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Chapter 4 -


"It's not going to work," Charlie stated for the third time, exasperation evident in his voice as Sam tried to start the car again.

"I don't understand what's happening," Sam replied trying again to breathe life into the vehicle.

"That giant thunderstorm that hit the hospital? Like 20 minutes ago? I'm a 100% sure that none of these cars work now," he said pointing to the vehicles surrounding them.


"Electromagnetic something," he replied with a shrug of his massive shoulders. "All I know is, something strange is going on in this neighbourhood."

"We're not about to call the Ghostbusters," Sam chortled.

Charlie got into the passenger's seat beside him and looked at him intensely for a moment. "You know we have chemistry, right? I know you can feel it too. Just give me a chance. Date me too."

"And you get an A for consistency. But is this really the best time to state your case?" A disgruntled look struck his face.

"I gotta shoot my shot," he shrugged in response.

"He's my boyfr—," Sam started, looking away.

"Don't you dare call him that! Those chains on your anklet don't mean a goddamn thing. You're only jumping into this because you're running from something." Charlie noted Sam's face as he glared at him grimly. "Or maybe it's a someone?"

Sam stayed silent.

"Holy fuck," Charlie began. "You were with Logan, weren't you? And it went south and now you're jumping ship? Is that it?"

Sam laughed harshly, he didn't mean to; but he was terribly relieved that Charlie's guess was incorrect. "No, that's not it."

"Just two days ago you gave me the best fucking head of my life and now you're swapping spit permanently with Daniels? Something's fishy, Sam-U-El."

"It's not what... really? The best head you've ever gotten?" Sam's cheeked flushed in the cool night air.

"Yes, Sam. Honestly, I wish you'd had let me repay you for your generosity. Instead, you ran out of my house like I had the biggest dick ever," Charlie stated before sighing.

"It wasn't you. Plus I've had bigger," Sam said sincerely, reaching across the car to put a hand on Charlie's leg. "You have a nice dick though."

Sam didn't want to admit that he agreed. He believed that he was rushing into a relationship with Rov on the sole premise of them being friends, so romantic partners would be an easy transition. But it wasn't going to be. They'd started out on a bumpy path, and though he did want something more with Rov, housecleaning needed to take place; especially now that he could summon storms in a fit of rage.

Charlie covered Sam's hand and squeezed it lightly as they smiled at each other.

"I'm not going to clear my throat to signify that I've caught you in a compromising position, because this isn't a cheesy romance movie. But I would like to know why you're holding my boyfriend's hand near your dick." Rov crossed his arms and leaned against the door.

"It's none of your business, Rov," Charlie answered.

"He's my boyfriend. So, yeah, it is my business."

"Chill." Sam's voice was lost between the two, causing the prickle of his temper spiking to crawl up his neck and electrify his brain.

"Ouch!" Charlie pulled his hand away from Sam and pushed him off.

"Thank you Karma," said Rov coolly.

"What happened?" Sam inquired.

"You shocked me." Charlie pouted, pushing out his pink lips to kiss his fingers.

"I'm sorry," Sam whispered, pushing his car door open and moving Rov.

I am dangerous, he thought. If he could easily hurt a mountain like Charlie, then Rov and the others were easy pickings till he got things under control. They were relatively light targets for a stray bolt of lightning or debris on the wind. He couldn't have any of their injuries, or worse their deaths on his conscience. He would have to drop out and completely isolate himself. He'd destroyed a hospital because of a silly nurse. He held no command over the powers he could summon, and what was worse; he felt not a twinge of guilt. He enjoyed it; not the destruction but flexing his power. It was a release of something primal and intrinsic; some force of nature he had been repressing.

"Sam?" Rov grabbed his shoulder, turning the smaller boy to face him.

Sam fought the urge to lash out at him for pulling him from his thoughts. "What?"

"Evan said he and Elijah are on the way here."

"How? When?"

"They called me a minute ago." He pointed at the glowing phone in his hand.

"Your phone works?" he asked Rov incredulously.

"Yeah, is your battery dead?"

"No, it's completely dead, Charlie's too."

"Weird." Rov's face split into a tiny smile, he leaned in closer; wrapping his hands around Sam. He inched closer to his lover's face.

"Wait," Sam said, looking away from him. "I've been thinking."

Rov's grip around him tightened. "Fer fucks sake. Please don't fucking upset me with something that bitter ginger cunt said."

"Excuse me?" Sam cocked an eyebrow at Rov, and pushed him away.

"I'm sorry," he said hurriedly and tried to reclaim the distance, but Sam just stepped back again.

"It doesn't matter," Sam said, nodding to the hospital. "What did he say?"

"Please don't change the subject, Sam."

"I'm not. Just answer me."

"I told him about us and he understood and told me that the accident gave him a new lease on life, and he's thankful for me," Rov stated before pausing to meet Sam's wondering eyes. "What does that have to do with us?"

"Everything, actually. I don't think we should label ourselves at the moment. I want to be your sentimental accomplice, but I'm not there yet. And you obviously see that."

"So... you're breaking up with me? Not even two days and you're leaving me for him?" Rov demanded; his voicing rising.

"Lower your voice, Rovington," Sam said sternly. His temper flaring again, he could feel the static energy coiling around under his skin, constricting like a snake readying to strike. "We need to date. We need to be together before we're together. What we're doing isn't healthy because you need to work through your jealousy and I have shit to resolve. Otherwise I wouldn't have been sucking Charlie's dick two days ago."

"You sucked his dick?" Rov asked with a hollow look behind his eyes.

"Yes, and I'm not a virgin either. I lied," Sam admitted, looking away. "I have shit to sort out before I completely give myself to you or anyone who'll have me."

"I-I-I... I don't care. I just want you," Rov whispered.

"Rovington. Stop. Just earlier you expressed differently. You told me how you felt about guys who fuck around. Don't treat me like I'm special."

"Don't tell me to stop, I love you. What's wrong with that? I fucking came from eating your ass earlier. Doesn't that tell you something?" Rov asked, passion creasing his face.

Sam exhaled before chucking. "It tells me that we have a strong connection. Or I have the sweetest peach this side of the state."

"You do. So fucking sweet. And I'd take you right here, if you'd let me. Just don't do this, be with me."

"I have skeletons."

"Let me be your graveyard. Put them in me. Sam, let me be this for you." Sam looked at him. His eyes were wet, sparkling and brimming with sadness. It hurt him to do this.




"I understand," he whispered before sniffling softly. He looked down and refused to make eye contact. Sam gripped Rov's chin and pulled him into a deep kiss. As their lips locked, Sam's hands travelled into Rov's mane keeping him in the moment, hoping to remind him of what they wanted.

A few minutes passed before they pulled away, Sam had passed his static off to Rov who readily accepted it. Their kiss was passionate, but it was different. It was a release of the high energy of the night. It was a way to say they weren't giving up, they were just starting fresh.

When they did pull away, Sam made eye contact with Charlie who held the biggest grin of his giant ginger life. They all sat in the car, silently waiting. A few minutes after, Rov's phone jingled signalling that the others were close.

"Are we gonna leave this here?" Charlie signalled to the vehicle as he moved to stand beside Sam.

