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Jared the Paramedic III ~ Redemption

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Chapter 29: Transitions



It was two weeks after the break-in at the village.  While Adam's troop was practicing for the graduation ceremony, a serious accident occurred.  The troop was in their positions and practicing for their self-defence demonstration when one of the recruits let out a scream.  Daniel had been was demonstrating a Crescent Kick on the large leather punching bags hanging along one side of the gym.  He collapsed while grabbing his lower leg.  His sparring partner thought it sounded like wood breaking.

The instructor ran over and took one look at the injury, and sent one of the recruits to the medical centre for the doctor. The rest of the troop minus Adam was sent to the showers, and out of the gym.

Daniel was in a lot of pain as Adam moved alongside him.

"Daniel, you are in pain, may I help you?" asked Adam calmly.

The instructor said, "I have to go make a phone call to let people know what happened.  Will you stay with him, Adam?"

"Of course, I will."  The instructor ran out of the gym.

"Please Adam, do something, help me.  I felt it break."

Adam gently reached out and touched the side of Daniel's head.  The young man immediately and visibly relaxed as he exhaled. "The pain is gone."


The leg was obviously broken above the ankle, the fractured part at an angle which indicated a clear break of the bones.

"May I help your leg?"

"Anything, but what can you do?" the injured recruit asked.

"Trust me, that's all you have to do."

"I do trust you, especially after the Chief Superintendent said one of your tribe's Medicine Men had healed his husband."

Adam knelt next to the prone man and closed his eyes in prayer.

Daniel was watching his troop mate as he closed his eyes, brought his hands together as he was going to pray and said aloud, "Great Spirit we know as the Creator of all, I ask that you guide my hands to do your work."  When Adam opened his eyes, they were glowing bright white.

Daniel was shocked but was suddenly overcome with feelings of trust and peace.

"Daniel, this is what I'm trained to do.  Just believe and have no fear."

"I place my life in your hands."

Adam gently reached out and touched the knee above the broken bones.  Immediately, he could see inside the body and was moving through the tissue.  He spoke out loud, describing what he saw.

"The tibia and fibula have been broken. One shard has sliced the nerve and the artery."  He moved through the nerve, and into the bone.  He travelled down the bone to the ankle.  "As I suspected, the anterior tibial tendon is damaged, actually torn."

Adam knew enough of the injury now and removed his hand.  He began to rub his hands together as if he was washing them with soap.  As he did this, his hands began to glow.  Adam looked at Daniel as his eyes glowed bright white.

Adam looked up and said, "Creator, please guide my hands to do your work on this man who has an important path to walk in his life."

Adam reached over, and gently straightened the leg, holding the foot in the correct anatomical position.  The glow in his hands spread through the lower limb, the brightest building on the injured area.  Inside the injured man, the tendons knitted themselves, the nerves reached to each other and bonded, and the bone shards moved back into place.  Daniel felt no pain as the repairs continued in his leg.  He didn't feel any pain, but what he did feel was a slowly building but very comfortable warmth in his injured leg.  Suddenly, just as fast as it had begun, the heat began to decrease until it was gone.  Daniel had continually watched Adam the entire time he was performing the healing, now with almost a fear of his troopmate and friend.

Adam's eyes continued to glow as he spoke directly to the young man.  "You have a long career ahead of you.  Your integrity, honesty, belief in equality, and consistency in the application of those things is an integral part of the future.  This injury would have left you incapacitated, and on the wrong path.  We need you on the correct path so your strong beliefs are a role model for the future."

Daniel was still looking at Adam, confused.  He trusted him, respected him... but at this moment was scared of him.  "What are you?"

"I am a Medicine Man, from a long line of Medicine Men, who are messengers and help people to continue their path of life.  I can promise you this... if you wish to learn I can introduce you to my family.  Until then, your bone will be tender for a few days.  The damage is healed but I had to leave something to be found by the Doctor.  He'll think it's a crack, but it will cause you and no problems into the future."

"Adam, I don't know what to think or even say to you."

