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Strawberry Wine

Chapter VI

02 August 2016

Darwin slid his hand up my back until it laid over the back of my neck. His fingers kneaded the muscles soothingly and he kissed my cheek.

"You don't have to be nervous," Darwin said warmly. "My parents already love you. I was telling them about last night."

I quickly looked away from the Horners' house and asked, "Seriously?"

Darwin giggled before he responded, "Yeah. It took my mom a second to wrap her head around the fact that I have a boyfriend. But they had so many questions. They love the fact that you're an A.P. student, and have dreams to rectify economies the world over."

"Oh," I said lamely in shock. "Well, I hope your dad gave you an equally as awkward and torturous sex talk."

"He did," Darwin replied, laughing. "He took me to Walgreens to buy me a box of condoms. And the cashier obviously knew they were for me, she kept giggling. And I wanted to die because my dad told her that he chose that brand because of the extra lubrication! Asshole."

"Oh, my god!" I cried in mortification.

"C'mon," Darwin said as he pulled me away from the truck. "My parents are excited to meet you."

With an insane amount of fear and unease, I allowed Darwin to pull me toward his house. My heart stopped when his hand grabbed the doorknob and turned it.

Darwin called, "Mom! Dad! We're here!"

Darwin snaked his arm around my lower back and kissed my cheek. That made me feel better, lighter.

And then his mom came out of the kitchen. She was a bit of a bigger woman, and her smile was inviting. But Mr. Horner was a different story. His expectant gaze made me feel like a tiny mouse and he was an agile cat waiting to pounce.

"You must be the reason my Darwin smiles so much of late," Mrs. Horner said with a happy inflection. "I'm Susan Horner."

I tried to smile as genuinely as I could as we shook hands, and replied, "It's a-a real pleasure to meet you, Mrs. Horner."

"Evening," Mr. Horner greeted gruffly with his hand out. "I'm Edward. But it's Mr. Horner to you, Boy."

"Hi," I said in a small voice. "My name is--"

"--I know your name, Boy," Mr. Horner sternly said.

"Daaad," Darwin groaned at the same time his mom chastised, "Eddie!"

Mr. Horner ignored both, and commented, "So Darwin tells us that you're in advanced placement."

I nodded minutely, "Yes, Sir."

"Well isn't that impressive?" Mrs. Horner asked as she laid her hand on her husband's forearm. "My Darwin was simply just not thinking with his brain when he began dating that dits of a hussy."

"Jesus Christ, mom!" Darwin cried in embarrassment.

"Darwin!" Mrs. Horner said sternly at the same time Mr. Horner chastised, "Darwin Jacob Horner!"

Equally both frustrated and sheepish, Darwin apologized, "Sorry, Ma, Pa."

"So I hope you boys are hungry," Mrs. Horner said with excitement. "I've got Darwin's favourite dinner going. Beef stew in a mashed potato bowl with kaiser buns just out of the oven. It'll be ready in about twenty minutes. Why don't you boys go play video games?"

Darwin was only too happy to oblige. He grabbed my hand and led me up the staircase.

"With the door open!" Mr. Horner commanded.

Darwin did leave his bedroom door open. But we didn't grab the controllers of his XBox. We just sat on his bed, Darwin leant against his pillows. His smile was soft when he opened his arms, so I rested against him. The only sound I could hear was his twin sisters playing Barbies.

"My dad liked you," Darwin told me quietly and squeezed me around my chest.

Shocked and disbelieving, I asked, "That was him liking me?"

Darwin giggled, but answered, "Yes. When I brought Michelle home to meet my parents, my dad was hostile. He told her that if any of condoms broke and she got pregnant, he hoped she was on the pill otherwise she'd be a stay-at-home mom while I go to college. My parents know about Michelle losing her virginity at thirteen, I don't know how, and hate her.
"They really do like you. My dad is just being the stereotypical protective, scary father."

"Hmm," I hummed. "I still don't believe you."

"Believe me," Darwin reiterated and kissed my temple. "My dad ignored Michelle the whole night. He'll ask you about school or something. You'll see."

I still didn't believe that, but I chose not to voice it that time. I got more comfortable by lying my head lax on Darwin's shoulder. Darwin's hands remained massaging the flat muscles on my chest.

I finally broke the companionable silence by stating, "I don't think I'll be able to survive you being gone for two weeks."

Darin giggled and responded, "You will. We'll call and Skype. I'll be back in your arms in no time."

I tried to sound nonchalant when I said, "We've been going out for three weeks."

