"The only thing is," Peter hesitantly stammered, "I don't know how to do it." He knew that must have made him sound a total dork, so he made a feeble attempt to cover up for his ignorance. "I mean, I do know how
to do it, I've seen it lots in porn, but I've never done it and I don't want to make a mess of it for you."

To his surprise, Ash didn't laugh at him for his ignorance, he just smiled, gave Peter's cock a squeeze and gave him a neat little kiss on his nose as well. Ash, Peter thought, was one well nice kid.

"Lots of ways of doing it," Ash licked his lips suggestively, "And all of them are good. Look, we'll do it this way for your first time, it's one of my favourite ways of doing it anyway."

Ash turned on to his back and raised his legs, easily getting his knees down by his ears and presenting Peter with a view of where he was going to have to put his cock. "All you have to do is put your cock against my hole and give a gentle push," he explained, bringing his legs down again. "I'll just put some slippery stuff in my bum hole and then we can do it."

Ash put a finger in the wooden bowl, scooped up some `slippery stuff' and applied it to his bum hole. "When you do a much younger boy," he explained as he lubed himself, "You almost certainly will need to put a couple of fingers in him before you try getting your cock in, open him up  a bit first, otherwise you might hurt him. The pirates always finger us first, and some of them, well most of them, no, actually all of them, lick us first and get their tongues inside before they use their fingers. That's really nice, I really like that bit."

"They put their tongues up your bum?" a disbelieving Peter gasped.

"Yes, but it's a pirate thing, really; we don't do that to each other, but," Ash went a shade quiet and said softly and conspiratorially, "Don't ever tell anyone, but I'd really like to get to know a boy who would do it, it's so wickedly dirty, and having it done by a boy would be amazing."

"But licking your bum hole?" Peter said, "Bum holes are where……well….you know….."

"Course they are, but we all keep our bums really clean, don't we? We sit on that thing that squirts water at your bum hole. I like that as well," Ash confided.

"Yes, so do I," Peter giggled, "Feels well nice."

"Not as nice as a cock," Ash joined in Peter's giggle, "Cocks are best for bums."

The boys had a really good, naughty giggle, which turned into a mock wrestle, which ended with them kissing, before Ash returned to business.

"Come on," he urged, "Let's try it. You'll do fine, don't worry."

Peter did worry, he worried about making a fool of himself; he had visions of his hard cock snapping in half as he tried to put it in, visions of it going all soft so there was no way it could go in, visions of an irritated Ash yelling "NO! That's not how you do it!" visions of just being not able to find the right place to put it, visions of making a fool of himself and being a total dork failure.

"Don't yell at me if I get it wrong," he pleaded. In porn no-one ever got it wrong, but Peter was sure he would.

"Course I won't, silly," Ash smiled at Peter, a really nice smile, and, once more lifted up his legs and put his knees right by his ears.

Peter looked at the place his cock was supposed to go, glistening in the moonlight with the slippery stuff Ash had put on it and in it, and Peter's mouth went dry.

His cock didn't go soft, it went even harder, throbbing almost painfully as its one eye looked where Peter's two eyes were looking, and if his cock had lips and a tongue, Peter knew it would be licking its lips in anticipation.

"Alright for you," Peter thought, "All you gotta do is go in there, you don't have to think about doing it wrong."

Timorously, Peter aimed his cock at Ash's bum hole, and still his cock stayed very hard. Nervously, Peter eased his hips forward until the very tip of his cock touched the place where it was supposed to go in, and as it touched it caught fire!

Peter almost yelped at the sudden heat of Ash's bum hole on the tip of his cock, but it wasn't a bad heat, not a heat that actually burned, but a heat that made the rest of Peter's cock want to experience it.

"Oh, goodness!" Peter gasped and gave an involuntary push with his hips, and his cock slid straight inside Ash's bum! Just like that! Straight in!

"Bugger me!" the naughty words popped out of Peter's mouth, and Ash giggled.

"Actually," he snorted through his giggles, "You're buggering me."

"Oh!" Peter muttered, `bugger' he remembered, was a naughty word for bumming, so he was buggering Ash if he had his cock inside his bum.

Ash had said it would be a million times better than getting sucked, but Peter wasn't sure if that was an exaggeration or not. Some of the feelings were sort of the same, hot and wet all round his cock, nice hot and wet, very nice hot and wet, but Ash's bum hole was different from Ash's mouth, Ash's bum hole wrapped close round his cock, enclosed it. It was like he'd put a finger into a wet, slippery rubber glove, except it wasn't a finger, it was his cock, and it wasn't a rubber glove, it was Ash's bum hole.

