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The Haunted Boy

Chase Nadir

I was born Dennis Erin Cartier and grew up in a neighborhood that you just say you are from Nashville. If you say you're from the Music City everyone has all kinds of grand things to imagine. As soon as you say "I'm from Buena Vista Heights" local folks know otherwise.

Everything about me was ass backwards. I had what a girlfriend called icy platinum blonde (silver) hair, but Mama's dark brown eyes. What kind of combination is that? The girls liked me because I wasn't plain ol' "vanilla." They said there was something exotic in the way I looked... I just thought I looked out of place. It was lucky I was funny too, it resulted in a string of 'just friends' girlfriends. They all liked me, but nothing felt right.

I guess I was treated like everyone's baby brother. I was tiny; but real fast. In elementary school I was something of a track star. Freshman year in high school I made the Varsity track team and ran my first marathon. Still, some would playfully call me dwarf or shrimp.

I was also a theater nerd and the school mascot, at least until they found the heart condition, that's when the docs and athletic director benched me. Apparently it's not good when the guy in the mascot suit passes out at random. I guess you could say I am like one of those fainting goats. When severely frightened or excited my blood pressure crashes and my heartbeat will slow, causing me to pass out.

Mom and my real father split before I was born, I never met him. Mom said he ran off when she suggested marriage. Once when she was liquored-up pretty good, she showed me a picture of them together. There was no denying the fact that he was my father. I had his chin, pasty white skin and yellow hair. She wrote on the back "Me and Chuckles at the Desert Inn." Mom was a background singer with delusions of being the next Reba. She moved to Nashville in hopes of being discovered. Eight months later, she had me...

My mom was pretty, and she could in fact sing well. She and I would often sing together as I would brush her long raven black hair at night. That said she had a couple weaknesses, booze and men. Mom blamed lack of her success on her Cherokee heritage or the men in her life. When she got drunk she would occasionally blame it on me.

Don't get me wrong I know she loved me and she would never do anything to hurt me but at the same time she did resent having me around. Mom went from loser to loser until she met Wayne. I imagined my father was just one more in the chain. My mother and Wayne lived together for most of my life until she ran off, four years back.

We got word that mom died of exposure last year. In the end there wasn't a lot more to say about Denise Erin Cartier. She was a bit of a narcissist who could only think of herself even when naming me. She hated father so much she left the "child's father" section unknown on my birth certificate. I hated the name she gave me so much I insisted people call me 'DC,' or use my last name Cartier. In the eighth grade my pal Manny made a joke of it by calling me Jewels. It stuck.

Wayne and I didn't have the money to give her a proper burial so she ended up in an indigent plot. That means she was cremated by the state and buried with others. For all her flaws mom tried. When she realized she couldn't help me anymore she left. She knew I was in better hands with Wayne then I would be in hers.

About that same time I started hearing a voice in my head. Most of the time he was just a feeling but occasionally he spoke. It was a man's voice, one that I had never heard before. I tried to ignore it, but damn he had some fun ideas at times.

The jocks liked me because I'd help them with their homework. I wasn't a brain or anything, my school's average GPA was just two point one. That put me in the top third of my class. Junior year one of the star football players I was tutoring got his very first B and was able to stay on the team because of academic improvement. Jesse kissed me and lit me up. This wasn't a simple friendly peck. It was a full on the lips, holding my head, whimpering, boner producing, open mouth kiss!

The voice in my head screamed, "Eureka!" I knew exactly what was wrong with me and the girls I dated... ME! That was the moment I knew, I liked boys. Sadly I got so excited I passed out. Jesse took it personally and stepped the relationship back to just tutor and friend.

For the rest of junior and senior year he and the team became my shadows. The administration made sure my schedule matched someone on the team I was helping. Jesse became the boy who made sure no one hurt me.

Senior year when he earned his scholarship to Knoxville, Jesse played with Manny's nickname for me. He said I was part of the football family, and they were just protecting the "Family's Jewels."

Jesse and I graduated high school, unlike sixty percent of our freshman classmates who dropped out or were expelled over the years. Still, I was unable to find steady work all summer. I was a hard worker but at a cost. I'd get light-headed and I'd have to sit down.

Wayne and I received state aid until I was eighteen. When that ended things got tight. I've lost twenty-five pounds now tipping the scale at only ninety. At five foot six I know that's not a good weight. It was almost like the government said once you're eighteen; it doesn't matter if you're still hungry and poor. I tried to go in the Army. They didn't want me. The MEPS people said I was too skinny, too small, and too fragile for their liking.

There was a heavy cold November mist, and I was down. I had just lost yet another dead end overnight job. They waited until the end of the Thanksgiving shift to give me a cash payout and kick me to the curb. Do you believe that? The waitresses pooled their tips and gave an additional eighty-five dollars to me.

I walked home to the man I called pop most of my life. I told him I'd lost another job. He was pissed! Wayne demanded I get the hell out. In his defense, he had been drinking for a while. I don't blame him, I wasn't his kid. I knew he probably didn't mean it. It was probably the empty bottle of Kentucky Gentleman Bourbon I saw on the floor talking. I was a human "cowbird," a brood parasite dumped in his nest. I couldn't be a burden to him any longer. He shouldn't be saddled by my baggage the rest of his life.

Still it would have been nice if he had given me a little more time to pack. I barely had enough time to get three changes of clothes into my backpack. The sun was rising and the cold air stabbed at my lungs. It reminded me, winter here was a killer.

With no job opportunities in Nashville, I needed to be elsewhere. My little voice said, "Go, now." I began walking down Ed Temple Boulevard. I thought South or West it didn't matter. I figured my best chance for a free ride would be at one of the truck stops. Maybe some trucker would have pity on me. There were three routes I could take interstate twenty-four, forty or sixty-five. At this point I couldn't be too picky my two hundred thirty dollars and last night's tips weren't going to last.

I got round the bend in the Cumberland River. I was walking past the campus of Tennessee State University. A few guys I tutored got scholarships to be Tigers. For a half second I thought maybe one of them could loan me a spot on a couch. Sixteen hours in the kitchen between prep and the never ending wave of cheap ass holiday customers.

Add to that three hours walking to and from the job now a half hour on a long shot to get out of this town. I was so very tired and I wanted to quit. My little voice became a shout, "NO DC! You have a plan and you have to keep walking!"

I always dreamt of attending school at UT down in Knoxville. I saw myself sitting in the stands at Neyland Stadium cheering my friend Jesse on, singing Rocky Top with the crowd. I knew that dream was now over. The heavy mist became a cold wet rain and that turned into ice and sleet.

I walked for two hours to reach the truck stop. The crappy school backpack I used last year was soaked through. I wish I had a chance to line it with plastic first. I was tired, wet and very cold when I arrived, so cold I was shivering. I went into the restaurant.

I grinned when I saw Kathy my waitress. I dated her when I was on the track team. For those three weeks, I was the cock-of-the-walk, the freshman dating a junior. She was a fellow drama nerd. I helped her get a partial vocal arts and drama scholarship.

"Hey Jewels! What brings you back to my world?" I told her I was looking for a ride anywhere warm... I wasn't in a position to be picky. "You finally run away from home."

I said, "No Kit-Kat, not from home. I am running away from my life. I need a new life and anywhere else has to be better. I am not going to survive here."

She smiled down at me then kissed my cheek, "I'll keep my ear out sweetie." Then she got me a cup of coffee. "It's on me pal, looks like you need it." She handed me a dish towel to dry my hair.

Kat started passing the word. A few truckers smiled and looked in my direction shaking their heads and pointing north. More than a few of them scared me a bit. The news stories of a truck stop serial killer on the TV didn't help. Some monster was violently killing young men along the interstate. The last two were in Minneapolis and Chicago. The victims were all last seen in truck stops.

There was a tall guy in his early twenties sitting a few tables away that looked up at me like he saw a ghost then dropped his head. Damn he was cute. There was a buzz from the trucker's behind him he could hear it all. I could tell he was getting annoyed with what he heard.

After a few minutes he came over and introduced himself as Jeff Daniels. He said he was ferrying an RV from the dealer in Bowling Green, Kentucky to the owner on the outskirts of Killeen, Texas. He said he could use a travel companion to keep him awake.

He was about six feet tall with brown hair and blue eyes. I couldn't place the accent but he had a low deep Josh Turner like rumble in his voice. He made me quiver deep inside. Part of me wanted to say yes, he was the poster stud for gorgeousness but the way he kept looking at me like a drowning man and the fact something about his story didn't sound and feel right.

My voice simply said, "Him." I normally listen to my little voice but this time I got kind of a scary vibe off Jeff. I knew he was lying about something; I just couldn't put my finger on what. I figured I should keep looking. I said, "Thank you. I need to go to the bathroom." We shook hands; I was thinking he would be gone when I came back.

I went into the bathroom. It was clean for a public toilet. All of the stalls were full. There was a row of urinals along the wall. A couple of guys were standing there holding their cocks. I thought it was funny that they weren't actually peeing. Then I realized they were watching each other slowly jerk off.

One of the big men looked at me and gave me a smirk and a wink. He turned so I could see his manhood fully. I turned quickly and examined the condom machine behind me. That's when I heard one of the stall doors open. When I turned, one man was emerging as the horny couple slid in and locked the door.

Thankfully, two of the other four stalls opened up. Two burly truckers emerged from them. One of the truckers had a very satisfied look on his face. I thought he must have had a big movement. I went to the other stall to minimize my exposure to the stench.

I quickly closed and locked the door and hung my backpack on the hook on the back of the door. I dug towards the center of the bag. I located a dry white t-shirt and pair of ripped jeans that were less wet than the ones I had on. Sadly all of my underwear were soaked, but I did find a pair of dry socks. I decided to free-ball rather than put the wet underwear back on.

I could tell what the guys in the first stall were doing. I heard the sound of slapping flesh fill the air. I may be a virgin but I wasn't an idiot. There was an occasional low moan as I heard someone enter the stall next to me. I realized I needed to keep moving. I quickly stripped putting my wet clothes into the bag and dressed. I decided to keep my pants down and take care of nature's business, in case I found a ride.

I was just finishing my "paperwork" when I saw it. I had heard rumors about gloryholes, but this was the first time I actually came face-to-face with one. I hardly noticed it because of all the graffiti on the wall, which included some small text above the hole, "Show cock for service" at the bottom, "Insert finger and rub here to worship."

The guy next to me put his finger in the hole and slowly slid it out. A moment later he put his finger back in the hole he tapped the bottom. I had a revelation, he was asking for my cock. I remembered when my friend Manny offered to suck my cock... I was so tempted but it was too gay for me then. Here I was being offered that again, my first impulse was to run. I had a warm rush and my little voice held me fast saying, "Go for it."

It was almost an out of body experience. It was as if someone picked me up as I stood up and put my semi hard cock through that hole. When I felt his warm mouth on my cock it went fully hard instantly. This was the first time I got a blow job. He slid his lips back and forth along my shaft, making my dick throb, wet and harder still. It became clear; he was not the novice I was.

He made my cock feel so good my legs started to tremble. I was so excited, and the experience so hot, I quickly started cumming, spraying my load. I felt his mouth clamp down on my cock and swallow every drop I could give him. He continued to gently suck my cock until I was soft again, then I pulled back out and zipped up.

My fight or flight impulse switched to flight. I couldn't believe what I had just done. Legs still shaking I grabbed my bag, flushed the toilet and ran from the bathroom. The horny couple from the first stall also exited their stall in my wake. They unintentionally blocked my benefactor's departure. I made it out the door without seeing his face.

That's when I met Jock. I literally ran into him just outside the bathroom door. He was a white haired chubby trucker in his mid forties. He kinda looked like a dirty Santa with his blue eyes and beard. He said he heard I was looking for a ride south and he was delivering a load of sheetrock to Birmingham, Alabama. He was looking for a traveling partner to keep him up.

He seemed so nice, at least to my orgasm addled brain. I chose to load up in his rig without a second thought. The voice in my head was loudly saying "NO" again and again; this was one of those rare times I put that voice aside. As Jock led me from the building, I saw Jeff emerge from the bathroom. I couldn't help but notice his haunted eyes following me all the way out to Jock's truck.

We made it about fifty miles down the road, when Jock showed me his long, fat, pierced cock. He also showed me his true self saying, "Time to pay for the ride. Boy you got two choices; you can climb into the sleeper and strip for a little fun at the next rest stop with me and a few of my pals. The other choice is you jump the fuck out of my truck now." I thought he was joking at first until he started engine braking, and pulling to the side of the road.

When I didn't move; he shouted, "If you're still in the front of this cab when my truck stops, I'm going to take it out on your ass boy." I put my wet backpack on and opened the door. My voice said "Jump DC!" When I looked over to see if he was really serious, I saw the hate and rage in his eyes then leapt out.

I was smart enough to tuck and roll when I hit on the side of the interstate. Thankfully I landed in deep wet snow. He never stopped; he just sped up and drove off.

As first days on my own go, this was pretty much as bad as I thought it was going to be. I was now soaked through again and now I was deep in snow on the side of the interstate. I quickly realized my coat was still in Jock's rig. I knew I was looking at freezing to death of exposure. I was going to die just like mom and I was making peace with that.

The cold air was driving icy nails into my chest and heart. The white t-shirt was transparent and freezing to my skin. My head was light, the adrenaline that flooded my system was now gone, and I was about to lie down and give up. It was then I saw a big RV with a matching trailer and an eighteen wheeler slow up and stop. It was Jeff; he opened the side door to the RV and ran towards me. The trucker leapt from his rig with a bundle under his arm and ran to me as well. I felt it coming on, my cardiac syncope was triggered. I got dizzy and blacked out collapsing into the snow.

I woke on the couch in the RV. The trucker and Jeff were both looking down at me with concern. I was wrapped in a thick blanket and Jeff covered me with his heavy coat. Jeff smiled and said, "Glad to see you are back with us, I was about to call 911." His hand slid along my body looking for injuries or broken bones. It appeared the only thing I hurt when I hit the snow was my pride.

The trucker asked with a similar thick slow drawl, "Are you ok half pint?" I nodded and gave him a yes sir. His dusty red complexion and black hair told of his native heritage. We exchanged names his was Waya Reyes. "I wanted to give you a ride to my home base in San Antonio. Sorry I couldn't, that would have violated my company's policy and got me fired. We have cameras in our cabs. I'm gonna catch hell for just stopping, but I had to make sure you were okay. I heard the other truckers talking about you on the CB. Did you really jump out of that truck at 50?"

I nodded, "Y-yes sir, I jumped. I'm not sure on the speed. It hurt a whole lot when I hit, but I didn't have much choice. It was either jump or get beaten and raped. I was more frightened of staying in the truck, than jumping out."

He said, "You don't have to worry about Jock he lost it on an off-ramp. He totaled his rig, as for him, it don't sound good. If you're okay, I got to go. I have a delivery to keep. Keep the blanket pard." He tousled my snow packed wet hair with his fingers. I thanked the large man and he departed.

Jeff walked him out. When we were alone he said, "I figured you might need some help. A buddy told me where to find you. The offer of a ride is still good, no strings pal."

I told him up front I didn't have a lot of cash. He smiled and told me, "Don't worry about that. You would be helping me out. I am having trouble staying awake. When I was in the Army we always had a co-driver. As far as the costs, I have been parking in grocery parking lots, so you're not costing me anymore. I just really need the company on this trip."

When I was stable again; he moved me to the heated, towel covered, leather passenger seat. I was still clinging to the blanket wrapped around me. As we drove off he told me a little about himself. He had just finished four-years in the army. He said he was ferrying vehicles from one part of the country to another to meet new people and see the nation he defended.

It still made me a little uncomfortable when he looked at me out of the corner of his eye. It was almost as if he was looking at someone else.

As the miles clicked by, I told him about my crappy life in Nashville. I told him about my equally crappy almost girlfriends. I told him about the totally crappy jobs I couldn't keep, and that my body was so crappy even the Army didn't want me.

I had another cold shiver from my wet clothing. "Hey pal, you're freezing and your lips are blue. If you have a heart condition the last thing you should be wearing are those frozen wet clothes. Go back into the bedroom. I've got dry sweats back there. Grab a towel, dry off and put a set on. Then put your wet things in the dryer." Dry clothes were something I could really go for.

I went back into the back and stripped. I found a large bath towel and rubbed down every inch of my body by the time I dried my hair the towel was very wet. I opened the closet and found one of his army sweatshirts. I also found a stack of glossy magazines on the shelf. It was a mix of tranny, gay and bi porn. It wasn't the first time I'd seen things like this. It was all normal I guess.

When I put the sweatshirt on it looked like a dress on me. I couldn't pull the drawstring on the pants enough to stay up, so I decided not to wear them. I went back into the kitchen area and threw my wet clothes into the dryer.

We drove on a bit longer, and we saw the wreck of Jock's truck. I had a cold shiver, it was as if a cold blanket wrapped around me. I felt something evil. A half hour later Jeff announced we were done for the day. We stopped just outside of Birmingham Alabama. We setup in an all night super center parking lot.

He made a supper of mac and cheese from a box with diced spam. He sat next to me at the breakfast bar. I was so sleepy that I barely finished the food he prepared. He asked when the last time I'd slept was. I told him it had been a day and a half. He told me to go rack out in the bed; he was going to be up for a bit. When I told him I could sleep on the couch. He replied, "Think again." and pointed at the wet plastic shipping film still on the upholstery.

I was so very tired I didn't argue. He had two sleeping bags zipped together on top of the bed. I was about to turn them back into two separate bags, something made me stop. I climbed in and fell asleep immediately. I slept so soundly I didn't even feel Jeff climb in.

It was three in the morning and my voice shouted, "Wake up!" Jeff was violently trembling. Sweat was pouring off of him. He started moaning about someone named Jeremy. He was twisting in the bed. The moans started to become shouts. I was becoming frightened and I slid out of bed.

He yelled out, "RPG! On the bridge, twelve o'clock. FUCK! Vehicle one is hit!" His look went from crazed, to terrified. He shouted "GOD NO JEREMY!! TEAM ONE IS DOWN! MEDIC, MEDIC!!!" I didn't know what to do; I reached out and touched his leg hoping to pull him gently out of his nightmare.

The voice in my head shouted, "Down now!" I dropped and Jeff swung and missed me. If I had been a couple inches taller he would have cleaned my clock. I jumped back huddling against the bedroom door, making myself smaller. I was shaking with fear.

It took a second and his eyes locked on mine in absolute terror. He jumped to the floor and began examining me. "Did I hit you? Did I hurt you?"

I shook my head no. If he had made contact with me it probably would have flattened me against the wall. We were both shaking pretty bad when he turned the lights on. "I hope I didn't scare you... I guess I should say that I hope I didn't scare you too badly. I haven't had one of those in a long time." He helped me up and we went into the kitchen, I had milk and he had a scotch.

"J-Jeff, I know it isn't the same thing, but I saw my friend Ben get shot in a drive-by when I was eleven. He died in my arms waiting for the ambulance. I know what you saw was probably much worse, but I do know the feeling of loss. I am so sorry Sir."

Jeff hugged me and replied, "Death is death kid. I didn't see my first bullet hole in a person until I was only a year older than you are now. I can't imagine dealing with it at eleven."

I asked who Jeremy was. "He was my best friend in high school. He was darker, about four inches taller than you, with a good bit more muscle. Still, you look a hell of a lot like him. That's part of the reason I couldn't take my eyes off you at the truck stop. It's also why I couldn't leave you alone with that asshole." I felt bad thinking my appearance may have triggered him.

He showed me photos on his tablet PC of the two of them standing next to Jeremy's mother at graduation, then in boot camp and AIT. Jeremy had chocolate brown eyes and very blond hair, almost white like mine. "We went in on the buddy plan. We beat the odds and got posted together for our first assignment. Then we went to the sandbox together. We were about to rotate home in four days. We volunteered for one last patrol..." It was spooky how much Jeremy looked like me. He was a little taller, darker and far more buff but similar.

Jeff went on to describe the nature of his friendship with Jeremy. They were closer than friends. They were closer than they should have been for the job they were doing. He described in a little too graphic detail how Jeremy died in his arms, and the rage that came afterwards.

"The Army let me bring his body home to his parents. Every winter he hosts a regimental reunion at his spread the CheckMark Ranch in Killeen." Then he took a deep ragged breath and added, "You deserve the truth... This RV doesn't belong to someone else, it's mine. I did my last year teaching armor at Fort Knox. I bought it and the trailer with the insurance money Jeremy left me.

We talked about doing a RV tour across the country trip the whole time we were in 'the sand box.' This was going to be our special thing when we left the service. I lied to you because I was afraid that you would think I was creepy. I really don't want to be alone. Not on this trip.

Jeremy's dad asked me to come to the reunion this winter. Mr. Craig was like a dad to me after my folks passed. Hell I damn near grew up on his ranch. That relationship lasted right up until I brought his son home. I still get the occasional card from Jeremy's mom Margaret."

I don't know what came over me; I wrapped my arms around him and gave him a hug. I said, "I understand what it is to be alone, and a little afraid." He kissed my forehead, and slid his arms around me. His hands softly caressed my back. He was everything I wasn't, a mountain of muscle, a real man. At twenty-two he saw more horror than anyone should ever have to in a lifetime.

I noticed a stack of clothing on the dryer behind him. It was mine all folded and rolled, ready to be put back into my backpack. "I hope you don't mind, some of it was a bit ripe. I washed everything in your backpack." I thanked him and slid on a pair of my threadbare boxers. We climbed back into bed.

After fifteen minutes lying beside me he asked, "Feel free to say no to this, but is it okay if I just hold you?" I rolled over into his arms and rested my head on his chest. His heartbeat was fast at first; I heard it slow quickly as he wrapped his arms around me. His breathing became deeper and his pulse dropped. I admit being wrapped in his powerful bands of muscles; I felt something I haven't felt in years, safe and whole.

We were both up at eight and quickly showered. The shower was large enough for the both of us. I found myself wishing he had said, "Let's save some water." Simply put, I liked seeing him in nothing but his boxers; in fact I wanted to see more of him.

I couldn't put it into words; I've never felt like that with another person. I just felt connected, it defied logic. When I came out of the shower I saw he had removed the plastic shipping film from all of the furniture. He told me if I didn't get enough sleep, I could just curl up on the bed or the couch while he drove this morning. I told him no, that wasn't our deal. I was there to keep him company, and by Christmas, that is what I was going to do.

He told me he had planned on taking the long way to Killeen. He was going to meet up with friends along the way. "Dad left me a good bit of cash; I want to waste a bit of it to find myself."

"Jeff, I don't have anywhere to be." We started from Birmingham heading down to Mobile. We stopped just before hitting the city at three in the afternoon. Both of us were wiped out. This time we pulled into a rest stop. We talked and watched videos until long after the sun set.

We shut down for the night. With his night terrors the night before, neither of us got a lot of sleep. After dinner we were watching a local station, there was a special report. The title was "Truck stop Killer Identified..." The picture of Jock was on the screen. The agent said Jock had trophies from his kills found in his truck. I started crying and Jeff pulled me close. "Looks like jumping was the right choice after all buddy."

He quickly turned the TV to some nature show about kangaroos. I just sat sniffling under his strong arm on the couch. It was comfortable like having a big brother, maybe something a little more.

That night he didn't have to ask, I slept on top of his chest again. It did make a good pillow. I woke up a few hours later. He was twitching again. He wasn't nervous or stressed this time. I realized what it was as his semi-hard cock was softly grinding against my thigh.

I slowly rolled to my side and looked underneath the sleeping bag. I could see the thick heavy member slowly shaping up under his boxers. It was almost a disembodied feeling when my hand reached down and slowly caressed his firming shaft through his shorts.