"Just live your life the way it was meant to be, and come meet my family some time.  By the way, you are going to have some discomfort in your leg... now."

Daniel tensed up, sat up to grab his leg.  "Could've given me some warning," he said chuckling.  "Can we talk about this later?  I have questions."

"Of course, we can, but they are all about to come through the doors." Just as Adam finished speaking, the doors opened and the Doctor came in with the instructors.  They sent Adam to the change room for a shower as they began to treat Daniel's injury.

"All rise.  This Court is now in session.  Judge Jesse McCoy-McAdam presiding today," stated the clerk of the court.

Jesse moved from the doorway of his office and up behind the judge's bench. "Please be seated."  Everyone sat.

Jesse looked around the courtroom, thinking about how different it was from this angle.  His thoughts were interrupted by the clerk, "Your Honour, we have a full docket this morning."

"Well then, let's get going," said Jesse as he reached for the bundle of papers he was being handed.

The Prosecutor stood, "Your honour, I'm Brad Steiner from the Crown Prosecutor's office.  I believe the first couple of matters before the courts are first appearances from the weekend."

Jesse turned to the clerk, "Who's up first?"

The clerk called a name, and a handcuffed young man approached the railing.

An older defence attorney stood up, "Your Honour, I'm Mark Farmstead with Legal Aid. I'll be defence on record for this client."

"Thank you, read the charges please."

The clerk read out seven counts of Break and Enter as well as numerous counts for possession of stolen property.  Jesse looked at the Crown lawyer and had stated the Break and Enter was an Indictable offence, but how were they proceeding on the others.  The Crown replied very quickly all proceeding by indictment.  After a brief discussion between the accused and his legal aid lawyer, they entered not guilty pleas to all counts.  Jesse then asked about election of process for all charges, and the lawyer submitted trial by provincial court judge for all counts.

"What about bail?" asked Jesse.

The Crown jumped up and opposed bail, and the defence suggested he could be released to his parents on house arrest and monitoring.

Jesse looked at the two attorneys and the very bored young man.  "He will remain in custody and we'll have a show cause hearing tomorrow at 2:00 pm.  At that time I'll listen to arguments from both attorneys." Jesse was staring at the accused, who was standing slouched, head off to one side, and eyes wandering around the room.  Jesse stared at the young man, and then yelled, "HEY YOU!"  Most of the people in the courtroom jumped at his voice.  The young man looked at Jesse.

"Are you bored being here?"

The young man answered, "Huh?"

"Are you bored here? Am I keeping you from something important?"

The young man shook his head no.

"Are you interested in what's going on?"

"Yeah, suppose so."

"How old are you?"


"In school?"


"Do you have a job, young man?"

He chuckled, "No.  You sound like my dad."

Jesse stared at the defence attorney.  "Mr. Farmstead, is your client drunk?"

"No, your honour."

"Is he stoned?"

"No, your honour."

"Head injury or medical condition I should be aware of?"

"Nothing I am aware of, your honour."

"Then, we will deal with it this way." Jesse leaned forward over his desk, "STAND UP STRAIGHT AND KEEP YOUR EYES ON WHOEVER IS SPEAKING.  At least look interested in these proceedings."

The young man rolled his eyes at Jesse.

"I've had a change in my position.  Just from the attitude I've seen here, there is no way on earth I am going to subject this young man's parents to him being released and stuck in their house under arrest and monitored.  They don't deserve to be treated like that.  Remanded in custody until trial." Jesse banged the gavel.

The young man was fully interested now, "That's eight months from now.  That's fucking bullshit!"

Jesse looked at the police officer, "Please, escort him from my courtroom before I lose my temper at his language after having his already being disrespectful."

The defence attorney actually put his hand over the young man's mouth and whispered into his ear.  The young man nodded his head yes and was led to the back of the courtroom.

The Crown Prosecutor was standing with his mouth open in shock.

Jesse looked at the clerk, "Who's the next contestant this morning."

