cool!"

The picture on the side of the box was of a snowmobile racing through a snowy forest.  Through the clear cello across the top they could see into the box and inside was a very cool looking remote control snowmobile complete with pistol-grip radio and batteries.  They could not believe their eyes.  Jake was gonna love this cool toy!

"Can we try it out, James, please?" Nick begged.

"I don't see why not.  Let's see if the batteries are good."

They opened the box and Nick reached in and pulled out the radio.  Kevin brought out the snowmobile and set it down on the snow.  James got the packs of batteries out of the box and broke them open.  They put the batteries into the radio and the vehicle and they flipped the switch on both.

Nick squeezed the trigger on the remote and the headlight came on and the snowmobile shot forward with a powerful whine of its electric motor.

"Holy fuck, it's awesome!" he shouted as he raced the little ski-doo around, jumping over humps in the snow and doing fast, digging turns that threw up showers of snow.

They all took turns with the cool toy and laughed and whooped at how fast it could go.

Finally, James called a halt and said they should try to save some of the battery power for Jake.  They had a long walk ahead of them and they should really get started.

He picked up the small snowmobile and took it over to the box to put it back in, but he hesitated and set it down in the snow instead.

"What's this?" he asked, as he reached into the box and pulled out a note.

Stuck to the note was a green syringe.

The note said, "Have a merry Christmas, Jake!  I know you're gonna enjoy your present this year more than any I've ever given you before.  I'll be coming to pick the boys up right after my run.  Have as much fun as you can before midnight.  Wish we could be there to enjoy it with you.  Try not to wear yourself out.  Save a bit of that sexual energy for us.  I'll see you as soon as I can.  We love you to bits you sweet, crazy bastard!"

The note was signed, "Your favorite fuck buddies, Santa and Nigel."

James pulled off the green syringe that was stuck to the note and looked at it.

"Holy shit!  Is that what I think it is?" Kevin asked excitedly.

A wide grin split James' face as he said, "I think so!  Let's try it and see!  Everyone get back!"

Kevin and Nick picked up the box and the radio for the ski-doo and moved well away.

James stood as far to the side of the small radio controlled toy as he could and leaned way over and stretched his arm out as far as he could while he carefully squeezed the plunger on the green syringe to coax out a single drop of the clear liquid, which he let fall onto the small scale snowmobile.

Almost immediately the toy shot up to its full size.  Of course, a full sized toy for a giant is exactly the same as a full scale real vehicle to the boys.  The ski-doo was now the perfect size for riding.  The three of them would easily fit on its long seat if they tucked in close together.

Nick laughed as he ran up to James and yelled, "That's amazing!  Let me do the other part!"

He then took the green syringe and set the radio down and squeezed out a drop onto it.

James and Kevin both yelled "No!" but it was too late.  The drop fell and hit the radio and in an instant it grew to its normal size.  Of course, a normal sized radio for a giant is far too big for a boy to operate.  The radio stood much taller than Nick now, and the trigger was almost out of reach and way too massive for them to ever be able to squeeze.  It took a few more moments for Nick to realize his mistake, because he's not really the brightest, but we love him to bits anyways, the sweet, dumb lunkhead.

The snowmobile was now the perfect size for them to ride, but they had no way to operate it anymore because the radio was far too big.  They could have actually used the ski-doo to get to Jake's place quickly, but they'd lost their chance.

Kevin shook his head and said, "Nick, I love you man, I really do, but have I ever told you I've known a few people who are smarter than you?"

Nick blushed in embarrassment and said, "I'm really sorry guys.  I didn't really think that one through."

James went over to him and put a hand on his shoulder and said, "Aww, don't beat yourself up.  It's no big deal.  We're just back to hoofing it is all."

"Wait, was there a red syringe?  Can we shrink the radio back down?" Kevin asked.

"There wasn't one attached to the note," James said, "But I suppose it might have got knocked off."

He went back to rummage in the box the toy came in.  Sure enough, at the bottom, lodged under some of the packaging, he found a red plastic syringe.  It must have been stuck to the note too, but had dislodged at some point during transport.

He let out a whoop and got up and went over to the radio and squeezed a drop onto it from the red syringe.  Sure enough, the giant-sized radio immediately shrank back down and became a boy-sized radio.

"Yeah!" the boys all shouted at once.

James tucked the syringes into his pocket and then grabbed the radio and went to get on the full sized snowmobile as he shouted, "Get on you guys!  We've got a giant to fuck!"

Nick got on behind him and reached past James to grab on tightly to the handle bar of the ski-doo, and Kevin got on behind Nick and wrapped his arms around both boys tightly.

James squeezed the trigger on the radio and, with a loud whine of its powerful electric motor, the ski-doo shot forward and they began to race towards Jake's house.

The ride was incredibly exhilarating.  The snowmobile was rocketing along at a much higher speed than the train ever did.  They were gonna be at Jake's house in no time.  They all yelled in delight as James turned the wheel on the radio and the ski-doo swerved left and right.  He jumped it over small drifts and wove between the massive trees as they all yelled and whooped and cheered at the thrilling ride.  They were having more fun than they'd had all winter and they made the most of it.  They carved tight circles in the snow and raced across the open stretches at top speed, their eyes watering from the cold wind as they blasted across the landscape, laughing non-stop.

Finally, just as they saw Jake's house coming up out of the darkness into the beam of the ski-doo's headlight, they noticed their speed beginning to drop off dramatically.

"Shit, I think we ran the batteries down," Kevin said.

The headlight got dimmer and began to flicker as the motor switched from a powerful whine to a low hum and they finally stuttered to a stop just outside of Jake's yard.

"I hope Jake has fresh batteries or he won't get to enjoy the Christmas present Santa gave him," Nick said.

"Well, he'll like the ones we got him I'm sure.  Let's go," James said as they all got off the snowmobile.

He pulled the red syringe out of his pocket and let a drop go onto the ski-doo to shrink it back down again so they could pick it up and take it with them.

Jake had been busy shoveling his walk so the path up to his front door was clear and easy going.  At the same time as he'd ordered the boy-sized remote for the elevator platform back in the summer, he had also installed a boy-sized doorbell at the base of the door frame within their reach and a ramp going up the side edge of the front steps so they could come up to the door and let him know when they'd arrived.  They walked up and rang the bell and waited.

They could hear the heavy footsteps of the giant as he approached and then the outside light came on and the door swung open.

Jake the giant looked down at them and his face lit up like a kid on Christmas morning as a huge grin stretched across it.

"I don't believe it!" the giant shouted in joy, "I wasn't expecting to see you guys until spring!  What an incredible surprise!"

"Merry Christmas, Jake!" the three grinning boys shouted in unison.

Tears welled in the giant's eyes as he crouched down and put his hand palm up for them to climb on to.  He brought them up to his face and gently rubbed his cheek against them affectionately as they kissed him.