When his hips rolled, my first instinct was to release it. Instead I just held still. He moaned and rocked his hips sliding his cock against my hand. Then I let go and looked up hoping to see his eyes closed... I was disappointed and very embarrassed.

He smiled down at me and told me it was ok. He asked me if I'd like to hold it again. I nodded biting my lip. He pulled the waistband down on his boxers and his cock flopped out.

As soon as it cleared his boxers it landed against his stomach with a wet slap. I timidly reach down grabbing its base. I slowly began to encircle the spongy flesh with my fingers. It was so thick I could not close them then Jeff moaned. I squeezed a little too hard. He warned me, "Easy buddy." As I continue to stroke his member it got harder and longer.

Maybe I wasn't doing it right or maybe not fast enough. Jeff asked if he could stick it between my thighs. "I'm not going to penetrate you buddy, I just need a little more friction than your little hand can give me." When I nodded, he pulled me tight against him and told me to just hold my legs together. It wasn't bad; it felt good as his arms wrapped around me. I admit it also felt good to have his thick cock sliding against my balls with his big hands grabbing my ass.

I had jerk off sessions with friends in the past. In fact I had some pretty mind blowing ones with my buddy Manny. This was something different. For the second time in my life someone looked at me as a real sexual creature, not just a boy or convenient hole, and it felt good.

It must have been quite a while since he busted a nut, he didn't last long. His breathing became erratic as he ground against me fiercely.

He pulled out and ground against my crotch, spraying his seed between our stomachs and all over my boxers. The musky aroma was intoxicating as I pressed my face into his chest. I clung to him trembling, partly in fear, partly in want. He slid down my body until our faces met.

His lips pressed against mine, I kissed him back. My lips parted slightly sucking on his upper lip as he sucked on my lower. His tongue gently licked across my lower lip then slowly slid between them. I open my mouth stroking my tongue underneath his. Most of my girlfriends agreed I was a good kisser. My friend Jesse's kiss just got out done.

His hand slipped down my body and slowly caressed my cock, massaging it until it became rock hard to its full six and a half inch length.

"Is it okay if I taste it?" He asked. I could only nod, he could have asked to do anything to me and I would have said yes. He slowly kissed his way down my body, gently pulling my briefs down. Once my cock was exposed he engulfed it completely down to the balls. His hand slid underneath my bottom as a finger slowly caressed my virgin opening.

I never had thought of anyone doing that to me. It felt electric as his finger made tiny circles on my hole. I gasped clutching the bed. In less time than it takes to soft boil an egg I exploded in his mouth. To my surprise he kept looking up at me without releasing my rapidly shrinking member. I remember apologizing to him that I didn't have much to offer. He finally released my cock saying, "You have more than enough. You are average pal; there is NOTHING wrong with that."

We fell asleep in each other's arms again.

I woke to his lips around my cock. I have to say that is a great way to start the day. All the while his mouth was pleasuring me his fingers were softly caressing my pink hole. It was nice waking up the same way I went to sleep. I was sliding into position to return the favor before I came, when we were interrupted by a loud banging on the door. A rude police officer told Jeff we needed to move on... "Overnight camping is not allowed."

Jeff played the veteran card to negotiate with the officer for enough time for us to quickly shower and head out. He told me we were going to stop at a restaurant in downtown that the cop recommended. He pulled off the highway and we parked in a large vehicle lot with four tractor trailers. We walked around the block and found the diner that he was looking for.

I saw a store with three X's across the street and blushed. He saw where my eyes were looking and smiled guiding me into the diner. We had a big breakfast everything was great. There was a southern belle waitress who was flirting with him something awful. He left a generous tip for her, although I don't think it was the tip she wanted. I offered to pay my portion of the bill. Jeff told me to put my wallet back in my pocket.

Breakfast was a little heavy; he said we should probably walk it off. We walked a couple of blocks down and did some window shopping in the business core. Then we started to stroll back to the RV. I couldn't help but notice we'd crossed the street.

He said pointing at the door and said, "My buddy Jeremy took me to a place like this the first time before we shipped out to basic." I blushed when I saw the door to the Love Shack Adult Bookstore and Arcade. "If you are not game, I understand. No is a word I will always accept. No pressure, you wanna see inside, my treat?" My blush deepened as I nodded yes and followed him in.

Three skinny effeminate guys were working. Two were restocking and fronting products. The boy at the counter pointed at me shouting with a shrill diva lisp, "EIGHTEEN AND UP ASSHOLE! THAT MEANS GET THE FUCK OUT KID!" I wanted to turn and run from the store. Jeff told him I was eighteen. He held me tight and told me to just show my ID.

The cute counter boy examined the card thoroughly then apologized in a soft shamed voice, "Sorry kid. The cops have been trying to set us up with bait boys. You don't even look fifteen. If you came back tonight you'd be the belle of the ball. I am so sorry about yelling at you sweetie. I know how scary a first visit to a place like this is."

He rounded the counter and rested his hand on my shoulder giving it a soft squeeze. I noticed his long fingernails were painted. Another boy took his place at the counter. All three boys were wearing a different color varnish on their nails. I told him it was alright.

He asked if we were together when Jeff nodded and bought a ten dollar view card from another boy. Our attendant said, "Try booth B6, it is one of our special buddy booths. I think you guys would prefer it, it's a little bigger." He whispered in my ear, "It has a wide comfy bench. It is too early for any real action." I blushed and we walked behind the curtain.

As the sole customers we had the run of the place. We found the booth he suggested and went in. Jeff locked the door behind us, and pulled me close into a passionate kiss. He told me it would be more fun if we were undressed. I had that little voice in my head, "Trust him." I figured he knew best and I started pulling off my clothes hanging them on a hook on the door.

He placed the card into the machine then scanned a few channels. He found a video of two young guys like me sucking each other off. Jeff told me they were twinks and it was a sixty-nine. I thought I heard a door close.

I saw in the shadows a six inch hole was cut in the side wall of our booth. I saw an eye in the hole watching us stroke each other by the dim glow of the video screen. A white finger with blue glitter polish rubbed the bottom of the hole. Jeff whispered, "He wants to suck you off, give it a try." My heart was pounding; I was trembling in terror and excitement. "It's just like the one at the truck stop in Nashville."

My erect state trumped my better judgment and I moved over to the wall. The opening was located slightly higher than my groin level, so I had to tiptoe a bit to position myself. I put my hard cock through the dark opening and it was engulfed by what was obviously a very eager mouth. Jeff pressed my body all the way up against the partition. Then I recognized the last thing he said and asked, "Jeff, how did you know about the booth in Nashville?"

He kissed and nibbled from my neck to my earlobe and whispered, "Who did you think was on the other side? I am glad that I was your first."

The fear and pleasure sensations were like nothing I had ever felt. Nothing I experienced could compare to what my neighbor was doing to me as Jeff's hands explored my body. I groaned in cadence with his powerful oral actions, oblivious to the fact that anyone in the area could hear what was going on inside.

I was lost in ecstasy when I felt Jeff's hands on the small of my back. I turned to look, but he gently pushed me back against the wall. After he spread my ass cheeks, and I felt his chin stubble scraping between them. I moaned as his tongue teased my tight pink hole. My anal ring yielded as his snakelike tongue burrowed into my virgin hole.

I was quivering under the pleasures on both sides of my body. My legs were shaking so much I could barely stand. I was enjoying what these guys were doing to me, far more than I ever could have imagined. I felt a hand reach through the hole and slowly stroke the skin between my rosebud and my balls. The hand's gentle fingers slowly began to massage my nuts.

Jeff stood up and pressed himself against my back. I felt his hardness running along my smooth crack, his slippery knob pressing against my wet opening. I wanted him deep inside me, popping my cherry, but not here, not now. Turning my head I whispered, "I want you to be my first, n-not here, not like this, Jeff. I want it to be just us... Please?"

He bent down and kissed the back of my neck. He began grinding on me along my ass crack. Our bodies were making wet sticky sounds as his hard cock moved back and forth with his hip motions. I felt his whiskers on the back of my neck, his hot breath, and then his wicked tongue probing my ear. It was more than I could take. With a final loud grunt, I emptied a load of swimmers into my anonymous cocksucker's mouth in a loud, powerful, partition shaking orgasm. Then I could feel Jeff's seed coat the small of my back.

My knees buckled and Jeff had to hold me up. When my spasms finally ceased, I slowly backed away from the wall. I turned to face Jeff, dropping to my knees. I took the head of his still semi erect cock into my mouth; gingerly, sucking the last remnants of cum out of him. I had tasted my own before, his was definitely stronger, earthier. I knew I liked it and wanted more.

He took some paper towels and wiped his seed from my back and we re-dressed and walked back into the store. Then we wandered around together, he pulled a few items from the shelves. When we made our purchases I noticed the cashier who shouted at me when I entered, licked his lips as his blue glitter painted fingernails tapped against the keyboard. "Thank y'all for coming today... Sweetie, y'all cum back real soon." He winked at me and held my hand as he put the bag into it.

When we emerged on the street, Mobile's finest demanded to see our identification. "We received a citizen complaint about a man bringing an underage boy into the bookstore." I was mortified but Jeff held me tight as the officer stepped away to confirm my age and identification was real. His partner made sure we did not run. I could see the belle in the restaurant across the way pointing and laughing at us.

The officer returned our ID to us and apologized, "I normally would have dismissed the call but you look so young. I'm sorry Mr. Cartier. I hope the rest your stay in our city is better." Jeff was livid and told him to expect a public records request for the identification of the person or business that made the complaint. They should expect a lawsuit to follow.

As we crossed the street to get back to the RV we saw the two officers enter the restaurant to pass the message no doubt. Jeff was unfazed and simply changed the topic saying, "We should pick up some things for you. All of your stuff is cold weather. You must have been planning on walking all the way down to the Gulf."

I laughed and said; "I wasn't expecting to get a good ride up front."

"Your first one wasn't so good." He told me he was planning on stopping tonight in some place special. He said if I didn't like the place we could drive on a little bit more. He added it was a place that Jeremy wanted to show him. I told him I was happy to be along for the ride. He kissed me.

As we pulled out I went to my backpack, thinking this was a good time to check on Wayne. Making sure he was okay, and letting him know I was good too. Jeff saw my nervous look as I pulled the Maven Pro from my pack. It was still dry; the Maven was the only thing that I put in plastic. It was the tablet PC I used to run lines from. It was what I did my homework on. It was the only solid link I had to my old life.

Jeff saw my eyes well up with tears as I looked down at the shattered screen. Apparently I hit the ground harder than I thought. I closed the device and put it in the trash next to the passenger seat.

Jeff asked what I needed the computer for; I told him I was going to email Wayne to let him know I was alive. Jeff handed over his phone telling me to send him a text. Jeff told me to put the tablet in a drawer for safe keeping. "We might be able to fix that thing. Buddy..." I knew I didn't have the money to repair it even if I could do the work myself. I sat on the bed and sent the text.

As soon as I hit send the cell phone rang. It was Wayne, "Squirrel, OH MY GOD ARE YOU OKAY!?! The cops told me they found your student ID and coat in the possession of a murderer. We... I thought you were dead." I brought him up to speed and told him I needed to start my life and I would not be returning to Nashville. We talked for a while and he said he was getting help with his drinking. He told me I should stop at a police station to make a statement so they knew I was alive.

We stopped in Biloxi, Mississippi. I made my statement to the police and was told how lucky I was. Then we parked the RV and went shopping. I bought a few things like shorts, while he did some grocery shopping. I bought a few of my favorite snack items as well. He offered to pay for my purchases and I told him no. He was already paying for the gas and the food. I couldn't ask for him to care for my wants too.

We got back into the RV; put away our food purchases and I made lunch in the kitchen. I impressed Jeff with some fancy knife work on the veggie tray. Afterwards we decided to look at our purchases from the video arcade. We chose a couple of DVDs and Jeff bought a toy.

I was surprised when I felt something fabric in the bag. I pulled out a sheer pair of pink underwear; they didn't have a back panel. There was a note with a heart painted in blue glitter nail polish attached, "Sorry again for shouting sweetie. Thank you for your load, it was sweet like you hun. You guys were so much fun." He included his phone number.

Jeff asked if I would model them for him. How could I say no to the guy who had saved my life? He shared so much with me already. I pulled off my jeans and boxers. I pulled on the skimpy fabric. It felt like it was going to tear just from putting them on.

Jeff stepped behind me and guided me back towards the bedroom. He opened the bathroom door with its full length mirror. His hand slid up my thigh caressing my basket. He massaged my cock between his thumb and forefinger. I thought the color of the fabric was going to be overpowering, but the fabric was so sheer it looked almost like I was wearing nothing.

"That's my beautiful boy. You look pretty in pink." Jeff's left hand rested on my tummy, leaving me with the feeling of butterflies in it. His right hand explored the patch of pink. "Yeah I like these." He whispered in my ear, "Would you like more?"

I told him I'd get some more, but I could only get a couple. I said I didn't have a lot of money. He replied, "Babe, while you're with me..." He firmly squeeze my package, "...I'll take care of you." He knelt down behind me, resting his face in the crack of my ass. His tongue began probing my hole again. His right hand was massaging my cock and balls like a master baker kneading dough.

I was whimpering and arching my back against him. He stood up closing the bathroom door and guided me back to the dining area. He leaned me over the back of the club chair, pushing his tongue back within me. After five blissful minutes he rose.

"I have an idea. Stay right there, don't move!" He commanded. I heard the sound of a plastic package being cut. I heard him fumbling with something and I heard a click. I felt a cold gel pour on my bottom. His finger pressed and made tight circles against my hole. He began working the gel inside me.

I turned my head and asked if he was going to fuck me now. "Not yet sweetie, I want to somewhere special." He replied, "I am just going to do something to help you get ready. If that's okay..." I damn near gave myself a concussion nodding yes.

He laughed and pressed his finger hard against my hole it quickly slid within. I felt his digit slide around inside of me. He was pressing nerve endings I didn't know existed. It felt like my whole body was on fire. He put a second finger in and then a third.

He told me to close my eyes. I heard that familiar click of the lube bottle again as he pressed the rubber-like toy against my hole. It pinched and I winced as it stretched then breached my ring and slid inside me. He asked if I was ok. I replied, "Yes, it hurt a bit at first, but it was nice now." I felt really full down there.

I couldn't believe how completely I trusted Jeff, a man I had known barely a couple days. It was so cute watching him read the user's manual that came with the little plug in my bottom. He quickly learned how to sync the device to his cell phone. Once it synced, it gave a quick pulse and I gasped hard.

I started to stand. He smacked my ass hard but playfully, "I didn't tell you to move."

I quickly dropped my body back down over the back of the chair with a "Sorry Sir." He walked to the front of the RV and spun the passenger seat locking it into a position facing the driver. He pushed another lever and the seat went almost to the floor. Then he pulled a satin bathrobe from the closet in the bedroom. He used the sash to tie my hands gently behind my back. I knew I could escape if I wanted to. He just wanted to play, and I enjoyed letting him play with me.

He draped the satin bathrobe over my shoulders and guided me up to the passenger seat. When he sat me down I dropped to the seat and the plug slammed deeper into my bottom. I drove my head forward into his stomach gasping. He dropped down looking me in the eyes, "Babe, are you ok?"

I told him I was fine, it was just unexpected. "Good, we have a two and a half hour drive ahead of us to get to the campground. Then we'll have two weeks or so to play on a private Gulf Beach. Jeremy told me about this campground being special, it caters to naturalist." I must have had a confused look on my face because he said, "Nudists. Is that a problem babe?" I liked his new name for me, 'babe.' I shook my head no.

He double checked that the seat was locked into position, then secured my seat belt around my waist tightly and gave my crotch a quick playful squeeze. From this position only the tallest vehicles could see me through the window. He strapped himself into the driver seat and docked his cell phone in its cradle. He pulled up the plug's programming app and punched a couple of buttons.

He smiled at me saying, "Let's try 'good baby' random." He hit the green button and a ten minute countdown clock began. Every ten minutes it did something new. Sometimes it would just vibrate for thirty to forty seconds. Other times there'd be a violent pulsing inside me. Other times it almost felt like something was spinning in the plug.

I do not know who designed this thing but they deserve a Nobel "Piece" Prize. Do they have a sex toy category? Each time when I caught my breath I would look at Jeff and say, "Thank you sir." Sometimes it would take five or six minutes for me to regain my normal breathing.

I can honestly say that was the most pleasant two and a half hours I have had in my life. Just outside of the resort he pulled off to the side of the road and guided me back to the lounge and laid me on my side on the sofa. He said it would be easier if I would just lay down until he got the RV registered, parked, and connected to services. Then he would be in and we could play a bit, before dinner.

I soon realized this was a VERY expensive RV, as the fireplace and TV wall suddenly slid away from me, almost doubling the size of the room. I just laid there on my side in his satin bathrobe. My hands were still tied behind my back.

I felt very alone, a familiar frightening cold wrapped me. With the sweating and muscle contractions the knot had become tight. I could no longer slip my hands from the bindings. I realized something was wrong. The pleasure began to turn to irritation and then to discomfort. In time it changed from discomfort to true pain. The pain was sharp and I was very afraid. After another sharp flash of pain, I lost consciousness. As I slipped into the darkness, I swear I heard laughter.

I woke and Jeff was sitting down next to me. The cold sensation was gone. He kissed my forehead and then my lips. "I'm so sorry babe, I wasn't thinking."

I replied, "It is hurting bad now Sir. Can it come out please?" He rolled me on my tummy. Then rubbed my lower back as he slowly twisted and pulled the black rubber plug from my bottom. He set the plug on a towel and returned his attention to me.

"Ooh, that IS red. I'm sorry pal." He quickly pulled up the instructions on his phone. As he softly caressed my irritated bottom, he found a caution from the manufacturer, "Do not use more than sixty minutes per session. Lubricate often. Misuse can damage the device causing irritation and tissue damage." Then he picked up the plug and saw the sizable pool of blood that leaked from the toy onto the towel it was resting on. He turned the device and more blood poured from a tear in the shell.

He re-examined my bottom and saw blood oozing from the battered hole. He quickly put a towel against my hole and told me to hold it. Then he said, "I'm going for help! Stay here and don't move." He draped the robe over me. Then he ran out the door.

When he returned he had a naked guy in his fifties carrying a black bag. When he looked at me I couldn't help but notice a brief flash of recognition, he quickly hid the emotion. "I am Doctor Mathis. Your partner told me he hurt you accidentally. Can I take a look?"

I nodded and he put on gloves and then pulled the robe off of me. His clinical examination of my battered hole resulted in his saying, "Ouch. You have a nasty tear back here. Was this your first time?" I nodded adding that it was caused by a malfunctioning toy.

He sighed, "Young men are sometimes too eager with new things." I told him I was sorry. "I wasn't chastising you young Dennis." Jeff's head dropped with the older man's rebuke. I asked the doc to call me DC or Cartier. He chuckled saying no. The doctor rubbed some goo inside my hole that numbed the pain.

When he said I didn't look eighteen, I told him my growth was stunted due to my heart condition. As soon as I said that I knew it was a mistake. For the record if you're hoping for a short medical visit never and I mean never tell your physician you have a heart condition.

Next thing I knew I was naked as he performed a complete physical right there in the RV's lounge. He listened to my heart, took my pulse and blood pressure. Hell, he even drew several vials of blood and performed a cheek swab. Telling us he'd call for a courier and put a rush on the labs.

He handed me the tube of the ointment directing its use every four hours. He also told me I have to clean myself back there, and reapply the salve after I have movements. In addition he said I was to have two days of rest from "activity" back there.

When I couldn't remember when my last tetanus shot was, he gave me two shots in the ass. He looked straight at Jeff and repeated, "The boy needs two days of rest to recover... Don't make me put an off-limits sign on it, or put him in quarantine." Doc warned us there might be leakage.

Doc saw my sad look and said, "Two days isn't that long son. It'll pass before you know it. Next time remember..." He pointed at the plug, "...the cold hand of technology is no replacement for the human experience. The penis is a naturally pliant organ, as your bottom is stretched, the penis compresses a bit too. You young people hurry too damn much."

He handed Jeff the script for antibiotics and tapped his chest. "Slow down, both of you should enjoy it. If he doesn't have one, he'll need a cleaning kit." Jeff carried me to the bedroom. It had doubled in size as well with the slide outs deployed.

He pulled the covers down. I noticed he put actual sheets and blankets on the bed. I asked for a towel in case of more bleeding. After he lay down my towel and I slid myself on it. He told me to sleep and he would run the errands. I was suddenly too tired to argue.

He kissed my lips and walked the doctor out. I could hear they were discussing something out in the kitchen. The doctor left and I heard Jeff get something out of the trailer. Then the sound of a motorcycle starting up filled the air.

I had dozed off pretty quickly and woke to find Jeff sitting next to me with a glass of water and a couple of pills. I was very groggy when I said, "I'm sorry Jeff. I didn't mean to be so much trouble." I took the pills without asking what they were. I didn't want to cause him any more problems.

Jeff replied, "Babe, Doc is right, this was my fault. You are the virgin. I should have protected you. I am the one with all the experience. You just rest buddy, maybe tomorrow we'll walk down to the beach. Have you ever seen the Gulf of Mexico?" I shook my head no, and he snuggled in next to me pulling me onto his chest. I'm not sure if it was the heat of his body, fatigue, or the medication but I returned to sleep quickly.

I awoke late the next morning to something of a surprise. I was ready to see someone in the bed with me, but I was not ready to see him. "You back with us?" There was a cute skinny guy wearing a pink thong. He was a little older than me and staring at me with soft green eyes. I must have had a look of panic on my face because he smiled and said, "Don't worry DC; I'm babysitting while our daddy's are talking. I'm Blaze, Doc Mathis's boy."

The bedroom door opened. Doc Mathis entered and chastised Blaze, "I thought I heard you. You were supposed to get us if he was waking up."

Blaze quickly jumped off the bed dropping his head in front of the doctor. "I'm sorry daddy. DC just looked so sweet, I couldn't resist." Blaze did not have a single tan line on his skin. The only other thing the boy was wearing was a pink dog collar around his neck.

The doctor said sternly, "We'll talk about this later!" He swatted his ass, I thought a little too hard. Blaze yelped and retreated from the room and I heard the RV's outer door open then close. "I am sorry young Mister Cartier I am still trying to teach that boy proper deportment. Sometimes he forgets boundaries." The doctor sat down on the edge of the bed.

Then pulled down the covers and with his gloved hand examined my wound. When I saw blood on the towel I quickly moved it to see if I bled all the way through I hadn't yet.

I winced and he asked if it still stung. I shook my head yes. He applied a bit more of the goo. When he told me to roll over, I asked Jeff for a new towel. I didn't want to stain his new sheets. Doc said to Jeff, "You have a good boy. Mister Cartier you are healing up very nicely. I don't think the damage is too bad.

I had a look at your other pills, and talked with your doctor back in Nashville. We reviewed all of your old tests and exams as well. I don't know how to say this son, they made an error. You have what is called an 'innocent' heart murmur. It's an easy mistake I've only seen one other case like it. This one is normally inherited through the mother's bloodline. They agreed with the new diagnosis and we have changed your prescriptions. Did your doctor ever tell you you're anemic?"

I replied, "Yes, Pop had an obsession with getting liver and spinach into my diet when we were told. I can't stand either anymore. Please, don't tell me I have to do that again!"

