What follows is a work of complete fantasy.

This tongue-in-cheek modern fairy tale will describe sexual acts between several young boys and a giant.  Yep, ya heard me, an actual beanstalk dwelling, cloud kingdom owning, fee-fi-fo-ing giant.

If this is not the type of story you would enjoy, please stop reading now.

If there is any reason legal or otherwise why you should not read such a story, please stop reading now.

If you are the type of person who has any difficulty whatsoever separating fantasy from reality, please stop reading now.

The events depicted in these stories have not happened, and will not ever happen. No one should ever attempt to replicate them in any way in real life. These events are a work of fantasy for the enjoyment of those with a healthy mind who have no problem keeping them in the realm of imagination. I have never attempted, nor would I attempt, any such acts myself and as such I am likely to get some details completely wrong. One thing I am certain of is that in real life, young boys would NOT appreciate this sort of thing being done to them and they are INCAPABLE of giving informed consent to allow these things to be done to them. If you ever even consider attempting these acts in real life then you should immediately seek help.

Children are wonderful innocent little people. If there are any in your life I would appreciate if you would consider it your duty to shelter them from any of the sorts of ideas presented in this story. Let them grow up without the knowledge that anyone even thinks this way. Let them become the excellent men and women they are destined to be without knowing these thoughts exist until they are adults and old enough to decide for them selves what they like to fantasize about. Respect them, protect them, and defend them from anyone who may seek to harm them in any way, and most of all just let them be kids.

That said if you are still reading I do hope you enjoy the story.

This story is the property of the author and may not be reproduced in whole or in part in any way without my express, written consent. Nifty.org has my express consent.

About the story:

This story is a fetishist's fairy tale and mostly a humorous lark that leaped from my fevered and twisted imagination after seeing the trailer for a recent box office stinker.  Those who haven’t got the patience for a bit of fun and a lot of perversion and weirdness should simply move on to find something more down to earth.  As the story involves teenaged boys, the f-bomb is dropped frequently and without mercy.  To help you decide if you would enjoy this story please have a look at these quotes from some fake reviews.  They may give subtle clues as to the nature of the story...

“Holy crap this was gr8!  Exactly the kind of sick shit I like to read!” – ArmPitStankFootBootLickCrotchSweatButtCrackLuvr

“I laughed, I cried, I screamed a couple times, I cried some more, and then I spooged!” – TheBoneN8R

“I chuckled once or twice I suppose, but the sex was too unconventional.” – Missionary.Milquetoast

“It was long.” – Jim

“It was a fascinating study of the juxtaposition inherent in the relationship between id and ego where it pertains to the emergence of sexual behavior within the delicate and impressionable psyche of innocent youth, versus the dangerously well honed and unpleasantly realized depravation of the author.” – JakeXtraTall@gmail.com

"I give it a 100 out of 10.  I was gonna give it a 10 but it's so f'ing good I thought I should move the decimal point to the right one place or something.
” – BrwnNoseR

“What the fuck was that and how do I un-read it?” – NormalDude@notweirdorbroken.org

“It was one of the most entertaining romps I’ve ever enjoyed, and I’ve romped a lot.
” – May_I_Eat_Your_Underwear@fetish.yesplease

“Of all of the stories I’ve ever read at Nifty.org, this was definitely one of them.
” – TheReviewMeister

So if you’ve read all those reviews and you still think you’re ready to go, then hurry up and go why don’t you?  Then come back and read the story.

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James and the Giant Perv

Once upon a time in a land just a short drive away from where the author lives, there were three exceedingly horny teenaged boys who were walking in a park on a typically warm Saturday afternoon in the middle of summer.

Actually, I suppose it’s unnecessarily redundant to use the phrases “exceedingly horny” and “teenaged boys” together.  It should suffice to say that like most boys of their age they were desperate to find new and different ways to use their now fully functional genitalia, and equally frustrated at how difficult it was to come up with solid working ideas.

The boys walked along as they normally do at this time of day laughing and joking with each other.  They were the best of friends and they shared every experience together that they could.  Not only were they teenagers, and just as horny as one might expect, but they were also on summer break to boot.  They had all the time in the world on their hands and they were carefree and looking for trouble.  The world was their oyster and they would pluck its shiny pearl for their own (and then likely hump the slippery meat left behind in the shell if they could figure out a way).

They felt completely free.  They could do what they wanted, when they wanted, and however they wanted.  Of course in case it might not yet be clear, being teenaged boys you see, what they wanted was sex, and when they wanted it was always, and how they wanted it was in every possible way, including ways they couldn’t even yet imagine, but that’s neither here nor there.  Or is it?  In fact, it may not only be here, but also very much there.  Get me?  No?  Anyhow, let us dispense with the setup and proceed to the meat of the matter.  The time has come for these boys to learn a thing or twelve.  Come along, dear reader, and see what sorts of bizarre and twisted things can befall the careless horny teenager in this weird, weird world.

After just a bit more setup of course…

The “here” in question was a greenbelt made up of a river valley that cuts through the heart of a city (the “there” is a place far stranger than here, that we shall get to a bit later, as will the boys).  There is a network of paved walking trails “here” that connects various parks all along the green belt.  All sorts of adventures are had here on a regular basis.  Read one of my other stories if you don’t believe me.  It’s a wonderful place to spend time on a hot summer day and it was the favorite hangout of these particular three boys.

The boys had been skate boarding all morning and it was already early afternoon and they had not yet had their lunch.  So, moments earlier they had stopped at a street vendor’s cart to purchase burritos to eat.  You may ask, “What the hell else would you purchase a burrito for if not to eat it?”  Have I mentioned yet that they were horny?  Well, as they walked with their foil and paper wrapped lunches in hand there was some discussion of just letting the burritos cool a bit, ripping an end off, and then humping the warm wet filling.  Ultimately they had decided that they were entirely too hungry and they should just head to their usual quiet secluded spot to sit down and eat them.

Like typical teenaged boys who were flush with the energy of overflowing hormones and deep in the throes of puberty they could not stop talking about ideas for sex (like that burrito fucking thing for example) and all of the talk had made the three of them hard as rock as they walked along.

They finally came to a nice circular grass clearing well off the beaten path that they always liked to sit at while they ate their lunch.  The boys settled in and got ready to un-wrap their burritos.  That’s not a euphemism for pulling their cocks out by the way, they really were just hungry and were planning to eat their lunch.

Then a somewhat humorous conversation broke out that, while there was no way for the boys to know it, would lead to the strangest events of their young lives to date.

Let’s listen in…

“Man, I got such a boner it hurts.  I wish I could hump someone right now,” complained James.

“Yeah, you always say that when there’s no one around to hump.  Come to think of it there never is anyone around to hump.  You’re always horny anyways and I swear you’d hump anything that moves,” said Nick, “hell, it probably wouldn’t even need to be moving for Christ’s sake.”

Kevin laughed, “Yeah, you’d probably even fuck a hole in the ground!”

James chuckled, “Like you guys are any less horny.  You got tents in your shorts too.  Don’t tell me you wouldn’t fuck a hole in the ground.”

“I sure wouldn’t, I don’t think Nick would either.  We’re not as desperate as you are James,” Kevin chided.

While they were talking Nick had picked up a dried up piece of a branch and stuck it into the soft ground and twisted it a few times to create a nice cylindrical hole that was about six inches deep and two inches across.

“Oh my God James, check out that hole, it’s so sweet and tight and inviting.  I think it’s been checking you out.  It really wants you man!” he teased.

James set his burrito aside and jokingly took a long lusty look at the hole while rubbing his boner through his shorts and said, “You know, I think you’re right.  I can’t pass up a chance like this.  How many holes just sit there and beg for it like that?”

He yanked down his shorts and underwear releasing his rigid, proud young tool, and dived at the ground and with some effort and a grunt, he stuffed his hard, eager young dick right in the hole.  The two other boys busted out laughing as they watched his smooth, pale ass bobbing up and down.

Much to James’ surprise it actually felt pretty good.  The soil was still a bit moist from an early morning rain shower and his rock hard cock was really snug in the hole and as he pushed it in, the compression squeezed a bit more moisture out of the sides of the hole and his cock started sliding in and out smoothly with a wet sucking sound.

