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Jared the Paramedic III ~ Redemption

Copyright 2018-2019 Snowblind. All Rights Reserved.


Chapter 18: Other Worlds



Jared and Liam were standing next to each other in the kitchen. Something they had enjoyed was anything they could do together; something as simple as washing the dishes was a time for them to be together. Jared reached into the sink, and took a handful of soap suds and quickly piled them on top of Liam's head. Liam reached down and grabbed a handful of suds, carefully placing them on Jared's head. Jared, pulled his husband into him, wrapping his hands around him and sliding his hands into Liam's jeans back pockets. Liam reached around Jared and followed suit. The pulled each other closely, their groins rubbing into each other. Each beginning to feel the others hardening cock.

"I just felt like it was time to remind you I love you, Liam."

"Jared, I love you so much."

"I'm still concerned about you. Something is still bothering you." Jared felt Liam's body become more rigid as he spoke those words.

"I won't lie to you. There is something bothering me but I just need time to sort it out myself."

"Liam, we are one. Our shared essences and the wedding have made us of one spirit. When you are in pain, I am in pain. When you are full of life, I am full of life."

"As I am with you."

"Do you recall the fourth step of our marriage vows?" Jared asked carefully.

Without hesitation, Liam replied, "Let us take the fourth step to acquire knowledge, happiness and harmony by mutual love and trust." Liam hesitated for a moment, then quickly asked, "Do you not trust me?"

Jared led his husband by his hand over to the love seat in the living room. The both sat down. "I trust you with my life and my soul, my husband... absolutely unconditionally. What the step means is our mutual love and trust allows to work together to solve anything to create love and harmony."

Liam thought for a moment, then said, "I understand that Jared. But sometimes we must bear the weight of our problems until it is the right time."

"May I ask when is the right time?"

After a couple of seconds, Liam exhaled. "I wish I knew."

Jared gently raised Liam's right hand to his lips, kissing both the wedding ring as well as the back of his hand. As he looked into Liam's eyes, Jared said, "Then we said 'We have taken the Seven Steps. You have become mine forever. Yes, we have become partners. I have become yours. We are one soul, one person, one devoted to the Creator. Let us share the joys of life together'." Jared paused before continuing, "That includes working together to overcome any challenges, my husband."

Liam's mind was working as quickly as it could to find a way to change the direction this discussion was heading. All he could think about was if they knew what he had done, he would be thrown out of the family. Finally, he said, "May I take some time out at the cabin alone and commune with Mother Earth? That may be what I need to sort things out."

The request surprised Jared, but it wasn't unreasonable. "Of course. We could leave right away."

Very carefully Liam asked, "Jared, may I go on my own to meditate and commune?"

Jared thought for a moment, "If it is what you need, my husband, if it is your path in life to follow. Who am I to question your path." He looked away from Liam, closing his eyes to hide his personal pain.

Liam grasped Jared's hand tighter, "Jared, I am your husband. I give my love, spirit and body to you as my husband, but I need this time alone to think and meditate."

Jared opened his eyes, looking into those of his husband. "If you want to touch the past, touch a rock. If you want to touch the present, touch a flower. If you want to touch the future, touch a life. I hold your hand right now symbolic of our life and future together."

Liam stood and pulled Jared to his feet, embracing him. "I love you so much, more than life itself."

Jared returned his embrace, "As I love you." After a moment, they separated to finish the dishes. "When were you thinking of going up there?"

"Tonight, if you have no objections."

"The sooner you go and solve the problem, the sooner I have my husband back."

Liam used his key to open the door to the cabin, and went inside. He turned the lights on in the kitchen and walked through into the living room. The young man stood there and stared out the huge front windows overlooking the yard and the lake. The moon was exceptionally bright this evening, casting a pale light over the yard and all the trees. The leaves had not budded yet which meant there was nothing to block or diffuse the light. Even a clumsy person could walk through the bush this evening without a flashlight and have no trouble seeing. Liam looked out over the yard slowly, his eyes resting on the frozen lake. He had been hoping to sit on the dock to listen to the loons call in the evening. Liam had forgotten they wouldn't be here with the lake still frozen. He was disappointed.

Liam lit a fire in the fireplace. This was something he enjoyed and found very peaceful. Watching the fire dance as it consumed the wood as if it was alive, fighting for its existence. The fire would bring the temperature up in the cabin quickly, but it wasn't really overly cool as it was.


The cabin never froze up due to the geothermal heating system which had been installed. Jared had explained to Liam how the geothermal system pumped brine into the cabins heating system, and into the ground through pipes. It was amazing how the system carried heat during the cool times, but also kept the cabin cool during the summer. He hadn't seen the cooling system used as air conditioning because every evening had cooled enough to be comfortable. He had been amazed by how the entire system was off the grid, and powered by solar energy and other than maintenance, cost nothing to operate.

