Rabbit Hole

CHAPTER THIRTY-FOUR: Torn Between Five Lovers

By Quentin Collins (hauptwerk88@gmail.com)

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This story is fictitious and takes place in a fantastic realm where inconvenient physical, biological, medical, legal, and moral strictures don't exist. It is intended only for the entertainment of those who are legally permitted to access and read it.

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(I apologize for the delay in getting this, the penultimate chapter, posted. A flurry of personal and professional commitments diverted my attention from this noble endeavor.)


   _   _   _   _   _  


Tian encouraged me to continue telling him about Bruiser, Jackson, and Mike after our apparent perturbation of time. He seemed unduly interested in these guys, but I was happy to oblige his curiosity.


   _   _   _   _   _  



We had arranged that the guys were going to come over to my house on Saturday and spend the night, but on Friday, mom and dad offered to take me to the football game. There were only a couple of games left in the regular high school season.

I had not gone to any of our games before. I hadn't really been interested in football before getting fucked by one player and fucking another. Now I liked football. I called Jackson to ask where he normally sat, as we said that we would try to sit together.

High school football is popular in our area, mostly because our team has been really good for the past few years, but it's not a religion as it is in some places. There were about fifteen hundred people in attendance. It wasn't difficult to spot Jackson as he stood at the end of a row looking for us, despite everyone being bundled up against the thirty-eight-degree night air.

I introduced Black Jack to my mom and dad, then Jackson introduced us to his dad, Tyrelle, brother, Jared, and sister, Jeanette. His mom was working at the CVS that night so she couldn't make it.

Jeanette was about as pretty as a girl can get. She was a sophomore, so I had seen her around school a few times, but I didn't know who she was. Jared was adorable. He was twelve years old and moderately affected by Down Syndrome.

"Are you Jackson's friend, Drew," Jared asked me.

"I hope that Jackson considers me a friend. I call him my friend," I replied.

"Jackson says that his friend Drew gives good hugs."

I laughed. "Well, I don't like to brag, Jared, but I think I do give pretty good hugs. Would you like to judge for yourself?"

I put out my arms and Jared came to me. We hugged as closely as we could through our heavy jackets. Jared patted my back. After we separated, I asked, "So, how was it?"

"Not bad, Drew. I like Jackson's better. But I like mom's the best."

"I can't argue with you there, bro. Jackson's hugs are pretty good. And there's no hug in the world like a hug from your mom," I said.

"Do you know my mom?"

I stifled a laugh. "No, Jared. I meant that everyone's mom gives them the best hugs. My mom gives me the best hugs. Your mom gives you the best hugs."

"Oh. Yeah. You can sit next to me if you want. Maybe you can practice hugging, and you'll get better. Bruiser gives good hugs too, but he's playing football down there tonight."

I sat down next to Jared on his right while Jackson sat on his left. I was completely enamored by his enthusiastic innocence. I said to Jared, "Bruiser gives great hugs. Have you ever had a hug from Bruiser and Jackson at the same time? That's the best."

Jared was bouncing up and down on the bleachers. "Yeah! Sometimes when Bruiser sleeps over, Jackson lets me sleep over in his bed too, and the two of them hug and squeeze me until mom comes in to tell us to stop making so much noise and go to sleep. But she's not really mad."

I wrapped an arm around Jared. "No, I'm sure she's not mad. I'm sure she's glad you're getting extra hugs. You can't have too many, especially from Jackson and Bruiser."


Mr. Dries was sitting to my right. He patted my knee with a gloved hand and said, "Don't encourage him, Drew, he'll be wrangling hugs out of you all night."

I looked at Tyrelle Dries and saw where Jackson gets his good looks. I returned his smile. "I can think of worse ways to spend a Friday night."

Jackson and I both hugged Jared through most of the game. We all jumped up and down for both Bruiser and Mike. Jared cheered the loudest.

I couldn't keep my eyes off Mike whenever he was on the field. His speed, form, and grace were mesmerizing. He made two touchdowns in the first half and caught several other passes. He jumped so high on one reception that is feet must have been shoulder height to the other players.

At halftime Jackson and I took orders for snacks. On our way to the refreshment stand, we saw Mike's dad, Dr. Mitchell, and invited him to sit with us for the second half. I think I drooled a little bit when he smiled at me and said that he would love to sit next to me.

We also greeted some of the large di Napoli contingent. There must have been twenty of them to cheer for Bruiser.