To the other boys’ surprise James actually started to fuck the hole for real.  His body took over and he forgot that anyone else was there.  He bucked and moaned, reveling in the new and different way to use his cock, and before long he shot ropes of his young boy spunk right into the hole while groaning his contentment.

The other boys were now rolling on their backs, laughing and hooting as they realized their friend really was horny enough to fuck a hole in the ground!

James came back down from the orgasm and rolled off the hole and lay on his back for a minute with a satisfied smile on his face and his dirt covered cock softening on his pubic area, oozing out the last of its payload.

“You guys gotta try that!  It’s awesome!” he exclaimed.

“Fuck you, we’re not that desperate……are we?” Kevin asked Nick, suddenly sounding unsure of the fact.

“Not yet, no.” said Nick though he seemed to be looking longingly at the hole.

There was some chance that the other two boys would indeed be trying this trick on their own later on when they were alone.  The important thing that raised them above James’ level of desperation was that there was no way they would fuck a hole in the ground, unless nobody was there to see them try it.

For now they all remembered their hunger and turned back to their burritos.

They were nearly finished eating when James suddenly stopped and mumbled “ouch” through a mouth full of food.  He worked his mouth around and then spat a couple of hard beans out into his palm.

“What the fuck?  These beans aren’t refried, they’re petrified!  I nearly busted a tooth on them!”

The others chuckled at him and suggested he bring them back to the vendor and make a scene to get his money back.  He wasn’t that desperate for money though and he was too lazy to try to make a case for himself.  He simply tossed the beans over his shoulder and quite by fluke they fell right down into the cum-filled hole in the ground that had just been vacated by his own stiff, throbbing, jizz squirting penis.

(Stop trying to guess where this is going, you can't possibly do it......can you? the author asked, suddenly sounding unsure of the fact.)

The boys finished eating.  Not long after, full and sleepy from their meals and tired from all the boarding, walking, talking, laughing and fucking of holes, they fell asleep on the grass as they usually did for an afternoon nap.

Little did the boys know that those weren’t any old ordinary beans.  They were in fact the droppings that came straight out of the dirty asshole of a very special bird that only lives in a magical land high above the earth in the clouds.  This particular bird likes to eat the seed pods of an exceptionally vigorously growing vine that can normally only be found there.  The bird can only digest the fleshy parts of the pods, so it must shit the seeds out.  Earlier that very morning the bird had taken a dump while flying over the edge of the cloud and the poop had fallen all the way down through the sky and came to rest right in the open pot of refried beans that had gone into the boys’ burritos and ultimately into James’ mouth.

As if all of that weren’t interesting (or disgusting) enough on its own, it should be pointed out that the bird in question is gigantic by our earthly standards and has a wing span approaching 60 feet across.  The vile smelly turds it drops are actually two or three feet in diameter but due to their magical nature, and quite luckily for all those below in the drop zone I might add, as they fell from the rarified air in the magical cloud kingdom down to the higher pressure of the completely mundane atmosphere below, the pooped out seeds shrank and compressed at an amazing rate such that they were all the way down to the size of an every day red bean by the time they reached the ground, or the refried bean pot in this particular case.  Is that cool or what?

(As an aside: The moral of this part of the fairy tale is simple yet important enough to take the time to point out...  “He who eats the street meat, knows not the ingredients.”  In other words, don’t buy your food from a sidewalk vendor.  You never know what has fallen into it.  Stick to a nice meal cooked indoors in a clean restaurant if you want a better [though sadly still not guaranteed] chance of not eating shit.)

Coming back to the story, the vine these seeds would grow into could certainly be quite dangerous to anyone right over top of it when it decided to grow.  In this particular case however, there was actually no real danger.  The author was quite certain of it.  While these plants could grow freely up in the clouds in that magical land, the seeds could not normally germinate down on earth given their highly compressed state.  That is to say, they can’t grow down here unless some exceedingly implausible requirements were met.

They had to be planted in an open hole no more than six inches deep and two inches across.  They needed to be fertilized and nourished by the potent semen of a young boy.  They needed just the right amount of fresh water added to the mix, exactly ten drops, no more and no less.  Finally, to actually trigger their growth they needed a sudden drop in temperature of precisely seven degrees accompanied by a good jolt of electricity.

I mean what are the odds, right?  Clearly these conditions were ludicrously demanding and could not come about on their own even in the wildest imaginings of the most depraved author.  I mean yeah, we’ve already got the perfect hole with the seeds and the cum, but that other shit?  No way.  It was simply not possible.  This was a real good thing since once triggered the growth of the plant would be sudden and explosive, resulting in a vine that would instinctively and inexorably be driven, by the awesome erection inducing power of pubescent spooge, to continue to grow harder and thicker and longer until it reached its native land high in the clouds.

The vine would have expended all of its energy by then and like many things that start small and then rapidly grow to a long hard stiffness, once spent it would quickly wither and shrink back into the earth never to be seen again.  That is to say, never to be seen again unless by some strange chance those ludicrously demanding and ridiculously improbable conditions were met once again. But I mean, really, what are the odds, right?

As the three luscious boys dozed in the afternoon heat they were blissfully unaware of storm clouds that were rapidly building in the sky above them, powered by the heat of the afternoon sun and the chilled air of a cold front that was swiftly moving in.  There was going to be a brief but severe thunder storm in a few minutes and they had a long way to go to get to shelter but they didn’t even know the danger they were in.

The black clouds boiled and the sky began to darken.  The wind whipped up and completely unexpectedly and without warning, as the cold front rushed in the temperature dropped by precisely seven degrees.  Rain drops started to fall intermittently at the front of the storm as the menacing clouds prepared to unleash their deluge.  Several drops of rain fell and probably exactly ten of them, no more and no less, actually landed right in the little six inch by two inch hole with the boy’s cum and the seeds.

Right about at the seventh degree of temperature drop, and just after the tenth drop of rain, no more and no less, entered the hole, quite by chance (though I’m guessing at this point you were completely expecting it, clever reader) a bolt of lightning shot down from the dark, angry clouds and struck the hole.

Seriously, I ask you, what are the odds?

Anyhow, in the words of many a gentle poet from days gone by, all fucking hell broke loose.  There was a clap of thunder so loud it sounded like a long and violent train wreck from two freight trains colliding head on at full speed.  A deep rumble began in the earth and grew until the ground all around the boys bulged and heaved tremendously and with a powerful ear-splitting groan the entire clearing broke free from the earth and began to rise at an alarming rate into the sky.

The boys woke with a start as they rocketed vertically through the air on the piece of ground they’d been so peacefully slumbering on moments ago.

The boys jumped to their feet and stood unsteadily, looking around in alarm.

“What the fuck is this shit when it’s at home!?” yelled James over the rush of wind.

“Fucked if I know!” yelled Nick.

“Fuck, we’re going up!” yelled Kevin.

“Wow genius, you figured that much out did you?!” yelled Nick.

“Fuck you and your little mom too!” yelled Kevin.

Nick punched Kevin hard on the shoulder.

Kevin slapped Nick on the back of his head.

Nick pushed at Kevin to knock him over but Kevin grabbed his shirt and pulled him down with him.

The two started laughing as they wrestled on the ground.

“Will you two fucking girls get a room or something?” yelled James, “I’m busy getting ready to die right over here and I don’t need the distraction!”

As they continued to rush skyward the three boys got to their hands and knees and crawled closer to the edge to look down.  Stretching straight down for what looked like miles was a long thick vine that appeared to be still growing beneath them.  The power of teenage jizz was indeed a force to be reckoned with.

They were accelerating upward at such a rate it felt like they weighed five times more than normal.  The scene below was starting to look less like a picture from a very high place, and more like a shot from the fucking space station.

“Holy fucking, butt munching, hairy palmed Jebus!  We’re pretty much hooped if this thing keeps going!  We’re gonna be launched right into space and our heads will pop like in the movies!” yelled Nick.

“Yeah, listen guys, if we see even a little chance of jumping off this fucking thing onto something solid we gotta take it OK?  Don’t hesitate!” James yelled.

The other boys nodded and they continued to watch from the edge of the “clearing” as it shot upwards toward space.