Both men laughed. "Well, your labs show that you still are rather anemic. As to the liver, organ meats are real good sources of iron, but there are other sources. The good news is I think we can clean up most of your issues with a diet change. This will also require changing your exercise a little. I also want you on bed rest today. After that low impact, at least until we get your body mass up. For now let the tissues stitch together for a little while."

"Doc, I only have a hundred twenty five bucks left. I can't afford any of this, and I can't ask Jeff, he isn't even family."

Jeff interrupted me and came to the other side of the bed. He caressed my cheek and said, "I told you so long as you are with me, I will care for you." He rested his hand on my heart.

Doc looked at him and said, "Blaze and I'll give you some meal ideas to get his levels up. Son, I was serious about going easy on the exercise, stay low impact until we get your blood work and weight up to snuff."

Jeff walked the Doc into the other room closing the door. I could hear them muttering. I thought I should be involved in all of the conversations about my health, but I was not in a good place to complain. I had somebody who wanted to take care of me; I knew how rare that was. The RV door opened and closed.

I got excited as I heard Jeff's footsteps approaching the bedroom door. He came in and lay next to me. "He is right; you are such a good kid. What you think of the Doc and his boi?"

"Wouldn't it be kind of weird living in a nudist colony with your father?" Jeff busted out laughing.

"DC, Blaze is not the Doc's son. Blaze is the doctor's B-O-I." I must have still had a confused look on my face. Jeff rubbed my tummy, "Thanks to Jeremy, Doc and I have been pen pals for years. Blaze and the Doc are sexual partners. Doc is the dominant and Blaze the submissive.

Blaze was one of Doc's patients. He was hooked on pain pills and stole the doctor's prescription pad to fill his need. Doc caught him. Rather than turn Blaze into the police he got him cleaned up and they've been together since."

He asked if I understood, when I nodded yes he continued. "Some boys need someone to take care of them. Sometimes that's for a short time; sometimes it's the rest of their life. What you might not understand is there are some guys who need to care for someone else. That's what the Doc and I are.

I had that in Jeremy; he needed a little help with boundary and impulse control issues. When I saw you in the truck stop I thought the universe was making up for something horrible. I know you think you can take care of yourself. I'd just like to help, and maybe you can help me, like you did that first night. I don't need an answer from you right away. Right now I'll just go make us some breakfast. I promise no liver or spinach."

After breakfast I rolled over in bed asking him, "If this is a nudist camp, why are you the only one still dressed?" He grinned down at me and asked if I wanted to help. I sat up and started removing his shirt. I did something I've wanted to do since I first saw him naked. I ran my fingers through his tangled mat of dark brown chest hair.

As my fingers outlined each of the scars on his chest and torso, he explained where they came from. I then kissed each one. "Mama said we kiss boo boo's away." I removed his pants and underwear his cock stood straight out. I parted my lips to receive it.

Jeff protested, "Hey the Doc said you were off limits!"

"I believe he said I was off limits 'down there.' He also said organ meats were good sources of iron. Are you going to withhold vital nutrients from me? Please Jeff; I wanted to try this since the cop interrupted me in the rest stop." He initially protested that I didn't understand what the doctor meant... until my lips made contact...

I started by lightly licking around his two massive furry balls that sat below his thick long cock. I worked my way up his shaft licking and kissing the tender flesh. I swear when I stretched my lips around his cock, sliding my mouth onto it he was so shocked he almost came right then. I began to go up and down on him and was trying my best to take his whole cock into my mouth. It was so thick it stretched the corners of my mouth.

He started to moan loudly and began to grind his hips softly fucking my face. He told me that it had been a while and was getting close to cumming. Jeff asked me if I wanted him to pull out or cum in my mouth. I pulled off and told him to tell me at the last second and I would decide in the moment.

I wanted this to last longer; I ran my lips and tongue down his shaft again. I latched hold of one furry orb bathing it with my tongue only to release it and cleanse its mate. He groaned running his hands through my hair.

I returned my lips to his pole. I was engorging myself with his throbbing member. I repeatedly tried fitting it down my throat, only to come close to vomiting. Some things weren't meant to fit, not yet anyway. I massaged his rod with my tongue and lips, sucking on it until my nose ran and eyes watered. He slowly skewered my mouth, grinding against it with his hips

After thrusting into my face a few more times, he said he was about to cum and I started sucking him even harder. I decided I had come this far, if I was to be his boi I'd have to take it sooner or later, so I sucked him until he erupted and his cum filled my mouth. I drank every drop he gave me.

The feeling of his cock now softening in my mouth, and the way it felt throbbing right before he came was magnificent. The explosion of his cum into the back of my mouth got me right to the point of exploding myself. I realized that I loved sucking cock right then and was apparently pretty good at it too. The moment was perfect right up until when Jeff said, "Thank you, that was so damn good... Jeremy."

Even the voice in my head said, "Oh fuck, he didn't." He was oblivious to his slip, still caressing me. Having him use the name of his dead lover was pretty much a show stopper. It's bad enough I shared some of his features. I will not share his name. I quickly escaped the bedroom and ran into the bath locking the door behind me and began crying.

A few minutes went by and I heard a soft tapping on the door. I tried to ignore it, but he was persistent. "Babe I'm sorry. I just got lost... I'm so sorry."

I didn't want to hear it. "Did you call him babe too? Is it just a standard form of expression for you? Oh wait, I'm just a weak 'B-O-I' I wouldn't understand. Just leave me alone please."

"I have never called Jeremy or anyone else babe. Please just open the door. I swear I'll leave you alone if you want, but I don't want you locking yourself in there. Doc said he wanted you resting in bed, please let me in."

It was at that point the voice in my head said, "Open the door you dumb-ass... He really is trying to help you."

I stood up and dried my eyes. I reached over to the door and unlocked and opened it. Jeff extended his arms out to me in an open embrace. "I am so, so, sorry. I know that was your first time doing that, it should have been perfect and I screwed it up. Every time I do something for the first time with you, I screw it up. I'm so sorry."

Jeff reach down into the trash can and picked up the play toy that injured me. He showed me the tiny rupture in the side of it, and the sharp plastic piece that injured me. "This is what happened the last time I rushed before you were ready. You will always come first; your safety will always come first. God as my witness your happiness will come first. I have done things with you; I have never done with him. I regretted not doing those things with him. I want no regrets with you." I wrapped my arms around him pulling my snot covered face into his furry chest.

We comforted each other for a while. Then he started the shower water running and bathed me from head to toe like a child. He taught me how to clean my bottom. Jeff explained this is what the doctor meant about keeping myself clean. It felt weird at first, but after a while I enjoyed having the wand inside me. There was some bloody discharge from my wound mixed in with my normal waste. After the dirty business we got down to cleaning each other. Personally, I think we wasted a hell of a lot of water.

After drying me with fluffy towels he laid me out on the bed. He grabbed the tube of ointment and started medicating my hole. I do believe he was dawdling because he was able to squeeze three of his large fingers into me. He probed me deep to make sure the medicine coated any possible wound. I was grabbing the sheets as he probed around looking for any injury to apply the medicine to. All of which culminated with me shooting a load into the sheets.

We spent the rest of the day cuddling in front of the TV in the living room and talking. He ended up carrying me to bed. I fell asleep listening to him. Having him apply medicine to the inside of my bottom every four hours, resulting in an orgasm each time, simply put he wiped me out.

Rising with the sun and taking a walk along the lake, would become a morning ritual. Followed by our bath time and cleaning time. While he was out getting my meds, he got a pair of novelty underwear. It had a picture of an adhesive bandage printed on the back panel saying "OWIE!"

I looked at him saying, "There is no way I am going to wear those in public."

He replied, "My boy will do what I tell him." I knew it was not open for debate.

I timidly pulled on the sheer underwear he got for me. Then he began slathering me with high SPF sun block. "I like my baby's soft light skin."

I replied, "Yes daddy..." like Blaze responded to the doctor. He laughed and told me never to do that in front of another person. But in private, in our playtime it was ok. I told him, "It sounded creepy when Blaze did that with the doc... but with you, it feels kind of natural. I like having you as my sexy daddy."

"The doc's cabin is down by the lake. We've been invited for lunch. If doc says its okay, you and Blaze can even go swimming." I made a point to let him know I was concerned about still having bloody discharge in the pool. He said that was a good point.

I also asked if I should call him daddy in front of the doctor. He rested his finger on my nose. "No, I am Jeff to you. I want you to be straight acting in public, even among other daddies. Sir, is always acceptable in a pinch or if you do something wrong, but I prefer Jeff."

We played in the RV for a couple of hours and watched TV together. I liked nestling next to him almost naked. It felt natural, it felt right.

Jeff gave me a pair of sandals to walk to the doctor's cabin. I was so thankful for them because the oyster shell road would have shredded my feet. Every so often we would pass couples walking. When they would see what was printed on my bottom, they would point and chuckle. Some would pat it gently. Many "The poor baby" comments were made. Those comments were often accompanied by 'knowing' stares at the eight inches of thick soft meat swinging between Jeff's legs. A couple twinks even mentioned I was a "lucky boi." After seeing their much older daddies I could see why.

When we arrived Doc had drinks ready for us. Jeff got a beer and I got some kind of a smoothie. Doc said it would help me absorb the iron from my meal better. It tasted good. He told me it was a mix of orange, broccoli and strawberry juice. The thought of juicing broccoli initially disgusted me. But I had to admit it did taste good. Then he gave me the bad news, I had to give up coffee and sweet tea.

Doc put his hand on my shoulder as I polished off the second glass. He called me a good boy, then he gave me some pills, "Young Mister Cartier, these are supplements. We're going to put you on these until you start pulling in the right nutrients from your food." He told Jeff that until I got a permanent doctor we could do video consults.

He showed me how to connect Jeff's cell phone to the home EKG machine. Then he showed Jeff and me how to connect the different pads to my chest to read my heart. "In a pinch, I can show you how to do this through video, but I'd like you to be able to do it on your own."

I jokingly said we could tattoo the pad locations on to my chest and abdomen. It got me a frown from Jeff. Doc finished his thought "I believe a person owns their health." He told us he had connections with a national chain of laboratories where I could have blood draws done as we drove.

It turned out Blaze was studying to be a dietitian\physical trainer and worked in conjunction with his daddy. I looked sheepishly at Jeff imagining how much this one on one session was costing him.

Doc could read my expression and hugged me saying, "I'm just helping a friend. You're not hurting him. I knew Jeremy VERY well. I also know how much Jeremy loved Jeff."

"Thank you Doc." I replied.

"It's nice having younger people around here every so often. Don't get me wrong I love being the concierge doctor to the elderly who visit. It's nice seeing some sexy young hard bodies running around too. I know Blaze likes having the occasional visiting younger playmate." Blaze and I blushed. The two daddies noticed and laughed.

Blaze was really into yoga and was real flexible. He told me about his morning class and how I would be more than welcome to attend. I cocked and eyebrow, "Naked yoga?"

He replied, "Some do it naked. It was all up to the individual. Naturalists don't like people being uncomfortable. There are some stretches that it helps to have a little support."

Blaze laughed and added that in the afternoon he held nutrition classes. "I teach you how to care for yourself and your partner. Trust me your daddy will love it." I thought it odd in less than four days I'd gone from being a stranger to being Jeff's partner\boy.

Blaze led me out to their pool. He had a couple of yoga mats laid out. He guided me through some stretching exercises. I couldn't help but notice Jeff slowly going from leering too concerned looks as Blaze put his hands on me to guide me through different exercises.

He really wiped me out and worked up a very good appetite. He asked me to help him in the kitchen. I learned how not to prepare spinach. Okay actually pop taught me how not to prepare it.

It was Blaze who taught me how wrong he was. "DC, boiling the fuck out of it is not how you prepare spinach." While most of my kitchen work was fast food in nature, I did work the prep line at the golf course long enough to learn my way around a set of knives. Blaze admired my technique.

Blaze made this incredible spinach salad with sardines, and anchovies in it. He used a light coating of lemon and olive oil it was amazing. He said the dressing was something called bagna cauda. If there was a way food could make my mouth cum this would have done it.

He gave me a thumb drive with a whole bunch of recipes for me to try. All of them are high in iron. We brought the salad out to the table. The others enjoyed a glass of wine, while I enjoyed sparkling apple cider in a wine glass. Given the number of drunks I had in my family, I was very content.

Blaze disappeared back into the kitchen. I was about to get up Doc told me to sit and enjoy. Blaze came back with the appetizer, more of that bagna cauda stuff that I liked. This time it was hot and Blaze kept it warm over a candle. It was kind of like an Italian fondue but without the cheese.

He had skewers that you loaded up with bite sized pieces of different veggies and bread. My favorite was the braised cardoon. It looked like celery but tasted like artichoke hearts. Doc told me to keep an open mind with food. He was right.

Doc was right the food was different. They even had this liver pate stuff that I kind of liked. Eating healthy does not mean you have to give up taste. Especially when you have a daddy who's willing to pay to make sure you're eating right. Blaze offered to come over in the morning and help me set up a food plan and menu for the week.

Then the daddy's came up with the idea of going out on the town tonight. Doc said there was a hypnotist that had to be seen to be believed working one of the clubs. Jeff answered yes immediately. I was concerned about going out. It's not like I had a lot of clubbing clothes. I had three changes of clothing with me. All of them include blue jeans in various states of disrepair.

When we got back to the RV I told Jeff, "You're not going to want to be seen with me in public." I pulled the three outfits I had out of my backpack. The pair of jeans that was in the best repair had a big white hand-print on my seat. I would love to say it was a design original but it was actually another person on the stage crew who was screwing around while we were painting sets.

Jeff laughed and opened the closet door. "This side's yours..." It wasn't packed full of clothing, but there were three pairs of nice trousers hanging there. There were a few nice shirts in various colors. "...I always want to be seen in public with you. Remember I washed your clothes I knew what you had, and I knew what your sizes were. I told you, you are mine to take care of."

I had never had new name brand clothing ever in my life. I threw my arms around Jeff thanking him. I told him, "You didn't have to do this. You've only known me a few days."

Jeff pulled a bag from the top shelf. "I'm sorry I couldn't get the old one repaired. I hope this is a good enough replacement." I open the box to discover the computer I wanted years ago but couldn't afford. I tried handing it back, it was too much. "Babe, Wayne and I had a talk. He told me this was the machine you wanted. Was he wrong?"

"Jeff no... This thing retails for three grand. It is too much..."

"Babe, it wasn't that much, and you need a way to track your health and communicate with Wayne. I made some guess work on the kinds of software you would need or want. I don't know what that old tablet meant to you but I could tell it meant a lot."

"Jeff, It was the last thing mom got me before she ran off. She believed the salesman who told her it was just as good as the name brand notebook. My computer science teacher worked with me for almost two weeks to hack a patch to make MS Office work on it. I was so happy when I went home that day after school. I wanted to show Mom we got it to work. When I got there I was told she left.

Wayne told the cops he would take care of me, like I was his own boy. Two years later they found her. She had changed so much, I barely recognized her at the viewing. The medical examiner said that if she had not died of exposure, within a few weeks she would have died of cirrhosis." I started crying.

Jeff pulled me into his chest rubbing my back. I softly sobbed into his pecs. "I am sorry, I am just being stupid. It was just a dumb tablet." I threw my arms around him. "It is a great computer, thank you Jeff. I shouldn't just be a burden to you."

"As I recall babe, our first night together you weren't a burden. It was you who was my support. You have such a sweet heart. That's what friends, lovers and partners do. They split the pain and multiply the joy between each other. Babe, what is on the tablet?"

"Videos of theater junk, mom and I singing together, photos of mom, Wayne and me and pictures of my father." I snuggled hard against him tapping the new Surface, "I am being stupid, I can make new memories, and I still have the old ones here." I pointed to my head.

We cuddled on the bed for a while taking a little nap together.

Doc and Blaze picked us up and we drove into town. We arrived at the club and the doorman greeted the doc warmly. There was thumping music coming out from the inside. I said "Jeff there's no way they're going to let me in I'm only eighteen."

The doorman stamped my hand with "No alcohol\bar" and put a little pink bracelet on my wrist. "We allow special daddy's to bring in their babies to the dinner theater. It's a great show, enjoy." I blushed thinking I was whispering.

I had a virgin daiquiri, I love coconut. Blaze liked to dance, doc and Jeff did not. Blaze and I hit the floor a lot, with our daddy's permission of course. The two of us could move and wiggle together nicely and it got a lot of attention. When other guys started grinding on us a little too hard our daddy's came to our rescue removing us from the dance floor.

We had a very nice supper of steak, potatoes and mixed veg. The lights started to flash letting people know that the show was about to begin. People moved from the dance floor to the now cleared tables, and after dinner drinks were poured.

The hypnotist was a cute guy who asked people to the stage to participate. It was pretty much standard fare, put people to sleep and make them do silly things. Blaze tried to get me to volunteer, but I wouldn't. I just snuggled into Jeff's side on our couch.

It was no surprise Blaze went forward. I must have fallen asleep. I don't remember much until Jeff woke me saying it was time to go home. Somehow I was cuddled in his lap. It was so sweet when he gave me my meds and put me into bed that night.

For the second time I woke up looking into the deep green eyes of Blaze. Don't get me wrong it was kind of nice, but I was looking forward to waking up with Jeff. He greeted me smiling saying, "Good morning kitten..." I didn't understand what he meant, but it was cute when he hugged me. "...Are you going to sleep in all day or are we going to get working on this meal plan?"

I looked at the clock ten a.m. "I'm sorry Blaze. I don't know why I was so tired."

I climbed out of the bed. The nice thing about nudist colonies, you don't have to worry about what you're putting on in the morning. The problem with nudist colonies is you can't conceal your morning wood.

Blaze looked down at my hard member, "Well, we can't let you run around the kitchen with that sticking out. It's screaming, 'Hey knife related incident!' Let me help you out." With that Blaze started to go to his knees.

"NO! I'll take care of it. I'll meet you in the kitchen." He shrugged his shoulders and left the room. To be honest, I was so afraid it went down on its own. I waited five minutes and then went out to the kitchen and hugged the older boy. "I'm sorry Blaze; I don't want to do anything to upset Jeff. Things are just so new right now and I don't know where the boundaries are. If I do anything I want him present, or at least I want to know it is okay with him. Last week I would have been all over you."

"DC you're my 'kitty pal.' I would never hurt you. I also would never make you uncomfortable, on purpose. I'm sorry I was a little forward but after last night I kind of figured..." He stopped when he saw my confused look. "...Oh shit you haven't seen... Forget everything I just said, please!"

"What happened last night?"

Blaze looked visibly shaken. "Jeff will explain later. Now, let's just do the lesson DC."

Blaze loaded a real great piece of software on the computer to help manage the kitchen. It lets you plan out meals in advance based on stored recipes, Nutritional requirements and the existing contents of your pantry. Then it will come up with weekly (or event) grocery lists based on desired meals. The first thing we did was take stock of everything in the kitchen and load it into the software.

Blaze then took the nutritional requirements for both Jeff and I and fed them into the machine based on daily requirements. Both of us laughed when the machine recommended a broad spectrum multivitamin for me. Translation the boy can't eat enough.

Blaze teased me about all the pre-packaged foods that we had. "Holy crap no wonder you're starving! It's all junk! You should know better."

I replied, "Road food. It is for when you don't know when you're going to stop, or how much time you'll have, cooking from scratch is a luxury."

"Bullshit DC! You've worked food service. You know how to pre-prep stuff put it in the fridge and rewarm it. This boxed shit is garbage."

During our exchange we didn't hear the door open, "This boxed shit is what I bought. Give DC a break on this."

I dropped what I was doing and ran into Jeff's arms. "I missed waking up with you this morning."

"My sweet baby needed his sleep." I nuzzled his peck with my nose. I deeply breathed in his musky smell. I could tell he'd been running.

"Jeff, what happened last night?" As soon as those words escaped my lips Blaze slipped out the side door. Jeff took a deep breath and loaded a thumb drive into the entertainment console.

He sat me down and explained what happened last night was something the hypnotist called a bank shot. Because of my current condition I was hyper susceptible to suggestion. No one intended me to fall under the influence of the hypnotist. Jeff hit play and fast-forward through the show right up until Blaze went on stage.

Blaze went under with surprising ease. He had him do a few things act like a baby, stupid stuff. Then he changed him into a kitten. When Blaze would mew you could hear a soft echo. After four or five times, the hypnotist asked for the house lights to be brought up slowly, and my condition was discovered.

Jeff thought I was just playing around. I was batting at the chain around his neck. At that point on the video there was a collective awe from the crowd. I was lured onto the stage. He had Blaze and I play little kitten games with each other. It went from cute to a little raunchy. Then it bordered on violent and I was the aggressor. At that point both Doc and Jeff put an end to it. I was left shivering as if I was wrapped in a wet cold blanket.

It was decided that Blaze would be able to remember, but I would not. The last command that was issued to me was that I would wake in Jeff's lap as if I emerged from a blissful sleep at the end of the show.

I was angry. The problem was I had no one to be angry with. The cold quickly faded. The whole thing was a stupid accident. I had to admit it did look kind of cute with Blaze and I on stage behaving like little kittens, rolling around together. Suddenly I heard laughter only to realize it was coming from inside my head. My voice, my secret friend and guide was laughing. The angry heat that was in my cheeks slowly faded and I joined in laughing at the ludicrous nature of the situation.

Jeff looked at me as if my response was totally unexpected. I smiled at him, "I guess that explains why Blaze was so frisky this morning! I quickly explained what happened in bed.

Jeff asked, "You want to be exclusively mine?" I told him I was very tempted to play with Blaze but I didn't want to ruin what was between Jeff and I. Jeff laughed, "Babe, Blaze is a very happy bottom. I would have no trouble with you topping him, just like I loved watching you feed that sissy your cock in the arcade."

"That brings up another point Jeff. It's been two days; I really want you to be my first um... back there." I pointed to my butt.

"I suppose that depends on whether the doctor meant two days or 48 hours?" My pouty lip emerged. He pulled me into a firm embrace then swept me from my feet carrying me back to the bathroom. "I think we both should be clean when we do this. I doubt you did your morning cleaning." He took delightful pleasure cleaning me inside and out as I sponged the sweat from his body.

No sooner had he laid me on the bed I grabbed for that thick eight inch slab of meat. I knew it was my job to get him hard enough to take me.

I took the head in my mouth and started sucking. I knew I couldn't get it all the way in my throat, but I damned well tried! Jeff stroked the back of my head and murmured, "Oh, yeah, Babe. Suck it; you make it feel so good!"

I sucked it, all right. I used my tongue in every way I could imagine. Every time I started going too fast, Jeff would slow me down, saying, "Take it easy, babe! We got all the time in the world!"

Finally, he lifted me up and said, "It'll be easier face down. He started to encourage me to roll."

I was suddenly nervous as I reminded him, "I've never..." As soon as I said it I knew it was the wrong thing to say. I blushed and buried my head in a pillow.

"We can stop right now babe. I'm not going to force myself in you. If you are not ready I'll stop right here." he replied, "I want this to be perfect for you." I rolled over and he started licking my freshly cleaned hole. Chills ran up and down my spine at the feel of his tongue swishing around inside me. Then he started lubing my hole deep with his fingers. Stretching and spreading them to widen my hole.

He took one of his pillows and used it to prop up my hips. He them re-positioned himself between my legs and pressed the head of his huge manhood against my tight, virgin pucker.

He gave a grunt and his head popped inside me. The pain was incredible; I couldn't help screaming into the pillow. "Just relax," Jeff advised rubbing my back. "Take it easy or you'll hurt yourself again."

He would push a little, then stop and let me get used to his size. Then drive in a bit more. I was trying to focus on breathing and relaxation anything to take my mind off the discomfort. At long last I felt his furry bush tickling my cheeks and I knew he was fully inside of me.