We made our way back to our seats carrying hot chocolate, trail mix, and Cracker Jack. I introduced Dr. Mitchell to my mom and dad as we distributed the snacks. He told them how much Peter Madsen admires my dad. He also mentioned that he follows Dan's soccer team at Notre Dame and that they really need to come over for dinner to get to know each other better.

Dr. Mitchell said very kind things about me when my mom asked if I behaved myself when I slept over the other night. My mom was almost as smitten as I was by the tall, handsome doctor. Dad wasn't too far behind.

Our conversation was interrupted by Jared's gleeful cry, "Eddie! You're here! Yea!"

Ed Mitchell excused himself. "I have some hugs to give out. I might be busy for a while."

We all laughed good-naturedly.

Ed Mitchell picked up Jared, kissed him on both cheeks and squeezed him tight. He leaned over to kiss Jeanette on the cheek too, which pleased her very much. Mr. Dries stood and greeted Dr. Mitchell warmly.

When Jared had his feet back on the ground, he looked at me. "Drew, do you know my friend Eddie? He's one of my best friends."

Let the record show that I am officially in love with Dr. Edward Mitchell.

"Would you rather have him sit next to you for the second half to give you hugs? I can go sit down there by myself, way, way, way at the end of the bench" I said laughing as I pointed to the end of the row.

"Okay," was Jared's unvarnished reply. I couldn't be angry. I would have chosen the same.

Ed Mitchell laughed. "How about if I hold you in my lap so Drew and Jackson can give us both hugs? But I'm going to jump up whenever Mike gets the ball. Is that okay with you?"

"I'm too big to sit in your lap," Jared countered.

"Nonsense. I have a very big lap." Ed Mitchell sat down and pulled Jared onto his lap. Jackson and I flanked them and wrapped our arms both of them. I was jealous that Jared got to sit on those muscular thighs.

We did have to jump up several more times in the second half when Mike caught more passes and made a third touchdown. We cheered Bruiser too, as he repeatedly reacquainted the opposing team's players with the feel of our turf on their backsides.

We won the game handily. We didn't linger since we were all anxious to get warmed up in our cars. I said goodbye to Jeanette Dries. Tyrelle gave me a brief hug and thanked me for being patient with Jared. "Are you kidding? I love him," I surprised myself because I really did fall in love with the special boy.

Ed Mitchell was still holding Jared, kissing his cheeks and telling him he loved him.

"I love you more, Eddie! Thanks for sitting with me tonight."

Ed laughed and put down Jared, who turned to me for another hug. "You're getting better, Drew. Thanks for sitting with me. Do you think your mom would let you sleep over with us sometime? "

I hugged him again and kissed his cheeks. "I'm sure she would. Who could say no to you?"

"Yea!!" Jared yelled, pumping his fists.

I stood up. Jackson came over and kissed me on the mouth as everyone looked on. "I think Jared likes you. You're going to have a friend for life."

"Yea!!" I yelled, pumping my fists, imitating Jared. "I love him already."

Jackson kissed me again. "I love you already."



   _   _   _   _   _  


Bruiser and Black Jack were scheduled to come over to my house late Saturday afternoon. Mike was going to drive on his own. Maybe. I had called their house earlier and asked if Dr. Mitchell would like to join us for some or all of the evening.

I had told mom and dad that Nate asked about getting together. Dad told me we would be going to their house Sunday afternoon, assuming I wanted to join them. I wasn't sure about being around my mom while she had intercourse with someone. Dad assured me he would do his best to make it comfortable for me, and that I would not be encouraged to participate in anything I was trepidatious about.

I was going to have a busy weekend. It's a good thing I had gotten an extra-long run in that morning. I intended to come home, take a hot shower, then clean the downstairs bathroom to make it spotless for our guests.

Mom didn't have to work at the bank that Saturday morning and surprised me by doing the cleaning while I was running. She said that she had all the towels in the dryer. I told her I would fold them and put them away. "You're the best mom, ever, mom!"

She kissed my cheek. "This is your first grown-up sleepover. I just want to help."

"You're going to love these guys, mom. They're really good people."

She smiled. "That's what I saw last night with Jackson and Dr. Mitchell. Even Bruiser and Mike appeared to be good sports from the way they conducted themselves on the field. You know what else I saw?"

"What, mom?"

"You're a good person, too, Andy. I mean Drew. It's going to take me a bit of practice to call you Drew. Anyway, we might have accidentally done something right raising you. You treated Jared perfectly. And you didn't look as if you were trying to be nice. You just were being nice."

