The following story is a work of complete fiction. None of the characters exist and none of the events ever happened, keep that in mind. It contains graphic scenes of violence, reader beware.

The guys in this story might not be using rubbers, but they aren't real. You are. Please, Practice safe sex always.

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Life Blood

by David George

***Author's note***

This is my first foray into Fantasy hope you enjoy it. Tell me what you think.

David *****

Heavy breathing, a grunt of pleasure and a wet feeling deep inside, it was the story of Wally’s life. Being a hustler was not easy work, but without it he couldn’t survive. His latest trick was a guy who picked him up off his spot by the docks. Wally brought him back to his usual base, the Mahoney Motel. All the dock boys used it because it wasn’t far from the spot.

At 5’ 11” with dusty blond hair, a swimmers build and a boyish face, Wally was a hit with the guys who wanted a twink. The 21 year old had been hustling for 3 years now, ever since his dad beat and kicked him out of the house.

It wasn’t Wally’s fault that he was a noisy lover but common sense didn’t let him know that when being fucked by another boy from school, in your room, in your father’s house you should try to muffle your screams. His father walked in to see Wally’s friend Dirk, plowing his ass from behind.

He went hysterical and beat them both, well Dirk got away, so Wally really got it. That night he was kicked out of the house and had to stay with a couple friends for some weeks until they too got tired of him and he had to leave. He took to hitchhiking, his ass the payment for much of his passage. He went through a number of town’s and cities until he stopped in Trenton.

Now here he was in a motel room, another trick between his legs, having his pleasure from his body, he was a bit numb tonight, business was good, three thus far. This one, a 40 something married guy was trying to prove a point, if only he knew that his efforts were useless.

That was some good ass” the trick mused as he pulled his pants up, while looking down at Wally on the bed.  He threw his payment on the bed.

Hey, what’s so funny?” the trick asked as he saw a big smile materialize on the young hustler’s face.

Wally knew what would happen next as he saw them gather behind the trick soundlessly. He slowly rose from the bed, with a smile still on his face as the trick looked at him puzzled.

What the fuck is your prob…Mmm!!!” a hand flew over his mouth as he was dragged into the bathroom. The trick struggled but could not see who held him, and then he saw a figure appear before him. Before him was a man with bone white skin, jet black hair hungry dark eyes and fangs jutting from his open jaws.

It’s dinner time” the man said as he licked his lips, the trick was dropped to the floor and he saw two more men standing before him, they all surrounded him and leered down at their meal. He started screaming, he could see Wally standing in the room.

For God sakes, help me!!” he shouted before the Vampires fell upon him. The sounds of mouths sucking and slurping hungrily filled the room.


You’ve done good tonight Wally” Xavier said as he wiped his mouth with the back of his hands.

Yeah Wally, what do you do, hypnotize them?” Vigilio asked, the three vampires had had their fill for the night. The trick didn’t have the best blood they had ever tasted but he was certainly better than rats and squirrels.

See if you can get some Negro blood next time, that always is a special treat” Micah added with a wink and a sly smile.

Wally did not respond as he pulled his ripped jeans up. This had by now become routine, having these freaks on his back all the time. The vampires were using Wally to lure tricks to the Motel so they could get them for food. Wally had learned a long time ago that though they were only out at night, he cold not escape them.

Ahm… I wanna to talk to you guys about something” Wally said, as he leaned against one of the walls, all three looked up.


I-I don’t want to do this any more, I wan to leave this city and try and start a new life somewhere, I’ve got some money saved and…” Xavier grabbed Wally’s throat in a quick motion before he could continue.

What are you trying to say Wally?” he asked, bearing his blood stained fangs, Wally started to shake.

I-I can’t help you to kill anymore people”

Have you forgotten our deal Wally? have you forgotten what happened when you tried to get away from us?” the two others laughed as they heard Xavier mention the deal. Wally trembled even more, he remembered the deal all right, one he regretted ever making. Somehow, though, when threatened with death a hustler will say yes to anything especially when faced by three hungry vampires…


It was a year ago and Wally had just landed in Trenton. He spent a couple days surveying the whole scene while staying at Mahoney’s. It was cheap and seemed the center of the sleaze trade in the city’s dock district. He had been in enough city’s to know what to expect from other hustlers if he moved on to their turf suddenly.

He was eating breakfast at a nearby diner his third day in Trenton when he met Roland. He was just about to begin devouring his eggs and bacon when someone else sat at his table…

Hey, this seat taken?” the stranger asked as he sat.

No” Wally answered flatly, he didn’t trust others very easily.

My name’s Roland” the stranger said as he leaned back in his seat and watched Wally eat his food.

I’m Wally”

So Wally, what are you up to?” Wally was annoyed, this guy he didn’t even know was giving him the third

Well until you came along, I was trying to eat my breakfast” Roland chuckled a bit.

I’m sorry, I was just trying to be friendly”

Who says I’m a friendly type of person?” Wally asked looking at him.

You look inviting”

What? … wait a minute, are you trying to pick me up?”

Is it working?” Roland asked raising an eyebrow

If I was in the market for a pimp, sure” Wally responded, this always got rid of them but what Roland said next surprised him.

I had one of those once but I find I do much better on my own” Roland had a big smile on his face.  Wally’s jaw dropped.

Close your mouth, the flies might steal your eggs” Roland said, just then his order arrived and he started to eat quickly as Wally continued to stare.

Are you trying to tell me that ... ”

Yeah, I’m a hustler and I guess you are too… so what brings you to Trenton, apart from the obvious?”

Just another stop along the way, y’know”

Yeah, I know, I said that two years ago when I just came here”

Well I’m not planning on staying here that long”

You said it… so you want me to show you the ropes, help you to get a better idea of the whole place?”

As I said, I’m not in the market for a pimp”

Who said that I was a pimp? I don’t try to pick guys up often but you caught my eye, I had no idea that you were a hustler like me but it makes no difference”

So, you were just interested in me to get some ass, is that it?”

I wouldn’t have put it so bluntly but yeah” Wally looked at him some more and smiled.

Ok, let’s talk” they talked some more and had lunch together.  In their talking Wally found out that Roland, like him was kicked out of the house when his parents found out he was gay. He hitchhiked his way across the country until he made it to Trenton. He also found out that Mahoney’s was the place where most dock boys took their tricks. A tacit understanding between them and it’s owner, Jimmy Mahoney, saw them paying him a percentage for each trick they would carry in and in return get half off for rooms.

So, when were you planning to start Wally?” Roland asked

I dunno, maybe tonight”

Well hear what, I’ve got some regulars who are looking for two boys to have a good time, wanna be apart of it, the money is sure to be good”

Sure, what time?”

Just come to room 315 at 10:00 tonight, that’s my room”

Ok” they talked some more before Roland left. Wally couldn’t believe his luck, this guy was cool and he had helped him to get some work maybe they could be friends. After leaving home, he didn’t really have any friends. Other boys would fuck you over if they thought they could make a buck from your demise.


Wally walked around the docks for the rest of the afternoon and went back to the motel at about 8:00, where he took a shower and watched some TV until he thought it was a good time to head for Roland’s room.

By 9:59, he was knocking on the door to room 315. He knocked for a couple seconds until he saw the door open a crack and Roland peek out

Come on in, right on time” He said this as he opened the door wider to allow Wally access. The room was identical to his but other than the two of them, there was no on else.

Where are they?” Wally asked

They’ll be here soon, want a beer to loosen up?”

Yeah, sure” Roland went over to the mini fridge and pulled out two cans of beer, throwing one to Wally. They drank for a while until there was a knock at the door, Roland got up to answer it.

When Roland opened the door three guys walked in, one was tall and had black hair which was tied back from his face, the other was a couple inches shorter with brown hair and a goatee and the third was a Latino dude. They were all well muscled. Surely, these guys didn’t need to use hustlers, Wally thought.

Wally meet Xavier, Micah and Vigilio” Roland said pointing to them. They came in and stood before Wally looking him over then the tall one spoke

Well, Roland, when we said young blood, you took it literally, he looks very young” Xavier said as he walked up to Wally and touched his cheek, Wally jumped at the touch, somehow the hand was very cold.

Ok, guys, you know what to do, can’t have sex on an empty stomach now can we?” Xavier said, looking into Wally’s eyes. Suddenly the other two grabbed Roland.

Hey, what are you doing!!” Roland asked, frightened as they grabbed him, this jerked Wally out of his reverie, but what he saw next he would never forget. Micah and Vigilio had changed, their faces had gone white, their eyes were red and fangs protruded from their lips. Wally tried to get up from his chair but Xavier grabbed him and planted him firmly in the chair, he looked up and saw that Xavier’s features had changed too.

Roland, Roland, Roland, you’ve done well for us, but you need to be replaced, you’re no longer attracting the types we want” Xavier said “Wally however should get us better stock”

B-but I…” Roland was choking up with sobs as realization of his fate came to him.

You’re wasting time Roland, now is bye bye time” Xavier walked up to him and proceeded to rip his clothes off, all the time Roland struggling but in vain as the other two held him

Let me go, please, let me go… I’ve been good to you, I always obeyed you, please” Roland pleaded

Yes you have Roland, but now your death must give way to new life” Xavier said as he started to remove his own clothes, to reveal a body rippling with muscle and an even bigger cock. Roland’s eyes widened at the sight of it

W-what are you going to do to me?” Roland asked in a shaky voice.

Xavier’s mouth formed a cruel grin as he licked his lips,

We’re gonna have a little fun and then a feast, you’ll be the main course” Roland started to struggle once again but his efforts and his energy were wasted on the two vampires holding him in a literal death grip as Xavier moved behind him.

Roland’s head moved from side to side as he frantically tried to see what Xavier was going to do to him.