"Oooohhhh," he gasped as he pushed a bit more and his cock went deeper into Ash, the slippery rubber glove that was Ash's bum hole insides tight round his cock, but not so tight that he couldn't move it.

"Oh ooooooooohhhhhhhh." He gasped again when he pulled it back a little and pushed it in again, and the more he pulled it back and pushed it in again, the better it began to feel, until `ooooooohhhhh' just didn't cover it.

"Go right in," Ash instructed him, "Right in till you cant go any further in cos your hairs is up against my bum."

Peter did as he was told and was amazed that his cock did go all that way in.

"Now just push it in and out," Ash gave more instructions, "You might hear me yelp sometimes and go a bit quivery, but don't worry, it'll only be because you've hit my spot."

"Your spot?'

"The little bit up inside your bum that makes you feel super sexy when a cock hits it," Ash explained, "And bum me as hard as you want, you won't hurt me at all."

Peter hadn't made a fool of himself so far, and he began to feel a little more confident. He felt a lot more sexy feelings as well, and he really liked those feelings, so he began to move in and out a little quicker and the quicker he did it the better it felt and the more Ash seemed to like it.

His cock must have hit that spot inside Ash's bum sometimes because Ash did give a few groans and his tummy did go all taut sometimes and he kept on telling Peter to do it harder and faster.

Peter did it as hard and fast as he could, it was a bit like doing some sort of exercises in P.E. at school, he thought as his hips rose and fell, and Ash had this silly, happy smile on his face, especially after he'd grunted and his tummy had gone all taut, and just as Peter started to run out of energy, he felt that familiar feeling in his tummy and balls and then he was firing his shots right up Ash's bum!

"Wow!" Peter gaspingly exclaimed when he had the energy to gasp and exclaim, "Wow, oh wow!"

"You liked it then?" Ash was grinning at him. "Tell you what, that was pretty amazing for a first time."

"Was it? Was it really?" Peter so wanted Ash to say it was again. "And it was……….." he searched for the right word, but could only think of a really bad one, so he said that. "It was fucking amazing!"

"Told you you'd like it," Ash grinned a Cheshire Cat grin, "And so did I. You were fucking amazing as well."

The boys collapsed on each other, giggling like crazy at how naughty they'd been, not naughty because they'd bummed, but because they'd used that very bad word.

"My turn now, "Ash whispered in Peter's ear when the laughter was over. His Head Boy in his prep school had told him that the best way to bum a young boy who still had a tiny bum hole was to give him some dry ones first so he was tired out and all relaxed, too overcome with his dry orgasms to tighten up his little bum hole, and Peter was still dazed and worn out from his shooting up inside Ash, so he was in a perfect condition for his first bumming. "Do it a different way," Ash whispered softly, "A better way for your first one."

Peter knelt on his hands and knees as Ash instructed him, almost too tired to support his own weight.

"I'm going to come up behind you and put my cock just here," Ash put some slippery stuff on Peter's bum hole with his finger, and Peter's bum hole twitched, just like it did when he sat on the bidet and turned the water on full. "When I tell you," Ash whispered more, "Just ease yourself down till you're lying on your tummy. I'll be on top and my weight will just ease my cock into your bum."

Ash's slender cock wasn't much wider than a finger or two, so he thought it would go in easily, no need to finger stretch Peter first.

"Okay," Peter muttered. It sounded simple enough, even he could manage to do that.

The next time something touched his bum hole Peter knew it was Ash's cock and not his finger. It felt different, softer, but still hard and it did feel very nice when Ash gently brushed it over his bum hole, really very nice.

"Why does that feel so good?" Peter asked himself. True, he sat for far longer than was necessary on the bidet because the warm water hitting his bum hole was so pleasant, it even sometimes seemed to make his bum hole open a bit as though he hadn't quite finished his dump, even though he knew he had. Ash's soft foreskin was having a similar effect, making his bum hole twitch and flutter, even seeming to open just a tiny bit.

Ash had done this sort of thing with lots of boys and he knew the signs he was waiting for. He felt Peter's bum hole twitching and pulsing and opening just that tiny little bit, and Ash waited till it opened that little bit again, and when it did he pushed his cock so gently against it that Peter didn't feel the need to tense up.