"Yeah, the wrecker's gonna come for it in the morning," Rov replied, locking the vehicle with the keys inside.

"Is that safe?" Charlie asked, much to Rov's chagrin.

"You know you work for my parents, right?"

"No, I didn't... but I don't get... it... wait? No. Your parents can't be that rich!"

"Yes, Charlie. They own the wrecker service too," he laughed and nodded for them to head out the parking structure.

"How did you even guess that?" Sam looked at Charlie. "How was he supposed to guess that?"

"I dunno. I just guessed he was bragging about his parents' wealth?"

"I wasn't bragging. I was just pointing out that if they own a pizza chain; they could own a towing service as well. Think about it, they never collect tickets."

"Damn, I need me some of that Daniels' money," Charlie quipped. Sam smiled at him before focusing on the road ahead. Rov ignored him completely.

"Man, where did all this water come from? It wasn't even a minute of rain and this place is flooded!" Charlie pointed out. They walked around the puddles as they made it a block away from the hospital; trees were felled, cars were battered but there seemed to be no victims in sight.

"Look at this fuckin' place, man. This is the second time today this shit has happened. What the fuck is going on?" Rov asked incredulously.

"Second time today? When was the first?" asked Charlie raising an eyebrow as he trudged behind Sam, who walked beside Rov.

"At school? Where were you?" Sam looked at him, intrigue perking his brows.

"I was at work. I skipped to take up a couple extra shifts. I need the money," he responded.

"Whatya need the money for?" Rov asked.

"I dunno if I should tell you, now that I know you're kinda my boss," mumbled Charlie.

"Spit it out, Charlie," Sam perked up.

"I wanted extra money to date you."

"Oh..." Sam's stride slowed before he stopped completely.

"Are you okay?" Charlie asked, holding Sam in front of him to stop their collision.

"Yeah, that's just really sweet. But fucking stupid. Don't ditch for me!" Sam raged.

"You're fired."

"Rov, what the fuck?" Sam turned to him.

"Awww, fuck!" Charlie muttered.

"I'm kidding," he said before bursting into a cacophonic laughter.

"You're not funny," Sam said before he and Charlie joined in to the laughter.

Maybe this could work, he thought. Maybe he could love someone and be a walking natural disaster. Another minute of walking and Elijah pulled up beside them; Evan in his passenger seat waving at them to get in.

Sam squeezed himself between the two boys; Charlie was rather massive, taking up most of the space, wedging him and Rov into each other like a nun's knees.

"So what was so important at the hospital?" Elijah asked.

"My Mom," Charlie covered. Sam looked at Rov, who then looked Charlie, who winked at the both of them.

"Is that why you weren't at school today?" Evan questioned.

"You noticed I was absent?" Charlie's voice was low with emotion.

"Why wouldn't I?" Evan sounded as smooth as silk and as charming as the devil.

"Thanks," he whispered; scratching his head and looking out the window.

"What happened to the car? And why does the place look so trashed?" Elijah inquired.

"Another of those freak storms. It fucked up everything around. Lights, cars, some phones... you name it," Rov explained.

"So, who called Evan?" Elijah put it out in the air for someone to respond

"I thought you called him." Sam looked at Rov expectantly.

"I... didn't. I'd assumed one a you had dun' it. I just accepted a call," he explained. "Evan, what in the fuck?"

"How'd you know where we were?" Charlie chided in.

"Sam and I have tracker apps for each other."

"Oh yeah! That's true," Sam realized, slapping his forehead.

Evan knew his locations for the past year. Evan had seen everywhere he'd gone.

"It alerts us to when the tracked phone stops working, so I called Rov and told him we were on the way," Evan expounded. "I was just being intuitive and fucking awesome. Shower me in compliments already."

"Why are you two so fucking weird?" Rov asked, eliciting a laugh from the entire car.

"Good friendship," laughed Sam.

"Correction, GREAT friendship!" Evan corrected.

The rest of the ride home was filled with riffs and jabs. Sam noted Rov's behaviour and felt immensely proud that he'd fixed one problem, at least partly. He needed to resolve the rest tomorrow, if he could.

Rov's mansion was a welcome sight, Sam was grateful for the warmth it exuded at a distance. He could feel the past hour ebbing away as he was surrounded by old and new friends and a bright future ahead of him, albeit a powerfully weird one.

"Took you bitches long enough." Mariana had adjusted Rov's room. They had checked for her by the pool, but the place had been cleaned up and she was nowhere in sight. Still dressed in her swimsuit however, she had been busy planning. The cooler was in the corner, restocked Sam bet. There were bottles of alcohol nearby with shot glasses and bowls of chips, dips and other snacks lined off.

"Damn girl..." Elijah whispered pulling her in for a kiss. He too was still shirtless and in the tight white jammer that groped his fit body better than Mariana ever could. They moved to the middle of the room where Mariana pushed him to the floor. She smirked at his pained expression and grabbed the alcohol before sitting beside him.

"Come on, bud," Evan said brushing Sam's shoulder with his own as they went on to form a circle.

Rov, realizing he was stuck with Charlie, rolled his eyes and sat beside Evan and across from Elijah who sat between Mariana and Sam. Charlie finally got the hint and sat between Rov and Mariana, closing the circle.

"So what happens now?" Charlie asked, interrupting the smaller conversations.

"We take shots!" Mariana giggled placing the tray in the middle. "Everyone takes 3 shots for good luck, and then we play truth or dare."

"Three shots? Mari? Come on..." Sam started, before Mariana side eyed him into silence. "Fine. But if I puke it's on you, bitch."

"I'm fine with that. We're celebrating you after all."

"Oh yeah, your birthday!" Elijah piped in.

"That was two days ag—"

"Shush." Evan put a finger over his lips and brought a shot glass to his face; he looked at his friends, sighed and swallowed the acrid liquid.

"Fuck yeah!" Rov roared before downing his glass in unison with the others.

"That's what I'm talkin' about!" Mariana giggled as she refilled the glasses.

Everyone gurgled down the other shots clapping and whooping as the alcohol sunk deep into their consciousness. Sam however, was hesitant at first. What if his inhibitions had been lessened to the point where he cut loose and hurt his friends? His thoughts were as chaotic as always, his motions seemed normal and everything was fine till Mariana spun the empty bottle.

"Charlie, truth or dare?"

"Dare?" he questioned, shrugging then smiling. "Dare!"

"Well then... I dare you to kiss Sam, with tongue for 10 seconds!"

"What's the penalty?" Sam asked a little too quickly, causing Elijah and Rov to snicker like mad persons.

"Fuck a penalty. Do it." Sam looked at Evan. The commanding tone sobered up the others as they now understood the consequences of the game.

"You heard the man, Charlie. Pucker up, Princess," Mariana mused at the two.

Sam sighed and leaned across the circle and met Charlie who smiled before gripping his neck and pulling him in. The kiss was simple, just as it had been a few days before. His lips tasted like spring water and the realization hit Sam like a heavyweight knockout. There was something about it that left him dazzled as they parted.

"Your spin, Charlie," Evan said passing the bottle to him. The gentle giant was still star struck, his cheeks bright with a blush. He idly spun the bottle till it landed on Rov.

"Truth or Dare, Rov?"

