Sure Ain't Earth….


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This was only supposed to be a simple, uneventful flight back to earth. I did my duty and served in the United League's Advanced Protection (ULAP) service since I was 18. I'm now 50 and very much tired of all the weird ass shit out there I've seen. There weren't really any wars actually, but the ULAP was put out there based on the paranoia of some bunch of bureaucratizes who controlled things years ago. They have been replaced but the ULAP remained, one of those 'you just never know' type things.

Brief bio I suppose helps. So I'm 50, 6'3”, 210lbs, very physically fit thanks to tons of time with nothing really to do so lots and lots of heavy exercising, plus use of the enhancing drugs that were developed initially for the services but then opened up to the public for general use. Ah the wonders of chemistry and science! Come to think about it, most of the ULAP veterans I knew were exactly the same, big, super buff, tough and huge. I had some hair on my body, but wouldn't consider myself a bear or anything. I had a decent cock I think at 8” hard and kind of thick, nice head that was wide and nice shape to it, low hanging balls that weren't all that shabby either. My name is Ted. Conceited right?

Nope. You have to understand that being in a far flung ULAP base means 99% males, mostly young to middle aged, all as macho as you can get with like I said nothing much to do other then exercise, play wrestle, compete in dumb ass events and have as much sex as you could handle. Some dumb ass scientist came up with the idea that keeping the active military horny, increased their attention span, reaction times were much faster and any aggression could be easily handled with sex. Hell, if you didn't want to mess around with a fellow ULAP member, they had a small group of civilian men who were paid super well to provide the needed services. They didn't need any payment from the service guys since they received a super good salary for being there and a yearly bonus for the number of services they managed to provide. I kind of gravitated to older then me guys, who left usually not too long after we hooked up. I tried to change all that figuring loosing someone I began to have feelings for wasn't all the healthy mentally, but I always ended up doing the same thing, older guy or nothing.

SO, having finally over doing my time and qualifying for a kick ass pension and all, I decided to head back to Earth where I was born and find some out of the way place to be around real trees, grass, lakes, rivers, fish, all that stuff that was completely artificial on the bases. Mountains, usually lots, animal life, not really unless you count dogs, cats and pet birds. So, back to the flight. I settled in for the 10 day journey back to earth, partially sleeping thanks to another wonder of chemists for 6 days, figuring 4 days I could easily handle. I was good now at handling boredom for sure. There were all sorts of distractions for me within the mini cabin I had so I never saw nor met with anyone else on the flight, except for the crew of course. Meals, drinks, games, movies, you name it, it was there at the push of a button or voice command. Even had a sort of treadmill and weight machine built into it to stay fit. I was content, keeping the idea of what I was going to be able to have back on earth. I think just laying on a beach by any ocean would make me cream myself.

The ship shook, bounced and rolled, which scared the crap out of me and I'm sure everyone else on the ship. First thought I had was we were being attacked by unfriendly life forms of rouge pirates who liked to play wild wild west and rip off transports and passenger/cargo ships. I lifted the shade on the window, which was actually a screen being fed by an external mini cam, and nothing. I stared very carefully to make sure I missed nothing, and nope, nothing flew by, no flashes reflecting off the parts of the ship that would definitely show reflections of bright flashes. Shit, what the hell could it be then?

Suddenly, an announcement came across by an artificial voice.

Please remain calm. The crew is working very hard to insure the propulsion system anomaly is repaired as quickly as they can. Remain in your cabins, enjoy some of the amenities available to you and relax, stay calm. Thank you for your cooperation. To avoid any unnecessary injuries, all cabin doors have been locked.”

That sure as hell wasn't very reassuring to me. I'm not the type of person to deal with being locked up against my will lightly. I of course had to try the door and sure enough, locked tight. No glass window to break, no external mechanism to dismantle at all. That made me actually start sweating. I got a few super shots of liquor, downed those and then a bunch more. What could I do anyway. I was locked in my cabin and had no clue as to how I could escape my new prison at all. Things seemed to settle down a bit and just when it seemed we were fine, wham, same stuff, shaking, banging, jerking hard left and right then being jolted forward. Damn this was not a good thing I knew. Either they had no way or clue how to repair whatever it was or they screwed it up even more by trying to fix it. Suddenly, gravity left and I flew up to hit the ceiling of the cabin hard. I tried getting myself down towards my seat to buckle in when wham, I hit the ceiling really hard got a good bump on my head and saw stars and then blackness.

When I came to, I was laying on the floor of my cabin. I noticed a good sized crack in the side of the cabin where the hallway to exit was and another just where the back wall of my cabin started. That one was a bit wider on top. There was a funny smell all over and the consoles and machines inside the cabin were slowly fizzing out, producing a cloud of smoke that stunk like hell. I ripped apart some of the bedding to make a mask for my face knowing inhaling those fumes would not be a good thing. I filled anything I could find with water which seemed to be still available and even a super large container of booze. The solid food machine was toast already so getting any food was not going to happen, at least in my cabin. I stayed calm and listened carefully with my head close to the inside crack. I figured the crew or somebody would be running to and fro trying to help passengers out of their cabins somehow and get us away from the obviously crashed ship. Not a sound except for the occasional moan and scream of pain. No foot steps, no shouting, nothing but hissing and the sound of electrical sparks doing their thing. I looked around and managed to rip off the arm of the seat assembly and began to pound away at the door and the crack. I didn't think just staying put right now was a good plan at all. I did that until I felt very tired and decided to rest before trying my luck on the outside of the cabin wall since that crack was wider. I must have zonked out for a few hours as all of the machines in the cabin were toast now. When I looked at the outside crack I noticed what had to be sunlight beginning to shine through the large part of the crack. Well, that was kind of a good thing as at least where we crashed had air since I wasn't gasping for it and the blowers of the recirculating ducts weren't working. It had a sun so maybe there were plants and critters enough to sustain life. Who knows, maybe even fresh water and oceans. Motivation, that's what those thoughts definitely were.

I began to whale away on the crack and wall for all I was worth. I was making the crack bigger and before I had to stop and catch my breath, saw the top part of the wall was bending outward. I pushed stuff under it on the floor so I could get up high enough to see out the wider crack. Yep, it was sunny, a few odd colored plants I think here and there, bright reddish sand it looked like and boulders all over the place. Okay, might be okay and able to survive at least. It took me the rest of the day and part of the night before I figured I could get myself through the now bent out opening after working at it in the morning. I was beat and laid down, took a few shots of booze and was out quick. The sun coming in brightly through the wide crack woke me up. I did my nature duty and picked up the arm again and pounded like a mad man. When I finally stopped, I looked at it and knew I could easily fit through it. More importantly, fit back inside if I needed to head for safety. Defending the opening would be much easier to defend rather then out in the open with lord knows what protection and against anything that might already live in this place.

I packed up what I thought was important for survival and that I could use for defense if needed, dumping out my traveling military long bag and putting in my supplies. I got up on top of the pile of stuff below the crack and pushed my upper body through it, looking around before I threw out my bad. Nothing weird other then those plants from what I could see, so I threw out my bag, pulled myself up and out of the crack and fell down to the soft sand. Lucky for me none of the boulders or rocks were below the crack otherwise I might just be in a bad way now. I looked around, put my bag over my shoulder and holding my arm weapon, walked to the front of the ship. It was in like 4 pieces. I walked carefully into the piece I was in and looked up and down the corridor. I didn't really heard anything at all. I decided to look for some emergency lever that would hopefully unlock the cabin doors. Sure enough, at the tail end of the hallway past the cabins, there was a large red lever looking thing labeled 'EMERGENCY OCCUPANT DOOR RELEASE', which cracked me up. Why couldn't they just say 'EMERGENCY DOOR RELEASE'? I dropped my bag off my shoulder and grabbed on the lever and pulled in the direction of the arrows. It moved a little bit, but then stopped dead. I tried all I could think of and finally just grabbed on to it, pulled my lower body up to be able to brace my feet on the back wall and jerk the handle for all I was worth. It slowly began to move, stop, move, stop and finally it released, sending me crashing to the floor. I got up, turned around and sure enough, all the doors to the cabins were either fully open or at least some what open. I picked up my bag and slowly walked from cabin to cabin to see if anyone needed help or I could help get out of their cabin with some supplies.