"Oh, mom! He's a sweet boy. I know he's only about a year younger than I am, but I felt as if I were his big brother. I know things must not be easy for him with his condition. I just think he deserves a little extra loving."

Mom hugged me even though I was sweaty. "See, you really are a nice person, Drew."

Dammit! Why did she have to cry? She knows how contagious I find crying. We held each other for a minute, then I went down to get cleaned up and double check that all the soap and lotion dispensers were filled.

I went to the second floor and saw that mom had already put fresh sheets on the beds in Dan's and my bedrooms. I checked the nightstands to find plenty of lube and a small pile of washcloths on each.

I wasn't sure what our sleeping arrangements were going to be: we might all sleep in the living room; or, we might split into groups and sleep in the beds. I was determined to be prepared no matter what. I checked downstairs to make sure the sleeping bags, blankets, lube, and towels were at the ready down there too.

Bruiser pulled up in his beat-up Volkswagon Golf exactly on time. He and Jackson got out and carried a quilted delivery case from the restaurant along with their duffle bags. He said that he brought only the cold salads with him. His grandfather said we should call when we decided what pizzas, stromboli, calzones, et cetera we wanted. Jace was delivering tonight, so we wouldn't have to be concerned about being undressed.

I had stayed naked since I had taken my shower after running. My mom was dressed. Dad was still out finishing a side job, but he would be home soon. Mom put the salads in the fridge and showed Jackson and Bruno where they could hang their clothes if they wanted to get comfortable.

They were a bit reluctant to undress in front of my mom until she told them, "Don't be shy. Don't leave Drew hanging here, if you can call that hanging."

I feigned shock. "You wound my soul, woman!" Mom kissed my cheek and spanked my bare ass. The guys laughed at my expense too and got undressed. I kissed both Bruiser and Jackson enthusiastically before we went into the living room.

We had been talking in the living room for several minutes when the front doorbell rang. Dad came in the kitchen door from the garage at about the same time. I jumped up to get the front door as mom went to the kitchen to plant some kisses on dad. I was pleased to see Mike and Dr. Mitchell at the door as I flung it open and practically dragged them in.

They waved at Bruiser and Jackson as I told them where to leave their coats and clothes. Mike was naked in a jiffy and went into the living room. Ed Mitchell disrobed but took a little longer to kiss me hello. He felt my boner rise as we continued to kiss. I felt his cock chub up, but he wasn't nearly as erect as I.

Mom and dad came in from the kitchen as Ed Mitchell, and I made out. He saw my parents out of the corner of his eye and broke the kiss to greet them.

"Rose and Konnie! How good to see you again. Thank you for the very kind invitation." He didn't know that I hadn't told them I was inviting him. He went to my mom first and kissed her on the mouth. Mom reciprocated as they kissed for close to a minute.

Then Ed turned to my dad and kissed him on the mouth too, wrapping his strong arms around my dad. Dad, too, reciprocated as they kissed deeply for about a minute as well. Mom looked on as if she had just met her new best friend.

I tried not to be jealous. It took everything in me.

Dad announced that he was going to go downstairs to grab a shower, and asked whether I wanted to come down to wash his back, as I usually do. Dr. Mitchell jumped in, "Why don't you let me do that for you, then we can get to know each other while the boys have their fun."

Dad agreed. Mom said she was going to get things organized in the kitchen.

"Why don't you join us, Rose? I'll help you in the kitchen when we are done."

My mom was actually flustered. I felt my face getting hot. Do not cry! Do not cry! He's just being nice.

The three of them went downstairs, so I took a few deep breaths and went into the living room. Mike was on all fours with a curving basset hound puppy tail in his ass, kneepads and paw gloves. Jackson was kissing him while Bruno was fitting a leather collar around his neck.

Lucky came bounding over to me and started licking my balls. The exuberance on his face made me forget Ed Mitchell's cruel and dismissive betrayal of my unspoken love.

I patted Lucky's head and let him explore my crotch for a minute or so until Jackson asked if I wanted to lie across his and Bruno's laps on the couch. Hell yes, I did.

My head was in Jackson's lap while my butt was on Bruno's. Lucky came over and licked my face. I told him how much I enjoyed puppy kisses. I kissed him in return. We kissed like humans for several minutes until Lucky moved down to lick my penis and sucked it into his mouth.

I stroked Jackson's dark brown chest. "Your puppy is very cute."

Bruno, who was petting his dog as he continued to give me a puppy blow job said, "He's the best puppy in the world. I love him so much." I melted.