"Eh," Rov looked around the circle. "Tru—dare."

"Well then," Charlie said with a sickening sweet smile, "I dare you to kiss Elijah. As long as he's okay with it."

"YASSS!" Mariana howled like a monkey.

"Oh, that's easy," Elijah laughed, leaning over to the gaping Rov and sucked his tongue out his mouth and down his throat, leaving with it as he returned to his seat. Mariana was beside herself with glee, fanning her body and rubbing her hand against her man's leg.


Staying quiet, Rov took the bottle and spun it, only for it to land back on him. "What do I do?"

"Everyone, take another shot," Evan answered. "Then spin it again."

The bottle hummed as it spun on the wooden tray, filling its victims with dread. It soon landed on Sam.

"I pick dare." Under the influence of alcohol, Sam couldn't trust Rov's judgement.

"Impatient..." Rov looked around the room momentarily and then smiled wickedly. "Since you're such good friends and we're no longer together, why don't you give Evan a kiss... on the dick!"

"GASP!" yelled Mariana, there was no questioning it as she dramatically cupped her face; she was sauced up and on a roll.

Evan stood and smirked at Sam; his finger gesturing, pulling Sam to kneel before him. This was something they'd done before. Evan stood with his legs open, his stance powerful and confident, he exuded every rumour they'd ever heard about him. Sam looked at Rov, smiled then pulled Evan's shorts. He lowered them seductively, Evan wasn't wearing any underwear. His thick rope of a cock swayed as if caught in a breeze.

"Gasp," Mariana uttered more calmly, she was clearly in shock. Sam took the flaccid flesh in his hands, squeezing and tugging at it to get the blood pumping. He pulled on the foreskin, revealing the flared pink crown, puckered his lips and touched them to the readily leaking glans.

"Damn, Evan... that is some dick," Elijah commented. "Every time I see it, I'm just blown the fuck away."

"You wanna see something cool?" Sam asked, as he opened his mouth, swirling his tongue around the head till the flesh grew to full turgidity, showing off the rumoured 11 inches. Sam looked up to Evan for approval, who nodded before Sam opened his mouth, lightly licked the head, then swallowed his cock to the base.

"Girl, do you not need air?" Mariana asked. Sam sputtered, forgetting that he didn't need to breathe and quickly pulled off the biggest dick he'd ever handled. He crawled away smirking as Evan casually pulled his shorts up, but didn't button or zip it closed.

"It's a gift," he stated to the shocked room. He spun the bottle as Evan sat in a haughty and confident flourish. "Truth or dare, Mariana?"

"Girl, I pick truth, y'all too much for me."

"What does Elijah's cum taste like?"

"Bitch, what kinda foul-ass question is that?" she cackled. "I dunno, I haven't tasted it yet."

"You're a swallower?" Elijah's eyes lit up as she cracked a big smile. Sam's eye caught the twitch in the distending fabric of his speedo.

"It's only fair, like my turn," she said grabbing the bottle. "This better land on you babe."

"Me? Why? What freaky thing do you want me to do next?" he sighed.

"You'll see..." She whispered as the bottle landed on her. "Fuck."

Another drink later and the tequila had infected everyone, some more than others. Sam noticed that Rov was a little out of it, but he expected that with all the things Rov had been exposing himself to all day.

"I choose truth," Evan said. Sam hadn't even noticed that the bottle had been spun much less that it had chosen its next victim.

"When did you take Sam's virginity?"

Sam's head snapped, audibly creaking, as he stared horrified at Mariana. He couldn't believe she did this. The others were just as stricken as he, Rov's eyes were watering.

"The night of his fifteenth birthday."

"But we had a sleepover?" Rov asked.

"You and Mariana slept on the bed. Sam and I slept on the inflatable down here." He patted the floor between them. His voice was annoyingly calm; it irked Sam to have his laundry aired out like this, especially since she knew how he felt about it.

"How did he stay quiet?" Mariana inquired, Elijah nodded his head in approval at her question.

"We kissed, plus the TV was on," he shrugged.

"Oh my fucking god." Mariana threw her hands up and fell backwards.

"Truth or dare Elijah?" Evan asked as the bottle landed on him.


"Have you kissed other guys, prior to Rovington?" Evan smirked.

"I have." He pouted as a bright red blush creeped along his pale skin, illuminating his embarrassment.

"Are you bi?" Mariana asked urgently, panic high in her voice.

"No. I'm not. It's just the swim team ritual thing that I can't talk about," He sighed.

"I wanna know!"

"No." Evan's command washed over her, Sam could see the chill tingle up her spine as she obeyed the order.

"Fine!" she grumbled.

Elijah took the bottle and spun it; it landed on Charlie who had been rather silent. "I pick dare."

"Good," said Elijah. "I dare you to take your hard cock and smack everyone but me in the face with it."

Charlie started to laugh, a rolling barrel of a sound that soon affected the whole group as to how ludicrous a request it was. But he did it anyway, he, like all the others was sporting some lumber. He managed to splat and splash everyone with a bit of his profusely leaking precum.

"Wow, I've gotten a lotta dick tonight," Marianna cackled seeing the bottle land on Sam.

"Truth or dare, Sam?"


Charlie scratched his chin mischievously, he giggled to Sam's dismay. "Why'd you break up with Rov?"

Sam sighed; the truth was not nearly as pure and simple as it would've liked to portray itself. "I have shit to work through, it'll take me a while. And no, that shit doesn't involve you, but it may involve the person you mentioned earlier."

"What person?" Mariana asked, her eyebrow rose so far it disappeared into her hairline. Elijah sipped his drink silently beside her.

"Yeah... which person?" Rov asked sheepishly.

"Guys, it's clearly none of your business," Evan stated. "So tell me who this person is?"

Everyone laughed at his comment; Sam stuck his tongue out and razzed him before spinning the bottle.

"I pick dare, Sam."

"Before I tell you your fate, Elijah. I have a question for you," Sam said blinking seductively.

"And, what is that Sam?"

"How long does it take you to cum when you masturbate?"

"BITCH! STOP LOOKIN' MY MAN!" Mariana began.

"I know where he's going with this," Elijah said calming her down.

"If you say so, cuz if you put your dick in his mouth without my consent—," she snapped.

"There's some of Charlie's precum on your cheek." He ran a thumb across her cheek, silencing her. "Sam, it depends. Multiple rounds? I'm your guy, my dick never dies and I cum a lot."

"Great," Sam said taking a shot and folding his arms. "Jack off and cum on her face."

"Wow," Evan gasped garnering everyone's collective gasps. "What? I'm shocked that Sammy's balls have gotten so big."

"You got that right," Mariana cheered, downing her glass and pulling her hair up.

"Wait, you're okay with this?" Elijah asked her flabbergasted.

"Is your dick hard?" She responded.

"Like lead."

"Then let's do it. Mama didn't raise no bitch."

"Wow, Okay," he said hesitantly. "Fuck it."

He shrugged off his speedos, Sam noted that his dick was long, the second longest in the room. "Something is definitely in the water..."

"Big dicks," Mariana responded. Elijah stood above her, spreading his legs. Sam noted the thickness of his cock; definitely the third in the room behind Evan. Charlie's cock was the thickest and girthiest mountain of meat he'd seen emerge from someone's crotch. Until Charlie came along, Evan had everyone beat.