Xavier moved quickly, gripping Roland’s hips and grinding his stiff prick in between his ass cheeks,

This is it Roland, the last hurrah” Xavier whispered in Roland’s ear as he continued to grind his dick between his ass cheeks. He then held his hips steady, in a firm grip that restricted Roland’s movement; he then lined his dick up with Roland’s opening and forced himself in to the root in one plunge.

Ahhhhh!!” Roland screamed as he flung his head back in agony. The others continued to hold his arms as Xavier eased himself from Roland’s tight body.

Wally sat transfixed and a little aroused at the brutality, which was being displayed before him. He continued to watch as Xavier begun to pound Roland relentlessly, burying his mighty prong completely inside the tight ass and eliciting whimpers and screams from Roland.

Xavier kept up his pumping, pummeling Roland’s ass with superhuman strength as he held his hips steady and heaved himself up into the helpless body. Then Xavier moved his hands across Roland’s body, changing his grip as Micah and Vigilio let go of his arms, he pulled them both backward toward the bed where he sat with Roland planted on his dick.

Now, boys, let’s give him something he’ll never forget” he said, the other two vampires laughed as they went to their knees before Roland and spread his legs further.

W-what are you doing?” Roland asked half dazed, as both Micah and Vigilio knelt before him and massaged his thighs while Xavier slowly rotated his cock inside the tight ass

Ahh” Roland moaned as he felt the movements of Xavier’s dick inside him

Yes Roland, I knew you would enjoy this” Xavier whispered into his ear as Micah took his cock into his mouth

Ahh” Roland moaned again as he felt the pleasurable sensations run through his cock with Micah’s expert handling then Vigilio bent and started tonguing his balls, all this as Xavier continued to make jabs into his ass.

You like that Roland, hm, you like that?… tell me you like it” Xavier said in a husky voice before licking the side of Roland’s neck, feeling the blood pump through his jugular under his skin. He rotated his hips once again obtaining a pained gasp from Roland’s lip’s

I-I like it” Roland whispered, his eyes closed and his head flung back on Xavier’s strong shoulder.

I’m glad you do” Xavier said “it’s time”

Roland didn’t understand what this meant, he was still lost in the passion that surrounded him, as Micah continued to suck on his now rigid cock then he felt it.

A small itch at first but it got more intense as the pressure increased, then he heard the sucking.

Ahhh” Roland whimpered as Xavier’s teeth sunk further into his neck and he started the vacuum, which siphoned out the precious blood. He at once knew what was happening to him and tried to twist his body away from Xavier’s grip but he couldn’t, he was still sitting on his dick. Then he felt something else, his dick was now being shared by two mouths, he felt lips on each side of the shaft, but that’s not what ceased his attention.

The itch was back again but this time it was more intense and this time, the pain was unmistakable

Ahhh!” Roland screamed as he now realized that both Micah and Vigilio had bitten into his hardened cock and were sapping the blood from the engorged organ.

He struggled, twisting his body, trying desperately to free him self but Xavier had him impaled on his dick and his hands held him firm. He screamed but they continued to suck.

Xavier continued to rotate his hips, which in turn caused his cock to massage Roland’s swollen prostate, guaranteeing a continuous supply of blood to his dick.

They held him like that, sucking away until his screams had died down and his body had stopped twitching, Roland was no more.

Through it all Wally was bolted to his seat as he watched the vampires move like pythons as they wrapped themselves around Roland’s body and sucked the life from him.

Wally watched as they drained every drop of blood from Roland’s body. When their hunger was sated Xavier lifted the lifeless body from his stiff member and threw it to the floor like a ragdoll.

Then all three approached Wally as he sat with his eyes wide, he jumped to his feet and made for the door, but he didn’t get far, Xavier appeared before him out of nowhere

Where do you think you’re going?” he said and with superhuman strength, he threw Wally across the room, he hit the wall with a thud before he collapsed

So, Xavier this is our new bait?” Micah asked standing over Wally’s cowering form

Yes and a fine one too, we should expect much from him”
Wally opened his eyes and looked up at the three figures standing before him.

What are you going to do to me?” Wally asked,

You are going to be our new feeder, we need warm blood and you will bring it to us” Vigilio said

I don’t know what you’re talking about”

It is simple, Roland was your predecessor, every night he would give us a choice customer for our dinner. When we finish, we dispose of the body and you repeat the process, every night.” Xavier explained.

B-but I can’t help you to kill people” Wally said pulling himself up on the bed

You saw what we did to Roland didn’t you? If you cross us, we will make you beg us to kill you” Micah said as he leered at Wally. They backed away and left the room, leaving Wally to ponder what had just happened to him.

That bastard Roland had brought him to his room intending him to be a meal for those vampires; well they showed him.  But how the hell was he going to get out of this situation?

The very next day Wally did the first thing that came to his mind he went and got all the vampire paraphernalia he could find: garlic, crucifix’s anything he knew was supposed to destroy vampires. Since they said he couldn’t get away, he decided he had to kill them.

The day sped on as he prepared his weapons for his enemies; he had watched enough vampire movies to know that these things were a sure way to get rid of the bastards.

By that evening Wally had amassed a small arsenal of garlic and crucifixes that would defend him when the vamps arrived. All he had to do now was wait. He checked his watch at 8, thinking that maybe they would come the same time as yesterday. He had 2 hrs to wait so he decided to go out and get something to eat. On his way out of the motel he saw that the other boys were busy with tricks coming and going, more than a few propositioned him as they passed, but he wasn’t interested.

He went to the nearby diner and grabbed a burger with some fries. If all worked according to plan he would be blowing this city by midnight. By the time he was done eating his watch read 9 o’clock, he had another hour or so to wait. He decided to head back to the room and wait there.

He got back to the motel and opened his door but before he could turn the lights on, he was grabbed by the neck and thrown across the room. Then the lights flashed on, Wally wet his pants instantly as he saw Xavier, Micah and Vigilio standing before him with the strings of garlic around their necks and all three holding the crucifixes he had gotten.

What the fuck is all this Wally?” Xavier asked, the anger evident in his eyes Wally looked at them unable to speak

You thought your little trinkets could harm us?” Vigilio asked

What are we going to do with him now, he’s obviously useless and I’m starving” Micah added

Killing him would be too easy, he will be our feeder whether he likes it or not we’ll just have to convince him that it’s the best thing for him” Xavier said as he walked towards Wally and held him by the throat then he threw him onto the bed

The three vampires set upon him, shredding his jeans and tank top in an instant. Wally was shaking as he saw all three swiftly remove their clothes to reveal themselves in all their glory.

"You'll learn tonight bitch bait" Vigilio said as he jacked his big tool, Micah went between Wally's legs and pulled the trembling body closer to his

"Have you ever been fucked by a vampire Wally? It's out of this world" Micah said before he launched himself into Wally's tight ass.

"Ahhhh!!!" Wally screamed as the thick shaft pierced him deep while Xavier shoved his stiff cock into his gasping mouth.

"Ooh, tight boy" Micah said as he plunged deeper into the tight hole. Xavier was also getting his rocks off as he sunk his dick deeper and deeper into the well-trained mouth. They both liked hustlers because they were more accustomed to all kinds of sex but this punishment was only the beginning

Wally felt like he was being pounded by cold cuts from both ends as all other sensations were the same except the cold feeling of the pricks, which were continually thrust into his body.

"Can you feel how warm he is?" Xavier said as he moved his hips, repeatedly pumping Wally's throat with his cock.

"Yeah, it's hot" Micah said as he continued his pounding. Thus far, Vigilio had sat idly by and watched his friends roughly fuck the young hustler but now he wanted his.

"I want some of his ass too" he complained as he massaged his dick, stepping closer to the grunting heap on the bed.

"Ok, we can share it" Micah said

Xavier pulled his cock from Wally's mouth while Micah lifted his body, his cock buried deep inside his ass and brought him to rest on his broad chest

"No!” Wally screamed trying to pull himself out of Micah’s grip, it was no use as Micah held his waist and Vigilio positioned behind him and prepared to push his dick in the already overstuffed ass

"Ahhhhh!!!" Wally screamed as Vigilio's cock pushed in with brute force. He started to plow immediately while Micah still holding Wally's waist captive proceeded to push his dick into the tight space.

"Ah, ugh, ugh, ugh!" Wally grunted as the pressure of the double penetration built up. Not to be left out Xavier squatted over Micah's face and aimed his cock into Wally's mouth. With a thrust, he ended Wally's moans. He grabbed Wally's head and started to fuck his face violently.

They held Wally in this position for a good 45 minutes until with one final heave they emptied their cold goo into his body. Vigilio collapsed onto Wally's prone body, sandwiching the warm body between their cold slabs. Both vampires licked his neck, feeling the blood flow within but knowing that they couldn't kill him.

They disengaged and lay Wally's exhausted body on the bed, while they dressed.

When they were done they beat him, throwing him around the room and into the walls but not before each vampire fucked him roughly again.

After three hours of torture they left Wally alone but not before warning him that if he pulled another stunt they would repeat what they did.

"And don't even think of running away because we will find you, our cum inside you will never leave, it's like a tracking device, wherever you go, we'll know" Xavier said before they left.

After that experience Wally knew that he could never of his own will escape these vampires alive. He did as he was told getting lowlifes by the bundle to be their victims. The victims weren’t usually high paying but they kept the vamps off his back.

They never did use him after that, apparently sex was just a weapon when it came to him. They would come, eat, clean up and leave him alone.

Wally had more than one nightmare of men screaming and begging him for help as they were dragged into the bathroom but that didn’t stop him, it was either their life or his.  If a trick was ever too rough or he was having a bad attitude night, it was their bad luck.


