The pirate put an arm round Peter's shoulder, but he didn't need to try to ease Peter closer because Peter simply sighed and snuggled in, thinking how nice it was to be snuggled up against a big, strong pirate while the pirate's hand was up under his grass skirt and gently adoring his boy cock and balls.

Boys have fun together, Peter thought, and obviously the pirate was going to have that sort of fun with him as well, but it was going to be a different sort of fun, though exactly what that difference would be, Peter didn't know. He just knew that it would be different.

It was going to be much more wicked, much naughtier than anything he'd done with boys, just because it wouldn't be a boy doing him. He'd be doing stuff with a pirate, and a pirate was a grown up, and grown ups were men and before he came to Neverland, Peter had been warned a zillion times all about men and the unspeakable things they did to boys and now Peter was snuggled up with a pirate, a man, and he'd let that man put a hand under his grass skirt and feel his cock and balls and it just felt so right.

Why should it feel so nice and so right when, if this was happening anywhere but in Neverland, the man would get sent to prison? Why should a man get sent to prison for making a boy feel warm, safe, wanted and nice? That, to Peter, did not make sense. The pirate, who of course was a man, was making Peter feel all those things, and those things, Peter knew in his very being, were the things all boys wanted to feel.

The pirate clearly liked it that Peter was a boy; Peter definitely liked being a boy, so why was being a boy for a man supposed to be so wrong?

Of course, it wasn't wrong in Neverland; yes, they all pretended they didn't want to be caught by a pirate, but Peter didn't know of any boy who complained about it when he had been caught, so the pretending was only to make the game of being hunted and captured that bit more exciting, sort of the `real thing' that their afternoon games of `boys and pirates' were an enjoyable pretence of.

It really was all far too complicated for a boy of thirteen, two months and five days to work out, even when that boy was an intelligent, top set boy, like Peter had been before he came to Neverland. What wasn't complicated though, was that it felt very nice to be snuggled into a pirate and let that pirate play with you, and Peter gave up thinking and gave a long sigh of happy satisfaction instead.

Peter followed the pirate to his pirate ship. The rope round his wrists had long since come completely untied, so Peter was holding one end of it now and the pirate was holding the other end, making it look, from any distance, as though Peter was the pirate's captive. Instinct told Peter that it was very important to keep up appearances and he was, very slowly, beginning to think that it wasn't the pirate who had caught him, but that he, in some weird way, had captured the pirate, but that it must never look that way because that would spoil the illusion somehow.

To Peter's surprise, the pirate ship was deserted, not one, single other pirate in sight.

"You can't be the only pirate, surely?" Peter asked.

"Aaarrr, no, me boy. All me mates is out searching for treasure, same as I was, but I's the lucky one cos I found real treasure."

"You really think I'm treasure?" Peter's boy instincts came to the fore and he just could help flirting just a little bit.

The pirate knew a bit about boys, in fact he knew quite a lot about boys, that's why he was a pirate in Neverland, and he knew why Peter had just started gentle flirting with him. If a Neverland boy simply wanted to be bummed, he didn't need to flirt first, not if a pirate had already fondled his cock, but if a boy wanted that bit something more, wanted to know what it was like to be a boy before he was bummed, then a boy always flirted, instinctively tried to make himself appear sexy and attractive, though, being a boy, he didn't actually need to try to do that.

"Aaarrr, well," the pirate pretended to hesitate, " I seem to think  I may have found a little length of gold, though, course I ain't tested it proper yet so I's not certain, but I's sure me eyes is spotting two little bits of ruby, and I's pretty sure there's a nice big jewel you got hidden somewhere behind you, like."

Peter giggled, finding the idea of having his cock called a length of gold and his nipples described as being rubies, and, of course, he knew exactly what the pirate was referring to when he talked of a big jewel behind him. This was going to be fun, Peter decided, and fluttered his long eyelashes at the pirate.

"Where are the rubies?" he asked, trying to sound as innocent as he could, "Can you point them out to me, please?"