"Down now," Ash whispered again and put a little of his weight on Peter's back so he got the message. And as he sank lower with Ash on his back, Ash's cock began to make its way inside.

"Ohhhhhhhh," Peter groaned as the first little bit went in. That felt really good, even better than the bidet did, and, despite all the hours of porn he'd looked at, Peter had never realised until this moment that his bum hole was a super-sexy place, more sensitive even than his cock.

"Aarrgh, ouch, that hurt," Peter yelped when Ash went properly in, but even as Peter was protesting the hurt was going away and he was feeling something that definitely wasn't hurt.

Something was up inside his bum, and, of course he knew it was Ash's cock up there, but it felt weird, it sort of filled him up, but not like he felt filled up when he really badly needed a dump, it was a totally different feeling and he couldn't get his head round how right it felt to have a cock up in his bum.

It was a bit like how he had tried to work out why it felt right to have Ash's cock in his mouth when he'd first sucked him. That should have been awful and horrible, but it was a long way from being either awful or horrible, and surely he ought to have been sick and disgusted when Ash shot in his mouth, not thought how sexy it was to have Ash spunk in his mouth and eat that spunk.

Now he had Ash's cock in his bum and he liked having cock in his bum.

He should have worried that he was doing gay stuff, that perhaps he was gay and hadn't realised it, but the only thought he had was a question – `Is this why it's so good being a boy?' he asked himself.

Ash was bumming him now, bumming him properly, moving his cock in and out and around inside him, and he discovered that he must have one of those little things inside his own bum because he kept on getting shudders and his balls churned when Ash's cock went in a certain place.

"Found it," Ash grinned to himself, and made sure he rubbed Peter's spot lots, trying to make Peter spunk again, just from having his spot rubbed by cock, and he got his wish because Peter gave a great shudder and went all stiff all over and his bum hole almost strangled Ash's cock.
Ash didn't stop, though. He'd done more than enough bumming to know how to control himself, at least a bit – he was only thirteen, so there were no miracles – but he was able to keep doing what he was doing to drive Peter to yet another orgasm, though this one took Ash over the edge as well and he shot all his cream, double cream just like Peter's, right up inside.
And then he collapsed.

The boys lay, Ash still on top of Peter, his softening cock slowly easing its own way out of the boy bum hole paradise it had been in, while their dazed minds came back from the Milky Way to rejoin their panting bodies, and when they were back, the boys safe and warm in their Neverland bed, Ash rolled off Peter and lay beside him, both boys finding a bit of the other boy to feel and hold.

Neither used a bad word this time, they just smiled softly at each other, and their smiles said, much better than any bad words would have done, how amazing it had been.

"It's just wonderful being a boy, isn't it," Peter sighed and traced a lazy finger down smooth Ash skin from shoulder to elbow and back while Ash fingers were doing something similar to one of Peter's silken thighs.

"It is," Ash agreed, and  wondered if it was even more wonderful for Peter, because, right up till just now, he hadn't known just how wonderful it was to be a boy.

"Boys really can have so much fun when they're allowed to," Peter mused, "I had no idea just how much fun there was, I suppose, because the grown ups were always telling us we shouldn't have that sort of fun."

"They did," Ash agreed, "But they were only pretending to stop us having fun because they sent us to schools where we did these things all the time."

"Do you think they knew?" Peter asked, surely they couldn't have done or they wouldn't have allowed it.

"Of course they knew," Ash giggled, "All our fathers had been to school, hadn't they? They knew what boys did at night, and what the Masters did with boys at night. They just pretended they didn't so we only did these things at school and wouldn't embarrass them by getting caught doing them at home with a servant boy or something. Of course, it was different for the boys who had brothers and uncles, but that was all right because no-one outside the families knew about it, and, of course, the parents pretended they didn't know about it either. The grown up world is all a pretence," Ash stated, "Neverland is the real world, the real world for boys."

"I like Neverland," Peter sighed happily and let his fingers find a bit more of Ash to stroke, "And I really, really like being a boy."

"You wait till a pirate catches you, then you'll really find out what it's like to be a boy," Ash sniggered and slid a hand to Peter's very empty balls, "Pirates really know how to make boys feel very good, just like the Masters at school did."

Peter dozed off to sleep, wishing he'd been to a school like the ones Ash went to, and wondering what it would be like if a pirate did catch him.