Both the Defence and Crown Attorneys smiled and thought to themselves they were going to like working in this courtroom.  The new judge has no time for bullshit.

The docket went smoothly from that point forward.  The defence attorney's appearing with their clients had quickly told them how to act in front of the judge, and they did very well.

The final matter was a trial of traffic tickets which had been issued.  The accused was defending himself, so the Crown prosecutor had left the prosecution up to the police officer acting as court liaison.  The officer pointed to where the accused and his witness could be seated.  The opening only took a moment and ended with the Constable being sworn in to testify.

"CstFogget, are you a member of the police force and were in uniform performing your duties the night of March 23, 2017, near the town of Chapel?"

"Yes sir, I was."

"How long have you been a police officer?"

"I've been a member for 9 years, trained as a traffic specialist including radar and commercial truck compliance and 7 years in traffic."

"Would you tell the court what you observed that night?" asked the court liaison officer.

"Yes, sir.  I was on traffic duties, night shift, and patrolling highway 16.  It was near the end of the shift, approximately 0230 hrs, so I was working my back to the detachment."

"Constable, were you in a marked or unmarked car?"

"I was in a marked car but clean.  In other words no roof-rack lightbar."

"Please continue, Constable."

"I was westbound on highway 71, and it was very light in traffic at that time of the night.  I was operating the radar and did not identify any offenders in the eastbound traffic.  I noticed a set of taillights ahead of me approximately a mile.  I realized I was gaining on the vehicle fairly rapidly which did catch my attention.  I continued to gain on it until I came to where I could read the license plate.  It was a new Ford 4x4 pickup truck, red in colour."

"What did you do then?"

"It had caught my attention because it was travelling approximately 30kms under the posted limit."

"Was that illegal?"

"Not in the circumstances of traffic, weather etc.  It can be perfectly explainable, or it could be an indication of a problem with the driver."

"Did you have an opinion?"

"No, sir.  Not at this point.  The truck was going slow but wasn't weaving from line to line.  I've stopped a lot of people at this time of the night and found them to be falling asleep.  I would like to think that besides checking their licence, registration, and insurance, I may have prevented a few from having an accident by suggesting they stop at the next town for a snooze at a gas station parking lot."

Jesse was interested in this and spoke, "Constable, do you come across many people who are overtired behind the wheel?"

The Constable looked up at the Judge on the bench.  "Your honour, I see people driving erratically and check them.  I've met many very nice people who were embarrassed to have been driving like an impaired driver.  They all either stopped at the next town to check into the little motel or stopped in a service station parking lot for a snooze in the vehicle."

"I commend your actions, Constable," said Jesse.  "It's something that you would never see, the difference you're making." 

"You're right, your Honour.  But, I get called out to a lot of single-vehicle accidents where people actually fell asleep at the wheel and drove off the highway.  I've seen some very ugly accidents, and fatalities."

Jesse nodded to the constable, then looked at the accused. "My apologies, I was interested in the problem."

The accused stood up, "No problem, your honour.  I am too.  May I ask a question?"

"Of course you may," replied Jesse.

"Your honour, I just want to pay the tickets..."

Jesse looked at the documents in front of him.  "You appeared in court and entered a plea of not guilty and set a trial date."

"I was wrong, your honour.  May I just pay the tickets now?"

"Well, I still need to hear what happened so I can set an appropriate fine."

"Isn't there a set amount for the tickets?"

"Yes there is as a voluntary payment but there is a maximum of $5,000 per offence," replied Jesse.

The accused gasped.

Jesse looked at the constable testifying.  "Lets cut to the chase."

The constable smirked, "Ok.  I continued to approach the vehicle and noticed my headlight lit up the back of the driver's head.  It was then I noticed a face looking back.  Her head was between his head and the driver's door, facing towards the back of the vehicle."

Jesse's head snapped to look at the constable testifying.

The constable looked uncomfortable as he continued.  "Her eyes were closed, but then I noticed her head was going up and down like she was bouncing up and down on something."

