Kissing a boy was incredible! There really is a point in kissing, Peter thought as Ash's tongue darted around inside his mouth, getting everywhere as well as playing sword fights with his own tongue. Peter had no idea what it would be like if he was kissing a girl or a pirate, or even a different boy, but kissing Ash was simply, amazingly, incredibly, unbelievably wonderful!

It made his cock go so hard! And it was his cock now, not a toy anymore; he had the real thing thrusting out from his pubis. Ash's delicate fingers and caressing hand had turned it from a toy into a cock, and even Peter's determinedly innocent dirty mind couldn't think of it as a toy anymore.

Ash was playing with it while they kissed, delicate, soft fingers stroking his slender shaft, a thumb nail teasing the little ridge of his helmet, finger tips and thumb tantalising the soft bud of his foreskin, but Ash wasn't playing with a toy, Ash was playing with a cock and every little movement of Ash's delicate fingers left no doubt that Ash knew it was a cock he was playing with.

"Oh f…." Peter almost said a very bad word instead of `Wow', but what he was experiencing was beyond anything a `Wow' could properly encompass.

"Naughty, naughty," Ash snigger whispered in his ear, "But you can say that word here; this is Neverland, remember."

"Is it always………."

"Of course it is," Ash didn't give Peter time to fully ask his question, "It's why we wanted to be here, isn't it? So we can be boys forever? Do boy things?"

It was, and Peter knew it was. He hadn't realised until Ash kissed him and turned his toy into a cock just how much he'd secretly wanted to do these particular boy things. Perhaps he should have realised before – all the clues were there, he just hadn't seen them, or was that, seen them and determinedly refused to accept them?

He thought girls were silly, he saw no point in kissing them, couldn't understand why other boys wanted so much to get their hands inside girls' knickers, didn't get properly hard when he looked at normal porn stuff, but did get very hard when he looked at boy porn. `I suppose I really am gay,' he thought.

He must have thought that out loud because Ash was whispering in his ear again, "Not what you call gay," his breath was warm in Peter's ear, "Just a real boy, that's all."

"You think so?" Peter asked, not that it really made any difference now, of course.

"Jack says that all boys really want to do this stuff, but loads of them are frightened of doing it because they think they should only do stuff with girls. Most of the boys here are like you, they just want to be boys and do boy things; climb trees, play fight and suck and be sucked."

"What's sucking like?" Peter asked, "I've seen it on porn, of course, but what's it actually like? Is it nice?"

"Show you," Ash whispered again, and down he went to give Peter a demonstration.

"Oh fuck!" The whole bad word sped out of Peter's mouth this time, he didn't even try to stop it!

Having his cock in Ash's hand had been unbelievable, having it in his mouth was unbelievably beyond being unbelievable! He didn't know whether to tense up all his muscles or go all floppy as Ash's mouth, lips and tongue sent him to somewhere he'd never even dreamed of dreaming of. He whined and whimpered, moaned and gasped as Ash's lips went right down to his new, neat, designer hairs, and then right back up again to the very tip of his foreskin, and, without Peter asking them to, his hips bucked gently, pushing his cock into Ash's mouth when he started to send his lips down again.

"Oh, Jesus, fuck me sideways," Peter moaned, moaning words he would never have believed he could moan as Ash's mouth lifted him to the space station from whence he would later take off to the stars.

He never even asked Ash if he could do it for him; the moment he had the chance, he was down and taking Ash's super-slender cock into his mouth and found that sucking boy cock is as wonderful, though in a different way, from having your own boy cock sucked.

"If we do it this way," Ash gently suggested, "We can suck each other at the same time, and, if we get it right, we can spunk up at the same time as well."

Beyond even thinking of disagreeing with anything Ash suggested, Peter found himself in that sixty-nine position that makes sucking and being sucked that extra bit special.

And they weren't just sucking each other; Peter found himself feeling every bit of Ash he could get his hands on, mostly the smooth backs of the boy's thighs and the hard but squishy mounds of his bum. Ash was doing similar, but not restricting himself to hard but squishy mounds of bum, but sliding a finger in between those mounds and playing peek-a-bo with Peter's bum hole itself.

Peter should have been disgusted and horrified, but he found himself thinking `that feels even better than the bidet' instead, though he never got as far as wondering why that should be.

