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Jared the Paramedic III ~ Redemption

Copyright 2018-2019 Snowblind. All Rights Reserved.


Chapter 23: In the Darkness





Jared kept his one hand on Olly and reached with the other to touch Carter on his face as well. Kat and Troy were still with him as he entered the minds of both young men where he saw why Olly wouldn't leave Carter behind. The two young men were deeply in love, and that love was felt by Jared as he entered their memories. Both young men had some memories which disturbed Jared; he sensed fear and apprehension of the accident. Both were living with a friend as they had been kicked out of their houses by the parents. They loved where they were staying, especially as the friend's parents treated them as just two more of their kids but they knew they had to move on soon. Jared altered Olly's memory of him watching Jared heal Carter, and then firmly planted in both young men's minds, "You must follow your dreams together. You must follow your dreams." Jared thought for a moment, then placed another idea in their minds, "Contact Jared, Liam, Patrick or Adam if you're in trouble or need help," and how to do it. Then he thought for a moment, "Contact Jared before leaving the hospital." Jared returned to his physical body.




Troy was very concerned, "Jared, you're very weak," as he helped his brother to sit on the floor.


Kat saw this, "What's wrong with him, Troy?"


"He's given almost all of his life force away. Every time he heals someone, he gives them some while absorbing their injured energy. It's complicated, but for everything he gives to heal, he takes in their negative energy in exchange."


"What he does is astounding. It sure answers a lot of my questions about injuries which didn't make sense on patients. But now I have so many more questions."


"Kat, we trust you. In all honesty, we love you and Shawn like family members. Jared must've felt it was time to show you what we do."


"I really don't know what to say. I mean, what I saw and what I even felt when we looked into their memories. Amazing."


Jared spoke, "I'm feeling a bit better. Troy, thank you for the energy to help me heal these two. I used a lot today, and even more to bring Carter back from the brink of death." Jared had watery eyes as he looked at the two young men. "I couldn't let them die, and everything they have gone through together has made them even closer." Jared looked at Troy, "Too much death, injury and pain. I don't want to do this anymore."


The pilot cut in on the headset, "We are on final approach to Breck Memorial. Two teams are waiting for us on the helipad."


"Thanks for that update," replied Kat.


The helicopter set down gently on the helipad where the trauma teams unloaded and took over the care for the two young men.


The helicopter was winding down as Jared, Troy and Kat walked to the edge of the pad, and stretched.


"You did it, Jared," said Troy.


"We did it," Jared corrected him as he stared into space. "I'm so tired. I just don't want to do this anymore."


"We're done out there," Troy commented.


Kat gave him a concerned look before pulling Jared in for a full body hug, "I think he meant more than that, Troy."


Jared began an uncontrolled, painful and anguished sobbing. The man slowly began to return Kat's hug while his tears fell onto her shoulder. Jared's head sagged onto Kat's shoulder as his body began to collapse. "Troy, he's lost consciousness. Help me get him to the ground." Troy moved quickly to assist and to check out his brother. It was definite, Jared was unconscious.


"We need to get a stretcher," said Kat with concern.


"We need more than a stretcher" replied Troy. Kat watched as Troy's eyes turn bright white as he lifted his head to let loose with the howl of a wolf in pain. The young man did the long wolf call two more times. In the wilderness, the howl of the wolf would've travelled for miles. In the city, there was too much noise for it to be heard beyond a few blocks. There was a message being sent out, but not to the people who actually heard the howl. It was a howl heard by Jared's family and tribe very clearly, and the message contained within it. Many of them were working somewhere on the aftermath of the accident or at home, but they heard it very clearly.


Mathew appeared and knelt next to Jared and quickly placed his hand on the side of Jared's face. "What happened, Troy?"


Kat was startled by Mathews appearance. "Mathew, where did you come from?"


Grandfather Tom stepped by her on the other side and knelt on the other side of Jared. "The colours of his aura are almost non-existent. His life force is almost gone."


Kat spun the other direction shocked to see Tom. Before she could say anything, Patrick and Adam walked by her as well. The both knelt next to Jared as well.


"Grandfather, he's given too much of himself to others and taken in too much from the injured," said Patrick quickly.


"I suspect that as well Patrick," Mathew replied.