"Christ, you guys have no idea how happy you've made me.  I get so lonely on Christmas Eve up here by myself.  I couldn't even have Santa over to screw around.  He was too busy.  I'm so happy to see you!" Jake exclaimed.

"We're happy to see you too.  Santa sent your Christmas present along with us.  We're sorry, but we used up the batteries getting here on it," James said as he pointed down at the radio controlled snowmobile.

Jake looked down at the tiny toy in puzzlement and said, "That's weird, I already have one of those, but of course it's normal sized, not tiny like that one.  He gave it to me last year.  I was fooling around with it just yesterday.  He knows I love that R/C shit.  I guess maybe he just forgot I already had one.  I've never seen him make a mistake like that before."

"If you set me down, I can put it back to full size for you," James said.

"Huh?  How would you do that?" Jake asked as he set the boys down next to the toy.

"With this," James said as he pulled the green syringe from his pocket.

"Holy shit!" Jake exclaimed, "He usually doesn't let anyone screw around with that!  It could be dangerous!"

"We've been careful.  It's fine, look," James said, and he squeezed out a drop on the ski-doo and it instantly grew to its normal giant size, which was toy sized for Jake.

He put a drop on the radio as well and it grew to its proper size too.

Jake picked up the toy snowmobile and the radio and put them inside the house and then he waited as James came inside and he closed the door.

"Thanks, James.  I'll put the toy away later," Jake said.

The boys pulled off their mitts and parkas and threw them in the corner and went into the house.  They didn't want to take their heavy boots off their sweaty feet just yet.  That was for Jake to enjoy.

The giant lay down on his side on the plush carpet of his front room as the boys all came up near his head and sat down to face him.

They all grinned at each other for a while.

"How long can you guys stay?" Jake asked, "Aren't your parents gonna worry with you being out tonight?"

The boys all shook their heads and James said, "I told my mom and dad I'd be at Nick's.  Nick told his he'd be at Kevin's, and Kevin told his he'd be at mine.  We're old enough that they don't bother to check.  It shouldn't be a problem if we get back by morning."

"Well, there's one problem," Kevin said, "We accidentally broke the elevator."

"Oh, shit!" Jake exclaimed.

"We're really sorry!  Please don't be mad!  We didn't know it would happen!  We thought it would be alright to use it just once!  We'll pay to have it fixed!" Nick lamented.

"Jesus Christ, I don't care about that!" Jake shouted, "You guys could have died on that thing!  I asked you not to use it when it was so cold!  I could never live with myself if you guys got hurt on my account!"

James said, "Sorry.  It was my idea.  I just really wanted to see you.  Santa saved our asses though."

"He even fucked my ass!" Nick grinned.

Jake smiled and said, "That doesn't surprise me.  He's a horny old bastard and I love him for it."

"He brought us up through the hole but then he just abandoned us there instead of bringing us all the way here," Kevin grumbled.

"Well, you can't blame him, Kev," Jake said, "The dipolar influxion of conflabulatory mixmagification prevents Nigel and the sleigh from being able to fly up here and he wouldn't be able to spare the time to drag the sleigh along the snow.  He's got a hell of a lot of kids to keep happy tonight.  You couldn't expect him to let them all down just to make things easier for you.  He's usually pretty crafty and he must have known you'd be able to get here no problem."

Suddenly the giant snapped his fingers and said, "That's it!  That's why he gave me another remote control ski-doo even though he knew I already had one.  It was for you guys to use to get to me!  He knew you were the best thing that could possibly happen to me on Christmas so he made sure you'd get here, and have fun doing it!  I love that guy!"

The boys all laughed.  That had to be it.  They thought that Santa had let them down, but in the end he'd handed them exactly what they needed.  It had been an absolute blast riding the snowmobile here.  They would have to thank him later when he came to get them to bring them back down.

"So you all got to mess around with Santa?  I've done that a lot.  He's one hell of a great fuck," Jake said.

The boys all grinned and nodded.

"Santa told us something interesting about you and Nigel," Nick said.

Jake blushed and grinned, but said nothing.

"Did you really screw around with a reindeer?" James asked.

Jake nodded and said, "Don't knock it 'till you've tried it."

"That's what Santa said!" Nick exclaimed.

"He was right.  Nigel is one hell of a wild fuck.  He's not some dumb animal.  He's full of passion like you wouldn't believe.  I don't even want to tell you some of the things we get up to."

"But, how the hell would that work?" James asked, "He's a lot bigger than us, but still not nearly big enough for you!  We can screw around with you because we have hands and can use them to climb all over you.  It would be hard for him.  He has to stay on the ground."

"That's right," Jake said, "He does.  We find ways to have fun all year long, but we only get to really fuck properly on Christmas Eve when Santa sometimes has a bit of free time before his yearly run.  Normally, Santa comes here early in the day so I can have some fun with Nigel before they start their run.  He uses his drops on the reindeer to..."

Jake's voice trailed off as a look of dawning comprehension came across his face, and he suddenly smacked his forehead like he was an idiot.

"Did my present from Santa come with a note?" he asked.

James nodded, "I never thought to bring it along.  I'm sorry.  He wished you a merry Christmas from him and Nigel.  He said they love you to bits and he wished they could be here to enjoy your present with you.  He said you would like it better than any present he ever gave you before.  He said he would be back to pick us up after his run and you should have as much fun as you could before midnight."

"Was it attached to the box?"

"No, it was attached to the syringes," James said.

"Oh, that beautiful, brilliant, fat, wonderful, sweet, crazy bastard!" Jake exclaimed, "The radio controlled toy wasn't his gift to me!  It was the syringes!  Fuck I love that guy!"

James, being the brightest of the boys, was the first to realize what Jake was getting at and he shouted, "Holy shit!"

Kevin caught on too and said, "Oh, fuck!  This is gonna be great!"

Nick said, "Huh?  Why would he give you the syringes?  They're only good on Christmas Eve and they're just to grow your toy to its normal size."

Jake looked at Nick and said, "Nick, I love you man, I really do, but have I ever told you that I've known a few people who are smarter than you?"

Nick looked blankly at the giant's face and asked, "Am I missing something?"

Jake smiled and asked, "Do you remember that first time we all got together last summer?  Remember when you said you wished I was normal sized so you could suck my cock for real?"

Nick nodded but, not being the brightest kid ever, he still hadn't figured it out.

"Well, it works both ways.  If you were giant-sized, you could suck my cock for real.  I'd love that!" Jake exclaimed.

Nick continued to stare blankly at Jake, and then to confirm that he still wasn't getting it, he simply blinked a couple of times and said nothing.

Jake sighed and said, "James, could you please show him?"

James was already fishing the green syringe out of his pocket.

