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Jared the Paramedic III ~ Redemption

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Chapter 33: Magician's Closure


Melanie knew Liam was at the ambulance base in the building and prepared her office for him.  Once ready, Melanie paged Liam to report to her.  A moment later, he did so.

"Liam, sit down, please.  I need your opinion on something."

Liam sat in the only chair available.

"What's on your mind, cuz?"

"I'm doing budget proposals for next year.  You guys were at the high school career day; is it worth supporting next year?"

"Yes, definitely worth it.  We had a problem with one group but the other two were very receptive."

"What about the sports standbys?  There is a lot of time and equipment tied up on those?"

"They are a great investment and public relations activity."

Melanie looked at Liam with a slight smirk.  "Thank you for your input Liam, that's all I needed."

Liam tried to get up, but couldn't.  He panicked for a moment, and then sat back.

Melanie opened her desk drawer and pulled out a little bottle of Gorilla glue.  "Work's pretty quick, doesn't it?"

Liam's ass, back and shirt sleeves were firmly attached to the chair.  "I can't believe you got me this way."

Melanie sat and stared at Liam with a very satisfied look on her face.  "You can leave now, or do you want to stick around for a while."

Liam groaned at the pun and managed to get to his feet, albeit bent over with a chair stuck to him.

Melanie jumped for the door, "Let me get this for you."

Liam mumbled "Thank you, ma'am" as he hobbled out the door into the hallway.  Liam had made it a couple of steps when he heard Rob ask, "Liam, what have you done now?"

"Nothing," he replied as he continued hobbling down the hall.

"I'm supposed to believe nothing happened as you hobble down the hall with a chair stuck to your ass?"


Rob started laughing uncontrollably.

Liam heard a few snapshots being taken of him.  He turned around to see Rob standing with his arms crossed next to Melanie.  It was Marci taking the pictures with her phone.

Marci smirked.  "I sent these to Auntie.  She says 'oh no' and reminds me not to get in between you and Melanie in this battle."

"Some partner you are Marci...  Traitor" mumbled Liam.

"Do you need some help, partner?  I mean, we could strike a committee.  You could be the chairman."

"Marci, has anyone ever told you about sex and travel?" asked Liam innocently.

"Sex and travel?" she replied.

"Sex and travel," he stated again very clearly.

"No, what does 'sex and travel' mean?"

Liam smirked, "Politically correct way to tell someone to fuck off."

Marci lost it in laughter and turned to Melanie.  "I gotta remember that one."

Liam was hobbling down the hallway, leaving the laughter from his coworkers behind when he bumped into Troy.

Troy held up a pair of paramedic scissors, and snipped them open and closed a couple of times.  "I'm here to help, buddy."

"Let's go to the locker room, then cut me out of this clothing.  But be careful not snip my special equipment..."

"Liam, it's too small to get caught with the scissors," replied Troy with a smile.

"Everyone is an asshole today.  Let's go."

"No problem, Liam.  Dr. Troy is ready to do a chairectomy for you."  All Troy heard was mumbling as Liam disappeared down the hallway to the locker room. 

Patrick, Adam, Conner, and Mark had bought tickets to a special live performance of what was described as a 'Magical Extravaganza'.  The first part of the show was a magician.  The second part of the show, a proclaimed hypnotist/mentalist came onto the stage.  His stage name was Psychic Syd or just Syd the Psychic.  Sid looked to be 40 years old, broad shoulders, beautifully tailored charcoal grey suit, ginger coloured hair in a tight man bun along with a goatee, grey eyes and very noticeably big hands.  The performer spoke English well but had a light French accent when he spoke certain words.  The accent almost made him sound like he had a slight speech impediment.

He walked out and onto the stage, his 6'3" frame grabbing everyone's attention as he explained what he would do for the rest of the show.

He brought 6 people up onto the stage, and after some chit chat with them, they were placed into a trance.  The six people began to cluck, scratch, and move around the stage like chickens.  The audience loved it.