It was somewhat gruesome at first as bodies were laying in weird ass positions, obviously smashed hard like I was but not as lucky as I was it seemed. I picked up whatever I thought would be useful and help in survival, covered up the bodies and moved on. Finally, one cabin, I heard the body on the floor moaning. I flipped him carefully on his back and he had a good sized cut on his head, a puffed up nose and bruises on his face. I lifted his shoulders up and slowly got him to drink some water. His eyes opened and he smile.

Though nobody would be alive,” he said before passing out.

I figured I'd finish going through all the cabins before coming back to figure out what I could do for him. I was pretty sure there would be some sort of medical station around where the crew gathered. There had to be on these ships just in case I was sure. I found a cabin that was empty, which I thought was strange as usually the ships didn't make a trip unless all cabins were occupied. I knew everyone on the ship had to be a part of the ULAP or technicians and or engineers who maintained the equipment. I continued my search of the cabins and luckily found a few more moaning men who I knew were engineers. Then in the last cabin I checked, there were 3 ULAP members, younger then me, obviously heading back after serving their mandatory time of 5 years. I got 2 of them to come with me to see if we could pick up medical and other necessities before taking care of the injured. They knew me as a senior officer so there was an instant reaction of obeying orders from me. We went through the other sections of the ship, did indeed find a full medical equipped cabin right in the central crew compartment. It was not part of the electronic cabin door system so it was fairly easy to slide the entry door away and enter the medical station. It was really loaded with medical supplies including drugs and surgical items. We looked around and found what was a transport gurney that could be used to bring the injured men into the medical station. I sent the 2 of them back to the farthest cabin that I found the first guy to pick him up, place him in the medical station and then get their cabin companion. I checked around the crew area and found more items of use including 3 pulse weapons, obviously kept just in case pirates boarded the ship. The front section was the flight crews area. It was truly a mess, hit hard by electrical fires and debris that was strewn all over the area. No one in that area was alive. I found blankets and sheets to cover them up and headed back to the medical station.

The men had finished bringing in the 2 other survivors and one of them was busily cleaning them up and doing a fairly decent examination of them. I told the other 2 to follow me to see if we could get access to the cargo area and see what we could use for our survival. I knew the ship already had the automatic emergency beacon going as the tell tale strobe on the top of the ship was flashing madly. We walked all the way around the cargo area outside and found an access panel they had to use to move the freight in and out of the ship. We managed to release the door, pry it open and just stood there as all you could see was flashes of light as the interior lighting blinked on and off. We had to figure out how to fix the electrical connections so the lights remained on. I knew the electrical system was at least on and working in the cargo area as the lights wouldn't be flickering if it wasn't. Luckily, one of the guys had some experience working on some electrical problems with an engineer he was shacked up with. He slowly moved toward the front of the cargo area right behind the cabins as we all thought that would be the most logical place for the controls and electrical generation units.

The other guy whose name was Bill, and I pried open a cargo unit and laughed as it contained mineral samples and mining equipment. It was a waste of time checking out the others until the lights were working, so Bill and I told Dave the other ULAP guy that we were heading back to the medical station to check on the others. I told him not to be dumb and if he heard of saw anything unusual he was to make it back to the medical station either by going through the separation door or running his ass off outside. He was not to use the pulse weapon I gave to him unless he was backed in a corner or up against heavy odds. As I said, all ULAP service men were in super shape physically. Bill and I headed back to the Medical station, carefully checking out the physical area around the ship wreckage. Sam was the ULAP medic taking care of the other 2. The ULAP injured guy was Tim and the engineer was Craig. I made sure Sam had access to a pulse weapon, Dave had one, Bill had one and I had one. Between the 5 of us, we could do some pretty nasty damage to anything or anyone who threatened us.

Sam, Dave and Bill were really hot, super fit and very well hung it seemed from the outlines in their crotches. Craig was close to my age or older, tall, a bit on the heavy set side, hairy as a gorilla and had a thick strong look to his body and a cock that looked like a weapon with massive balls that I thought would be in his way if he went commando and tried to walk for a long distance. Tim was the smallest of the group at 6', had a nicely developed body, not as muscled and huge and Sam, Dave, Bill and myself, but certainly more then any average male would have. His cock was kind of nice, not large but fat with nicely big balls and a super hairy crotch and legs with a strip of thick hair running up to his belly button and then thinning out as it went up towards his chest.

Well Sam, what kind of status are these 2 in?” I asked with authority.

Well sir, Craig is heavily bruised and probably has a concussion. No evidence of broken bones or serious wounds. I gave him a sedative to keep him calm and help him to sleep, Sam said as a typical report. “Tim on the other hand does have a broken leg and arm, a concussion and is heavily bruised. I have injected him with pain killers, a sedative, and used the broken bone dressing to take care of his bones. Neither of them is what we would term seriously injured, however they will be out of action for a time to be sure. Traveling will be impossible for them well, at least for Tim until his leg is healed enough to let him walk with his bone dressing, sir.”

Very good Sam, keep a good eye on them please,” I said patting him on his shoulder. “Dave is working to get the electrical power unit working in the cargo bay so we can see what useful items are there. We'll all do a recon and try to set up the best place for our main camp offering us the highest level of protection. We have no idea what sort of creatures inhabit this place or if there are any higher life forms here. Okay men, lets get things done so we can all eat and rest up.”

Bill and I headed back to the cargo area and saw Dave hard at work messing with all sorts of wires and relays.

How's it going Dave?” I asked.

Not too bad sir, “ Dave responded. “I've cannibalized these relays I found back there and should have the electrical station working super quick. Just a bunch of wires to be hooked up sir.”

Well if you need any help, just yell out,” I said. “Not that either Bill or I could do much but the offer is out there.”

Bill and Dave both looked at me weird and then cracked up.

Good to know you have sense of humor sir,” Dave said with a smile.

Yeah, well at my age, takes some heavy shit to get me to think its all that serious. Oh please men, my name is Ted and considering our situation, sir is out, got me?”

I smiled. “We have enough shit to deal with to pay attention to all that military crap. Okay?”

Sure thing Ted,” both of them laughed and shook my hand.

Makes this shit easier to take for some reason,” Bill laughed.

Yeah, well hopefully, one of you guys paid attention in the survival classes,” I laughed. “Oh, and while I think of it, one of the cabins was empty when I was checking them all out. I know that isn't normal since every cabin had to be taken before the ship would have left for earth. So just keep an eye out just in case. Have no idea at all who was in that cabin and why thy just took off, okay?”

The guys all shook their heads. Dave did manage to get the electrical station going again. We slowly and methodically went from container to container to see if anything we could use was inside of them. With luck, Dave spotted a container lifter/mover which would be perfect for moving the part of the ship with the medical station right back up to the cabins section which would let him connect the medical and crew sections back to the cabin, cargo section and have power from the now working electrical station. I liked that idea since it would close the gap between the medical section and the cabin section, let us move the pilot section sideways to completely block the medical section, in effect sealing off both from any intruders. We could use the container lifter/mover to block the back door to the cargo area when we buttoned up for the night. Dave cannibalized the ship outside lights to position bright lights aimed out from the ship like a perimeter lighting system giving us a good view of any one coming towards the ship at night. Luckily, one thing for sure we didn't have to concern ourselves with was heating. The daytime was really warm and the sand and boulders gave off a ton of heat all during the nighttime. We had no idea if this planet had other seasons since we didn't have a clue where the hell we were.