Peter started to feel `that feeling' starting in his balls and travelling down to his tummy, gaining strength and travelling up again. He ought to have warned Ash that he was about to shoot, but his mouth was full of wonderful Ash cock and he didn't want to take it out to speak, so he shot his load in Ash's mouth instead. He'd just fired the third shot of his four when Ash's cock exploded in his mouth as well and he was faced with either eating Ash cream or trying to spit it out without getting Ash cock out of his mouth.

Peter made the only sensible decision and greedily ate Ash cream.

"Fucking magic." He sighed through Ash sperm covered lips, saying that dreadful word for the second time.

"You shoot yummy spunk," Ash congratulated him and Peter felt ridiculously proud that Ash had liked his double cream.

"Yours is nice as well," Peter confessed. It was the first `other boy's' cream he'd tasted and it seemed just that bit tastier and sweeter than his own.

"Fancy a spunky snog?" Ash asked.

Peter knew a `snog' meant a proper, tongues in mouth kiss and he accepted the offer with alacrity – he might have just spunked up, but he still felt horny as hell.

When neither boy had one single sperm left in their mouths to track down, lick up and consume, they settled into a post orgasmic cuddle, and cuddling naked with another naked boy was definitely another reason to like being in Neverland, Peter decided.

"You're special, Ash," Peter started a little shyly, but gained confidence as he went on; "That was so awesome, kissing and sucking each other. Thanks for teaching me how to do it."

"Awww," Ash blushed this time, "I liked it just as much as you did. And," he added, "If you think that was good, just wait till you get bummed and do some bumming."

"I'm not sure about that," Peter muttered quietly, but summoned up his courage, and said, "I think I can do it if it's you bumming me, though."

"Course it's gonna be me," Ash gave Peter a big hug, "That's why Harry gave you to me, so we can bum each other."

"I get to bum you as well?"

"Course you do. An' if you thought getting sucked was magic, let me tell you that bumming a boy is about a million times better."

Peter shook his head in disbelief, "Can't be," he said, "Just not possible."

A lot of kissing later, and Peter now really understood the point of kissing, Ash's tongue flickering around in his mouth made him so very, very horny, Ash groped around beside the bed.

"The elves should have left it here somewhere," he muttered as he felt around. "Ah, here it is," he brought up a small wooden bowl.

"What is it?" Peter wanted to know.

"Bum lube," Ash grinned widely, "You slap a dollop in your hole before you get bummed. Helps cock to go in real easy."

"You going to bum me now?" Peter nervously asked. He'd said he'd let Ash bum him, but saying it and doing it were two different things.

"Better if you do me first, I think," Ash said, "You'll be a bit worn out after your first bumming, so probably best if you go first. I've been bummed thousands of times so it doesn't wear me out, I just enjoy it."

"Have you really? Been bummed thousands of times?" Peter asked in awe.

"Dunno how many, really, but probably is thousands. I first got bummed when I was eight, or was it seven? No, eight, I'd been at my boarding prep school for almost a term before I got bummed the first time, so I must have been eight. Only just eight, though. I expect it would have been seven, but the Head Boy had the dibs on bumming new boys, and he had to get through quite a few before he got to me."

Peter didn't know if he should be shocked, amazed , horrified or incredulous. Was it even possible to bum a boy as young as seven or eight? From the way Ash was speaking it seemed that he thought such a thing was perfectly normal, at least in whatever school he'd been to at that age. It was probably, Peter decided, just Ash making it all up, trying to make it sound as though bumming was just a normal, everyday thing, so Peter wouldn't be worried and a little scared about doing it. Like bumming being a million times better than being sucked, Peter thought, though what Ash was making up was good, dirty stuff, better than any of the attempts at being dirty his mates managed at school when they talked about what was in a girl's knickers.

"Had the dibs?" Peter asked, hoping to keep Ash telling a dirty story and delay bumming for just a bit.

"Yes, `dibs'," Ash repeated, `You know, first claim. As he was Head Boy he had the right to be the first to bum new boys. You were just `worthless scum' until you'd been bummed, then you were just ordinary scum for the rest of your first year."