We lay in silence for several minutes. I spread my legs and told Lucky to lick his master's cock too. He was an obedient pup. I watched Bruiser's seven-inch erection grow between my thighs. Bruiser and Jackson were holding hands and exchanging loving glances with each other.

Jackson turned his gaze down to me. "Drew, I know that you are very attracted to Dr. Mitchell. But Bruno and I would still like to take you on a date. Do you think you would like that?"

I looked between the two lovers several times. "I would love to go on a date with you two. I've never been on a date before. But you're right. I seem to be drawn to Dr. Mitchell. I can't imagine that anything would ever come of it. I find him even sexier than I find Mike, and I think Mike is beautiful. I think you're beautiful too, and you too Bruiser.

"I don't know what to do. I think I could love all of you. I don't want to hurt anyone."

Bruno laughed at me. "You're thinking too much again, Drewski. You can have sex with anyone you want. Just because you're dating us doesn't mean you can't have sex with Dr. Mitchell, or Mike, or even Lucky, for that matter, if you like to do it doggy style. But we think that maybe the three of us could establish ourselves as a unit, at least for the time that we are all in school together.

"Next year I'm going to be off to college. It will make me happy to know that my boyfriend is here to keep my husband and my puppy company until we can be together again. Of course, you will have sex with your dad and brother, and anyone else you want to. We're not possessive."

Lucky's mouth found its way back to my penis while his furry paw rubbed my belly. How could I not want to be a part of this family, at least for the next several months?

I rolled over, pulling my penis out of Lucky's mouth so that I could take Jackson's penis into mine. He spread his legs to allow me easier access to his dick and balls. My position had my ass sticking out somewhat, which Lucky took advantage of. I had never had his tongue in my ass. He claimed to be inexperienced, but, if so, he had great instincts, because he had my anus vibrating with pleasure.

Jackson quickly sprouted a firm dark brown erection. I was reminded of everything I blathered on to Dr. Mitchell yesterday about Jackson's penis being the perfect size and shape for me, whether in my mouth or up my ass. I wanted it inside me. Lucky did such a fine job rimming me that I thought I could take Jackson without lube, but I rose up off Jackson's cock and reached over to grab some anyway.

I quickly lubed Jackson's solid erection and spun around and sat on it. I leaned back to kiss Jackson's full mouth. Wonky tongue or not, Jackson was a good kisser. But I wanted Bruiser too.

I ended the kiss with Jackson so I could lean over and take Bruiser's cock in my mouth. Lucky had already gotten him hard. Jackson followed me as I changed position so that he had one foot on the floor and the other knee on the couch. I was ecstatic to have my ass and mouth filled by my two boyfriends. I decided I would take them up on their offer.

Lucky licked my face a few times as I gave Bruiser's blow job my best effort. Then the pup moved to rim Jackson, whose fucking of me became suddenly more energetic. But we were in no hurry. We had all night.

We were going at it for about ten minutes when I heard my dad's laughter, "Well, I guess these four managed to keep themselves entertained in our absence."

I looked over to see that mom, dad, and Ed Mitchell were all naked now. Dad's erection was standing straight up. Ed's was sticking out its full eight inches. Mom looked flushed and ... satisfied.

Lucky-Mike saw his dad and went crawling over to nuzzle his crotch. Dr. Mitchell sat down on the living room rug with his legs spread wide and invited his son and pup to lick his erection while he scratched Lucky's head.

My dad reached down to twang Lucky's butt plug tail. The pup groaned with pleasure. It hit me only then that the tail wasn't just decorative: any movement on the outside caused an equal and opposite movement inside the pup's ass. Dad continued to swat the tail this way and that.

Lucky licked his way up his dad's torso and suckled his enormous nipples. My dad kept stimulating his tail. In just a couple of minutes, Lucky ejaculated eight or nine ropes of cum onto his dad's crotch and torso. He lowered himself to rub penises with his dad as he continued to ejaculate. Suddenly Dr. Mitchell was humping back and groaning through his first orgasm of the night. Well, at least it was the first in my presence.

I could tell by the looks in my parents' faces that they saw the Mitchell father and son sparkle as they came together. My mom glanced at me as I was bringing Bruiser close to the edge and smiled, knowing that we both saw it.

The longer I watched Ed and Mike share a cummy kiss, the thirstier I got for cum in my mouth too. I redoubled my efforts on Bruiser. I was rewarded soon enough with four healthy shots of full-strength di Napoli cum in my mouth.

I motioned for my dad. He came over, and we kissed, sharing Bruiser's cum. As dad and I kissed, Bruiser leaned forward to take my dad into his mouth. Dad's erection hadn't gone down at all. I knew Bruiser would bring dad to his final destination very quickly.