Suddenly they moved into a thick cloud and their upward trajectory seemed to slow to a safer pace and quicker than they could say “thefuckisthisshit?” they popped right out the top of it into what appeared to be a dense jungle.

“Jump you idiots! Now!!!” yelled James.

The three boys did not hesitate and took several steps back then ran at full speed and they bravely leaped out from the edge.  They flew out over the alien landscape and dropped down the entire three inches to the ground right beside the “clearing” just as it came to a stop.  They didn’t even fall over when they landed.

“Well, that was easy,” said James.

They all noticed that the piece of earth that had carried them up was completely stationary beside them now, just three inches above the level of the ground they were standing on.  They hadn’t really needed to jump after all.  They could have just stepped off it.  Suddenly to their surprise it shivered once, and then dropped out of sight.  They rushed to the edge and watched it shrink rapidly as it rushed straight back down towards the earth.

“Umm, James, do you think maybe we should have stayed on it instead of getting off?” asked Kevin.

“What, no, huh?” said James, not quite feeling his smartest at the moment.

“How the fuck are we gonna get back down now, brainiac?  Look at it go!  If we’d stayed right on it we could have just rode it back down and then gone home and watched fucking Vampire Diaries,” Nick said angrily.

The other two boys stopped and stared at Nick in stunned astonishment.

“Vampire Diaries?” asked James.

“You’re so totally fucking gay!” said Kevin.

“Shut the hell up!  What are we gonna do?” asked Nick, turning to James.

“Why the hell are you asking me?” asked James.

“Because it was your fucking brilliant idea to get off!!” yelled Nick.

James punched Nick hard on the shoulder.

Nick slapped James on the back of his head.

James moved to push Nick down but Nick grabbed his shirt and pulled him down with him.

The two started laughing as they wrestled on the ground.

“Oh for fuck’s sake, we did this routine already!  Get up!” yelled Kevin.

They got up.

The boys decided there wasn’t much they could do but look around and try to figure out where they were.  They walked a long way while looking in every direction at the unbelievably large vegetation.  They jumped a couple of times as unusually large bugs roughly the size of a Great Dane skittered by.  They could occasionally hear strange grunts and growls off in the jungle, and the cries of what sounded like very large predatory birds.  They were getting more and more nervous about their predicament and began wondering what they might end up being food for up here.

The boys came up over a rise and James suddenly pointed and said, “Holy shit! There’s someone there!”

There ahead of them, standing on a hill, was a man.  He appeared to be around 38, about 6 foot 5 inches tall and 250 pounds or so of sexy muscle and bone.  He had dark hair and a neatly trimmed goatee.  He was wearing a pair of athletic shorts that covered a nice basket and he had no shirt covering his large muscular frame.  He was covered in abundant, nice and soft looking body hair on his exposed bulging arms and thick powerful legs and especially on his intensely masculine chest.  An appealing trail of dark soft hair led from the forest on his chest down across his belly past his beautiful innie navel and disappeared into the waistband of his shorts.  On his big manly feet he wore some thick athletic socks bunched up slightly around his ankles in his extremely beat up, super hot looking, large hiking boots that were loosely tied with the tongue hanging forward.  What a fucking sexy god this guy looked like, seriously!

To Nick, who was in fact secretly just as Kevin had suggested earlier, so totally fucking gay, the attractive man looked like someone he would very much like to snuggle with.  He looked like a nice big huggable bear in shorts.

“He looks like a nice big huggable bear in shorts,” Nick said.

“Don’t just repeat what the author says dipshit.  Try to come up with your own dialog!” James scolded.

“Fuck you, he does look huggable, doesn’t he?”

“Yeah, but there’s something wrong here.  He looks weird, like I’m seeing him through a haze or something.  My eyes aren’t adjusting right,” said James.

As they were talking, a heart-meltingly gorgeous smile lit up the man's unbelievably handsome face and his eyes sparkled as he slowly raised his arm and waved his hand a couple of times toward himself in a gesture to get the boys to come over, and his lips moved.

A moment later his warm, masculine and very inviting voice reached them, "Hiya boys, come on over here."

(I should take a moment here to point out that the man’s description is completely based on me, the author, right down to the last detail, honest!  Err, yeah.)

“Did you guys see that!?” James said, alarmed.

“Yeah, his lips moved and there was a delay before we could hear his voice!” replied Nick.

“I don’t know about this,” said Kevin, “I think we should probably not go near him.”

“Yeah, I think you’re right, for once in your sorry ass life,” said Nick.

Kevin punched Nick hard on the shoulder.

Nick slapped Kevin on the back of his…

“Cut that shit right now!” James ordered, “Don’t be so chicken you guys.  We’re screwed if we don’t find some way back down.  He must know how to get out of here.  I’m gonna go check him out.  You guys can stay here if you want.”

Nick and Kevin were not about to be left behind.  They were indeed quite chicken.  Far too chicken to actually stay behind by themselves in the spooky jungle.  James had always been their de facto leader and they intended to stick with him where they could feel safe.  He was the man with all the ideas and they tended to do whatever he suggested.  They seemed to have already forgotten the fact that he was the reason they were stuck up here.

The three boys started walking towards the man.  Occasionally they would lose him behind giant vines or ferns or low hills or huge spreading toadstools as big as a garage, but each time he reappeared he looked much bigger but didn’t really look much closer somehow.  It was very puzzling to them and James was doing his best to suss out the reason for it in his head.  There was something in particular that had been bothering him.  Then it came to him...

“Shit, I just remembered something from physics class,” James said.

“You were paying attention in physics?” Nick asked, incredulous.

“Yeah, I’m not a slackass dolt like you, I like to learn shit while I’m at school.”

Nick wound up to punch James hard on the shoulder but James immediately put up his hand and shook his head in warning.

“Listen, there was something about the speed of sound being way slower than the speed of light.  If we saw that guy’s lips move before we heard his voice he must have been really far away.  Going by how long we’ve walked and the fact that he’s still a ways out there, I’d say his size is a fair bit bigger than the author said,” James explained.

“Yeah, what did he say?  Something like 6’ 5 inches and 250 pounds?  I think it’s time to up that estimate,” said Kevin.

Kevin was right of course, the little know-it-all.  It was indeed time.  The author had said that the man “appeared” to be 38 years old, 6’ 5 and 250 pounds.  It’s a commonly used diversion to say something as though it was fact, which actually turns out to be wrong and it creates a big surprise later on.  Or at least it would if the little shits hadn’t figured it out already.

To put it as plainly as possible, perspective can do strange things to perception and vice versa when infuenced or even overridden by our preconceived expectations.  Simple, yes?  I know you got it, but I should probably explain it more for that other guy who didn’t…

The boys certainly didn’t expect to see a real live giant so their brains ignored all the cues that said he was much larger than normal and much, much farther away, and their minds twisted reality just a bit to make him appear to be man sized and just a short distance away.  They saw the only thing that made sense to them.  This perception was easier to process.

The reality of the long distance made it hard for their eyes to focus right and they were in fact seeing him through a haze of smog from the filthy world below.  And of course there was that shit about the speed of sound and light that the smartasses had somehow figured out on their own.

In actual fact, the “man” was really 380 years old, which is not even middle aged yet for a giant.  He was 65 feet tall and weighed around 2500 pounds.  See, you sort of move the decimal point over to the right one place or something.

The boys didn’t know it yet of course but even his cock, which if he’d popped it out of his shorts when fully erect would have appeared to be a nice, thick, cut 7 inches long from back where they first saw him, was in fact about 7 feet long!  A whole fucking decimal place bigger, see?!

Do not question my math!  If we were using metric sizes instead of these archaic fucking English units it would be one decimal place, I promise you.  Ten times bigger, see?  In any case the one thing that can be said is, “Boy are they in for a surprise if he pulls his shorts down!”  Am I right or what?

Now that they were better informed with the new estimate of the man’s size that had been provided by the author, the boys realized that it was time to refer to him as a “giant”.  James was still of a mind to check him out and see if he could tell them how to get home, so on they went.  They continued to walk towards the giant until finally after what seemed a very long time they arrived at his gigantic feet, sweating profusely from the exertion.