Now a year later Wally was back where he started feeding the vampires and getting nowhere. But a year can change your life a lot and his was no different. When Micah had said he should get some Negro blood next time a pang of fear, rushed through him, ‘did they know about Tyree?’

Tyree at first was another trick but something happened between them that was more than just sex or money. It started about two months before.


Wally was at his spot when a car drove up, he walked up to the window and a black guy was inside. Two things hit Wally at once, first, the guy was black, usually black guys weren’t seen round these parts especially not picking up hustlers and secondly this guy was hot (yes, Wally could still appreciate a good looking man), why did he need to pick anybody up?

How you doin?” Wally asked as he studied the man’s beautiful face. He looked to be in his late twenties and had a goatee with low cut hair.

I’m aiight, wanna come in?” he asked in a deep sexy voice

I don’t come in until I know the game” Wally answered getting into his business mode

Alright, I just wanna have some fun, I don’t care about how much it costs, just come in, please” the guy seemed to be getting more nervous by the minute. Wally decided that he looked harmless enough and went around to the passenger side of the car, after all he’s been raped by three vampires.

When he got in he noticed for the first time how nice the car was, this guy seemed loaded, so why take up a trick?

So, what’s your name?” the guy asked


I’m Tyree”

This isn’t going to get weird is it?” Wally asked, he’d had his share of weirdos.

What d’you mean?” Tyree asked

Well for one you aren’t my typical client… I mean your black, you look great, you obviously have money and you are being so nice to me, Why?”

I don’t know why I picked you up, I’m not even sure if I’m gay, but there’s always been something at the back of my mind and I saw you so I said what the heck”

You mean, I’m some kind of experiment?”

Kinda… I’m supposed to be getting married in two weeks, I just wanted to sow my wild oats before I was off the market”

With a hustler…ok, where are we going?” Wally asked looking at the road.

To my loft, it’s not too far now” Tyree answered as he drove on.

Wally could never understand the men who came to him, some were married and deeply in the closet while others were just having fun, but there were those special cases like Tyree who were just experimenting, these clients were usually antsy, sometimes they just wanted to talk, for a change Wally hoped that Tyree didn’t just want to talk.

Wally had never had a particular fascination for men of color, being in the trade you got all types but Tyree just proved that good looks didn’t mean that you wouldn’t go to a hustler.

They arrived at a nice building, Tyree parked the car and got out.

Well, are you coming?” he asked peering in at Wally who was still sitting inside. Wally got out and followed him as he went inside. They didn’t make a sound as they boarded an elevator and made their way up.

When the elevator stopped Tyree opened the door and they got off

This is it” Tyree said as Wally looked around. The place was huge and well decorated in a very masculine way. Everything a man would need, a big screen T.V., an entertainment system the works and the open space was just incredible.

Tyree surprised Wally when he grabbed his face and kissed him. He held him, searching his mouth with his tongue. Wally wasn’t used to this and pulled away.

What? you don’t kiss?… is it gonna cost extra?” Tyree asked, a look of concern on his face.

N-no, I was just surprised, I’m not used to being kissed like that” Wally stammered “So let’s get this show on the road” Tyree got a disappointed look on his face, then it was gone

You want something to eat?” Tyree asked, again surprising Wally

Ahm, sure” Wally wasn’t sure where this was going but he never refused a free meal

I got some left over Chinese from earlier today or maybe I could order a pizza”

The Chinese will do fine”

Alright have a seat” Wally walked over to the leather couch looking at Tyree as he made his way around his kitchen. He couldn’t understand what was going on. First the kiss and now the food, if Wally didn’t know any better this felt more like a date, but of course that was ludicrous…

“…hey, Wally, I said do you want beer or soda?” Tyree asked, jolting Wally out of his reverie

AH, I’ll take a beer thanks” Tyree came soon after with a tray of food and a beer.  He handed both to Wally who said thanks and dived in. It was really good, he hadn’t had any good food since…never, he just couldn’t afford it.

If you want, there’s more where that came from” Tyree said as he watched Wally eat. Wally got a good look at him for the first time. Tyree was very sexy, he was Wally’s height but had a tight muscular body, his t-shirt showed off his arms and his pecs and his jeans showed off his nice thighs.

Pretty soon Wally had finished his meal, all the while Tyree sitting and watching him eat

What?… did you put something in this?” Wally asked concerned with Tyree’s stare

Maybe” Tyree said with a smile, Wally got a serious look on his face

Come on Wally, if I wanted to kill you I probably would’ve done it already” Tyree said as he moved to sit closer to Wally

I told you I want to have some fun, ok?”


By the way, do you have someplace else to be tonight? Caus’ I wouldn’t mind if you could spend the night” Wally remembering his responsibility

I can’t, I’ve … I got something I need to do later” that disappointed look came over Tyree’s face once again

Ok let’s get started… let’s take a shower together, you cool with that?” Tyree asked as he pulled off his t-shirt.

Sure, it’s your game, you make the rules” Wally responded as he too started to take his clothes off. His so-so diet helped to keep his body lean but nowhere near emaciated so he had something to be proud of but looking at Tyree get naked was something else.

Follow me” Tyree said as he walked to the bathroom in his boxer briefs, Wally watched his twin peeks move under the tight fabric. He had never before been so turned on by a trick. Tyree opened a door and they entered a huge bathroom. It had all the usual amenities but also a beautiful walk in shower enclosure, which had ice cube glass surrounding it. Tyree removed his final peace of clothing and walked in, promptly turning on the shower.

Come on, man” Tyree said beckoning to Wally who was lingering outside, finally he removed his briefs and stepped in beside Tyree. The water was warm as it cascaded over his body and how could he forget the man beside him. Tyree folded him in his arms as he once again found his lips, this man could kiss, Wally thought as he gave his lips to Tyree.

Wow, are you sure you’ve never done this before?” Wally asked when Tyree finally let him go

I never said I was a virgin when it came to sex and anyway the reason I picked you up was because you flipped my switch” Tyree explained before diving back in for another kiss. His hands moved down to cup Wally’s ass, as he pulled him even closer.

Wally was used to sex, obviously but intimacy was something else. No one ever pleasured him, they paid to be pleasured but this guy seemed like he was an equal opportunity lover. Tyree was caressing his body as he kept them both in a lip lock, moaning into his mouth.

By now Wally could feel Tyree’s club against his stomach pressed tightly against his. He let his hands flow freely over the beautiful body and just gave in to the sensations. Then Tyree’s hand dipped into the cleft of his ass and found his hole

ahhh” Wally moaned as Tyree’s finger dipped into him

You like that?” Tyree asked as he removed his finger and then re-inserted it into Wally’s tightness

Yeah” Wally moaned

I wanna fuck you Wally” Tyree said as he continued to finger Wally’s ass, Wally couldn’t answer as the fingering got more vigorous. Tyree lifted his legs and pinned him to the wall.

Guide my dick to your hole Wally” Tyree said, Wally obeyed and blindly felt for Tyree’s cock. When he found the thickness, he directed its warm head to his entrance. Tyree felt it and drove in

Ahhhh!” Wally moaned as the new cock embedded itself inside him. Tyree held still, savoring the warmth that surrounded his dick, he then started to lick at Wally’s neck

W-what are you doing” Wally gasped, as Tyree used his tongue to stimulate him.

You said it was my show, I’m doing what I want” Tyree responded before resuming his nibbling and licking at Wally’s neck. He held Wally against the wall with his dick lodged in his ass and continued to play with Wally’s neck with his tongue, feeling his body writhe with every move it made.

Ohhh” Wally moaned

You like that?” Tyree asked

Y-yeah…no one has ever done that to me before” Wally’s eyes were now closed as the exquisite pleasure, which Tyree was giving his body, got to his head. He felt totally at ease held in the arms of this man who had his dick firmly planted inside his ass. What was Tyree trying to do?

Just fuck me already” Wally said, finally snapping out of his daze and remembering that this was just another trick, another job, another fuck, no matter how much he would want to read into Tyree’s actions, he knew that this was merely a hustler/client relationship. With the words out of his mouth, he saw Tyree lift his head from his neck, a pained look on his face, it almost made him regret having said what he did but he couldn’t change that now.

Tyree tightened his grip on Wally’s legs and prepared to do as he was told. He pulled his hips halfway out and looked Wally in the eyes trying to get some reaction, some heart, something more, he got none and so he did what he did best.

Ahhh fuck!!!” Wally screamed as Tyree reared into him with a thrust that made his whole body vibrate. He had taken rough fucks before but Tyree’s cock wasn’t average and it was a while back since the hung vampires had raped him. Tyree pulled his cock out to go back for a second thrust and with his eyes closed dived back into Wally’s prone body.

Ahhh!!!” Wally wailed again as Tyree started to get into the motions, delivering a powerful fuck. Tyree gripped the thighs, pushing Wally further into the glass wall as he plowed with abandon into his hole.

Oh God, ungh, ahh, shit, oh…” Wally was in a daze as Tyree picked up speed and pistoned into him, no more touchy feely, he was being fucked hard. Tyree stayed silent as he dug deeper, the only sound in the shower, Wally’s whimpers.

Tyree kept up his powerful lunges into Wally, watching him as his face contorted in pain and ecstasy with each thrust.

Oh fuck!!” Wally wailed as he was continually banged into the glass enclosure. Then suddenly Tyree stopped, Wally opened his eyes and looked at him

I can’t do this anymore” Tyree said looking at Wally, still shaking from the powerful dicking he had just received. Then Tyree closed the gap between them, joining their lips together. The kiss had Wally’s head spinning, what was wrong with this man? What did he want?