Liam's eyes suddenly filled with tears. Quickly, he brought his hands to his face and covered his eyes as his knees buckled. His body was racked with sobs as he fell to a kneeling position, and then into a fetal position on the fur in front of the fireplace. The young man was far too distraught to realize he was now laying on a big thick fur. After the physical release of his sobbing, Liam had fallen asleep in front of the fire.

Two men stepped out of the shadows and quietly went to work. One moved to the fire and built it up again with some birch wood. That would burn slowly through the night, and also give lots of heat. The second man went to the thermostat and turned it up to 22C. After completing that, he had gone to the closet and retrieved a thick blanket. He took a pillow off the couch and gently put it under Liam's head; then he spread the blanket over his friend, tucking him in safely.

The two men went into the kitchen and put away the food Liam had brought with him to eat. If Liam had been awake, he would've immediately recognized Josh and Darren as the ones who had built up the fire and covered him with the blanket.

They stood silently for a moment, staring at their friend sleeping on the floor. Finally, Josh spoke. "It was not intended for Liam to be in pain over our physical deaths."

Darren exhaled slowly and then said, "No one expected that he would make himself feel totally responsible. He's in danger of leaving the path he was intended to walk."

"We can't interfere in those potential actions or outcomes." Josh reached out and took Darren's hand into his before continuing to speak, "That's what makes this role so difficult, especially with Liam's future in jeopardy."

Darren squeezed his boyfriend's hand firmly with his own. "I know Josh. Believe me, I know."

The two men hugged and held each other for a long moment. Slowly, they released their grip. Josh spoke, "Time for us to move on, Darren. We've done what we can, or more correctly, what we are allowed to do for the moment."

Darren broke free of Josh's grip and moved to Liam on the floor. He made sure the blanket was tight, and then leaned over to give his friend a kiss on his forehead, and then whispered into the exposed ear, "I love you Liam, but your time to join us is not now. You need to get your shit together soon."

He stood, and returned to Josh in the kitchen. "Let's go, little guy."

Josh smiled back at Darren as they both faded away back into the next world.

At the same time that Liam was sleeping at the cabin, Tyler was on night shift and patrolling near Gus's Greek Restaurant. He had just pulled up to park near the back door so he could run in to grab a coffee when the dispatcher came on the air.

"A-104 dispatch, complaint when ready."

"Go ahead. You must have known I was just going to run into Gus's for a coffee."

The dispatcher keyed the mic and paused before speaking. "We have a complaint of a naked man wearing tin foil..." The radio channel was still open and Tyler heard the dispatcher turn to the complaint taker seated next to her and ask "Is this for real?" There was an answer Tyler couldn't hear and the radio dropped off the air for a moment. It came back on, "A104, continuing. A naked man wrapped in tin foil, wearing a hockey helmet with coat hangers sticking out of it and balls of tin foil on the end of each like a deely-bopper. He's running around in the intersection of highway 2 and 22nd street access and causing traffic problems. He's using incredibly bright flashlights to signal the UFO where he is situated for pick up."

Tyler stared at the radio in his car, and then the complaint popped up on his computer screen. "This is real?" he said into the mic.

"We've had a dozen calls all saying the same thing, Tyler. We're requesting the dispatch of an ambulance as we suspect paramedics may be of some assistance as well."

Someone from another police unit cut in "Ya got a big butterfly net, Tyler? It would be easier."

Another one cut in, "How about one of them big old hooks like they used in Vaudeville, that would work."

A third one cut in, "Don't forget Tyler, never wrestle with a pig. You'll both get dirty and the pig loves it."

Tyler rolled his eyes, thinking "Oh god, I am never going to hear the end of this" as he backed out of his parking spot. As Tyler pulled onto the street, he hit his emergency equipment. It took a few minutes, but he arrived at the intersection, and sure enough, it was exactly as he had been told.

"Dispatch, this is interplanetary happy-bus landing at scene," Tyler said into the mic.

There was dead silence for a moment before the dispatcher answered while trying not to laugh. "10-4 happy bus."

Tyler got out of the car and stood looking at the man running a circular pattern in the middle of the intersection. He appeared to be 30 or 35, a little thin, he had a distinguished face, approximately 5'9" and possibly 150 lbs. The tin foil was still on parts of his body, and his helmet, but it was missing in a lot of places no one should see in public.

Tyler slowly walked towards the man in the intersection. When he was near, Tyler calmly said, "Hey, it's a great night isn't it?"