The court liaison officer snorted his laughter but brought it back under control.  Jesse looked at him but gave him a little smile.  The accused was turning red as he sat behind the table and stared at the floor.

"Constable, please continue" said Jesse.

"I continued to accelerate and pulled up next to the truck, equaling its speed. I looked over and could see her doing a bouncing up and down motion on the driver."

The accused stood and asked, "Your honour, are you sure it's not too late to just pay the set fines?"

"Not for all the tea in China," answered Jesse.  "I want to hear how this ends.  It's really caught my attention now."

The court liaison officer was having extreme difficulty from containing his laughter, so he opened his briefcase and put his head into it.

"Constable, please finish," directed Jesse.

"The male who was driving was staring forward, and the woman was bouncing up and down.  Neither of them seemed to notice that I was alongside them, so I turned the siren on for one yelp.  That got their attention.  They both turned their heads to look towards me after hearing the sound.  Both had horrified looks on their faces.  So, I slowed down a bit, allowed them to continue for a moment.  The passenger moved from the driver's seat back to the passenger side.  She appeared to be struggling with something."

"Struggling?" asked Jesse.

"Actions consistent with trying to get dressed in a vehicle."

The accused had leaned forward so that his forehead was on the table while the woman with him was turning purple with rage.  The court liaison officer had closed the briefcase lid on his head, trying to hide.

Jesse was still maintaining decorum and said, "Constable, let's wind this up.  We're getting the idea here."

"I watched the two occupants move around, and then put on their seat belts. I came in behind, activated my emergency lights and pulled them over.  I approached the driver and looked into the truck.  There was a male driving and a female passenger.  Both were staring straight ahead down the highway.  I asked if either had been drinking, to which they replied no.  I asked for the driver's licence, registration, and insurance as well as ID from the passenger.  After looking at the ID, I simply said so you weren't wearing your seat belts on the highway.  They both answered back very quickly that I was correct.  I went back to my car, did the usual things and issued each a ticket for no seatbelt."

"Is that everything?" asked Jesse.

"God, I hope so," mumbled the accused.

"It had better be," stated the women very clearly.

The man lifted his head and looked at her, "Shut up.  You're the one who wanted to plead not guilty."

Jesse looked at the constable, "Your dismissed, unless the accused has any questions."

The woman looked at the man, "Don't even think about it.  This is sick the way they enjoyed this."

Jesse banged his gavel a couple of times.  "I've heard enough.  The fines are $150.00 each, payable forthwith or 14 days in jail."

"I should've filed a complaint about you watching us," said the lady to the constable.  The man had his forehead back down on the table again.

"I thought I treated you two with respect, decorum and fairly," replied the constable.

"You stared at my chest."

"I'm not going to argue with you ma'am.  If you wish to file a complaint, you may do so.  But, just so you know, before you make the claim that I was staring at your chest, I'm gay," said the constable.

The woman's face went blank.  After a moment, she looked at Jesse and started to speak but was cut off.

Jesse was growing tired of this.  "You are digging yourself a hole here.  You need to think carefully about the scene you are creating in my courtroom.  I've given you a reasonable fine, and it's time to make the payment and get out of my courtroom before I get angry."

She looked at the constable.  "You're too cute to be gay.  I don't believe you.  Next thing your going to try and convince me the judge is gay too."

"All right, I've had enough.  One more word, and you're going to jail.  Any part of that you don't understand?"

"No, I hear you."

Jesse stood, "Court is adjourned."  Jesse turned and started to move towards his chambers, then stopped.  Speaking loudly he said to the woman, "Just to set the record straight."  He took his robe off and exposed his rainbow flag t-shirt with GAY PRIDE printed across it.  The woman's face went absolutely flushed in shock.  "The judge is gay, so your wrong not only to do what you did but you were wrong about the constable and me.  Three strikes and your out."

Before leaving, Jesse pointed at the two policemen and stated, "My chambers please, 10 minutes, and bring those documents you wanted signed."  With that, he left the courtroom, closing the door behind him.

End of Chapter Twenty-Nine


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