Dad and I finished a long and satisfying kiss. Now I was able to direct my full attention to the goings-on in my ass. I concentrated on making it feel as good for Jackson as he was making me feel. My efforts aided by Lucky's attentive rimming brought Jackson to a moaning orgasm. He grabbed my hips and really pounded himself into me. It was forceful, relentless, brutal, and exactly what I wanted.

"Lucky, I'm going to cum," I yelled. Suddenly I had the beautiful pup on my dick as Jackson's cock pulsed inside my rectum. I couldn't stop myself from bucking into Lucky's throat. I had the smallest penis in the room at five (and a little more) inches, so my fucking into his mouth didn't cause any problems.

While Jackson finished moaning through his orgasm, I was squealing through mine, my thirteen-year-old voice cracking as I tried to verbalize my joy. I pushed back onto Jackson, encouraging him to sit back down on the sofa. I followed him down, sitting on his mostly-erect penis. Lucky followed along, staying on my cock, not missing a drop of my five ejaculations.

I leaned back onto Jackson's muscular wrestler's body. He wrapped his arms around me and wended one hand to the back of Lucky's head, petting him affectionately. I raised my head to look down at myself, admiring the strong arms of the black teen holding me while his cock shrank in my ass. I smiled at the contrast of his dark skin to my flushed pink belly.

I looked around the room. Dad was cumming into Bruiser's mouth. My dick was in Lucky's mouth. Jackson's dick was in my ass. My mom was playing with Lucky's tail. Dr. Mitchell came over to the sofa. I scanned the cum-soaked, tightly trimmed hair on his torso. I leaned forward, rubbed my face around his torso, ensuring that Mike's and Ed's mixed cum coated my entire face. Then I took his spent cock into my mouth as my right hand found and cradled Bruiser's resting penis.

Two weeks ago I would have never been able to fathom such a scene in my imagination. Now, here it was, just another Saturday night in the Tarnow house!

We all panted ourselves into sublime rest and stayed quiet for a few minutes.

Bruiser said, "You know what, guys? I think we should get a stromboli tonight instead of pizza."

It took only a nanosecond for our teen brains to switch from sex to food as the three adults in the room laughed at us.

I didn't have a care as to what we ate for dinner, even though I was suddenly hungry. I was pleased with the way the evening was starting off. Bruno told his granddad to bring us a large Stromboli and a large white pizza with broccoli. He was told Jace would be at our house in about forty minutes.

When Bruno returned to the living room, we fell into a slightly awkward silence. Mom said that she was going to get the salads ready and prepare the kitchen. Ed Mitchell offered again to help her, but she told him to stay and enjoy his guy time. I was relieved. I hated that I felt jealous.

Ed had stayed close by the sofa even after I had completed laving his substantial penis. I rubbed my face on his belly again, refreshing my cum glaze. He smiled at me affectionately. "Is it Lucky's and my cum that you like so much, or is it all cum?"

I smiled back at him and kissed his belly. "Oh, no, Dr. Mitchell, I'm really discriminating. Your cum is special. Really special. I could have sworn that you and Lucky were actually glowing when you were cumming on each other. But I love my dad's cum too. There's nothing like it. And my brother Dan has delicious cum too. I've been eating his cum for years, and will never get enough. Oh, and I love Jackson's cum, especially when I follow it with a Bruiser cum chaser."

Ed Mitchell bent down and kissed my cummy lips, and then spoke to me with his lips barely separated from mine, "So, if I understand correctly, you are a very discerning cum connoisseur: you like only cum that is ejaculated out of penises?"

It took me a moment to understand his jibe. I stuck my tongue out at him. He bit my tongue and drew it into his mouth. I swooned. Ed Mitchell kisses the way a man should kiss. He is strong, but not domineering; his self-assurance is never cocky.

I leaned forward to return his kiss, lifting myself off Jackson's now-flaccid cock. I threw the elder Mitchell off balance, and we went rolling on the floor, but we kept kissing. I was on top, then he was on top, then we lay on our sides and continued to kiss for several minutes until we had each explored every bit of the other's mouth.

We held each other as we recovered from the energetic kiss.

"I think I could be falling in love with you, Dr. Mitchell. Please fuck me. Please don't touch me. Please tell me I'm crazy. Tell me I'm not crazy. I'm so confused. I shouldn't feel this way. I don't know how I feel, but I know I shouldn't feel it."