"Everyone get away from Nick for a sec," James said, "Nick, stretch your hand out towards me as far as you can."

Nick stretched his arm out and James stretched his out too, then carefully squeezed out one drop from the syringe and let it fall on Nick's hand, and then quickly ran out of the way.

Almost immediately Nick began to grow to massive proportions while he shouted, "Oh, I get it!"

He was now giant-sized!

"Holy fuck!" yelled Kevin, "My turn!"

James laughed and went over to Kevin, who was now holding his hand out, and dripped a drop onto it.

Kevin shot up in size to match Nick.  The two boys were now the size of adolescent giants compared to adult giant Jake.

They all laughed and Nick looked down at tiny James and said, "What are you waiting for?  Come on up!"

James said, "I think I'd better not.  We need someone who can control the syringes.  If I grow too, then who can shrink us back down again?"

Jake said, "Don't worry about it James.  Just like Nick and Kev, your clothes will grow too, along with anything you have in your possession.  That's the way the magic works.  The syringes will grow right along with you.  Even if we fuck something up, we only have to wait until midnight and everyone goes back to normal.  Go ahead."

James grinned and squeezed out a drop from the green syringe onto the back of his hand and the world around him suddenly began to shrink at a nauseatingly rapid rate.  Of course, the world wasn't really shrinking; he was simply growing into it.

He looked around in wonder as Jake's home was suddenly the perfect size.  He would actually be able to sit comfortably on the sofa now, where all he could have done before was run around underneath it and play with the dust bunnies.

Jake grinned from ear to ear and tears welled in his eyes as he was finally able to give his boys a proper hug.  He went from one to the next and gave them a quick kiss and wrapped his big arms around them.  They were all the size of teenage giants now.

"Oh, fuck!  This is the best thing that's ever happened to me!" Jake shouted while tears of joy streamed down his face.

Nick immediately dropped to his knees and began working the zipper on Jake's pants.  He pulled the giant's pants open and immediately buried his face into his crotch.  Jake's cock was already at full arousal inside his underwear and Nick was lovingly rubbing his face against it.  He turned his face in and began nipping at the hard, thick tool.  He couldn't wait to get it in his mouth, but Jake pushed him back.

"let's not get going too quick," Jake said, "I want to undress you guys properly for a change and savor this moment."

The boys all grinned and James said, "Let us undress you first, then you can open your presents."

Jake smiled and he lay back down on the rug on his back and waited.

Nick was the first to approach and he grabbed the bottom of Jake's sweater and pulled it up over his head while Kevin and James each grabbed a leg of Jake's pants and yanked them down off him.  Jake was wearing nothing but his underwear and socks now.  James and Kevin each pulled off a sock and threw it aside while Nick was rubbing his face lovingly against Jake's bulge again through his underwear.  The boy then kissed Jake's cock and then carefully pulled the briefs down Jake's legs and off, and then threw them aside.

Nick was the gay one and he'd been deeply in love with Jake ever since he'd first seen him, but it was really hard to show it properly given the difference in their sizes.  Now he could really get in there and show him how he felt.  He crawled up the sexy man and lay on top of him so they were face to face.

"I love you so much, Jake.  I can't tell you how glad I am to be able to do this...", Nick said as he pressed his lips to Jake's and extended his tongue.

Jake moaned and put his arms around the boy and necked passionately with him for several minutes while Kevin and James watched.

When the two finally pulled apart Jake said, "I love you too, Nick.  I want to undress you now, OK?"

Nick nodded and rolled off and Jake moved into position and began to work at the laces on the boy's big winter boots.  He quickly pulled one of them off and the wonderful, rich aroma of the boy's dirty sock hit him immediately.  Jake moaned and lifted Nick's foot up and planted his nose right under the toes and took a long, deep sniff while his eyes rolled up into his head.

"Holy fuck!  You smell amazing!  How long have you been wearing these socks?" Jake asked.

Nick smiled and said, "We've all been wearing our socks and underwear to every gym class since school started.  It's our Christmas gift to you.  Merry Christmas!"

Jake looked at Kevin and James, who were grinning and nodding at him.  Tears slipped down Jake's cheek again as he grinned back at them with a look of utter joy.

"You guys have no idea what that means to me.  You really get me!" Jake exclaimed.

"And now you get us, so hurry up and finish undressing us so we can get busy! We've only got about six hours 'till midnight!" James urged.

Jake grinned and turned back to the task at hand.  He pulled off Nick's other boot, then his shirt and pants.  He quickly drove his face into Nick's crotch to inhale the scent of his dirty underwear and he moaned again.  Then he undressed Kevin, and finally James, leaving them all with just their dirty underwear and socks.

He had them all lie down on their backs and lift their feet together so he could press them all against his face at once.  He moaned and shuddered at the incredible aroma of three sweaty teenagers' feet, encased in their filthy gym socks, all pushing at his nose at once, and he rubbed his face against the soles of their socked feet with vigor.  He had never enjoyed anything as much as this.  The boys had done an incredible job getting his Christmas gift ready for him.  He could not be happier than this.

He went on enjoying the wonderful smell of their feet for quite a long while before he finally decided it was time to play with their underwear a bit.  He sniffed and snuffled at their crotches and rubbed his face affectionately at their bulges and kissed them.  He pulled the briefs off of Nick first, then held them in his hand and sniffed at them.  He pulled them over his face so the crotch covered his nose and he reveled in the wonderful scent of teenage ball sweat.  He pulled the underwear off of Kevin and James too, and then he took off all of their socks.  He put all of them in a big pile and drove his face into it and breathed the incredible essence of them.  It was amazing to be able to smell the dirty underthings of his boys at full size instead of just in his little snuff box.  He was over the moon.

Finally he turned back to the boys and played with their feet.  He kissed and licked at the soles of their feet, sucked their toes, and licked the sweat and salt in the gaps between their toes.  Then he moved up to their crotches and licked them all clean there.  He licked at their butt cracks, tongued their holes, sucked and slurped at their hard young cocks until he finally couldn't hold out any longer.

He flipped Nick onto his back and said urgently, "I have to fuck you, right now!"

Nick grinned from ear to ear as Jake lifted the boy's legs up and pushed forward to bring his ass into position.  He hooked Nick's legs onto his shoulders as he worked his knees forward to bring the head of his cock up to the boy's anus and he immediately began to push firmly.  Nick moaned as he relaxed and pushed his sphincter out lightly to allow the big head of Jake's cock to breach his anus and invade his rectum.

Jake groaned at the incredible feeling of finally being able to shove his cock deep into his favorite boy.  He loved Nick and he'd wanted to fuck his ass since the first time they'd met.

He moved his knees up further and leaned in, bending Nick nearly in half so that he could move his face right in and whisper in his ear, "You've always been my favorite you incredible, sweet guy.  I love you so much."