I felt Darwin's lips widen slightly in a smile, and his arms squeezed my shoulders.

"I never did ask..." I began nervously, "but... do you- do you wish we started having sex already?"

"Umm..." Darwin answered nervously. "No. And that's not a lie, I swear. I didn't ask you out with any thoughts that we'd be tearing each other's pants off any chance we got. I know that- that you're a virgin, and that's fine. Sex comes when the person is ready, and being pressured into it is one of the worst things a boyfriend could do. So no. Where did that come from?"

Embarrassed, I merely shrugged my shoulders.

"Hey, come on," Darwin urged. "I answered honestly. I think you owe me the same. Are you worried that you're not pleasing me?"

"Instead of answering, I asked Darwin, "How long did you date Michelle before you guys started having sex?"

Darwin shook his head and said, "I won't answer you until you answer me. Are you worried that I'm craving a good fuck?"

I caved. "Okay, yes, I'm worried that you're getting tired of- of waiting for me."

"Now wasn't that easy?" Darwin asked with a stoic tone. "But that's unfair to me. I'm not a virgin, sure. Sex feels so fucking awesome, sure. I dream of feeling your ass engulfing me and seeing what bottoming feels like, sure. But I don't mind waiting another year or two if it takes you that long to become comfortable with me."

"Really?" I asked with a grin.

"Yes," Darwin said so seriously. "I'll just have to ask my dad to order me a realistic sex doll."

I scoffed in response, but I was totally amused. I reached my hand up to Darwin's face and held my palm over Darwin's eyes. He laughed softly and pinched my nose.

"Kids!" Mrs. Horner called from downstairs. "Dinner!"

I wasn't feeling particularly excited to face his parents again, but Darwin said, "Okay, let's go down. I have to prove that my dad does like you."

Darwin gently pushed me up off his chest. His hands then held my hips and he pushed me out of his bedroom. Catriona and Chantel ran passed us down the hall and downstairs without so much as a greeting.

Down in the dining room, Mrs. Horner carried the pot of stew in. Mr. Horner had a basket of buns on one hand, and utensils in the other.

I anxiously tried to seem sweeter when I said, "It- it smells amazing, Mrs. Horner."

Mrs. Horner smiled angelically at me before she replied, "Well, Eddie made the buns. He's an excellent baker."

I looked up at the man, whose face was still stern. It made me feel even smaller, which I didn't know was possible.

"The buns look- look delicious."

The only response Mr. Horner gave was a gruff, "Take your seats, boys."

Mr. Horner sat at the head of the table, with his wife at his left. The twins sat beside her, and Darwin sat across from his mom. I was immensely relieved to take the chair beside Darwin.

We all joined hands for prayer, I had to reach across the table to clasp one of the twins' hand.

"Our Heavenly Father," Mr. Horner began, "we humbly thank you for the safety and warmth in which we feel sheltered. We thank you for the love shared here at the dinner table between ourselves and with You. We thank you for taking care of us. And we thank you for the food before us which we are about to receive. In Jesus' name we pray, Amen."

"Amen," we all chorused.

Darwin grabbed two kaiser buns and handed me one. Mr. Horner grabbed a saucer at a time and made bowls out of mashed potatoes. Mrs. Horner filled each potato bowl with an amazing looking stew.

I took a bite of my halved and buttered kaiser bun, and almost moaned. It was delicious! The crust was crunchy yet flaky. The inside was warm and soft. It had that hint of saltiness that was astounding.

"Mr. Horner," I said happily, "this is delicious! Oh, my god."

The man's face finally moved. Granted, it was just the barely noticeable quirk of the corner of his lips, but it was something. And then Mrs. Horner handed me my dinner.

I stayed quiet as we ate. I wasn't uncomfortable, I was just enjoying the family being a family. The twins bickered about details in the telling of their day. Mrs. Horner looked annoyed by it, but listened as best as she could. Darwin and his dad chatted about the upcoming basketball game against Sir Arthur McKelly High, which was our high school's biggest rival.

And then Mrs. Horner said to me, "So you're Jack and Trisha's youngest son, correct?"

I quickly swallowed the bite of beef and carrot before I answered, "Ye-yes, ma'am."

Though smiling, Mrs. Horner waved me off, "Oh, there's no need for any of that Ma'am stuff.
"If my memory serves me right, you have two older brothers?"

"Yes, ma- Mrs. Horner," I responded. "Jason and Vance. And I have two younger sisters, Deanna and Kayla."

Mrs. Horner looked to the twins and asked, "Is it Kayla? That's in your class?"