The next group he picked consisted of 6 good looking young women.  When hypnotized, this group began to do a variety of things.  The first was for each of them to act like trees in a gentle breeze which intensified into a hurricane.  The girls were all quite funny as they emulated their directions.  Before they sat down, he had them act as if they were dancers in a chorus line.

Selecting people from all over the audience, he brought 6 males and 6 females up onto the stage.  After each giving their name and where they came from Syd put them all into a trance.  He asked everyone to line up along the front of the stage, but they were actually stuck to the chair.  The audience roared as the participants all fought unsuccessfully to stand.  When he released them, they all stood and not only twisted to look at the back of their clothing but at the chair as well.  Next, he had the women putting on makeup in a mirror, and the men shaving.  Two of the men made the motions of shaving their pubic hairs off.  For the next command, Syd told them they were naked.  The women mostly grouped together with one hand covering their vagina and the other their breasts.  One woman stood quite proudly, even adjusting her tits so they looked better.  The men strutted around the stage like roosters even going as far as to complement each other on nice dicks or asses.   Syd released them all to tremendous applause.

Finally, Syd began to work the audience as he began to provide messages from the other side.  The four brothers watched this part of the performance with interest.  Adam began to recognize a pattern in the questions being asked of the audience generally, and then how he used the questions to elicit responses from people.  Adam chuckled when Syd asked, "Is there anyone here who has someone who has passed with a name which starts with a T?  A T or an E?  It's an older man, with a name which starts with an E?"  A person would wave and Syd would bring them up on stage.  "This person who passed, it was your grandfather?"  If the person answered 'no' he would reply, "But older than you.  They come across looking like a grandfather so that's why I use that term."  The person would agree.  "Their name was E..." and he would mumble something but be clarified by the person on stage.  "That's right, it was Edward.  He died of the chest?"  The person would say, "Oh yes, he had a bleeding ulcer."  The audience would love it, and applaud loudly every time he got something correct.  He would tell the loved one a nice story about their love, and them waiting for their loved one on the other side with their other family members, or even work a dog into the story.  He did this for several people before taking a break.

During the break, the young men went outside for a drink and were standing in the lobby talking about the show.  "I really enjoyed the show until the communications from the other side part," Adam stated quietly.

Conner smiled, "The chickens were fantastic.  Can you do that?"

Patrick and Adam both chuckled, but it was Adam who replied.  "Never had a need to try, but it wouldn't be appropriate."

"The magician was really good.  He must really practice some of those stunts to get the timing right.  When he made that person disappear from the box, that was wild," added Mark.  "How did he get the lion in the box to replace his assistant?"

"Maybe the assistant is in the lion now?" thought Conner aloud.

Mark looked confused.

"The... lion... ate... her..." he said slowly.  "They didn't have to get her out, the lion did it for them."

Mark laughed, "Little rough on the hired help."

"They never pay out severance or bonuses though," retorted Conner.

Patrick looked at Adam, and asked, "Have you ever had anyone try to read you?"

"Never.  Why would we need anyone to read us, we talk with the next world whenever we want?"

"The next time you guys talk with Darren and Josh, can we join in?" asked Mark.

"Of course you can," replied Adam.  "They would be happy to talk with their brothers again."

As the young men were finishing their drinks and heading back to their seat they had failed to notice a young man speaking into a radio and describing them.  Syd had people mixing in the crowd in the lobby who picked up on information being offered by the people standing and talking amongst themselves.  Information on who they wished to speak with during the performance.  It was information they picked up on being discussed freely and openly which was radioed it to Syd.  They then followed the targets to their seats to identify them to Syd.

Syd also had people scattered throughout the seats posing as audience members; each of them with a rehearsed story.  Usually, between the planted people, the people who had freely talked in the lobby, and a few naive ones in the audience, there was usually enough for a good show.

