Peter hunkered down behind some bushes, his grass skirt falling neatly down the sides of his legs so almost all of his slender, bronzed thighs were visible, but the bit between them covered by the folds of  the dry grass his skirt was made from.

Ash had made that skirt for him; he'd said Peter would find it much nicer to wear than his shorts were, and Peter had to agree that it was. The feeling of everything being totally free and just hanging down with nothing to restrict it or hold it in place was seriously nice, and seriously sexy as well.

Ash had made it short, really short, so short that it hardly reached a tiny bit below the tip of his foreskin when he was soft, and that was both wicked and sexy.

That was one of the strange things about Neverland; the boys all knew what the other boys looked like naked, what they had between their legs to feel and suck and get bummed by, but nobody actually went around naked. Except for going to bed, of course, when everyone was naked and no-one slept on his own. There wasn't an actual rule about it, but all the boys seemed to know instinctively that they looked more sexy in the daytime if they weren't quite showing all they had; bare chests, bare legs but not bare bits.

It was another game, really, a boy game; like all the boys were teasing the other boys. `I know you fancy this,' they were silently saying, `And I want you to fancy it, but you're not getting at it now.' It all added to the fun, especially if you were trying to get at a boy who wasn't in your gang, a boy you hadn't had yet, or had only got at once or twice.

Peter had bummed all the boys in his gang now, even Harry, his gang leader who was as old as fourteen and had a cock that was so much bigger than any of the other gang boys. He'd been bummed by all of them as well, all except for Ben, the youngest boy who, at eleven, didn't really have a cock big enough to bum anyone with. That didn't seem to bother Ben, he was well happy being bummed and sucking cocks, and he really was amazingly good at sucking cock. He was good at kissing as well, and if you had one of those nights when your bum hole wasn't itchy for cock, or you'd been done by one of the gang leaders or Jack, who all had really big cocks so your bum hole was a bit sore the next day, then Ben was the perfect choice for the night.

Jack really was big. He was the oldest boy in Neverland, of course, a few days older than fourteen and a half and everyone said his was at least as big as a lot of the pirates, so if you could take Jack then you'd be okay when a pirate caught you.

Peter could take Jack, he was proud of the fact that he could take Jack without any discomfort now. Of course, Jack still had to finger him open first, but Peter quite liked that, especially when Jack sucked him while he was fingering him, though after a night with Jack or Harry, Peter always went for Ben the next night, so his bum could have a rest.

It was a warm afternoon, Neverland afternoons were always warm, and Peter was a bit lost in thinking about who he might get to sleep with tonight. Harry arranged the bedtime pairings, so you usually had a different boy each night, though because Harry knew Peter and Ash were really good friends, he put them together more often than he paired up any of the other boys.

It was so obvious that Peter and Ash were friends that they got a lot of teasing, boys calling out stuff like, "Have you still got your cock, Peter, or have you taken it off so Ash can keep it in his bum all the time?" or, and this always produced hoots of boy laughter, "When are you getting married?" or even, "You two still had no luck in making a baby?"

Of course, none of it was meant to be cruel or nasty, it was all just good, simple, boy fun.

Peter should not have been thinking of things like that; it was still afternoon and the `end of play' bell hadn't rung, so he should have been keeping a proper look out for pirates, but he wasn't, and he didn't have the faintest idea that there was a pirate right behind him until a big hand came down on his shoulder and a gruff voice said. "Well, well, well, what have we got here?"

Peter squeaked with shock. He'd been caught by a pirate! He hadn't been paying proper attention to the game of `boys and pirates'  and now a real pirate had caught him.

Time and time again the gang leaders warned their gangs that they must always be on the alert, not just for the pretend pirates of the gang leaders, but for the real ones, the pirates who were always on the look out for an unwary boy so they could capture him and do those things to him that pirates did to boys. Peter had ignored those warnings and now a pirate had caught him!

"Well, you are a nice little bit of treasure, aren't you," the pirate leered at Peter, and inspected Peter's almost naked body with the sort of inspection that didn't leave a lot of doubt about what the pirate had in mind to do with the `nice little bit of treasure' he'd found.

"How old are you?" the pirate demanded to know.

