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The FOX and the BUNNY

A short furry tail
by Chance

It was mid-summer and there would be no more eating dry seeds and straw for a while. There was lots of leafy lettuce, corn, beans and carrots for me to eat. The whole garden was over flowing with delicious food. 

If I looked up and saw the gardener coming my way, I would run. That's because us rabbits are pretty smart. Well, I am almost a rabbit. I have a bit of growing to do. I was so proud because I was wearing my brand new pair of bib overalls. 

I thought I saw the farmer so I quickly ran into the corn. I wasn't looking where I was going and I almost ran into a big fox. I was so close that I froze in my tracks and sat there just trembling. I knew he was going to pounce on me, but he didn't. I knew to be afraid of foxes because they are supposed to be bad. 
I'm not sure why? 

The Fox was dressed in a nice hunter green vest and he had a ball cap cocked to the side. He did look handsome and attractive. His broad tail was much bigger and prettier than my little cotton ball. The Fox appeared to be relaxed and unconcerned that I was there.
I looked to the side and was going to run when the Fox said, "Don't go on my account. I'm just enjoying the afternoon sun."

I didn't move and I started to tremble again.

The Fox cleared his throat and said, "Don't tell me you believe all that shit that they say about me? They have no respect for my feelings."

He seemed very calm and less of a threat than I had been told.

He continued. "Well, it's not true. Everything you have heard is nothing but dirty lies and I can't do anything about it?"
The Fox sniffed as if he was fighting back tears. He looked into my eyes and I felt like he was sincere.

"Bunny, come over and keep me company, please. You don't seem like the type to prejudge me. You don't seem like the type to go around hurting people for no reason."

I was still paralyzed and I continued to tremble. I think I must have a nervous condition of some kind. The Fox struggled to his feet as if he had been sitting for a long time and slowly and without even looking at me, came over and sat right down. Now we were so close that we were touching and nothing happened. Maybe all the bad things they said about the Fox really were lies. I couldn't help it, but my nose kept wiggling up and down. It was the strange and unfamiliar smell of the Fox. With me sitting next to him, he lay back and relaxed. 

"You know, you are pretty cute for a bunny. Can I call you Bunny?"

I didn't know what to say so I just nodded yes.

Sticking one leg in the air, he reclined exposing his belly. Looking very relaxed, he pulled me closer. 

"Baby Bunny, would you mine doing me a small favor?"

He was being so nice to me that I wanted to please him. Eagerly, I shook my head yes. The Fox was looking self-satisfied. 

"Do you see my sheath? It's right there above my large furry balls."

I leaned forward to see. 
The Fox continued. "Would you warm it with you furry paws please?"

I had no idea why he wanted me to do something like that but I decided to make an effort. I reached over and with both paws, I held his furry sheath. While I did that, I looked up at the Fox. He didn't seem threatening at all. I don't know what all the fuss was about. As I held his sheath in my paws and rubbed it to make it warm. Gradually, a little pink thingy began to appear between my paws.

The Fox softly said, "That's perfect, don't stop."

The pink thingy was more red than pink and it was wet. It began to stick out of his furry sheath. I felt it through his sheath and it was getting bigger and it was getting hard like a warm carrot. 

The Fox spoke to me. "Baby Bunny, I think you are so cute and I like you so much."

He sat up slightly and pulled me closer to his thingy. It was sprinkling and smelled strong and more like a Fox than ever. 

"Bunny, have you ever seen such a big fat fox cock?"

I was fascinated. I shook my head no. 

"Come on Baby Bunny; put the end of my foxy cock in your bunny mouth."

He held both my ears straight up with one paw. When I licked, his foxy cock got bigger and a hard round lump appeared at its base. 

The Fox was breathless. "Bunny, lick my cock from top to bottom. Make me sprinkle."

I could not believe how long and stiff it was. The Fox sat up and petted me. I felt like I had found a friend. He unhooked my bib overalls.

I said, "Hey, why are you doing that?"

He held his big foxy cock in one paw. "Bunny, I just want to see your cute bunny tail. All bunnies have a cute little bunny tail."

He pushed my brand new overalls down off of my behind and then took them off completely. I felt him playing with my fluffy bunny tail. He lifted it up and was touching my bunny behind hole.

I said, "Hey, don't do that!"

The Fox held me tight on his belly and turned me around so that I faced his stiff foxy cock. 

He said, "Ahhh, Bunny, don't be that way."

I felt him lift my tail and start licking my bunny behind hole. It felt so strange. I think I actually felt his tongue go up there. 

I said, "You know, that's my bunny behind hole and in case you didn't know, I go to the bathroom out of it."

I think he ignored me. His foxy cock was sprinkling juice at me. The Fox's tongue was hanging out and he was panting. I wasn't afraid as much as I was confused. Suddenly I found myself flat on my belly with my face in the dirt. The Fox had lifted up my hindquarters. He positioned himself behind me and I felt something being pushed up my bunny behind hole. 

I thought to myself, "Suppose the other rabbits see what the Fox is doing to me. I will never be able to live it down."

He pulled hard on my bunny ears. I felt his foxy cock go all the way up inside of me. I thought that was going to be it until the Fox started the doggy hump. He went faster and faster. He held me so tight while he did it. He drooled all over me and still he didn't even slow down. Finally he howled and whimpered. I felt my bunny hole being flooded.

I was hoping and praying that it was over. We lay there together. The Fox's panting had finally slowed. I tried to get up to go, but I was stuck... 
His cock was still stiff and it was stuck up inside of me. The Fox leaned back and crossed his arms behind his head. He looked at me struggling to get away and he just laughed. 

He said, "The more you struggle, the longer my cock stays hard, so be still little Baby Bunny."

I had to sit for the longest time waiting for his cock to get soft. My problem amused him no end. 

"You know, little Bunny, my cock feels so good up your bunny behind hole that I don't want it to ever come out."

He laughed again. I began to think he wasn't much of a friend after all. Finally he held me up by my ears and began to pull. We both grunted, so he pulled even harder. I decided that I would never let anything that big go up my bunny hole again. He held me up by my ears and pulled so hard that my legs were kicking in the air. Slowly I felt it starting to come out. He pulled harder and then, it came out. I heaved a sigh of relief. 

It was now that I would learn the saddest lesson of my life. 

Still holding me up by my ears he said, "You know, little Bunny, I think I have worked up quite an appetite."

The End

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