Syd started out again after the intermission with his vague questions being answered by people from the audience.  The people applauded him loudly as he passed on the messages from the other side.  Finally, Syd moved up the aisle into the audience, as if he were looking for someone.

"I am getting something from the other side meant for someone around in this area. It's not clear, but they could be cousins or brothers.  Definitely family members," he said loudly as he waved his extended arms over the crowd to act as an antenna.

"There are four family members, here tonight."  He hummed and hawed, for a moment and then said, "Does the name Darren mean anything to anyone?"

Conner sat up straight in his seat and immediately reached out for Marks' hand to hold.  Mark was searching for Conner's hand at the same time.

Syd looked at the four young men, "I am sensing it strongly from this area, and another name is coming through now.  I'm thinking it starts with a G or a J."  A moment later he says. "Josh.  It's Josh and Darren.  Has someone here lost someone named Josh and Darren."

Patrick looked at Adam and whispered, "I think you would be better to handle this."

Adam stood up, "Darren and Josh were our brothers."

The audience applauded loudly.

Syd motioned for the audience to settle down.  He had a confused look on his face as he looked at Adam. "They are speaking so fast and at the same time I'm finding it difficult to catch what they are saying."

Adam stood still, no emotion on his face, with his eyes fixated on the psychic.

Syd had never faced anyone like this young man before. There was no body language, no emotion, no questions being asked or information being offered from this one. It began to unsettle Syd how controlled this young man was.

Syd finally spoke, "It was... a... tragic... accident..."

Adam simply and with no emotion said, "No."

Syd locked eyes with Adam, and a shiver ran down his spine.  He could read nothing from his reactions or his body language.  This was a dead end, and he needed it to end now.  Before it damaged the performance.

Finally, Syd announced, "They've pulled back.  I'm sorry, I couldn't sort it out in the time they came through.  I'm sorry."

Adam stepped into the aisle, facing Syd, he reached out and took his hand to shake it.

Adam looked at Syd and turned his head sideways as if thinking.  "Syd, may I do something for you?"

The question caught the magician off guard.  In a very grandiose sweep of arm followed by a bow, Syd said in a loud voice, "Go ahead, young man."

Adam looked at Syd while pointing to the man's right.  "There is a man standing there, trying to get your attention."

Syd rolled his eyes, "Right.  Thanks for..."

Adam cut him off.  "His name is Marcus and he says that he's your nephew."

Syd froze and stared at Adam.

"He's 17.  He's good looking... 6'2"... so he's about 4" taller than you.  Green eyes, light brown curly hair, and he tells me he is 220 lbs." Adam paused for a moment, looked down at the floor and then back up again.  "I believe him.  He just said that he has size 14 running shoes."

The audience was silent, waiting for Adam to say something more.  Finally, Syd said, "If this is a joke..."

Adam shook his head, "This is no joke.  But, Marcus just ran up and onto the stage.  He's motioning for you to come up as well."

Syd stared at Adam, trying to read anything on the young man.  Adam turned his head towards the stage and smiled.  Suddenly on the stage, a soda can left by Syd flew off a table and bounced across the stage spilling its contents amid clattering.  The audience gasped at the movement.

Marcus says, "Olle olle oxen free and your turn, Uncle Wikipedia."

That got Syd's attention as those were things to say which could only come from Marcus's mouth.  He quickly moved up and onto the stage, and kicked the can towards the opposite side of the stage.  Everyone in the audience watched with interest as the can skittered across the old wooden floor.  Suddenly, it reversed course back towards Syd as if someone had kicked it back.  The audience went wild with applause.  Once again Syd kicked the can, and just as before, it was returned to him.  Syd kicked it a third time, except at a sharp angle towards the back.  The can arced and then bounced across the floor.  This time, the can suddenly stopped rolling for a moment, and then flew through the air directly at Syd.  He intercepted it again and kicked it at another sharp angle the opposite to the last time.  The can flew over the stage, bounced and finally rolled to a stop.  The soda can lifted into the air, and started to move as if someone was throwing it back and forth between hands.