Elijah started stroking his cut meat, his balls were big, but they were pressed tight up against him; he wasn't going to last long. His cock for the most part, held his pale complexion; but the head was saucy, red and flared like the hood of a cobra, ready to strike at a moment's notice. The base of the shaft held a thick branch of veins that flowed like a branching river to the glans. Sam couldn't help but lick his lips—something Rov caught out the side of his eyes—and adjust himself.

The whole room was silently watching, transfixed by how beautiful Elijah was. His brown bangs clumped at his forehead as perspiration glistened his athletic form. His stroking was rhythmic and passionate, bulging his muscular arms and flexing his sculpted pectorals. He exuded a lust that made everyone watch with tightened underwear and in Mariana's case, a wet bikini.

The hand that wasn't working his meat ran along his defined abdominals and rested on his nipples; pinching and twirling his fingers about whichever needed attention. He played in his hair before letting his hands rest under his balls twirling and twiddling the tight egg shaped sacs. His soft moans filled the space as his cock started to ooze precum.

"Oh fuck." Elijah's head flew back, his mouth agape as his hips jerked forward.

Marianna didn't wait for him to aim at her; she touched her lips to his cock before licking the head till he coated her tongue in his creamy fluid. She quickly pushed his hand away and covered the glans, slowly stroking the rest of his load out.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck. Babe, don't fucking stop..." he breathed, gripping her ponytail and holding her head as he pumped lightly into her blushing cheeks.

Rov gulped audibly. "Damn."

"I concur," Evan admitted as they watched a twitching, but still very erect, Elijah kneel to kiss Mariana on the lips.

"Jesus, what did I start?" Sam watched as Elijah pulled Mariana to the floor so they could better touch and taste each other. His naked body ground into her like a pestle working its way around a mortar, powdering the sexual tension between them; Sam's eyes popped open as his long fingers sunk beneath the fabric of her swimsuit.

"Oh my god. They're going at it. Like hardcore!" Charlie whisper-shouted.

"I guess the game is done?" Evan asked, looking at the others.

"I guess," Rov shrugged.

"Yeah, it's definitely over. Thank Beyoncé," Sam muttered before getting up; his boner garnering hungry stares from Rov and Charlie didn't go unnoticed.

"Rov, what are the sleeping arrangements?" Evan asked pulling the attention away from Sam's erection.

"We can all just bunk in here?" he shrugged.

"I want to bunk with Sam. Alone."

"Oh. Well. You guys." he looked between the two of them. "Can have the neighbouring room."

"And what if I don't want to bunk with you?" Sam's hands rested on his hips as he lightly tapped his foot.

"Well." Evan stood up, towering over him; glaring down at him. "You don't have a choice in the matter."

"We'll see abou—"

"Shut up," Evan stated as he picked Sam up and tossed him over his shoulder.

"Put me down! This isn't cute anymore."

"Madre de dios..." Everyone turned to look at the writhing couple who'd been consumed by each other. Her bood shook violently as if wracked by a chill. A grunt escaped her bitten lips and her muscle tensed before falling slack.

"Oh fuck..." Elijah breathed as he rested his head on her shoulder, his hand still in her swim suit.

"Did they just?" Charlie asked, shock and a tinge of horror painted his face.

"Yes, we fucking did. We totally won that fucking game," Mariana breathed as they separated.

"You came without touching yourself?" Rov asked Elijah; his eyes as well as the others zeroed in on the semen flowing down his pubes and dick head, and what was running down Mariana's front.

"When I'm really excited... my dick does a lotta things." A blush creeped up his pale skin as he ruffled his hair.

"Like stay hard," Charlie observed.

"Damn, boy," Evan whistled to his dismay.

"Anyways, we're all heading to bed now," Sam interjected. "As sexy as this all was, everyone should get sufficiently hydrated before sleeping. I'm not dealing with the hangover crowd in the morning."

"Why don't the three of you just fuck him? You saw what he did to Evan's dick. Just gang bang his stuck-up ass."

"Good Night Mariana!" Sam yelled as a red blush splotched his face. He scrambled to get off Evan but the bigger boy was too strong and held him in place.

"Not a bad idea... you wanna watch?" Evan asked as he grabbed Sam's ass through his clothes.

"I want to, but I'm suuuuuper exhausted," she recanted.

"I can go again, when you're ready," Elijah laughed, and true to his word; he was still erect, his mighty cock rested along his left thigh twitching and bobbing.

"We should definitely keep that in mind for the future, boys," Evan said glancing at the other two males, who blinked and looked at each other before gawking at Evan again.

"Okay?" Rov whispered.

Sam turned to glare at him, still stunned into silence as his ass was paraded about like a seasonal hamburger from a cheap diner, perched on Evan's shoulder.

"To, bed!" Sam growled thumping Evan on his ass. He ignored the wistful glance Rov gave him, talking to Evan was something he had to do.

"G'night guys," Evan said, saluting them as he carted Sam off to their room.

Bursting through the door, he quickly made it across the room and threw Sam off on to the bed. The guest bedroom was a lot smaller than Rov's room, but still big by anyone's standards. The bed was spread immaculately; now, with him laying on it. Not so much. He rolled across to the opposite side, avoiding Evan's eyes and shrugged his clothes off.

He moved to the closed window, and just as he locked it open, Pyli swooped in onto the sill. She trilled for a few moments, before touching her beak to Sam's cheek. He hugged her closely, something she hated, but allowed. She called to Evan behind him in her flute-like call.

"Night, Pyli," he said before jumping into the bed. "Now flutter off so me and the boy can have some alone time."

Sam ignored him, letting the softness of Pyli's feathers soak into his bones. She'd been through another day with him, and as harsh as it all was—he'd forgotten the shit he did at the hospital. He'd forgotten the shit he did at school. He'd also forgotten that he had massive powers he had no control over.

"Goodnight girl," he whispered, parting with a kiss to her crown. She took off in a huff of feathers; Sam closed the window and turned to the bed with his waiting bestfriend.

"So, whatya wanna talk about?" he crossed his hands behind his head and wiggled his hips to let his semi-erect member swing from side to side

Sam wrapped his hands around his shoulder; he looked out the window longingly, his hands tightened as if they kept him from blowing away. "Nothing. I just want us to spend more time together."

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah. Definitely."

"You wanna come suck my dick?"

"I'm not gonna be your second choice after Cayenne," Sam stated, crossing the room and sinking into the sheets beside his friend.

"Wow. You're still upset about that?"

"No. Maybe, yes?"

He ruffled his long hair, before turning on his side to view the blonde. "Are you jealous?"

"Nope. Not even close."

"Then why don't you wanna suck my dick?" His words were punctuated with stabs of his stiffening member into Sam's thigh.

Sam snorted and bit his tongue to choke the words down. "Because you ignore me for a year, fuck every girl who opens her legs. But here I am now, on the verge of getting fucked regularly by someone that isn't you... and now you wanna put your dick in me? Am I your favourite pair of boxers Evan?"

"Probably, cuz I prefer boxer briefs."

"You're a piece of shit."

Evan's shoulders dropped, before rocking lightly as he shook with laughter. "I agree."

