by 70's Child

DISCLAIMER: This story is one that seems unusual. It involves a majority of the characters from my active stories and some from the stories that I have completed. There is a reason for my doing this story - a thank you for all the readers of my stories, because without you, these characters would be dead and I would not be writing today. Now I must go through the standard opening:

1) If you are under 18, you are not supposed to be on the Nifty website. (But I am not the morality policy, so...).

2) If it is illegal for you to read material like this due to state and local laws, I do apologize for your local government's over sight.

3) If you are put off by gay love, you should not be here at all. And if you are homophobic, I have two words for you ****SUCK IT****.

The following are the current and completed stories from my files:

Air Force Fun (Military) - Completed

A Brady Bunch (Celebrity) - Completed

Brother v. Brother (Historical/Incest/Interracial)

Geostrobe (Celebrity /Sci-Fi) - Completed

Kyle and Me (High School)

The Man I Became (Adult/Youth)

Night of the Strippers (Beginnings)

Now on with the one time story:

Brett awoke to find himself in unfamiliar surroundings. He saw Beau, Prince, Chad, Thadd, George, Gregory, Michael, Trent, and Peter in the room with him. They were naked, which did not upset them, but they were confused to be in a room they did not recognize.

"What the hell is going on?" Chad bellowed.

"Calm down." Michael said.

"But how did we get here?" the dark-haired teen asked.

"I don't know." the blonde man said. "But I say we find a way out of here."

"How?" Thadd said.

"Well there's a door over there." Michael pointed. "I say we go through it and see where it leads."

"But we're naked." Gregory uttered.

"Don't worry." Chad said. "We're here for you."

The group proceeded through the door and entered another room. There was another group of people in the next room and they were also nude. They saw four boys and three men. Michael approached them and he shook hands with one of the men.

"Hello. My name is Michael Andrews." the blonde said. "How did you get here?"

"We don't know." the man said. "We just seemed to show up. The name is Bill Mattsen. These are my sons Billy, Jimmy, and Danny. The other young man is Billy's friend Mark. The other two men are John Berson and Jason Whittington."

Michael introduced his group and Gunnery Sergeant Mattsen noticed the predominant southern accents. He turned to the blonde man.

"So where are you from?" he asked.

"Virginia." Michael said. "I teach there. Most of these boys attend school there. And you?"

"Parris Island, SC." Bill responded. "John is also a marine and Jason is a teacher."

"Well do you have any suggestions?" the blonde teacher asked.

"I do suggest that we get out of here somehow." Bill said. "Show did you get here?"

"Through that door." Michael said, but the door had disappeared.

There was another door at the far end of the room. They went through the door into a larger room, with another group of six men and three boys. Michael and Bill approached the group and one man from the new assemblage stepped forward.

"Hi, I'm Michael Andrews." the blonde said. "This is Bill Mattsen."

"Hi, I'm Bobby Jones." the new man introduced himself.

Each representative introduced his own cluster of males to the others. Bobby introduced his group to the others as Brian Martin, Mike Jones, John Martin, Joey and Jimmy, Chris and Mikey Jones, and Steven Barstow.

"Do you know how you got here?" Bill asked.

"No." Bobby said. "We just appeared just as you opened that door."

"Daddy, I'm scared." Danny said as he clung to Bill.

"Shhhh son." Bill replied. "I won't let anything happen to you."

"Let's press on." Michael suggested.

As before, the door they entered in was gone, but another appeared on the far end of the room. As they passed through that door, it disappeared. There another collection of three men and two boys. As Bobby, Michael, and Bill approached the new group, they were greeted by one of the boys. He was a diminutive blonde who shook hands with the men.

"Hi, I'm Drew Morgan." the small boy said. "This is Bryce Cummings, Hank Wilkerson, Barry and Michael Green."

The three introduced their groups and they all noticed everyone was nude. Drew seemed very self-confident and the men were very impressed with the boy. With each person noticing the state of undress, they became erect.

"Hold on everyone." Bill yelled. "Let me guess. We are either gay or bi."

Everyone acknowledged in agreement with the statement. Obviously they were there because of their sexual orientation, but neither group knew the others.

"Let's press on." Bobby said.

They went through the door and found five teens in the room. Michael, Bobby, Bill and Drew approached a tanned teen and introduced himself as Bryan.

"Let me guess. You don't know how you got here." Bill said.

"That's right." Bryan answered.

He did introduce his group of Kyle, Kyle, Brendan, and Jeremy. Each of the teens were nude and were also hard.

"Well, onward and upward." Bobby suggested.

They went to a far door and entered a huge room with several easy chairs. There were name cards on each chair with a title above it. They sat down in their assigned seats and wondered what would happen. All of a sudden a middle-aged man with brown hari, that was turning white came out of no where. He stood in front of the group and smiled.

"Hello children." he said. "I'm glad to see you are doing well. And I supposed there are endless questions you have, so let me get settled and we can begin."

