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Jared the Paramedic III ~ Redemption

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Chapter 26: ...and Rescue



The adults, Jared and the Inspector were standing together near the boats discussing the plans.  The medical triage went well, and other than few people being hungry along with some bumps and bruises, they were all in good health.  The food they brought had taken care of the first problem very quickly.  There were additional police jet boats now at Tom's Marina for use.

There were debates over the best way to handle the situation but finally, Jared had ended it when he stated to the Inspector, "We have all the people here safe, food, and building shelters around a fire so we can spend a safe night to evacuate in the morning.  Or, the police boats being driven by people who don't know the river from the marina may depart now, and arrive here after dark.  We will then load everyone and everything onto the boats to go back downriver in the dark of night."

Jim looked at the ground, and then at Jared.  "What about bringing the boats up tonight to position for the morning?"

"Jim, they can depart at 6 or 7 in the morning as the sun rises, and be here by noon to load.  That's about right to get everyone up, fed and to clean up the campsite by then.  You get a jet boat stuck on a sandbar in the dark, it will be all night before they get it off."

"There are enough shallow rock beds too," Jim said aloud as he pondered.

Jim was lifting the phone to his ear when Jared lightly touched his arm.  Jared closed his eyes and stood still for a moment.  When he opened his eyes, he said, "Grandfather Tom will come with the boats tonight or in the morning to ensure they get here safe.  He thinks your men would be good on a lake, but they are too inexperienced for the river.  But he will respect your decision, Jim."

The Inspector stared at Jared.  "Damn, that works better than the satellite phones."

Jared chuckled at the comment and then said, "Close your eyes for a moment."  The Inspector closed his eyes.  Jared moved his hand to where he was in direct contact with Jim's skin... and they linked together.  Suddenly, they were looking through Tom's eyes at the boats getting ready to launch.  The men were running around, ensuring they had all the equipment loaded in each boat.  One boat was in the water, but the engine was running rough.  Tom knew Jared and the Inspector were looking through his eyes, and he scanned over the entire scene.

In their heads, Tom spoke, "They are good men with big hearts, but disorganized.  The boat in the water, I know that sound... stale fuel.  Some of these boats haven't been serviced from winter storage yet.  The Staff Sergeant is trying to figure out who can drive the boats and what they should be taking.  It would be best to leave in the morning after I have time to help them get sorted out.  I will come with them in the morning."

The Inspector sighed at the disorganization.

"Thank you Grandfather, the Inspector will be phoning with his decision and directions in a few minutes," said Jared.  He broke the connection between the three men.

"It's an easy decision now Jared, they can come in the morning because of the time you and your crew brought us with your equipment," Jim said.  The Inspector phoned the Staff Sergeant and issued instructions regarding leaving in the morning.  He also surprised the Staff Sergeant when he made references to the conditions of the boats, and even what he was doing to get them organized.  His instructions were very clear, as was the instruction to consider Tom an expert and do as he recommended to get organized.  When the Staff Sergeant hung up, he walked over to Tom.

Before he could say anything, Tom smiled and asked, "How's Jim doing at that end?"

"You've already been talking to him?"

"We go back a long way, and there is more to communication than talking."

The Staff Sergeant stared at the old man for a long moment. "What do we need to get done to get on the water?"

Tom didn't hesitate as he said, "Call them all over here and let's have a huddle."

The Staff Sergeant called everyone over, and Tom stated very clearly, "We are departing at 0600 hrs, and we have until 2230 tonight at the latest to get organized before the sun sets."  Tom was very clear as he assigned people to work with the marina staff to check oils, grease the motors, top off batteries, stabilize fuel, change fuel filters, and get the equipment distributed.  Anything extra they needed they grabbed off the shelves of the store and Tom would figure out later who to bill.  A local church group of ladies came to the marina with sandwiches, chilli, and drinks for everyone around supper time.  They had also set the K-12 school up with emergency cots and beds in the gym for the policemen to sleep.

Tom was standing on the dock, giving direction when the Staff Sergeant approached him.  "Tom, were you in the military?"

"No sir, I wasn't."

"Please, not sir – I work for a living.  It's Dan."

Tom reached out with both hands and took one of Dan's into his tightly, "Dan, It is a pleasure to meet you.  I am Tom."