The audience was applauding, cheering, and whistling at the show being put on for them.

Syd was standing there facing the moving can from across the stage with tears rolling down his cheeks.

Adam walked up on stage and stood near Syd.

The can stopped its movement and dropped to the floor.  It bounced, rolled, and fell off the front of the stage.  Syd's eyes followed the can and remained locked on the spot where it had rolled over the edge.  Finally, he lifted his eyes to stare at Adam.  The crowd was absolutely sure what they had seen was all part of the act, and was applauding wildly at the trick which had been done.

Syd regained his composure and spoke into the mic with a crackling voice, "Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for the applause.  We're going to take a short break and I'll be back."

The lights on the stage dimmed, and the curtain closed.

Syd grabbed Adam, "We need to talk.  Let's go to my dressing room."

"No problem.  Would you please send for my bothers who are in the audience?"

Syd immediately yelled for one of the stagehands to find the brothers after Adam pointed them out to him through a crack in the curtain.

Syd and Adam were in the performers dressing room when a knock at the door startled Syd.  He rose, opened it and then stood back.  Mark, Conner and Patrick entered the room.  Patrick immediately went to Adam's side and took his boyfriend's hand.

"You ok, Adam?"

Adam stood and embraced his boyfriend.  "I'm just fine, Patrick."

"What was that all about Adam?  We're not supposed to..."

"I know Patrick, but this came through clearly and strongly.  He has a message, but all those actions on stage weakened me."

Syd finally cut in.  "I'm Syd," as he extended his hand to Patrick.  "Adam was just explaining what he was."

Conner spoke up, "We are brothers, and this is my boyfriend, Mark.  I'm a paramedic, Mark's in university, Patrick just graduated high school and Adam is a police officer.  We came to the show to see the magicians and the hypnotist parts, for fun.  Just to relax."

Patrick picked it up from there, "We are brothers as Conner said, and members of a tribe.  Adam and I are medicine men and spirit walkers..."

Syd cut them off, "You two are what?"

"Medicine men and spirit walkers," replied Adam.  "We can sense you have a very weak gift and now we understand how you could use it in your show."

Patrick brought his hands together as if he was praying, and Syd almost passed out from shock as his nephew appeared in front of him.

"Oh my god, Marcus?!"

"It's me, Uncle."

Syd moved forward to embrace the young man but stopped.  He looked at Adam quizzically.

It was Patrick who spoke, "Go ahead, you may embrace him."  Syd didn't need to be told twice.  Neither did his nephew as he quickly returned the embrace.

"Can you hear me, Uncle?"

Through tears, Syd replied, "Yes, I can hear you and I can also feel you."  Marcus was also shedding tears at his ability to speak with his Uncle.  A couple of moments later, Syd was back in control and had sat down.  Marcus was standing near him.

Adam spoke after they got settled.  "Syd, Marcus is here to give you a message he didn't get to tell you before he died."

Syd looked at his nephew, "Marcus, what happened?"

"Uncle, it was an accident.  I bought a couple of ecstasy hits from a guy for my girlfriend and me to do.  We were at a rave, and I'd heard my friends say it was wonderful to feel the effects while dancing."

"You'd never done it before?"

"No Uncle Syd, never.  I'd done some marijuana before but never anything like this.  I didn't know I would die from it."

Syd has water building in his eyes, "I miss you, Marcus.  You were, and I still think of you as my son."

"I call you Uncle, but you were my dad.  I'm so sorry I disappointed you."

"No no no.  I failed you as a parent."

"Uncle Syd, I've been trying to get your attention since it happened.  Stop feeling guilty about me.  I was the one who made the stupid mistake.  You were the most loving uncle and dad a person could ask for.  I let you down, and never should've bought the drugs."

"I could've..."

"Done nothing.  I was being stupid.  I wanted to feel what my buddies told me about, and I was thinking..."

"About what?"

Marcus hesitated, and stammered, "All I was thinking about was..."