Tyree kept up his kiss, his tongue burrowing into Wally’s mouth searching for the unknown, all Wally could do was give himself over to Tyree’s machinations.
Wally moaned into Tyree’s mouth as he slowly rotated his cock inside him while kissing him. It felt good being kissed and caressed like this, he could almost forget that this was another trick.

What are you trying to do to me?” Wally asked after Tyree broke the kiss

I have a confession to make” Tyree said, Wally was a bit thrown back by this, considering their position and what they were doing.

I lied before when I told you that I was getting married and when I led you to believe that I was straight, I’m gay. I broke up with my boyfriend a month ago and I was feeling lonely” Wally remained silent, looking at Tyree, whose cock was still lodged up his ass.

Well?” Tyree asked

Well what? I’m paid entertainment, you do with me what you want as long as you can pay the fee, so what, you lied I don’t care” Tyree looked at him for about a minute before saying anything else

You don’t get it do you? I didn’t just happen to be passing by tonight. It was the night I finally got the courage to come get you in my car, I think I’m attracted to you Wally. I know it sounds crazy, but I saw you one night and I just couldn’t get you out of my head so I passed by a couple more times until now”

Tyree let go of Wally when he finished speaking and they both stood facing each other.

Do you want to leave? I’ll still pay you” Tyree offered

Why didn’t you just finish?” Wally finally asked

I thought I could have sex with you off the bat, I probably can, but you’re so business-like, I just couldn’t handle that. I’ll understand if you just leave now, probably think I’m some psycho.” Tyree walked out of the shower and left the bathroom.

Wally stood in silence, what in God’s name just happened? Here he was out on another job and this gorgeous man takes him home and confesses to him that he had been watching him for weeks and he may even be attracted to him.

Wally walked out of the shower and bathroom picking up pieces of clothes as he made his way to the kitchen; there he found Tyree propped up on a counter wearing a robe drinking a beer.

How much?” Tyree asked as he saw Wally walk into the room

Can I say something before I tell you?” Wally asked, Tyree nodded his head

You did something to me tonight that no one else has ever done to me before, I don’t know what to say about your feelings and if you’re looking for a boyfriend, I don’t know if I can be that either. I’m not worth it anyway, I’m just a hustler, you don’t really want me” Tyree jumped off the counter and stood before Wally

Why don’t you just give in, forget this, I can make you happy, I can make you fall in love with me, please” Tyree asked, his eyes pleading with Wally to understand.

It’s not that easy, you don’t just buy someone you love like a carton of milk and I don’t fall for my tricks” Wally turned to walk away when he felt Tyree grab his hand and spin him around, joining their mouths once again in a deep kiss. At first Wally tried to struggle but the furtive kissing from Tyree dizzied his senses and he gave in.

He wrapped his hands around Tyree’s body, feeling, touching and for the first time giving himself over to the emotion that was pent up inside him. He proceeded to remove Tyree’s robe, as he dropped the pieces of clothing he had already picked up, robe and everything else falling at the same time.

Tyree lifted him up and walked them both to his bedroom. Where he gently placed him on the bed.

Let me make love to you Wally” Tyree whispered as he licked his way down Wally’s body.

His tongue danced across Wally's chest, spending extra time on ensuring that each nipple was made erect and that Wally was moaning in ecstasy.

"Ohh" Wally moaned, his body was being electrocuted with pleasure as Tyree crept further and further down his body. When the tongue reached Wally's navel he started to writhe, Tyree was playing him like a violin, not to be left out his hands were also busy, caressing Wally's body as his tongue moved further down.

Tyree settled himself between Wally's legs and rubbed his hands over his thighs as he came face to face with his erection. He looked up at Wally, appreciating the pleading in his eyes and then he covered the head with his lips.

"ahhh" Wally moaned as he felt the warmth of Tyree's mouth surround him. Tyree wasted no time however and slowly started to move his head up and down Wally's appendage, using his tongue to send currents up Wally's spine.

"Oh damn" Wally couldn't believe the pleasure it was too exquisite, as Tyree raised and lowered his head on his dick, increasing the vacuum of his mouth as he went up.   Then he felt a new feeling as Tyree snaked two of his fingers up his ass.

"Ohh…" Wally moaned as Tyree's fingers started to move in and out of his ass, he started to move his waist as the stimulation became more tantalizing. Tyree pressed on with his sucking, using his tongue to caress Wally's girth and play with his head.

Tyree continued this until he had Wally writhing uncontrollably on the bed almost. He decided it was time to move things along. He rose up from between Wally’s legs and turned him over unto his belly; he was going to blow his mind. He parted Wally’s ass cheeks and got his first look at the puckered hole, which had given him so much pleasure earlier, he dipped in with his tongue.

Ahh” Wally thought the blowjob was a big deal, this felt even better as Tyree started to rim him, constantly dipping his tongue into his hole. Tyree was laving the area with saliva, lubricating it for what was to come.

He continued to lick as he used his fingers to spread the cheeks even farther apart to gain more access to the succulent ring.

Tyree felt every twitch and shiver than ran through Wally’s as he continued his assault. He heard every moan and whimper that came from deep within Wally’s being; he knew that he wanted to please him.

Oh… please, I can’t take anymore” Wally whimpered as Tyree’s rimming dulled his senses, Tyree stopped

Anything you want baby, tonight’s your night” Tyree said huskily as he moved his body up until he was face to face with Wally.

He joined their lips together, forcing his tongue into Wally’s mouth, tasting and savoring him at the same time. When they parted

I’ll do anything you want Wally, anything” Tyree whispered as he planted light kisses along Wally’s neck and shoulders.

Oh…no one has ever…” Wally started but hesitated

What? you can ask me, I’ll do it”

No one has ever made love to me… can you do that for me?” Wally asked as he looked into Tyree’s eyes.

Tyree didn’t respond, instead he kissed Wally once again and positioned himself between his legs, lifting them and placing them on his shoulders.

I’ll make it feel good for you Wally, I promise” Tyree said gently as he eased himself into Wally’s pliant hole.

We’re gonna do this nice and slow… ahh” Tyree moaned as he slowly settled with his penis buried within Wally’s tight sphincter for the second time that night, this time however the game was different.

He slowly moved his hips in a circular motion inside Wally’s tightness, enjoying the feel of his warm places.

Ohhhh” Wally moaned as he was touched in places once virgin to this stimulation. Tyree kept it up as he once again joined their lips together, each enjoying the other’s tongue and the intense feeling that they both shared.

Wally felt a closeness and a need that he never felt before, this man wanted him, all of him and he was going to give it all.

Tyree started to moved his hips within Wally’s sheath, slow and steady, it was a true test of will and control but he was determined as he slowly sawed his dick in and out of Wall. Slow and steady, easing it in and out, feeling the passage massage his member as it went in and feel it contract as it came out.

He rested his weight on his arms as he looked down into Wally’s eyes, watching every emotion that passed over his face. All that registered was a look of bliss and passion.

For the first time Wally felt the exquisite pleasure of having a man totally inside him, massaging his most erogenous zone, exciting him and doing it totally for his pleasure.

He looked back into Tyree’s brown eyes and saw the lust evident there as he continued to press himself into him completely and slowly ease out.

What are you doing to me?… ungh” Wally gasped as the constant movements of Tyree’s cock tickled and tantalized his passage, it’s movements constantly massaging his prostate.

I’m making you feel good” Tyree responded as he continued his slow pace, enjoying the slight shudders that wracked Wally’s body each time he entered him. He knew that this was one of the best ways to work him up to an earth shattering orgasm and that was his intention.

Ohhh mmm” Wally whimpered as the constant stimulation drove him out his mind. They both by now had built up a sheen of sweat on their bodies as Tyree continued his labor, his hips were tempted to drive in hard but he held off, it was worth it, seeing what he was doing to Wally as he trembled and whimpered beneath him.

Wally reached for Tyree’s neck as he pulled him into a deep kiss. Through it all Tyree never missed a beat or a thrust as he continued to slowly assault Wally’s prostate, driving him closer and closer to an orgasm. 

Tyree kept his lips over Wally’s even as he whimpered and his kissing became more fevered, he knew what it meant but he continued to thrust slow and steady, even as he felt the inevitable contractions of Wallys sphincter muscles around his prong, signaling his climax, he broke the kiss then,

Oh God ahhh” Wally moaned as his climax rose

Oh, uh, uh, uh…” He wailed as cum flew from his untouched cock. Tyree kept up his slow grind as Wally’s cum splashed everywhere, wetting both their stomachs but the squeezes inside were becoming too much with a final thrust inward he held, grinding his dick deep inside Wally’s contracting ass

Unghhh” Tyree whimpered as he emptied his seed inside Wally’s wanton cavern of pleasure. He collapsed unto Wally as he came down from his sexual high, breathing heavily as he tired to regain his strength.

They were both still aware of the fact that Tyree’s cock was still where it had had it’s most pleasure then he slowly eased it out and rolled off of Wally unto his back where he lay looking up into the ceiling

That was incredible” Wally said, after drawing a deep breath

It was and it can always be like that Wally, always” Tyree said lying on his side “I can make every time feel that way”

I would really want that but…” Wally faltered in his speech, Tyree used his hand to turn Wally’s face towards his gazing eye

What’s holding you back Wally?”

This is all happening so fast… so sudden”

I know… but you know that life is short Wally… do you want to live like this forever?” Tyree asked

No, but…”

Listen, I’m not going to force you into anything” Tyree said raising himself into a sitting position on his side of the bed with his back to Wally

If I was just another trick to you… I’ll just pay you and get this over with” he felt Wally’s hand on his back before he could get up, he looked back

Ok, I’ll give it a try…I will give us a try… God, I must be crazy but I feel something I’ve never felt before, something free”

That’s how it’s supposed to feel Wally, it’s not something you can buy” Tyree said as he ran a hand down the side of Wally’s face. He reached in and kissed him again, this time passionately.