A young man stepped forward, "Sergeant, this is not just Tom, this is Grandfather Tom of my tribe, Spirit Walker, Most Sacred Medicine Man of the People, Most Sacred Healer of the People, Speaker for the Council of Elders, Chairman of Tribal Council, and Sacred Messenger of the Creator Himself."

The Staff Sergeant stood straight and gave Grandfather a salute.  Grandfather nodded his head forward to acknowledge it.

"Tom, I had no clue..."

"It's alright Dan, today I'm just the owner of the marina who is using his best skills to organize people who are trying to help other people," said Tom very casually.

"I now understand why you are so good at organizing people to get something done."  Tom then looked at one of the boats and said something to the young man standing next to him in another language.  The young man answered and moved down to the dock to one of the police boats.  He spoke to the officers in the boat and together they worked the portable fuel tank.

Dan looked at Tom with a 'what?' look on his face.

"They attached the portable tank without releasing the pressure first.  That particular motor has a habit of not starting because of a pressure lock in the line."

Dan smiled, "And the young man not only explained it but is showing the members how to do it right?"


"Tom, I was skeptical at first and thought you were interfering but I was wrong. I've watched your workers mixing with the police officers, gently correcting and teaching them all kinds of things they should have been taught on the boat operators course.  Working together."

"It is the way to get things done properly, and only having to do it once."

"I can't believe the community either, feeding us and setting up the cots."

"Dan, many of you policemen see us as just natives, poor people or backwoods hicks. Today, you are learning there is more to see when you stop to look."

Dan exhaled slowly, "I understand that Tom.  I apologize."

Tom stopped and seemed to stare upriver for a moment. "Dan, they are having supper now and enjoying themselves."

The Staff Sergeant looked at the old man and said, "How do you know that?"

"You're about to get a phone call too from Jim the Inspector."

"How do you..." his sentence was cut off by the phone ringing.

"You better answer than Dan," said Tom with a smirk, as he stepped off to look at one of the boats. 

After getting everyone fed, it was time to build the shelter for the night.  The group had tried to build a small shelter out of the remaining canoes and tree branches. They could huddle in it together at night to stay warm.  Jared and Adam soon had all the youth working to build a shelter for the night.  A pretty basic shelter called a lean-to.  It had two upright poles, a cross member lashed to them at each end.  Once that was in place, a few long poles are laid so that one end is on the ground with the other end on top of the cross member creating around a 30-degree angle.  A tarp can be put on the poles as a roof, and the ground covered in spruce boughs not only to insulate but also give a little cushion.  Traditionally, the open side faces the inside of the camp area and the fire.  The people lay with their feet towards the angled end and their heads towards the fire.  It's a quick shelter which can quickly house people during inclement weather.

In the Rubbermaid tubs, there were numerous tarps and blankets.  Jared figured out who still had blankets or a sleeping bag and those who needed some temporary bedding.  After everyone had piled fresh spruce, Jared showed them how to fold the tarp in half and put the folded end towards the back of the lean-to.  If it was cool tonight, they could wrap themselves in the blankets and crawl into between the tarp flaps.  That would keep all the heat from their bodies inside and keeping them warm.

It was warm during the day but cool at night.  They coveralls they brought were a little big for a couple of the young men, but they were appreciated.  The colour of the coveralls was bright yellow which also made it easier to spot people if they wandered too far from camp.

The next priority was to ensure enough wood was gathered to burn until rescue the next day.  Jim and the adults from the group were watching the activity while sitting on a couple of logs near the fire.  The Inspector got up and filled everyone's coffee cup up from the pot sitting next to the fire.

One of the adults was named Jerry and he commented, "These guys are incredible.  The young guys we had with us are really good kids but the enthusiasm they have doing things with Jared is unbelievable."

Jim laughed, "Jared, Liam, Adam, Conner, Patrick, Mark, Troy and Tyler are all very special young men.  Three are paramedics, two are police officers, three are at school.  This area is Jared's and Adam's traditional lands.  Jared's family has a cabin a few hours from here."

"They know these are tough inner-city kids? I mean being police and..." asked the other man named Ben.

"They don't care.  Jared's group is a family, and something they share in common is many were abandoned when they were younger."