Ed Mitchell pulled me into an embrace. Someone else joined our embrace. I could tell it was my dad. Don't cry. Don't cry. Don't cry.

I cried.

Nobody spoke until I had cried myself into an embarrassed rag doll.

Ed Mitchell kissed me again. "What is it you think you shouldn't feel? Love? You don't want to feel love? Should I feel bad for falling in love with you?"

I looked at the tall, handsome, kind doctor with a stupefied face. "You're falling in love with me?"

"I think I am."


"Do I need a reason? Why do you think you love me?

I sighed. "Last night Jared literally jumped for joy when he saw you. There's no artifice in him. You have to be an authentically good person to elicit a response like that from that sweetheart of a boy. Am I right, Black Jack?"

Jackson and Bruiser had joined us on the floor. Mike was nearby too, having removed his puppy regalia, except for the collar. He looked hot.

Jackson laughed. "Jared does not suffer fools or fakers, that's for sure. That's why he wanted you to sit next to him, Drew."

How dare Jackson turn my compliment back toward me! I growled in exasperation. "But I love you and Bruiser. I told you I would be your boyfriend."

I turned to Mike. "And I think I love you, Mike and Lucky too. You are the sweetest, most graceful and talented receiver I've ever fucked. And now I'm proclaiming my love for your dad. How does that make you feel? How am I supposed to divide my love like that? Do I give everyone a little drop here and another there?"

Dr. Mitchell laughed at me loud and long as he pulled me into him. "Oh, Drew, Drew, Drew! I have three words for you: You So - Dumb." He shook with laughter even as he massaged my ass. "You don't divide love, Drew. You multiply it. There's plenty to go around. You can give your love to me, my son, Jackson, Bruno, Jared, your dad, your brother, and to whomever else you wish. There's an inexhaustible supply."

I tried to consider what the good doctor had said, but he had inadvertently pulled my face into his armpit, and my tongue came out to taste him as I inhaled deeply to collect all the goodness that well-manicured underarm had to offer. My thinking organ thing "brain" I think it's called had shut down.

Beep-beep-beep! Beep-beep-beep! Beep-beep-beep!

"Dammit! Ed Mitchell groaned as he got up to look at his beeper. "I'm on call tonight at the hospital. With any luck, it will just be a consultation for someone who got a tooth knocked loose in a bar fight. If so, I'll be back in about an hour. I'll call you, Mike, if I'm going to be later.

"Sorry I couldn't stay longer. Duty calls," Ed said as he quickly got dressed and flew out the door.

I was devastated until Mike came over and took his dad's place. "I might be a poor substitute, Drew, but you can clean my armpit if you want."

I smiled devilishly as I dove into the next generation of luscious underarm flavor. "This is no substitute, Mike. This is genuine original flavor right here."

Before I knew it, the doorbell rang. It was Jace delivering our stromboli and pizza. He was quite surprised to see Mike, Bruiser and Jackson joined by my dad, naked and sucking each other in my living room. They barely lifted their heads to acknowledge him as I casually noted their presence.

I helped Jace unpack the pizza, Stromboli, and containers of marinara sauce as my mom got the salads ready. Jace tried not to stare at my mom, but he didn't succeed. I called the guys in for dinner and told them to thank Jace for his fine service.

I started by grabbing Jace and kissing him deeply. After a few seconds of bewilderment, he began participating. He was obviously an inexperienced kisser, but he was certainly willing to learn. By the time Bruiser, Jackson, and Mike had finished expressing their gratitude, Jace launched himself at my dad and eagerly kissed him.

They looked cute together.

I almost had to drag Jace away from my dad, reminding him that he had other deliveries to make. I can't say that I blamed him at all. My dad is a great kisser. I gave Jace a monetary tip as well as another kiss. He floated back to his car.

We enjoyed dinner and all the jovial banter that accompanied it. Mom surprised me by stating that she was going to get going to the Madsens to help plan a fundraiser for the volunteer firefighters to help them replace all the supplies they expended during the Flight 93 response.

I told her I would clean up the kitchen while she got dressed and ready to go. We used paper plates, so there wasn't all that much to do.

When I went to the living room to join the others, dad turned to me with a serious expression. "Drew, I think we're going to have to take Bruiser to the hospital. Something is terribly wrong. Do you want to ride along?"

I ran over to the big galoot. "What's wrong? How can I help?" I started to hyperventilate.

My dad said, "Bruno says that he really likes you, and wants you to look after Jackson and Mike when he's at college. I think he got hit on the head last night. He's babbling incoherently."