"So all the boys at your school got bummed?" Peter urged Ash to keep his dirty story going; it was a bit like the porn stories he used to read on his tablet at nights before he played with his toy, and Peter was enjoying it, as Ash played with what had used to be his toy but was now his cock.

"Of course they did, silly," Ash actually sounded as though he couldn't believe that Peter didn't know something as basic as that. "You got bummed by older boys till you were an older boy, and then you bummed the younger ones. Not until after the Head Boy had bummed them first, of course, but then you could. Actually," Ash confessed with a giggle, "I liked being bummed much better than I liked doing the bumming, so I'd have been a useless Head Boy."

Peter joined in with Ash's snigger at that, and hoped that Ash hadn't finished.

"Head Boy was thirteen at prep school, so his cock was only about the same size as ours; it looked huge to me when I was eight, though," Ash did some more sniggering, and Peter, encouraged by the dirtiness of Ash's made up story, reached for that boy's cock because he fancied a feel of it.

Ash didn't even seem to notice that his cock was being felt, he just carried on with his tale.

"Then it all happened again when I went to school proper," Ash  chortled. "Of course, the Head Boy there was eighteen, not thirteen, so he had a really big one, bigger than Jack's and his is pretty decent; might even have been bigger than some of the pirates, and that really stretched you when he stuck it in because you'd never had anything that size in you before; unless you had an older brother or a kindly uncle, of course, but I didn't have either of those."

"Wow," Peter thought, Ash is really good at telling dirty stories, and he gave Ash's cock a really friendly fondle. This was what a boy's life should be like, he thought, being naked in bed with another boy, playing with each other's cocks and telling dirty stories and safe doing it all because there were no parents or things around to catch you doing it, so you could do it as much as you liked. Neverland was total brill!

"How did you get away with it at school?" Peter tempted Ash to keep going. He supposed he'd have to make up a dirty story himself tomorrow night, but it would be hard to come up with one as good as Ash's.

"Oh, nobody minded," Ash dismissed that problem, "Of course nobody minded because everyone did it. At my public school, the Heads of House organised things, a bit like the heads of our gangs do here, and, just like Jack, Harry, Lenny and James, they picked whatever boy they fancied to bum at night. The Masters had first pick, of course, but any boy who hadn't been told during prep that he was required an a Master's bed that night could be had by his Head of House."

"The Masters bummed you as well?" Peter squeaked, now almost believing what Ash was saying because he was telling his story so well.

"Of course they did, silly," Ash grinned, "The Masters were just like our pirates here, they liked boys. The only difference, I suppose, was that they didn't have to catch us before they could bum us, they just had to tell the Head Boy something like, `I want Smithers Minor tonight,' and Smithers Minor would be told to be in that Master's bed by ten."

"Sounds like a fun school," Peter giggled, imagining troops of boys heading off to Masters' beds every night.

"It was quite fun," Ash agreed, "Though, of course, I never became an older boy there. I was really rather pretty, you see, so Masters were always asking for me."

"You still are rather pretty," Peter gave Ash a quick peck on his cheek, "Sorry," he mumbled, suddenly embarrassed with himself for telling a boy that he was pretty, "Didn't mean that in a nasty way," he tried to correct his faux pas.

"Thanks," Ash, far from being offended at being called `pretty' seemed to be pleased about it. "So, that's how it happened, how I came to Neverland," Ash carried on with his story. "One of the Masters wanted me a lot, and I didn't mind because he was absolutely the tops at bumming, he really knew how to get the best out of a boy, and he said to me one night, "Simpson, you are too pretty to grow up." Well, to be honest, I did rather like being thirteen and pretty, so I said `Thank you, sir,' and when he asked if I'd like to stay just as I was for ever, of course, I agreed I would. "The only change I would suggest," he said, "Is that you lose those hairs that are starting to grow. You'll look far more desirable without them." Actually, I didn't like them either, so I said, `Please sir, I'd like to lose them,' and when I woke up I wasn't at school anymore, I was here."

"Without any hairs," Peter grinned running his fingers over the smooth skin where once Ash had hairs starting to grow, and thinking that it did feel very sexy, Ash having no hairs at all.

"You ready to bum me now?" Ash asked, "I'm really in the mood for it now. I haven't been bummed since last night," Ash giggled wickedly, "I need filling up with cock."