"I didn't mean anything by my comments," added Ben quickly.  "They are good kids, just really rough around the edges."

Jim chuckled, "Of all the people your group could've had rescue them, this is probably the best-equipped bunch of guys to have done it.  Just look at the way they relate to them and the rapport they've developed already."

Adam was busy around the other side of the fire cooking. He had a large frying pan out and had some canola oil heating in it.  Ben and Jerry were watching him as he began to make a large dough ball, flatten it, and then throw it on the frying pan.  Jim smiled at Adam when they made eye contact.

"Yes, we're going to have fresh bannock for a snack when they are done gathering the wood," said Adam.  "Would you dig the jam out one of the tubs for me please, Jim?"

"No problem." Jim got up and moved to the tubs.  "Is this Grandfather Tom's recipe?"

"No... ancient Chinese secret on Bannock.  Flour, baking powder, little salt and sugar, water and oil.  I personally prefer the baked bannock or some nights we cook the dough over an open fire like a hotdog."

"That sounds like fun too," replied Jim as he was looking through the tubs.

"Adam, what do you do for a living?" asked Jerry.

"Just finished basic training at the academy and will be graduating as a police officer shortly."


"You say that likes it a bad thing."

"No, I didn't mean it that way.  Just it's not good relations between the inner city and police.  Especially these kids."

Adam flipped the bannock in the frying pan.  "So you think I had an easy life growing up?"

"Well..." started Jerry.

"Let's start with the fact I'm indigenous and not white.  Let's add to that I lived out here in the boonies, fought with my parents, got mixed up in the wrong crowd and even tried to commit suicide," Adam stated very casually.

"Oh my God, I'm sorry," said Jerry.

"I ended up in a severely abusive relationship with an older man who took advantage of me.  And on top of everything else, I'm gay."

"I'm sorry, Adam.  I've never learned to keep my mouth closed," said Jerry sheepishly.

"I'm telling you this because I did have a loving mom and grandfather who did everything they could to save me.  But, it took someone like Jared to get me back on the right path in life.  That is what you two are trying to do with these 10 young men.  Save them, right?"

Both Ben and Jerry said, "Yes."

"It felt impossible to you at times, but you kept trying."

Again, both said, "Yes."

Adam stood up and looked directly at the two men.  "In many ways, you will never know how many people you've succeeded at getting on a different path in life.  It can be very frustrating, especially when you have a disaster happen like losing two canoes."

Ben looked at Adam with deep thought.  "How did you know?"

"Part of my training is as a Medicine Man, and it's how I would feel."

"Adam," started Ben.  "It doesn't mean we don't appreciate your help."

Jim jumped into the conversation now, "You two need to realize something about this group of young men.  Every one of them is an old soul and special.  They don't have malice or hatred or condescension towards anyone.  I've seen them in action before.  The only thing they do is help people, unconditionally."

"But we look like idiots now," Ben blurted out.

"To who?" asked Adam.

"To you guys for starters.  Just a bunch of city people who couldn't even do a simple canoe trip," said Jerry as he looked at his feet.  "The kids will never trust us again."

Adam reached down and flipped the bannock one more time. "When a warrior falls in the face of a test, there is one thing they still are as they heal up and rest.  A warrior.  What I see are two men who are very committed to doing good and helping people.  Every road has potholes, and you hit one.  Now, do you give up and stop your journey because of it or do you become wiser and continue on?"

"Wiser I guess," mumbled Jerry.

"Excuse me? I've heard louder voices from children who have skinned their knees."

Jerry said it louder this time.  "Wiser."

"What about you? Say it together."

Ben and Jerry said it again together.

Adam looked at Jim, "They yell like old ladies."

Ben and Jerry stood up and yelled as loud as they could.

Adam took the bannock out of the pan and put it onto a platter.  He placed another on onto the frying pan.  He looked at the two men, "Now believe in it when you say it.  Mistakes are a part of life.  If you don't make mistakes you will never learn.  If you never learn, you will never change.  Yell it again."

The two men yelled it again.

Three of the young men from their group ran over and asked, "What are you yelling about, Jerry?"

Adam answered for them.  "Ben and Jerry think they let you guys down and disgraced themselves by this accident happening."