"Good. Now can we get some sleep? I feel like we went through a lot today."

"You did. Well, we did. But mostly you." He counted on his fingers.

"School freezing over, Cayenne, Charlie, the hospital, Rov, sucking your dick in front of everyone," Sam counted in tandem with Evan's fingers. "Damn, it feels like three long ass chapters in some YA Urban Fantasy novel!"

Evan's eyebrow perked up. "Urban Fantasy?"

"Yeah, because of the w-..." Sam looked at Evan, his mouth wide and tongue frozen. "I mean, like the drama."

"Or is it because you own a giant wild bird?"

"That's a possibili—." The thumping door garnered his attention and froze his sentence.

"Who is it?" Evan asked the thumper.

"Housekeeping!" Charlie called.

"If you're not wearing a tight little maid's outfit, go the fuck away!"

"Come in Charlie!" Sam yelled, glaring before huffing at Evan.

He opened the door tentatively; Rov stood behind, tipping on his toes to peer over his shoulder. "Thanks Sam"

"Why are you naked?" Evan asked.

Rov shrugged his shoulders as he pushed past the taller male. "We gave each other handjobs."

Sam's neck jerked backwards and his hand flew over his open mouth.

"Stop being so surprised. Now scoot over!" Charlie stated, before entering the room and locking the door behind him.

Rov slithered onto the bed behind Sam, pushing him closer to Evan. Charlie took the opposite side behind Evan. Sam rocked, his eyes closed as he inhaled—the mingling scents of lust and passion had him whimpering. He gripped Evan's side to pull himself back to reality.

"Mariah is fucking. In my room. On my bed," Rov started. "They just completely ignored Charlie and me. They just blocked us out and started doing it. No condoms! Just raw all up in my sheets!"

"How long has it been since they've been together?" Charlie asked—the others started laughing.

Evan wiped an imaginary tear away. "The day before yesterday?"

"Fuuuuuuuuuuuuck..." he breathed, wrapping a hand around Evan's waist. Sam noticed Evan's eyes go wide before slinking closed. "Wish I could find someone that into me."

Sam cleared his throat.

"Again. I wish I could find someone that into me, again."

"That's better," Sam stated.

Rov stabbed him in the back with his flaccid member, leaving dampness at the base of his spine right above his crack.

"Let's get to bed," Evan declared, his eyes still closed. A couple minutes passed before his broke the silence. "If it gets hard, you're gonna have to sit on it."

Charlie quickly removing his hand from Evan's crotch shook the bed. Sam chuckled before leaning into Rov who turned the lamp beside the bed off, thrusting the room into darkness. He shuffled behind Sam until he lay behind him like a spoon.

"G'night." Sam turned into Rov's arms and planted a kiss on Rov's lips. He looked back to see Charlie's blue eyes shining; he moved and leaned over to kiss the bigger boy, then leaned into Evan and kissed him too before resting back into Rov.


Sam's eyes flickered open; he felt the heat of two bodies on either side of him. The first, a massively muscled chest and defined abdominals that his hand and head were draped across somehow comfortably. The other, a smaller lither frame that cuddled him from behind—there was also something terribly hard pressing into his backside.

Sam lifted himself off Charlie's abdomen, causing the giant to grumble and reflexively rub the now colder space. The quick movement split his rump open as Rov's cock cleaved into his crack. The blonde moaned before thrusting his hips forward. Sam's ass clenched impulsively; the muscles in his pelvis contracted and relaxed travelling up his spine.

He slowly eased himself from between the two, like a river guarded by two mountains. His body creaked as he moved, resting at the foot of the bed. A yawn bubbled up and out of him, followed by a tightness knotting about the base of his spine, tingling for release; he put his hands up and let loose a stretch; shaking his whole body.

"JESUS FUCKING CHRIST!" Rov screeched.

"Wah, wha? What?" Charlie murmured smacking his lips.

Mariana, naked as the day she was born, burst through Sam's bedroom door. All eyes were on her, she breathed heavily and slowly, looked at her body and shrugged. Elijah walked up slowly behind her, his morning wood prominent and ready to do whatever he aimed it at. She yawned. "Y'all felt that earthquake?"

Sam looked at her expectantly. "Earthquake?"

"Yeah. It just woke me the fuck up," Rov added.

"Mhmm," Charlie yawned.

"I didn't feel anything..."

"Well Sam," said Elijah slinking into the room, his erection bouncing and catching eyes, to jump on the bed. "Look around the room."

Sam eyed the lopsided pictures and capsized trinkets. Even the lamps beside the bed, their shades had been tilted. "Wow."

"Where's Evan?" Elijah asked.

His three friends responded instinctively, repeating something they'd been saying for the last couple years. "Practice."

"Shouldn't you be at practice?" Mariana's eyebrow perked up at her lover as she straddled him. Her hair wild like the spread branches of a palm tree, but Sam found her lack of inhibitions adorable.

"Eh, I wasn't made aware that we had to go in today."

"I have wrestling practice. Got a text last night about it. Gotta deliver pizzas too... I wonder if—" he yawned obnoxiously with his mouth open and his nostrils flared, "my boss can get me out again today?"

"Not on yer life," Rov smiled. "But I will give you guys a drop to school."

"Your car's at the hospital, remember last night bruv? Or were you that wasted?" Elijah responded. "Besides, I drove."

Mariana had slid off her man and moved to the window in the midst of the conversation. "Baby, looks like Evan took the car."

"Godfuckingdamnit. Didn't have enough space anyway."

"So about that ride?" Rov smiled at Elijah's pout.

"Fine, fine, fine! But what are you gonna drive?"

"There are more cars in the garage. We'll just take the Chevy, it seats like 9 people." He stretched, and leapt off the bed and headed towards the bathroom.

"Time to put them big dicks and bubble butts away, boys." Charlie grinned, watching Rov's pale behind disappear into the bathroom.

Mariana, strut across the room to kiss her man on the forehead. "I guess... but why don't we go and make breakfast, Sam?"

"How about some clothes though? I'm not hung-over enough to have my devil's pillows in the breeze."

"Wah?" Charlie scrunched his face at the pair.

"Devil's what??" Elijah wore an equally confused face.

"Devil's Pillows," Mariana clarified. "It's a Carrie reference, you simpletons." Mariana scowled before storming out.

"I'm coming!" Sam called after her, tripping as he pulled his shorts up and his shirt on.

Breakfast had already been made. Eggs, bacon, sausages, toast, French toast, pancakes, waffles, everything Mariana and Sam might've wanted to prepare had already been cooked, plated and covered; waiting for them to come and see it. "Jesus Christ." All eyes were one Elijah. He held a hand over his mouth before moving it to pat his audibly growling stomach.

"Guess you didn't feed him enough last night," Sam coughed.

"Coming from the spitroasted ham?" Mariana snapped back.

"Nobody but you was stuffed from both ends last night." Rov walked past her as if he hadn't made the comment. Coolly, he stacked his plate before stalking off to one of the recreational rooms, observably the one with the giant television as the obnoxious intro of some anime bled into the kitchen. The others stood at the table not knowing how to react. Sam fidgeted with his hair as it fell into his face.