He then inserted his tongue into the boy's mouth and they necked passionately as Jake began to increase the length and power of his stroke as he lifted his ass up and then hammered down to pound away at the teenager beneath him.

Kevin and James were so turned on to see the giant cutting loose on their best friend that they began to work their own cocks and moaned as they watched Jake work himself into a frenzy.  They couldn't stand not being a part of it so James moved in beside them and reached in and cupped Jake's big balls in his hand and began to caress them while the giant fucked his best friend hard.  Kevin grinned and came up on the other side and wet his finger and began to play with Jake's asshole.

The giant didn't last long.  He pulled away from the kiss and tilted his head back and shouted, "Awwww fuck!" as he came so hard he nearly blacked out.  He shot ropes of cum into Nick's rectum repeatedly, emptying his big balls completely into the boy to have his sperm mingle with Santa's.  It was the most satisfying orgasm of his life.  He pounded away at Nick's ass until the waves of powerful electricity finally began to subside and then he slowed and stopped, keeping his thick cock pushed as far in to the boy as it would go.  He leaned forward again and began to lovingly neck with him once again.

Kevin and James moved back and went back to work on their own cocks and Jake finally pulled out of Nick and lowered his ass back to the floor and set his legs down on either side of him.  Nick's hand instinctively went straight to his own cock and he began to jack it slowly while he smiled up at Jake.

Jake grinned and watched, then looked over at Kevin and James who were working their young cocks as well.

He was suddenly overcome with an urge to taste their seed in a big way so he said to them, "Let's go to my bedroom.  I've got a king sized bed in there.  There's room for all of us.  Bring the syringes, James."

James grinned and went to his pants to grab the syringes out of the pocket and the boys followed Jake to his bed.

"You boys ever done a circle jerk?" Jake asked.

"Duh, of course we have," Nick said.

Jake grinned and said, "Get on the bed in a circle.  I'll get in the middle.  Hit me with the red syringe, James."

They got into position and James squeezed out a drop onto Jake and the giant suddenly began to shrink down to man size, which of course would be exceedingly small next to the giant-sized boys.  Just as Jake began to shrink he grabbed onto Nick's stiff young tool and hung on.  As he continued to shrink he was soon hanging off the boy's cock and even as he finished shrinking he scrambled up onto the top of it and straddled it.  The miniature Jake grinned up at the three giant boys and they all laughed.  The tables had been turned and it was Jake's turn to enjoy the magnificent, gigantic banquet of flesh surrounding him.

"Come closer together boys," Jake said, "Bring the tips of your cocks together."

The boys were on their knees and Kevin and James moved in closer so the tips of their cocks were almost touching Nick's.

Jake couldn't believe how amazing it was to have these three giant teenage cocks under him.  He began to bounce on Nick's like it was a diving board then he bounced off it onto James' cock and jumped there a few times before he bounced over to Kevin's.  The boys laughed as the miniature giant began to bounce from one cock to another then another.  The boys' cocks were so incredibly stiff that they continued to bounce up and down even after the giant jumped off one onto another.

At one point he missed his landing slightly and a foot came down right at the tip of Nick's cock and hit a big drop of precum that had oozed out.  Jake slipped and fell into the gap between the tips of all three cocks.  By now all the boys were oozing precum and he was immediately coated with the slippery stuff as he slipped through and plummeted down to a soft landing on the rumpled blankets of the bed.  He yelled and laughed all the way down.

The boys chuckled and he yelled up to them, "Let me see you work those beautiful cocks!  I'll just sit here in the middle of you all and watch.  I want you all to cum on me at once!"

The gigantic boys moved a bit further apart so they could all see Jake and aim their cocks down at him and they grinned as they took them in hand and began to jack off.

Jake was mesmerized by the incredible sight.  The boys' balls were swinging back and forth from the energy imparted to them from their enthusiastic jacking.  Nick suddenly reached over and put his left hand under James' balls and began to fondle them.  James smiled and reached over to do the same for Kevin, who reached over and took Nick's balls in hand.  The three boys wanked hard while they fondled each other and their breathing began to get more urgent, short and gasping as their orgasms began to build.  James felt Nick's balls begin to tighten up in his hand as the boy began to moan urgently and it drove James to his own orgasm.  The two boys began to moan loudly as they reached the edge and that made Kevin's orgasm slam into him.  All three boys aimed their cocks down at Jake between them and grunted and tensed as each shot the first volley of cum.

James just missed Jake's face but hit him on the shoulder and chest.  Nick's first shot hit Jake square on the head and his open-mouthed face, and he was instantly covered in boy spooge.  Kevin shot and hit Jake right in the back of the head and down his back.  Again and again they shot spunk at the miniature giant who had his arms spread out and was turning in a circle with his tongue sticking out as the rain of thick teenage cum continued to splatter him from head to toe.  The boys grunted and moaned as they shot everything they had and finally they began to settle down.  The last of their cum dripped down around Jake and he began to scoop up any that had missed him and spread it onto his body.  He was completely and thoroughly covered in the hot spunk of the three giant-sized teenage boys and he was in heaven.

Jake began to shovel their cum into his mouth to slurp down as much as he could.  The three boys lay down on the bed and breathed heavily from their exertion.  Jake climbed up onto Nick and ran down his belly to find his still slightly oozing cock head.  He went to the base and began to squeeze it as hard as he could to coax out the last of the boy's cum and he moved up to the tip and slurped the large glob that was leaking out.  He was getting hugely turned on again and he went back to Nick's pubes to play around there.  The boy smelled absolutely incredible and Jake spent quite a bit of time exploring every nook and cranny.  He did the same to James, and then to Kevin.  He was overwhelmed by the amount of succulent flesh surrounding him and he couldn't get enough.  He crawled up their asses, he stuck his face in between their toes and licked them there, he sniffed and liked at their pits, butt cracks, balls, and enjoyed absolutely every square inch of them, which of course, given the difference in their sizes, would probably be better measured in square yards.

Suddenly James interrupted his fun and said, "Jake, I need to go take a piss really bad.  Can you show me where the bathroom is?"

Jake thought for a moment and asked, "Would you be willing to take part in a bit of kink with me?"

"What sort of kink?" James asked.

"Well, I really like water sports, but usually when I play with someone, they're so much smaller than me I get the equivalent of a few drops on me even if they had a full bladder.  I really love to play with a guy's piss once in a while, but I just don't get enough usually, except sometimes on the morning of Christmas Eve with Nigel.  I'm tiny now and you're gigantic.  I would really, really love to play with your piss," Jake said.

"Really?  You want me to piss on you?" James asked, incredulous.

"Yeah, I'd love that."

"Sure, that would be cool!" James exclaimed.

Jake grinned and said, "Awesome!  The en suite bathroom is a wet room.  It's right over there.  Pick me up and carry me in there."

