The school bell rang again, seven rings this time.

"Bed time," Ash announced, and there were some sniggers from the rest of the gang

"No real hurry," a cheeky eleven year old imp who Peter now knew was named `Joe',  chortled, "Ash's always in a hurry to get into bed."

"Like you're not, Joe," Ash fired back and there was more good natured giggling, which made Peter feel at ease. Pretend bickering amongst boys was something he understood and could join in with.

"Boys your age need their sleep," Peter had a friendly dig at Joe, who was the youngest of their gang.

"Don't think he gets a lot of sleep," another boy sniggered, causing more laughter.

"Can I help it if I'm popular?" Joe cheeked to yet more laughter, though Peter wasn't sure now what all the laughter was about.

"Come on," Ash grabbed hold of one of Peter's hands and pulled him to his feet, "Lets get to our camp and get ready for bed before they all crowd the place out."

"Our camp?" Peter asked, confused. He couldn't see any sign of any camps anywhere.

"This way," Ash tugged at Peter's hand, "You'll see in a moment. The elves will be lighting the camp fires any moment now."

Sure enough, four distinct fires suddenly burst into flame and the crowd of boys gave a big whoop and began to dash in the direction of the fires, all, apparently, eager to get to bed. And that, Peter had to think, was not natural, boys do not normally want to go to bed.

"My gang hold on a second," Harry's voice called out, and Ash stopped tugging at Peter for a moment. "Remember, lads," Harry said to the rest of his gang when they gathered round him, "Peter's new. He doesn't need any more teasing or horse play just at the moment. Give Ash a chance to help him get sorted out."

Ash and Peter were a little way off when Harry said that, but Peter still heard him and, yet again, wondered what it meant. Probably, he thought, Ash was supposed to fill him in about what went on in this strange place. And Harry didn't want the other boys interrupting with normal boy teasing. Thoughtful of him, Peter decided, thinking he could see why Harry was a prefect and gang leader.

"Where do we sleep?" Peter asked as Ash, still holding his hand, led him towards one of the newly lit camp fires, and why was Ash holding his hand? He was right beside the other boy and, though it was night, it wasn't exactly pitch black, there was plenty enough light from the moon to see where he was going and not get lost from Ash. "I haven't seen any buildings," he said.

"No buildings in Neverland," Ash said, "We sleep in the open by our camp fire."

"In the open?" an incredulous Peter repeated, though sleeping in the open did sort of make things more like a real boys' adventure story.

"You'll see," Ash said, and onwards he led Peter by the hand.

He led Peter a little way off from the fire towards a clump of trees that had sort of lanterns strung in them, and when they got closer, Peter saw the lanterns were seemingly made of paper or something, and inside the paper, loads of little lights were dancing around.

"Fireflies" Ash grinned, seeing Peter's confusion,

"So we know where the bogs are at night if we need them."

"Bogs?" Peter gasped, "You mean we go to the toilet in the trees?"

"Wait," Ash giggled, and still holding Peter's hand, he really didn't seem to want to let go for some reason or other, led Peter into the trees.

Peter gasped.

They looked like trees and bushes; they were trees and bushes, Peter felt a few leaves to confirm that, but there was nothing natural about the way they were arranged. The bushes formed four separate and distinct places, and had they been brick and not bush, Peter would have described them as `cubicles' because that's exactly what they were.

"You use that one, and I'll use the one next to yours, so we can chat while we do our stuff and clean up ready for bed," Ash announced, and, at last, let go of Peter's hand.

Peter walked tentatively into the opening in a set of bushes and found himself in a space lit by a firefly lantern. As he entered, a bush somehow moved and closed the `door' behind him so he was completely private.

"I don't believe it," he breathed as he looked around and saw what he saw. Ash chortled from the next door bush cubicle.

Peter was standing in what could only be described as a fully fitted bathroom. There was a shower, a toilet, a wash basin and even a bidet! And it was all made to look as though it was all part of the woodland around him.

Nature's needs overcame wonder, Peter really needed a crap and a shower, so, trying to ignore the weirdness of it all, he did the first and then used the bidet. His parents had fitted a bidet when they redid the bathroom at his house and Peter, rather wickedly, liked using the bidet. Of course, he only used it to make sure he was nice and clean back there, but that little jet of water hitting him right on his bum hole did feel rather nice. He knew he shouldn't be thinking things like that because those sort of thoughts were uncomfortably close to some of, well, rather a lot of, the things he watched when he was looking at porn.