Craig slowly started getting better, more aware and able to hold down a conversation. It wasn't hard then to pick up that Dave and Bill had a relationship going, at least they acted like they did. I imagined it was something they started like practically all the men on station. Sam obviously had a more then purely medical interest in Tim the way he dotted on him and went out of his way to make certain he was comfortable. I spent what free time I had talking with Craig, knowing how lonely he had to be with Sam giving Tim all of his attention.

Bill, Dave and I armed ourselves, packed up some supplies and headed out on recon missions around the area of the ship. I wanted to see if we could find whoever it was that ran off plus try to see what was actually out there as far as food and water especially. Knowing if there were other creatures near us wouldn't be a bad thing either. Craig new our situation as before I left on patrol the first time, I briefed him on what we accomplished and what Dave had done. Craig was impressed and said if it was okay, he'd like to mess around with the radar system on the ship to maybe set something up that would warn us of anything coming near or in our direction and also, alert us of any ships that may be passing overhead or at least within the bounds of the horizons.

Bill, Dave and myself took our time and made sure to keep a running map of our location and direction. We dubbed the directions just like we did on earth, with the sun rising in the east and setting in the west. We had no idea if that was right, but it was more then enough to give us some sort of bearing on which way we were heading and the direction we had to go to return to the ship. Bill was really interested in the plant life. The odd colored weed like thing seemed to be the most prevalent with some bushy puffy things spattered all around. There didn't seem to be any large plants like trees around from we could see so far, but Bill seemed to think we'd find some as we were probably in a desert region of the planet. As we went out further and further, small changes in the landscape did start to show up like more types of plants and different colored boulders. Bill was really into the science aspect of it all while Dave and I were just along for the ride it seemed. When we finally made it to the other side of the ship and began heading further and further outwards, we all heard a sound that was vaguely familiar. None of us could pinpoint what it reminded us of so we just headed in the direction it seemed to be coming from. We went around a large pile of boulders and stopped dead in our tracks. There, before our bugged out eyes was a huge tall, fat waterfall falling down into a very large lake that spread out towards the horizon, really cool looking trees and plants thick all around the lake as far as we could see along both shores. We were obviously at a higher altitude then the lake but not at the height of where the waterfall originated from. It took all Bill and I could do to calm Dave down and make him go slowly down towards the lake shore. It wasn't all that bad of a decent, but still, we didn't know if the rocks were loosened or if they suddenly just stopped and a sheer cliff went downward. Luckily, none of those were the case. Before Bill and I could catch up to Dave, he was butt naked, his broad shoulders, bowling ball ass cheeks and thick muscled thighs were moving around as he charged and dove into the waves of the lake. I didn't like it as we had no idea if there were any type of predator fish in the water or if the water was even safe. Yelling at Dave was pointless as he was on his mission to swim and frolic in the water. It did look so inviting as it wasn't very easy for us to be super clean and we all smelled a bit ripe.

Bill looked at me and shrugged his shoulders, stripped and ran into the water towards Dan. Bill was no little shrimp by any means but when he came close to Dave, Dave lifted him up into the air like Bill was flying as he laughed, spun around and launched Bill outwards. It was hard not to get a hard on seeing those magnificent hard bodies acting out. Both of them spun each other around, Dave being the more dominant of course just from his size. From picking up Bill and throwing him about, his biceps bulged so huge, his veins were popping like made. Bill's body was doing the same thing but not to the degree of Dave's. They both yelled at me to join them, but I felt obligated to stay with their stuff, weapon at the ready just in case any surprises popped up. They eventually understood and thanked me for taking guard duty before going back to goofing off. I sat down on a boulder that had a high stack behind my back with an easy view of the directions on each side of us.

It got to be awfully difficult to keep an eye out, especially when Dave lifted Bill like before, Bill stretched out like he was flying in the air and then Dave lowered him, turned his face up towards Bill's crotch and sucked it in all the way as he lowered Bill then lifted him and so on. Dave was making Bill's cock fuck his mouth. Of course Bill was not complaining at all, just spreading out his arms and legs as Dave lifted him up again. Bill's cock was beautiful as it was reflecting the sun off the drops of water all over his body. Without feeling any need for discretion, Bill began to scream at Dave to just fuck him. Dave threw Bill and then rushed up to him, wrapped his arms around Bill's waist and lifted him up. I saw his one hand reach down to grab his cock at the base and when he lowered Bill down, aimed it perfectly into Bill's waiting ass. Bill screamed, kicked, shook, jerked, swore as Dave seemed to just ram him hard up and down his thick, long cock with the super large head. I even cringed at the thought of Dave's cock head being rammed up my ass like Bills was rammed. Bill seemed to have had a switch turned on that made him like a raving lunatic unable to get enough of Dave inside of him. Dave would stop, hold Bill up with one arm, grab his head with his free hand and twist Bills entire head until Dave could wildly fuck Bills mouth with his tongue. Dave was really getting into it as he began to bite Bills neck and shoulder. Dave moved Bill away from his body, easily flipped Bill around to face him. Bill latched on his legs around Dave's waist, Dave lifted him and slammed him back down hard on his cock. I was watching with my mouth open as Bill just laid back, held up by Dave's cock up his ass and was jiggling his entire body like it was a vibrator on Dave's cock. Dave was slamming his huge hands on Bill's pecs, roughly playing with them and then slamming his mouth down on one nipple and then the other. Their sex was the roughest, wildest I had ever witness. Watching it got me hot to be sure, but at the same time, got me to thank myself for not being into young bucks like these 2.

Out of the corner of my eye, I thought I saw something a bit large at the very edge of my field of vision on the right side of the shore. I jumped up and walked towards the water, keeping my body aimed at where I knew I saw something that wasn't there when we arrived down at the lake. I whistled and pointed to where I saw whatever it was and waved at them to get in closer to the shore. They knew I wasn't goofing off as my weapon was pointed and the red sighting laser was on. Dave quickly moved them both towards the shore and asked me with a very serious look what I saw.

Don't know Dave, just caught it out of the corner of my eye while watching the porn fest you 2 were putting on. I know it wasn't there when we got down here and it wasn't small by any stretch of the imagination. It was big, very big and it was definitely checking all of us out,” I said not taking my eyes off that direction.

Shit, that must mean there is other life on this planet,” Bill said turning into the scientist again.

Either that, or the missing cabin person was some sort of giant,” Dave laughed.

Yeah, wonder what size cock he has,” Bill said seriously.

Jeeeze Bill, you are one sick perverted slut,” Dave laughed as he smacked Bill on the side of his head, with his cock still deep inside of Bill's ass of course.

Well guys, hate to do this, but you best finish up your romp and we should head back to the ship. Maybe Craig got the radar working and hopefully Tim is able to get around by now,” I said still staring in the direction of the mystery thing.

Bill latched his arms around Dave's neck and said, “Well you heard the man, get your ass in gear and fill me up you shit.”

Shit? You called me a SHIT?” Dave yelled as he began to really pound Bill hard up and down his cock with his arms squeezed tight around Bill.