James put his hand down palm up, just like Jake normally does for the boys, and Jake climbed on.  He carried the tiny giant to the wet room and the other two gigantic boys followed.

The bathroom was really cool.  It had really nice slate tiles going up the walls that had been sealed against moisture.  There was no bathtub.  Instead of an enclosed shower there were two brass shower heads at one end of the room with a short glass wall between them.  They were open to the room.  There were drains in the floor under each shower head and an additional drain in the middle of the room.  It was clear that the whole room was water proof and water, or any other wet thing, could be sprayed anywhere, and the whole place hosed down to clean it up afterward.

"The floor's been rubberized and it's heated from underneath.  Lay down on it James," Jake said.

James set the tiny giant down and then he lay down on the warm, rubber floor.  Jake climbed up onto him and went over to the boy's crotch.  James' cock was already starting to firm up again in anticipation of the kinky thing he was about to do.

"We're gonna try something Santa really likes me to do for him.  He calls it the Golden Geyser," Jake said, "Hold your cock up."

James grabbed his cock and held it so it pointed straight up.  Jake climbed onto his arm, then up to his hand, then shinnied up to the end of his cock and sat on the tip of it, just over the piss slit.

"Let her rip whenever you're ready James.  I'm gonna see how long I can balance on the stream," Jake said, grinning.

James the giant teenager laughed and then grunted as he pushed hard with his bladder.  A powerful stream of piss began to shoot out and it actually started to lift Jake up.  The tiny giant laughed and whooped as he maneuvered onto his belly and spread his arms and legs and allowed the stream to carry him several inches above the end of the boy's cock, which of course to Jake was more like several yards.  It was all James good do to try to keep the stream strong and steady while he laughed.  Kevin and Nick busted out laughing at the sight of the splayed out, miniature man balancing on the powerful golden stream of piss.  Jake wobbled and nearly fell of to the side occasionally but managed to deftly maneuver back to the center.

Finally, the boy's strong stream began to dissipate and Jake settled back down onto James' cock head then quickly moved back onto the hand and put his face to the piss slit and slurped at the weakening fountain of golden liquid.  James squeezed his pelvic muscle hard to shoot the last few spurts of urine at Jake's face and the miniature giant laughed.  He was covered from head to toe with James' piss and he loved it.  He climbed back down and rolled around in what had spattered onto the boy's pubic hair.  He licked at the wonderful tasting treat and dunked his head into James' innie belly button that was full of it.  Jake had always been a fan of the smell and taste of another guy's piss and the sensation of having it pissed onto him, but this was way beyond anything he'd done before.  He wanted to step it up a notch.

"James, would you be OK with your friends taking a piss on you?" Jake asked.

James didn't hesitate to say, "I wouldn't mind that at all.  I think it would be cool!"

Nick and Kevin's faces lit up.  They had never tried this bit of kinky fun before.  The idea of taking a long, hot piss right onto their best friend was somehow incredibly erotic and titillating.  They had to try it.

The boys wasted no time getting on either side of James, who was still lying on the floor with Jake sitting on his flat belly right next to his navel.

Kevin had to take a piss really bad so his stream erupted immediately.  He aimed it right at Jake and the tiny giant was nearly swept right off of James from the force of it.  He was saved by Nick's powerful yellow stream, which struck him from the other side and kept the pressure against him equal on both sides.  He reveled in the incredible sensation of two powerful, massive streams of the teenagers' urine washing over him.  It was the most incredibly erotic thing he'd ever experienced and he loved it.  He rolled around on James' belly as the Kevin and Nick continued to piss on their friend.  They began to move their streams up and down James' body and Jake chased them, trying to stay under them as the boys laughed.

James loved the sensation of the hot piss of his best friends raining down on him.  He wasn't sure why they'd never tried this trick before.  He suddenly wanted to see what it felt like to have giant Jake take a piss right on him.

Nick and Kevin's bladders finally emptied and they squeezed their pelvic muscles to coax out the last few squirts onto Jake, who then went back and sat down right in James' piss-filled belly button and splashed some of it up onto himself.

"Man, I want to try that too," Kevin said, "Jake, could we switch sizes so you could piss on me?"

"Me too!" Nick exclaimed.

"I want you to piss on me too, Jake," James said, "I didn't know I'd like this so much.  I think I'd like to stay this size."

Jake grinned and said, "I'm cool with that."

Kevin had already gone to get the syringes out of the bedroom and brought them in.  He hit Jake with the green one and he grew back to giant size.  Jake took the syringes from Kevin and hit him and Nick with the red one to shrink them back down to boy size.  They immediately crawled up onto James' belly that was covered in their own piss.

Jake smiled down at them and then he took his cock in hand and pressed with his bladder and began to piss on them.  The boys rolled around as the hot yellow stream washed over them.

"Hit my face, Jake," James begged.

Jake brought his stream up to James' face and shot it at his cheeks and lips and the boy opened his mouth to taste it and moaned at the nasty thing he was doing.  He loved it.  Jake continued to empty his bladder, running the stream back down to the two boys on James' belly, then back up to James' face again.  Finally the stream weakened and then stopped.

Kevin and Nick laughed and rolled around on James' piss-soaked belly.  They licked at his skin to taste it and even dipped into his navel for more.  They had tentatively tasted their own piss occasionally out of curiosity but they had no idea how much they'd enjoy it in huge volume coming from someone else.  They resolved to engage in more water sports with each other in the future.

They got off of James and Jake hit them with the green syringe to bring them back to giant size and all four of them went over to the shower heads and cleaned off.

Jake and Nick shared one of the shower heads and they necked passionately under the spray of hot water.

Kevin and James shared the other and had fun carefully washing each other thoroughly.  They lathered up and took each other's cocks in hand and jacked them with the slippery soap until they shot their young loads onto the floor.

Jake got on his knees and sucked Nick's cock until the boy popped in his mouth.  He loved Nick the most and he wished they could be together like this more.  It was so great to be the right sizes for each other for a change.

After they cleaned up, they all went back into the bedroom and had a longer, more intimate and slow fuck session.  Jake pushed his big cock into Nick again and fucked him slowly for a while but James and Kevin said that they wanted to be fucked by him too.

Nick got on his hands and knees and said, "Get on, James"

James got over top of Nick on his hands and knees.  He was just slightly bigger than Nick so his was able to get right over top him and plant his hands and knees on the bed.

James then looked over at Kevin, who grinned and got on top of James.

The boys were now a three-layer fuck toy and Jake grinned and moved in.  He stuck his cock in Kevin first and fucked the boy for a while, then pulled out and jammed his cock into the second hole down, which was James.  James moaned at the great sensation of being impaled on Jake's cock.  Jake began to buck and thrust at him with vigor, then he pulled out and slammed his cock back into Nick.  It became like a game.  Nick began to flex his anus hard to bring Jake off, and Jake would pull out and stuff himself back into Kevin, who would squeeze his sphincter to try to make him cum, then Jake would switch to James.