Adam was very concerned, "He's near death."


Kat was very upset hearing Adam's words. "We need to get him into the Emergency Department for treatment."


Patrick looked at grandfather Mathew, "We need to get to the sacred place, quickly."


"Can you give him more time?" asked Tom.


Adam took one foot, lifted the pant leg and grasped Jared's lower leg. Patrick had done the same thing on the right leg. Both closed their eyes to concentrate as they began to share their life force with Jared.


Mathew turned to Troy, "You know the place west of the cabin where the tall ridge of rock is?"


"Yes, I do. We've ridden the quads below it."


"The peak has an area which is flat a little below and behind it. There is a ridge through the middle and the other side facing the lake is the sacred place. Jared and Liam have been there before when they travelled to the early days. We need to get Jared there now."


Troy looked to the group. "I'll get the helicopter warmed up and we'll head out." Troy stood and thought for a moment. "If I hop to the ambulance base, I can refill and we're good to go."


Adam never opened his eyes as he said, "We've got fuel at the lake. Do we have enough to get to the sacred place, then hop to the pad at the cabin to fill up?"


Troy thought, "Yes, but it will be real close to using some of the reserves."


"How close?"


Troy looked at the ground as he said, "Plausible deniability."


"Understood," replied Adam.


Troy was now focused on the trip, "If you two are done, let's get him into the back and I'll be on my way."


Patrick and Adam sat back on their heels after letting go of Jared's legs. "We've been successful, but it won't last too long," Patrick stated. "He has given up so much of his life force."


Kat looked at Troy, "Carter?"


"All the people he triaged, but especially Carter and Olly. He was low already but he had stabilized them before they were extricated from the wreck. Carter was almost dead when Jared began healing him."


Kat had tears starting to roll down her cheeks. "I didn't realize the personal cost of that gift. Can't you just fix him?"


"It's not that easy to repair people like Mathew, Liam, myself or Adam and Patrick," explained Tom. Every person we heal gets a part of our life energy or spirit. We take the damages into us to fix them with ours. We can release them, but he's no longer able to do that himself."


Kat was startled as Liam ran by to kneel next to his husband. He grabbed Jared tightly, lifting him to his chest as he sat back on his heels. Liam had lost control and was crying. "I'm sorry Jared. I've failed you. I couldn't leave the patient until now. I'm so sorry." Liam tucked his head down next to Jared's as he held his husband tightly.


Liam's body was beginning to glow white as held Jared even tighter.


Mathew called out, "No Liam, don't do it."


Tom and Adam moved to physically separate Liam from Jared, but through tears, Liam lifted his head to yell, "NO!" A wave of energy came out of the anguished man knocking everyone backward to the ground. Liam's body was glowing white, but it was sporadic and wavering from dim to bright. Jared's body was beginning to glow in the exact same pattern as Liam's. "I will wait for you Jared with all my love," said Liam through tears as one final pulse of bright white energy was seen.


Liam collapsed, Jared's body fell on top of him. Adam and Patrick got to them first and separated them. Jared was awake now but very weak and confused. Mathew knelt next to Liam and reached to touch the side of his head. The ancient man closed his eyes and concentrated for a moment before saying, "We don't have long, Liam has given himself to save Jared. There's not much left to save."


Jared was quickly becoming aware of what happened and couldn't decide if he was furious or grief-stricken. "You stupid man Liam, giving your life for me," Jared finally said through tears.


Kat now understood what had happened and knelt next to Jared, putting an arm around his shoulders.


Mathew had tears rolling down his cheeks, "We must get to the sacred place if we're to save Liam."


"Get him into the back of the helicopter. I'll get him there," Troy said clearly. He turned to Kat, "I'm going to be flying alone as the pilots followed the patient into the hospital when they found out there were no more trips."


Kat was confused, "What do you mean alone?"


"No copilot," replied Troy. He turned to the family, "Everyone, get in. It's going to be tight with the load."


"Tom and I will meet you at the sacred place," Mathew stated clearly. "We'll contact Zane as well. We will need all the energy we can get."


Troy looked at Kat, "We'll let you know what happens. You're needed here in this world Kat, not where we're going."


"I knew you were going to say that. I want to come but I do understand." She knelt and kissed both Jared and Liam on their foreheads. "Come back to us, both of you," was all she said before she lost control of her emotions.