Bill was panting, gasping and throwing his head back. Dave's arms, shoulders, ass cheeks, biceps, pecs and neck were popping unbelievably and he was turning super red pounding Bill up and down. Bill screamed out and his entire body flexed and shook. That set Dave off who rammed Bill down super hard on his cock, his face had a look like he was going to explode, his body got an unbelievable pump and then he started screaming, yelling, panting, swearing in between doing some quick hard pumps of Bill up and down his cock. I saw the massive amounts of cum spraying out of Bill's ass all around Dave's cock. It was unreal how much cum this guy produced. I got pissed at myself because I did take my eyes off of my possible target to take in the massive fuck and cum show these 2 were putting on. Finally, Bill's whole body went limp like a noodle in Dave's arms. Dave slowly calmed down and began to get his normal color back. He ducked them both down into the water and when he came back up, Bill was freed from Dave's killer cock.

Come on now Bill, you got to snap out of it already,” Dave laughed as he shook Bill and splashed water on his face. “Come on boy, fun time is over with for now.”

Bill snapped himself out of it but not before latching his arms around Dave's neck and obviously giving him a super wet, sloppy passionate kiss. Dave's face just beamed as they headed back to the shore and he latched his hand over Bill's ass cheeks and said 'that's all mine.'

Okay you 2 love birds, lets get this show on the road. I'm not feeling very good about this sudden visitor and will feel much better back at the ship,” I said seriously.

Bill and Dave didn't delay at all. They were quickly dressed, packs back on and weapons armed. We made a bee line for the ship. When we got inside the ship, both Craig and Sam knew something was wrong.

So what's going on? From the look on all 3 of your faces, something happened,” Craig said seriously.

Yeah and why is your hair all wet and your clothes?” Sam asked feeling the still wet shit on Dave and then on Bill.

Well, first off, we found this super neat water fall that you guys have to check out. Then we saw the huge lake it emptied into,” Dave said all excited.

Yeah, and there were all sorts of trees and bushes all down the shoreline of the lake from what we could see. The damn lake went from horizon to horizon,” Bill said all excited.

But, the bad part guys is that while these 2 were messing about in the water, out of the corner of my eye, I spotted something that wasn't there when we arrived at the lake. It was big, real big and obviously watching us. I kept my weapon armed and aimed where I thought I saw it,” I said shaking my head. “I'm not feeling really good about this guys. Okay, so we know there probably are other creatures on this planet. We know for sure there is water and loads of plant life. Trouble is, we have no idea if the creatures are friendly or hostile.”

Yeah, that is a worry for sure,” Craig said thinking seriously. “On a plus side, I did manage to mess with the radar systems. We have horizon to horizon outer space scanning and 2 different systems to scan each side of the ship, going out at least 300 feet or more. Should give us plenty of advanced warning of anything heading our way. I rigged up an alarm system on the land one and the space one so we don't have to sit at a console and manually monitor it.”

Wow Craig, that's such great new,” I laughed actually hugging him, which seemed to really surprise him and the other guys.

Tim here is doing really great and I am fairly certain he should be able to start walking about within a day or 2,” Sam said proudly.

Oh oh, that just means some sort of shit is going to hit the fan,” Dave said sadly. “Hey, don't give me that weird ass look! You know its true. Every damn time some good news comes our way, bam, shit fly's.”

Yeah, I think he is right on that one,” Tim piped in.

Okay, lets keep this professional and by the book guys,” I finally said reminding them they were ULAP, well except for Craig.

I agree with Ted, have to buckle down and keep this like it was a full military operation. I think its the only way we'll stay safe or at least have a fighting chance if there are hostiles here,” Craig offered.

Thanks Craig, you hit it on the head. Guys, all our training counts for sure now. I know from being in so damn long, when something goes down, the training just seems to take over your thinking process and it happens. So, from now on, nobody goes alone outside the ship. In the ship, we all are informed of where any one of us is going before going there, no exceptions. Waking us up to say you are heading to the can in the cargo bay counts and better take place. All we need is some sort of security breach with the cargo crate door seal to end up shits creak without a paddle,” I said in my formal military voice.

Everyone shook their head and said 'yes sir' before moving to their cabins to put things away. We deemed the crew area outside the medical area as our central meeting and eating area. As soon as we but our things away, we met back up there to get the details on Craig's radar set up and go over what I was fairly sure I saw. Dave, Bill, Sam, Craig and I all decided to sleep in the 2 cabins directly past the medical section since Tim was not able to move just yet. Sam wanted to sleep in there with him, but all that was available was the gurney Craig used and that had to be kept available in case someone else became injured. The gurneys had an automatic sterilization unit to keep any type of bacteria or virus from getting to the patient and removing all left over bacteria or virus from the former patient.

Dave and Bill slept in one cabin and Craig, Sam and myself in the other. The one I shared with Craig and Sam was bigger then the other one and could easily handle 5 or more people. We settled in for the night and all were startled awake by the land radar signal screeching away. Craig flew to the console and pinpointed where the object was at. Sure enough, you could actually see it moving closer towards us, very carefully and slowly. Dave, Bill, Sam and I all got our pulse weapons and had them ready. We watched as the slow moving object suddenly began moving faster and another object showed up behind the first. It looked as if the first object was trying to run away from the 2nd object. Craig studied the screen and image and told us the 2nd object was quite a bit larger then the first object. He felt the first object was normal human size where as the 2nd was way past anything considered normal for a human. I had to think quick and decide what to do.

Okay, I'm going out there to try and keep the big thing away from the maybe guy coming towards us. You guys keep me covered and only fire your weapons over me and the guy so you don't take my balls off or anything, got it?” I said in command.

Yes sir, got it,” the guys all said in unison.

I squeezed myself out of the service door of the cargo bay and had Dave relay to me the direction I needed to go. It was pretty basic really. Craig would yell to Sam which direction to move, Sam to Bill, Bill to Dave and Dave to me. Crude but it worked. I thought we'd have to get Craig to work on a radio system we could use to communicate when not in each others sight.

Dave yelled out that the first guy fell or something and the big guy sped up towards him. I slowly began to move towards the guy that fell but it was awfully hard to spot him even with the glaring lights from the ship. Just when I thought I caught sight of the guy, I saw a really big hand and arm reach out, grab the guy by his ankle and yank him up into the air as it turned and ran. I didn't want to fire afraid I'd hit the guy so I aimed to the side away from where they seemed to be heading and fired a few times, my pulse weapon hitting some boulders sending out very loud noises and sparks of energy blasts along with flying rock pieces the pulse exploded off the boulder. Before I knew it, Dave was right there next to me, weapon aimed where mine was.

Shit Dave, something big just yanked the guy off the ground like a piece of paper and held him up high in the air as he ran off real fast. I didn't want to take a chance and hit the guy, so I fired in this direction,” I said all pissed off.

You did good sir, probably would have blasted the poor guy before the thing and that would be a waste for sure,” Dave said patting me on my back.

Okay, lets get back inside and work up some sort of rescue plan or something,” I said disgusted with myself.

Back inside, I relayed what happened. All were silent, deep in thought. Craig was the first one to agree that it was good I didn't just shoot as more then likely the guy would then be history and who knows what the big thing might have done then especially if it was wounded. The others then agreed. I went through some scenarious and the only one that made any sense to me was that I would head out during the daylight and try to track down the guy and thing. At least during the daylight I'd have a clear shot if I needed to take one. At first they didn't like that, Dave insisting he could do it. I refused to let the responsibility fall from my shoulders as I felt responsible for the poor guy being taken. Bill wanted to go with me to see what he could learn about the creature, but Dave and I both shot that down real quick. Craig offered to go with me, but I said he was way to value able to take a chance like that. Reluctantly he agreed. Tim was funny when he just spoke up and said he could go with me.

Sam smacked him in the head and said, “What? You going to take off your bone cast and beat the thing with it?”

We all had to laugh at that comment, even though it was right on the money.