"Mm-hmm!" one of the twins answered but kept eating.

Mrs. Horner then asked me, "Jason ran track? And Vance plays football and basketball, yes?"

I nodded, "That's right."

"Do you play any sports?"

Yep. There it was. The question I was hoping to avoid. The question I had no inclination to answer. And it was asked by the man who hated me.

I shook my head and answered, "No, Mr. Horner, I don't."

Mr. Horner nodded, "But Darwin tells us you're an economics buff. Indulge me, what do you think the right path is to Indiana creating and implementing more efficient budgeting practices?"

Which, huh... so Mr. Horner didn't hate me. Darwin grabbed my knee reassuringly, which made me feel even more relieved.

"Well back in 2015," I began and set my bread down, "the Senate introduced a performance-based rating of teachers in the kindergarten-grade-twelve education system. Each educator who performed well during the year was supposed to receive a bonus from the school district. But some members abused that power. So the Senate needs to adopt a different approach to rewarding educators.
"Another huge issue to me is the transportation budget. How is the state gonna pay for roads and maintenance for the next twenty to thirty years on such a crap budget? If the Senate would increase either the cigarette tax or the gas tax, or even introduce tolling, one of those alone would foot the bills to better our roads rather than, say, a point-five percent increase in in-state college tuition."

I don't even know how long I had spoken about the Indiana state budget alone. I had other states in mind for comparisons for the Horners, but...

"Would you like me to reheat your stew, Dear?" Mrs. Horner asked.

"What?" I asked.

I looked down at my dinner. And then at Darwin's. His plate was complete empty. As was the rest of his family's, and Mrs. Horner was refilling them. Mine was half done, and probably cold.

"No thank you," I told Mrs. Horner. "I'll just- uhh... I'll just take a second scoop, if you don't mind."

As Mrs. Horner scooped some more stew into my potato bowl, Mr. Horner commented, "You know, I didn't believe Darwin when he told us that you were some kinda economics buff. I thought he was just trying to butter us up. But, damn, are you passionate."

"Eddie," Mrs. Horner chastised. "Language."

Darwin once again grasped my knee, and I turned to him. His smile was proud, affectionate. He leant in and kissed my cheek. Mr. Horner was smiling softly at me. I felt better.

Dinner went on with light conversation. Mr. Horner asked me questions about school, my college plans, my life plans, my family. He even answered any questions I had about his job. He wasn't passionate about working on the oil rig but he was happy to be providing for his family.

After a dessert of French vanilla ice cream, Mr. Horner took the girls upstairs to read them bedtime stories. Mrs. Horner carried a tray of English Breakfast tea and four mugs into the family room.

Darwin's mug was only half full, which confused me. Until he poured an insane amount of cream and scooped five teaspoons of sugar in.

"Gross," I said in disgust. "That's more cream and sugar than actual tea."

Darwin laughed in response and said, "Only way I can drink tea."

So we chatted some more around tea. The Horners really were nice, funny people. I admired Mr. Horner for the amount of affection he showed his wife. Maybe that was due to the fact that he was away for three to four months at a time. His arm remained around Mrs. Horner's shoulders, and he occasionally pressed a kiss to her cheek or temple.

As they donned the thinnest of jackets, Mr. Horner said, "We'll be back in two hours. No funny business, boys."

Mrs. Horner wore a grin as she explained unnecessarily, "What he means is no hanky panky. No touching of private parts. Pants monsters stay in their--"

"--Mom!" Darwin cried in utter mortification.

Mr. Horner laughed as he ruffled his son's hair.

Darwin pushed his dad's hand away and promised, "We'll just be watching vintage Pokemon on Netflix."

Up in Darwin's room, Darwin grabbed his laptop off his desk as I got comfortable on his bed. Darwin started the anime from where we'd left off, episode four of series two, and laid his back to my chest. We cuddled as we watched the anime, and my thumbs softly kneaded his pectorals.

Fifteen minutes into the episode, as Ash Ketchum was mid battle, I couldn't ignore how hard my dick was inside my pants. Though Darwin didn't move, his lower back felt great on my straining penis. I slowly, tentatively slid my hands lower and slid my fingers inside Darwin's shirt.

"What are you doing?" Darwin asked quietly.

"Nothing," I whispered.

*I allowed my hands to travel further up inside Darwin's shirt. Feeling his developed muscles beneath my fingers felt fantastic, it caused my erect dick to leak. When I the tip of my middle finger brushed across his erect nipple, Darwin shuddered. *

Short of breath, Darwin stated, "Does- doesn't feel like nothing."