"Thirteen years, two months and five daysÉÉÉÉ.sir," Peter quavered. He wasn't sure how he should address a pirate and settled on `sir', thinking that would cause no offence.

"Oh, are you now," the pirate licked his lips, "Just the age I like boys to be. Not too old and not too young."

"Oh, I see," Peter said, though he didn't see at all. What was too young and what was too old? Ben was eleven and he certainly wasn't too young because he loved getting bummed, and Jack, at the advanced age of fourteen and a half, liked bumming and sucking as well. Peter liked being thirteen, two months and five days old, he thought it suited him and he did have lots and lots of fun, but why should a pirate, and a pirate was a grown up after all, like boys his age in particular?

The pirate didn't look very much like a pirate. True, he had a loose, once white shirt on that had a skull and crossbones badge on it, and he was wearing baggy trousers that only came down to just below his knees, but he didn't have a black eye patch, or a wooden leg and a parrot on his shoulder.

"Are you going to do unspeakable things to me?" Peter summoned up the courage to ask because the pirate didn't seem very threatening and Peter felt it was safe to ask things.

"Aaarrr, and what would them unspeakable things be, my lad?" the pirate answered in a very bad attempt at a Devon pirate accent.

"I don't know, sir," Peter said truthfully, "I suppose if I did know then they wouldn't be unspeakable, would they?"

"Aaarrrr," the pirate repeated, "That's me lad. That's what I be liking about treasure like you; nice, lip licking treasure what's all na•ve and innocent."

Peter wasn't at all sure what na•ve was but he was pretty sure he wasn't innocent.

"I don't think I am innocent, sir, I'm sorry," he apologised, "I have been bummed rather a lot, you see,"

"Aaarrrr," the pirate said yet again. Perhaps, Peter thought, all pirate sentences had to begin with `Aaarrrr'. "That's what I'm talking about, me pretty lit of bit of treasure, "You'm still na•ve and innocent no matter how many times you been bummed, cos you ain't been bummed by a pirate yet, has `ee?"

"No, sir, sorry sir," Peter apologised again, though he wasn't sure why he was apologising.

"Aaarrr," obviously Peter was right, pirate sentences did all have to start that way, "An' that's when you gets to knows what them unspeakable things do be, me sweet little piece of eight, when a proper pirate like what I is gets round to bumming yer."

"Oh, I see, sir," Peter said, rather hoping that he'd like the unspeakable things.

`Aaarrr, now I `spects you's thinking you ought to escape, aren't you me tasty bit of boy treasure, cos boys ain't sposed ter `ang about with pirates, is they."

"No, sir. We were always told to be on the look out for strange men and run away from them, and I suppose pirates are very strange men."

"Aaarrr, that we is, me boy, very strange men indeed. Now I `spose I better tie your hands together to stop you running away, hadn't I."

"I suppose you better had, sir," Peter held out his hands so they could be tied, "I expect people will be looking for me very soon."

"Aaarrr, that they will, me golden beauty, that they will," and the pirate tied Peter's wrists together, though Peter thought he didn't make a very good job of it, because it was obvious, even to an innocent and na•ve boy, the he could free his wrists with no bother at all.

"Excuse me, sir," Peter said, "You haven't tied me very tightly." He held out his wrists where the simple bow knot the pirate had used was already working loose.

"You don't want me to really tie you up, really capture you, do you?" The pirate dropped all pretence of his awful Devon accent for a moment. "It's only supposed to be for show, so if anyone did find us, you could always escape and shout that a strange man was trying to do unspeakable things to  you, and no-one would think that you're a naughty, dirty boy."

"But they'd still think that you're a wicked, evil man," Peter said, thought for a moment and said, "Oh."

"That's the game, isn't it," the pirate winked, "I'm a horrible man who wants to do unspeakable things with a boy, and you're a boy who doesn't understand anything about the unspeakable things I want to do with you."

"I suppose it is," Peter understood, "You want to do those things with me, and I'm not supposed to want to do them, even if I rather do want you to."

"Aaarrr, that's it me lovely boy," the pirate said, reverting to being a pirate again, "Now you comes along with me so's I can have my wicked, evil way with you."