My hole must have relaxed a bit, because Jeff started pumping in and out, slowly and gently. It still hurt a bit, but now, as his shaft massaged my prostate, the pain was being overcome by an incredible sensation. It was not only feeling better, it was feeling better than I ever thought it could!

Without even touching myself, I shot off all over his pillow. I groaned and Jeff stepped up the pace, plunging in and out of my ass like a piston. Finally, he started groaning and breathing hard. He pulled me to him tightly and pushed his cock all the way in, letting out a bellow of pure ecstasy.

For the first time, I felt a man fill me with his seed. He kept cumming for what seemed like a blissful eternity. Jeff slumped down onto my body driving me into the bed. He began nibbling at my ears and biting my shoulders. After a while, he slid out and rolled me over, lying on top of him. "You are so beautiful babe, all glowing, content and full of my baby batter. Thank you for letting me be your first."

"I don't think anyone else could ever fill me now. I wish I could make babies for you." His seed was slowly seeping from my hole as we both drifted into a well earned nap.

I would love to say we went on a world wind tour of New Orleans, but to be honest once we started making love, we didn't stop for two and a half weeks. We were having such fun we stayed a third week. There were daily trips out to the community building for me. Blaze guided me through more yoga exercises. Jeff was happy I put on ten pounds. My ribs were becoming less noticeable.

Doc came over for another blood draw. He and Jeff also had a private conversation in the lounge with me in the bedroom. At one point He and Jeff both raised their voices. It became a heated argument. I heard one exchange clearly. Doc said firmly, "Damn it Jeff, he needs to be told."

Jeff replied, "I want to have a second test in Houston. I have the test lined up with a top lab, just to confirm... I don't want his hopes up just to get crushed..."

I walked in the room and both men stopped. I asked the Doc, "Yes or no, am I dying?" He replied in the negative and began to say the word 'but.' I held up a finger, "Yes or no, does this test have an immediate impact on my health?" Again he responded in the negative. "Last question yes or no. Is the accuracy of the first test in question in any way?"

Doc responded with, "There is a SMALL doubt. The lab in Houston is more accurate."

"Doc thank you but, we can wait for the results of the second test. You told me I own my body, I trust Jeff to care for me." Both men rubbed my head.

The second to the last day was time to go out provisioning the RV for the next leg of our trip. Jeff said we would be visiting a couple old battle buddies in Houston and Corpus Christi for a week or two. Jeff left his credit card (and I) in Blaze's care.

Blaze wanted me to see how to do proper shopping to provision the kitchen correctly. Jeff also told Blaze to buy me some nice clothes. Everything from going out on the town formal, to barbecue, outdoor casual. Of course Blaze went in and looked at Jeff's closet first, to make sure we "complemented" each other.

Blaze and I picked up some appliances for the RV's kitchen including an expensive juicer. The RV came with blanks for these kinds of appliances to be mounted to. The blanks fit in to docking ports in the counters. They could also slide into shelves in the cabinet to keep them secure and out of the way when not in use.

While we were in the mall I noticed a small computer store that sold RCA parts. After a brief negotiation I had a used replacement screen for the Maven for forty bucks. My supply of cash was dwindling fast. I appreciated the new tablet PC that Jeff got me, but all my memories were still on the Maven. I put the replacement screen in the drawer with the old maven. In time I'd fix it and get my pics off of it.

That last full day Blaze and the Doc hosted us at their bungalow. Jeff had some business in town and took off on his bike. Of course for me the day started with Blaze and I practicing yoga with the older guests. I went with Blaze to shower at his place. We were lying out on the deck letting the sun warm our skin. Doc's booming voice filled the courtyard, "Are the babies using sunscreen?" I had forgotten. Doc began applying it.

"Doc, Jeff said Jeremy and he had been together since high school. He also said Jeremy always wanted to bring him here. When did he come here?"

"Hmmm, I guess that is a safe one." He stretched out on the over-sized deck chair. Blaze and I lay down on either side of him resting our heads on his chest. Just like two children were listening to a story from their daddy.

"It was a couple years before Blaze crossed my path. Jeremy and his father were having issues. Jeremy was seventeen and having issues with his sexual identity. During his junior year summer break he needed some time away. He woke up one morning and just took off. He turned up here a couple weeks later during a downpour. He was hungry and soaked to the bone when he crossed my path. He had no money and his Yamaha broke down. I brought him here.

He slept on my couch for a few days. We had a lot of good talks. He was out of control sexually, mostly due to rebellion. I helped him get it under control. He had a father; he needed a daddy, just for a little while. I filled that space in his life for a month and a half.

With Jeremy's blessing, I called his father letting him know his son was safe. Mr. Craig wanted to pick him up immediately. I told him that would almost guarantee Jeremy would run again. He relented, picking up his son before school resumed. I never saw him again. He wrote telling me about his love affair with Jeff senior year and later about his life in the army. How he wanted to bring Jeff to see this place."

I could tell he was holding back but I let him continue, "When Jeremy was killed Jeff sent the notice to me. I even went to Killeen for the funeral. That is when Jeff and I met. It is a hard thing to lose a child. Mr. Craig held Jeff responsible for the loss of his only son. I tried to help, it was just too fresh, and those wounds were just too deep."

"Doc, do I really look like him? Is Jeff just settling for a ghost? As I meet more of Jeremy's friends and service brothers is this just gonna keep repeating?"

"For a half second, you look like a younger version of him. Anyone who has known Jeremy for more than thirty seconds can tell the difference. You have a completely different personality. While Jeremy could share, his favorite person was himself. Don't let anyone take that from you. It's a rare gift that you put others first. As for putting others first, I have to go make my rounds."

He kissed Blaze sweetly. Then he unlocked and removed the plug from Blaze's bottom. "Don't leave the house Blaze. You babies play nice. Jeff will be back from town soon with grilling stuff and I'll be done with my rounds in an hour. We have a couple snow birds from Des Moines with bad sun burns."

Doc kissed my forehead and started on his rounds. Doc was endowed very much like my Jeff. His cock was a little longer but not as thick. Thanks to seeing Jeff's massive tube steak swinging between his legs, I was walking around semi-erect all the time. To reduce my shame, Blaze got me some cute flesh colored thongs just like his.

Blaze led me back to his room to play some video games and just chill. He rocked with a controller. At one point he sat behind me and wrapped his arms around me to show me how to mimic his moves. His hand fell on my tummy and he pressed his cheek against my shoulder. "I am gonna miss my kitty buddy..." his hand slid down against my pink basket feeling my swelling cock. I leaned back into his body. Blaze slowly stroked my cock until I was painfully hard.

I rolled in his arms pressing my lips to his. He kissed me back parting his lips welcoming my tongue's probing. When our lips parted I let out a soft "mew." He giggled and echoed my kitten call to play. He softly pawed at my thong with his hands and feet until it was below my knees while I nibbled and licked his nipples.

I kicked my thong off. I was reaching for his when he grabbed my hands. "You are going to be disappointed, just push the back strap aside."

"Blaze, it's not fair. You've seen me naked several times. I've never seen you. I would never be disappointed in you. You're my kitty pal." He rolled to his tummy and allowed me to remove his thong. I tenderly kissed each of his cheeks as the waistband slid below them. When the fabric was removed I marveled at his muscle tone. I began rubbing his calves the back of his thighs when I reached his beautiful glutes I massage them and using my thumbs to softly stroke his hole. He let out a soft moan.

"DC stop..." I leaned back on my heels. Blaze shifted position covering his cock with his hands. "You need to see this before we go too far. I was hurt as a kid. Please don't laugh."

I sat cross-legged in front of him. "Blaze I won't. Remember, you are talking to the human equivalent of a fainting goat. I know how much teasing hurts. I could never do that to you."

He slowly pulled his hands away revealing a tiny button of a cock. "It's cute like the rest of you." I wrapped my arms around him and kissed him. When we broke our kiss we slid to our sides into a sixty-nine we sucked and nibbled and licked on each other's cocks. He asked me to stop.

He climbed on top of me. "DC, I can't cum like you. The only time I cum is when I get fucked. It oozes out. I can't shoot. Please DC, make me cum." I nodded. He grabbed a condom and lube from the nightstand. "I have had a lot of partners before Doc. I am clean but if I am not yours you need a condom. Always play safe DC."

He applied the condom with his mouth while he lubed his hole. I was nowhere near as big as Doc. I knew he was stroking my ego. He straddled my hips softly stroking my cock to full measure. He pressed it against his pussy and slowly impaled himself.

When he was fully mounted he said, "Your face is so cute DC. Like a kid in a candy store. Does it feel good?"

"It is great; I never thought it would feel this good. I know I can't compare to Doc..."

"DC, it is not a comparison thing. It is just my kitty pal and I. Each time you make love it is different. What is special to me is the fact I am the first person you've topped. That makes you the biggest guy in the world."

I watched as ribbons of sticky fluid emerged from his cute button dripping on my base of my cock. "DC, you wanna drive?" When I nodded yes he dismounted and lay back on his pillows. I knelt between his legs. He told me to rest his legs on my shoulders.

I know I was awkward as I lined up and pushed my cock back into his hole. His head rolled back and he opened his mouth moaning like a porn star, a serious ego stroke. I leaned in and kissed his soft lips. Dismissing his response as an act but rewarding the attempt. I tried varying the speed and angle of my thrusts like Jeff.

I was about to give up, when more sticky liquid flowed out of the end of his a cock and started pulsing up his stomach. Each thrust brought another jet of fluid. I couldn't hold out. I sprayed filling the rubber barrier. Blaze grabbed either side of my face pulling me into a passionate kiss.

I was struggling to catch my breath as Blaze removed the filled condom. As I kissed my way down his tummy licking up his leaving he drained the contents into his mouth. I wanted to try oral on his button while trying another of Jeff's moves. I made my tongue wide and flat, dragging it across the head of his cock.

He asked me to stop. He said it wasn't worth the effort. I responded, "Mew?!?" Then I slid my middle finger in his boi pussy then gave his dick another lick.

His head rolled back and he let out another "Oh, yeeeeeees." He placed both legs behind his head giving me unfettered access to his centers of pleasure. I was determined to trip them all. My kitty pal had my full attention. Each time my finger brushed his prostate my lapping tongue was rewarded with a fine stream of his kitten cream.

I felt pressure on the back of my head. He went from no don't bother to holding my lips to his groin. I rewarded his trust by working his cock with my tongue. Changing from lapping to flicking to swirling around his one inch tool and I inserted a second digit into his bottom. As I savored each drop of his sweet sticky fluid I slowly got hard again.

I felt guilty wanting to be inside him again. I didn't know how to ask without sounding like a total perv. That problem was solved when his hand made contact with my shaft. "Someone is a hard kitten again." He broke his pose. "Denny, come with me." He climbed off the bed and held his hand out. I followed him without any thought. He could have led me out to the community building and I would obey. I was so horny I didn't even notice his new name for me.

Fortunately for my modesty, he led me to the lanai where Doc had an antique low pommel horse. Blaze had one hand on my cock and the other on the pommel horse. "This was my first love. I was on the fast track to the Olympics. Gymnastics was my life... At least until the accident left me in chronic pain. I couldn't look at this stuff. Doc tried to use it for a little dime-store therapy. When he got it I stopped coming out here, it just hurt too much."

He rolled another condom on my cock. "Denny, help me love it again. Please Denny... please." When I agreed he bent over the end of the horse. He stretched his body down the length of the horse. He reached back spreading his cheeks exposing his open hole.

I stepped between his legs kicking his spread wider. I lined up my cock to his open boy pussy. Slowly I sank my cock fully with him my kitty pal. It occurred to me in this position he was immobilized. He couldn't arch his back against me. I was responsible for both of our pleasure. Suddenly I realized I was a daddy stand-in. I recognized the word he used earlier... he wanted to call me daddy, but it came out Denny.

With that realization I had a sudden feeling of power. Power is the greatest aphrodisiac of all. I felt like a prize bull on rodeo day. My hands rubbed his back as my cock slid in and out of his hole. A puddle formed under the horse as I milked more and more cum out of my pal. Blaze begged me to fuck him harder.

We changed position rolling him on his back resting his legs over my shoulders so I could drive deeper into his ass. Eventually the only sounds that could be heard on the screen room were shouts of pleasure and the slapping of skin.

His grinning face was magic, keeping me going. In the end basic human physiology won. I filled my second condom of the day. My legs turn to rubber and I collapsed on Blaze's chest shaking.

As he ran his fingers through my sweaty hair I heard Doc's voice, "Jeff, I think I need a cigarette... and I don't smoke."

Jeff asked if I was okay as he skinned the condom from my cock. It hit the trash can with a wet thud. "Jeff, just hold me please... Thank you guys for letting me play at being a daddy. Jeff, can you call me Denny?" Jeff nodded yes. Blaze said he wasn't playing and I would be a great daddy.

The two daddies sat in the big deckchairs with their respective exhausted boys in their laps. Doc was the first to speak, "Denny, I should thank you. I never thought Blaze would ever touch a pommel horse again."

Blaze replied, "I have no complaints Daddy...Thank you for unplugging me and letting me play with my kitty friend today."

The rest of the evening consisted of a farewell cookout with promises of a pre-departure breakfast.

In bed Jeff held me tight. "Sweetie, you have a super power." I pitched my head up and gave him a 'you are crazy look.' "Serious, my baby is a well that fills the needs of those who drink of it. To your football player he touched you and found knowledge, wisdom and ability to reason between them. He knew you were not his and he loved you with his friendship.

To me you help calm my rage. You give me something I desperately need someone I can nurture and care for. At the same time it is you who are healing my wounds.

Blaze touched something he thought he never could again, and Doc learned a new way to pleasure his boy. My baby is a superhero!" As I snuggled against his furry chest, I found another scar under his left nipple. I kissed it and rested my head on it. "See I told you so. Goodnight my love."

"Ok, so I am a well I can live with that. Uhm, Daddy, don't forget you have to fill this well regularly please."

The morning we departed Doc had the recent results on my iron levels. I am almost up to normal levels. Hugs and kisses were received from Doc and Blaze then we were back on the road.

Five hours later we were in the Houston suburbs. We pulled into a long driveway. Jeff was trying to formulate a warning. I was starting to be able to read his face. "Babe, I should warn you about Lt and Terri. Their relationship is unique." After what I learned about Daddies and BOIs I was ready for anything. Man was I wrong.

We pulled up to a gate and high wall. Jeff pushed a button and the gate retracted. A feminine voice came over the box, "Welcome gentlemen, and please follow the drive up to the big house. The butler will help you park."

"Denny, Terri is a transsexual mistress; our Lt is her live in slave." So much for my being ready for anything. "We all came back from the sandbox a little screwed up. Terri helps Lt by controlling his world. He needs it small for now. She has been good for him."

What followed as we drove to the house was a brief lesson in bondage, domination, discipline and sadomasochism. Most of the color drained from my face. I had image of him tying me up to some menacing wooden post and whipping me. "Easy pal, we won't be here long, they know S&M is not OUR thing.

Tomorrow we will go to the lab. Then we'll drive them to Corpus Christi to pick up their RV. We'll be there for a week or so. We are gonna meet up with another buddy there. Rivers is gonna take more of an explanation than I am ready to give at this moment. One of us will give Rivers a ride.

If all goes well, and we keep to schedule, we will be staying a week with Sergeant Major Rogers and his wife in San Antonio before we head to Killeen as a group. The Sergeant Major is a preacher now, of sorts"

Jeff was the first one out of the door. The two strong warriors fell on each other's necks. I made eye contact with a beautiful woman on the steps, I assumed was Terri Marcus. I never would know she was a man if Jeff hadn't told me. I realized I was staring and dropped my eyes. I tried to ready myself for what I knew was coming.

My eyes worked their way up the body of Lieutenant Douglas Marcus. He was the first amputee I ever met. His right leg was missing below the knee. The rest of his body was tight sinewy muscle. He was a man who lived in the gym. When our eyes met, something vanished from his. The joy of his reunion with Jeff faded, and a look of recognition and absolute terror filled them. I knew who he was seeing.

I could feel my face go cold. My blood pressure was crashing. My vision dimmed, the last thing I saw was the grass approaching my face and I was out.

My eyes opened and Terri's face filled my field of view. I felt the leads on my chest and knew I was out for a while. Then I heard Jeff's voice, "Easy pal you're ok. You've been out for a little over an hour." Terri leaned back and I saw my love's sweet face.

Shame overwhelmed me and I dropped my eyes, "I am so sorry Jeff I tried to stop it. I just couldn't. Miss Terri, is your husband alright? I am so stupid..."

Terri leaned in again. She pressed her well manicured index finger against my lips. She spoke with a soft English accent. "Sweetie Dog is fine, although he is feeling very guilty. You both just had a bit of a shock. One does not apologized for things out of one's control. From what I hear, you are NOT stupid. Never say that again.

Well, I was not supposed to have you as a patient until tomorrow..." The beautiful woman held a pair of buccal swabs, "Do you want to get this out of the way now?" I nodded and opened my mouth so she could collect the sample. She also took a vial of blood. "That wasn't so difficult was it?"

I smiled and said, "No ma'am, thank you. What do I call you ma'am? Doctor\Mrs. Marcus..." I blushed and added in a hushed tone, "...mistress?"

As she gracefully rose, "I see SOMEONE has been talking..." Terri shot an icy glance at Jeff then smiled, "...probably for the best. Denny, I liked it when you called me Miss Terri. It sounds like you are saying mystery. All ladies like being a mystery."

She motioned and another person in white lab wear who came over and took the bags with my samples. She glided over to Jeff. He was shaking as he handed her an envelope. She kissed his cheek whispering something in his ear as she put it in another sample bag. She held out the bag. She addressed the technician coolly, "Extreme care and rush." The technician took possession of the bag and left quickly.

"We should have results this time tomorrow. Well, I will let you two settle in. Jeff, Denny's numbers are good again. You can break the connection and remove the pads. Dinner is in an hour. Jackets and ties please gentlemen." She left the room, stilettos softy tapping on the hardwoods.

Jeff knelt by my side turning off the monitor. As he removed each of the seven sensor dots from my chest he rubbed the remaining adhesive and kissed the site. "I am so sorry for scaring you again. I don't know why you keep helping me." He pressed his finger against my lips to silence me. I playfully slurped on it. When I let it go he returned to coiling the leads, packing and putting away the case.

"I keep caring for you because you are mine. You are my boy. So far everyone who knew my Jeremy has loved you. It takes time babe. I am worried about the toll on you. I've never seen you out this long."

I replied, "Two and a half hours." He had a puzzled look on his face, so I continued, "The longest blackout has been two and a half hours. It was just after I identified mom on the coroner's slab."

I tried to stand but my legs were still wobbly. I was commanded to sit. Jeff stripped off his clothes. Then he removed my clothes. He carried me into the bathroom and sat me on the counter as he adjusted the water temperature in the shower. He sat me on a little bench in the shower he used the hand wand to wash me. He began rubbing my legs to increase circulation. He had me kneel on the floor leaning on the bench so he could clean my bottom.

When he was content with my cleanliness he sat me back on the bench turning to his own needs. As he was washing his hair I took advantage of his distraction. Jeff was uncut; most of the guys I saw in school were circumcised like me. Not that I was staring in school, but once I knew what I liked, I did take glances for points of interest and comparison.

Jeff had a soft chestnut brown nest of pubic hair and his meat was more than eight inches and thick even while in a non-erect state. Hard it looked like a caveman's club. I knew I was a lucky boi to have access to it.

While his other head and hair was covered with shampoo. He had gotten close to me. I wrapped my lips around his skin covered head. I looked up, Jeff smiled and tried to step away from me, but I kneeled on the hard tile and pressed up against him and didn't allow him to get out of my range.

I took my hands and firmly held Jeff's magnificent ass. I used my right index finger to slip between the cheeks of his ass to his anal opening. I used my finger to flick and caress his rectum. Jeff rinsed the soap from his hair and face when he looked down, he realized how much I wanted and needed this.

With his resistance gone, my left hand moved back to Jeff's growing manhood.

With my lips planted firmly on the head of his shaft, my left hand began to caress his growing cock. I used the soap from his body for lube and pushed my index finger into his asshole. I began to rhythmically stroke his cock while pumping his rectum with my finger. Jeff was moaning and I loved giving him pleasure.

I loved running my tongue around the inside of his foreskin. Releasing his cock from my mouth I used my left hand to apply pressure to the head of his shaft and peel back his foreskin exposing his angry, leaking, swollen purple head. Now fully erect it was almost like holding a soda can in my hand. It was heavy and engorged with blood, begging for my attention.

As I took his ever growing cock into my mouth I found myself wondering surely my mouth was bigger than my anus. How could I take him fully back there and not up here? It didn't make sense to me. I tabled those thoughts and used my left hand to stroke his cock, while I stuffed as much of his manhood as I could into my mouth.

I sucked his cock as deep as I could until I gagged. My eyes were watering at the strain and my nose was running. A combination of saliva and his precum drooled from the corners of my mouth. It wasn't very long before he began to buck driving his shaft against the back of my throat. I began to retch as his lower body spasmed and shook.

Seconds later his cock was shooting, filling my hungry mouth. The rich earthy flavor of his seed flowed into my mouth. I thought I got it all, I was in error. I released his cock from my mouth and slowly slid my index finger out of his ass. When I did that, he shot one final load, painting my face with man juice. I looked up at him to see the proud look of a very happy daddy.

"Now I have to clean my baby all over again." He jokingly added, "There is no end of work with you." He pulled me to my feet playfully swatting my ass. He swept some his cum back into my hungry mouth. He kissed my cum frosted face.

After our shower he dried me off thoroughly, and helped me walk back to the bedroom. I had more feeling in my legs and body but was exhausted from my labors. As I patted his bottom I asked, "Jeff did you like what I did back there?"

"Oh God yes! No one has ever done that before." I could tell he wanted to say Jeremy never did that. He was being very sensitive of my feelings. Still even when the name wasn't mentioned, the ghost was in the room. Then he added "Would you like to try... topping daddy?"

I blushed with embarrassment and looked for a quick end to the conversation. "We'll be late for dinner, and I think Miss Terri would be offended by us being tardy."

He pulled me close, "You know what I mean. Not this second. If you want to, at some point, I'm more than happy to let you. Just think about it. I was sixteen last time anyone was interested. I would like it to be you pal." With that the conversation was tabled, as we dressed in matching sport coats and ties.

We arrived at the top of the stairs and were about to come down. Terri's voice came up from the first floor. "Denny honey, while you're in this house please take the lift love." Just down the hall from the grand wishbone staircase was an old glass and iron Victorian elevator, it was just big enough for a person and a wheelchair.

Miss Terri was waiting for us at the bottom. She kissed my cheek and asked if I would escort her to the dining room. As soon as I said yes ma'am she took my arm, and passively guided me. Jeff followed behind us. I admired her dark blue lace evening gown. I noticed her ten inch stiletto heels were gone. With her flats, she was only an inch taller than me now. Even shorter she still owned the room. I loved her confidence.

When we entered the dining room her husband stood. With a simple glance from her, he knew he was to stay in his place. She walked to the head of the table and I pulled her chair out for her. As she sat I pushed it in behind her. She said, "Someone was raised up as a gentleman."

"Thank you ma'am." I noticed Doug was sitting in one of the side chairs, I sat opposite him. Clearly the two power players were supposed to be at the ends of the table. I guessed wrong. My action earned Jeff a withering glance from Terri that lasted a tenth of a second.