"No?" I asked with a smirk.

I pinched Darwin's nipple, and he whimpered to hide a moan. I slid my hands back down Darwin's warm skin, over his abs.

"You don't- you don't have to do anything," Darwin breathlessly stated.

"Really?" I whispered into Darwin's ear while my right hand caressed the bulge of his jeans. "So you're telling me to stop?"

"Fuck no," Darwin instantly answered. "No-not if you don't wanna."

I gripped the outline of Darwin's raging boner through his jeans before I asked, "So you're saying I have your full permission to slide my hand inside your pants? Want to see what my hand feels like when I touch your dick? Skin on skin?"

"Babe," Darwin moaned.

I kissed Darwin's cheek and unbuttoned his jeans at the time. Darwin squeezed his fingers on both my knees, clearly excited. I decided to torture my boyfriend some more by unzipping his jeans so slowly.

"Fuck," Darwin said quietly. "You're just teasing me."

"I am," I replied.

My hand slid into Darwin's orange trunks, but only caressed the coarse hairs of his bush. Darwin squirmed over me, and he groaned quietly in frustration. So I slid my fingers over his hot dick, and gripped it. Darwin moaned, and moaned even more when I slowly stroked up.

While I stroked Darwin, I said with awe, "Your dick feels so fucking good in my hand, Babe. Lift up."

Darwin obeyed. He lifted his butt off the bed, and I pushed his pants down to the middle of his thighs. And I moaned.

There before me lied Darwin's erect and throbbing dick on his tummy. It was beautiful, and so sexy, it looked be five inches in length, and had girth. The shaft was white, but from the circumcision scar up to the helmet head had a pretty pink tinge to it.

I whispered into Darwin's ear, "You're so turned on for me, huh, Babe?"

Darwin squirmed over me and begged, "Oh, God, don't tease me."

"Mm-mm," I promised as I once again gripped his throbbing cock. "Too excited to how much spunk I can make you shoot."

"Mmm," Darwin moaned. "Can I touch you, too?"

I suddenly became self-conscious, but I answered, "S-sure."

Darwin quickly pushed his pants further down his legs and dropped them down to the floor. He turned to his knees and captured my lips in a hasty kiss. I laughed softly in the lip lock, but reached for his dick.

Darwin reached with one hand and tried valiantly to unbutton my own jeans, but he had trouble with it. He detached our lips and used both hands to unfasten the button and zipper, his smile did not waver.

When Darwin got my pants undone, he had no finesse in pushing them down. I laughed softly as I lifted my butt.

"Damn," Darwin said in awe. "You're uncut. Why do I find that so fucking hot?"

I didn't get a chance to respond. Darwin pulled my jeans off sloppily and dropped them to the floor as well. I pulled Darwin's face back in and captured him a heated kiss. He gripped my shaft, and it sent electric waves throughout my whole body. I stopped moving my lips and moaned against Darwin's lips.

As he stroked my hard as rock dick, Darwin stated, "Fuck, Baby. You're so hot."

"Ahh," I moaned. "You think so?"

"Fuck yeah. Mmm!"

Darwin hummed happily when I grabbed his shaft again. I kissed his neck as we jerked each other's cocks, and suckled sweetly. Darwin moaned against my ear, and I felt so much precum seeping out of the tip of my dick. I touched the pad of my thumb to Darwin's slit and smeared his precum over his head.

"I don't-" Darwin began. "I don't think I'm gonna last, Baby."

I stopped stroking Darwin and asked, "Can I suck you off? I mean... if your comfortable with that?"

Darwin halted the jerking of my own member, but he was shocked. I looked to his face, and his pupils were blown so wide. I smiled, and kissed his cheek.

Finally, Darwin answered, "We-we can try sixty-nining?"

A grin formed on my lips as I replied, "Yeah."

I scootched down Darwin's bed, and at the same time, Darwin turned around. We both laid down on our sides facing each other. Darwin's five inches was throbbing and spewing fountains of precum.

When I once again wrapped my fingers around his shaft, Darwin said, "You don't have to- to swallow. If- if you don't want to."

"Yeah," I said. "Same."

Darwin peeled my foreskin back and immediately slid his lips over my exposed head. My head was thrown back of its own accord, Darwin's mouth was so warm and wet. The bobbing of his head made my balls tighten up. When I swiped my tongue across his pink dick head, Darwin stopped moving his head and moaned.