"Okay, sir," Peter cheeped, "I do hope that you're not going to make me do unspeakable things," he pretended, beginning to understand the real nature of this Neverland game.

"Aaarrr, that I am, me gorgeous boy, that I am, so's if you don't want me to do them, you better try your hardest to escape."

Now, Peter understood; if he was a good boy, a boy his parents and other grown ups in the real world he had escaped from thought of as being a good boy, he would have freed his wrists and run away, but that wasn't the boy he was, and that was why he'd come to Neverland, because he wanted to be a real boy and not what the grown ups called a `good boy'.

"I don't think I want to escape, sir," Peter said, "I think doing unspeakable things might be quite exciting."

"Aaarrr, that they be, that they be indeed, but good, nice boys bain't sposed to think they be," the pirate pointed out.

"I don't think I am a good, nice boy," Peter admitted, "Well, I think I'm perhaps quite a nice boy, but not a silly, super-nice boy."

"Aaarrr, you's a boy what has naughty, wicked thoughts," the pirate grinned and Peter had to agree that he did indeed have naughty wicked thoughts, and, if he was honest, which he always did try to be, he really liked having naughty, wicked thoughts, because he was a boy, wasn't he.

"Aaarrr, and you's a boy what's going to taste really nice," the pirate grinned again, and Peter hoped that he would taste nice and that the pirate would taste every bit of him.

The pirate led Peter deeper into the woods, heading, Peter supposed, to the harbour where the pirate ship had returned to some days before. He found a secluded spot and sat in a fallen tree, Peter sitting beside him.

"Aaarrr, lad, this be your last chance to escape," the pirate told Peter, "Next time you sits down t'will be on my bed in my cabin on the pirate ship."

"I don't know," Peter thought for a bit before saying, "I suppose I ought to run away, especially as, if you were to put your hand up under my grass skirt you'd find I had nothing on under it and with my hands tied like this," Peter held up his hands, the bow knot in the soft rope round them almost undone now, "I wouldn't be able to stop you from feeling my cock, sir, and if I couldn't stop you, I'd have to let you, and you might make me rather like it."

Peter sighed with content when the pirate put a hand on his knee and moved it slowly up, up and under Peter's grass skirt and found, with no difficulty, Peter's boy cock and closed his hand round it.

Ash had said it was very different when you did it with a pirate, and even at that very first touch, Peter had to agree. His slender boy rod hardened quickly, not the usual fairly slow hardening it did when a boy held it, but a much quicker hardening because it was so naughty, so wicked so very wrong of him to have his cock felt by a pirate, because, all said and done, that pirate was a grown up, and boys really are not supposed to let grown ups feel their cocks, so having a grown up feel his, Peter thought, was really very, very sexy.

"You really are a very nice boy," the pirate said in a soft and not very piraty voice, "And you have a lovely cock." The pirate gently fondled Peter's now rigid cock, testing the flexibility of his foreskin and giving him some very nice feelings when he teased the ridge at the base of his helmet. It wasn't a very pronounced ridge, but it was enough for the pirate to expertly tease with a finger tip.

"Thank you, sir," Peter sighed happily, "And you do know how to play with a boy's cock."

"Aaarrr, that's cos a boy's cock is real treasure for a pirate," the pirate stroked and fondled Peter's cock and balls and Peter couldn't help thinking it was so different from the way other boys stroked and fondled it. If a boy felt your cock it always went from a feel to a rub, and that meant a kiss and then a suck before bumming, but the pirate wasn't feeling his cock in that sort of way. `My cock really is a treasure to him,' Peter suddenly understood and felt a really nice warm glow go all the way through him, and felt ever so, ever so pleased that the pirate thought his cock was a treasure.

"Sure you don't want to escape?" the pirate asked as his hand gently cupped Peter's balls.

"Very sure, sir, thank you all the same. I think you are going to make me be a very, very, very naughty boy."

"Is that what you want?"

"I'm a boy, sir. Of course it's what I want." Peter said that without thinking first, but when he did think about what he'd said he realised that it was true; he was a boy and the pirate was a grown-up and he did want to be naughty for a grown up.

"You know what happens to naughty boys?'

"I hope so, sir," Peter said.