The one young man's face scrunched up.  "What the fuck are you talking about?  You two saved us all."

"Isaac," started Ben.  "We brought you out here and the canoe flipped.  We lost it and we lost another one trying to save the first one.  We could've lost one of you."

"Bullshit.  What you did was to get us to this island, and then keep us safe until help arrived," replied Isaac.  "It wasn't your fault Linc and Ian flipped their canoe.  But, you did get them safely here - saving their lives."

"Ben, what I see are two men who have done a lot to organize this trip, and they even organized surviving until you were found.  You didn't lose one person, and no one was even seriously injured.  That has earned my respect," said Adam.

"Listen to the man," said Isaac.  "He speaks the truth."

"So you guys aren't mad or disappointed?" asked Jerry.

Another young man stepped forward, "All of us guys respect both of you.  No one else has time for us and you brought us here. Jesus may have walked on water but you two fly above it."

Adam flipped the bannock.  "Ben, Jerry; are you two listening?"

The two adults of the group had a new sense of confidence about them now.  "Yes, we hear you."

Adam poked the cooking bannock with his finger, and then looked up at the young guys.  "You hungry?"

"Does a duck float?" replied Isaac.

Adam cut up the first bannock and put it on a plate. He showed them how to grab a piece, cover it in jam to eat it.  The bannock was a big hit with the group at the fire.  The rest of the group must have heard someone mention food as they came running to eat as well.  Adam made four more frying-pan sized bannock before everyone had enough of a snack.

Jared dug into one of the tubs and grabbed a few towels. "Anyone want to go swimming? A five-minute walk from here is shallow water made of a sandbar on the northeast of the island.  It's shallow, warm water."

The young men in the group were all looking at each other and then their adults.  One finally spoke, "Some of us don't know how to swim and we don't have swimsuits."

Liam smiled at the group.  "What's a swimsuit? We never use them."

"The water is very shallow there.  The non-swimmers can play around in the water up to their waist" Jared added.  "Plus, we will be there to watch over you guys."

One of the city kids spoke out loudly, "Isn't that gay to swimming naked with guys only?"

Adam stepped forward, "Our people have been swimming naked in this river for centuries.  It was the settlers who brought false modesty and swim suits with them.  But, its your choice."

Jared turned to Adam, "Can you find some soap root?  We'll look for some early flowers to give it some scent."

The one young man Isaac asked, "Soap root? You pulling our legs?"

Adam smiled, "Come with me Isaac, we'll find soap root together.  Everything we need to survive is given to us by Mother Earth if you know where to look."

Isaac looked at Ben and Jerry.

"Go ahead, guys.  If you want to go swimming, go with them.  Please do as they tell you," said Ben.

"What are you two going to do?" asked Isaac.

"We're going to stay here by the fire, drinking some coffee," replied Jerry.  He looked towards Jim and Colt. "And you two?"

Colt looked at Jim for guidance.  "I'll stay here but go ahead, Colt."

"No sir, but thank you for the offer to let me join.  I'll stay here."

Ben and Jerry watched the group leave; finally Ben said, "Should we go to make sure they are ok?"

Jim laughed.  "If you want, we can go.  But, when it comes to your group being safe I trust my life with Jared's tribe."

"In that case, let's fill the coffee cups up again," replied Jerry. 

Adam, Isaac and a couple other young men went looking near the swimming area for the plant.  While they were searching, the young men were asking Adam about some of the other plants in the area.  Each question was answered with information that captured their interest.  Adam showed them how to use a stick to dig into the ground to expose the root, and then how to mash it with a rock.  Jared had collected some flowers in soup pot he brought with him, and they added some water along with the root.  Using his hand to mix it all up the city kids were amazed at the suds created.

Finally, Jared and the rest of the tribe stripped off and ran into the water.  They started to chase each other in the shallow area, tackle and wrestle.  The group from the city stood there and watched.  The boys were all 17 or 18 and various nationalities.  They had never seen anything like this before.  Patrick came running up to them naked, "Come on guys, come on in swimming."  Within a couple of minutes, they had joined the rest in the water.

The group played red rover as well as a form of volleyball using something Jared had woven together out of bull rushes.  Soon enough, Jared and Adam showed everyone how to wash with the soap root mix.  After drying themselves and getting dressed again, the group headed back to the campsite.