The boys kept trying to be the one Jake shot into as the man moved from one boy to the next as his lust built until finally he could take no more and he groaned as his orgasm crashed into him and he squirted ropes of cum into whichever boy it was he'd landed in.  It turned out to be James.  Even as he was still cumming he pulled out and thrust into Kevin to give the boy some of his seed, then as his orgasm was slowing he pulled out and pushed back into Nick and let the last of his cum pulse out into him.  He finally pulled out and ran his cum-covered cock up and down the line of tight, young assholes as it oozed the last of its payload out onto the boys.

Kevin got off James and went around behind them as Jake got out of the way.  Kevin then moved in to lick Jake's cum off the assholes of his two friends until they were completely clean while Jake got behind Kevin and cleaned the boy himself, then went around to the front and inserted his cum-covered cock into Nick's mouth to give the boy the treat of cleaning it off.

Jake's orgasm had been the biggest and most powerful he'd had in a long while and he was going to need a short break before he could go again so he moved to the edge of the bed and watched as the three boys began to work themselves into a frenzy of lust again.  Nick rolled onto his back and James moved to straddle his face and inserted his cock into Nick's mouth and began to hump at him hard.  Kevin lifted Nick's legs and inserted himself into the boy's asshole once again and reveled in the sensation of his cock sliding in and out using Jake's cum as lubricant inside Nick's snug rectum.  The two boys roughly and thoroughly used Nick's two holes as they liked to so so often.  They truly never tired of using him this way and Nick could never get enough of it either.

Jake didn't want Nick to go unsatisfied so he came in from the side and slurped Nick's proud, stiff young tool into his mouth and gave him the best blow job he'd ever had.  The three grunted and moaned and bucked and sucked until the three teenagers reached the limit and exploded once again, shooting their cum in heavy spurts.  They shot all they had until their balls were empty again and then finally collapsed in a happy heap onto the bed.

"I love you boys so much," Jake said, "I wish this night could last forever."

"We love you too, Jake," James said, "I'm so glad we decided to come up here tonight."

They all hugged and kissed in turns and then began to fondle each other and things began to build up again.

They used the syringes in turn to explore each other in ways they never could have before.  Kevin enjoyed being shrunk down while giant James and Nick lay on their bellies on the bed with their legs spread.  Kevin eagerly licked and slurped at their giant assholes and stuck his face right in them and reveled in the nasty and wonderfully intimate way to enjoy his best friends.  James shrunk down and slid down into giant Nick's mouth and humped at his tongue until he came and Nick loved it.

They fucked and sucked and licked and pissed and came and did other things while using red drops here and green drops there to switch everyone's sizes this way and that until they finally needed a break.  They switched back to being the right size for Jake's house and went into the kitchen for a snack.  They looked at the clock and saw they still had a couple of hours before midnight so they decided to go out and play with the other present Santa had given them.  Jake switched the batteries in the full sized snowmobile, and then he hit the boys and the radio with the red drops to shrink them back down.  He then brought out the other toy snowmobile that Santa had given him last year, and then hit its radio and then himself with the red drops.

Now everyone was the right size to ride the two snowmobiles.  Kevin got on one while holding the radio and James got behind him to grab the handle bars and keep the two of them attached to the ski-doo.  Jake got on the other and Nick settled right in between his legs, where he belonged.  Jake grabbed the handle bars and Nick worked the radio as they took off like a shot and James and Kevin launched themselves after them.

They had an absolute blast chasing each other all over the place through the dark night.  They jumped and raced and laughed until they wore the batteries out and then they switched them out and did it all over again.  They had a ton of fun together and finally, when there was only about an hour or so left before midnight, they went back into the house, they switched back to giant-sized, undressed, and fucked like bunnies some more.

Finally, just as the witching hour approached they ran out of steam.  The boys had all fallen asleep on Jake's bed from all of the exertion.  Jake wanted to make sure that when they shrank and he grew at midnight nobody would get hurt, so he decided to let them sleep on the bed and he would go elsewhere.  He kissed each of the wonderful boys on the forehead and then he went back into the living room where they had undressed, made himself small with the red drops, then went over to the giant-sized pile of incredible smelling socks and underwear that the boys had so thoughtfully given him for Christmas.  He crawled into the terrific nest and rolled around in it sniffing and snuffling at the incredibly rich bounty of terrific smells at this gigantic scale.  It was the best thing he'd ever enjoyed in his life and it brought tears to his eyes from the deep love he felt for the boys for thinking of him this way and giving him such a fantastic treat.  He finally curled up on top of the pile for a nap, while enveloped in the sweet, wonderful scent of the boys he loved so much.  He fell asleep wearing the most satisfied grin he'd ever worn in his long life.

He woke several hours later to a knocking at the door.  He was now back to being giant-sized and was sleeping on the carpeted floor, with the tiny socks and underwear somewhere underneath him.  He got up and stretched and yawned as he walked over to the door and opened it.  There stood a tiny Santa Claus with a tiny Nigel pulling a tiny sleigh.

Jake grinned and crouched down to pick up Santa and bring him into the house.

"Merry Christmas, Jake, you ho ho ho you!" Santa shouted.

Jake grinned and said, "Merry Christmas, Santa, you horny old fuck.  I can't thank you enough for your gift this year!  It meant more to me than I could ever describe.  I had the absolute best night of my entire life and I will never forget it!  Thanks so much!"

"Awww, it was nothing," Santa said, "You know I love you to bits you sweet, crazy bastard, and I'd do anything for you.  I had a great time fucking those boys and I knew you would too if you were all the right size for each other.  We'll make it a regular thing every Christmas Eve from now on.  I'll bring the boys up at the same time I bring Nigel for you to screw around with and we'll all cut loose with the drops.  I have a feeling they might be open to a bit of that reindeer action too.  These boys are amazingly open-minded."

Jake grinned and nodded, "God knows Nigel would love that.  He'd go ape shit if he got a shot at those boys."

Santa smiled and said, "I wanted to get another shot at them myself.  I was hoping to stretch Nick's hole some more but I got tied up with a few of the people on my naughty list.  Then after they untied me I had to tie them up for a while, then they tied me up again, then Nigel tied us all up and did stuff.  It was a really good time.  I got here later than I expected.  I think I'd better just get the boys home and into their beds.  We don't want their parents worrying about them."

The boys had woken up and climbed down the blankets of the bed to the floor, and they walked into the front room and greeted Santa.

"Hiya, boys!  Did you have a good time?" Santa asked.

"You know it!" Nick shouted, "It was the best!  Jake fucked me half a dozen times by the time we were done!  I love him so much!  You have no idea how happy you made me!"