A servant came around the table pouring wine for all. When he came to me I put my hand over the glass. Terri asked what was wrong. "I do not drink Miss Terri." She told me, wine enhances the meal and adds to the festive mood. I tried again politely to say no again.

Miss Terri was used to getting her own way; she pressed the issue wanting to know why. "Mama said daddy was a drunk and he left us. Mama was a drunk and she abandoned and then died on me. Papa, the man who raised me, was a drunk and threw me into the street. Please Miss Terri, I don't want to drink."

She rose and came to my chair, "I did not know. I am sorry for pressing. When I was your age back at home this was common. I am truly sorry; the last thing I wanted was to upset you." She kissed my forehead.

My glass was filled with fruit juice and dinner commenced. After dessert Douglas looked to Miss Terri with eager eyes. She smiled and rang a little bell. The effeminate butler placed a tray with a large leather folio next to him.

Terri spoke, "Dog felt so poorly about frightening you. He wanted to do something nice. While he was looking for your EKG machine he uncovered your tablet in a dresser drawer in the RV. He noticed you had the replacement screen. Then he saw you had no tools to make the repair.

My Dog is an electrical engineer and knew he could replace the screen quickly and easily. He asked Jeff's permission, I hope you don't mind." I said that I didn't and made sure to say thank you.

Doug addressed Terri, "Mistress may I?" She nodded. "Master Denny, I wanted to make sure it was working right. So I opened a few of your apps." This admission earned him an arched eyebrow from his mistress. "I did not examine the individual files. Then I saw you had a full version of MS Office. I was intrigued..."

He briefly turned his attention back to Terri. "...Mistress, that Maven was never compatible with the full version of Office. Master Denny, I looked at your emulation program. I was shocked to see it had only 1900 lines of code! That's amazing. It was a brilliant piece of software engineering. Then I looked at when you wrote it. No one had done that before you. I hope we can talk at some point about software design. Where are you planning to go to college?"

"I'm not. I was lucky enough to graduate high school. I don't have the money for college and I didn't have the grades for a scholarship."

Jeff corrected me, "What Denny meant to say was, we don't know where he's going to school yet. My boy will be educated properly." I was about to interrupt him, when he turned to me saying, "You said you had videos of your theater productions and pictures of your family on there. I'd like to see a little bit of your life before me."

Miss Terri spoke before I could reply, "We can set up in the playroom." When she said 'in the playroom' I had all kinds of dark thoughts going through my head. Thankfully, what she called a playroom was an enormous home theater with a circular pit group. It sat facing a roaring fireplace with a seventy-two inch LED screen above it. Doug folded down the back cushion of the center of a group. It became a table then he connected the power and my Maven to the HDMI video dongle. Terri tapped the cushion between her and the table section for me to sit. Jeff nodded letting me know it was ok.

When all was setup, Douglas curled up on what was clearly a large doggie bed on the floor next to his mistress. Jeff was sitting on the other side of the cushion table from me his hand never left my shoulder. I found a few videos that I knew I didn't suck too badly in.

Laughs were had by all. Miss Terri said I was good enough to perform on the "West End" whatever that was. Then it happened. I didn't realize I included a file of mom and me singing together... It was my mother's last professional gig, and she was the headliner.

I had passed the eighth grade and was about to start high school in two days. She asked me to come up on the stage to perform a duet. The crowd in the pit group echoed the crowd on the screen with comments of awe and how cute as we sang our version of Lady Antebellum's Never Alone. I played piano and sang backup, she played guitar and sang lead.

When the final chorus played on the big screen Miss Terri saw the tears running down my face and pulled me into a nurturing hug. "Mama paid for the Maven with this gig the next day. Two weeks later she left me... after singing about not leaving me alone... Ain't that irony?"

It was the last video in the playlist and the other three viewers were in full damage control. I felt weak and foolish. Without action the screen saver went through my photo album. At one point Jeff's face went white as a ghost. He reached over and closed the lid putting the tablet in sleep mode.

I yawned and we decided to call it a night. I climbed into bed naked hoping that Jeff would take advantage of the opportunity. I needed to feel him inside me. I needed something to fill the empty space fate just gouged in my heart. Instead he sat on the bed and kissed my forehead. "I have to go make a few calls. I'll be back in a little bit pal."

I woke to the sound of a roaring motorcycle outside and a note pinned to the pillow. "My sweet boy, I had to run an errand. You are safe, last minute problem with Lt and Terri's RV. I am running some change\fix sheets down for them and kick a little butt. I'll be back sometime this evening.

If you should need it your safe word is 'NO.' They will obey it. Like at the resort if you want to play it's ok. There is a thumb drive on the nightstand. It has the password for the cloud storage on your account. Please, archive your Maven today. Those files are too precious to lose babe."

I went to the window hoping to get a glimpse of Jeff leaving. I found out we looked out over the backyard. A pool... CRAP! I forgot to get swim trunks. I guess one should never let a guy living in a nudist colony plan your entire wardrobe.

I plugged the flash drive into the Maven and started the archive. There was a feature that synced the data to the computer Jeff bought me. The Maven was my past. Jeff gave me a future.

I walked back to the window and I looked over the back yard. When I saw the running track, I damn near had an eye-gasm. Lt Marcus was out running, he had a different prosthesis. He was keeping up a blistering pace. I quickly changed into running gear. I obeyed Miss Terri and took her 'lift.'

I found my way through the maze of rooms to the backyard. I quickly stretched and hit the track. It was one of the springy ergonomic tracks. Our team would have called it a cheater track. Ok, that was out of envy, truth was our school could barely afford an asphalt one.

I kept my pace slow; I was not going to repeat yesterday. I heard him padding up behind me. I took the outside of the track, to give him the inner core. I expected Doug to blow past me like a tornado in a trailer park. Instead he pulled up alongside me and paced on me. "Should you be out here Master Denny?"

"Doug, it has been weeks since I have been able to just run, I miss it. You don't have to come down to my level. I promise to take it easy."

"I can relate still Mistress would NEVER forgive me if I let anything happen to you or let you get injured. I was about to cool down, this is a good pace."

We did three laps around the massive estate. He occasionally asked questions not for answers per se, more to check my breathing and physical stress level. I was slowing my pace for my cool down. "You may not be fast but you CAN run. Were you distance or cross country?"

I thanked him replying, "Both when I made the team in elementary school Wayne started calling me squirrel. He said it was because I was small, fast and hyper. Our high school coach also ran the community team. In the eighth grade I was beating some of his seniors. He was not surprised when I made the Varsity squad." I took a deep breath, "Then I got benched because of my damned heart. Now I just run for fun."

When we hit the porch Doug stretched to finish his cool down. I began a yoga routine Blaze said was good after running to de-stress the body slowly. "Yoga? Mistress will love that. She hasn't had a partner for a while. You have good form."

I replied straining to keep the pose, "Still checking my breathing Doug?"

"Sorry Denny, I thought I was being more subtle. Still you do have an excellent form." When we finished I was about to go to my room to clean up. "Have you ever used an open air shower? Its real invigorating."

I replied, "Mistress doesn't like sweaty men traipsing through the house?"

He chuckled, "Not unless she made them sweat." I noticed he wasn't talking to me as servant to a master. He was just chatting and joking. I liked it. Doug had a way about him, which encourages people to give more, to do their best. I finally saw the lieutenant as a leader of men.

The showers weren't what I was expecting. I was expecting maybe a partition with a shower head over it. These were multiple private tiled partitioned open air rooms with very expensive jetted showers. It felt glorious but a bit naughty with so much exposed. From over the wall I heard Doug ask, "How's the water?"

"It is wonderful; I wouldn't have imagined someone running plumbing for soft water in an outdoor shower. I love how it makes my skin feel. A guy I knew back in school had a water softener in his house. He invited me over after we finished dressing a set for a play. He said he wanted to run lines. I said I had to go home and shower and get some of the grunge off me. Truth be told I was more than a little ripe. He told me he had his own bathroom and I could use his shower if I wanted."

"Let me guess he joined you."

"No. Actually Doug, about 8,000 guys joined me in the shower. The dirt bag had a couple of web-cams hidden in his shower. He was streaming pay per view. He was featuring me as a guest star. When images started getting passed around the school Jesse Karuth and the football team handed him his ass. Then the school expelled him. The cops said the video would likely be floating on the internet forever."

"Jesse Karuth, the new starter for the Vols!"

"That would be him. He and the guys tried keeping the bad guys away from me... No one expected Pete. He had everyone fooled. There was another problem with all that protection, they kept a lot of nice guys away too. Folks thought I was the team's boy and no one wanted to intrude."

"Well Denny, I may have to start cheering for the Vols. I damn sure like Karuth even more."

I emerged from the shower stall wearing a towel. I was reaching to get my shorts when Doug told me to "Just leave them. The staff will wash, fold and put them up in your room."

He saw my confusion. "There is a nice bathrobe over there on the hook. It should fit you." His fingers traced my ribs poking out through my skin. "How much do you weigh?" I replied a hair over a hundred pounds. "I'm guessing you're around five and a half feet tall. That puts your body mass at a hair over sixteen percent. You really do have to put some weight on."

As I put on the long robe I replied, "Why is everyone trying to be my daddy?"

He adjusted his walking prosthesis and it clicked as he stood, "We're all trying to help you because you need it. It's an act of friendship. Besides, the job of daddy has been filled." Douglas tenderly rested his hand on my shoulder, "I wouldn't mind to try out for the job of older brother."

I hugged him and we walked into the kitchen. Miss Terri was there her hands on a clearly corseted waist. With a glance, I knew she was not happy with Doug. "I believe you are behind schedule Dog." She said icily "Jeff is running all the way to Corpus Christi so you could be free today to honor your promise."

I didn't want Doug in trouble on my behalf, "Miss Terri I wanted to run and Doug didn't want me running alone. He was worried I would fall again. I'm sorry ma'am it was my fault."

She sighed and smiled at me. When her hand rested on my side she could feel my ribs through the robe. "Dog chose well to protect a weaker pack member. Dear, make him one of your famous protein shakes, get Carlo started on breakfast then get that project for Jeff done. If he likes the shake, make him one between each meal."

"Yes mistress." His 'famous' protein shake included banana, kiwi and strawberry. It tasted great though it was heavy. I knew it had to have at least a billion calories.

I couldn't help but notice Miss Terri watched me like a hawk until it was finished. When I was done I rubbed my tummy and gave a yummy sound. She smiled. I asked if Doug was doing something to help Jeff if I could help. "No, the space would be tight, and your company might be distracting to him. My Dog is easily distracted."

"I'm sorry Miss Terri that I messed up your schedule today. I saw the track I just wanted to run. If anyone should be disciplined it should be me."

"I think someone has filled your head with bad images about Mistresses and their submissives. After breakfast we will do some damage control." I replied yes ma'am and went upstairs to change; I had a new problem what does one wear for a lesson on the BDSM lifestyle.

I stood there looking into my closet. I really didn't know what to wear. I haven't had to make a choice in over a week. Standing there, I lost track of how much time had passed.

My thoughts were interrupted by a sweet English accent behind me, "I thought as much..." I turned to see her standing in the doorway looking at me. She had a complete outfit change. She was wearing a long fitted black skirt and white high-collared blouse with a cameo pin across her throat. Her hair was pulled up in a rigid matronly up do. I was so shocked my mouth fell open. I completely forgot the robe I had been wearing was now draped across my bed. "...I was coming to say breakfast is ready." Her eyes went up and down my body.

I suddenly became very aware of my nakedness and my hands dropped to cover my member. "A shame and blush response, how quaint and refreshing." She strolled over to my closet, scanned it in a nanosecond. She reached in pulling out a white long sleeved polo and black pair of slacks. "Do you need assistance choosing underwear and socks?"

My eyes dropped to the floor, "No ma'am, sorry ma'am."

She rested her fingers under my chin and pulled my gaze back up to hers. "How long has it been since you made a simple choice of your own?"

"Miss Terri, I haven't had to choose anything since I've been with Jeff."

"And before that sweetie?" I realized even before Jeff, most of the time I would get up put on the uniform I was required to wear, for a job I hated. When I came home it was just more effort than anything else to choose to change into something else. Days that I didn't have to work I had a uniform those days too. It was whatever t-shirt I could find and a pair of blue jeans.

When I relayed that information Miss Terri didn't miss a beat, "You are a remarkable creature who needs to learn to stand on his own. Your world has been so small for so long, you need to see over the horizon." She kissed my cheek sweetly turned and gracefully glided to the door. "I shall wait outside while you compose yourself. We will take the lift together."

I swiftly dressed and combed my hair. I emerged from the bedroom and she was sitting on a Victorian fainting couch in the hall. I offered my hand to assist her to her feet. I knew it was more form than function but it was the proper thing to do under the situation. "Mother used to have me do this for her when I was a little boy."

Miss Terri smiled up at me saying, "As I said someone raised a gentleman." She rose effortlessly to her feet she took my elbow and allowed me to lead her to the lift. "Have you explored our quaint home?"

"No ma'am this place is almost bigger than my high school." I couldn't help but notice the quick flash of a smile. "If he finishes with the upgrade on your RV in time, I'll have Dog give you the full tour." I was about to reject when she added, "It will help me use some of his idle time. You'd be doing me an enormous favor."

Breakfast was delicious and I thanked the cook. Miss Terri said I had made a friend, "He's not used to being thanked." The butler entered the room and presented a note to Miss Terri on a silver tray.

She quickly read it and send it back on the tray. "Please arrange the connections. We'll take the conference in the playroom." The man nodded and left the room. "Denny you have two people who wish to speak to you, please come with me."

I couldn't help notice both times she used the word please, it was more as part of an execution of a command, a formality and protocol only. I rose and followed. I felt there was a shift in power. She no longer asked for my arm. I assumed she was annoyed and was now just leading me.

When we entered Miss Terri engaged the screen I stood facing it. On the left side was Jeff. He was clearly looking into his phone on the side of the road. On the right was Doc Mathis. "I was comparing notes with Doctor Mathis he asked how you were doing today. When I told him you did well after your run, I was informed, that activity was not recommended."

Doc spoke, "I was reviewing the data from yesterday's attack. There is nothing to worry about there. However Denny it seems you did not understand when I told you to stay low impact with your exercise. Stick with the yoga and stretching. Sorry buddy but you are over twenty pounds under weight and it IS hurting your heart. Unless you are enjoying a slow leisurely stroll, stay off the track..."

My doctor saw my crestfallen expression. At that point Doc my friend continued, "...No one is trying to break your spirit. We all are trying to get you well again. I want my friend in my life for many more years."

Jeff jumped in, "That said, I am sending a gift. It will be arriving before noon. It will be accompanied by something Doc and Terri recommended. It will help us manage your recovery. Terri, can Doug help Denny set things up?"

Terri smiled and asked, "Jeff do you really know my husband?!? He still loves gadgets, and he wants to spend more time with your boy. I believe my Dog likes the new puppy in the house as much as I do."

Everyone had a laugh. Jeff asked, "Doc, Terri if there is nothing more, can I have a word with Denny alone?" Doc wished me goodbye and logged off. Miss Terri nodded and withdrew from the room closing the door.

"Hey, babe I was so eager to get back to you, I set a new land speed record for this trip. All I will say is that laws were broken. That said I can't punish you for your disobedience after I performed one as well.

I have bad news pal. It looks like I will be spending the night here. Tell Terri the fabricator is putting in overtime to make up for his screw-up. I'll bring their rig and our guest up as soon as it is ready."

I asked if he wanted me to wait on opening the lab results until he comes back. "SHIT! I am sorry babe, forgot about that. I guess that is up to you. I'll call back tonight at five would that be good?" I told him ok. "I have to go babe. See you at five." I told him that I loved him and the screen went blank.

I recomposed myself and exited the room. I found Miss Terri and Doug in an office off the entryway. I brought her up to speed on their vehicle and Jeff's choice to stay on site until the rig was ready.

Miss Terri issued commands "Well that settles it, Doglas please keep our guest entertained and safe until I get back from the lab-or-a-tory. My meetings should over early I should be home at four." She thumped his chest on each of the next words, "Low impact ONLY." She grabbed his shirt and roughly pulled him down for a kiss.

She walked over to me and I spoke first, "Miss Terry, I am sorry for hitting the track this morning. I just wanted to feel normal again. I know I was wrong."

She stroked my cheek, "You little one are NOT normal. If you were, I would not be interested in you. You Denny are extraordinary. You made a choice this morning. Yes, it was the wrong choice FOR NOW, but you DID choose." I am running late, "I guess your education will have to wait until I return." She kissed my lips softly. "Have a very pleasant day, my sweet Dog will keep you safe and entertained." With that she departed.

Douglas came up behind me rubbing my shoulders, "I am sorry Jeff is losing an entire day in exchange for a job that took me only a couple hours. On the upside you are going to love the upgrades to the entertainment, lights and sound system." When I turned to face him, I didn't hide my disappointment well. "First time he has been away all night?" I shook my head yes.

He pulled me into his powerful chest. His pecs flexed and popped when my cheek made contact against them. "I know what it is like little guy." He rubbed my back. His hot hands felt so good on my tight muscles. "You are so tense, how about a dip in the pool and massage before lunch."

"I don't have trunks sir."

He laughed, "We are all boys here today. The servants have seen far more than a beautiful boy swimming in the nude... Interested lil' guy?" I nodded and he led me through the house. We walked across the marble tile pool deck to a cabana.

He reached down pulling my polo shirt almost over my head. I felt his weight shift and his lips kiss my left nipple. He felt my body tense, "I am sorry Denny, even so skinny, you are the kind of guy I really used to go for." He pulled the shirt the rest of the way off.

I asked, "Use to sir? What changed?" As I stepped out of my shoes, and dropped my pants to the deck.

He pulled his shirt off showing more of his war scarred body. "I changed Denny. Life changed me." His shorts came off exposing a cock that was magnificent, even flaccid I marveled at its size. He sat on a stool, "You may want to look away. Some people freak when I take this off."

I stepped towards him, "What can I do to help?"

"I got this buddy." He reached down releasing the locking pins and slid the appendage off. "Everything to you is a learning experience. You are a remarkable young man."

"You got hurt protecting me."

His tone changed voice turned icy. "No Denny, I was wounded for bad politics." He removed the socks and liner from his residual limb. He quickly hopped to the edge of the pool and drove in.

I hung my head and slipped into the water. I began walking laps back and forth across the pool. As Jeff discovered at the resort I'm not exactly the strongest swimmer. I had already caused enough problems this morning. I wasn't going to make things worse by compounding them. It appears the lesson of the morning was 'know your limits' and I was starting to learn.

"So, the chink in your armor is swimming." I smiled as I hung my head. He stood next to me, "I'm sorry pal, you hit a nerve. Most people think we were over there doing something incredible. Some people think of us as heroes."

"As far as I'm concerned Doug, anyone who puts on a uniform is a hero. It doesn't matter why you were there. You were there and did your duty. I just wanted you to know I was grateful."

"A software engineer and a philosopher... I see what Jeff sees." With that, he hit a nerve in me. Jeff, Doc and now Doug all saw the dead man first. Soon I would meet dozens of men or more who served with Jeremy. I felt responsible for every single moment of pain and conflict they would experience.

"That is easy, he sees Jeremy. All of you see him." I turned and walked up the pool stairs. Grabbing a towel I dried myself and stretched out on a large chaise lounge in the cabana.

"I guess it's my turn to say I'm sorry." He sat on the edge of my chaise, resting his hand on my chest. "I confess I saw Jeremy in you for about a half second. I can tell you now, you are nothing like him."

I scooted over and he lay down next to me. I leaned up and looked into his steel gray eyes as he continued. "Jeremy was something of a slut. If it had two legs and a large slab of meat swinging, he was on it like ticks on a hound."

"But he was in love with Jeff... How could he do that?"

"No buddy, that's the painful truth of the situation. There was only one person in love in that relationship, it was Jeff. He was a loyal puppy dog. Jeremy shit all over and rubbed Jeff's nose in it.

Jeremy was a fun guy and loved getting fucked and sucking. When playtime was over, he always went back to Jeff. I have no doubt Jeff deeply loved him. Jeremy didn't share that love and was plotting his exit.

Denny, in all your life, how many partners have you had?"

I gestured the number two. "No three, I forgot the guy who blew me through the hole at the bookstore."

He chuckled, "Sorry inside joke. Last year I had a long talk with Jeremy's father about his son and Jeff. He had blamed Jeff for the loss of his only boy. I had to set the record straight. I told him things about his son. I told him I was the reason they took that last patrol..."

The warrior took a deep breath as if he was gathering courage to say something incredibly difficult. "I had been fucking Jeremy regularly even before we left the states. I hid it by outing their relationship making sure each man was on a different squad. Jeff never even questioned why Jeremy was always on my squad.

That last patrol we were taking a motorized sweep through the center of the city. Jeremy was between my legs sucking me off for all he was worth, he just finished the driver. His enlistment was almost up. We made plans for him to move in with me. I told him I didn't care where he got his side action, so long as he used rubbers with them and his holes were always hot and ready for me.

His father slugged me, and I earned it. Later that evening, after he had some liquid courage, he told me he wasn't surprised. Jeremy had been sexually active for quite a while. He made the rounds through the bunkhouse many times. Mark explained the fight he had with his boy about changing his ways.

Mark was not ashamed of his boy being gay. He and his wife Margaret however were terrified that he was going to get some disease that couldn't be cured.

That night Jeremy ran off to Louisiana for a couple months. When he came back, Mark said he thought Jeremy settled down. He turned to his best friend. I could be wrong, but I think Jeremy was Jeff's first lover. Then the old ways came back, it was like an itch he couldn't scratch.

Mark caught Jeremy pleasuring three of the ranch hands at once. It was enough. He had another fight with his son and the next day Jeremy talked Jeff into joining the Army on a four year hitch."

I must have had a completely stunned look on my face, because Douglas asked if I was all right. I could only nod.

"Mark looked at me and told me I should have been court-martialed for what I did with his son. I told him he was right and fate had a way of punishing both of us.

The first RPG hit the front end of the hummer. Shrapnel does bizarre things when it gets inside a hummer. It bounces and rattles around until it hits something soft and squishy.

The guys up front bought it instantly, and then came the IED. Its impact tore the back of Jeremy's head clean off, and took my leg. One of the metal fragments went between my still parted legs severing nerves, and leaving me half a man. Oh, it swings there thick and long mocking me. Now it is just a tube for pissing."

I squeezed him tight, "Douglas, I think you are beautiful. You have been nothing but nice to me." He held me rubbing my back.

I clung to the man for five minutes before asking, "Why is Jeff checking my DNA?"

"The law of averages Denny. First there are your looks. Next, Jeremy had a rare heart condition when he was a child, a heart condition that you have. The condition you share is rare and often passed on through mitochondrial DNA, that's through the mother's line. So maybe Miss Maggie and your mom are related.

He also wants to see if you have other genetic triggers. He is concerned about your health and yes, he is thinking you might be related to Jeremy in some way, a cousin perhaps. Jeff thinks you need family right now. Is that a bad thing?"

"I haven't done so well with the family I have been given. Besides, I have him now, he is my whole world. I think the whole family thing is overrated, but if he thinks I need it, who am I to complain. Does Jeff know about you and Jeremy?"

"Yeah lil' guy, he does. He was mad at me for a long time. I guess he figured Karma balanced the scales. Hell, I was angry with myself for a couple years. I abused myself every way I could and then I met Mistress. She took my pain and redirected it.

When I came to her I was a wreck. I wanted... no I needed the pain she gave. When she took ownership of me, she showed me I was actually more of a cock slut than Jeremy ever was. When she was done, I jumped at the chance to become her willing slave..."