Tom and Mathew moved to each side of her and placed their arms across her back as they watched the young men help Jared and Liam into the back of the helicopter. Troy was already winding it up as the door was closed and everyone got themselves secured. Troy gunned the turbines and the helicopter began its lift off.


Jared was in the back of the helicopter, sitting on the floor, cradling Liam tightly in his arms. He was rocking back and forth chanting an ancient song over and over again as he held Liam. Jared had no more tears to give... emotionally, he was distraught and numb.


"What's he singing?" asked Patrick.


Adam still had tears leaking out his eyes, but replied with, "Ancient death chant. He's calling for Liam's spirit to return to his body before the final breath is taken and the funeral takes place."


"Can't he give the energy back to Liam?"


"No, we can't return what was given in that way. We don't have enough energy between the rest of us either. We're all drained from what everyone was doing to save all those people."


Patrick undid his seatbelt and moved to the back to kneel across from Jared. The young man raised his voice and began chanting the same song Jared was. Adam joined his brothers by kneeling at Liam's head, with his voice adding to the others in chant. They lost track of the time until they felt the helicopter land.


On the intercom, Troy said, "You guys go, I have to get this refuelled and I'll go back to get more of the family to bring out here to help."


"How close to bingo are you?" asked Adam.


"You don't want to know... Get out fast or I may run out on the way to the cabin," Troy replied.


The three young men carried Liam out the back, closed the doors and moved towards the sacred place. All Adam could think about was his hope Troy was joking about running out of fuel before the cabin. By air, it was 10 minutes away. He heard the helicopter rotors fading away into the background as it flew further away until finally, there was silence.


Troy landed at the pad behind the quonset in the cabin yard. After cooling the motor, he jumped out to begin refuelling. The fuel at this pad was handled manually which meant Troy need to move 205 litres over to the machine, attach a portable electric pump with a filter system to fill the helicopter. Troy inspected the drum for its integrity such as dents, buckling or excessive rust. Some helicopters don't have the same type of filter systems found on automobiles so they rely on high-quality fuel which is shipped in 205-litre lined barrels. If there is any chance of the lining being compromised by damage, the drum is not used. The fuel is pumped through a micro mesh filter from the drum and into the helicopter. Troy even leaves fuel in the bottom of the barrel to ensure no water is pumped into the tank. It took Troy thirty minutes to set up, refuel, and to put the equipment away. Troy lifted off, turned the machine towards the city and increased the speed to maximum.


The young men had carried Liam down the path and around to the face of the rocks. Grandfather Mathew and Grandfather Tom were both standing next to a rock altar in their traditional shaman garments, waiting for them to arrive.


When Troy sat down at the ambulance base, everyone was waiting for him there. The capacity of this machine was a maximum of 14 people. Troy, Tyler, Jesse, Zane, Melanie, Ryan, Nikita and Trevor were there for a ride to the cabin. Tyler jumped in the front passenger side, took his boyfriend's hand into his and gently kissed it. Tyler put his headset on and spoke through the intercom, "Troy, I'll take control for this trip." This particular model of helicopter has dual controls in the cockpit so either seat can fly the machine. It had been specifically ordered for operations like today or for use when moving cargo so the pilot could use either seat for maximum sight.


Troy just nodded.


Tyler took it up and began to head back to the cabin. When he looked over at Troy, he could see his boyfriend was sobbing. Being in emergency work himself, Tyler knew the moment the pressure was off after a major incident, the emotions would bubble up. Troy had fought the emotions down to get the job done, the same as any other rescue worker. Now they came up hard and fast. Tyler had the helicopter levelled off for the flight so he gently reached over with his left hand to take Troy's right hand into his. Troy immediately grasped it tightly.