"Awkward, sure. Hungry? Fuck YES," Charlie said brushing past everyone and making a mountain on his plate. He looked at Elijah, who shrugged and followed suit.

"If it makes you feel better, I'll say I got spitroasted?" Sam shrugged, putting his hair into a bun.

Mariana's eyes were wet; her form seemed smaller as she crept towards Sam. "I can't believe I fucked him."

"So? Look at him. I'd jump him if I got the chance."

"You heard what Cayenne said last night..." her voice was muffled as her hands covered her face.

Sam put a hand on his hip and ruffled his hair forward to flip it back. "What I heard from that bitch was her pussy cracking up from how thirsty she was."

"Right? She'd have given it up to Evan much quicker, right?"

Sam nodded, and then hugged her. "But don't put your worth on someone else. Being sexually liberated isn't something just for guys. It's 2018. There are really worse things to worry about besides archaic gender norms. Like the president."

"I know you're right. But it's just hard to shake that I feel wrong. Like there's a giant red X across my vag." She sniffled and wiped her nose on his shoulder.

"An X on your pussy? Biohazard much?" He cracked a smile and hugged her tighter.

"I love you." She squeezed him back and buried her face in his collar. "Thanks for the wildest most fun night of my life."

"For one of the toughest people I know, you cry way too fucking easy," Sam laughed. She pulled away with a wobbly smile, mumbled about her mascara and went off to adjust it. Sam on the other hand stuffed his face before everyone was ready and rearing to go.

"So we're just gonna step up in school, wearing yesterday's clothes, like we ain't just had an orgy?" Mariana asked as they walked towards the building.

"Look at the parking lot though, babe. These are jock cars. Nobody's here!" Elijah responded, slipping a hand around her neck.

"Fucking fine... I just better not get noticed."

"I'm gonna go guys," Charlie said branching off to the gymnasium the wrestler's shared with some of the other athletes. Sam marvelled at the super structure; how it housed so many sporting options, the funding was incredible. The group waved him off as they approached the basketball court. Sam hated that the doors to the pool were only opened when there were matches; otherwise all had to enter through the court or locker-room.

Sam held his breath and kept his eyes forward. His walked stoically, a prickle at the back of his neck reminded him that he was being watched. It also reminded him that he had something to do. Though it frightened his friends, he wasn't surprised that a ball hit the door as it closed behind them.

Elijah planted a kiss on Mariana's temple and ran off to the locker room, the group sat in their usual seat by the stands. Mariana pulled out a bag of breakfast and munched on hash browns which she shared with Sam. They watched their friend race and outclass all his teammates. Even Elijah slowed down after a while, but Evan's speed was consistent. He had amazing stamina.

Sam watched his body cut through the water, the way the ripples broke outwards against his teammates. He watched as Evan's hands arced out of the water to dip back in to propel him forward. It was if he never needed to breathe, that the water was his element. The way he torpedoed through the water was a miracle to anyone who saw it. There was something short of magic in how easy it all looked. It filled Sam with peace, so calming that his eyes felt heavy. So serene that everything went dark.

"Sam... wake up, babe," Marianna cooed with a hand to his face.

"Hmm?" he yawned. The swimmers were drying off in front him, he wiped the sleep from his eyes and wriggled as electricity panged about his body. He covered a yawn, before slowly reaching his hands up. His senses diminished to nothing but the rush of blood in his ears and the image of lightning racing around his body; he stretched his hands out palm open. He felt his bones creak and the laziness leave him.

"Woah! FUCK!" Rov screamed.

Mariana gripped Sam's shoulders tightly. "What the fuck is happening? Another fucking tremor?"

"Another?" Evan whipped his hair back and put it into a bun.

"Yah, the quake earlier. It woke us up. Man, it was scary!" Rov answered.

"Din't feel shit. Hmmmm."

"We may have been closer to the epicentre or something? You feel everything in the water," Elijah posited.

"I guess?" Sam said a little too quickly. He hugged himself, and exhaled heavily. He shivered knowing that his power must have been the cause of the tremor. "Am I the Avatar?"

"What was that?" Mariana asked looking at him.

Evan's eyes studied him. "Nothing. I was just talking to myself." Sam avoided eye contact as he laughed to himself.

"Sweetie, you sure? You soundin' a little coo-coo over there..."

"I'm fine Mariana."

She flipped her hair back. "Okay."

A message zoomed into Sam's phone; he checked it and looked at the others, before turning to face them as he looked at the message. He looked away, excused himself and walked past the basketballers and an angry Logan to a bathroom on the second floor across the compound.

"Sam!" Tudor jumped in shock as he exited the bathroom.

"I got your message." Sam watched as Tudor wiped the sides of his mouth.

"I didn't think you'd be at school today," he said matching strides with Sam.

Sam studied him for a moment as they walked in silence. The short black hair, the amber eyes, the handsome face. "Me either, but I think it's time I call it quits. Maybe it's time you took lead."

Tudor gasped, pointed at himself with an open mouth, and continued to gasp. "Me? Me? Are you mad? Me?"

"Yeah. I wanna pursue a love life, and not with one of them."

"Logan's crazy about you. We all know it. Coach tried to get me to service him today, and he all but raged that he wanted you."

"Logan doesn't understand anything. Especially his feelings," Sam snapped.

Tudor ran a hand through his hair and looked away. "Sorry."

"It's fine. I'm gonna tell coach today. And I'm going to recommend you to take over," Sam said softly.

"Well, that's kinda why I wanted to talk too. I wanna pursue someone... as well." They walked to a glass wall overlooking the forest behind the school where the track students ran.

"Well fuck. Who is it?" Sam smiled.

"Trevyn, Trevyn Rose."

"The tennis star? I've never been with him before," Sam remarked.

"I know, I'd have heard about it," Tudor breathed.

"What do you mean by that?"

"Well, I'm pretty sure you know how most of us feel about being with jocks you've been with," Tudor stated, resting a hand on Sam's shoulder.

"No, I don't. Sure, I run the Hoe Club, but that doesn't mean I get all the reviews," Sam snapped.

"It's just a comparison game. No one is ever as good as you." Tudor ran a hand through his hair and looked away as a blush creeped up his pale cheeks. "It's one thing to be a whore, Sam. But it's another to be denigrated for not being as great as the Top Bitch."

"Well, that won't be a problem for you or them anymore. It'll be someone else's problem," Sam stated resolutely.

"Doesn't it bother you that if we leave, two others will have to take our place?"

"I dunno," Sam started. "I think any school that blackmails its queer population into whoring themselves for athletes is revolutionary and they should all be honoured to not only suck and ride the dicks of these manly masculine studs, but count their blessings because anywhere else they'd get their asses beat for even approaching jocks."

Tudor watched as Sam rolled his eyes through his little rant. "Sarcastic much. But I guess it's warranted. They did us dirty."

"I just want to get this over with, to be honest," Sam whispered and held his elbows.

"I think there's gonna be a definite issue with you trying to leave. Logan for one is doing great we all know it's because of you. And Vinny's gonna be coming for his piece of the pie as finals are around the corner."

"Not my pie, Tudor. Not anymore. Not ever again." Sam shuddered at the thought. "You don't know how many of these guys I've been with. How many have broken away and taken bits of me with their dicks. You don't know how much I've died inside because of this."