Santa grinned and said, "That's what Christmas is all about, the smiling face of a happy little boy who's just been fucked in the ass half a dozen times by a giant.  All of you were my Christmas gifts to each other this year.  The drops were just to make things as interesting as possible.  We'll do it again next year and you'll have the whole day.  For now, it's time to get you boys home.  You must be exhausted after all the fun you had."

"Yeah, I think a good night's sleep will feel great," James said, "It's been a busy night.  It will be good to take a nice, relaxing ride on the sleigh going back.  I'm sort of glad the elevator's busted.  I wouldn't want to have to ride that thing again in the cold, and I sure as hell wouldn't want to hump through all that snow again down below to get back home.  It was an ordeal I'll never forget getting up here tonight."

"Yeah, we've been up here tons of times to screw around with Jake and never really had a problem, except the first time.  It seems like whenever the author gets involved it becomes a shit show.  That first time, there was this whole rigmarole with seeds and cum and a hole and electricity and temperature and a thunder storm and all this complicated shit that happened to start our adventure.  It turned out it was just the asshole author trying to make things more interesting.  He likes to screw with us a lot.  If he hadn't got involved in today's adventure things would have gone more smoothly.  I'm pretty sure he got us stuck on that fucking platform on purpose, but it probably wasn't even necessary.  We almost froze to death!" Kevin grumped.

The jolly old elf suddenly put a hand over one of the pockets of his gay, red velvet coat, like he was trying to hide something.

"Oh, wow," chuckled Santa as he cleared his throat, "What a, umm, rude thing to uh, to do to you on purpose for no reason.  That author can be a real asshole, right?  We should all file a complaint with the Nifty archivist or something.  That shit, uh, it shouldn't be allowed.  That's what I think.  Yeah."

James saw the guilty look on Santa's face and he suddenly became as suspicious as the author had suddenly become.  Something was a bit off here.  The quote 'The lady doth protest too much, methinks' comes to mind.  Of course, Santa was a fat, horny old man and certainly no lady, but the point I was trying to make was that his reaction was a bit too strong and seemed oddly out of place.

James thought hard about everything that had happened when this adventure had begun.  Something had been niggling at him and he felt it was time to focus on it hard.  He was the smartest of the boys after all, and he felt it was his responsibility to figure out what was up and make the shocking reveal.  Suddenly, it came to him.  How the hell did Santa know in advance that they would be delivering Jake's gift to him?

"Wait a minute!" James exclaimed, "On that note you wrote for Jake it said something about coming back to pick up the boys after your run!  The note was already wrapped up inside the gift and sitting on the back of your sleigh, like you knew way in advance we were gonna be stuck and freezing to death and you would have to come save us, and make us feel grateful enough that we would let you fuck us, and then get us to deliver the package for you!  What the hell are you hiding in your pocket anyhow?"

James suddenly lunged at Santa and jammed his hand into his coat pocket while the fat old bastard protested, and when James' hand emerged, it held another of the remotes for the elevator platform, but this one looked bigger and beefier with more buttons, like it was the master control or something.

"I knew it!" James shouted as he held up the remote and pointed at Santa Claus, "Je t'accuse, motherfucker!  You were the one screwing with the machinery!  The author thought he was the one that broke it, but you shut it down with your own remote so you could come to our rescue and have a go at us!"

(Holy fuck!  I was right not to blame myself for the boys almost freezing to death!  It was that crazy bastard Santa Claus!  Fuck I love that guy!)

Santa turned beet red and said, "I, uh, what?  No!  Ummm...."

"You know he's right, Santa," Jake the giant said, "That's just the sort of thing you would do for a chance to fuck three young boys!"

Santa looked at Jake, then back at the boys, then his shoulders slumped and he said, "I'm sorry, boys.  James is right, the clever little fucker.  It was me that got you stuck so you would need a rescue.  Nigel and I were hiding down below the platform where the author couldn't even see us and making sounds to mimic squealing machinery and I was banging on the shaft with a wrench to add some clanking the whole time the author was screwing around with you.  Nigel loves playing pranks and he was giggling like a fool through the whole thing.  When a reindeer giggles it sort of sounds like gears not meshing properly and grinding so it all worked for the gag.  We finally used our remote to shut it down completely without the author even knowing so he would think he broke it.  It wasn't really broken at all.  Right after I dropped you guys off near the hole I sent the platform back down.  It's still working fine."

"Why the hell would you put us through that?" asked Kevin.

"Like I said earlier, I've had my eye on you all since you were little boys," Santa explained, "What I didn't mention was that I usually had my dick in my hand while I watched you.  Have you ever wondered how Santa knows whether you've been bad or good?  It's because I can see what you're doing anytime I want.  Including when you're in the bath or shower, or lying on your bed alone playing with yourself, or even when you're up here screwing around with Jake.  I watched your beautiful young bodies develop to the point where you're all playing with each other all the time now and it's awesome!  I finally decided I had to have a taste, but I figured you wouldn't be interested in someone who looks like me.  I also knew you couldn't resist going up to see Jake on Christmas Eve.  I saw the author playing with himself a lot lately too, which usually means he's overdue to write some sex fantasy he's been having, and I knew he couldn't resist writing about your trip up to see Jake on Christmas Eve.  I knew the author's story would be incredibly boring as usual, so I wanted to make it more interesting by getting myself involved in it and throwing in a twist even he wouldn't see coming.  The complications I added made his story way more interesting than it would have been if it was left to him to make it all up on his own.  Of course, I did it for selfish reasons too.  I saw it as a chance to get you boys in a real jam, scare the crap out of you, and then come to your rescue, so you'd be grateful enough to show a fat old man a good time.  Besides, I get a strange kick out of forcing other people to smell my farts."

Santa blushed and grinned sheepishly at his own admission.

The author certainly couldn't hold it against the sweet, crazy old bastard.  Santa had given him the Christmas gift of a better story than he probably could have ever written on his own.  I really do love that guy!

The boys all started laughing and Nick said, "Jesus Christ, Santa Claus, you didn't have to go to all that trouble just to get a shot at me.  You're an incredible fuck.  I would love to have you dump your cum in my ass anytime!"

"Yeah, I'd be happy to fuck your incredibly tight hole any time you want too, Santa," said Kevin.

"And obviously if you want my cock in your face and down your throat, just say the word," said James.

Jake said, "You already know that anytime you, or especially Nigel, are aching for a long fuck session, you're welcome to come by.  You really are an incredibly great lay.  I think absolutely everyone should take a shot at you if they get the chance.  Nick's idea of hiding behind the Christmas tree and jumping out when you show up sounds like a great one."

"Awww shucks, you guys are the best!" Santa exclaimed, "I guess I put you through all that bullshit up front for nothing.  I'm glad you're not all pissed at me.  Anyhow, let's get you boys home.  I'll let you all have one more go at Santa while I tuck you in to your beds."