His hand was firmly kneading my ass. Without thinking I licked the sweat forming on his right pectoral muscle. "Mistress showed me I didn't need a cock to bring pleasure to another. She also taught me the proper way to extract pleasure from her cock.

In the end Mistress Terri paired her stable of slaves down to four. Three of them are well paid to be a groundskeeper, a cook and a butler\housekeeper. They provide us other 'services' as well. In the end she took me to be her submissive husband. I even took her last name happily two years ago. For the last year she has been helping me make amends. I owe so many people."

One of Doug's protein shakes was brought out to the cabana. I drank it as he massaged my body. At some point I fell asleep.

I woke in my bedroom with Douglas curled up and dozing at my feet. As I stirred his head raised, "Welcome back Master sleepy head. Mistress told me you were just asleep and I should just watch over you."

"Doug, how did you get me up here?"

He smirked, "First, I may be crippled but I am not an invalid. Second you are in fact too damn light. Third, DAMN... you are a heavy sleeper." I grinned and sheepishly bit my lip.

"How do you feel about that tour?" I pulled down the covers to discover I was still naked and blushed. "D-Man, it's still just us boys in the house, and it's not like I haven't seen you already."

My blush deepened. Douglas went over to my closet, "Ok, how about a Tijuana two piece." He handed me a pink thong and my slippers. I nodded yes and quickly covered my bits and toes. I knew it was semi-transparent, but at least it gave me the illusion of some modesty. He played with the string up my crack. It danced across my empty hole my head rested on his chest. "A reminder of that which is Jeff's?"

I blushed and nodded yes. He held out a little powder blue wristband, "This arrived for you." He placed it on my left wrist and showed me the other gift, a matching baby blue smart phone. He quickly showed me what they did. The wristband monitored my location, my temperature, my blood pressure and pulse.

"With this your Daddy can track where you are and how you're doing at any time." He told me they were hoping to be able to identify warning signs of me 'falling out.' "While the band is linked to the phone via Bluetooth it will broadcast to your cell phone via cellular network and Wi-Fi when available."

With me wired up, he began the grand tour. We walked past the lift to the other side of the landing. There was a large game room with comfy looking leather furniture. We took the lift down to the entry hall. "The central core is for guests."

He pointed to the North wing, "That is the servant's wing. There are six suites for servants and their guests. Currently there are no guests. If there were, the doors would be secured, locked and bolted from this side. Mistress demands her privacy be honored and the privacy of her guests as well."

He took me into the South wing. "This is Mistress's domain. With few exceptions everyone who comes through these doors becomes the property of Mistress Terri." It looked like a regular collection of rooms. First was her office it was filled with books and filing cabinets. There was a dog bed in the corner by the entrance with a d-ring hook embedded in the floor.

The furniture throughout the wing was Victorian in nature and very beautiful. Each room we entered had a Victorian fainting sofa, with a different pattern that matched the room. Every room also had a dog bed and a d-ring hook embedded in the floor or in the wall.

The master suite was at the end of the hall. The room had large windows on all three of the walls. One of those windows looked out over the track. That's how Miss Terri knew I was running. In the center of the far wall between the two large windows was the largest bed I'd ever seen. Six or seven people could lay on it easily, without touching each other. I got the feeling that was not its intended purpose.

Douglas guided me into the private bathroom. The shower was so large our entire football team could bathe at the same time. I noticed all kinds of pipes and wands attached to the tile walls. I also saw more d-rings and tie downs. I asked Douglas what they were for and blushed with his response.

"I installed one of the enema wands in your shower in the RV. This way you don't have to use and clean the bag anymore."

He opened another set of doors and called it the loo, "Mistress also calls it a water closet or lav-rah-tory." I could tell by the tile in drain work it was a wet room. I saw the wands attached to the wall again. "There are times when I misbehave and mistress must clean me, deeply with cold water. Sometimes when I behave like a bad dog, she makes me empty my bowels here on the floor. Then she demands I clean it.

Sometimes when I am very bad she will tie me down, fill me, plug me and leave me for hours. Both the pain and the release are exquisite." I shuddered at the thought of having ice cold water shoved up my ass, left alone all night on a cold tile floor with no chance of release.

Trembling I reached out and hugged Douglas. "Denny, I have agreed to this life. I live for this. Hell there are times I misbehave just to see Mistress invent a punishment." The naked warrior god cradled my face and pressed his lips to mine. "I am happy that you were concerned for my safety and comfort. Mistress is right you are a good boy."

We strolled back out to the main entrance and he pointed to the West. "This leaves us with the entertainment space. He flung open a set of double doors which opened up to one of the most immense libraries I've ever seen. Another dog bed was in the corner. A fainting couch in dark brown leather. A large desk with antique Tiffany dragonfly lamps.

The entire library smelled of old paper and leather, it was intoxicating. On the shelf I found a copy of 'Les 120 Journ es de Sodome ou cole du libertinage' by the Marquis De Sade. If this book had been available I probably would have gotten better than an A- in French. I knew its history but I never thought I would touch it. De Sade wrote it while he was being imprisoned in the Bastille.

"Denny, you read French?"

"A little sir. Growing up Mama said it was important we remember our heritage. I started reading a badly faded online version. I dreamt of being one of his subjects for weeks. I was so excited I had my first wet dream."

"I'll see it is sent up to your room. It's one of Mistress's favorites." He scrawled a note placing the book and the tented note on a tray.

Then he opened an adjacent door and said this is the ladies parlor. "This is where mistress entertains the other ladies in her circle of friends. Once a month or so they gather for a group play date with their favorite pets in the playroom. You missed this month's gathering by two days."

He showed me the massive kitchen, pantry, laundry room, and the pass through to the servant's quarters. "Mistress had me program your wristband to open any lock. The rest of us have implanted RFID chips. She wants you to have full run of the manor house. She sees something special in you..." He gently squeezed my hand "...and so do I."

A hearty lunch was served by the butler\housekeeper; I learned his name was Bryce. It was delicious and I asked him to pass my compliments on to Carlo the chef.

Jeff texted me, "It was a good thing the plans changed and I'll be taking the RV home. Some asshat screwed with my Slingshot by pouring sugar in the tank. The bike won't be repaired until tomorrow morning." I told him I was sad about not having him, but wanted him safe.

When we finished, our tour continued. Off the playroom was a billiards room. Off of that was a gentlemen's lounge, often called a smoking room the air had the scent of cigar smoke. "And this is the way to one of the Mistress's secret places. He touched a book on the shelf in the playroom next to the fireplace. There was a click and the bookshelf pushed away into a dark cavern.

He touched a plate on the wall and sconces made to look like flaming torches illuminated. The soft flickering light bathed what I assumed was her dungeon. The floor was black marble with drain holes spaced around the floor. Scattered through the room attached to the walls and ceiling were heavy chains.

I jumped when I heard the door close and latch. Doug held me speaking softly, "It is ok Denny, no one here will hurt you, or make you do something you don't want. This is educational only." The low rumble in his voice reminded me of Jeff. I felt safe and turned into his side. His hand stroked my side, "You are safe little master."

He walked me around the room. He clinically explained each device. I began tenting in the pouch of my thong. As it filled it pulled a string deep into my crack tickling my hole. After I attempted adjusting it for the third time Doug said, "If you think you'd be more comfortable, I wouldn't be offended if you took that off. I would gladly help you." A smile slid across his lips.

I attempted to change the topic of conversation. I pointed quickly to a glass block partitioned corner of the room we had not toured. "That is for special deep pet cleaning." He took my hand and led me in. There were a couple steel tables with stirrups. They looked like an industrial dystopian version of what you would find in an obstetricians office.

Doug threw a couple vinyl covered pads on the device. "Want to try it out?" I remembered my safeword but I didn't want to use it. Even with what he shared about what he did with Jeremy I trusted him. I knew Jeff wouldn't leave me with someone he did not trust. I pulled off my thong and threw it on the floor.

He helped me climb onto the device. The vinyl was cold and clung to my skin. He removed each slipper with a kiss to the sole of each foot. Then he rested each of my feet in a stirrup. I was completely naked legs up and spread in a locked dungeon with a man I had known less than a day.

Then he asked, "Still Trust me?" I nodded my head weakly answering yes. He kissed each of my calves as he locked the corresponding ankle to the stirrup with padded locking cuffs. He rubbed my tummy then went over to the wall. "Mistress says bad pets get hard metal and cold water. The cold water causes intensely painful cramping. Good pets get pads and warm water. While you are not a pet you are definitely very good."

He removed one of the hoses hanging on the wall and blended the temperature until he was satisfied. He reached over and grabbed a wand with a bulb syringe attached to it, and then he connected it to the hose. He applied lube to the wand and a generous amount inside my bottom. His fingers felt almost as good as Jeff's. He smiled down at me knowing I was experiencing pleasure.

He showed me how flexible the wand was telling me, "It will bend as it goes deep inside of you. If at any point it hurts you let me know and we will stop." I nodded in agreement and he slowly slipped the wand deep inside me. Even though it is only been a day since I had my Jeff inside me, I was missing the sensation. He announced, "There we go, all in." He held up the bulb and said, "This is how it stays in."

He gave the ball a squeeze and I could feel pressure on the inside of my anal ring. He gave a few more pumps and he said it was enough air. He asked, "Any pain?"

I shook my head no saying, "It feels weird, but real good too." It was a true statement the butt play felt good. However, my cock was actually hurting it was so hard. With that he reached over and slowly let the water flow. I watched in awe as my belly distended.

The water was warm and it felt so relaxing as it filled me. Part of that was because Doug was rubbing my belly to make sure things shifted correctly and he was looking for any signs of distress.

"I think will stop short of three quarts." I was beginning to sweat I felt incredibly warmth deep in my core. Doug flicked his tongue across my forehead sucking up my salty brine. Then he kissed me tenderly on the lips.

The water tank gave a ding and he stopped the flow of water, "Now we let it settle in." He continued to rub my tummy and softly stroke my sides. It felt as if my guts were on fire. Not pain just an incredible feeling of being very full, and of warmth. I looked weird with a belly.

There was a shrill piezo alarm, apparently he set a timer. He told me, "Squeeze your bottom and hold the water in until I tell you to release." I promised to try. With that he released the pressure from the wand and removed it.

He started counting down from ten slowly. The whole time he was rubbing my tummy and giving soft encouragement. When he got to zero he said, "Let it go." It felt as if a dam had burst. Like I was a fire plug that got hit by a car.

The sound of splashing water and splat of shit hitting the tile filled the room. "Mistress normally has us repeat this five to ten times at least. How does three times sound?" I agreed. "If you continue to be such a good boy, on the third I will give you a gift."

The second time went like the first. Though there was an odd empty feeling deep inside of me forming when I released this time. The smell of my shit filled the room. Doc told me anything more than five ounces was too much. I don't know if this was too much, but it felt so good.

When Doug filled me the third time, my cock was leaking like a naughty cherub fountain. When he turned off the flow he told me, "Master Denny, you are holding a full gallon. Now you've earned your reward." My stomach was far more distended than the first two cleanings he performed.

He softly probed my tummy rubbing it in gentle circles as his lips encircled my cock and he sucked hard. My ass cheeks had to have been covered with some residual shit clumps, yet he sat there between my legs, like he was at a fine dining table and I was the main course. He was slurping and sucking my knob hard. My hands were still free and I grabbed his head pulling him down on my shaft.

His lips released and he asked one thing, "Please Master Denny, let me know when you're about to cum." I agreed and warned him I was very close. I assumed it was an agreement between him and his mistress not to swallow seed from another. I barely lasted another two minutes when I was tapping his shoulder crying out "NOW!"

With a flick of his wrist he released the bulb syringe and removed the nozzle from my bum. It released a torrent of mostly clear water splashing against his chest as he swallowed everything that came out of my cock. I howled in ecstasy!

As the last material evacuated from my bowels I heard Miss Terri Say, "I believe my sweet Dog is found a perfect playmate I am impressed Master Denny." I began to apologize to Miss Terri. "Not a word of it. I told the Dog to entertain you. It appears He has succeeded.

Still you must promise me until you get your weight up; you will not do another deep-cleansing like this. It can be hard on your system." Doug winced and removed the soft restraints from my ankles and helped me to my feet.

"Denny I have to have a word with you in the playroom. Dog take him through the private passage to our shower get him cleaned up. I will have Bryce deliver pajamas to our room for him."

Out of breath I replied, "Thank you Miss Terri."

"You are so welcome sweet boy thank you for occupying the Dog's time. Now quick as you can wash, dress and meet me in front of the fireplace. Dog I will send the boys in to clean up your mess..."

She noticed a few pieces of solid matter I left on his body and smirked, "...on that note clean yourself up as well and accompany Denny for the conference... DRESSED. We will need you." I was so drained at the time I didn't even notice her last words.

Doug had to practically hold me up in the shower. Between the deep enemas and a mind blowing orgasm, I was spent. He said it would take him a little longer to clean himself, so he sent me into the bedroom to get changed. I found my black satin pajamas and slippers.

I thought about just going to the playroom by myself, and then I remembered Miss Terri commanded Doug to accompany me. The last words she said to her husband, pet, whatever echoed... "We will need you."

I was shaking when Doug enter the room he wrapped his arms around me, "What's wrong lil' guy"

"Doug, I don't want to go, I don't want to know."

Doug hugged me tighter, "Is it better to know something or not know it. Willful ignorance is always a bad choice in my experience. I will tell you this; you are surrounded by people who will stand by your decision regardless of how you choose."

When I regained my composure we walked to the outer playroom in silence. When we entered Miss Terri suddenly ended her conversation with Jeff.

She turned and addressed me. She told me, "I was explaining the methodology behind the tests to Jeff. Only I know your results. Your wrist monitor implied you were very stressed, my bet is a little frightened. These are the results..."

She handed me a large sealed envelope. "You can choose to open and read them, and then I will explain them to you. You can also choose to walk over to the fireplace and throw them in. The choice is entirely up to you Denny. I will stand by your decision either way."

With that Miss Terri walked over to the fireplace and opened the screen. I looked up at the screen and Jeff simply smiled at me. He wanted me to know he would stand by either decision. Time passed slowly and I lost track of how much passed. It was as if everything was in slow motion. Then I thought about Doug's comment on willful ignorance. If I had family, I and they should know. My hands were trembling as I broke the seal on the envelope and removed the contents.

"Summary of Familial DNA Analysis. The probability 'Sample A' and 'Sample B' originating from same family group estimated at greater than ninety-nine percent. Indications lead to the result Sample A and Sample B are likely to be full siblings."

There was an audible alarm from my wrist monitor as the papers slid from my hands. Miss Terri quickly squared-off on me directing me to breathe as Doug slipped behind me. The tingling in my face and neck slowly became of thumping in my brain. It felt like I had a lead weight on my chest.

"It can't be Miss Terri! It can't. We have different mothers! Mom told me Dad was from Vegas! It can't be right, it has to be wrong. Someone made a mistake."

She caressed my cheek, "Denny, the tests were run twice by my top lab technicians. When I read the results, I ran them again myself. I don't know how, but I do know facts don't lie. Jeremy Craig was your full brother you both share a father and mother."

Jeff spoke, "Denny, we'll get to the bottom of this together. I'll get a loaner bike and be back in three hours. I will call Mark Craig we'll get this settled babe."

Doug spoke, "That would be a mistake Jeff. We have heavy thunderstorms moving in. The weather service is reporting some roads will be closed."

"No Jeff. Stay in Corpus Christi tonight. It doesn't make sense for you to come back, and it will be dangerous for you driving or riding in bad weather in the dark. I can see you're upset too. I don't want you riding or driving like this, please promise me you'll stay. Drive the RV back tomorrow as planned. I am not alone and you left me in good hands. Please Jeff stay there... please."

Jeff realized this was the first thing I had ever asked him for, and it wasn't for myself. It was for Jeff's own safety. "Ok babe, I'll stay here. Denny, did you upload your Maven to the cloud." When I nodded yes he said, "Good I need one of your pictures. Terri, can you send me the DNA test results? That way I can send it all to Mark. Maybe we can get some answers before I get back."

She promised the file would be on its way. She tenderly put an arm around me pulling me into her side. "Doug and I will watch Denny closely until you return. He has been a very good boy, the perfect guest."

At dinner Miss Terri sat me next to her. I picked at my food. Actually, I just moved it around my plate in an attempt to make it look like I was eating. Occasionally I took a bite from a partially loaded fork. I knew it was delicious like all the meals were but I was deep in a fog.

Everything in my life I knew was fact now had a question mark. I even had a dark thought. Perhaps the woman I called mother my whole life, abducted me from some nursery somewhere. Hell maybe Jeff and I were both adopted by different families. Through it all my heart was hurting for Jeff, knowing the connection I now had to his dead lover.

Miss Terri spoke, "Denny, what is your favorite comfort food. The food you eat when you need to feel better." I told her I was fine. I loaded another fork full into my mouth. She stopped me saying. "We need you to eat sweetie. Whatever your heart wants, name it and my boys will make it or get it for you."

"When I got benched Wayne picked up Bolton's spicy fried chicken, sweet potato fries, mac and cheese, banana pudding... oh, and a fried pickle." That was supper for a week. We didn't have the money but he knew I was hurting."

I released a single soft laugh, "Each morning that week he woke me with; biscuits and gravy, grits, crispy maple bacon and eggs sunny side up. But seriously I am just not so hungry now ma'am. I am sorry; I know y'all are trying but..." I couldn't finish, I dropped my fork and started to walk out of the room.

Miss Terri held my arm, "At least drink another protein shake please, Sweetie. You need the nutrition." I shook my head with another yes ma'am. The slimy concoction was put before me. I finished it quickly and Miss Terri sent Doug to perform a task then she took me into the playroom. She had me rest my head on her lap as we watched Animal Planet. She ran her hand down my torso. "My little boy has had a big day."

I nodded my head and said, "Yes ma'am." As I did I felt her cock shift under my cheek. Her fingers accidentally slipped inside my waistband and rested on my left ass cheek. "Denny, I don't feel comfortable with you being alone. If you would like, you could share our bed tonight. If you are worried, I have never violated the security of a safe word."

After a moment of thought I replied, "Yes ma'am, I would like that a lot."

"Denny, you have not once used a male pronoun when talking to, or about me. Even with my cock under your cheek you still address me as a woman. Most mundanes screw up at least once in a while. Why are you so damned cute and different?"

I knew she didn't expect it, but I had an answer and a secret. "That'd be because of my buddy, Manny. We were pals from kindergarten, I grew up with him. He had a lot of appointments with therapists growing up.

The day he started hormone therapy he was so happy. The summer before we started high school she started wearing girls clothing full time. That changed when we started school, some of the kids started calling her Manny the Tranny. I saw how much pain she had when others couldn't handle the change. Occasionally, I would screw up and she'd slug me, but she couldn't fight everyone...

Manny was attacked on the way home one day, three damn weeks into the school year. They tore her dress off, raped and beat her almost to death. She was in the hospital for two weeks. She wasn't the same after that.

Her folks put her in a new school. I was with her as often as I could but with my mom leaving, my health issues, and school it was hard to match our schedules. She was so lonely..."

My eyes started watering, "...That day we made plans for summer break. She seemed so happy it was as if she turned a corner... The next morning Wayne sat me down and told me Manny had an accident. She was hit by a train.

I knew it wasn't an accident; we walked those tracks daily as kids. I know she killed herself, she needed me and I wasn't there. I failed her."

I held back part of the story and gasped for air regaining my composure. "My time with Manny taught me to accept people as they are. If you told me you were Mary Queen of Scots, I'd address you as your majesty. I owe it to my friend."

Miss Terri gave me a gentle hug, "You were a good friend and you didn't fail her." She swept away the tears. I fell asleep in her lap.

For the second time today I fell asleep in one place and awoke in another. I blinked and realized I was in their bed. The room was dark as Miss Terri pulled me close. "You are such a sound sleeper. You look even cuter when you are asleep."

I heard a soft clank in the corner. I saw the bound form of Doug in a body harness. He was suspended by a cable at waist level from the ceiling. Hands and feet shackled behind him. His obviously plugged ass had a deep red almost purple glow. I saw how distended his belly was and knew he was in an irrigated state. A ball gag silenced him. "Miss Terri, What's going on?!?"

"Dog was warned not to injure you. The deep cleansing was NOT good in your condition. He risked flushing out the only nutrients your body has. He could have seriously lowered your potassium levels leading to heart issues.

Denny, enemas can be part of fun play. We don't want you to wind up in the hospital with low potassium and heart palpitations. He is being punished for his foolishness. Unlike the one he gave you he's not getting a simple soap and water enema. He's getting one of my punishment enemas including salt, glycerin and powdered cayenne pepper."

"But Miss Terri it felt so good. I loved it, especially at the end when he made me shoot."

"Sweet boy, many things that feel good can also harm you. Dog is still a novice when it comes to the chamber. Such things must be left to skilled hands." Her hand slid inside my pajama bottoms and her finger lightly brushed my hole. I gasped. "See, it doesn't take much to give pleasure. Sadly it is also far too easy to cause pain or injury. Dog needed a reminder on boundaries."

As the fog of sleep cleared, I felt much closer to her. Without pulling back the covers I could tell she was wearing FAR less. When her right finger pushed inside me I gasped out, "But you are the girl."

She took my left hand in hers and guided it to her groin. "Yes, I am a girl. But this still gets hungry. Why should we have to choose between top and bottom? Shouldn't we just be able to fully enjoy ourselves?" I gave her firming shaft a gentle squeeze and nodded. "Denny, did you ever think about having sex with Manny?"

"Yes ma'am, it was just a little too late. We jerked off together a few times and each other once. That was before she changed. She became a beautiful butterfly and deserved a great guy."

Regret entered my voice again. "Manny asked me to let her suck me off. Hell, she begged me. I still thought of myself as a straight, I guess part of me still thought of her as a boy. I just couldn't. I rejected her and that night she ran in front of that train. I have regretted that every day since."

"Denny, the decisions of others are not your burden. She chose to end her life, not you. You were both confused children, both still figuring out who you were. Some mature sooner than others.

Manny knew first, but couldn't handle how other saw her. You were dealing with being left by your mother and all the baggage that came with that. Manny was your friend, not your responsibility, you were both still babies."

She pulled me into a tight embrace. As we came close, my lips brushed hers. She locked her lips to mine. We started exploring each other's mouths with our tongues. She undid the top button on my pajama bottoms, reached in and started to caress my cock. It began firming immediately under her touch.

She then lowered my bottoms down and off my legs, tossing them under Doug. Miss Terri returned to kissing my lips and massaging my prick through the black silk thong. When she asked me to remove my top, it was off in a flash.

I barely lasted three minutes under her digital manipulation. I suddenly erupted exploding inside my basket. I apologized for my short fuse. She kissed me deeply, "You are young and excited, and I know I can get you hard again. We have all night to play."

She pulled my wet thong down and off. I couldn't help but notice her toss them just underneath were her Dog was chained as well.

I am not sure but I think I was part of the discipline for her Dog. She swept the blankets down and I got my first peek of what she was wearing It was a black deep V sheer lace negligee and matching panties. I raised her skirt like bottom of her negligee and lowered her panties. Through her lace panties I saw a perfectly shaped circumcised cock with a crop of nice trimmed pubic hair just above.

"Miss Terri, you are so beautiful."

"Tonight in this room lover, it is just Terri. What do you want to do?"

I took head of her cock between my lips and licking around the rim of her bell shaped head. I slid more in and started to gently suck on her until she fully stiffened. Miss Terri's cock was a little bigger than mine, about seven in length.