He had no real idea of why bum holes should be used for naughty things; he knew the mechanics from watching porn, and he knew it was a sort of copy of baby making, but why boys in porn seemed to like it so much he had no idea whatsoever.

It did feel nice though, that jet of water hitting his bum hole, and he gave a nice, long, boy happy sigh.

Ash, in the next cubicle, giggled. "I always turn it on full," he sniggered, "Lovely way to get all nice and clean."

Peter thought he better not reply to that, because if he did the conversation might go into a really dirty place.

When the bidet water had made his toy go hard, Peter thought he better turn it off and have a shower. He was just thinking of giving his toy some exercise when Ash called out for him to hurry up, because the other boys would be wanting to get in the toilets, so he had to abandon that idea.

He hurriedly dried off – there were clean towels hanging on one of the bushes, Peter pulled his shorts back on. His toy showed no signs of going back to rest, so he did feel a bit embarrassed, but, as it was dark, he thought he'd be able to get to wherever it was they were going to sleep without things being too obvious.

Ash didn't seem to notice Peter's state, or if he did notice he made no comment about it, though he did reach for Peter's hand again, and that, Peter thought, was well odd.

Not as odd though, as where Peter realised they were going to sleep!

Arranged round the fire, in the four points of the compass, were four what looked like grass platforms or steps, each one about two feet high.

"This one's ours," Ash said leading Peter by the hand to one of the platform type grass things.

"We sleep on the ground?" Peter asked in a bothered voice, "That's got to be pretty uncomfortable, hasn't it?"

"No, silly," Ash gave Peter's hand a squeeze, "They're beds, not ground."

And indeed they were, proper beds! They looked like grass, but that, Peter realised when he reached out with his spare hand and touched one, was only an illusion; what looked like grass was really a sheet and duvet thing.

"They're well comfortable. Quite good for sleeping in as well," Ash giggled and gave Peter's hand another squeeze. "Come on, don't let's waste any more time. Get into bed before the others come."

It suddenly dawned on Peter that he was to share a bed with Ash! Not only that, there were only three other beds and there were six other boys in the gang and the division sum was easy to work out!

Ash had at last let go of his hand and was undoing whatever it was that held his miniature grass skirt in place on his super-slender body.

"Grass skirts are well comfortable in the day," Ash grinned at a bemused Peter, "But can't wear them in bed. I expect shorts are a bit the same."

In his real life, his life outside the fantasy of Neverland life, Peter never wore anything in bed. Wearing anything in bed would have got in the way when he wanted to play with his toy, but he couldn't go to bed with another boy naked, could he? Especially when that other boy was naked as well, because Peter now knew that Ash did not wear anything under his grass skirt, and Ash didn't seem at all bothered that Peter knew that because he was making no attempt to hide the fact.

"ErÉÉ.umÉÉer" Harry mumbled.

"Oh. Come on," Ash pleaded, "Don't be silly shy. Harry wants us to get to know each other. Properly," Ash emphasised, and Peter had no doubt at all what Ash meant by `properly'.

`Was that why he was holding my hand all the time, holding it `like that', and why Harry kept squeezing my shoulder earlier?' Peter's mind raised all sorts of questions, questions it had never raised before and questions Peter didn't know the answers to, and questions he was more than a little scared of finding out those answers to!

"You haven't, have you," Ash was saying, "Haven't ever." It wasn't a question, or if it was, it was one of the rhetorical variety. "Oh, brill! I'm going to be the first ever to feel it! Oh, wow!"

It was when Ash said `Wow' that Peter's mind made itself up. If Ash had said anything else except `Wow' it might have been different, but `Wow' was Peter's favourite expression for when something was especially special, so `Wow' did it for Peter. If it was going to be something especially special for Ash, then it would be pure, spiteful meanness of Peter not to go along with it, and anyway, even though Ash had been holding his hand like he had, Peter found he quite liked Ash, so he slowly got his shorts off so Ash could be the first to see as well.

"Oh wow! That really is a lovely one," Ash enthused when Peter's toy was exposed to his eyes, "And you're so right about the hairs, they're just perfect!"

"Thanks," Peter blushed, secretly more than chuffed that Ash seemed to genuinely like his toy. Of course, Ash was the first boy to ever see it, and not only in its new state but first boy ever at all, so Peter had nothing to compare Ash's genuineness with, but he did really seem to like it. And his toy seemed to like being liked as well, because it got harder as Ash admired it.