Can’t you spend the night?” Tyree asked, Wally suddenly remembered his responsibility and  tensed in Tyree’s arms

I can’t… I have to go”

Hold on Wally, what’s the matter? Are you all right?”

Yeah, I just remembered that I have to go, I have something really important that I have to do tonight… every night in fact” Wally pulled away from Tyree’s arms and got up from the bed

If you gotta go, you gotta go, but promise I will see you in the morning, please”

I will” Wally said as he got his clothes.

Let me give you some money or do you want me to take you back?”

Would you?”

Of course I would, just come back here in the morning, I’ll be waiting for you”

Ok, I will be here”


Wally left and did his bidding for the vampires that night but even as he did his ‘job’ Tyree was on his mind, he barely paid the vampires any attention as they did away with the trick.

He slept in his rented room that night but as soon as morning came, he was off to Tyree’s loft. When he got there, Tyree was up and had prepared a huge breakfast.

For Wally everything had seemed too good to be true. Tyree was gorgeous, a good cook, intelligent and yet he was interested in him.

Wally sat on the kitchen stool eating and running these things over in his head, when Tyree seemingly reading his thoughts said

I’m not your typical black man”


Me, I’m not the average jigga from da hood” Wally was lost, he didn’t understand the expression

Ok, I know you must be wondering about me, who the hell am I”

Well, yeah…” Wally said

Well I’ll tell you… my name’s Tyree Washington Knight, I’m 28 and I’m gay… it’s taken me along time to say that out loud but I’m saying it to you. I’ve always been different from everyone around me.  I just wasn’t into the same things my other black friends were into and that made me somewhat of a loner, my interests were seen as… eccentric”

You mean about being gay” Wally asked

Oh no, that came later… I mean, I’ve just always been attracted to the most, unique and exotic things and music for example, when my friends were always going on over hip-hop and rap, I was listening to Ella Fitzgerald and Billy Holiday, stuff like that” he chuckled for a second

My parents always said I shouldn’t worry, that I was an old soul but I guess when you’re an only child like I am, with two parents who are college professors, that shouldn’t be a shocking” then he looked up at Wally

Am I boring you?”

No, I-I think it’s kinda interesting, I never had any black friends where I came from”

I just want you to have an idea of who I am, why I find you so attractive… why I want you in my life” Wally shrugged

What?” Tyree asked

Nothing… I’m just still trying to figure you out, the things you say sometimes… like just now”

I know, I just… I don’t know there’s just something about you…The first night I happened to be driving by… I was lonely, my ex had just walked out on me and I was really hard up… pardon the pun, so I decided to see if I could, y’know pick someone up and then I saw you. You weren’t like the others, displaying their wares, you were just there like just another guy on the street, I was going to pull up to you then but someone got to you before me. After that, I just came around to see if it was your usual spot, it was and I decided that I wanted to pick you up. It just took me this long to do it.”

Forgive me for saying this Tyree, but you, the way you look, you don’t need to pick someone up”

Ah ah, that’s where you got it wrong, first of all, I just wanted to have some uncomplicated, free sex and secondly, my boyfriend scarred my ego a bit, I just didn’t want to go through with that again”

So here I am”

Yeah” Tyree responded “Want some more juice?”

Yeah, but tell me some more about yourself and all this” Wally said stretching his hands and moving it across the loft

Well, I’m an architect, at least that’s what I have my bachelors degree in, I did  that for a while and made some good money but I get bored easily so I went back to College and did a Masters Degree in Liberal studies, that got my brain ticking. So now I still do architecture but on a smaller scale and dedicate more time to other things such as music, writing, traveling, my pastimes.”

After a long pause Wally finally said


Yeah, I know, it must seem terribly boring”

No, I just didn’t think you could do that”

Well, I found out early on that a regular 9-5 wasn’t for me so I tailored my life in such a way that I could decide what goes where when. I have a lot more control and with some smart investments I don’t need to kill myself slaving away everyday. This place for example, when I bought it, it was pretty cheap but with my skills I just renovated the whole thing and now, voila, you have what you see here.”

So you don’t work?”

Yeah I do, but not in the normal context, I do have to travel sometimes, to sites to see how work is progressing but mostly I may be drawing plans or doing other things so in a way this is my office… So enough about my boring life I want to know everything about you” Tyree said as he sat directly across from Wally

Well, it isn’t pretty”

I don’t care… I want to get to know you”


And so Wally told him the sad story of his life how it all was. When he was done Tyree just sat staring at him

That’s it”

Wow, I-I don’t know what to say…”

I do, pitiful”

Come on Wally, you shouldn’t be so hard on yourself”

Yeah? And I guess you’re going to want me to stop hustling… but I can’t Tyree, I just can’t”

Why not, I mean, with me, you won’t need to, I-”

You don’t understand, I have to”

Wait a second, do you have a pimp or something”


So what then?”

I can’t say… I’m gonna leave now”

Wait” Tyree said grabbing Wally’s arm, “where’re you going?”

I’m leaving… don’t you want me to leave?”

Relax Wally, let me explain something… if this is something you have to do on your own time, I have to respect that, after all I’m the one who’s trying to get into your life”


No buts, I won’t force you with this, you have to do this of your own will, but I’ll be here when you do” Tyree grabbed him into a hug, Wally buried his head in Tyree’s chest and broke down.

When he had done crying Tyree wiped his eyes

I’ll protect you Wally, I will… I’m your angel”


That was the beginning of Wally’s first relationship, however strange the circumstances. By the end of their first month together Wally had moved in with Tyree, only going to Mahoney’s to fill his quota, which was however much it took to fill the vampire’s appetites. Tyree thought that this was progress; that Wally was slowly pulling himself away from the hustling.

During that first month, Wally had learnt a lot more about Tyree, he was a loving man, he saw the world in a way that no one else did and he and Wally would sit for hours talking about different things, Wally learnt a lot from him. He also included Wally in his hobbies, one of which was his personal gym and swimming, which they did at a health club where Tyree was a member.

The sex was spectacular. Tyree made love to Wally every time they were together, it was never just sex. They had connected, deeper than Wally had thought he could have ever been to anyone else.

By the second month, Wally was really wrapped up in Tyree but more than that he felt that he was being unfair to Tyree, though sometimes, he didn’t do anything with the tricks before he would turn them over to the vampires.


Well!” Xavier asked

Wally was shaken from his thoughts as he came back to where he was, with the three vampires

I’m sorry, I-I”

I think I know what’s the problem Xavier” Micah said “He’s tired, after all he did give us three tonight”

Oh yeah” Xavier said “that’s it, isn’t it Wally, well that’s easy to fix, you give us one each night unless we tell you otherwise”

But you always ask for more” Wally complained

Exactly” Xavier said with a smile as he and the others left the room.


Wally opened the door and stepped into the loft it seemed empty as he took off his coat, the early morning quiet greeted him as he dropped his coat on the couch

Hey baby, come in here for a second” Tyree shouted from the bedroom having heard Wally come in,

Wally made his way into the room where he saw Tyree on his bed looking at something he had unwrapped

Hurry up man, come take a look” Tyree urged Wally who was wondering what could be making him so excited.

When he got to the bed he saw them

What the hell?!” Wally blurted

I know, they’re incredible aren’t they?” Tyree asked excitedly

What are they?”

Tyree looked up and looked at Wally as if he’d never seen him before

What are they? These my sweets, are genuine samurai swords, made in Japan” Tyree beamed

And I’m guessing you didn’t pick these up at Target, right?” Wally asked with a smile as he picked up one of the swords inspecting the fine craftsmanship of its handle

You guessed right, I bought them from Amazon, they’re actually show pieces though”

Show pieces?… you mean you’re just gonna hang them up?” Wally asked, the swords had really gotten his attention as he ran his fingers along the sharp blade

Well unless you plan to kill vampires there’s not much more to do with them” Wally’s hand shook causing the blade to make a small cut through his finger

Ah shit!” Wally gasped as he dropped the sword and grabbed his finger

Careful, damn it Wally, you’re bleeding, lemme see that” Tyree said as he jumped from the bed and grabbed Wally’s hand to inspect the cut

It’s nothing” Wally said, trying to pull his hand away from Tyree

I’m not buying that, I’m gonna get the peroxide” Tyree said as he rushed to the bathroom

Wally breathed a sigh of relief, the moment he was alone; he was glad that Tyree hadn’t picked upon his reaction to what he had said. Just then Tyree returned with a washrag, cotton and peroxide

Ok, let me see that”

It’s not that bad, it’s just a small cut” Wally said turning away

Gimme your hand” Tyree said, again grabbing hold of Wally’s hand

You’re shaking” Tyree said as he held Wally’s hand and dressed it, he looked up into Wally’s eyes

Baby, what’s wrong?” he asked, brushing a hand against Wally’s cheek

Nothing, I-I ah, just never had anyone make such a fuss over me” Wally said

Tyree pulled him into his arms and held him tight,

I told you, I’ll protect you Wally and I meant it”




Wally lay folded in Tyree’s arms on the couch. They were lazing on the couch after a late breakfast just listening to each other’s heartbeats. Wally liked these times, the quiet times when he could just be still, when the world was just two people.

You ok babe?” Tyree asked, tightening his hold on his lover’s body

Yeah, I’m fine” Wally replied contentedly

They lay silent for a couple more minutes then

Were you serious?” Wally asked

About what?” Tyree asked

When you said the swords could kill vampires?”

Well, I guess… I mean the only way to kill a vampire is to chop their head off” Wally sat up instantly and turned to face Tyree


Yeah, I mean, I don’t believe these things exist but if folklore is anything to go by that’s the way to kill them, why are you so interested in this?”