“Christ you guys, I can’t tell you how much I’ve been looking forward to this moment!” the giant exclaimed, “My name is Jake, and I’ll be your giant during your stay here.”

He grinned down at the boys and waited for their response.

James and Kevin tilted their heads way back to look up at the giant’s face.  Nick meanwhile leaned in a bit to try to look up the leg hole of the giant’s shorts.

“Hiya, I’m James and that’s Kevin, the one over there with the raging hard on in his shorts for some reason is Nick.”

“I’m really happy to meet you guys,” said Jake the giant.

“I’m happy as fuck to meet you!” said Nick, his boner making a very prominent tent in his shorts as he surveyed the incredible tower of manliness.

“I like the sound of that Nick.  Come on guys, I’ll take you back to my place.  It would be about an hour’s walk for you guys though.  Will you let me carry you so we can be there in five minutes?”

“Hell yes, I’ve had enough walking for today,” grumped Kevin.

Jake crouched down and lowered his right hand palm up so the boys could climb onto it.  He stood back up and turned and marched further into the jungle.

They’d traveled for just a short time without saying anything when young James suddenly broke the silence.

“Does anyone else smell a weird mix old spunk and coconuts?”

The two other boys nodded.

“Oh, sorry,” said the giant, “I was watching your sweet bare ass while you humped that hole down there on the ground and I got a bit carried away playing with my cock.  I used my tanning oil for lube, it smells like coconut butter.  I probably should have picked you guys up with my left hand instead.”

“Gross!” yelled Kevin.

“Awesome!” yelled Nick as he dropped down and began licking the giant’s palm.

“Wait!” yelled James, “What do you mean you were watching my ass?  How?”

The giant smiled, “I’ll show you in a minute, we’re almost there.”

They broke out of the jungle and into a large cleared out area.  It was a nice neat yard with a white fence and a well-manicured lawn.  There were a few tasteful shrubs here and there.  The house in the middle was a very nice little two-story with grey siding and white trim and slate shingles on the roof.  This house did not look like the home of a giant.

“This house doesn’t look like the home of a giant,” said Kevin.

James jabbed him in the ribs with his elbow.

“What, you were expecting a big shiny castle or something?  I like the two-story.  It’s more than big enough for me.  I spend most of my time out in the back yard anyhow,” said Jake.

He walked them around the house to the back.

All three boys gasped in unison.

The back yard was huge and magnificently kept.  The lawn was thick and green.  There was a beautiful multi-leveled cedar deck attached to the back of the house that stretched out into the yard.  The eave of the house stretchout out over part of the deck to shelter it and underneath it was a sound system with massive speakers and a big comfortable couch and a beer fridge.  Built into another level of the deck was a large hot tub with the water swirling around invitingly from multiple jets.  It was almost as big as an Olympic sized swimming pool from the boys’ perspective.

Out in the back yard was an Olympic sized swimming pool, from a giant’s perspective that is.  To the boys it looked like a massive, perfectly rectangular lake with a diving board the size of an aircraft carrier on one side and stone tiles all around it.  They could barely make out the far end of the pool it was so huge.

The yard was equipped with outrageously gigantic versions of all of the things you would normally expect to see.  A nice gas grill, comfortable chairs scattered around the deck, a large table with an umbrella down on the lawn, a covered swing to lounge in and a basketball hoop.  It was all amazingly inviting.

“Umm, would you please adopt me Mr. giant?” asked James.

Jake chuckled, “You guys like it?”

“Hell yeah!” said Kevin and Nick.

“Great, you can come visit and use my yard any time you guys want, really,” offered the giant, “Let’s go over by the pool there and relax for a bit.”

There was a huge, parking lot sized blanket laid out on the grass right at the edge of the pool.  Next to it was an odd looking cylindrical brass gadget that was sticking up out of the ground.  There was also a large bottle of tanning oil next to the gadget.  The giant walked over to the blanket and hesitated just as he was about to put the boys down.

“Say, can I ask an odd thing of you guys?” asked Jake.

“Wassat?” said James.

“Well, you’re all kind of sweaty from all the exertion of walking here and you’re probably like most boys on summer break and not real clean, am I right?”

“You’re right.  I haven’t showered in a few days.  What about you guys?” asked James.

Nick shook his head vigorously like there was no way he would bother showering unless he absolutely had to and Kevin just shrugged like he had no idea when he last washed up.

“That’s what I thought,” said Jake, “is it OK with you guys if I give you a bit of a sniff before I put you down?”

“Hell yeah!” shouted Nick.

“Whatever floats your boat,” said James, smiling.

He brought the boys up to his face and carefully moved his nose toward them. Nick raised his arms and spread his legs and stood right in front of one giant nostril and James did the same in front of the other.  The giant began to draw a long, leisurely sniff in through his nostrils.  His eyes rolled up in his head and he moaned softly as he started to sniff again.

“Mmmm, you guys smell fantastic!” Jake exclaimed, “Kevin, could I smell you too please?”

The other two moved away to make room.

“Sure, smell this why don’t you?” he said and turned and dropped his shorts to expose his sweaty butt crack and moon the giant while he snickered.

Jake moved his nose quickly over and snuffed so hard Kevin’s ass got sucked in and wedged in the giant’s right nostril.

“Oh by God that sbells fadtastic!” said the giant sounding as though he’d suddenly caught a cold and the other boys started laughing their asses off.

Kevin was laughing too as he started to push on the edges of the giant’s nose to try to free himself.  Jake put the index finger of his left hand beside his left nostril and squeezed it closed and gently blew his nose and Kevin popped out onto the giant’s palm again.

“Well, that’s a first for me,” Kevin laughed, “can’t say I’ve ever been snorted before and then blown out like a booger.”

The giant chuckled.

James start laughing hard again and suddenly let go of a loud fart.  Everyone got quiet for a moment, and then erupted into laughter all over again.

James turned a bit red while laughing and finally said, “Geez, I’m sorry.  I had a burrito earlier and it’s starting to hit me.”

“Don’t apologize man, I’m really glad you did that.  It sort of makes it OK for me to do this…” said the giant and suddenly he grunted and a fart that sounded to the boys sort of like a long and violent train wreck from two freight trains colliding head on at full speed crashed out of his butt.

Now the boys were rolling on the giant’s palm howling in laughter while the giant himself turned a bit red.

“So that’s what it sounds like when a giant farts!” said Nick.

“Yeah, sorry.  I was holding that one in for quite a while and it was getting uncomfortable.  You should probably get used to it cause it may happen again.  I was watching you guys eat those burritos earlier.  It gave me a craving so I had one of my own just like it.  Well, just like it except I didn’t feel the need to add any bird poop like James had in his,” said the giant.

“What, no, huh?” said James.

“Those weren’t exactly beans you spat out….oh, never mind.  It’s not important,” said Jake.

The giant gently lowered his hand and the boys stepped off onto the blanket.

“Here, look at this you guys,” said the giant as he crouched down and pointed at the wide brass gadget next to the blanket.

To the boys, the device was sort of shaped like a garbage can or something but was almost twice the diameter.  It was brass and had a glass top recessed into it.  As they moved closer though they could see there was an image in the glass.  It was a perfect zoomed in view of the little clearing that they liked to nap in, the same one where today’s adventure had begun.

“Cool!  What is this?” asked James.

“It’s my telescope,” answered the giant, “It extends all the way down through my domain and sticks out the bottom.  This is the eyepiece.  Well, for me it’s an eyepiece, for you I guess it’s more like a big screen TV.  I’ve been using it to watch you guys while you screw around down there.  It's one of my favorite things to pass the time.  I lay on the blanket and watch everything you do.  I have to confess I sort of have a thing for teenage boys hitting puberty.”

“Really, I would have never guessed by the way you sniffed us," remarked Kevin sarcastically.

"Cool, so you’ve been up here perving on us while we’re down there napping?” asked Nick, seemingly aroused by the idea.

"Yes, but not just napping.  I saw you that time you appeared at the clearing alone Nick.  Remember, when you hiked down your shorts and jacked off, then started tasting your own spunk?"

Nick blushed and the other two boys laughed.