"Then why do it? Why even be the leader?"

Sam sighed. "They told me if I didn't, we'd lose the art funding."

"Wow, I didn't get a threat like that."

"You only get blackmailed if you're requested. Like I was," Sam admitted. "They didn't expect me to do so well either."

"How long have you been doing this?"

"Since sophomore year."

"I think you should leave... like, you deserve to love and be loved."

"I didn't realize art was that important to anyone at this school," Tudor said, stretching a hand to Sam's shoulder again to squeeze it. Sam didn't recall when the hand had left his shoulder but it reappearing made him feel better.

Sam shrugged. "It's all I have, with everything I've lost."

"Who're you going to recommend, if not me?" Tudor asked, a simple smile on his face.

"Probably Ricardo, I'd assigned him Water Polo, plus he and Pedro are an item and they seem to be okay. I think," Sam shared.

"Wanna do it together?" Tudor suggested, squeezing Sam's shoulder.

"Sure let's get it over with." Sam took his hand, studied him for a moment; the spiky brown hair and matching eyes that reminded him of amber. Tudor was handsome, with a very big and infectious smile.

The walk back to the gym was solitary; Sam sifted through his thoughts as Tudor fiddled with his phone. Luckily the basketball team had finished practicing as well, though the locker room still held some of their members and others from wrestling, Sam eyed Charlie but no Logan. They made their way to the coach's office.

Knocking before entering, they walked in as was their right. The coach was handsome, so handsome it made Sam uncomfortable that he was just a gym teacher—though Sam reminded himself that he was the highest paid member of staff next to the principal.

The coach regarded them with his furrowed brows and intense blue eyes. They sat in the chairs opposite his desk, as he spoke to someone—presumably a parent—on the phone. Sam gazed at his full lips and prominent cheekbones, finding himself incredibly at ease. His accent was light and mostly British; but you could hear the assimilation at play. He spoke with an elegance and cadence that made his speeches emotionally and spiritually moving, even when they weren't intended to be.

Tudor was still on his phone, Sam checked his quickly; sending his friends a text telling them he'd join them in the cafeteria shortly. His fingers lightly tapped the screen as the coach continued his call. Sam looked around at the mostly white walls, except the surface behind the coach was covered in pictures of champions the school had produced; this place was an athletic powerhouse after all.

The coach smiled as he disconnected the call via a button on his ear. "How might I help you two?"

"Well," Tudor began, biting his lip. "I'm in love with Trevyn, I kinda wanna stop sleeping with his teammates. I don't want to do the thing anymore."

"Oh, okay." He clasped his hands in front his face and looked down. "You're free to go. I desire to engage Mr. Tempest here, in a bit of important conversation. Have a good day."

Tudor got the gist of the coach's words and crookedly smiled at Sam as he left the office with a spring in his step.

The coach frowned as the door closed behind Tudor. "You've got to replace him. Immediately."

"Actually, I want to call it quits too."

"Excuse me?" The coach looked at Sam, his eyes dark and his brows furrowed so close they almost touched.

Sam cleared his throat before repeating himself. Avoiding all eye contact with the bigger gentleman, who had gotten up from his seat and now leaned in front of him on his desk. "I said, I want to call it quits t—"

Sam held his jaw as the echo of the coach's handprint burned his face. His eyes stung, but he blinked rapidly and gazed blankly at the six foot three inches of built muscle standing in front of him.

He grabbed Sam by the chin and pulled his face up to him. "Look me in the eyes and say it to again."

"I don't want to do this anymore," Sam whispered, gritting his teeth amidst the pain in his jaws and cheek. The coach squeezed tightly to his lower jaw, the strong and calloused fingers digging deeply into Sam's smooth flesh.

"Are you doing the same as that kid? Are you planning to expend your energies into Logan?" he asked, loosening his grip and leaning away.

"No. I never want to be near that creep again." Immediately, Sam regretted the outburst.

The coach snarled and ground his teeth before backhanding Sam again. "Boy, do you think about anyone but yourself? The ways in which you could cripple my athletes?"

"I graduate at the end of the fucking year! It doesn't matter whether I leave now or then." Sam's lips curled. He folded his arms and crossed his legs.

The coach paced behind Sam. "You're absolutely wrong about that. Who told you, you were graduatin'?"

"I'm a mostly `B' student. I do alright. I don't fail."

"That don't mean shit to me, boy. Evan might be the goddamned best swimmer I've ever come across, but your ass belongs to me." His emphasis made Sam shrink in his seat.

"I'm going to graduate." Sam kept his eyes forward, amidst the coach breathing down the back of his neck.

The coach, paced a few more steps behind Sam; filling the room with an atmosphere percolating with tension. Sam followed the sound of his footfalls as the door swung open. "Stepnick, both of you!"

"Comin' Coach!"

"Gonna have to fix that mouth of yours, boy."

Sam looked stared at the Coach's stoicism as the brothers walked into the office. They were both conventionally handsome, prominent cheekbones and square jaws. Alex, the taller and older of the two held a blonde and blue eyed face of fiendish glee. The coach returned to his seat, papers in hand.

"Yes coach?" Joseph nodded at Sam, they weren't friends but they were cordial. Sam had tutored him a couple times in the last year. He wasn't as good looking as his brother, but Sam appreciated the brown eyed brunette, because he lived in the shadow of his brother, something Sam could understand but not completely relate to.

"You two want to know the perks of being co-captains next year? Take him for a spin." He nodded at the two boys and returned to his paperwork.

"I don't understand, sir?" Joseph's eyes were burning a hole into Sam's head. His quizzical expression turned to his brother who chuckled and rubbed his hands together. Sam's eyes were wide.

"Grab his arm." Alex grabbed Sam up and pulled him out of the seat. Sam's eyes shrunk, returning to their normal size as his eyes glossed over before shuffling behind his captor. "Thanks coach."

"Lock my fucking door."

"What's happening Alex?" Joseph trailed behind the unusually happy Alex and stumbling Sam. "Where are we going?"

"Shut the fuck up and get your dick hard!" Alex called back as he pulled Sam through the empty locker room till he found the storage closet.

"Why? Alex what's going on?" He made eye contact with Sam, but noted the distant look in the blonde's eyes.

"There's no one here." Alex waved his hands around. "It's just us and Sam. So we're gonna get our rocks off!"

"I'm not gay." Joseph's voice was low, but he waved his arms signalling a no.

"Shut the fuck up. I know you're fag. I saw you droolin' over this bitch last year when he was tutoring you."

Joseph opened his mouth to respond but stayed silent. He tried to meet Sam's eyes again to gauge his reaction towards the revelation. He could see even more distance than before as if Sam had retreated so far into himself that he was lost.

Alex, pushed Sam into the closet, with the door open and his brother looking at him, he kicked Sam behind the knees, forcing him to the ground. The growing mound he'd been rubbing as they made their way to the room was finally revealed as he pushed his basketball shorts down. "Stand watch, I won't last long. I'm so fucking horned up."

"This isn't right, he's a cool dude and I don't wanna do this to him." Joseph pushed his brother to the side and shook Sam, trying to pull him up.

