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Magic Thereof - 01

“An uncountable number of years have passed since my days at court. A quiet life is all I ever wanted and achieved to some degree. I do not regret seeking neither fortune nor conquest in the many eras I have lived. Would you accept that should you become immortal too?” Duke Blaine said softly to a sleeping knight covered with deep wounds.


“You should not have tried to enter my lands. Were you not warned?” Blaine brushed a golden blonde lock from the knight’s forehead. He stood from his chair and slowly pulled soft furs over the wounded man then stepped out onto his porch.


Two beasts sat on either side of steps leading off the porch. Silhouetted were a set of huge shoulders, pointed ears and fur highlighted in moonlight. He deeply inhaled the smells of spring and listened a moment to insects and frogs filling the cool air with sound. He loved the night.


Duke Blaine was a small delicate man. In the past, his raven hair was kept long and his bird-like fine bones created an illusion many mistook him as female. He kept his hair short now.


He touched the beasts’ muscular arms as he passed down the steps. They took position behind him on his walk to a group of gathered beasts by a nearby stream. Several soapy amole bulbs were prepared, tonight was their bath.


Long ago as an aristocrat scholar, Blaine discovered the secret of the philosopher’s stone, gaining him eternal youth and immortality. Knowing the greed of his peers, he exiled himself from court to an ancient forest rumored to possess strange magical creatures. There he encountered wolves that had been warped into a mixture of men and wolf.


At first, the wolfmen considered Blaine prey. After a great amount of trying to bite and claw his flesh or break bone with no success, he was promoted to something unknown and tolerated when he began to pet them.


After some time Blaine built a cottage in a small meadow in the forest surrounded by tall trees, and a stream ran close by. A pack of twenty wolfmen congregated at his homestead, gathering after hunts and then to sleep. He had been adopted into their pack. A large hall to house the adult beasts was added as well as a smaller hall for those who lived into their later years of sixteen. The elder’s lodge connected to his cottage since they took care of pups when produced. Every seven years ten pups are grown in homunculus vessels.


Five elderly wolfmen gently removed Blaine’s clothes while ten large powerfully built wolfmen stood knee deep in the stream lathering up with soap. He liked the long fur that grew from their forearms and shortened as it reached their shoulders. Thick fur covered their heads, back, thinned to their buttocks, torsos were hairless, their legs to their clawed feet were covered with fur, and fine short fur covered their face.


Over four hundred years Blaine bred in and out certain traits. Some of his men had refined angular features while others had shorter snouts with powerful jaws. The pack’s fur was a spectrum of earthy tones from bright red to light blonde and black fur as dark as night. Eyes color varied as well, black-brown to light blues and greens.


Another area he bred for was endowment and his pack did not disappoint there. The first wolfmen were impressively hung but Blaine magnified it. He did not correct their inherited penal bone and the issue it caused. The canine penis bone was not suited well to bipedal creatures. He did trained the first of them he sheltered how to position the bone by pressing up under their ball sack before fully aroused so the bone lines up into their hardening erection and not get stuck. Blaine felt breeding the bone away might diminish their meaty endowment he worked to achieve. If they lived more than a maximum of seventeen years he would not be so selfish.


Beginning every February his pack becomes very territorial of the homestead -- more so than usual of any men that venture into his land. In the past two hundred years, a small village was settled, a three-day journey by horseback. Villagers traveled to Blaine to trade for healing and remedies. They knew not to let any menfolk travel here beginning February into late March. During that time his pack either re-establishes the current alpha or gains a new one.


Blaine smiled to see the largest of the pack, the alpha, strut toward him. He liked this wolfman. Its coat was black, eyes were almost white. Blaine was happy the alpha had kept his position, not terribly surprised though. This one was probably six years old and will continue to bulk up five more years then decline into old age.


The alpha reached down to adjust its penis bone, stepped before Blaine, bent down, and slowly licked Blaine’s offered hand. It then picked him up, straddling him on its hips, hard dick shaft pressed between his butt cheeks. One of the pack began to lick his asshole, preparing it for the first cock of the evening. Blaine’s hole unclenched signaling the pack mate to position the alpha’s dick -- dripping with precum -- in position. The thick cock gently worked its way in, coating Blaine’s rectum with wolfman juice.


The pack never take more than several thrusts before their dick knots and the shaft begins to pulse wildly, spewing semen up to thirty minutes. While stuck to whomever is mounting Blaine, they like for him to groom them. He will usually whisper a song in their ear or run his fingers through their fur and gently play with their ears. While mounted the rest of the pack will entertain themselves with play fighting or a game of tag with super bouncy ball Blaine makes for them and the elderly wolfmen will guard the mating party against outsiders walking up on Blaine while knotted to a pack member.


Later in the evening, the last to knot with him pulled its softening cock out of Blaine's well seeded hole. One of the two protecting him for the night carried him to his cottage. There he was taken down into his cave cellar where he performs his alchemy work.


He gestured to be put down and walked to a chair he built hundreds of years ago for the purpose of purging seed of his pack from his bowls into a bronze basin. After several minutes with the last of it out, he took the basin to a work table and in ten glass flasks, he filled each with cum. Before sealing them Blaine considered a small rack labeled with words like blond, black, curly, red, extra-long dick, shaft girth, etc., an added various combinations to the flasks. Within a week embryos would form and then be transferred to one larger translucent vessel, the size of a large man, to develop further for a month until release.


Blaine pulled an elixir faintly glowing through a clay bottle off a high shelf then motioned one of his guards to pick him up.


Back at his companion's side, he checked for a pulse. He sighed finding it strong he uncorked the bottle and began to dab the knight’s cuts with his most prized possession. Wounds closed after his dabs, the knight’s breath evened out and grew deeper.


He put the bottle away and whispered to the sleeping man, “Welcome foolish prince. Magic thereof lives to grant eternal and immortal life, to be forever young. Judged unworthy it will be undone.”