I turned and gave my dad the most pissed-off look I could muster. Then I jumped into Bruiser's arms and kissed him all over his face. "My dad is a jackass. Please ignore him. I'm going to ignore him. Forever."

Bruiser kissed me a few times and then pulled me off him.

"Drew, don't be mad at your father. Black Jack and I are jackasses too. We thought it was funny. And, guess what? You're a bigger jackass than any of us. You know it's true. It's why we love you."

I hate it when people know me so well.

Bruiser stood me up and encouraged me to hug my dad and tell him I love him. I did. And dad apologized for scaring me. We embraced tenderly. Bruiser and Jackson came to join our embrace. Then Mike glommed on to the man pile. It was beautiful to have us naked men quietly holding each other and loving each other.

I kissed dad again and told him I loved him. Then I kissed Bruiser and told him that I loved him too before I knew what I was saying.

"I love you too, my beautiful jackass," Bruiser told me without hesitating.

Then Jackson surprised me by kissing my dad full on the mouth. "And I love you, Mr. Tarnow. You must be a special man to put up with Drew."

Jackson and my dad started kissing again. This time there was definitely tongue action. Bruno took Mike in his arms to kiss similarly. It went on longer than I thought polite, so I tried to break them up. They grabbed each other tighter and kept kissing.

"Come on, guys. This isn't fair. I'm here too, you know."

My dad finally broke his kiss and sat on the sofa. "Come, Bruno, sit on my lap." Dad coaxed Bruno to sit on him so that Bruno's legs were across the couch.

"Now Andy Drew whatever the hell your name is, climb on and do what you do best. Show your man how much you love him."

I climbed onto the couch and dove onto Bruiser's cock. It was the fifth or sixth time that I had him down my throat. Still not nearly often enough. I took my time and made sure my football hero was feeling as good as I could make him feel. My hands caressed every bit of studly skin that they could find. Mike and Jackson busied themselves by sucking each other on the floor.

"Well?" It was my mom.

"Is he as fabulous a kisser as Drew says?" She directed her question to dad.

Dad broke the kiss. "I gotta say, he's pretty damn good. Andy snagged himself some good friends here."

I pulled off Bruiser's throbbing seven inches. "Why doesn't anyone believe me? I asked, waving Bruiser's hefty seven-inch cock at my mother. "I have impeccable taste. You all should know that by now."

My mom guffawed. "I'm heading out. I trust the house will be standing when I get back."

I smiled at my mom as I rubbed Bruiser's cock across my cheek. When did I get so brazen and nonchalant about a blowjob? "Have fun, mom." I deepthroated Bruiser and swallowed so my throat would massage his penis he moaned.

My mom just laughed and shook her head. "Men!" With that, she was out the door.

Bruiser was still surprised that we would be so casual about having sex in front of my mom.

My dad explained that it had not always been like that. But after the night when I came out to my family and had sucked my brother Dan, our new "brother" Shahin, and then my dad, she began to understand how the men in our family operate. She understands that what the boys do together takes nothing away from what mom and dad do together as husband and wife.

Dad said that, since he had stopped going to church, he started meditating. He got mom to start too. He said it has opened a new world for them in their sex lives. They are closer than ever.

I continued sucking Bruiser but noticed dad's countenance changed as if he were transported to a memory of him and mom making love. Bruiser wriggled a bit in dad's lap.

"Mr. Tarnow, I think you have an erection." Bruiser wriggled again. "Correction: you definitely have an erection. Quite a nice one too, from the way it feels. Can I do something for you, Mr. Tarnow?"

I lifted off Bruiser but continued to pleasure his penis and testicles with my hands.

Dad turned to Bruiser. "What kind of `something' do you have in mind?"

"I could give you another blowjob. Would you like that?"

Dad smiled. "You are almost as good as Drew. He has a very talented mouth."

Bruiser registered surprise that my dad would come out and say that. "I agree: Drew has a great mouth. And he's getting better all the time. Why don't I suck you as he sucks me? Maybe he will give me inspiration if I need it."

Dad agreed, and we started to rearrange ourselves. I got one of my inspirations, and said, "Hey Bruiser, you know how everyone says you have such a big mouth? Do you think it's big enough to suck dad and me at the same time?"

Bruiser smiled, and his penis burped out a nice droplet of precum. "How will this work?"

I had dad lie down a bit at one end of the sofa as I did the same at the other. I kind of scissored him, putting myself on top since his penis is about an inch and a half longer than mine. Our scrotums were mashed together, and both our glans were at about the same height. Then I had Bruiser kneel on my end of the sofa and bend over us so that I could suck him as he sucked both of us.