The pirate reached out his hands, taking a nipple between the fingers and thumb of each hand, and Peter sucked in his breath at the sudden, very nice jolts that sent through him.

"Aaarrr," the pirate said as he gently tweaked Peter's nipples, "They do seem to be stuck in their settings, need a bit of moistening, they do."

"Do they?" Peter asked hopefully, and his unspoken wish was granted when the pirate began to rasp his warm wet tongue over the two little points of boy delight.

"That makes me go so quivery all over," Peter gasped when his nipples were washed by pirate tongue. "Are there any other jewels you might need to search for and moisten?"

"Aaarrr, the whole of you is treasure, me beautiful boy, lovely to look at, lovely to feel and beyond lovely to taste."

"You really think that?" Peter asked, "Not just saying it so I won't mind you bumming me?"

"Aaarrr, I really thinks that," the pirate told Peter as he ran a hand up and down one of Peter's slender thighs.
"Oh." Boys didn't say things like that to other boys. They said stuff like, `You got a nice cock,' `You suck really well,' `I love the taste of your spunk,' or `I think you're great at bumming,' all naughty things, of course, but the pirate was saying a different sort of naughty things and Peter really liked them. It was really nice to be told he was lovely to look at and lovely to feel.

"You haven't actually tasted me yet," Peter pointed out, "Shouldn't you take my grass skirt off so you can?"

The pirate did, and asked Peter to just stand there for a bit so he could feast his eyes on him, because, he said, Peter was so beautiful and perfect.

Peter glowed at the praise, being told he was beautiful and perfect made him want the pirate to do unspeakable things to him even more than he had wanted before.

"You think I'm perfect?" he asked coquettishly, "Do you like my hairs? I asked for them to be like this but I have wondered if it would have been better to ask for none at all. My friend, Ash, doesn't have any and he does look really very sexy without them."

"Aaarrr, I thinks you got it just right," the pirate admired Peter's body some more. "Boys without hairs is very nice, I agree. No hairs do make their cocks look that bit bigger, and, course, there's nothing to get between your teeth when you does suck them and taste them, which is always nice, but a boy with hairs like you got is a boy you knows is going to give you some tasty cream to eat."

"Mine's double cream," Peter chirped proudly, "One shot of skimmed milk to start with, then four big shots of double cream."

"Aaarrr," the pirate licked his lips, "I hopes you'll be letting I taste that double cream."

"Of course," Peter declared, "And if you intend to keep me until the morning, I think I'll be able to give you four or five helpings of it, if you'd like that."

"You knows I'll be liking that," the pirate grinned wickedly, and so eagerly that he forgot to say "Aaarrr" first, "Now, you be getting that lovely body of yours on your back on me bed and I'll just have a taste of you from your toes to your lips."

"Oh, yes, please!" Peter rushed to obey so there'd be no tasting time wasted.

Peter couldn't see the point of the first bit of tasting; it tickled his feet and toes and did absolutely nothing when his calves and shins were tasted. He was just about to ask what there was in it for the pirate cos there was deffo nothing in it for him, when the pirate's mouth got above his knees and onto his thigh and suddenly there was something in it for him!

"Wow," Peter's mind yelled as the pirate worked his tongue up the middle of Peter's left thigh and down the inside of his right one, and then did the same thing the other way round.

Peter went from semi to upright and couldn't help wondering why having his thighs licked was so sexy. He knew boys' legs felt nice when you sucked or kissed, and it was nice when a boy felt yours while you were doing those things, but just to lie on your back, doing nothing and being leg-licked to a hard-on was really something very new.

"Aaarrr, look to the bowsprit there," the pirate called out with a really evil grin, and, because Peter had no idea what he was talking about, the pirate had to explain that Peter's hard cock was pointing out at just about the same angle as the mast at the front of the pirate ship did.

"If you wants, lad," the pirate forgot the "Aaarrr," again, "I can do something what'll make it feel even better and naughtier for you. If I ties your hands and feet to the bedposts, like, so you's all helpless an' I can taste wherever I want, I'm thinking you might like that a lot. Promise I won't hurt you or nothing, only ties you gentle like."