"And you, Kevin, I was watching that time you were there alone and started rubbing at your butt crack and then sniffing your finger," said the giant.

Now Kevin blushed while Nick and James chuckled, then suddenly James' stopped laughing and he looked momentarily alarmed.

"Yes James, I did see you when you were alone and you suddenly stood up and started pissing, and then put your fingers in the stream and brought them up to your face for a sniff and taste," the giant smiled.

James now turned very red while the other two boys looked at him in surprise.

"You guys have nothing to be embarrassed about.  These are all natural things to be curious about.  Just the tip of the iceberg really.  It was driving me a bit nuts seeing all of you trying these things out but not having the courage to share them with each other," the giant continued, "Anyhow, napping, wrestling, jacking off, pissing, humping at holes in the ground, I’ve been watching all of it all summer long.  I’ve been wishing I could meet you guys for a while.”

“Wow!  That’s pretty freaky.  So now that you have us up here, what comes next?” asked James boldly.

“Well, we can’t actually have sex or anything, not in the normal ways anyhow, we’re just not compatible size wise,” said the giant, “But I was really hoping being as horny as I know you guys are you might be up for a bit of screwing around anyhow.  Just some light stuff.  We could come up with a few ways to make things interesting I’m sure.”

“Like what?” asked Nick, suddenly extremely interested.

“I don’t know, whatever you might be open to.  As you guys were starting to figure out with your experimentation down there, there's a lot more to sex than just stabbing your boner into a hole and going at it.  Have you guys ever sniff at your own socks, underwear, pits or shoes maybe?”

Nick nodded vigorously, “I sure as hell do!  I like the smell.”

James turned a little pink, but grinned and nodded as well.

Kevin had been standing a bit behind the others and had surreptitiously rubbed his finger up and down his own sweaty butt crack in his shorts and was holding it under his nose while the others were talking, but as he saw everybody's attention turning to him he quickly moved his hand back down to his side and shook his head in denial.

“Nope, can’t say I’ve ever done anything like that,” he lied.

“Most people like it, whether they admit it or not,” the giant said while shooting a look at Kevin, “It’s even better if you sniff someone else’s.  Smell is a huge part of sexual attraction.   A bit of innocent perversion can be a great way to enjoy yourself.  Kiss or sniff or lick or suck something that should probably be pretty disgusting and you might find it drives you right over the edge of horniness.  Just loosen up and use your imagination and do whatever enters your mind.  The bottom line is size doesn't really matter for us if we explore those other ways of getting our rocks off.”

To the relatively inexperienced teenaged boys, what the giant had suggested was new and different but made a lot of sense.  They'd obviously each been experimenting a bit on their own, but it seemed like it might be considerably more interesting with someone else involved.  The boys took it all in and started to imagine the possibilities they had never yet considered and they began to feel the urge to go a little crazy.

“You don’t need to be alone to jack off either you know, you could jam your nose in someone’s butt crack or crotch or just hold the inside of their smelly boot to your face and jack away with your hand or something to bring yourself off while they're busy sucking on your toes or licking your butt.  When you’re humping there doesn’t always have to be a perfect sized hole either, or any hole at all.  You can just rub yourself against something too.  Maybe one of you could strip down and ride my tongue.  Rub yourself up and down on it while I jack off.  I’d like that,” said Jake.

“I’m not sure if I’m ready for all that,” said Kevin, while thinking to himself how badly he wanted to try all that.

The other two boys were already jumping out of their clothes with eager looks on their faces though.  So he shrugged and not to be outdone, started stripping down too, revealing an obviously straining cock.  It was clear that his objection had been nothing more than a weak facade.  The three were completely nude in no time flat and stood with all of their proud young cocks sticking straight out.

Jake had sat down on the blanket to watch them strip down.  He then decided to join them and kicked off his boots and hiked down his shorts exposing his giant sized briefs.

“Wait!” yelled Nick, “Could we undress you the rest of the way, please?  Leave the socks and underwear for us?  Maybe just lie down on the blanket and let us explore you?”

Jake smiled, “Of course.  I think you might be a bit like me.  I love the underwear and socks.  In fact, I was sort of hoping you boys would let me keep all of yours.  I have a little snuff box that I could put them in and take a sniff every once in a while to remind me of this awesome experience.”

Nick grinned and nodded, as did the other boys.

Jake lay down flat on the blanket on his back with his arms down beside him wearing only his socks and underwear and the boys went to work.

Nick immediately ran over and quickly climbed inside one of Jake’s hiking boots that was lying on its side.

“Oh my God, it smells incredible in here!” he shouted.

James went over and joined him.

“Holy shit! It does!” he exclaimed.

Kevin was interested in something else though and he quickly ran up the giant’s arm, down his torso, across his hip and turned and settled right at his crotch.  He noticed there was a wide ring of sweat in the giant’s underwear against his thigh on each side of his ball sack from the heat.  The boy stuck his face in the wet spot and inhaled long and deep.  He could not believe how great it smelled.  He rubbed himself against the wetness to cover himself with it.

He marveled at the gigantic double-hill that appeared to be the giant’s balls encased in the pouch of the briefs between his legs, and gawked at the shape of the magnificent seven foot long and two and a half foot wide tree trunk that stretched outward under the giant’s briefs pointing to his belly button.

“Holy Christ, look at the size of that meat!” exclaimed Kevin.

He grabbed the damp edge of the giant’s briefs at the inner thigh and planted his feet against the muscular leg and pulled up as hard as he could until he created a gap big enough to crawl into.  He nestled himself in the crook of the giant’s thigh where it met his ball sack.  He breathed in the amazing aroma in here and rolled around in the moist, musty playground.

He wanted very much to work his way down between the giant's ass cheeks to check out the asshole, but due to the way the giant was laying that particular avenue of exploration was unreachable at the moment.  Still, there was plenty more to do in here.  He spread his arms and legs as wide as he could to plaster himself on to one of the giant’s balls.  He gave the side of the huge ball sack a few good licks and then he crawled upward alongside the hot, rigid, massive penis and started to roll around in the moist, thick forest of pubic hair.

He could not believe the quality and quantity of the smell in here.  It smelled of crotch sweat, old pre-cum, dried up dribbles of urine, and a hint of coconut, but if smell were measured in digits, you would need to move the decimal point to the right one place or something.  Get it?  It was ten times stronger when you were actually crawling around in it.  It was a heady mixture that caused Kevin’s libido to start firing on all cylinders.  The giant had been right.  The smell was pushing Kevin's horniness to levels it had never achieved before.  Kevin briefly wondered why he'd never made this connection himself before, between the natural smell of another guy and sexual attraction.  He'd been sniffing his own butt crack for as long as he could remember so why not someone else's?

Meanwhile, back down on the ground.  Nick had emerged from the boot and was rubbing himself along the slightly damp sole of one of Jake’s massive socked feet.  The sock had been absorbing the giant’s sweat all day and it smelled like heaven to Nick.  He wanted so badly to lick up the sweat on the skin underneath.

“Hey James, come out here please and help me get these socks off,” he hollered.

James had been overcome by the kinky urge to lick the inside of the giant’s smelly hiking boot at the bottom where the sweat from the toes would collect and he was still in there enjoying himself.

He came back out, squinting, into the sunlight and went over to give Nick a hand.

Jake the giant had been watching all this with both amusement and extreme arousal.  He gently turned his foot sideways so the boys would be able to deal with the sock.

It took a great deal of finagling, but eventually the two boys managed to pull the sock down and off the end of the giant’s foot.

James immediately proceeded to crawl inside the musty, sweaty sock to roll around and explore the great smell in there.

Nick moved to the sole of the huge bare foot and started licking at the sweaty skin there.  He moved to where the massive toes were and was enraptured by them.  He’d always been attracted to feet but this was an embarrassment of riches.  The giant’s foot was sideways with the little toe on the ground.  Nick had to reach up as high as he could to just barely touch the giant’s big toe.  He rubbed himself along the sweaty space under the giant’s toes and then began to pull some of the huge toes apart so he could stick his entire face between them and breathe in the odor and lick up the sweat there.  He was so turned on at this point he felt he might blow his load at any moment.