Adam and Troy had some of the young guys helping them fix supper.  It didn't take long for everyone get a plateful of pasta garlic noodles and smokies.  The meal was all cleaned up by the time the sun began to set.

Everyone was sitting around the fire drinking some tea, hot chocolate or coffee.  One of the young guys by the name of Evan finally got the nerve to ask Patrick a question.  "When we were swimming, I noticed all you guys had a tattoo in the same spot.  What's that tattoo everyone has on their chest?"

Patrick smiled and without hesitation lifted his shirt so everyone could see.  "This is the protection of the bear.  We all wear it as members of Jared's tribe and it marks us as protected from evil.  Also if I ever need help, I just need to call out and someone will come."

"The protection of the bear?" asked Evan.

"The bear is very powerful for us, and it is my spirit guide.  As a paramedic and medicine man, I'm a healer and protect people's health," explained Jared.

"Troy and I have the spirit guides of wolves.  We are the protectors of the tribe members and help those who need it," said Tyler.

It was Patrick's turn, "My spirit guide is the lynx.  Each one of us has a primary spirit guide with strong characteristics.  Liam is the eagle and not only a protector but a leader."

"This stuff is real?" asked Evan.

"We're not here to change your minds or convince you of anything.  But, it's how we live our lives," said Patrick. All of the original tribes were given rules to live by:

-Treat the Earth and all that dwell thereon with respect.
-Remain close to the Great Spirit, in all that you do.
-Show great respect for your fellow beings.
-Work together for the benefit of all Mankind.
-Give assistance and kindness wherever needed.
-Do what you know to be right and do not to fall into self-righteousness.
-Look after the well-being of mind and body.
-Dedicate a share of your efforts to the greater good.
-Be truthful and honest at all times and especially be truthful and honest with yourself.
-Take full responsibility for your actions."

"Those are the rules given by the Creator, the Great Spirit to all of us.  If they were followed by everyone, life for so many would be so much better," said Liam.

One of the other young guys spoke up, "Do wolves swim?  Last night we heard them howling over on the mainland."

As if on cue, a wolf called from across the river.  Tyler and Troy stood, lifted their chins and let loose with a series of wolf howls back at the animal.  Not to be outdone, Liam joined them with the call of an eagle. It was when Jared let go with a growl of the bear the goosebumps on everyone's skin still sitting appeared.  Patrick roared like a lynx on the attack as Adam trumpeted like an elk.

After a moment of quiet, a series of yelps from the mainland came as a reply, followed by the growl of a bear.

Once again Jared let go with a series of growls, coughs and grunts.  As Jared made the sounds, each one of them resonated through the bodies of everyone at the fire.  Finally, Jared let loose with an almost deafening roar as Tyler and Troy howled.

Everything was quiet for a moment until a single short howl was heard.

Jared looked at Evan, "This island was announced to the area as protected by the bear and wolves of the tribe.  It is now safe and protected until we leave.  Evan, you have nothing to fear."

"You talked to the animals?" he asked.

"In very simple terms, we told them as opposed to having a discussion," replied Jared.

 "I'm not sure why but I totally believe what you telling us," said Isaac.

"Is it s'more time yet?" asked Liam with pleading eyes.

Jared put his arm over his shoulder and pulled him close. "Liam is a chocoholic, and we've been keeping him from the chocolate bars and marshmallows until we could all share them."

Liam taught everyone how to make s'mores, and the city kids learned quickly.  After the snack, they started to get the young men into bed.  As the young people were heading to bed, Ben and Jerry were shocked when Evan came and gave Jared a big hug.  After he did it, he quickly ran to where he was going to sleep.  Isaac was waiting for him and helped him get undressed and under the blankets.

Jerry leaned over to Jared, "That is a major breakthrough with Evan.  He's not one to show affection."

Jared had been surprised when the young man had hugged him, and in that moment, he had probed Evan's memories.  "He's a special young man with so much potential.  It's very fortunate Isaac is with him to help him."

"You've picked up on that?" asked Jerry.

"Yes," replied Jared as he reached for Liam's hand.  "My husband Liam and I both understand what they are going through."

That statement shocked both Ben and Jerry.