It just seems interesting” Wally said, trying to sound nonchalant

Well, it is, that’s part of the reason I chose to study them, at least partly when I did some courses in Gothic history and it’s impact on Modern Literature”

You did that?” Wally asked surprised

Yeah, it was interesting and I learnt a lot about the myths and how people throughout history just passed stories around until they evolved into full fledged accounts of things and creatures that really didn’t exist” Tyree said as he got up

So, you don’t believe in Vampires?”

Well, I think that something existed but not the same as people say or even how they describe it in films, it’s more likely to have been a cult or something” he said as he poured himself some orange juice, his back to Wally

So all the things I thought I knew, the garlic, the holy water the crucifixes, the sunlight, they don’t work?”  Wally persisted, Tyree almost choked on his orange juice laughing

What?” Wally asked when Tyree calmed down

No, it’s just that for a second there I thought you were gonna say you met a vampire and tried those stuff on him” Tyree said before he started laughing again, then when he calmed down

Seriously though, the truth be told between history and alleged anecdotal evidence, most of the things you just quoted don’t work… well none except the sunlight and chopping their heads off. Hollywood just found those other novel ways of creating Deus ex machina with all the stuff you named, a well placed head of garlic here, a splash of holy water there and don’t forget the silver through the heart” he chuckled

The conclusion has been drawn by the historians that if these things existed, they could only be destroyed if their heads were lobbed off or if they were exposed to direct sunlight for a period of time” when he was done he saw the look on Wally’s face,

Wally don’t worry about it, these things are just myths, Santa Claus, the Easter bunny, y’know, you can’t take it seriously”

Yeah, I guess you’re right…” Wally said but Tyree could see that he was still not satisfied

I sense a but somewhere?”

Well, I know this probably sounds stupid but ahm… could you teach me a couple of moves with them?” Tyree stood looking at Wally for awhile after he had made his request then

Are you sure you’re ok Wally? Something you need to tell me?”

No, I just want to have a feel of the swords and maybe know how to use them”

Well… I could show you a thing or two, but tell me one thing first, why the sudden interest in learning how to use my samurai swords?” Wally dropped his head, then quickly glanced back at Tyree, he saw that he was still staring back at him, he was getting nervous

I-I just want to learn… that’s all” Wally said, he sounded as if he was begging Tyree to believe him

Okay” Tyree said, he trusted Wally, there was something about Wally’s request that just seemed strange but he dropped it, for now.


Wally had just gone through his second trick of the night and hopefully his last. The vampires had done their usual, grab him from behind and drag him to the bathroom. They returned laughing amongst themselves as Wally pulled on his t-shirt. Micah was the first to comment

Hey guys, check this out, doesn’t he look different” he said scratching his head

Come to think of it, you’re right Micah, he’s put on more meat” Vigilio added

Come on, we’ve got to go” Xavier said as he opened the door, the others hesitated for a second, “Now” he said firmly

They both broke their spell, gazing at Wally and walked out behind Xavier.

Wally relaxed after they had left, it had now been three months since he had gotten together with Tyree and two months since he had moved in to his loft.

His sword fighting lessons had come along nicely, Tyree had hired an instructor who was helping them both gain some technique with them.  Wally had done very well though.

The changes the Vampires had seen weren’t missed by him, he could see it every time he looked in the mirror, the way his biceps and pecs bulged, how his shoulders were getting much broader and how his abs showed.

He had been working on a plan in his mind ever since he and Tyree had had that talk about the vampires but he could never envision it coming to fruition, so he just dropped it.

He sat on the bed, he had decided that he needed some time alone tonight, to think. He did this sometimes, when he wanted some time alone to think about his plans. About how his life had changed but most of all how he could execute his plans.

He got up from the bed went into the bathroom to splash some water on his face, it had been a long night, he wanted to wash some of the cobwebs out. He left the bathroom and went back into the room where he stood before a full length mirror, taking a good long look at his reflection, looking at what the past months of exercise, a healthy diet and some amount of contentment had done to his body. He stood there looking at himself  when he felt something grip him, causing him to be unable to move his arms, there was nothing in the mirror, when he looked down he saw two arms wrapped tightly around him. He fought to get free when he heard a voice

It’s only me Wally” Xavier said, Wally looked up into the mirror, he still couldn’t see anything

I don’t have a reflection, remember?” he said in a menacing voice

Let me go!” Wally said tensing his muscles against Xavier

Relax, I just want a piece of your ass, all to my self”

Let me go!” Wally repeated

You don’t understand, do you?” Xavier said, then he threw Wally unto the bed “you don’t have a choice, think I haven’t been noticing you? How much you’ve changed? Oh yes I have and I want a taste” Xavier said as he started pulling off his clothes as he walked over to the bed.

Wally was backing away from Xavier but he knew that it was futile, Xavier had superhuman strength there was no escape

Why’re you doing this?” Wally asked as Xavier’s face changed, contorting into an evil grin

You don’t have a choice” Xavier responded as he grabbed Wally’s legs and dragged him into the middle of the bed “fight me Wally, fight me, I love when you fight me”

Wally started to shake as Xavier’s hand crept up his leg

Fight me!” Xavier shouted Wally jumped and in one quick move kicked Xavier in the face twice. He rolled off the bed and made for the door but he knew it was useless as he felt Xavier’s hand on his neck.

He felt himself flying through the air before he landed on the bed, then the lights went out

Ahhh!” he screamed as he fell, he tried to get up but a hand connected with his face

Ahhh!” he screamed again as he fell back unto the bed, the next thing he knew, his clothes were being ripped from his body, he could see nothing as he fought the hands that tore at his clothes.  When his jeans were torn off he felt his legs being lifted.

Stop, don’t do this!” he pleaded even as his legs were thrown on to Xavier shoulders and he felt the dick head knocking at his entrance.

He hit out with is hands but there was nothing to hit,

Arghhhh!!!” he screamed as the dick was forced into him, to the hilt.

I love when you scream like that Wally” Xavier said from the darkness as he made a savage lunge into Wally’s center.

Ahhh…Oh GOD!!…ahhhhhh!”  Wally screamed as Xavier plunged into him relentlessly

He felt the cold plank repeatedly sink into him, as the grip on his thighs by Xavier’s cold hands got tighter.

Oooo…ah ah please” Wally sobbed as he was fucked senseless by the powerful thrusts of Xavier’s hips. 

He felt his legs being bent onto his chest as he was manhandled into a new position

Xavier” Wally gasped “please… ahhhh!!!” he screamed as his pleas went unheard and he was plundered again. Xavier had no mercy as he exerted his full energy on Wally’s helpless ass.

An hour later Xavier emptied his cold goo into Wally’s guts then he dislodged his cock from the battered ass. Wally had passed out a while back, having screamed and begged, his body had surrendered to the pain and protected itself the only way it knew how, shutting down.

Xavier smiled as he looked down on the hustler, who was sprawled unconscious on the bed. He always took pleasure in making these humans beg for mercy when he fucked them. It was the best thing apart from killing them and the plus was that he had Wally all to himself this time and the times to come.

He smiled as he left by way of the door.


Wally awoke sometime later sweating profusely; the early morning sun brightened the room. He was still lying on his back that he knew for sure but his mind was in a fog then he tried to rise from the bed and it all came back to him in one sharp shock in his ass.

Ah” he moaned as the pain sprang up, he remembered what had happened to him. He started to cry, more than cry, he started to wail. Gut wrenching sobs wracked his body as he drowned himself in his desolation. This had driven him literally to the end of his rope. He couldn’t deal with his life, this life, the pain…

He managed to get up, though painful and struggled into the bathroom, wincing with every move. He went to the basin and splashed some water on his face.

He looked up into the mirror at himself, he felt worse than he looked.

He had to do something, but he didn’t have the guts.


Wally, Oh my God man, where are you?” Tyree asked as he spoke to Wally on the phone, it had been two days since he’d been back at the loft

I’m fine Tyree, there’s just something I have to do, alone”

Wally, I was worried sick”

I’m sorry… I needed some time alone, to think”

Wally, can’t we work this out together… I can hel-”

You can’t help me Tyree, you can’t, it’s hard enough… listen I need to do this alone ok”

Fine… so when am I going to see you?”

That’s the reason I called, could you do me a favor Tyree?”

What, anything?”

I need to borrow one of the swords”

The sword?… but why do you need the sword?”

Tyree, I can’t say… not now, can you help me, please?” Wally pleaded

Ok, I’ll bring it but when this is all over we need to talk about this, can you promise me that?” Tyree demanded

Yes, I’ll tell you everything”

Good, where are you?”


Tyree grabbed Wally the moment he opened the door of his room

I’m so glad you’re alright Wally” he said smothering Wally in his arms. When he finally let him go he held him by his shoulders and looked him over

Are you ok?”

Yes, I’m fine…I told you”

I know, but it’s just… I’m glad to see you Wally, I’ve missed you” Tyree said, hugging him again.

I’m gonna be fine… did you bring the sword?”

Oh yeah” Tyree said as he took the sword in its case from floor where he had dropped it when he came in “I brought yours”

Wally took it from him and inspected it

I don’t know what you’re going to do but I sure wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end” Tyree joked as he watched Wally look the sword over. Then after a moment of pause

Well, I guess I better be going Wally and remember I’m always here for you, don’t forget that”

I won’t, I promise” Wally responded as he kissed him goodbye.


Fuck!! this ass is good… ah”

Wally lay still as the john took his money’s worth, too bad his dick was so miniscule, with the effort he was putting in, it probably could have been a memorable experience.

The trick pulled out and jacked his dick, spraying his seed over Wally’s chest

Uh, uh, uh…” the man moaned as he ejaculated.