I worked my tongue down her shaft and started to kiss and lick around her shaved balls. I was overcome I took her full length into my mouth. She must have been enjoying this because she began to fuck my mouth and moan. I sucked her for a few minutes more when she motioned for me to stop. "I love young men, quick triggers but fast reloads." She pointed down to my rejuvenated hard shaft.

Terri pushed me on my back and straddled my hips. She bent down and kissed my lips. When our lips parted she asked, "Do you still trust me lover?" I nodded my head yes and she retrieved items from the nightstand.

She used padded handcuffs to attach my right wrist to the headboard and then repeated the procedure for the left. She had my arms spread wide. I knew she had a plan and I wanted to play along. I wanted to feel something other than confusion. I was desperate to feel something other than pain.

She slid down my body kissing and nibbling her way to my groin. She spread my legs wide and lay on the bed between them. "Ok lover you have to promise to do your part. If you're getting close you have to let me know. I want this to last."

I said, "Yes ma'am." With that she and started sucking my cock. I tried to control my breathing; I didn't want to disappoint her again. She was working hard at making me feel good running her hands on the inside of my thighs.

Her right hand slid under my bottom I arched my back to give her better access. She started rubbing my ass, giving special loving attention to my boy pussy. God I was missing Jeff. I told her I was close to cumming. She stopped giving it one last kiss on the tip.

"Let's try something new sweetie. You game?" I was nodding in my head yes so fast I damn near knocked myself out. She went back to the nightstand and produced two long tethers. She used them to attach my knees to my elbows and my ankles loosely to the headboard. She looked down into my eyes for any sign of discomfort or stress, there was none. She spun the monitor bracelet so that the face was towards her so she could monitor that as well.

My eyes looked towards the bound stud hanging from the ceiling in the corner of the room this mouth was drooling. I'd like to think it was my bound form that did it, but I had the feeling it was just the ball gag.

She pulled a bottle of lubricant from the nightstand and squeezed some into her hand and played with my now totally exposed asshole. "If Dog had obeyed me, he would be down here eating this pretty hole now getting you all wet and ready for me. I guess I must handle all this myself. You are in excellent hands." I'm not sure but I think Doug actually whimpered in the corner of the room.

Terri applied even more lubricant to my hole she began inserting her fingers in me as she returned to sucking my cock. Terri's cock was like my own... but nowhere near Jeff's. It was sweet that she was treating my ass like a virgin hole. She kissed her way back up my body.

I felt her cock pressing against my now slick asshole. Slowly she began to enter me. The feeling wasn't the same as when Jeff made love to me. With him there was always a pinch when he entered. Terri had no trouble plunging balls deep in me. I had a horrifying thought what if I was so loose she was not enjoying being in me... I squeezed my bottom as hard as I could. I think she knew what I was doing.

She smiled down at me. "You don't have to try so hard." She kissed me again and slowly started sliding her cock in and out of my hole. I loved every moment of this new experience. I begged Terri to fuck me harder. She began slowly pulling her cock almost completely out of me, and then slammed it deep in my ass with powerful thrust.

This went on for twenty minutes. It was so blissfully delicious. That's when I felt her shake and tremble. She pulled me tight and lay on top of me as her balls drained. When she regained her composure she pulled out of me and slowly pulled the condom off of her deflating cock. "Denny come, watch this."

She removed my restraints and walked me over to the bound suspended and gagged stud hanging from the ceiling, "My Dog was naughty. He does not deserve a reward but he was trying to bring you pleasure. That is worthy of a small consideration."

She removed the strap and pulled the ball gag from his lips. He closed his mouth and attempted to swallow the spit that was remaining. There was a large puddle of his spittle on the ground. "Open your mouth again Dog! I didn't give you permission to rest!"

He replied with a sharp loud, "Yes Mistress!" His jaws flew wide open.

Terri held up the condom and emptied her seed into his mouth. "Close!" He complied. "You may swish and saver my gift." His eyes were on my still hard cock. "Swallow now." Terri rested her hand on the small of my back. "Denny dear, would you like to share my favorite toy?"

I looked back at her open toy chest and tried to guess which one it was. She laughed and tapped my back. "Sweetie, I don't think you understand. Dog open!" He instantly complied. "My Dog is hungry and I am spent, can you feed him for me?" She softly pushed me forward until my cock made contact with his lips. He flicked his tongue across the tip. Terri sensed my hesitation and stepped away.

Slowly I fed my cock into his mouth. I realized that my cock had been leaking lots of pre-cum from playing with his wife. It felt so hot having his tongue lick around the head of my cock. Then I felt it, my cock hot the back of his throat and beyond. I envied his lack of a gag reflex. I am nowhere near as big as Jeff but I wanted to do this for him. I thought I would cum right then, but I tried not to.

I tried to sound like Terri, but my first command ended up sounding more like a needy little boy begging. "Doggie more please..." Dog's tongue began massaging my cock as he sucked making it even more intense. I could feel his chin against my sack.

Terri pulled my hands behind me and placed padded handcuffs on my wrists. I remembered Doug's words in the dungeon about bad and good pets. I noted the metal cuffs on his wrists were almost biting him. Meanwhile the soft-cuffs simply held my arms back. Terri told me to hold very still. She tugged on the chains that suspended her husband from the ceiling.

I could hear the water in his bowels sloshing with each tug of the chain. He began to move in a rhythm back and forth down the length of my cock. She would pull him so I was all the way out to the tip so he could lick on it. Then she'd let the massive man swing impaling his mouth on my shaft.

She moved him faster and I was unconsciously moving my cock back and forth in his mouth. I felt so powerful realizing I was actually fucking his face. This excited me even more and I could feel my cock swelling and my balls throb. I knew I was too feed him my boy juice but I felt the need to ask, "Miss Terri I'm gonna cum." Sweat was falling from Dog's brow.

She gave the chain a final pull and let him swing. Then she walked behind me, removed my cuffs and cradled my balls in her hand. "Feed him baby boy." I felt my cum traveling thru my shaft heading to the tip of my cock. I couldn't stop now even if I wanted. Not that I did, I wanted to feed Terri's Dog all that I had to give.

I grabbed his head forcefully grinding my bush against his lips. My knees damn near folded as I felt my wad shoot into the bound and helpless hot stud's mouth. I heard a slurping sound on the other side as the man swallowed my cum.

Terri licked my ear and whispered, "You did well baby that was so hot." She gave my balls another gentle squeeze. Shot after shot was pulsing from my cock into my hot friend's mouth and he eagerly swallowed. My deflated cock fell from his lips. It was a thrill when Doug said, "Thank you for using me Master. Thank you for feeding me Mistress."

Terri, hit a button on the wall and lowered Doug to the floor. He groaned as the bloated stomach made contact with the ground. When she removed his restraints, she had him duck walk quickly to the bathroom.

While she was cleansing him in the water closet wet room I took a shower. When I returned to the bedroom I found fresh nightwear and clean sheets on the bed.

When Doug returned he had a look of discomfort on his face still. When he saw the look on my face he said, "It's alright, the cayenne is going to give me problems for a couple of days. Mistress was quite right; I could have injured you badly. I am sorry."

Miss Terri reentered the room wearing a long silk robe. Her hair was flowing loosely over her shoulders. She allowed the rope to slip from her shoulders and pool on the floor exposing her nude body. She climbed back into the bed. She summoned the two of us to lay on either side of her. Dog pulled the covers up. It had been a long day; I rested my head above her left breast and quickly fell asleep.

I woke alone in the bed. There was a note on the pillow next to me. "You were sleeping so soundly, and looked so peaceful; I couldn't bear to disturb you. I had to run to the lab. Dog is working a maintenance issue in the grounds with the groundskeeper. As soon as you wake put your wristband device on. The staff will be alerted and will prepare your breakfast. -Terri"

I felt a cold damp in the pouch of my thong and realized I had a wet dream sometime this morning. I dangled my feet over the edge of the bed putting my slippers and wristband on. I walked into the bathroom stripped and showered. When I returned to the bedroom the bed had been made. I also had clothes laid out on it for me. My khaki slacks and a black long sleeve polo shirt.

A message appeared on my wrist device. "Breakfast ready in 30 minutes Sir." I thought I might as well be useful and gather my soiled night clothes. When I entered the bathroom I found it clean. The towel I left on the floor and my clothes gone. I reasoned it had to be Bryce. The voice in my head spoke, "Go thank him." I quickly moved through the playrooms and dining room into the kitchen. Carlo smiled when I entered, "Breakfast is not quite ready Master."

"Thank you Carlo, I'm not looking for breakfast right now. I'm still getting my bearings around this place and I wanted to make sure I remembered the floor plan."

I walked down the hall to the laundry room. I knew it wasn't necessary but I had to thank the unseen hands that were cleaning up after me. I open the door to the laundry room to find Bryce naked from the waist down, on his knees riding a dildo mounted to the floor on a suction cup. To top all of that off the pretty man had my boy spunk soaked thong in his mouth.

I figured Bryce to be about twenty-one maybe twenty-two. He was maybe five foot ten, a very lean swimmer's body with a beautiful bubble butt. He had jade green eyes, with long red hair held back in a rigid ponytail. The look of shock on his face when I entered the room was priceless. I don't know what it was but I felt like playing. "Is this some form of organic pre-rinse Bryce?"

The pretty, effeminate man blushed dropping his eyes to the floor. "I'm sorry Master. It's my kink I love the taste of cum. Can I do anything to make up for this breach of your trust?" The image was so erotic my cock tented my khakis immediately.

"No apology needed I'm still learning the ropes around here. That shit is clotted and cold. Perhaps you'd like something fresher?" I brushed my hand across my basket as I stood with it only inches in front of his face.

His perfect teeth smiled up at me, "Oh, may I please you Master." I grabbed the back of his head and ground my bulge against his lips.

I look down at him, "I think that might be a good start." His hands quickly unfastened my belt and my waist button. Then he used those beautiful teeth to grab hold of the zipper and lowered it down. My pants slipped down my legs and pooled at my ankles. He used his hand to brush the pouch of my thong over releasing my cock. He dropped to all fours to show-off his highly skilled orifice.

I watched as Bryce's warm mouth wrapped around the head of my cock. In one deft move he swallowed it to the root. Clearly he was used to something far larger. I held his head tighter, hooking my fingers into his long straight hair. Bryce worked my cock up and down. I could feel my head pressing against the back of his esophagus with every stroke. I looked down and saw Bryce's cute face staring back up. I wasn't going to last long like this.

I released his head so he had a choice. " Bryce, I'm going to..."

I didn't even get to finish what I was going to say. His hands reached out grabbing my hips forcing them against his mouth. I shot five or six thick ropes of cum down his gullet. Bryce continued to suck until my cock went soft in his mouth. Then when the soft organ slipped from his lips he used the flat of his tongue to make sure nothing was left behind.

He grabbed a clean towel from the pile of clean and folded ones. He lovingly wiped my cock clean and dry. He returned my cock back into the pouch of my thong. This man was definitely "full service." He pulled my pants up from the floor, fasten the button, then the belt and then slid the zipper. Finally he gave my crotch a pat saying, "Thank you Master."

I was about to offer to return the favor. When I looked down I saw the puddle of cum he shot just from sucking me off and riding the dildo on the floor.

There was a moment of bliss and peace that passed between us. It was interrupted when a voice spoke from behind me. I turned quickly to see Miss Terry's face on the screen next to the door.

"Bryce, I see you desire to entertain our guest today. I also see that you pulled one of my favorite play things out of the playroom without asking. Go back to your room, and put on your maid's uniform the one with the micro skirt. You will wear the eight inch stilettos, hose, garters, garter belt. NO PANTIES! Your hair will be down and your makeup will be flawless.

Then you will continue your tasks for the day. If during your rounds you find someone needing relief you will provide your boy pussy or your mouth for that service without complaint or hesitation."

The man stood and the artificial cock slid from his ass with a slurp. "Oh Bryce, that will be thoroughly cleaned and returned to my collection.

Denny when his attire is fixed, could you be a doll and verify everything is flawless. There's only so much you can do with a camera these days. I would consider it a personal favor.

Denny, Carlo is looking for you. Your breakfast is ready, you must be very hungry now."

"Thank you Miss Terry, I will be glad to do anything you wish. I am very hungry." The screen on the video intercom went into screen savor mode. When I turned around again to apologize to Bryce for getting him in trouble, I saw him cleaning Miss Terri's toy... with his mouth." I heard the voice in my head giggling.

I reached the limit of things I was comfortable seeing and doing. It was time to go to the dining room. I sat and chef pushed in the chair behind me. He reached over to the cart and set a silver domed tray in front of me and lifted the lid. Biscuits and gravy, grits, crispy maple bacon and eggs sunny side up. "All from scratch Master. Please enjoy."

I noticed a small cup of meds and vitamins in the corner of the tray. I thanked the chef, who remained in place until I took my meds with a swallow of pomegranate juice.

I had just finished breakfast when Bryce returned. He came through the main entrance to the dining room not through the kitchen. He spoke in a believable falsetto, "Mistress demanded that I present myself to you, to review and judge my attire before anyone else sees me. She also wishes for you to perform my last fittings." Bryce saw the confused look on my face, "I will explain it when we are done."

Her uniform was crisp ironed and starched perfection. Not a stain, not a wrinkle not a seam out of place. The outfit looked very much like that of a French maid. The main difference was the fabric was mostly see through. Her fake tits were visible and very life-like. I gave the left a gentle squeeze and her body responded.

"Master, they are glued to my skin and they have tiny feet on the bottom so when you squeeze I feel it. If you pinch the nipples you're pinching my nipples." I gave each a gentle peck and she giggled coquettishly.

She performed a dainty twirl. The skirt was indeed very short. Standing straight up in her stiletto heels, I could clearly see the bottom of her ass cheeks. Any time she moved I saw more. There was something wrong but I was so overwhelmed I couldn't see it.

Bryce tied an apron around her waist, and reached in a pocket removing a small cage device. "Master you must put this on me." I had heard about chastity cages, but I had never held one and I damn sure had never put one on someone. Suddenly my little voice spoke up, "I got this."

It was as if I had blinked. When my eyes opened Bryce was saying, "Oh, thank you master. You must keep the key for mistress." I looked down and his cock was confined in the tiny flesh colored case. I had no recollection of putting it on him. She reached into the pocket of her apron and presented me with a big pink butt plug. "I am lubed master. You just have to put it in me. Unless Master needs my services."

She leaned against the table. She spread her legs wide and bent at waist resting her fake tits on the surface. When she reached behind spreading her ass cheeks wide I saw it. One of her garters was twisted. My hand tugged to make sure it didn't just roll... It didn't. "Oops, do I fix this or do you Bryce?"

"Master, when I am dressed this way, I am Brie. Mistress would correct the error and disciple me." I fixed the twist.

"Brie I am sorry. I should have known that. What do I do about the error?"

"Mistress would redden my bottom with her hand. Ten swats minimum, Master." She draped herself across my lap and lifted her skirt exposing her perfect bottom. I knew if it was not sufficient Miss Terri would have it done again. I had a cold chill. I went numb and performed the required discipline. By the time I got to the tenth swat her cheeks were glowing bright red and my hand was stinging. Both of us were crying.

I knew I couldn't let Brie see me like this so I had her face away from me and resume her previous position on the table. As I looked at her bright red cheeks, I swear I could hear Mama, "We kiss boo boos better." I wiped my eyes and pressed my lips softly against each beautiful mound ten times. I flicked my tongue against her boi pussy. I was overcome by the taste of peaches. "Mmmmm, my favorite Brie."

"Master likes my peachy pussy?" I answered her question by digging my tongue deep inside her fruity bottom. I was hard as a rock and she knew it. Brie handed me a condom from her apron. "Please master, take me now." There was one good part about her being used to much larger men; I didn't have to open her that much. I felt cold wrap me, and was filled with an incredible lust and rage.

I lined my cock up to her pussy pucker. Grabbing her waist and pushed balls deep. This wasn't like making love to Blaze. This was more primal. With each thrust my thighs slapped against her bruised bottom making her wince. It made me push harder. She began pleading "Harder, please more!"

I pulled out fast rolling her on her back. I pushed her legs all the way back against her fake chest. Then I shoved my cock deep inside her again in one thrust. She yelped like a wounded animal. The sound made me feel good. I began jabbing my cock into her in short savage thrusts.

The continual slapping of my thighs against her bruised bottom made her shriek in pain. Yet she still cried out for more, and part of me wanted that pain to continue. Somewhere during the savage fuck the condom broke. I shot my seed inside of her.

She begged me to plug her and seal my gift inside her. I then slumped back in my chair, legs spread. Brie knelt in front of me wrapping her lips around my cock. Her lips and tongue bathed my member clean.

The cold sensation I felt dissolved away, so too did the lust and rage. I sat there with this beautiful creature on her knees and I felt so numb and a little dead inside. I knew one thing... this was not me.

When Brie stood I wrapped my arms around her and begged her forgiveness. She told me no apology was needed, it was the best she's had in awhile. She quickly adjusted her attire and makeup and began her work again.

I pulled my pants up and walked to the elevator. I felt the familiar tingle of cold wrap my body. I reached the landing and looked out over the two-story glass mural over the entry door. Gripping the rail, I leaned out and looked down and saw the rose pattern in the marble tile of the rotunda entrance. One of my voices spoke, "You are not worthy of him. You'll never be worthy of him. Jump and end this wasted existence. You are pathetic. Jump and be done."

"Hey pal, what's going on? Mistress is worried about..." As I started falling forward, Doug's arm wrapped around me pulling me back and I collapsed out cold.

I woke up in Miss Terri's bed. Doug was curled in a ball at my feet. Terri was holding me. "I believe we have a new record. Three hours twenty-seven minutes. Jeff just left Corpus Christi. Denny what happened sweetheart?"

"Miss Terri, you'd never believe me."

"Would it help if I told you, I saw your play session in the playroom? Aggressive play like that can sometimes confuse the young and innocent. What I can tell is you Brie loved it."

At that moment I didn't know what to do. How do you tell someone, you are hearing voices and oh by the way, it was physically my body but it wasn't me? I chose to hug her tight. "It is ok baby we have you. You are so pale, just rest."

Two weeks passed and not a whisper from my voices. Jeff even came down from high alert. The last thing he needed to hear was I may have impulse control issues. He had that once he didn't need it again. For two weeks he or Doug was by my side at all times.

The day Jeff returned we had a video conference with the man who the tests say is my father. I had to admit he did look like the man in the photo with my mother. He confirmed that he was with my mom in Vegas. He confirmed Jeremy was 'their' eldest son. He fought for and got custody of Jeremy, but did not know about me. "Your mom and I shared a flaw alcohol. I stopped, she didn't. I found a friendly judge and got sole custody on those grounds. My folks had the money to fight for Jeremy... If I had known I would have fought for you too..."

The rest, he said would be explained when I get to Killeen. "It's the kind of stuff you say when you're in person son." I cringed with his use of the word son, not even Wayne called me that.

In addition to painful calls, I spent the last two weeks hiding from the unit's former medic, 'Tye Rivers.' He was an over-the-top the effeminate sissy chasing after everyone with a penis. Terri moved Jeff and me into a suite in her wing. Terri said, "I want to keep you away from that bad influence." Personally, I think she just wanted me off the second floor after the incident on the landing.

I walked into the library and heard Doug talking to Jeff, I caught the tail end of a sentence before they shut up, "I tell you I saw it come out of him. It has to..."

As they heard me enter and their eyes darted nervously. I knew I was the subject of the conversation but I let it go, "Problems with the RV still?"

"Nope we got it all licked. I think we'll be able to head out to San Antonio tomorrow morning." Jeff said giving me a tight hug. He released me and I put Terri's book back on the bookshelf.

Doug whistled, "You finished that whole thing, in French no less? Mistress will be so impressed." Then he kissed my cheek. "Are you going to select one to read on the road?" I shook my head no, Jeff was right BDSM wasn't my kink.

I left them and wandered into the playroom lounge. Brie was stretched out on the fainting couch. Her uniform had changed. The transparent teasing maid's uniform was replaced by a more standard maid's uniform with a tight restraining corset. She sat up and smiled at me, "Sorry, it's hard to breathe in these things."

I was attempting to avoid her as well. I sat down next to her on the couch and apologized for how rough I was. She replied, "Master, you were not that rough. For a novice at play you did well, I enjoyed it immensely."

She reached down and gave my cock a playful squeeze. "Our play session did prove to mistress that I was ready for my change. While you all travel to Killeen for the reunion, I have my first surgery date. I get my implants, b-cups."

I put my hand in her lap and felt the tiny cock cage. She continued, "If all goes well next year, my outie becomes an innie and I will have a real pussy." She kissed me, "I hope you come back to see my change. I would love to play with you when it is finished." She rested her hand in the middle of my chest over my heart, "I know this belongs to another." She rose daintily and walked out of the room. Her hips swung as her stilettos were tapping the floor.

I damn near fell over when I heard Tye's voice from the other doorway, "I should hate you. God, you really do look so much like him. Our unit hated that I couldn't do anything for him or anything more for the Lieutenant. Jeremy was just gone like the other two. The only thing I could do for the Lieutenant was apply a tourniquet. His lower leg was just shattered bone fragments and burger meat."

He took a deep breath and motioned me to the pit group. I joined him, "Tye, sometimes there is just nothing else to do. You do what you can and hope for the best. Doug explained that day to me. The two up front died instantly, and Jeremy next. You were doing good just keeping Doug alive." I got a hug.

We talked it some length, and I said I felt guilty for obsessing with the minor traumas I was facing. "I just found out much of my childhood may have been a lie. I didn't even know I had a brother... on top of that I find out the love of my life was his love first."

"That had to suck. Jeff was definitely crazy for Jeremy. I'm glad he found someone who is crazy about him too. He earned it. I know you probably don't want to hear this, I think I'm the only guy that Jeremy didn't do. When he was with us, I was occasionally lucky enough to get a couple of his cast offs. When he died, the way he died. No one would touch me."

I shivered; Tye laid me on the rug in front of the fireplace to get me warm. I knew that wouldn't help. In the fire light then he kissed me on the lips. "Denny, I didn't want his cast off men, I wanted him." The cold wrapped me, it was entering me again. I felt myself losing consciousness. He looked deeply into my face, "God you look just like him..." I was out.

I woke to Tye shouting, "Fill me now!" We were naked and I was coming deep inside of him. I had my teeth biting into his shoulder. I heard laughing and the cold left me. I shook as my cock went limp and slid out of him. "My god Denny, I always imagined Jeremy and I would do that. When I finally knew Jeff couldn't make him happy I thought I might."

He pushed me over to my back, "Oh thank you lover. Damn you look different when you cum. You look like such a young baby..." I was desperately trying to understand what just happened and how I had no memory of the event. He saw the confusion in my eyes, "Well, if you didn't like it just say so." He dressed quickly and left. I was left asking myself, like what? What the fuck just happened?

I gathered my things and entered the dungeon to cut through to our suite. I didn't want anyone to see me. I was ashamed and very frightened. Impulses were one thing, now I was doing things and blacking out.

I reached the far side and was about to open the tunnel to our room. The room became cold and there was a foul smell like rotting meat. I was thrown hard face first against the wall. The wind was knocked out of me. It felt like a massive hand pinned me to the wall. Leather cords bound my wrists behind my back. My legs were spread and ankles tied to the d-rings in the lower part of the wall.

The fabric covering my body was torn away leaving me restrained and totally exposed. I could feel large hands squeezing my pecs. When I looked down I could not see any hands but I did see my shifting skin dimpling as if the hands were there. I thought I must be having a nightmare.