First light, I had a pack filled with some things I thought I might need, my weapon and a copy of the crude map we made as we went around. I was kind of shocked when Craig gave me a tight, long hug and kept telling me to please be careful. Hugs from Bill, Sam, Tim and Dave made me feel really good for some reason. So off I went heading in the direction the large thing was heading based on the radar scope. I looked carefully and did manage to pick up some tracks still in the sand. The feet that made them sure were large. I also saw where the guy fell and was trying to belly crawl towards the ship before being taken. The trail led back to the water fall and lake, down the one side of the lake towards where I saw the big thing first and then into the jungle for a lack of a better term. I went kind of far before I noticed a large pile of like palm tree leaves spread out and some blood on them. I wasn't sure what to make out of that at all. Then as I walked further in another direction the huge footprints were going I saw more evidence of blood on branches, leaves and the sand. Damn I thought, the poor guy must have really gotten hurt. Suddenly, the sand was heading for my face really quick and I felt a growing pain on the back of my head and upper back. When I came to, I saw the guy laying close to me, didn't look like he was breathing at all and loads of blood in between his legs and noticed his cock and balls were swollen and somewhat raw.

I went to sit up but couldn't. I then realized I was completely naked and my hands and feet were tied to something like tree trunks or big branches that weren't rough but very smooth. I heard the sound of very loud breathing and turned my head. There, looking down at me really intensely was the biggest frickin guy I'd ever see in my whole life. He had to be over 10 ft tall at least. He looked very strong but not with a build like a body builder or the usual UDAP servicemen. His head was bald he had a wild looking thick beard, hair all over his body, legs and arms, a super thick, long patch of pubic hair and a cock that is super hard to describe. It was super fat, long with what looked like thick hide on it, the head was slightly peeking out of the foreskin and that was obscene by itself it was so long and wide. Its balls were super thick, close to the size of an orange, his thick rough looking sack covered in thick long hair. His thighs were really big as were his calves and feet, all hairy. His arms seemed longer then most men had and his fingers were really long and thick. His eyes were very large and he had thick bushy eyebrows. This guy looked like he was in some sort of sword and sandal movie and left here to make it on his own.

He slowly came over on top of me, his legs straddling both sides of my legs, slowly looking me up and down. He said something which I couldn't make out at all.

Who are you and why am I tied up and naked,” I said somewhat pissed off.

He said some bunch of gibberish and pointed at the dead guy.

Yeah, that's not very good mister,” I said sternly. “You can't go around killing humans like that. What the hell did you do to him?”

More gibberish. This was going really well. I kept asking stupid questions and he kept giving me stupid gibberish. Finally, I guess he was tired of not understanding me and me him, he reached down, took hold of the thing holding my arms apart and lifted me up like I was a live painting in a frame. He walked over to one of the funny looking trees and hooked my arm thing over a low branch. He moved back like he was trying to decide if I looked good on this wall or not.

What the fuck bud, do I look like a painting to you?” I said really pissed off.

He looked at me, mumbled some gibberish and proceeded to use his fingers to give me one hell of a feel job from my head down to my toes. I think I remember watching some old movie that had some guy examining a cow or horse or something, turning its head like he was turning and tilting mine.

Hey hot shot, I'm old meat. Make a really tough roast I bet,” I yelled at him.

Gibberish, move examination and then he had the branch holding my feet apart and tied down lifted as he begun to lick my balls and cock like some damn ice cream cone. Boy did I tell him a thing or 2. Nobody messes with me like some damn ice cream cone. I realized how stupid that sounded, but shit, like he knew what the hell I said? Man, I do have to admit, the feel of his cheeks and that damn thick bushy beard on the insides of my thighs felt really wild as did his super slimy wet tongue doing its thing on my balls and cock. The funny thing is that I wasn't scared or nervous, just really pissed off. No thought about me being lunch or dinner, just pissed off that he thought I was some damn kids treat.

No matter how pissed I was, my cock could care less after a few minutes of that damn tongue working on me. He carefully watched as my cock grew and got thicker and then throbbed and bounced. He slid his head under the foot branch and had my legs resting on top of his shoulders, his hands now free to mess with the rest of me. Damn this guy had a thing for my thighs and ass. I never felt such pressure on them before. He stopped, looked at the dead guy and then back at me, spewed off a bunch of gibberish and really went to work on my ass and my cock and balls. When his hands moved to my pecs and he played with those, I screamed at him that I wasn't some damn slut for him to just mess with.

Lots more gibberish and back to my ass cheeks again. The precum was flowing super good from my cock and the bastard actually sucked in the head of my cock and sucked my precum out. He must have liked the taste as his eyes opened up wider and he stopped like he was thinking about something. Back came the tongue and the ass play. When my body shook and my muscles tensed, he saw my cum shooting from my cock, sucked my cock into his mouth and began to try real hard to suck my balls up through my cock into his mouth. Man did I let out a bunch of expletives and nasty shit on him.

Hey you stupid fuck, you don't need to suck my fuckin brains out to take my cum you shit for brains,” I screamed super angry.

He stopped, looked at me, released my cock, actually smiled and let fly a whole bunch of that gibberish shit. I of course answered back like I knew what the hell this pea brain was saying which just made him spew out even more gibberish. I finally shut up when his tongue began to work over my ass. It was first a get to know you kind of licking which quickly became I'm gonna fuck you silly with my huge long, fat slimy tongue thing. I saw him look at my face when his tongue pushed inside my ass. My mouth flew open and nothing came out, my eyes probably looked like they were going to fly out of my head and my neck was bulging as well as all my muscles and I know I turned so damn red cause I could actually feel my blood pressure hit the ceiling and heard my heart pounding in my ears. Damn this son of a bitch had a long fat tongue. I'd swear if it wasn't so slimy and sort of soft mostly, I'd think I had some asshole pushing 2 arms up my ass trying to get to see if he could come up my throat and out my mouth. This bastard I guess thought my reaction meant I liked it and he spread out his damn tongue which I thought for sure was going to rip me wide open. When he saw the pain expression on my face, his tongue went back to the long soft version he started out using. I never had that much of my insides stimulated in my entire life. It wasn't just my prostrate that reacted, it seemed like my entire intestine and my liver and kidneys, the whole bunch of those damn things got into the act somehow and were driving me absolutely nuts. He kept it up and his eyes got wide when I screamed, my ass clamped down on his tongue and I had an unbelievable orgasm that didn't seem to want to stop. By the time it finally did stop, my balls actually hurt like hell from producing such a huge load of cum I guess.

I was covered in sweat, panting, gasping and slowly turning into a very wet noodle that was disintegrating quickly and would flow like slime to the ground any minute. I then realized after some time that lover boy had unhooked my legs from being on his shoulders, had one hand on my lower back and was sliding his cock kind of hard up and down my slick sweaty and cum covered body. His fast flowing precum was mixing nicely with my cum making one hell of a mess but a slick one that he seemed to really like. The pressure from his hand on my back and his cock pushing up and down got much harder and faster. He latched his other hand so his fingers were squeezing tight on my neck and the back of my head. Then, I thought I was going to be completely deaf as the bellow that came out of his mouth was so damn loud and primal. His cum shot all up my body, splashed against my lower chin and what does stupid me do? Look down of course to just about get drowned by the amount of cum that hit my face. It actually forced my lips open and then I had to open my mouth to breath as his cum shot up my nose. I tried to move my head back, but lover boy held my head so my face was aimed down and I had no choice in the matter. He was going to feed me as much of his cum as he wanted me to have in spite of my struggling to break away. The jerk lifted me off that damn branch, moved me down so his cock head was right at my mouth and pushed his cock head in past my lips and teeth as he continued to flood me with his cum. Damn, I couldn't swallow fast enough or catch enough air when I did manage to swallow. I knew what was happening as the light started to close in around me before nothing but blackness. What woke me up was the feeling of his tongue moving all over my face and body, probably trying to clean up his huge mess. My stomach felt distended, so full of his cum I felt like I had a beer belly and then some.