The man sat behind a computer keyboard and faced the group with the smile still on his face. There was a large screen overhead with a cursor blinking in the upper left hand corner. He heard Danny speak to Bill.

"What does he mean Daddy?" the boy asked with a tremor in his voice. "I thought you're my daddy."

"I am Danny." the man replied. "The man is crazy."

"Maybe I am, maybe I'm not." the man replied. "And Danny maybe your son and he might not."

"Well who the fuck are you?" Chad yelled.

"Sorry." the man answered. "My name is Ed Sookikian. I am your creator, father, the one who make each and everyone of you sans five."

"That's impossible." Michael said. "Nothing like that can happen."

"Really?" the man said. "Think about your past. When were you born? What were your favorite toys? Who were your friends?"

Everyone tried to think about their lives and there were several gaps in their memories. No one could explain why but they could not believe what was happening.

"Let me explain." Ed said. "It began with I read stories on Some were good, but most were very bad. I knew I could do better, I started a story called A Brady Bunch. This became popular and someone who read it wanted me to do another story with strippers. Bobby, Jimmy, and Joey, that is where you were born. This was supposed to be a one-time story, but two men, Andrew Alexander and Doc Harlin asked me to continue. You are the longest story I have so far. The next story was Air Force Fun, dealing with friends I had in the military. I then got an ad on my computer and that created Good Things Come in Small Packages. Drew, Michael, and the others came from this. The next was Brother v. Brother. This story was the first one I ever thought of because of my love for history. Brett, Beau, Chad, Thadd, and the rest come from this. The next story was Geostrobe, which was a request from one of my readers, right Bryan. Finally Kyle and Me is a recent story. Now besides me, Bryan, Kyle, Kyle, Jeremy, and Brendan are real, though four are straight, but I believe they are curious. Now there are three stories which I finished and put to bed."

With several clicks on the keyboard, there appeared twenty beds, each filled with men who appeared to be asleep, yet not alive. They looked peaceful and content.

"This is full of horseshit." Chad protested. "No one can do this."

"Really?" the man said. "Watch this."

They saw his hand fly on the keyboard and they noticed the screen above his head. They saw delete Michael from Brother v. Brother. Before anyone could move, Ed pressed the enter button and the blonde teacher disappeared from Chad's right. The entire group began to panic. Ed rose from his chair and spoke.

"Have a seat." he said calmly. "I'll explain."

They sat and looked at the man who calmly sat down. He clicked on a red x and a message appeared that read do you wish to save the change?

"You remember Michael because his deletion is not complete." Ed explained. "I click save and he will be gone from your memories."

"NO DON'T!!" Chad cried out. "PLEASE NO!!"

Ed pressed canceled and Michael reappeared with a stunned look. Chad grabbed his lover and held him tight. The entire group looked at the man at the keyboard with fear.

"Don't worry guys." he said. "I won't delete you, but don't test me again. Look at the people in the beds. The reason they are smiling is that people are reading their story. They live on as long as there is someone who wants to know them."

As they were looking another bed appeared and Joey immediately screamed. It was his lover, Charles Barrows, who had just died in the previous chapter. A peaceful smile was on his face.

"Joey, even if a character dies in a story." Ed said. "They are at rest and people still read about them. There is no death, but limbo."

"Why are we here?" Drew asked.

"Simple." Ed replied. "I wanted to meet you and have you meet me."

"But why?" Brett queried.

"So that you can understand why I wrote the stories." the writer responded. "And so you know each character is special to me. You are gay characters, or at least bi, who are positive characters for real gay people. I wanted you to know that the people who read the stories care about you and can relate to you. To them you are role models and are people the readers care about. I wanted you to know that you make a difference in their lives. When I get messages from readers, a number of them tell me how much the characters help them with their struggles of being gay or bisexual. I also wanted you to know that in the coming year there will be surprises and some heartache. But in the end, it is for the best to make you stronger as characters. And finally, I wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year."

"Mr. Ed." Steven said. "Are you gay?"

"Well son." Ed replied. "If I wasn't, I would have a lot of trouble relating to all of you. But you are my children and when we finish here you will wake up as if this were a dream. But before we say good-bye, please wish each other a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year."

Each hugged and kissed each other, not knowing why but with a sense of unity among themselves. And as if as one they turned to Ed, but as if they were addressing a large group, and said. "To all our readers, thank you and Happy Holidays."

Ed typed a few words no one noticed and they vanished. The author felt content with his creations and shut down his computer.

Brett woke up and found himself entangled with Beau and Prince. As the three woke up, they shook their heads. They could see they had the same dream, but dared not to say anything. Or was it a dream???

NOTE: This is my Christmas card to all the readers of all the stories. You have been loyal and supportive to me as I wrote these stories, I figured to let them all meet at once. And it is true, once a story is completed, it is not dead, it lies in slumber until another reader finds it. As I said in the beginning, this is a one time story, I hope that you do like it. The Readers' List at the end is everyone from the current stories. You may see the same name on two or more lists. That is why I love writing, to allow everyone to enjoy various themes.


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