Peter thought about that. If he was tied like the pirate said, he'd be all spread out, arms and legs spread wide, and he would be completely unable to stop the pirate from doing anything he wanted. He'd be completely helpless, totally at the pirate's mercy. How wickedly exciting would that be!

"Yes, please," Peter agreed, and waited while the pirate tied him to the bedposts, his cock showing no signs of going down.

"Aaarrr," the pirate grunted as he looked at the wonderful sight of Peter's naked, spread-eagled young teen body, young teen cock bouncing with anticipation, "If that don't be a sight for sore eyes," he grinned before putting a blindfold on Peter.

"What? What you doing?" a shocked, but helpless Peter asked.

"Aaarrr, well, if you don't know what bit of your lovely young body I do be gonna taste next, be even more naughty and exciting for you."

It certainly will be, a slightly nervous Peter thought.

Everything felt different because he couldn't see, the blindfold was a real one, not a glimmer of light got through, even being naked felt different. Peter was used to wearing only a grass skirt that was so skimpy he really didn't need to bother with it, and he'd forgotten what it felt like to wear anything else, but now he had that blindfold on it was like he could even feel the air on his naked, smooth boy skin.

"Aaaaaahhhhhhh!" Peter squealed, not in pain but because the pirate had started to use his mouth on Peter's naked, smooth boy skin, and he'd started under one of Peter's arms! Peter was having his left armpit licked by hot, wet, slightly raspy, pirate tongue!

Once the shock of having pirate tongue there had faded just a little, Peter's squeal turned to moan, a definite "Oooooooohhhhhhhhhaaaaaarrrrroooooohhhhhhmmmmmmm," because having his left armpit licked didn't tickle at all, but it did send quivers that were undoubtedly naughty quivers all the way through his naked, spread-eagled and tied smooth boy body.

Peter briefly wondered why anyone, even a pirate, should want to lick his armpit, an armpit that had not been washed for hours. It must be a smelly armpit, Peter thought, and, of course, Peter was right, it was an armpit that smelt of pure boy.

"Aaarrr," the pirate aaarrred with satisfaction, "Nice bit of boy to taste, armpit is; lovely scent and taste of boy in a boy's armpit."

Peter had never heard of pheromones, so he had no idea why the pirate should think what he thought, but even though he'd never heard of them, that didn't stop him from pumping them out.

The pirate, having feasted in Peter's left armpit, started his tongue assault on Peter's boy body in earnest.

"Eeeeeeeeeeeooooooooohhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm," Peter moaned and groaned when, without warning, the inside of his right thigh was licked and kissed, and he continued with variations of that noise as he was licked, nibbled and kissed from shoulders to knees, not an inch of the front of his boy body being left unlicked, and, because he never knew where the next lick was going to be, each and every lick was a glorious surprise.

The pirate hadn't got really close to his cock or his balls yet, and already Peter felt he may be in danger of spunking. Was it actually possible, he wondered, to lick a boy to spunking without touching his cock?

Peter giggled at a new, and wonderfully dirty thought, he imagined asking a boy if he could lick him off instead of wanking him off or sucking him off, or of being captured by a different pirate and asking him nicely if he would please lick me off.

Peter's young, smooth, naked boy body kept stiffening, jerking and writhing as the pirate licked and kissed all different parts of him; it was his best experience yet of the joys of being a boy, and it got even better when the pirate at last went to where it matters most to a boy.

Peter's eyes shot open with surprise when the pirate started down there. It was a waste of time opening his eyes, of course, because he couldn't see a thing, but he could certainly feel and what he felt was that he was being now licked right up between his spread open legs.

Pirate tongue was washing all round his balls, not actually touching his balls, just all round them and, wide opened shock now, actually under them, almost to the bottom of the inside of his spread open boy crack!

`Perinium' was another word Peter didn't know, and he found out now that he had one and how much of an erogenous (another unknown word) zone that is. Peter did know that boys sometimes ran a finger up and down there when they were sucking another boy off, but, though that did feel nice, of course, it was nothing like the feeling he was getting when he was being licked there.