There I went again, screaming at him about being a cum pig and trying to drown the shit out of me and on and on. He obviously knew I was pissed as he stopped licking me and just looked at me like he knew what the hell I was screaming at him. When I stopped to catch my breath, I got a whole slew of gibberish and then the licking went on like before.

The thought suddenly struck me. Where the hell were Dave, Bill, Sam and Craig? Didn't they think I was gone a bit long? Weren't they worried about me being held captive by this sex crazed pervert who obviously got off by raping humans? Damn, I know I'd go after one of them if they weren't back soon enough. Screw by the book shit, I wanted to be rescued from this brute like NOW. Once the brute was finished licking me like some damn dog might, he hooked me back on the branch, patted my stomach like I was carrying his baby or some shit and walked away. Oh great, just great. Now I'm going to be dinner for some other damn animal on this stupid planet. Here I was, all slick, spread out and all ready to just pick apart, helplessly strung out like some damn painting in a frame. I found myself looking all around up and side to side just to see if any vulture or creepy thing like that was hovering around. I heard branches moving and cracking and when I looked in that direction, here came the brute, drenched from being in the lake as his beard was dripping loads of water and kind of flattened out, his hair was matted all over his body and water was nicely dripping from his cock,balls and fingers.

Oh, like you're the only one that needs a frickin bath I suppose you dumb ass piece of shit,” I screamed at him. “And do something with this body, its really starting to stink.”

I felt bad I screamed that, but hey, it did reek. Damn if the brute looked at me and then at the body, grabbed it by the ankle and dragged it off somewhere. Holy shit, did he actually understand me? No way, must have been the way my nose was all scrunched up as I was staring at the body screaming at him at the same time. He obviously got the message which made me feel much better. Besides, yeah, the dead guy was probably human, but then I wouldn't know really since I never actually met the guy and for all I know he was a resident of the planet as well. Nothing I could possibly do about it anyway, I was too involved in being a nice painting in a frame wasn't I.

When lover boy came back, there he went again, hooking my foot bar on over his head to his shoulders and doing that whole tongue thing again. What the hell was with him? Didn't he realize it took some time for a guy my age to build up another supply? I was kind of surprised when my cock responded kind of fast to his tongue thing. When he started to fuck me with it again, damn my body felt like I have been horny for ages and needed it really bad. He went through the whole damn thing again, including drowning me with his cum. I felt like I needed to sleep for a week after he finished and was busy licking all of me. My stomach was bloated again and my whole insides felt super weird. He did that pat on my stomach again, smiled, said a whole bunch of gibberish and off he went. Again when he returned, he obviously went to the lake to wash himself. My arms and legs were beginning to cramp up from being tied and unable to move around. I let him know about that but the jerk didn't listen to me. Finally, as it was getting dark, he unhooked me from the branch, untied my feet and wrists, put me inside his crossed legs and just laid against the tree trunk and fell asleep. Great, my arms and legs are driving me crazy from falling asleep and hurting like hell from the constant cramping now and lover boy sleeps. I'm sure I didn't stay awake very long and woke up laying on his body with his hand across my ass. I moved to push my upper body up and he woke up, picked me up, flipped me around and over and put his tongue to work, just like that. He had his routine down pat for sure, not missing a beat. It seemed easier for him to drown me in his cum not hanging in the picture frame anymore because I swear I doubled the amount I took inside of me. I ended up fucked with his tongue again, my cum sucked out and me going back to being a wet limp noodle. He got up, flipped me over his shoulder and took me to the beach. My body revived as soon as I was in the water. I gulped down a whole bunch of it as I felt really thirsty. Suddenly, I spotted Dan coming out of the jungle with my stuff draped over his arm, my weapon stuffed into my bag and his weapon was aimed at me. I turned my head and there was Bill where we were first at when we discovered the lake, his weapon pointed right at me. I then realized they had their weapons clearly pointed at lover boy and not me. Dave fired his weapon and it made a huge splash a few feet away, followed by Bill on the other side. Lover boy seemed to panic and wasn't sure which way he should go. Finally after Dave and Bill fired a few more times getting really close to us, I was thrown up into the air towards Bill and lover body ducked under the water and quickly swam away in the opposite direction of the shoreline.

Well, its about damn time you showed up,” was my first greeting to Dave and Bill.

Sorry sir, had one hell of a time convincing Craig that by the book was shit and we were going after you no matter what he thought,” Dave said as he came towards where Bill was at, moving towards me to help me out of the lake.

Damn sir, did he feed you really good?” Bill said as he rubbed my distended belly.

Yeah, lover body just about drowned me with his damn cum that he produced in monster buckets,” I said all pissed off for some reason.

Sir, gotta say, you have one hot body on you!” Bill smiled.

Bill you dick, now ain't the time to try and mess around with Ted,” Dave laughed.

Sorry sir, he's a bit horny,” Dave said with a smile.

Well, you should get with lover boy and he'll take good care of that for you, believe you me,” I said still pissed off.

Brought your stuff sir, if you want to get dressed and we can head back to the ship,” Dave said handing me my clothes.

Yeah, suppose I should huh?” I said with a pissed off look on my face.

As I was dressing it dawned on me that I actually liked the feel of lover body and for some reason his cum made me feel kind of good. Damn, that was weird for sure I finally thought. Well, after getting dressed I finally hugged both Dave and Bill and thanked them for coming after me. Course I gave them shit for taking so long, but they knew I was just messing with them.

When we got back to the ship, Craig, Tim and Sam all hugged me super tight and had the biggest smiles on their faces. I barely put my bag down when I was bombarded with questions. I had to tell them everything at least 3 times before they let up. Sam said he'd like to take some blood tests and urine tests to see if anything odd showed up from me ingesting so much of the brutes cum. I thought about it and agreed it was a good idea, so I provided all the samples Sam wanted. I finally told them I was really tired and needed to rest a bit. They helped me into a cabin like I was some invalid and Sam sneaked up on me and shot me with a sedative. I had the wildest dreams while I was out, all about lover boy and how great it was messing around with him. I had no idea if he was older, but he sure as shit met my desire for a bigger guy taking charge. That was for damn sure. That bothered me when I woke up and was having a hard time dealing with that dreaming I did.

Craig kept checking on me while I was out and sat down on my bed when he saw I was awake.

What's up Ted, you have a very troubled look on your face,” Craig said patting my shoulder.

Oh, just after shock I guess Craig,” I lied.

Had to be super intense to say the least huh? I mean being manhandled by a guy that big and powerful,” Craig said patting my thigh.

Yeah Craig, intense, no super intense it sure as hell was,” I said thoughtfully.

Well, makes sense in a way, so don't think too much about liking it or anything. Our bodies have minds of their own when it comes to stuff like that,” Craig said with a soft smile. “Sam has some test results he wanted to go over with you and the guys have dinner waiting for you if you are hungry. They sure missed you Ted, big time.”

Kind of nice to hear your kids missed you,” I laughed. “They sure are good guys, that's for sure.”

Okay, if you're up to it, how about I help you to the meeting area so you can eat and talk to Sam then,” Craig said standing up and putting out his hand to help me up.

Sounds good, thanks,” I smiled taking Craig's hand which for some reason I realized had some power behind it.