"Yours is nice as well," Peter found himself saying as he stared at his first ever other boy's toy to stare at, pleased that it, the same as his, was hard and pointing up and out.

"Yours is just absolutely the perfect size," Ash enthused, "Do you mind if I feel it here, before we get into bed? I know it's a bit wicked of me, but I've always liked it best when the first feel is standing up."

"Only if I can feel yours," Peter horrified himself by saying. He should never have said that! It was so dirty! And why should he want to feel another boy's toy anyway?

"Course you can," Ash giggled, "It's what it's there for, isn't it."

"Oh wow!" both boys exclaimed together when their hands reached out and fastened round hard, hot, throbbing lengths of boy delight, Ash exclaiming because he always found it wonderful to hold another boy in his hand, especially a boy he'd never held before, and Peter because he had never felt another boy before and could quite believe how wonderful it was.

Feeling his own toy was always good, good for both his hand and his toy, but feeling another boy's toy while that boy was feeling his was so, so, so, so much better! Better both for his hand and for his toy!

"I'm so going to love getting to know you properly," Ash smiled at Peter when they were in bed and under the duvet thing, which seemed to add something somehow to the already very naughty feeling of being in a bed with another boy. "Now," Ash was saying, "You have to promise me that you aren't going to be silly shy. We both know this is your first ever time, and you can't believe how happy I am that your first ever time is going to be with me; and I expect you've guessed that this is not my first time, but that's not to worry you one little bit. You know all those things you've secretly thought about, wondered about what it would be like to actually do them? Well, you just go ahead and do them."

"I think I will be a bit silly shy," Peter confessed, "I've seen stuff in porn, but I've never let myself actually think about doing them."

"You're in Neverland now, so you can not only think about them, you can do them as well," Ash smiled and Peter could see Ash's smile and he felt a little warm glow because the boy was being so nice, so understanding.

"Ash," he asked as the boy's hand moved to rest on his thigh, quite low down, near his knee so he didn't feel bothered about the contact, "The pirates thing. Are there really pirates? Or is it just the game you play? And what did Jack mean when he told the boy he captured in the game that he wanted him tonight?"

"There really are pirates," Ash told Peter, "And they really do hunt us boys. We are the treasure they are after."

"And what happens to a boy if they capture one?"

"The same as what is going to happen to Eric in Jack's bed tonight. They bum us."

"They what!!!!!!!!!" Peter almost shouted.

"They bum us. That's why they hunt us, so they can bum us. Oh, they don't just bum us, they wank us and suck us and kiss us and we have to suck and wank them as well. Pirates like doing things with boys just as much as boys like doing things with other boys. I don't know, perhaps they like it even more because they're not boys anymore. It's all a lot of fun, really, though I'm not too keen on the kissing bit. Pirates are often hairy and stubbly; I much prefer kissing boys."

"You are? You what? TheyÉÉÉ." Peter trailed off, his mind unable to cope and find words. Everything Ash had said was stuff Peter had seen in porn, was he going to have to do all that stuff himself? For real? And the kissing thing! Peter had never, even in porn, seen the point of kissing, he'd never seen the point at school when boys talked about kissing girls. He'd never wanted to kiss a girl, now he was supposed to kiss boys? And pirates if they caught him? Well, if he had to kiss anyone, he supposed that Ash would be a good choice. Ash really was good looking in that very girly way, and Ash definitely wasn't a soppy, silly girl, he knew that for certain now, so perhaps it might be okay kissing Ash.

"You okay?" Ash asked, his hand slowly moving up Peter's utterly smooth thigh.

"I think so," Peter let his own hand find an Ash thigh and slowly move up it as well.

"Just one more thing," he said before he got all the way to the top, "Why don't you have any hairs? You canÉ..wellÉ.you knowÉ..spurt stuff?"

"Course I can," Ash sniggered, "And you'll find out how much in a bit. And bald because I like it that way.  And," Ash whispered in Peter's ear, "The older boys and the pirates like it too. They think it's well sexy."

"Oh," Peter accepted. "Do we start by kissing, or what?"

"Or what and kissing," Ash sniggered and found Peter's toy again and sighed happily when Peter found his, and then his pretty red lips were brushing against Peter's more boylike lips, and Peter began to find out what it was like to kiss a boy.