Peter's "Aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmm," became a long, sighed, "Yeeeeeeeeessssssssssss,", a sound that seemed to encourage the pirate to lick some more, giving more evidence to Peter's thought that it would be possible, indeed, to lick a boy off.

"Aaarrr," the pirate said, "We needs to do a little change now I do be thinking," and he untied Peter's ankles, lifted his long, slender, silky smooth boy legs up and over Peter's head and tied them again, alongside his wrists. "What now?" thought Peter, "He hasn't sucked my cock and balls yet."

"Eeeeeeeeehhhhhhhhhooooowwwwwwwwooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrr," Peter almost shrieked when the pirate began to lick somewhere else! Peter's boy bum hole was being licked by pirate tongue!

Dimly Peter seemed to recall Ash saying something about having his boy bum hole licked and tongued and how unbelievably good it was, and Peter thought `unbelievably good' got nowhere near it!

The pirate poked his tongue inside, right inside, as far inside as he could poke it and Peter, who'd long ago reached the Milky Way, started to hurtle towards the black hole at its centre.

He'd been boy-bummed goodness knows how many times, but he'd never felt anything like this!

Peter's smooth, perfect, young teen body was a limp rag by the time the pirate had finished his banquet of Peter's bum and hole. He hardly noticed his ankles being untied once more, lowered to the bed and tied again to the bedposts so his legs were once more spread wide. He did notice when the pirate began work on his balls and cock, though. Moaning with quiet pleasure when his balls were sucked into the pirate's mouth, one little ball and then the other little ball and then both balls together.

Neverland boys did suck each other's balls sometimes, but even Ash had never made such a good job of it as the pirate was doing. `I suppose pirates have bigger mouths than boys,' Peter dimly thought, and surprised himself that he was even able to think at all with his balls in pirate mouth.

Then it was the turn of Peter's lovely, slender thirteen, two months and five days old boy cock to disappear into pirate mouth, and Peter sighed long and soft with pure joy as the pirate sucked him.

Unable to move arms or legs to make contact with the pirate body that belonged to the pirate mouth that was sucking him, Peter found the sensations so wonderful, so different from those induced by the mouths of the Neverland boys.

Neverland boys knew how to suck cock, that could never be doubted, but a pirate did it even better, and, because he was tied, spread-eagled and unable to move, Peter's whole being became the cock that was in pirate mouth and that cock had never been happier.

No boy of thirteen years, two months and five days can last for long when sucked as Peter was being sucked, especially after his slender, perfect young body has been treated as Peter's body had been treated, and Peter's tummy tensed, his legs went stiff and his cock fired double cream into the pirate's mouth.

Peter was still trying to work out if it had been four shots of double cream, because he had the feeling he may have fired more than four, when his ankles were once more untied, his legs lifted and ankles retied again alongside his wrists and a finger, wet with slippery stuff, teased and poked at his bum hole before big, thick pirate cock invaded him, stretching him wider than even Jack stretched him and Peter was bummed deep into that black hole in the centre of the Milky Way.

Peter's feeble attempt at a conscience was trying to tell him that, if he hadn't been in Neverland, he would have been a very naughty, wicked, evil and disgusting boy, allowing a pirate, who was, pirate or not, still a grown up, still a man, to do all those things to him, and it was no excuse at all that he'd been tied up and couldn't stop it happening, because he hadn't been tied up later, had he, hadn't been tied up when he went to bed with the pirate and been quite happy to let the pirate bum him again, been quite happy to suck the pirate's big grown up cock and swallow all the pirate's spunk.

"Haven't you been told enough times to run away from men like that?" Peter's conscience tried to nag him, but all Peter did was snuggle his thirteen years, two months and five days old, wonderful slender body into the grown up, big, strong, body of the pirate, and murmur, "We don't have to go to sleep yet, do we? I really don't mind if you want to bum me again."

And a different part of Peter's mind was smiling at him, telling him he now really knew why he so liked being a boy, why he wanted to stay a boy, and Peter smiled back at that part of his mind and said, "Yes, I do."


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