The man stopped and looked at Tyler, checking him out from head to toe. He stared into Tyler's eyes for a moment before saying, "Are you one of them?"

Tyler had no clue what he meant. "One of them?"

"The non-believers; the people who don't believe in aliens and extra-terrestrial life."

"Nope, I truly believe there is life outside this existence and earth."

"You're a cop, here to arrest me."

"I am a cop, but I'm here to talk with you."

With only its emergency lighting activated, an ambulance pulled up next to Tyler's police car and parked. A backup police unit came in behind the ambulance and parked as well. The officer got out of his car and started moving closer to join Tyler, but stopped when Tyler held his hand up towards him with a very clear signal.

The tin foil encased man stared into Tyler's eyes for a long moment, and then asked, "You're not a typical human, where are you from?"

"Little place called Clydeville."

"No, I don't mean your cover story." He squinted his eyes and continued to speak, "Where are you really from?"

Tyler glanced around to see if there were other people watching, and then looked at the man. He closed his eyes and then opened them. The man was startled to see Tyler's eyes were glowing pure white. Tyler waited a couple of seconds before closing them again. His eyes had returned to normal when he reopened them, but the man's face was emotionless.

Tyler spoke, "I can't tell you where I'm from, but our planets are allies in the mission here on earth."

The man continued to stare at Tyler as Troy and Marci slowly approached their friend on each side. Out of the corner of his eyes, he saw both of them were wearing tin foil on their heads similar to a winter toque and the man standing in front of Tyler's eyes grew wide at the sight. Troy opened his hands, palms out and said, "We come in peace, cousin. We were sent to help you until the next ship arrives."

"The next ship? No, no, no. The ship should be here anytime."

Marci spoke this time, "No cousin. The ship was damaged after being caught in a meteorite belt."

The man breathed out heavily, "He went too close to Saturn's rings. I told them to stay clear of those. What do I need to do until the ship arrives?"

Marci reached forward and gently took on of the man's hands into both of hers. "You just need to come with us so we can hide you until the next ship arrives."

The man appeared to be relaxing. Just before moving, the backup officer said, "I've had enough of this shit. Let's just arrest him."

The man was startled by the officer, who then broke free of Marci and started running around the intersection yelling for help. The backup police officer was chasing the nearly naked man, and both were trying to avoid the cars driving through the intersection. Both were fortunate the cars passing through were at least reduced in their speed, but there were still near impact misses. The near-naked man crawled onto the hood of a car and slithered up the windshield to the roof. He twisted around and rolled down the back of the car and off the trunk. Soon as his feet hit the ground, he was off and running again.

The two senior aged ladies inside the car had been momentarily surprised when the naked man dove onto the hood of their car. As he slithered up their hood to the roof, his genitals had smacked up against the windshield in front of them. They were pressed hard against the windshield and constantly changing in position as the man moved. Beth had turned to look at her passenger as the man climbed onto the roof.

"Did you see what I saw, Margo?"

"Yes, Beth. It's been a long time, but I haven't forgotten what an 8" uncircumcised penis looks like flaccid."

"8 inches? Really? Has it been that long, Margo? That wasn't over 6 inches."

The man rolled off the roof of the car, and off the truck.

"He's gone now, Beth. We can get on our way to the church for the meeting."

Beth looked at the smears all over her windshield and decided to use the windshield wipers and washer fluid. After using the spray a couple of times, she sighed loudly. "Dammit. Never could clean all the pecker tracks and head cheese off the furniture after sex either."

Tyler turned to Troy and Marci, disgusted, "Well, we almost tied up that incident nice and cleanly. Great hats, who thought of that?"

"I did," replied Marci. "I sort of like them, maybe we'll set a new trend?"

The police officer chasing the man yelled over for help as he couldn't catch him alone. Cars were hitting their horns as they avoided the two men running around and through traffic.

"I think we should just leave him to catch the spaceman," said Troy.

"Me too," added Marci.

"Damn it, someone is going to get hurt if we don't end this quickly," said Tyler exasperated. He looked over and saw the other officer pulling out his taser and yelled an order, "NO! That's not needed."

The officer was out of breath and stopped as he held onto the taser. "I've had enough of this, I'll put this wacko down."

Tyler yelled once more, "NO! Force, let alone at that level, is not called for."

Troy, Marci, and Tyler moved towards him. Marci spoke, "We had it under control until you interfered with what we were doing. He was going to get into the ambulance with us voluntarily."

"Screw that, I've seen these wackos before, they tell you one thing and do another. You can't trust them."

Tyler spoke clearly, "Put the weapon away now. Troy and I will deal with this." He leaned close to the other officer, "You stay here, keep your mouth shut and do nothing. If you move, I'll taser you myself."