It was a little awkward at first. Bruiser quickly caught on and was giving both dad and me fine pleasure with his enthusiastic fellatio. I became just as enthusiastic on his penis.

Soon Bruiser was face fucking me with abandon. I was happily taking the pounding. At the same time, he was bobbing on dad's and my cocks, moaning-grunting-humming. Mike and Jackson interrupted their sixty-nining to observe us. As Mike looked over, Jackson sank his cock into Mike's ass. We were all happy.

I loved the feeling of dad's penis being pressed against mine in Bruiser's mouth. I could feel every peristaltic impulse along his shaft as precum was ejected from his penis, as I was sure he could feel mine. We three were hurtling towards the gates of paradise.

I grabbed onto Bruiser's boulder butt and abandoned myself to his accelerating thrusts down my throat. Both dad and I were trying as best we could to face fuck Bruiser too, but we were a bit constricted.

Bruiser suddenly froze, and I felt his penis swell in my mouth. I pulled back to get the full taste treat of whatever cum he might have left in his heavily-worked testicles.

Bruiser's impending orgasm helped bring me to mine. Dad was about five seconds behind. Bruiser's orgasm was intense, but he produced very little semen. That was fine with me because what he did give me was still delicious.

Dad was the only one who wailed aloud since he was the only one who didn't have a dick in his mouth. My screams of delight were muffled by di Napoli hot sausage, and I full-body jerked through my bliss.

It was over too soon as we disentangled ourselves. We alternated kissing each other and thanked each other for a grand time. I looked over to Jackson making love to Mike. Mike's solid cock was bobbing with the motion. I straddled him and took him up my ass with a satisfied grunt. Dad squatted over Mike's face and kissed me as Mike rimmed him.

Bruiser knelt beside his future husband to kiss him as Jackson neared his orgasm in Mike's ass. Mike quickly shot in my ass too. I knew I wouldn't cum again so soon after cumming in Bruiser's mouth.

Dad sighed as he separated from kissing me and stood. We rested for quite a while until we decided to have a fuck train. I fucked my dad, who fucked Mike who took care of Bruiser, who fucked Jackson.

We had pretty much exhausted our fervor, so this was a quiet, almost tranquil love train. We switched directions a couple of times so that Jackson and I took turns being the caboose. We all came within a couple minutes of each other and just collapsed on the floor.

Dad said that he was going to go to bed to wait for mom and that the four of us were free to stay where we were, or go upstairs and pair off. We decided to stay together and set up camp in the living room.

We slept touching each other lightly, happy and exhausted.


   _   _   _   _   _  


Tian's ten-inch erection was liberally leaking Cowper's fluid. He obviously enjoyed my story about Bruno even as he kept looking this way and that at our new city.

"Wow, dad. I wish I could have known Bruiser, Mike, and Jackson. They sound like great guys. And I can't wait until we're with Pop again. I want to suck both of you as Bruiser did. Did you and Bruiser stay in touch after he graduated?"

I smiled at Tian's enthusiasm as he kissed my nine-inch erection, and lapped up my own prodigious emission of Cowper's fluid.

"Not for long, Bunny. I got together with the three of them often throughout that year, sometimes with Pop and Uncle Dan too. But we realized that, although we said we loved each other, and meant it, we weren't destined to be together longterm.

"None of us regretted a thing. Bruiser pretended to be a lug, but he was actually a math and logic genius. He ended up studying finance at the University of Pennsylvania. He played football there too for two years. Pop and I went to see him play a few times and had more fun with him.

"After Jackson's tongue surgery, and with fierce determination, he excelled in his Italian and singing in general. He worked his ass off senior year and got accepted as a vocal student at the Curtis Institute of Music, also in Philadelphia, so he and Bruiser could see each other at least occasionally. They were both kept quite busy.

"Bruiser and Jackson did get married in the Netherlands, and then decided to move to London. Jackson attended graduate school at the Royal College of Music while Bruiser excelled at the London School of Economics.

"The last I heard, Bruiser was working as an advisor for some private clients. I can't be sure, but I think he is actually working for the British Royal Family. Jackson is a vocal coach and sings with several early music groups, including the Tallis Scholars."

Tian smiled at me with a twinkle in his eye. "I'd really like to meet Bruiser and Jackson someday, dad. Maybe we could go to England. Maybe they will come to us."

I smiled back at him. "Anything is possible, sweet baby."