The voice spoke, "No dream little one. You are mine now, you gave me what I needed... a pathway and a plaything. When I died, I felt you pass, and had to have a taste. Yell if you want, you know the room is sound proof." I felt a large object against my ass and the phantom hands held my waist. His entry thrust was savage. I shrieked in pain. It felt as if he was ripping me in two. He kept thrusting each time deeper.

"You know this is ALL you are good for! You exist to fill the needs of real men. You are just a pathetic little boy!" After what seemed like an eternity of pain whatever he was using bottomed out in me. Now he was taking long strokes, slamming into me until my legs were lifted up off the floor.

The action was driving the tethers deep into my ankles cutting into them with each thrust. As I pleaded for him to stop, the air was filled with a foul stench and laughter. The entity was biting at the back of my neck.

My bottom was filled with a sticky fluid, as the entity behind me howled like an animal. "Hell boy you're not even a good fuck. You have no idea how to pleasure a real man. You have no brain to speak of. I can put you to sleep just by entering you.

Maybe it would be a kindness just to let you die." It ran a figure-eight noose made of leather around my neck and slid the fastener closed. There was no room to move. He hoisted me high on the wall with unseen hands by my neck. The force snapped the ankle tethers from the d-rings. He hooked the top of the noose to an anchor point high on the wall and he let me fall.

I was left flailing with all of my weight hanging from that noose. It felt as if my skin was covered in ants as my eyes bugged out. I was gasping for air.

I woke in bed. I was on my side back turned to others in the room. I heard Tye's voice, "He seems to be in stable condition there is some bruising and other trauma down there. You got to him just in time seconds longer he would have stopped breathing. He didn't seem depressed when he left me. Not enough to kill himself."

Jeff replied, "He didn't do this, did you see the size of the hand-prints on his neck and hips? How did he hoist himself three feet off the floor?"

Doug added, "For fucksake Tye were you watching the same video? Something was clearly fucking him. What was that goo we pulled out of his ass? I've never seen or smelt anything like it in my life. I doubt even the lab can figure out what it is. I don't know what we are dealing with but it damn sure isn't human."

Terri touched my shoulder, "Denny, are you awake love?" Damn wristband, I thought. I shook my head and rolled to my back. I winced as my ass made contact with the mattress. She rubbed my belly, "You are going to be tender for a few days. Sweetie, can you tell us what happened?"

"The ghost wants me dead." I said flatly. The group looked on me in disbelief. I started recounting my encounters. I told them how an entity moved from generating simple playful impulses, to speaking to me, to sharing some motor control and now to full control of me. "It is as if they are learning how to use my body as a skin suit. It takes over and I fall asleep.

I have at least two spirits touching me. The kind one started after mom and Manny died. It is gentle and encouraging. For all these years I thought it was just like a conscience or something talking to me. My shrink said it was just stress now I know better.

This new one is so different it is cold, evil and violent... I started feeling it a few weeks ago. It said it saw me when it died. I think it was using me to hold it to this world. Now that it doesn't need me to touch the outside world, I think it's gonna kill me."

Doug said, "I saw it coming out of you on the landing. It looked like a dark shadow was coming out of your body. It was as if something was shoving him out. How did you do that? You must have some way of pushing it out."

I replied, "I've never had any control over the second one. The first one I can ignore, normally it's to my detriment when I do. The second one, he's just pure evil. I can't fight him, I'm going to die."

Jeff stopped me, "Not going to happen. We'll fight this together. I know what it is to hear the voice. I have heard Jeremy's on occasion." He climbed into the bed wrapping me in his arms. "He led me to you."

Tye announced, "Sorry guys, this shit is too weird for me. You are talking about spirits and ghosts as if they are tangible real things... I can't, I just..." With that he left the room. I was sure he would be gone soon. Slowly one by one the rest left the room. Jeff held me like a daddy comforting a child with a nightmare. The problem is my nightmares touch back.

Jeff fell asleep holding me, I couldn't drop off. Then I heard it, "Ok meat, do you understand the nature of our relationship? You are nothing but the puppet. I am the puppeteer. You do what I tell you or I hurt you, or I hurt those around you.

If you yield to me you will feel pleasure unknown. If you piss me off, you will know hell for the rest of your days. You should have climbed into the sleeper boy. I only killed the boys who didn't obey, the ones who didn't provide sufficient pleasure."

"Jock?" I asked.

"Shut up boy! You are mine and I don't share. So you know who I am. If he wakes up, I torment you! No little boy, I am looking forward to playing with you. Yes, being like I am opens all sorts of opportunities. I died focusing on you. I felt you pass; I was able to anchor myself to your spirit. I am still learning boundaries of my control. For now sleep little boy, I need to train your body." I fell into a deep sleep.

I woke with a sore throat, to match my battered ass. My mouth was filled with a familiar taste. Jeff kissed me... "Thank you, for that great wake up. It was the first time you took me all the way. God I thought you were gonna choke on it." I heard Jock's laughter.

Jeff rubbed my neck. "Are you sore?" I could only smile and nod yes. He enjoyed it and I was not going to take that from him. At least I know my body can fully accommodate his rather gifted anatomy.

I learned something new, it is possible to wake more fatigued than before you slept. When Jock takes my body, it doesn't get the rest it needs. Jeff had to help me stand for my shower. He washed me as if I was a tiny child. It was as he helped me dress Jeff understood, "Denny, it wasn't you this morning..." When I started crying he clutched me tight. "I should have known. I am so sorry, god I should have known."

I sat next to Jeff taking my meds and picking at my breakfast. We listen to the news reports of yet another serial killer. This one was shoving knitting needles into his victim's hearts. Miss Terri said, "This is likely a combination of sociopathic tendencies and piquerism. What's odd is the method he is using. One thrust through the intercostal space into the cardiac sac itself. That would be almost impossible to do with a knitting needle. More so considering he's one hundred percent accurate six perfect hits for six kills."

I made the mistake of asking what piquerism was. "A good question honey. That is a sexual interest in penetrating the skin of others with sharp objects like pins razors knives. Sometimes it can go to extreme causing injuries and death. I'm curious about the pathology because most piquerists go for the breast, buttocks or groin. This is more about power."

I unconsciously crossed my legs, blanched and the television was turned off. "Funny, I always thought those people were called phlebotomist." The crowd around the table chuckled at my little joke.

We loaded up in the RVs after breakfast. To my surprise Tye loaded up with us. Jeff put my ass to bed on the couch telling me my job was to rest. Tye was directed to watch over me during the three hour trip to San Antonio. "Sorry I lost it. This is not a 'normal' thing people deal with. The guys think the Preacher Man can help us."

He started to continue and I stopped him. "Tye, I forgive you. I know how fucked this situation is. Who is this Preacher Man?"

"Our old Sergeant Major, he understands this shit. He says he is a spirit walker. You should have heard what he said when your brother died. He said he saw Jeremy's spirit cut in two pieces. I didn't believe it at the time but after seeing... I just don't know anymore. If anyone can help us with this, it's Sergeant Major Bodaway." I felt a familiar happy warm flush. I gave him a loose hug and went to sleep.

I woke refreshed three and a half hours later. Jeff was leading someone into the RV "He's right in here Sergeant Major."

The tall native fired back, "Jeff, I'm retired; I'm not your Sergeant Major anymore. I am just Elan." The older man grabbed my head and looked deep in my eyes. After what seemed like an eternity he spoke again, "Welcome to my family's farm. Your spirit tells me you are Inde, one of the people. Is this so?"

When I told him my mother was half Cherokee he replied, "Denny, only animal breeders and the government refer to things as half, quarter and thirds. You are either Inde, or you are not.' So I ask you again, are you of the people?"

I could only reply I didn't know. I told him how my mother didn't share that side our culture with me. "Then you are just lost, and you need a guide to learn, my wife and I will help you.

Your spirit is the color of corn but I can see you have two other spirits dancing about you. One is a spirit of warm light; the other is a spirit of cold darkness. The spirit of light is protecting you now, but is getting weaker. Both spirits should have moved on to the next life. They cling to this world through you. The spirit of light dances between the two of you..." He pointed at Jeff, "...but he watches you with great interest."

"Your spirit tells me that your heart is weak, and I am to tread carefully. We will try to bathe the spirits away. We do this with water, earth, and sweat. It is fortunate for you my wife is Cherokee, one of your people. She will teach you how to purify with smoke."

He led me and Jeff from the RV. Outside we were joined by Doug and Terri. Elan told Doug to follow, but Terri could not join. "Doug, you are tied to this too, and I have need of you."

Terri held me close and kissed my cheek. "We will be with you in thought."

We were interrupted by a familiar voice. "You put on weight since last time. It looks good on you, half pint." I turned to find Waya behind me. I threw my arms around the big trucker.

Elan addressed Waya, "This is THAT boy?" When Waya shook his head Elan announced, "The spirits have led us to our fourth. Waya, our brothers need our help."

Jeff just looked at Elan and said, "I'm not Indian..."

Elan replied, "But the spirit you carry, the spirit you share with your boy is. Waya go see if Inola is ready." I could feel my head tingling. I knew if I continued I would pass out. I leaned hard against Jeff, burying my face into his chest. After a few moments my strength was regained and we continued on to the house.

Elan's wife Inola greeted me. "Hello Denny, Oonawieh Unggi has prepared me for your arrival. You look so much like your older brother." Other pleasantries were exchanged. She stared at me for a good period of time. Then she walked over to Jeff and gave him the same level of scrutiny. "Elan, you are right these two share a spirit... It dances between them."

She addressed to space between Jeff and I. She drew her hands together and pointed at that space. I could feel something being drug from me. I saw what appeared to be a glowing form coalesce in that spot with filaments reaching back to both Jeff and I. It looked like dust dancing in a beam of light except the light came from us. She spoke to it, "Hello old friend. Your spirit should be dancing on the wind. Not stalking your brother and your lover. Still it is good you watch over your brother, he needs your protection now. You need to help him fight this dark force. To do this you must leave behind your love. You must focus that love on your brother. I see you have guided their footsteps, you have done well."

The coalescent light retracted its filament into my body and I felt complete again. She pointed in my direction, "The darkness still touches him. You men should take him to the river for cleansing with water. Husband you must pray over him and weakened the bond."

There was no discussion or debate. Elan followed Inola's counsel, and we departed. I told him I was terrified of the water as we approached the river. "All things here are sacred Denny. The water, trees, mountain, wind and you are sacred here. You are sacred to us; I will allow nothing to hurt you. We will cleanse both your body and spirit. You must bathe many times to wash away this evil spirit. Each time we will bracket you on all four sides. You will be safe, four warriors will protect you."

Elan began chanting and singing as I repeatedly immersed myself in the frigid water. One would think, this is Texas shouldn't the water be warm? Not the case. For days I took four baths a day. I fasted and meditated. They said I was purifying myself. My uneasy feelings faded, as the days since the last attack increased.

I had been moved into their spare bedroom. At least one of my warriors watched over me as I slept. Jeff was not permitted to touch me sexually during the time of cleansing. I do believe he was rubbing himself raw.

After a week of the cleansing rituals I was feeling a little more at ease. During the week the Bodaway's began my education on my heritage. The group decided to go To the Riverwalk for dinner. You should see something of our city do something touristy. Waya had to go on a delivery run. My trucker pal gave me a big hug. Then mounted up and headed out.

I had a familiar cold chill all the way to my core, but said nothing. The group decided to eat at a restaurant on the River. Afterwards we took a stroll along the river. The sun was setting and I couldn't help but notice everyone lagging far behind us. The temperature must have been dropping cuz I was awfully cold. In fact I was shivering, as Jeff wrapped his arm around me. Then we heard it, there was a blood curdling scream and a wall of people approached us.

A loud voice cried out, "Everyone down!" A man brushed past me and the cold left me. I looked down at my right arm and saw the blood transfer onto my white sleeves. The penetrating cold left me. From the other direction another voice "Everyone down!"

The man who brushed against me turned back. He used his walking stick to knock Jeff to the ground. He grabbed hold of me then he quickly removed the end of his cane and pressed the bloody item against my neck.

He told Jeff to stay down. Everyone cleared the sidewalk and I saw the two men who were shouting. They were police officers with their guns pointed in our direction. The large man held a long iron rod with a sharpened end. It looked ancient. I could see how people could confuse it with a knitting needle. The man whispered in my ear, "You know the funny thing about this boy? I kill you, they kill me, and I jump into someone new. Maybe your lover this time."

I saw Doug's reflection moving in the glass. Jeff saw him too and slowly began dropping to his knees in attempt to keep the murderers attention focused forward. "You see boy even your lover realizes this is hopeless."

"Jock you had your life, leave us ours." I pleaded.

What happened next was a blur with blinding speed Doug grabbed hold of the man's elbow pulling it downward and spinning him around. The blade slammed forward and impaled Doug's left arm, as Jeff pulled me to safety. As the man withdrew the weapon from Doug's arm shots rang out and a fine mist of blood sprayed from him. The man's body fell into the San Antonio River.

I saw what looked like shadows emerge from the man's body in the water. Other shadows descended upon them consuming them. There were loud wailing sounds filling the air but only I, Doug, Jeff, Elan and the officers were aware. It looked as if the smaller shadows were shredding the two that emerged from the man. It was like piranhas stripping the flesh from a mammal.

The two officers started to shimmer and beings of light emerged from them and took form. The officers and the crowd were frozen in place. It was as if the four of us were pulled out of time. All we could hear was the sound of wind. Even the animals were frozen in place.

The two glowing forms started to become more human in appearance as they approached each other. The first to form was the image of my mother. She pointed it Jeff and said, "My son this one will keep you safe and happy. I could not protect you in life, but now my son you are protected. Find your father complete the circle of healing. He needs you too."

She turned her attention to the other form. The second form reshaped itself into the image of Jeremy. Jeff clutched me tightly. Jeremy spoke, "Jeff my love, my brother will care for you in ways I never could. Heal and be well, out of nothing but love itself he will follow where you lead."

Mother looked at Jeremy, "My beautiful oldest child, you rebelled when you discovered who I was. Your hate was so strong you couldn't see the larger realms. You lost yourself until I lead you to your brother. He needed what you had in abundance, your strength and courage and you shared it.

Without knowing it, he shared his gentle nature with you. The two of you complete each other. Now your path must take a new direction. Perhaps you and I could explore the larger realm together. We could help each other grow and heal from the pain of this life."

The two spirits merged and became one and drifted on the wind until they were no more. The cacophony of the real world reemerged, and things suddenly sprung back to life. Tye and Ms Terri swept in on Doug and helped him with his wounds.

The now very confused officers immediately started reviewing the footage on their body cams to try to figure out what just happened. All but the four of us who saw everything knew they were the heroes of the day. For the four of us, it was enough that the incident was over, we were... I was safe.

The narrow sword cane was collected as evidence. Our statements were collected. Of course we omitted the paranormal aspects of the encounter. Who would believe that anyway, better to remain silent.

We joined Doug at the hospital. When they released him we went back to the RVs. Tye moved in with Miss Terry and Doug. I think they found their new butler. A bit of discipline might do him some good. I think he'll settle down and fit in nicely.

Although I was still sore from Jock's recent abuse, I was also jubilant and aroused by my new freedom. As soon as the RV's door closed I led Jeff to the couch. We sat but I did not want rest. I reached over and started stroking his crotch. It was hot to feel his soft eight inches hang down his leg. With Jock no more I knew it was all for me. There would be no more blackouts wondering what or who I'd done. He asked me if I was sure. "He is finally gone. I want to feel alive... Please make me feel alive."

Jeff kissed me as he unzipped his pants. I could begin to see his massive cock take form the tip was starting to stick out the top of his foreskin. I wasted no time exposing his shaft and massive balls.

I started by gently licking around the massive balls that sat below his thick long cock. I wanted to really impress him. When his cock was dripping wet from me licking and sucking everything I started to swallow his cock. I began sliding his cock to the back of my throat.

I got on all fours inhaling Jeff's thick cock. Every so often I would shove my mouth down as hard as I could. I knew Jock impaled my throat on Jeff's cock I was determined to do the same. I was desperate to show Jeff how good my deep-throating skills were becoming. I was so turned on I shucked my trousers and threw my bare ass up into the air.

We were both really getting into it. He wanted to be in my ass but knew fucking was out of the question. I wanted to get his load inside me. He used two fingers to finger fuck my ass while I finished blowing him.

I went down further on him. He softly pressed down on the back of my head. I could feel his big head filling my throat, sliding in and out of its foreskin inside me. At long last my nose was buried in his pubic hair. His nuts slapping against my left cheek, soon Jeff let out a throaty moan and began spurting loads of hot semen down my throat.

I couldn't hold it all, and he pulled out, giving me air and spurting rope after rope of hot sperm into my face and mouth. I rolled to my side gasping as he painted my face. Jeff was in ecstasy as he came, his head thrown back as his whole body shook to drain his nuts on me. He picked me up and carried me back to our bed, kissing me softly as his come stretched between our mouths. He was holding me tightly in his sweaty, hairy grasp, and collapsed in sleep on top of me. As we rolled through the front gate of the CheckMark Ranch I had an outburst "Damn, could this situation get any more fucked up..." Jeff's mouth Bell open and he just looked at me. "Look at this from my perspective, my boyfriend knows my father better than I do."

"Mark is a great guy pal."

The RV stopped in front of the grand home. There was a crowd coming out of the front door. I expected one or two people I wasn't expecting this. There was a noise coming from my tattler. That was the name I gave to the wrist device that monitored my vitals. "Deep breaths little guy!"

That was when I saw him, the man my mother called Chuckles. The older man moved to the front of the pack.

The door opened and I stepped down onto the ground. "My God you look so much like him."

We shook hands I was trembling. I croaked out a simple, "H-h-hello sir."

"Hello yourself, I hear you go by the name Denny." There was a painful smile on his face, "Welcome to what I hope someday you will call your home. Just like I hope someday, when I earn it, you call me dad." He took me through the crowd of distant relatives, friends and staff who gathered. When I met his mother, she lost control and just pulled me into a tight embrace. Holy crap I have a grandma.

The old woman noticed the bruises on my neck and glared at Jeff. I said I came across a couple of nasty characters and Jeff and Doug protected me. At her age she didn't need to know the rest. When I said the injury to Doug's arm was as a result of that protection, Mark's eyes watered as he looked at the Lieutenant. With that look I knew all was forgiven.

I heard a familiar voice shouting, "Hey Squirrel..." Wayne's arms wrapped around me. When our embrace broke he pressed his gold two month AA chip into my palm. "I went to my first meeting when I woke to your empty room and remembered why it was empty."

When he started to ask for forgiveness I pressed the fingers of my right hand to his lips, "Already forgiven Papa. I love you..." I pressed the gold chip back into his palm. "...and I am so proud of you." We hugged again and I officially introduced him to Jeff. He told me Mark was his sponsor at the local AA chapter. It took me a moment to absorb the fact he moved.

"Your father asked me to come. He offered me back child support for raising you. I asked him for help finding a job. Raising you was the best part of my life." We were crying as I fell into the big man's chest.

After lunch Mark took me on a tour of the grounds. The workers were busy setting up the large tents that would house the reunion. I learned where Mom got the name Chuckles from when he sheepishly gave his full name. "I was named after my grandfather and my father. They hung the name Charles Mark Craig III on me. The one thing I learned growing up is I would never do that to any child of mine.

I asked Jeff to come back because I found out the truth. Funny thing about learning the truth, once you learn it, you have to act on it. I was going to ask Jeff to take over running the ranch and head the charities. He knows how to use money. I'm damn sure not going to give it to that cast of vultures that you saw at the house. Our family has been about giving back. I didn't want that to end with me."

He pointed to a bench sitting under a walnut tree. We sat and he told me about how he and my Mama fell in love. "I was rebelling against my family and their expectations. Yer maw was rebelling against everything else. We fell in love; first with the stage, then with each other, then with the bottle. Your Mama sobered up long enough to pop Jeremy out. Her getting pregnant was enough to dry me out.

After Jeremy we tried to be a family for about three years. I became a friend of Bill W, she didn't... she just couldn't. Your mother was pursued by demons son. Demons in the form of her father. The great ugly stereotype is that Indians are drunks. Her mother was a saint; your Cherokee heritage is something to be proud of. Her father on the other hand was where the booze came from. What he did to her..." He shook his head and paused, "She blamed her Mama for not protecting her. Then she turned away from that side of her life."

I am not going to go into great detail son but you have to understand for the court to give a father sole custody the situation has to be bad. I didn't know about you, I'm so sorry. If I had I would have fought for you just as hard. Maybe I should have looked in on her."

"Sir Mama was great. Yeah, she drank but I knew she loved me. I think when she realized she couldn't care for me anymore, she left me with Wayne."

"Over the past few weeks I've gotten to know that man. He is quite the character. I think he did a good job raising you. That's kind of how Jeremy was with Miss Maggie. I think she fell in love with him before she fell in love with me. When Jeremy turned thirteen, he found something he shouldn't have. An old box of mine that contained publicity shots of me and you're Mama. Audio cassettes that the boy somehow managed to figure out how to play. Yeah, he found the court records too.

We always planned on telling him the truth, someday. Unfortunately, at thirteen he wasn't ready for the truth. Your mother was out of my life and I didn't want her back in ours. I didn't want her self-destructive streak to infect Jeremy. You probably don't know about this son, there are a lot of ways a person can destroy themselves. Drugs, booze, Jeremy's way was with sex. If it had three legs he pursued it."

He paused for a moment and looked at me. "Denny you don't have to answer but I'd like to know how many partners have you had?" Oh God he's only been in my life one day and we're already having the daddy and son sex talk. He saw the look of panic on my face. "I take it that's more than one." My head dropped and I pulled my bottom lip into my mouth slowly I nodded yes.

Slowly I described briefly the seven people I've been with. Of course I didn't include the ghost. I told him that Jeff was my first.

He smiled and looked at me saying, "First thank you for not including the details. Second I was just shooting for a number. It is good that you remember their names. Your brother couldn't. By the time he was sixteen, I doubt your brother could remember a number. I want you to be careful. Not just with your body but with your heart.

For the record by the time I was your age I couldn't remember how many people I slept with either. I left a lot of women behind, long before I met your mother. I'm not proud of that son I regret it. It shouldn't just be about rutting. You're doing far better than the past three generations of our family."

He swept his arm in a wide arc in front of us. "Your stepmother couldn't have kids and you are the only direct blood relative. What I'm trying to tell you son is all of this is going to be yours someday. There's a good deal more to the estate, but I don't want to panic and get your running."

He rubbed his hand across my shoulders. "I know I'm not up for father of the year. I did talk to a few of your teachers, thanks to Wayne making the introductions. I'm left with a question why didn't you apply for a scholarship?"

I laughed when he mentioned talking to my teachers, "I'll bet Mr. Jenkins made a joke about you being late for parent-teacher night. I didn't apply because I didn't think I was smart enough. Even if I got it, I'd still have to feed myself and house myself. Wayne didn't have the money. I don't want to be a burden on anyone.

Right now Jeff and I are just exploring, the he says he's blowing a little of his inheritance. I don't know where we're going to stop or what we are gonna do sir. When that happens, I don't want him to be uncomfortable or think of himself as a kept man. He wants to provide for me and I'm okay with that."

Mark started laughing. I asked him why he was laughing so hard. "Denny did he tell you how much money his parents left behind?" I shook my head no. "Denny the reason I didn't have any problem with Jeff dating Jeremy is that his estate is almost as big as ours. Unlike most of the other boys around here he wasn't after our money. Continue on your journey but remember to come home. This is your home son."

This is the end.

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