James emerged from the sweaty sock with a huge grin on his face and asked Nick to help him to pull the other one off so they could then go up and work with Kevin to remove the giant’s briefs.

Nick helped out and before long the two of them had the other foot bare.

Then like Kevin had done before, they ran up the giant’s arm and onto his sweaty chest.  Nick ran down the giant’s belly to join Kevin at the crotch, but James paused and went back and hung himself over the edge to stick his head into Jake’s sweaty armpit.   He turned himself around and lowered his legs down into the pit and began to wiggle and rub himself all around in the sweaty hair.  This was a big turn on of his.  He wasn't gay, or at least he didn't think he was, but for some reason the smell of a guy’s pit, even his own, always made him go hard.  He felt that if he hung around in here any longer he would bust a nut and he didn’t want to do that just yet so he crawled back up and out onto the giant’s chest and started to head down to join the others.

He was distracted again though, this time by one of the giant’s nipples.  He was curious if Jake’s nipples were as sensitive as his own were.  He walked up it and wrapped his arms around it and started to twist it around.  Jake immediately moaned his pleasure at the sensation.  James noticed that the nipple began to harden up and get a bit longer.  He worked at it some more rubbing himself hard against it, punching at it like a heavy bag, humping it for a bit, and then twisting it some more.  He ran over to the other nipple to give it some of the same treatment and the giant moaned again.

James decided that he couldn’t wait any longer to get to the best part of the giant’s body so he finally ran down to join the others.  What he saw at the giant’s crotch looked funny from outside.  He could clearly see the outline of the giant’s massive boner and balls under his briefs, but he could also see two humps moving around all over the place like there were two giant gerbils loose in there or something.

There was so much to do around the giant's genitals that Kevin and Nick could not seem to settle in one area.  They were running around inside Jake’s underwear rubbing themselves and licking at the sides of his hot throbbing cock and crawling up and down it to try to find some way to jack it, or running back to the balls to play with them for a bit, then crawling back up the cock to the head and playing with the sensitive skin just under it, then back down and around to the tip, licking all along the length of the huge piss slit, or just rolling around in the sweaty pubic hair trying to soak up every bit of the giant's heady, masculine essence.

James chuckled, “Come on out you guys.  I don’t think we’re gonna be able to get these off ourselves.  We should just let Jake pull them off.  I really want to get a good look at that cock.”

The two boys made their way up to the waistband and emerged with huge grins on their faces and smelling of giant crotch.

“That was amazing!” Kevin exclaimed.

The boys gathered around the giant’s navel and asked him to remove his briefs.  Jake said they’d better get back to the ground where it was safe as he had to do some maneuvering to work them off, so they did.

Jake then quickly reached down and while lifting his butt, yanked the briefs down his thighs, over his knees and off.  He tossed them aside near his socks and lay back down on the blanket.  James immediately ran over to the discarded underwear and climbed inside to once again roll around and get a bit of the essence of them like he had done with the socks earlier.

The dirty underwear had terrific damp spots along the inner thigh part of the leg holes and a line of dampness along the place where the giant’s butt crack would have been.  He’d obviously been sweating a lot from the heat.  James could even see a faint skid mark in the fabric where it would have touched Jake’s butthole.  The smell of it all raised James’ horniness level to eleven.  If this kept up he would likely have to move the decimal point to the right one place or something.

Now that he was on the ground Kevin ran all the way down to the giant’s feet and around and up between his legs to his crotch again to play with his big hanging balls from the ground this time.  He couldn’t get enough of them.  The sight was mind blowing.  He didn’t think he would ever get tired of the giant’s crotch.  He was ready to go to the next level though and he wanted to finally get a taste of the giant's most private and personal area.

“Jake,” he shouted, “could you lift your knees up so I can check out your butt?”

When he heard that request James emerged from the underwear and ran to join Kevin.  He did not want to miss out on this.

The giant did as he was asked and lifted up his knees and grabbed them with his hands and exposed his asshole to the boys’ delight.  His butt was slightly furry and he had a dark trough of hair running along his crack and a bit of a bush around his hole.  His crack was glistening with sweat.

“Whoa!” said Kevin, “That looks amazing!  Give me a boost up James.”

James locked his fingers together and Kevin planted his foot on James' hands to get hoisted up.  Kevin grabbed hold of some of the hair so he could use it to climb higher up to the base of the giant’s balls.  The giant realized what the boy wanted to do so he pulled his knees back more to curve his back and bring his asshole a bit closer to level.  Kevin lay flat and turned around and found that he could work his way back along the sweaty, fantastic smelling line of skin between the giant’s balls and asshole, and put his face right at the giant’s sphincter.  He wasn’t sure where this urge was coming from but he could not resist licking the giant pucker and trying to suck up as much sweat as he could from it.

Jake started to moan again, this time from the sensation of having his anus worked.  Kevin heard the reaction and began to go crazy rubbing all over the giant’s pucker to try to give him as much sensation as he could.  Jake moaned louder and longer.

Meanwhile, Nick ran back up the giant’s arm and then using hairs from Jakes beard he climbed up the giant’s chin to his mouth.  With a wicked grin he planted his ass right on the giant’s lips.  Jake carefully pushed the tip of his tongue out to try to lick the boy’s butt crack, but the size just didn’t work.  Nick realized this and turned around and slid his lower half down into the giant’s mouth and moved his arms and legs as wide as they could go around the tongue and started humping against it.  A strange urge overcame him and he let go of his bladder and start pissing against the giant’s tongue as he humped it.  Jake began to moan even louder now.  He was in heaven.

James had run back up the giant’s arm and down to the pubic area so he could finally enjoy the massive seven foot long cock.  He was enraptured by a giant drop of clear pre-cum that was hanging from the tip of it.  He stuck his face right into the bubble and sucked hard to take it all in and he swallowed the slippery treat.  He then began to rub at the giant’s cock head to try to coax out more.  Another drop of pre-cum began to form and James decided to use it as lubrication.  He stood and placed his rock hard penis at the giant’s piss slit and pushed it in.  He began bucking himself against the giant’s cock head fucking the slit.  The slippery hole was as good as any he’d ever tried and the sight of that giant crotch laid out before him was starting to become too much.  He began to buck harder as his orgasm strarted to build.

Kevin had become so turned on by the giant’s hole that he had maneuvered himself around and was rubbing his hard cock against the ridges of the huge anus while he licked and rubbed with his hands as well.  He was beginning to lose control.

Nick meanwhile was so turned on by what he’d done in the giant’s mouth that he was now rubbing his own hard cock up and down the giant’s tongue as he hugged it and he was reaching orgasm as well.  He yelled out and cum began to spurt in jets from his cock and run down the giant’s tongue as the boy bucked and moaned against it.

The smell and taste and sensation of the giant’s anus was sending Kevin over the moon.  He had no idea how amazing this spot was on another guy.  Just the thought of what he was doing here was making him more horny than he’d ever been in his life.  He couldn’t take anymore and his orgasm crashed into him and he began to spread his seed around the giant’s asshole as he writhed in ecstasy rubbing against the ridges.

James was busy humping away at the giant’s piss slit.  He heard the other boys moaning in pleasure and it pushed him over the edge.  His orgasm hit him and he bucked harder, out of control, and he shot his load directly into the giant’s cock through the piss slit.

Jake the giant couldn’t take anymore.  The thought of all these boys in the throes of ecstasy, spewing their young spunk at him, was pushing him right to the edge.  The sensation of his asshole being worked so well, the taste of Nicks urine on his tongue, and the banging of James’ hips against his cock head combined to send him over the edge.  His orgasm hit him with a powerful shockwave and he shot a huge jet of cum from the end of his dick.

James was caught in the blast and rode the stream up to the giant’s chest to land there.  He was covered from head to toe in Jake’s cum and he began to push it into his mouth.  He could not get enough.

Kevin worked his way up the side of the giant's ball sack then ran past the pubic patch to see what was going on.

The giant could now safely let go his knees and lower his feet back down so he did and then quickly took his own cock in hand and jacked it hard, moaning loudly while it continued to shoot streams of cum out onto his chest, belly and into his pubic hair.  Nick crawled out of his mouth and jumped down to get some of the treat for himself.