Dave, Bill and Tim made a big fuss over getting me food and drink and Sam played doctor taking my vitals and more blood from me. He wanted to know if I wanted to wait to talk over the results he got from the diagnostic computers after I ate and we could talk in private. I didn't see why I would hide the results from the others as I figured it might cause some suspicion about weird ass diseases and stuff, so I said it was fine to go over it while I ate dinner.

Well, okay. According to the results, the alien cum has begun to modify your nervous system, your blood and internal organs. There are high amounts of some chemical the diagnostic computer can't identify, but it did pick up on lots of molecular changes going on in your whole body,” Sam said seriously.

So what does that mean?” I asked unsure of what the hell he was saying.

Hard to say, just that whatever that creature did to you, fed you or got into you somehow has affected the basics of your body and major systems. Doesn't seem to be bad necessarily from what I can see, but we have no way of knowing and the reference computer has no answer based on the test results,” Sam said with a worried look.

Great, so lover boy did some shit to me and we have no clue what it will do to me, is that it?” I said rather pissed off.

Lover boy? Wow, is that what you called him?” Dave said confused it seemed.

Yeah, called that ass hole a whole bunch of shit which he had no idea what I was saying. Just gave me a whole shit load of gibberish and I'm sure what I was yelling at him sounded the same to him, gibberish,” I said thoughtfully.

Kind of weird how he ended up obviously killing the other guy but not you,” Craig said.

I thought of that and remember while he was talking away with his gibberish, he would look at the guy, look at me and back again, almost with a sad look on his face. I'm guessing he had no idea how badly he was hurting the guy and learned a lesson that he wouldn't repeat it again with me. Almost seemed like he was experimenting to see what turned me on and just what he could do that wouldn't hurt me,” I said.

Yeah, that makes sense,” Bill added. “Obviously he has some reasoning skills and from how he reacted when we fired our weapons at you guys, he seemed to throw you away from him rather then take you under with him. Maybe he thought if he gave you up, we wouldn't hurt him, or he was doing as best he could think to get you out of harms way.”

Makes sense to me too,” Craig added.

Damn sir, you had to turn that guy on big time huh?” Dave said with a smile.

Well Dave, it was kind of hard to ignore the size of the guy, the size of his tongue, the size of his cock and the size of his balls. Not that I'm some sort of size queen, just stating the facts,” I said smiling at Dave.

There you go Billy, we have to hook you up with lover boy and make sure he satisfies you for a good long time,” Dave laughed.

Oh yeah, and just what would you do Mr. horn dog if I was satisfied for a long time? Huh?,” Bill said with a smug look.

Shit, I didn't think of that,” Dave said seriously.

That made all of us have a super good, long laugh, taking all the tension of the conversation away. Sam said he'd like to keep monitoring me to make sure things were going back to normal and the effects were going away. I agreed and we kind of settled into a routine again, back to scouting the areas all around and mapping out the landscape. I did think about lover boy a lot, but kept pushing him out of my mind. For some reason, Craig was starting to really seem hot to me. He didn't have a super muscular body like the others, but he was older, hairy and pretty damn powerful from what I felt and saw. His belly was fascinating me for some damn reason, especially how it was covered with all that hair and his super balls and cock had to be killer during sex.

One night, Craig suggested he and I sleep in a different cabin and give Sam and Tim some privacy since it was obvious to us all they were an item. I didn't think much of it and agreed with him. I undressed down to my underwear and laid down on my bed. Craig just looked at me as he stripped slowly completely naked and rubbed his balls and cock after they were freed from his underwear. He couldn't but help notice my eyes taking in his body and definitely his cock and balls.

Like what you see there Ted?” Craig whispered in a sexy voice I hadn't heard from him.

Shit Craig, who could not like the look of that weapon of a cock and those ungodly balls you got,” I laughed.

Well, how about taking it all in for a test ride then Ted,” Craig said with a serious look on his face.

I suppose I could, why not. I'm sure we are both rather horny huh?” I said with a slightly evil smile.

Me yeah, haven't had any for quite some time. Young bucks at the station weren't interested in me at all and I couldn't see using the service group. Just seemed so pathetic to me,” Craig said as he spread his legs apart a bit wide. “Why don't you scoot over to me and take a feel for yourself.”

I gulped for some reason and did just that, moving over to Craig standing there on my knees. I slowly reached out and felt his balls and then his cock. It almost scared me how fast his cock grew and looked very angry with small dribbles of precum coming from his piss slit. Before I knew it, Craig's strong hand was moving my face across and up and down his cock and balls.

Take a good smell of daddy, taste what daddy has for you,” Craig said with a growl.

I felt a chill when he called himself 'daddy'. That was probably a first for me in ages. With Craig though, it just fit for some reason. He told me to play with his balls and kiss and suck on the tip of his cock, fucking his piss slit with the tip of my tongue. That gave me the message he was in charge now and I was going to please him like he wanted. He moaned and hissed when I did what he told me to do. He held my head in his hands and pulled me up. He licked my lips and I kissed him back. He forced my head on to his pec and nipple which I grabbed and massaged with my hand and worked his nipple over with my lips, tongue and teeth.

Bite it, bite it good for daddy. Daddy like that,” Craig growled.

Well, he said, so I did which made him swear up a streak, push my face hard into his pec and I felt his cock pushing hard up my chest poking me in my throat. I felt his precum flowing down my neck, on to my chest. He knelt down taking me down with him, his knees on the sides of my upper chest, pushing my arms out to my sides. He rubbed his now slimed cock all over my face and then pushed the head of his cock into my mouth. Damn it was big and fat. The precum flooded my tongue and I sucked it for all I was worth. He reached a hand behind my head and pushed my head forward as he moved his hips to push his cock deep inside of my mouth. It didn't take anything at all for the tip of his cock to be pushing at the back of my throat. His hips moved forward and back as his hand behind my head pushed me harder and harder.

Yeah, show daddy how much you love his big fat cock,” Craig hissed.

Holy shit, I'd never guess Craig had that in him at all. It sure was hot as hell to me for sure. Only a slight problem as my mind kept flashing images of lover boy into my head, an even bigger turn on for some reason. Before I knew it, Craig had leaned his entire upper body down and forward to make his cock slide down into my throat, just about blocking any chance of breathing I might have had. I gagged, choked and tried to push him off of me.

Relax, open that fuckin throat of yours for daddy. Daddy is gonna have it boy. Breath through your nose and quite being a baby. Show daddy how much you love his cock fucking your throat boy,” Craig said rather harshly I thought, but it made me feel hot.

I did what he said and did my best to relax. I was able to stop gagging and pushing him off since breathing through my nose worked it seemed. I had no idea my throat could stretch that wide. When I tried to swallow, I guess the constriction of my throat muscles felt super good to Craig as he swore, yelled and growled as he kept saying 'that's my boy, make daddy feel real good.'

Damn he sure as hell knew how to turn a guy on and make him feel right off like some sex toy of his. He pulled his cock out and rubbed it all over my face, slid slowly down and wrapped his forearm behind my neck, his bicep pushing hard against the side of my head and he began to fuck the shit out of my mouth with his tongue. He slid down, attacked my nipples and pecs till it started to hurt. Then he sucked at my belly button which was weird as hell. I had no idea what he was going to do when he slowly turned himself around feeling up my muscles kind of hard, looked down at my face under his belly and crotch, told me to open daddy's toy wide and just rammed his cock back deep into my throat. Then he grabbed my ass cheeks, pulled my ass off the bed towards his face, sucked in my cock like it was 3 inches, made me gasp and moan, then sucked in my balls and I thought for sure he would either crush them with his tongue or suck them out of my ball sack. Just when I thought I couldn't take any more of that, he pulled harder at my ass cheeks, forced them wide apart and dove into my ass crack with his mouth and his tongue going berserk. He had my rosebud puckering like made in minutes. Then, I swear he took lessons from lover boy as he forced his full tongue deep inside of me and it went wild. Fat, skinny, flickering, rubbing, holy shit it was something else to feel for sure. There was that picture in my head of lover boy again.