Patrick raised his hand with his index finger pointed up, "Syd, he's trying to tell you he wanted to lose his virginity that night with his girlfriend." Marcus looked at the ground and nodded his agreement.

Syd sat and stared at his nephew.

Patrick continued, "He was scared, nervous and terrified of doing it wrong and he thought this would help."

Marcus continued to nod his head.  "Yes, that was it.  Uncle Syd, I am so sorry I disappointed you but it was my choice to do it.  I was wrong, but I had no second chances with this mistake."

"I should've..."

"You did everything right.  I'm the one who screwed up.  You helped me all my life, but this one was the one which killed me.  I didn't know how much it made me sweat, draining all the fluids out of me.  I also now understand it affected my heart rate as well as the way my heart contracted.  I didn't know that the ecstasy would send me into what is called a super ventricular arrhythmia causing a systemic crisis or even systemic failure.  I didn't know I would die of cardiac arrest after my heart almost blew up from working so hard."

Syd sat staring at the floor.

"Uncle, I bought something which has no quality control and even the guy selling it didn't know it would kill me.  After the funeral, he came to my grave and fell to his knees crying and begging for forgiveness.  I went to school with him and we even played football on the team together.  He would've never intentionally sold me that if he'd known.  In fact, I know he's never sold or even touched drugs again."

Syd looked up at his nephew.  "You really mean it wasn't my bad parenting?"

Marcus moved forward and embraced his Uncle.  "You took me in when my parents didn't want the bother of raising a child.  You were my dad, and I'm so sorry I disappointed you."

Patrick cut in, "I'm sorry, but this is draining me."  Adam moved and stood next to Patrick.  He took his boyfriend's hand into his, and Syd noticed his eyes turned bright white.

"I'm giving him some energy, but this needs to end," said Adam. "I'm already a bit tired from the stage."

Marcus looked at his uncle, "I'm asking you to forgive me.  That's why I've hung around."

Syd didn't even hesitate, "Marcus, I miss you so much but I could never be mad at you.  I love you, and if you can move on to whatever with my forgiveness, you have it.  Would you forgive me as well?"

"You did nothing wrong but I will do the same.  I forgive you for whatever you think you did wrong."

Uncle and nephew separated.  Adam released his hand from Patrick and brought both of his hands together as if he were praying.  But, he began to separate them slowly.  As he did, a bright light appeared and grew in size as he spread his hands.  Finally, the light was the size of a doorway.

"Marcus," said Adam, "it's time."

Marcus embraced his Uncle, "I'll be waiting for you.  But take your time before joining me."

"Thank you, Marcus.  You've helped your old Uncle more than you will ever realize."

They separated and faced the bright doorway.  Marcus finally asked, "Would you tell Leon, my friend who sold me the drugs that I forgive him, please."

"Marcus, I don't know if I can do that.  I don't know if I can forgive him."

"Uncle Syd, I've learned so much since coming to this world.  Healing doesn't mean the damage never existed.  It means the damage no longer controls your life. It was my decision, my bad choice, and it is my responsibility.  You have forgiven me and I have forgiven you; the healing is almost ready to move forward for you.  You must stop blaming him for selling me the drugs, it was my choice to buy them."

"I give you my word, I will try to find him and I will try to say I forgive him."

"That's all I ask.  But, it will help to heal both you and him."

Marcus turned to Adam, "What do I do?"

"Just walk through it," replied Adam.

"Will it hurt?"

"Not at all.  It's life and living which hurts, not the next world."

The young man gave his uncle one more embrace before walking through the doorway and disappearing.  Adam released the door, and it disappeared.  Both Patrick and Adam stumbled slightly until Conner and Mark guided them to chairs to rest.  They grabbed a couple of juices and gave them to their brothers who quickly consumed them.

Syd had to finish the show, but he had so many questions for the boys and didn't want to leave them.  They exchanged contact information and promised to get together some time in the future.

End of Chapter Thirty-Three

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