I didn't last more than ten seconds when Darwin once again pleasured me. His lips slid up and down my shaft, as I did him. His tongue pressed firmly against my perineum. I tapped tapped Darwin's thigh and groaned in pleasure.

Darwin received no further warning. My balls rose up close to my groin, tight, as my load shot forth. My chest tightened with how hard I shot. My whole body tightened as my orgasm overtook me. My hips bucked, and spurt after spurt of watery, hot spunk fired into Darwin's inviting mouth.

I had a single goal in mind after that; to make Darwin blow a load in my mouth. Even as my load shot into his mouth, Darwin rand maimed sucking me off. Even as my dick became much too sensitive, Darwin kept his mouth on me. So I sucked harder, hollowed out my cheeks, and bobbed my head faster.

Darwin abruptly removed his lips from my throbbing dick and said, "Fuck. Oh fuck. Babe."

That was my warning. In the next half second, a volley of hot liquid shot into my mouth. I continued to suckle on Darwin's spurting dick, and counted five more volleys of his seed that fired onto my tongue.

"Fuck," Darwin whispered as he slowly bucked his hips. "That's so fucking good, Babe."

Darwin, breathless, rolled onto his back, which made his red dick pop out of my mouth. I turned and laid down on top of him. Darwin giggled and wrapped one arm around my back.

After a kiss, Darwin stated, "Damn, that was- ten outta ten would do again. Five stars outta five. Well, maybe four-point-nine stars because I wish we did that without our shirts. But fuck."

I giggled, and then commented, "Dude, you're so weird."

Darwin lightly slapped my bare butt before he retorted, "Whatever, you love me."

And that was the wet blanket. My eyebrows rose so high that I wondered if they blended into my hairline. My heart skipped a beat, or ten, I was not sure.

"I- I mean..." Darwin stuttered and wiped his hand over his eyes. "Wow. Didn't mean to blurt that. But I love you. I do. I love you. I don't expect you to say it back, or even feel the same way. I know we've been boyfriends for not even three weeks yet, but I know that's how I feel."

"Dar," I quietly responded. "I don't know if- maybe I do love you back. I know that I care about you. And- wow. When I see you, I get all giddy. And you can't call me a girl because of that, because look at you. And you just read one of my books when I do homework. You're so patient. I- I love you."

"Yeah?" Darwin asked with a stupid smile. "Then- then can I kiss you?"

I craned my neck and laid a sweet, lingering kiss on Darwin's lips. Darwin's smile did not waiver as our lips danced together. Neither did mine.

Date Unknown

Being the king alien's personal slave was not as bad as I thought it would be. I expected to be beaten just because. I expected to eat maybe once every other day. I expected to be spoken unkindly to. I expected to be brought to a dungeon for sleep.

But no.

The aliens did not speak to me, and the king only did so when he needed something. When it asked for something like more of the dark yellow liquid in its cup, or commanded me to set its meal table, its voice was stoic, bland.

The king also had me sleeping in my own room attached to its own. Granted my new room was no more than forty square feet of space with only a stone-not-stone bed. The king also showed me a feature in my room; if I swiped my finger along the side of the bed, it changed the luminosity of the room.

I fucking know, right!? The grey-purple stone walls brightened and darkened the room! It could go from pitch black to painfully bright white. All the light came from the stone walls and ceiling.

I also ate twice a day; once when I was woken up, and once during the king's sixth meal of the day. During that time, an alien brought me back to my room for that.

I still cried myself to sleep every night. Or day. Or whatever time of day it was that I slept. Because I had no way to tell time, no windows to see outside, and my body clock was shot. I cried as I wondered where my family was. Where my Darwin was. I cried, praying they were all okay.

One night (or day), I had a nightmare that all four of my siblings were shacked to a stone wall with a dozen rainbow torture balls attached to their bodies. Their blood-cuddling screams woke me.

When I woke, I became even more scared because there was something on my legs. I swiped and the lights came on. There was an orange liquid that ghosted over my legs from the bed. That was how I got clean, I learned. I had never thought about how I stayed clean until then. It didn't occur to me.

I cried silently. Tears spilled down my face wordlessly. They were plentiful, and hot to the touch. I brought my knees up to my chest and hugged them as tightly as I could.

It could have been hours or even days when the wall dissipated and the alien carried a food tray in. I sniffled as it set the tray down before me, and the alien's white eyes turned to me for a moment. And then it walked right back out.

I screamed and threw the tray against the wall. I wasn't hungry anyway.

To Be Continued...

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Darwin Horner
Darwin Horner

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