Kevin moved into position to get a cum shower.  A few slower spurts came out and covered him from top to bottom as well.  Jake brought his cock back down so Kevin could get at it.  The boy placed his face right against the piss slit to feel the last hot spurts of cum squirt out against it.  He opened his mouth and it was instantly filled.  He swallowed and went for more.  The spurting slowed to a steady oozing and Kevin continued to rub his face up and down the slit as more cum oozed out.

The three boys were in heaven.  The amount of cum was overwhelming, even from a giant’s perspective.  Jake had never cum so hard or so much in his life.  The boys could not get enough of the giant’s spunk and they rolled in it and licked at it to eat as much as they could.

Finally the flow stopped and the boys had their fill.  They all settled into the huge puddles on the giant’s chest and belly and lay there in complete contentment.  The three boys and the giant lay quietly as they came back down from their orgasmic high.

“Holy fucking cum sucking shit!  That was the best thing I’ve ever done!” said Kevin.

“Yup, bar none,” agreed James.

“I wonder if giant’s can legally marry boys?” queried Nick.

The giant chuckled softly causing his belly to move up and down giving the boys an earthquake of about a seven on the Richter scale.  The giant had been sweating profusely from all the activity under the hot sun and the combination of the sweat and the huge volume of cum had created a slippery surface causing the them to slide around uncontrollably as he laughed.

“Hey, take it easy!” yelled James, chuckling.

The boys laughed and rolled around a bit more.  James got an idea and stood up and ran up to the giant’s chin.

“Move aside you guys, I want to try something,” he said to the other boys.

They moved aside.  James broke into a run and dived into the puddle of cum and sweat and his naked body slid all the way down the giant’s chest and belly on the slippery mess.  He came to the navel and dipped in and as he hit the other side of the belly button he shot upward and flew in a short arc, laughing and yelling, to land in the giant’s patch of pubic hair near the base of his softening cock.  The other boys needed no invitation to try it themselves.  Again and again they took turns on the awesome slippery ride.  Suddenly the giant interrupted them.

“Shit you guys, I’m really sorry but I need to fart again,” said Jake.

James, being the cleverest one of the boys, once again got an idea.

“Wait, can you hold it for just a bit longer?  I want to try something for fun,” he asked.

“Sure, I can hold it just a bit, but not long.  What’s up?”

“Everybody off.  Jake, move yourself so your butt’s just at the edge of the swimming pool and lie back, OK?”

The boys got off of him and the giant moved over to the end of the towel and lay back down with his butt towards the pool right at the edge.

James then climbed back up the giant and said, “Hit me with a shot of that tanning oil, and then pull your knees back like you did for Kevin before, so I can reach your butthole.”

The giant complied again.  He reached over and grabbed the bottle of oil and squirted James a bit and put some extra in his belly button, then he dropped the bottle and pulled his knees far up towards his head, curving his back and making his anus almost level.

James splashed into the belly button to coat himself some more and than carefully made his way, slipping and sliding a bit, past the giant’s crotch to his anus.  He put his feet at the giant’s hole and pushed them in.  Then he worked the rest of himself in until only his head was sticking out.  The other boys started laughing at the sight.  There was the giant holding his knees, exposing his asshole to the sky, and sticking out of it was the head of their friend, grinning.

The giant said, “James, I really can’t hold it any more.  I gotta let her rip.”

“Great, give me five seconds and then blow it out!” James said as his head disappeared into the giant’s rectum.

Jake held the fart a few more seconds then grunted and pushed hard.

James, having been so well coated and lubricated by the giant’s sweat, cum, and the tanning oil, shot out of the sphincter at an amazing speed and arced out over the water in the pool accompanied by an earth shattering explosion of gas that sounded like a long and violent train wreck from two freight trains colliding head on at full speed.

He was grinning and whooping and screaming “yeeeee haaaawww” at the top of his lungs.  He had his arms held firmly against his sides and was flying through the air like a bullet.  He came down at a shallow angle and skipped once, twice and a third time across the surface of the water before he finally splashed into it.

The other boys and the giant erupted into gales of laughter.  They could not believe what they’d just seen.  James broke the water’s surface sputtering and laughing and then he swam back to the edge of the pool to be picked up by the giant and placed back down on the blanket.  Once again, the other boys had to have a turn and the procedure was repeated twice more.  Finally, they had to stop.

“Sorry guys,” said the giant still chuckling, “I’m totally out of gas.”

The boys climbed back up onto the giant as he lay on his back again and they settled onto his belly once more.

“This has been the best day of my life,” said James with conviction.

The other boys agreed.

The giant relaxed with his hands behind his head and watched with a smile as the boys began to play with the drying cum on his belly some more.  He could see that they were starting to get aroused again.  It never really takes much time for a teenage boy to reload, but the giant himself wasn’t quite ready to go again yet.

“Man, I’m horny all over again,” said James.

“Yeah, me too,” said Nick and then he looked at the giant and said, “Jake, I sure wish you had a smaller dick so I could suck it for real.”

“Can I ask you guys something?” the giant queried.

The boys nodded.

“I’ve watched you a lot down there.  You’re always horny.  Why the hell have you not fucked each other or sucked each other's dicks?”

The boys looked stunned for a moment and then looked at each other.

“I never really thought of that, I’m not gay,” said James.

“Me neither,” said Kevin, “but it does sound like a good idea.”

“I have thought of it, I was just afraid to ask.  I thought you’d kick me out of the group or something,” said Nick.

The boys looked at each other for a while, not sure how to proceed.

“You don't have to be gay to explore sex with another dude.  You just have to be horny and curious.  You need to stop putting rules around sex about who you should do it with or what gender they should be or how exactly it should be done.  You'll be much happier in life if you try everything that you can in every way you can think of.  You'll never have regrets that way.  You guys had no problem letting go when it came to exploring me.  Why don’t you just let go and explore each other now?  Do whatever you feel like.  If the other guy doesn’t like something you’re doing he’ll let you know and you can try something else.  No harm done.  There’s no reason to be embarrassed or ashamed, everyone here is a willing participant.” explained the giant.

Nick suddenly got on his hands and knees and crawled over to James, who was sitting down with his legs stretched out, leaning back on his hands.  As Nick approached James moved his legs apart so Nick could crawl up between them.

“I’ve wanted to do this for ages,” Nick said and without any further delay he moved his head down and sucked in the full length of James’ cock.  James immediately started to moan at the incredible sensation.  Nick pulled his head off James’ cock and went to work licking and sucking at his balls and licking up the sweat and cum all over his pubes.  He then licked up the length of James’ rock hard cock and slurped it in again hungrily.  Nick began moaning as he forced more and more of James’ cock down the back of his throat.

Kevin was hugely turned on by the sight and decided to try out his new found hobby once again.  He moved up behind Nick and spread the boy’s ass cheeks and he dived in and began to tongue Nick’s tight sweaty pink pucker.  The taste was incredible and he began to get worked up into a frenzy.  He never thought he’d be attracted to another guy’s asshole but right now it was about the most amazing thing he’d ever played with and he only wanted more.  He put his hand down to the giant’s belly and scooped up a bit of the remaining cum and began to rub it on his cock.

“Nick,” he said, “would it be OK if I used your hole?  I’d really like to fuck you.”

Nick stopped what he was doing and looked back at Kevin and saw the desire there.

“Yeah, of course you can.  That’s another thing I’ve been wanting to do for ages.  Just go slow OK?  I’ve played with myself back there but nobody has ever fucked me.”

“Just let me know if I hurt you and I’ll stop,” said Kevin.

Nick turned back to continue working on James’ throbbing dick.

Kevin moved his hips into position and slowly and carefully inserted the head of his cum lubed penis into Nick’s ass.  The sensation of his rigid straining cock sliding into this tight, slippery, warm hole was incredible.  He suddenly realized that this was something he would never get tired of doing for the rest of his life.  Using another guy’s ass to bring himself pleasure.  He slowly pushed his rod in until it was buried to the hilt and held it for a while to see if Nick was OK.  Nick was moaning much louder now at the extra sensation as his head bobbed up and down on James’ rigid cock.