They all nodded and the boys got dressed and ready to go.  They waved goodbye to Jake the giant as James got on to the back of the sleigh again where there was plenty of room for him now that Santa's big sack was completely empty.  We're talking about his toy sack by the way.  His big sack between his legs was full to busting again but he would be emptying that soon enough.  Kevin rode Nigel, though not in the way the sweet ass reindeer would like.  There was actually room for him in the back of the sleigh with James now that the toy sack was empty, but he was actually starting to grow fond of Nigel and considering maybe giving the reindeer exactly what he wanted one of these days soon, and he just felt like being close to him for a bit.  As for Nick, this time when he went to sit down on Santa's lap, the old man pulled the front of his red velvet pants and underwear down and hooked them under his massive balls and exposed his rock hard eight inch tool.  Nick smiled and pulled down his pants and settled down onto the amazing, thick, throbbing cock and let it slide right up his hungry hole.  They had a lovely, bumpy sleigh ride all the way back to the elevator access and Santa shot his load up inside of his favorite boy as Nick bumped up and down on his cock.

Finally, they reached the hole, dropped into it, and zoomed downward so Santa could drop each of the boys off at their respective homes.

Santa went to James' house first.  He let the boy fuck his face and cum onto his tongue again just before he kissed him on the forehead and tucked him in to his bed.  He then brought Kevin home, and he moaned in pleasure as he let the boy fuck his tight hole one last time and bust a nut into him before he tucked the sweet, lovable young scamp into his bed.  Finally, he'd been so turned on and built such a big load again while servicing the other two boys that when he got Nick home, he had to jam his thick log up the boy's sweet, tight ass one more time and dump his massive load of cum into him yet again.  He then kissed Nick on the cheek and told him what a great guy he was and how everyone loved him best, then he left the boy to have sweet dreams of getting rogered by a giant rabbit in their next adventure.

Having safely tucked the sweet boys away in their beds, Santa got back on his sleigh, smacked a happy Nigel on the ass with the whip, then headed skyward to go and mess around with Jake for a while.  He was feeling a bit of a strange urge coming on and he wanted to see if he could convince Jake to take a dump in the bathtub so Santa could try his hand at log rolling like a lumberjack.  That seemed like it would be awesome fun.

As they began to rise into the sky and Santa repeatedly cracked the whip at Nigel's taut ass and the reindeer screamed in exquisite pleasure, anyone who might have gone to their window to see what was the matter would have heard the fat old lech exclaim ere he drove out of sight, "Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night!  I gotta go fuck a giant now!"

The End

Since this was a fairy tale, I feel there should be some sort of moral attached to it so it's not completely pointless and something useful is learned.  The only thing that really comes to mind, because it's important, is, "Never blame the author when things go bad and machinery breaks down and innocent lives are at risk.  It's probably not his fault at all.  It's some horny old bastard with a remote or something."  Yeah, that'll do nicely.

Oh, and Santa is a fat, old, white haired dude, yet he turned out to be an incredible lay that you would not want to miss out on if given the chance!  So, "Don't judge a book by its cover."  Yeah, that one's been done to death, but it really applies here.  The next time a fat old guy plays some trick on you to get you to bend over so he can plow your ass (don't laugh, it happens to me all the time) just smile, bend over, and let him have at it.  I promise you will have an amazing time!  His age or looks don't matter in the least if he's got the hots for you and just wants to get busy.  There is nothing more beautiful in the universe than a horny man who's completely hard for you, no matter what he looks like or how old he might be.  And don't even get me started on reindeer...

Anyhow, I hope you all enjoyed this story.  It is my Christmas gift to you.

I know, you were hoping for something better.  I'd been wearing the same socks and underwear for weeks during my workouts without washing them and that was what I was gonna give you, but then I realized I don't know where you live and you'd probably want to keep it that way, so there was no way I could get them to you.  Remember the underwear I was wearing in the pics in that link in my sig in that email that I sent you when I replied to yours?  The ones where my cock and balls were hooked over the waistband for you to get a good look at?  Those are the ones I was getting ready for you.  Trust me when I say you would have enjoyed them immensely.

Anyhow, I wrote you this story instead.  It's a poor substitute but it will have to do.

I wish you all the best for the holidays.  May they be filled with fun and frolic, love and laughter!  I wish I could be there to enjoy them with you.  I love all of you guys to bits, even though I don't know your asses from Adam.

Take care, and have a very merry Christmas you sweet, crazy bastards!

Yours truly,

P.S.  What the hell did you get for me, and when can I expect it?  Is it socks and underwear just like I was gonna give you?  Used socks and underwear?  Really, really, really well used socks and underwear, that you've been sweating into for ages and never washed?  I knew it!  You guys really do know what I like!  I love you guys!  Thanks so much!  I'll just wait over there until the mailman brings them.  I'll wait and think about how much you must love me to have sent me something so great.  I'll just wait and wait, however long it takes.  I'm sure you must have sent them a while ago to make sure I'd have them by Christmas so I won't have to wait too long at all.  Man, those socks are gonna be great, you know how great your feet smell, and the underwear, you sweat a lot there and I just know they're gonna be fantastic!  I'd rather lick the sweat straight from the crack of that sweet ass of yours instead, or suck on your toes, but the underwear and socks will be the next best thing for sure.  I can't wait until they get here.  Although, I guess I have to wait.  I have no choice, really.  You sent them though, right?  Anyhow, I'm glad you enjoyed the story I worked so long and hard to write for you.  I'll just keep waiting for the gift you worked so long and hard on for me to arrive.  I'll wait and wait, and I won't give up waiting, no matter what.  Even if I do have to wait a really long time, I won't get angry or anything.  Not much anyways.  There might be a bit of retribution, but it shouldn't be too severe.  It will just be a little something to teach you a lesson.  I don't know what it will be exactly, but I'm sure I'll think of something.  I have a pretty good imagination.

P.P.S. Wait, is that the mailman?  Shit, it's just that stupid kid who delivers flyers.  I'm sick of all that shit piling up on my front steps.  I was really hoping it was your socks arriving.  Even if it was the mailman, he'd probably just be dropping off another application for credit that I'd be guaranteed to qualify for, or a packet of coupons, or another catalog from that cheap build-it-yourself furniture store or the takeout menu from the latest Chinese food restaurant that opened nearby or some shit like that.  Why is it that all the mail I get these days is junk mail anyhow?  Remember when you used to get actual mail?  People would actually sit down and write something on a piece of paper while thinking of you, put it in an envelope, and send it over to you so you could enjoy opening it up, sitting down, and reading it while thinking of them.  Remember that?  Now everything is email and SMS and tweets and blogs and shit like that and nothing is truly personal anymore.  But I digress...


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