Patrick and Adam grasped each other's hands as well.  "Boyfriends here."

Troy and Tyler did the same, "Us too."

"I'm sorry for my shock," said Ben.  "Some of the young men are gay, others straight, but it's not an issue with any of them."

"Jerry, we are as the Creator made us and it should not be an issue to anyone," said Patrick.

"We agree with all of you.  I'm so happy that we met up with you on this trip," said Ben.

"Could've been done a different way I suppose," added Jerry and they all chuckled.

The next hour the men talked about linking up once everyone got back to the city.  Ben and Jerry wanted to meet the rest of the gang and get a tour of the LGBTQ2 centre as well.  Finally, Jared sent everyone to bed as he piled some extra wood on the fire.

Liam gently took Jared into his arms and kissed him. "You're the best kisser."

"Not bad yourself."

"It's been wonderful today, Jared."

"It's been a good day, my husband."

"I love you."

"I love you, Liam."

After a second gentle kiss, the two men embraced each other, their heads resting against each other while enjoying the warmth and heartbeat of the man they loved.  After a moment, they separated but remain holding hands.

Liam raised his face to the moon, raising his hands skyward with the palms facing up and his eyes turning white.  "Creator, this group of young men are fighting to get back on the path their lives were intended to travel.  Your messengers ask that you bless this group's eyes so that they may see with love, bless their mouths so they may speak with love, bless their hearts so that they may not only give love but receive it, and bless all our hands so that all we touch feels loved.  I beg this as your humble messenger Creator."

Jared smiled at his husband as Liam finished his prayer and his eyes returned to normal.  After a gentle kiss, they got up and moved to their spot in the lean-to where they would be sleeping.  They had noticed Patrick and Adam were spooned together as were Troy and Tyler. Liam spooned behind Jared, holding him tightly before they both fell asleep.

Nimanitôm was standing in the shadows smiling.  He moved forward silently until he was standing near the fire, facing the two structures.  He raised his hands until his palms were facing the group of sleeping men.  "Your eyes will see more than pain, they will see with clarity and love.  Your mouths will speak with honour and love.  Your hearts which have been hurt are strengthened so that all of you will not only freely give true love but you will allow yourselves to receive it as well. Your hands will share that love with everyone you touch.  Your feet will carry you to your true potential, and along the path you were meant to walk.  Your mind will have the confidence to achieve your potential.  I have spoken."  He dropped his hands to his sides and continued to watch the sleeping men for a moment before he faded away. 

The group slept late into the morning.  They managed to get breakfast cooked and everything packed away as the rescue boats arrived at the island.  Grandfather Tom was standing in the bow of the lead boat watching, reading the water, and would raise his right or left arm for the driver to make that move.  The driver had learned earlier that if he didn't make the changes he would usually hit an underwater rock or a floating log.

The boats had travelled downriver and when they came to the junction with the lake, they all waved their goodbye as Jared's boats broke off to head back to the cabin.  Patrick was standing on the bow of the boat as it was moving into the dock.  Jared suddenly pulled the throttle hard and into a reverse position.  That caused the boat to immediately stop in its own length.  Patrick flew off the bow, skipped on the water twice before sinking near shore.

"Jared, you're losing your touch.  That was only a two skipper," yelled Adam from the other boat.

"I guess I need more practice," replied Jared.  "I'll come around again.  Jim, can you grab the bow rope and be prepared to dock?"

Patrick had made it to the dock and had climbed out of the water.  He promptly stood up, turned around and dropped his pants while bending over to expose the cheeks of his ass to Jared.  Patrick had a big smile on his face as he looked over his shoulder to make sure Jared saw him.

"We've created a monster, Jared," said Tyler.

"Your right, you did," as Jared pushed Tyler over the gunnel.  The boat pulled up to the dock, was tied off and the fight was on to get everyone wet.  Jim made off the boat and off the dock safely but Colt didn't.  Troy nailed him with a tackle which took them both off the side of the dock.  It took another ten minutes before the battle was over, and everyone was wet.  Except for Jim.  The search base had been packed up and was just waiting for Jim and Colt to arrive back.  Shortly, they all departed leaving the family to themselves at the cabin.

End of Chapter Twenty-Six


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