Kevin slowly pulled back until the edge of his cock head started to appear and then pushed back in.  He started to build up a rhythm.  Faster and faster he went.  It felt so great he knew he would not last long.  He began to fuck harder up against Nick’s ass and he could feel the orgasm start to build in his swinging balls and they began to tighten up.

The sight of all this had gotten the giant’s cock more than ready for another go and he took it in hand and started working it and moaning at the pleasure of watching the boys truly discover each other for the first time.

James had never had his cock sucked before and he was in heaven.  Nick may not have ever done it before, but he sure seemed to know what he was doing.  James’ hips began to move up into Nick’s face in rhythm with Nick’s head moving up and down on James’ cock.  James bucked harder and harder against Nick’s face, his body instinctively trying to drive his cock deeper into the other boy’s throat.  Before long he too began to feel the orgasm start to build.

Nick had played with dildos before but he'd never had a cock slamming into his ass.  This was 100 times better, a whole two decimal places to the right!  Kevin was not going very easy on him but he was happy about that.  The feeling of his hole being stretched to its limit and the sensation of the cock sliding against his sensitive anus was amazing.  Kevin’s cock head was bumping against Nick’s prostate each time he thrust into him and it was like a small jolt of electricity shot through him each time.  He reached down with his right hand and began working his own cock while he sucked James’ cock in deeper and Kevin slammed his ass harder.  He couldn’t take anymore and his orgasm plowed into him and he began squirting his seed out onto the giant’s belly.

The sensation of Nick’s anus clamping onto his cock in rhythm with the pumping of his orgasm sent Kevin over the edge and he slammed long and hard into Nick’s rectum and shot his load deep into his friend's bowels.  He bucked again and again shooting spurt after spurt into the other boy.  He’d never had so powerful an orgasm before and he wished it would never end.

The sight of Kevin losing it and shooting his load into Nick's ass caused James’ orgasm to slam into him and he bucked and moaned as he shot ropes of cum into Nick’s hungry mouth.  He came and came, moaning and humping his hips upward hard against Nick’s face and reveled in the idea that he was unloading his spunk right at the back of his best friend’s throat.  He briefly wondered why the hell they had never tried this stuff with each other before and also realized this was going to be happening a hell of a lot from now on.

The sight of the three boys losing control again became too much for the giant and it pushed him over the edge.  He jacked his cock hard and fast, moaning at the sight of the rutting boys reaching their climax.  His huge scrotum began to tighten up to squeeze out its load of semen as he grunted and once again started to shoot hot thick jets of cum out of his piss slit that drenched the boys while they bucked against each other on the giant’s belly.

All of them expended the last of their cum and finally slowed down.  The boys settled down and held each other as they lay in a pile covered in the giant’s warm cum.

Everyone became sleepy and drifted off into a short nap.  They woke a little while later and noticed the sun was starting to get lower.  It was early evening already.  The boys climbed down and took a dip in the pool to clean themselves off and then came back and lay down on the blanket to dry off.

Jake said, “I’ve had an incredible time with you guys.  I’d really like to hang out with you some more but it’s starting to get a bit late.  Your moms will expect you home for supper.  I guess I should probably send you guys back down, yeah?”

“Awww, really?  This is the best time I've ever had!  I don’t want to leave so soon.  I’ll never get to do anything like this again!” James complained.

“What?  I said before, you can come by whenever you want.  I’ll want to play with you guys a lot more,” said the giant.

“Wait, what?  What about that whole huge setup earlier?  The author went through this whole painfully complicated thing about all the conditions needed to send that vine up.  How the hell do we recreate all of that over and over again?” James asked.

(Yeah, really, what are the odds?)

The giant put up a hand, “Listen, I need to confess something to you guys.  I told you before that I’ve been watching your sweet asses through my telescope.  I really couldn’t resist getting a taste.  I called down a while ago and had an elevator put in so I could bring you guys up here.  It just seemed more fitting if I had them make it look like a great big beanstalk.  Get over by the telescope and watch this…”

As the boys gathered around the eyepiece of the telescope the giant went over and picked up his shorts and fumbled in a pocket and finally pulled out what looked like a remote car starter.  He held it up and pressed the button and it let out a few chirps.  The boys watch through the telescope as the piece of ground they had ridden up on earlier once again broke free from the earth and began to rapidly ascend.

“You guys can come up here and play with me any time, see?” he said.

“Awesome!  But all that shit about the freaky conditions.  The seeds, the drops of rain, the electricity, the temperature, the spunk in the perfect sized hole, it all happened!  There was a huge thunder clap and everything!” said James.

The Giant shrugged, “Yeah, in case you haven’t figured it out yet, the author is a real long-winded blow hard and needs to make a big complicated drama out of everything.  He loves to go on endlessly in great detail about all this shit that nobody really cares about.”

(Watch it asshole!)

“It was all a bunch of crap to flesh out the story, really,” the asshole giant continued, “I let you guys sleep for a little while down there so you’d be rested and ready and then I pressed the button and up you came.  None of that other shit needed to happen at all.  Oh, and the thunder clap was me, sorry.  The burrito I had, remember?”

“Holy shit!  I can't believe it!” said James.

"Yep," said the asshole giant, "you ate bird shit for nothing."

"What, no, huh?" said James.

“Never mind,” the asshole giant replied, “I’m glad I finally got to show you guys that as long as you have each other around, you’ve got someone to hump.  Don’t let things get so bad that you have to use a hole in the ground.  Just use each other’s holes, got it?”

The boys smiled and nodded.  They went to get their clothes and pulled on their shirts.  They put their shoes and shorts on over their bare feet and asses so the giant could keep their dirty socks and underwear to enjoy while they were gone.

Jake then picked up the boys and walked back to the platform, which took less than ten minutes.

"Say, why the fuck did you make us walk all the way over to you earlier anyhow?" asked Kevin, "It took us over an hour in the humid heat for Christ's sake!  You could have just stood over by here and picked us up as soon as we arrived."

"I'm really sorry about that Kev.  I did wait for you half way but I guess I should have come a bit closer.  I'm a serious perv, see.  I just wanted to be sure you'd be drenched in sweat from head to toe so I'd get more of a treat when I smelled you," the giant confessed, "I promise from now on I'll be right here when you guys show up, OK?  We'll find other ways to get you all sweaty."

The giant set them down and waved goodbye to them as he pressed the button and the boys started their rapid descent back down to earth so Nick could go home and watch fucking Vampire Diaries.

As he watched them start downward Jake leaned over and shouted down at them, “Don’t ever forget boys, you’ve got two holes each!  There’s plenty to go around.  Any time you want to come back up just come to the clearing and give me a sign.  I’ll be watching for you.”

The boys waved their acknowledgment up to him and then settled in to enjoy the ride.  They appeared to speak to each other and came to some agreement and suddenly James took off his filthy sneaker, placed it on the ground and gave an order to Nick.  Nick then got on his hands and knees and planted his face in the smelly shoe breathing in the aroma.  James moved around behind him and pulled Nick's shorts down and then his own and he slipped his rigid boner into Nick's asshole and commenced to fuck him hard.  Keven took his shorts right off, stood up and went around to straddle Nick's head facing James and pulled James' head down and pushed his stiff dick into James' mouth and started humping away with his hands on the top of James' head.

As the giant watched the boys going at it while they continue to rush downard, getting smaller and smaller, he smiled and nodded to himself.  The boys had clearly learned the important lesson well.  He then broke into a run to get back to the telescope to perv on them and rub one off.

Armed with the exciting new knowledge of the many ways to enjoy each other’s bodies, there was no doubt that these boys finally had all the tools necessary to live happily ever after.

The End

The moral of that very brief, concise, and one might even say short-winded (you asshole giant) story is, “When desperate for a hole to fuck, you need look no further than the guy right next to you.  He’s got two.”

Seriously, everyone reading this just turn your head once to the left, and then to the right, is there someone there?  No?  Fuck it, just use your hand then.  Check again later.  Assuming you don’t have overwhelming body odor or extreme halitosis or something at some point there will be someone sitting right beside you.  Don’t be a chicken shit, just ask him nicely if you can use one of his holes.  You might be surprised at what happens next.

In the meantime I wish you all good night.  May you have pleasant dreams about being shot out the ass of a giant.


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