Alex, pushed his brother back, and got up in his face. "Were you listening? Co-Captains. Did you ignore him? We just need to prove ourselves to him. He doesn't even care about your faggoty ass. Don't make me out you bitch. Either fuck this slut with me or stand watch while I get my fuckin' nut."

"What if he says something?"

"This is a captain's perk. Man, you never seen the way Logan looks at him?"

"Even, so... you wanna fuck with Logan's property?" Alex, looked at his brother, his erection still twitching; the musk of his sweaty crotch high in the stale air of the room.

"Yeah. I don't even care. I can beat his ass in a fight any day," Alex, stated, gripping Sam by the back of his head, a clump of hair in his fist as he pulled Sam's lips to rub on the flared and pungent glans of his penis. "Open your mouth."

Sam had long since receded into himself, a tactic he'd been using for a lifetime now. He was a mass of base responses and gestures. He didn't do anything special o warrant the attention Tudor mentioned. But here he was again, in his mind palace in the clouds reflecting on the amazing few days he'd had. "You want his mouth? I'm gonna fuck him."

"Alex! That's too much." Joseph rushed to Sam, pushing him away from his brother. "Stop it! He's not a toy or some fucking fleshlight!"

In a flash, Joseph was on the ground next to Sam. His eye swelling up, as Alex cracked his knuckles and rubbed a fist. With a quick movement he kicked brother in the side and spat on him. "I'm gonna fuck him. Upset me again, and I'll fuck you too."

"Just go," Sam whispered to Joseph. Joseph looked into Sam's eyes; they were different now, they weren't blue anymore. They were silvery and bright, like staring up at a full moon.

"I'm sorry." Joseph flushed and broke the eye contact before turning to crawl away.

"Bring that ass to papa," his voice sinister as he stroked his cock. "Pull your pants down and show me your ass, bitch."

Sam did as he was told, this was his fate. This was why he couldn't be with Rov, or Charlie or anyone for that matter. He was a community bicycle; and what was worse, he could leave if he really wanted to; he felt it in the shackles around his ankles. He had power now.

He had power now.

"No!" Sam stated as he got to his feet. He could blow this fool away, if he tried hard enough.

"Jesus fucking Christ." The room went white before slamming into darkness. Sam's reactions seemed slurred. His senses were dulled as he tried to figure out where he was. Soon he felt rough hands on his hips as his legs were being pushed to his shoulder; the movement further inhibited by the fabric bunched around his ankles. He tentatively touched his nose, finding the pain sharp and nauseating. Alex had clocked him, and was now attempting to mount him.

Sam attempted to roll away, feeling the flared cock head against his ass; his hips were under a firm grip. Alex chuckled as he rocked his hips back and forth, rubbing his cock along Sam's crack. Most of the spit had dried up, Sam slowly realized. He needed to act fast.

His head panged as he threw his fists wildly at his soon to be rapist. Alex easily grabbed Sam's wrists in one hand and pressed them against his chest knocking the wind and fight out of him. He smiled down at Sam as he pressed his dick up against the pucker. "Get off me."

"Oh fuck you're tight..." Alex gasped as he sunk into Sam. "Fuck. Fuck. FUCK!"

The pain in his nose was nothing compared to the growing agony in his bowels. Sam grit his teeth as the pain radiated through him. He bit down on his lip till he tasted blood. He continued to taste blood as every stab of Alex's dick had him clenching the raw and swollen ass lips against the dry and friction causing invader. His body tried to make it pleasurable but only caused him more pain. His eyes were scrunched so tightly he could see stars in the distance. Alex sawed into him, there was wetness now; Sam was certain he was bleeding.

All the power he held was a universe away.

Sam's body shook with the assault as his mind cycled through all the boys who had used him this way. He felt each and every hand groping him, on his shoulder, his hips, his wrists, clenching and tearing out his hair, his neck. He could feel their wet lips sucking on him, bringing his blood as close to the surface as possible, everyone wanted to mark and breed him. Everyone wanted to treat him the way they were taught to, to fuck him the way they couldn't fuck their girlfriends.

"What the fuck!"

Sam opened his eyes; he blinked furiously as his body shuddered from the rapid exit of Alex and the bright lights. Sam crawled away as quickly as possible, huddling into the nearest wall. He blinked until he saw a tall blonde guy with green streaks in his hair holding his rapist up in the air by his neck.

"Why would you do this?" His voice was strong and slow, powerful and masculine. It held a timbre that made Sam shiver. He was also British.

Alex struggled in the blonde's grip. All his punches and thumps went unnoticed, the hand around his neck however, tightened. "Let me go, you don't know who you're fucking with."

The guy laughed; a powerful tremor inducing sound. "You don't know who you are fucking with." He quickly threw Alex across the room into a laundry hamper.

"He's my fag. I won't fight you for him. You can borrow him!" Alex pleaded and begged as the male walked towards him. Sam saw his face clearly and gasped. He was radiant and recognized him as the guy he saw a few days earlier with Rov on the roof.

"He's not your anything. You will never touch him again." He stood over the hamper with the whimpering teen looking up at him.

"The coach says otherwise."

The taller male reached into the hamper and grabbed Alex by his cheeks and pulled his face out of the basket. "Repeat after me. I will never touch him again."

"Fine! Fucking have him for now. But Logan's gonna want his bitch back."

"That's not what I said to sa—"

"What did you just say?" Sam asked, suddenly as if he had moved across the room in the blink of an eye. He stood beside the taller blonde, looking down at Alex. "What did you just say?"

"My Tempe—"

Sam waved a hand and the young man was blasted away.

"YO! WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT? GETTHEFUCKAWAYFROMME!" he screamed and scrambled like a fish in a net.

"What did you say?" Sam's eyes crackled with electricity, Alex could hear the chattering sound and he was terrified, he openly pissed himself as Sam repeated himself. Wind picked up in the room and everything that wasn't the hamper rose off the ground and spun about like air molecules in a vacuum. "What did you say?"


Tiny sparks of light crackled between Sam's fingers. He took no notice, but embraced the surge of rage that flourished in him. He eyes tore into the soul of the mortal staring up at him. Lightning arced from his fingers and danced about his arms. Sam flexed his fingers, accidentally blasting another hamper to bits, the fire dissipated as quickly as it had begun.

"JESUS FUCKING CHRIST!" Alex's voice had Sam's neck snapping back to face him, a look of horror struck his face as his head felt light.

"Tempest, NO!" the guy screamed, fighting the wind to get to Sam.

Sam knelt down as he felt the pressure building again, like a kettle he let loose a wail. There was a sound like thunder, the room went white hot, his eyes had yet to adjust, but he smelled smoke. The pressure left him in a giant wave surging outward, crippling him as it escaped into the atmosphere.

Everything went black.



Authors Note


So that chapter, dialogue rich eh? Jesus. Anyways, I hope you're all enjoying the story so far.

I'm sorry that I take so long to write; especially to all of you who send me such wonderful emails.

I get depressed. So very depressed sometimes that I can't move. Lol, But that personal stuff aside, I'm just putting it out there that I need an editor. So if anyone's willing to help me. Hit me up. Pretty please!

I could definitely use someone breathing on my neck like the coach about writing.


So hit me up at Lemme here from you guys, it really helps! Thanks for reading.


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