The officer looked at Tyler, deep into his eyes. For some reason, the hair on his arm, as well as the back of his neck, stood up straight simultaneously as an uncontrolled chill ran through his body as Tyler returned his stare.

The officer holstered his weapon, and as he looked down to snap it back into place, Tyler and Troy moved to intercept the naked man. It only took them a moment before they had caught up to him, and each grabbed a shoulder to slow him down. Tyler was assuring him everything was under control again, but they needed to get him away from here immediately. The man was getting out of breath by now and was more than happy to quit running. There wasn't much of his tin foil clothing left, leaving very little of his anatomy unexposed.

The man stopped and bent over using his hands to support himself by gripping above his knees.

Tyler continued to reassure the man calmly as he caught his breath. Finally, the man nodded to the first responders and said he would go where ever they needed to take him. Troy explained his cover was a paramedic, and he reported to a superior at a hospital who was in cover as a doctor. They would take him there, and then onto a safe house.

The man agreed and calmly followed them to the ambulance. Marci had a bed sheet for him to wrap himself in and then sat him in the attendant's chair. She secured the seatbelts immediately. Troy moved to her side, and the two of them did their assessment while speaking with him with a reassuring tone.

Outside the ambulance, Tyler looked at the other officer. "You are too new at this location and need to slow down. Not everything can be done quickly and to your schedule. The use of force is a last resort and not a shortcut to finish something quickly. That man was neither a threat or threatening anyone."

"Oh, bullshit. You guys were pissing around with him."

"We avoided the use of any force whatsoever, and gained his full cooperation until you ruined it."

"That's a load of crap. He wouldn't have done what he was promising."

"You mean as he did just now? He walked with us to the ambulance, went inside and sat down. Meanwhile, you are out here being photographed and videoed with your taser out and wanting to use it on a naked man who is only running away from you. That is going to be in the papers in the morning, not to mention it's probably all over YouTube and Facebook by now. I suggest you get your butt back to the office and explain it to the Sergeant before he finds out..."

Dispatch suddenly cut off the end of his sentence. "A104, The shift commander has requested you return to office as soon as possible. There are media calling with questions, and he would like to hear about the incident before he gives a statement."

"I'm going to follow the ambulance over to the hospital to ensure everything continues to be good. I'll send Cst. Brackenbury back to see the Sgt right away."

There was a pause, and then dispatch answered with "The Sergeant advises that is acceptable, and please return to the office when clear of the hospital."


Tyler moved to the other officer, "You better get back there and start talking to the Sgt. What you did was unnecessary, and this could get ugly in the media."

"But I felt..."

"Save it, and get back to the office... NOW."

The young man huffed, moved to his car, got in, and departed. Tyler watched him as he left and used his cell phone to give Frank a call. While he was filling Frank in on the complaint, Marci and Troy had finished their assessment and the written patient care report on the man. He was slowly getting agitated until Troy gave him 2mg of Ativan sublingually. The man settled down almost immediately and began to laugh as well as to joke with the medics.

Troy leaned out the side door and gave Tyler thumbs up and indicated through signs they were going to head out. Tyler nodded and headed for his car.

Tyler walked through the emergency department doors after parking and followed the three tin foil hat dressed people walking up to the triage desk in the hospital emergency department. The staff at the desk froze when they saw the man with the deely-boppers of tin foil hanging off his helmet and looked with wide eyes at the similarly hatted Amanda and Troy. The staff quickly escorted the group down to a special room which could be secured. After the report was given to the attending doctor, Amanda and Troy told the man they would check on him in a few days but to make sure he was doing whatever this doctor says. Troy had assured that the doctor was really the highest ranked alien in the area and his commander. The doctor smirked as he saluted Troy, which Troy returned, and left the room.

Tyler met them in the hall, "No problems?"

"None at all Tyler," replied Marci. "Who was that new guy at the scene?"

Tyler shook his head, "Just transferred in. You guys may want to slip by and have a coffee with Frank and explain what you saw. He's asked for us to go see him when we're done."

"He was a real jerk," Marci mumbled.

Tyler looked directly at Amanda, "I don't normally jump to conclusions, but you may be right. I can't believe he wanted to taser the guy. I suspect that's why Frank wants to speak with us. He had mentioned people had been phoning and complaining about him drawing his taser to use."

Troy and Amanda followed Tyler in the ambulance to the detachment. Upon arrival, Frank had them write statements about the man in the intersection, and specifically what Cst. Brackenbury had wanted to do with the taser. Frank referred the matter to the Internal Affairs Division for action. Cst. Brackenbury will be on administrative duties until the matter is reviewed by the Commanding Officer, and he determines the next step to be taken.


End of Chapter Eighteen

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