When he cooled off he stood and started putting his clothes

So, when can I see you again?” he asked Wally as he counted out the bills

Maybe tomorrow, I’ll be here” Wally responded, then he noticed the guy started to search the room

What are you looking for?” Wally asked

My cell phone… I knew I put it on my clothes when I took them off but I just can’t find it”

Maybe you left it in the bathroom”

The bathroom? …yeah probably I left it in there” he said and headed towards the door. All Wally had to do now was wait and he didn’t have to wait long before he heard a blood curdling scream and then a thud.

About two minutes later they emerged smiling, Wally hoped they were full, that last guy had been his second for the night but the only one he’d bothered to take all the way.

I’m full man” Micah said, rubbing his tummy

Yeah, I’ve had it for tonight, the only thing that could make this night better is…” Vigilio said winking at Wally. Micah picked upon the gesture and chuckled

Yeah, I know what you mean” Micah said as he folded his arms and looked intently on Wally who was sitting on the bed. Through all of this bantering Xavier had been silent

Come on, we’ve got to go” he said, looking at Wally

Xavier, what the fuck is your problem? Every time we try to give this little bitch some of what he likes you stop us” Micah complained

Yeah, can’t you see it in is eyes, he’s just begging to get fucked” Vigilio said as he handled his crotch

Enough, we’re leaving now, no arguments, the deal is he gets us blood, if he crosses us we punish him” Xavier said in a firm voice as he walked up into both their faces “I don’t think you want to contest me on that” he said as he looked them both squarely in the eyes

Wait!” Wally said, breaking the tension, all three turned to look at him

I-I’ll do it again… with all of you I mean… if you promise not to be so rough” Wally got off the bed and walked up to Vigilio and placed his hand on his crotch, giving him a squeeze. Vigilio’s face lit up with a smile, he was about to grab Wally when Xavier held his hand

Let me go man, you heard him, he wants it”

I said we have to go, I don’t care what he says” the look on Xavier’s face was deadly, Vigilio gave in and shrugged as he pushed Wally away.

Fuck it!” Micah said in anger as he stormed out of the room, followed by Vigilio. When they were gone, Xavier turned to Wally and with a swing of his hand sent him hurtling across the room. Wally hit the wall and fell like sack of flour

I’ll deal with you later” Xavier said and then left the room.

As soon as he recovered, Wally got up from the floor and turned the lights off in the room. Xavier may have been angry, but he was angrier, he wasn’t going to take this anymore, tonight he had to do something about this, even if it proved to be the last thing he’d ever do.

He stretched himself flat on the bed, preparing himself both physically and mentally for what was to come. He didn’t know how he was going to execute it but he was going to try his damndest…

Some time later, Wally felt something cold run along leg, he knew that he wasn’t alone. He had drifted off but the sudden chill that ran up his leg quickly woke him up, he jumped up only to be shoved back down unto the bed

I told you, I’d get back to you and now I’m gonna teach you a lesson” Xavier punctuated this with a slap across Wally’s face.

Wally jumped up and this time made off the bed before the shadow coming towards him could grab him. Though he had killed the lights, the lights from outdoors still gave the room a slight glow. He rolled off the bed and went under it.

So you’ve decided to play this time, don’t worry Wally, the hotter the battle, the sweeter the victory” Xavier said, he had seen Wally slip under the bed, but that was okay, he was helpless, he would just play with him some until he was ready for the main event.

Wally lay under the bed, his heart beating a mile a minute. He clutched his sword tightly in his hands as he waited.

Y’know Wally, you were too kind earlier with Vigilio… offering to give yourself to him like that, you slut!” Xavier spoke while he removed his clothes

I’ll do you a favor though, I’ll give you a double dose of me, consider it my gift to you on Vigilio’s behalf” Xavier was now completely naked as he walked around to the side of the bed

Come out, come out wherever you are” Xavier liked playing these games, the humans always lost.

Wally saw Xavier’s two feet at the side of the bed and he knew then that it was either now or never, he tightened his grip on the sword and lined it up with the length of his body while he rolled unto his side.

Y’know Wally, I’m going to tell you what I’m going to do to you tonight… I’m going to put my hand up your ass and squeeze your Heart!!” as Xavier said this he violently lifted the bed and flung it unto it’s side

AHHHHHH!!” he screamed, he hadn’t seen the quick action but he felt it, the sword connected with his legs, just above his ankles. One clean stroke had separated his feet from the rest of his body instantly. There was no blood…

Ahhhhhh!!”  Xavier wailed again as he pitched back and fell to the floor with a loud crash. Wally moved with lightening speed as he sprung to his feet and stood above Xavier’s moaning form

You stupid human, I’ll rip your heart out” Xavier said menacingly as he tried to raise himself up but Wally struck again, he jammed the sword between Xavier’s legs, spearing his dick and balls. The wail that sprung from within the Vampires being seemed to come from the depths of hell as Wally removed his sword.

He was prepared for the final act. He moved up to Xavier’s head and stood with his sword in line with his neck,

Xavier looked up at him still moaning from his torturous pain, a sneer formed on his face as he looked Wally square in the eye, blood streaming down his cheeks as he bared his fangs

You wouldn’t da -achhh!” Wally didn’t allow him to finish before he brought his sword down on his neck. The deed was done, the head was separated from his body. Wally stepped back, his heart still beating, as he looked at the body before him. Nothing happened for a time but then he saw the changes.

The skin started to change slowly at first but it became white and whiter until he saw smoke rising from the corpse, as if an invisible fire was incinerating the flesh. Wally knew that he had to leave; he had to get as far away from the Motel as he could. He sheathed his sword and hurried from the room, if what they had said was true they would be able to find him wherever he may end up but how could he get rid of them as well? Survival was his only instinct at this point…


Wally dragged himself into the loft. Tyree jumped from the couch upon hearing the front door open.

Wally” Tyree said as he ran up to him and grabbed him in his arms “are you ok?” he asked

Yeah, I’m fine but we need to talk”

Good, I’ve been looking forward to this” Tyree said sitting on the couch, Wally joined him after placing his sword on the coffee table,

Wally took a deep breath

I don’t know where to begin” Tyree held his hand and gave it a squeeze, he pressed on

I just killed a vampire” he said looking directly into Tyree’s eyes, he got no response then

You think this is funny don’t you, come on, the truth” Tyree said, Wally burst out into hysterical laughter

What?” Tyree asked as he continued to look at Wally with amused curiosity

Tyree, I’m not kidding you, honest… I just killed a vampire, a real life… vampire” Wally said after he had calmed down

Tyree looked at him and saw that he was serious

B-but that’s impossible Wally, maybe you’re mistaken, maybe…”

Tyree, it’s the truth, let me explain” Wally went on to explain his life over the past year and the things he had to do, Tyree listened, horrified at times by what he was being told. When Wally was done, there was a long period of silence, with Tyree just sitting and staring at him

I… I don’t know what to say Wally… it all seems so incredible”

I know it does Tyree but you have to believe me”

Okay, if what you said was true, the other two can find you anywhere you are?”

Yeah… I didn’t know what else to do… I’m sorry if I’ve put your life in danger Tyree I -” Tyree put a finger over Wally’s lips

Listen to me, you’ve been dealing with this on your own for so long, I couldn’t have guessed that this was what was holding you back but now that I know I want to help you”

But there’s nothing you can do to help me Tyree, this is my fight”

Stop, this is our fight now, they hurt you, they hurt me too and I’m not going to let them do it anymore” he said as he gripped Wally’s shoulders “we’re going to win this”

Wally looked at him, he knew that he meant well

What are we going to do then?”

Well, we just have to wait, with our swords at the ready” Tyree saw the bewildered look still hanging over Wally’s face

Wally, listen to me, we can do this, you did it all on your own just imagine two of us together, uh?” the thought seemed to settle in his mind he looked into Tyree’s eyes once again

Alright, we’ll wait, sooner or later they’re going to come”


Vigilio’s need had overtaken him, he had to have Wally regardless of what Xavier had said. He doubled back to the room, hoping to get his hearts desire. His need for sex dulled his senses to other things, like the fact that Wally was nowhere near the Motel.  He plodded on, no Micah or Xavier to share his bounty with. He got to the room and inched the door open but when he stepped in, he wasn’t prepared for what he saw

Micah? What the hell are you doing here?” Micah was sitting on the bed looking puzzled; he slowly looked up at Vigilio upon hearing his voice

He’s dead…” he said before drifting off

What?” Vigilio asked then he looked at what had captured Micah’s attention, there were burnt scraps of clothing and what looked like a skeleton, it was too hard to tell, whatever it was it was still smoldering strange though there was no smoke.

What is that?” Vigilio asked looking back at Micah, in the back of his mind he already knew but it was inconceivable to believe that…

It’s Xavier” Micah said slowly “ that… that punk killed him somehow” Micah said he was furious

But…” Xavier was at a loss for words

Don’t you get it Vigilio, he killed him, that fuckin’ shit killed him…” he let out a wry laugh “I can’t believe this, he killed him… how the fuck could Xavier let this happen” Vigilio started to think and came to a quick conclusion

He was holding out on us that’s why, he came back here to fuck him… Coño!!” Vigilio shouted then he looked over at Micah sitting on the bed “And you too… holy fuck”

Hey, you’re here for the same thing… you know I don’t like to share” Micah hit back

Fuck you, I don’t either” they both went silent, then

What’re we going to do now?” Micah asked

How the hell am I supposed to know, us moving to this dump of a city was Xavier’s idea”

Well I know what I’m going to do…I’m going back to the gang” Micah said

What? are you crazy, they’ll kill us, after what we did…”

Then what are we supposed to do, we can’t stay here”

Who says? The only thing Xavier had over us was his age… we can survive on our own” Vigilio was self-assured

Not without Wally we can’t”

Oh yes we can, we’ll find another whore but first… I’m going to get that bitch and I’m going to enjoy ripping him apart… no one gets away from me” he was going to make Wally pay for making the biggest mistake of his life as soon as he found him.


