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Master's Work

He never taught me how his most important work, prized by both nobles and merchants alike, was made. If I ever asked his expression would turn wistful and reply something along the lines, I would learn after he dies.

A month passed since I found him in his workshop covered in a thin layer of ice. His corpse next to his workbench overlooking the sea. A peculiar example of his work, an oblong spherical shape with several raised thorns at odd angles, rested next to him. In my hand now raised against the flickering light of the fireplace I could see through the sculpture's rough translucent surface a dark opaque core. Black filaments twisted out creating strange patterns from it through the piece. After some time the lines acquired a weird kind of written language alien to me.

Signing?  It came not from outside my cottage, but from my master's sculpture.

A heavy knock at the door startled me. I fumbled the object. It did not fail. Another loud knock broke me into a cold sweat. A deep resonant voice spoke from behind the door in some language I had not heard until now. It had the quality of a question and not made by a human mouth.

Everything went black.  My sight restored to the door open now. Time most of been lost.

A massive form crouched, shoulders turned to the side was passing through, clearing the door frame. It unfolded itself and stood.

I could not move from fright.

Its head, aquatic in nature, passed the rafters reaching up into the vaulted ceiling. The creature's skin appeared to be much like the dolphin's I saw washed up on the beach this past spring. Its stomach, chest were very muscular and stark white while the rest of him was a marbleized swirl of warm grays and dark blacks. Gold bands encircled its massive upper arms. In its right hand he carried a full bag made of weaved seaweed. Its midsection, covered in a granular material tight against its skin, a pattern slowly evolved emphasizing a monstrous penis about the length to the creature's knees.

The male creature bend down. Its head next to my ear. Breath warm, smelt of clean salt, open sea, and the sweet and bitter notes of myrrh. A warm tongue lightly touched my ear then was gone. Warmth filled my chest. My groining stiffened.

What was it doing to me!

"You are the master nows," It softly hissed into my ear and rose back up. Its kilt of moving patterns right before me at eye level dissolved to the floor revealing a man like penis, black with swirls of light grey running down its length. The creature stood motionless as if letting me take in the sight of him.

My eyes were heavy. I closed them for a moment. On opening my eyes a thick amber jell was slowly run down its penis shaft from a mouth like opening in its lower abdomen forming a thick membrane around its growing erect member. Blood vessels began to form in it and pulsed to the beat of the creature's heart.

Again my eyes became heavy. My heart raced as I fought to keep them. I lost the fight to find myself being woken to an intense haze of pleasure radiated through me from my back. During my public schools days I had experimented with Greek love as the passive recipient. I enjoyed it very much the sensations of something firm inside me. That was a shadow now.

My entire back up to the back of my neck felt as if it was an extension of my anus. The pleasure was almost overwhelming. I became aware the things member was the cause, moving up and out of me somehow. It wasn't inside my bum. How was it pleasuring me?

While it had withdrawn I reached around my lower back and felt. I found thin pliable skin where my backbones should be. What has it done to me?

It raised me up to its head. Rolls of sharp white teeth greeted me.

"You are gifted with my mating sack. Do not fear. Enjoys," The thing hissed. 

It lowered me down back to but this time it place my mouth by one of two large nipples on the top roll of well defined abs. The thing rubbed my lips against the nipple. Liquid coated my lips. Some entered my mouth. It was sweet. I began to suckle on the it. It filled my mouth as he started to reenter my back with his huge monstrous dick.

My damn eyes were getting heavy again. 

 "I will teach you our secret ways. Sleeps." I heard before blacking out.

The End