Liam lay on the rock altar. Mathew had immediately begun to smudge his grandson's husband, cleansing him of evil influences, fractured spirits from the accident scene, and the smell of death. Tom was beating a drum along with the song the young men had been singing in the helicopter. He had given drums to both Patrick and Adam as well. The beat of the three drums with the chant was loud, and it travelled a long distance across the lake to echo back at them. Boom Boom Boom, BOOM, boom boom boom BOOM, as the chant was called out loudly. Their bodies and even the rocks they stood on felt the vibration power of each of the beats from the drums. None of the men had noticed many animal spirit guides beginning to gather along the edge of the forest nearby to watch the ceremony. The drums were calling to everyone for help... and the spirit world was responding. From the pathway where they had carried Liam, a huge bear now walked to join the group. He carefully picked his way past the young men and sat down near Jared. A bald eagle came down to sit on the bear's shoulder. It was a place of honour as the bear and the eagle were meant to be together.


The path to the sacred place had been chipped out of shale, sandstone and layers of granite and was wide enough for one person to easily walk. The area which the path led is said to be have been made by the Creator himself. In the first days, he had wanted a place to watch over his children. Although the children had been spread around the mother earth, they had all been created from one beavertail. The Creator had built many of these sacred places to sit, make a fire for tea, and enjoy watching over his children. He spoke with grandfather rock and asked permission to cut into the peak of tall ridges to build a plateau for his use. The Creator touched the rock, and it crumbled into chunk debris mixed with gravel. The overburden had poured over the side as the Creator walked, creating a trail. As he moved towards the face of the rock, he cut a level area with a back of rock left behind. The sacred place was now similar to a chair with a flat base and a straight back.


The rock wall had an unwanted guest who was watching everything will eyes full of hatred. The Windigo or Chenoo was now in the form of a shrew and hiding on some moss in a crack of the wall face. He was upset the Shamen were gathering to save the one he had chosen to harvest. He had worked long and hard to put Liam into a position where he would die but not by the windigo's hands. He could harvest the soul, and become human again. These Shamen were interfering with his plans.


The helicopter flew up the river and in front of the sacred place. Everyone in the machine looked to see Liam laying on the altar with a ceremony taking place around him. Troy landed on the grass behind the ridge area.


The group made their way along the trail towards the plateau. Ryan was holding Melanie's hand as he followed her along the trail. When they came to the plateau, Ryan noticed everyone was dressed in leather and furs, just like the old western movies. He followed Mel to the back of the circle where they stood. Troy, Tyler, Jesse, Zane, Nikita and Trevor moved past them, and the circle grew bigger to welcome them. Ryan was shocked as all the men he had arrived with were now dressed just like the rest, in furs and leather.


Ryan leaned close to Mel, "How did that happen? They were all in jeans when we landed. They didn't bring anything with them either."


"Ryan, you are going to see things today you thought was just science fiction or magic shows. Just do as they tell you and it will all be fine."


"This is real?"


"This is nothing compared to what is coming."


Melanie carefully pointed to the bear and eagle sitting near them. Ryan was about to run when she just said, "Trust me as you have never trusted anyone, Ry."


He looked at her and nodded slowly. Melanie led him over and introduced him to Masqua the bear and Mikisow the eagle. Ryan was terrified as the bear reached his paw out towards him. Mel took Masqua's paw, Ryan's hand, and brought them together. Ryan felt a shock through his body, but now understood he was in no danger.


"These are the spirit guides of Jared and Liam. They are here to protect us and their humans from evil."


"I noticed while everyone is in leather and furs, their clothes and furs were different styles," Ryan stated.


"These are the messengers from the Creator himself, and represent a variety of regions and times from around mother earth."


Ryan looked at her with confusion.


Melanie led Ryan back to a spot where they could watch the ceremony against the wall. "Just watch with an open mind, Ryan. You know everyone here and all of us would give our lives rather than hurt you. Now you are going to see how special this family really is."


The young men moved without being told, forming a circle. The circle included the altar on which Liam was laid. The drums and their voices sang the death chant until both grandfathers raised their staffs and called for silence. Grandfather Tom moved to the small fire in the centre and poured the tea which had been brewing into an ancient bowl made from a moose antler. As Tom went from person to person and they each took a drink from the antler.


Grandfather Mathew explained, "This is a dangerous situation my children, and this tea will strengthen you against evil while we are performing the ceremony to reunite Sacred Soaring Eagle with his spirit. Although we have many positive or good spirits and spirit guides with us here giving us their strength and love, there is a terrible darkness nearby."