Wally awoke the next morning wrapped in Tyree’s arms. They had fell asleep the night before swords in hand as they waited, waited to see what fate had in store for them both. He ran his hands over the mounds of Tyree’s pecs, savoring the smoothness of his chocolate skin, the points of his pointy nipples. ‘What would he do if he ever lost him?’ he thought.

A little while later Tyree woke up as well, he smiled when he met Wally’s eyes intently watching him

You’re up early” he said

Just looking at my prize, you”

I think you got it wrong baby, you’re my prize and no vampire is going to change that” the mention of the vampires dampened Wally’s spirits some what

Come on man, you worry too much, I told you, we’re going to beat this”

I know Tyree and I believe you”

Good, because I’ve missed you…” Tyree said pulling Wally’s face closer to his and planting a passionate kiss on his lips. Tyree snaked his tongue into Wally’s mouth, their tongues twining together; they had missed each other and were trying to make up for their time apart.

Let’s go take a shower together” Tyree suggested as he lifted Wally into his arms and headed for the shower.


It seemed that time flew by for Wally and Tyree, the day disappeared for them in a haze of sex and contentment, it would be hard to guess that they were planning on facing vampires who had only one intent, blood.

Nightfall found the two lovers in bed lying wrapped in each other’s arms, they had reminded themselves, physically at least, why they loved being together. Now sated they lay in the after glow relaxing and holding each other close, for the moment forgetting the impending trials they faced.

But as go the best laid plans, thinks never happen as intended. First, their inability to know the exact plans of the vampires worked to their disadvantage coupled with the fact that they underestimated when the deadly fiends would make their appearance.

It was quite sudden actually…

Wally had gotten up, deciding that he needed to take a bath, from his normal work time, the vampires wouldn’t discover Xavier until that day or so he thought. Before he went into the shower he went into the kitchen to get a drink of water, for some reason he needed to quench his thirst. He gave Tyree a peck he was still asleep thankfully.

 A towel wrapped around his waist he entered the kitchen, grabbed a glass, opened the refrigerator and poured from the pitcher.

He filled his glass and closed the door

Hey Wally”

Wally’s body shook as if electrocuted, he dropped the glass

Oh, you’re not scared are you?” Vigilio said with a grotesque sneer stretched across his face.

Wally’s face went slack as his brain tried to comprehend; his worst nightmare was being fulfilled. He stepped back but in a flash, Vigilio was in his face and had him by the throat, cutting off his air supply…

I’m going to make your last moments on this earth as close to hell as I can get from this side before I kill you” Vigilio growled as Wally struggled for air, then suddenly a scream broke the silence

Wally!!!” Wally tried to move his head in the direction of the bedroom but he couldn’t

Wally… ahh!!!” Tyree screamed then there was a loud crashing sound. Wally’s eyes started to water as he looked at the grinning face of Vigilio, his fate was sealed.

Wally!!, get out Wally… Arghhhhhhh… run!!!” Tyree continued to scream as the sounds of violence continued to echo from the room. Wally had never heard such a wail, one of pain and utter desperation

Micah is going to take care of your boyfriend… you fools, you underestimated us, it doesn’t take dark for us to wake up, only sundown” Vigilio rasped as he continued to hold Wally, he lifted him off his feet still holding him by his neck

I could just snap your neck right now, but I want you to see what love does… I’m going to torment you to death” with that Vigilio dragged him to the bedroom. Wally wasn’t prepared for what he saw.

There, on the bed was Micah holding Tyree’s naked body in a death grip in his arms. Tyree’s fingers had sunk themselves into the flesh of Micah’s neck, the intensity of his attempt to defend himself. Micah’s face was buried in Tyree’s neck for the moment concealed but as they entered, his face came into view; Tyree’s head lolled back, his eyes still open staring…

His throat had been ripped open. As Micah let go of his body, he licked the blood from his lips

You killed him?!” Vigilio asked “You fool, that wasn’t the plan”

Hey I was hungry… I haven’t had a black man in a while” Micah said nonchalantly

Wally fainted in Vigilio’s arms…


In the distance he could hear someone calling his name earnestly

Wally…Wally, when I snap my finger you will wake up,” the voice said in the distance and then he heard it, a snap

He woke up with a start. But where was he?

Wally are you hearing me?” the voice asked

Yes” he answered absently. He looked around him, he was in an office of some sort lying on an air mattress, he looked up to see who had spoken to him

I’m here Wally” the lady said to him with her warm voice

Do you remember who I am?” she asked. He searched his mind for a moment before finding a name

Yes, you’re Dr. Carol Bader”

That’s right Wally we made a lot of progress… you must be tired, Tyree is waiting for you outside, we’ll take a break right now you can come back in five minutes”

Okay, thank you” he said as he rose from the mattress, picked up his jacket and opened the door of the office. When he did, Tyree who was sitting outside looked up and saw him, he came toward him with a concerned look on his face

Are you ok Wally?” Tyree asked as he hugged him

Yeah, I think so, I’m thirsty though”

Okay, I’ll go get us some sodas” Tyree said as he went to the vending machine. When he had gotten two sodas he handed one to Wally.

Are you sure you’re ok baby?”

I’ll know when I get back inside there with Dr Bader…could you come in with me”

Are you sure you want to do that?” Tyree asked

Yes, I need you Tyree, I don’t think I can handle what she has to tell me alone”

Okay, I’ll come along” Tyree said putting an arm around his shoulder, just then Dr Bader called for Wally to come back in, they both went in

Dr Bader, I hope you don’t mind, but I need Tyree here with me”

That is fine, I think you may need the support”

 They both sat before the therapist, waiting to hear what Wally had divulged while he was under. She began…

Wally, the human brain is so remarkable, it has these incredible mechanisms that allow us to cope with some of life’s most trying difficulties. The wonders of these tools are still not fully known. What I found out today was just proof of that… Now the Brain has some very interesting disassociative abilities which help us to deal with trauma, sometimes it totally blocks out traumatic events and sometimes it deals with them by making them seem almost ethereal. In your case your mind did the latter” she took a drink of water before continuing

What those three men did to you was terrible” Wally trembled at the thought “and unfortunately you hadn’t dealt with it upon until this point, so your brain did one of it’s signature tricks, it put everything in the realm of fantasy. It let you become almost like a spectator to your own life, watching from the sidelines and that’s why you were having those nightmares, even though the trauma occurred when you were in college.”

So what you are saying is that my mind turned everything that happened to me into a fantasy?” Wally asked

Simply put, yes”

But why now, why is all this coming back now, the nightmares, the things I see… I mean my life is…” he looked over at Tyree who squeezed his hand “Perfect”

That may have been the trigger Wally, the one piece in the jigsaw puzzle of your life that didn’t fit needed to sort it self out, consider it the chickens coming home to roost. Your mind played catch up and in a way you lost”

So, while I was under what did I say” Dr Bader sighed

Wally, are you afraid of vampires?”

What?” he asked

Are you afraid of vampires?” she repeated

He is” Tyree interjected “ he’ll never admit it but he is deathly afraid of the things, we watched ‘Interview with the vampire’ and he clung to me all night”

Ok, maybe a little” Wally added

Maybe a lot Wally” Dr Bader said “you see Wally, your mind created a very elaborate story, I had to pick upon that early when I noticed that you were telling me things that weren’t a part of your own life. I recorded everything do you care to listen?”

Yes, I need to” Wally said, his heart was beating so hard with anticipation. Dr Bader pressed play on her recorder. They heard a voice, it sounded distance, scared, lost… Wally.

An hour and a half later when the recorder finally went silent, Wally looked up…

It was them… Xavier and his friends”

Yes Wally, I believe that he was a central figure in this story because he was your boyfriend, he hurt you more than the others over a longer period of time”

But what about all the other things…me being a prostitute and Tyree…”

Wally don’t worry about it, those were just your insecurities coming out, the important thing is we have everything in context, we can now deal with them separately” Dr Bader reassured him then she turned to Tyree

He’s going to need you now more than ever Tyree”

I’ll be there for him, I have to, he’s my world”

So doctor, will the nightmares stop now?” Wally asked

Well as you get more and more of these bottled up emotions and fears out, they will dissipate with time… I can’t tell you how much of a breakthrough you have made today…we will continue on Thursday”


Wally and Tyree walked into the loft. They both collapsed into the couch.

I can’t believe the things I heard on that recorder” Wally said

Well I can” Wally looked over at Tyree when he said that “It’s the truth, everything you said while she’d hypnotized you makes sense, at least in a strange way.”

Well, I guess”

I mean look at it like this, you are scared of vampires, you were terrified of Xavier and when he Vigilio and Micah raped you, it had a terrible effect on you and the fact that you were already being abused by Xavier in your relationship, it compounded it” Tyree could see that bringing all this up had really upset Wally, he held him close.

Every time I remember what they did to me… it was my fault”

No Wally, we’re not going there again, it wasn’t your fault”

But if I had…” Wally started to sob, Tyree held him

Stop it, I won’t allow you to do this to yourself… when you were raped your self-worth fell, you likened yourself to a hustler, you even likened your best friend to a hustler”


Yes… Wally we can do this together, you just have to believe that I love you, believe in us”

I do Tyree, I do”

Do you remember what I’ve always told you Wally”

Yes, I never forgot that, not even when I was under…you’re my angel”



Life Blood

The End


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