Craig dropped my ass down, turned around, looked at me and smiled.

Now daddy gets to break his new boy in all the way,” Craig said with this evil look and sexy smile.

He roughly turned me over, used his hands to spread apart my ass cheeks laid down and began to slide his cock up and down my ass crack. His balls felt like some weird ass appendage rubbing against my balls and inner thighs. Then my mouth flew open, I gasped, yelled and swore as he just slid the head of his cock inside my ass and wiggled his hips. The pain was something else but yet, it quickly started to feel kind of good. Then as he pushed his cock little by little inside of me, always with that wiggle thing every so many half inches, it was already driving me nuts. He played with me, pulling it almost completely out and just holding it there, wiggle some and then back down inside and more wiggle. When he somehow managed to get his entire cock inside of me, he wiggled more, slowly slid it all the way out of my ass and just kept the tip of his cock up against my rosebud. I was frantic, I wanted him to fuck me so bad now. I started to plead and beg him to fuck me, take me and make me his boy.

You sure you want daddy to fuck you good boy? You want me to take you good boy? You want to be my boy?” Craig whispered as he played with my ear with his tongue and lips, sending long shivers up and down my spine.

I pleaded and begged even more.

Okay boy, you are gonna be broken in good by daddy, just like you want,” Craig said biting the outside of my ear.

Damn I wasn't ready for him to just slam his cock all the way in, deeper even then before. No wiggle this time, just wham, push my insides away cause daddy meant business now. Then, Craig's cock became a piston and my ass was the engine block. I thought his cock would rip through the wall of my abs for sure. He'd stop with it deep, lay down on me and bite the shit out of my neck and shoulder, pull my head to the side and fuck my mouth with his tongue, lean up a bit and let his furry hard belly hold my lower back down tight and bam, the piston was back in business. I stiffened up, my muscles flexed and went bonkers and I had one hell of an orgasm. The tightening of my intestines and inside muscles set Craig off and he filled me damn good with his cum. He worked on my neck and shoulders again, moved me on to my side with his cock still deep and began to slow stroke his cock inside of me. Completely new feeling as his cock was rubbing big time over my prostrate. Holy shit, this was unreal. The old fart was a sex loony, way past anything I ever did or would do. Wham, again I had an orgasm, he held off for a short bit and I thought he would crush my leg when he squeezed his arms around it so damn tight while he filled me up again. Then he turned me again, had me on my back and had my legs on his shoulders. He attacked my pecs and nipples with his teeth and tongue and went into piston mode again. Holy shit it was going on for a long time before his breathing got heavy, he fucked my mouth with his tongue and then held me so tight I thought my knees would meld with my shoulders. He finally released my legs, laid down on me and began to gently kiss me as he brushed my head gently with his hand.

You doing okay Ted?” he said softly as he kissed me gently again.

Holy shit, where the hell did all that come from?” I gasped still panting.

Liked it huh?” Craig smiled.

Damn Craig, that was the most intense sex I've had, except of course with lover boy that is,” I said with some guilt but I had to be up front and honest with him.

Yeah, made me feel all jealous when you were describing how he fucked you with his tongue. Figured I just might be able to get your mind off of him by taking you for a ride,” Craig smiled then another soft kiss.

Well, mission nearly accomplished I'd say,” I laughed. “You don't always do things like you just did do you?”

Well, all depends. I haven't had sex in a super long time and needed to really empty myself good. These big balls get to be a liability after awhile you know. Bastards really work and pump all sorts of hormones and shit in me to drive me insane with the need to fuck. I'd say, when I had a decent amount of activity in the sex arena, I mostly lasted very long and was rather gentle and made sure my partner had a really good time,” Craig smiled.

Wow, so if I want to live another few months, I guess I'm going to have to keep you drained really good huh?” I said with a laugh.

I'm afraid so Ted. Unless you really don't get into me and I disgust you or something,” Craig said with a concerned look.

Daddy, couldn't be farther from the truth. You got yourself a boy for sure now,” I smiled and then kissed him.

Craig was true to his word. He quickly became the gentle unreal long lasting fuck god he said he was. I took care of him just about every night and sometimes during the day as well. We would all lock up the ship, take stuff with us including our weapons and hit the lake. Sex in the water was a favorite of all of us I think.

It was a month or more before I finally saw lover boy. He was hiding in a thick bunch of brush near the beach watching us. I made up some excuse and slowly made my way towards him. He froze looking at me. I smiled, put my finger to my lips hoping he understood I wanted him to be quiet. He smiled. I walked up to him, pushed him down with some effort, did my best at making out with him, hard rubbing and squeezing his pecs and tweaking his nipples. He growled, flipped me over and worked on my cock, balls and ass with his tongue, then tongue fucked me but this time, he was jerking his cock slowly and the head was within easy reach of my mouth. I devoured the head and sucked in his fast flowing precum, fucked his piss slit with my tongue and used my lips as much as I could. When I started an orgasm, so did he. I wrapped my mouth as tight around the tip of his cock as I could, holding on to it with both hands as hard as possible and began to get flooded with his cum. Damn, I wasn't worried about drowning for some reason. I'd lift my face up to get some air and then get right down trying to swallow all I could. When he calmed down and finally finished, I scooped up all the cum around his cock and off my body and took it all inside of me. He growled and licked me so gently. I got him to turn me around and I held on to his neck, snuggling my face in his neck. He licked my body of what cum was left of mine and his, let my lips and tongue play with his lips and tongue. I felt his hand jerking his cock and his precum was smearing all over my ass and pushing into my rosebud. Wow did that ever feel wild for some reason. Then, I felt his breathing quicken, he growled rather loudly and I felt him push my ass down and hold his cock head right up against my rosebud super tight. Holy shit it was so crazy feeling that hard, thick fast flood of cum pushing inside of my ass and up my intestines from the shear force of his cock shooting his cum out. My stomach was super full and now my entire intestine was bloated full with lover boys cum. It felt so damn good for some reason, like my body missed it so very much. I hugged his neck, licked his lips and moved slowly away from him, going back into the water and swimming backwards so I could see his face as I headed back to the shore where the rest were frolicking. I saw him moving back into the jungle backwards, watching me swim away from him. When I got to the group, I didn't want to get out of the water, knowing my stomach and intestines were bloated from being filled by lover boy.

Craig came into the water and up to me, looked at me, felt my stomach and abs and held me in a nice hug, kissing my lips and licking my ear.

You had him again huh?” Craig said softly.

Yeah, I did. Couldn't help it Craig, had to have him again,” I said putting my head down on his shoulder.

Its okay Ted, honest. Obviously you like it and it seems to agree with your body so why not,” Craig said. “I can't be jealous for some reason cause I view him filling you as you taking a needed drug. I know you will be in my bed tonight and every night, so its no problem for me.”

So daddy isn't angry?” I said with a smile.

No boy, daddy isn't angry at all,” Craig said as he gave me a very soft yet passionate kiss.

I think we were on that planet for well over 2 years before finally a ship picked up the signal of the ship and Craig managed to get into contact with it. We were picked up and taken to earth finally. I felt kind of bad for lover boy as I had been seeing him at least every other day if I could. Craig was indeed okay with it, but the others didn't have a clue. Back on earth, I asked Craig to stay with me. He smiled and hugged me so tight.

Daddy's not gonna leave his boy,” Craig growled.

New life, new love I guess.