All of the young men in the circle continued to stare at the fire even after being told an evil was nearby. Most people would've looked around out of reflex, but they all knew their strength was in being focused on this ceremony. Tom finished giving everyone in the circle a drink but moved to where he could also give a drink to Mel and Ryan. Melanie moved to where Tom could reach through the circle to touch her, and knelt with her head down. He dipped his fingers into the tea and used his hand to circle the outside of her head with the fluid. She looked up, and he gave her a drink. Melanie stepped back next to Ryan.


Quietly she said, "Come on with me Ryan and do the same thing. I'll stand with you to help."


"Is it ok if I do this? I mean I'm not really part of the family."


"You're with me, Ry. No worries. They have allowed you here because they accept you with me. This is a protection while the ceremony goes on."


"Ok, Mel." Ryan moved forward and knelt where Melanie pointed. Tom dipped his hand into the tea and made the same circle on his head starting at the forehead and around until back at the forehead. Tom then dipped his fingers again and coated both of Ryan's ears.


Melanie had him stand up, and Tom dipped his fingers again and wiped the tea across Ryans mouth.


"Close your eyes, Ryan," Melanie whispered. He did so.


After dipping his fingers again he wiped the tea over Ryan's eyes. Finally, using his free hand, he grasped Ryan's T-shirt and tore it off his body as easily as tearing paper. Ryan was startled but didn't move. Tom dipped his hand into the tea, and then pressed it against Ryan's chest, right over his heart. Tom lifted the tea and offered it to Ryan. Ryan took a little sip but the look on Tom's face made him reconsider. Ryan took a couple of gulps.


Melanie helped Ryan back to where they had been standing.


"What was that all about," asked Ryan.


Melanie spoke quietly, "The sacred tea around the skull protects your thinking, so that you may know truth and love. The tea on your ears are so that you may hear the truth when it spoke. The sacred tea on your eyes is so you can see the truth without deception. The tea on your mouth and lips is so that you only speak the truth. Finally, the tea on your chest is to protect your heart and soul. That way you may feel the truth, experience love, and not be killed by any evil spirit. Grandfather Tom gave you extra protection so you could see and experience everything we do. By the way, it may be grape kool-aid coloured and it stains the skin, but it washes off. It is special medicines from mother earth."


Ryan was beginning to feel strange. There was a warmth starting in his stomach and it was quickly spreading throughout his body. "Melanie, I feel really strange. What was in that tea?"


"Describe how you feel."


"I feel, like I have my body but I'm out of sync with it. I don't know how else to put it."


"You're ready, Ryan. Hold my hand and don't let go. Just keep your eyes open, listen, and think with a clear head."


Grandfather Tom took a long drink from the bowl, and gave it to Mathew to finish off. Tom put the antler down, the side of which was set down on Liam's chest.


Mathew and Tom raised their staffs to the sky and said something in a language Ryan didn't understand. All the men in the circle began to repeat the statement as they raised their hands. Finally, they grasped each others hand to form a perfect circle. He had no idea how, but he began to understand what was being said.










The men standing in the circle all began to glow white. Ryan was astounded, but not afraid. Grandfather Tom and Grandfather Mathew brought their staffs down, hitting the rock under their feet three times, and then raised it back up again. Lightning came from the sky, hit Mathew's staff, shot over to Tom's and then to the altar Liam was laying on.


Suddenly, they were all standing on the beach at the cabin near the dock. Ryan was about to say something but Melanie began to explain before he could.


"Ryan, we have left our physical bodies and are now in the spiritual world. This middle world has been made somewhere familiar for everyone where they feel safe and secure while this unfolds."


"What's going to happen?"


"They are going to confront Liam giving his life force away."


"Is that what he did when he grabbed Jared?"


"He basically gave all his life essence to Jared, or simply put, he sacrificed himself. To die."


"What do we do?"


"We just watch it play out as if it were real life. They have all been brought into the middle world to work through to a resolution. If they do, Liam may live... if they don't, he will die. They can't see or hear us so we are just spectators."


Ryan was very concerned, "You're telling me Liam's life is actually hanging on this coming to the middle world?"


"Yes," Melanie said with a tear rolling down her cheek. "I accept the fact that Liam is already dead, but his body lives on for a period of time. If he is to be saved, his spirit must be reunited with his physical body."


End of Chapter Twenty-Three

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