Disclaimer: the following story is completely fictional. It describes sexual acts between young boys so if you don't like that sort of thing, don't read it! However if you do, I appreciate feedback.

The Haunted House


   Ricky was on a mission. The nine-year-old boy stood in front of the door before reaching into his pocket and finding the key. He opened the door to Tony's house as quietly as he could. Slipping inside he listened, trying to hear if Tony was nearby. His older friend’s parents weren't supposed to be home so if he heard someone it had to be Tony. He heard nothing. Starting to undress, he took off his shoes, his socks, shirt, pants and underwear. Then, he was completely naked. Crouching down low he started to search. It didn't take long for him to find Tony, he was by his computer. Crouching even lower so his reflection couldn't be seen in the dressing mirror, he crept up behind Tony.
When he was right behind Tony’s chair, he jumped up and shouted. "Boo!" 

Tony, his thirteen-year-old friend jumped and let out a shout which caused Ricky to laugh out loud.

Tony spun around in his chair smiling but trying to look upset. "Ricky, you startled me."

nd. “Not bad considering we were up against the team from Innsmouth. Our coach told us we didn't really have much of a chance to begin with. He swears they’re half fish and after yesterday I agree. The kid I was up against just missed breaking the record in the hundred yards butterfly by a few tenths of a second.” 

Ricky kept laughing and continued to laugh as Tony lurched out of the chair and grabbed him pulling him onto his lap. "Well, I know someone who deserves a spanking!" Tony announced as he kissed Ricky's shoulders, neck, chest and anywhere else his lips could attach. Ricky really wasn't trying to escape Tony's grasp. He knew Tony would never hurt him. Instead he just shifted until Tony was kissing his butt. From there he slowly crawled onto the floor. Tony didn't let him go easily though, pulling his ankles and kissing his feet to the very last toe.

He crawled away before standing up; he was now stiff and could see Tony was too. Taking a step forward he pushed Tony back against his chair before kneeling down in front of him and unzipping his pants. He fished out Tony's cock. It was already a little wet. Ricky kissed it before slipping it into his mouth. He let his tongue wander all over it slowly bobbing his head up and down. He could hear and sense Tony was enjoying it. 

"Ricky, I'm going to cum." Tony always gave him warning.

Ricky had about half of Tony's length in his mouth. He pulled back a little and felt Tony shoot into his mouth. It was warm and thick. He continued to suck as another load spurt out and then another. Nothing came out from around his mouth this time and as he felt Tony go soft. Ricky pulled back and smiled. "I got it all." 

Tony smiled and ruffled his hair. Then Tony's hands slid down to Ricky’s shoulders. Slipping his hands under his armpits Tony picked him up as he stood up and seated Ricky on the chair. Ricky wiggled in excitement.
Tony started by kissing Ricky’s stomach and thighs. His tongue stuck out licking all over and Ricky giggled and wiggled. Then Tony took Ricky's little cock into his mouth, not only just the hard part, but his balls too. He could feel Tony's tongue slide between his shaft and balls. When he sucked he felt like he was pulling on everything and Ricky loved it. He wiggled and gyrated trying to twist around his chair until he got the feeling.

Tony slowly pulled off releasing his balls and soft cock covered in saliva. Ricky thought that was a weird. He could get in trouble for spitting at school, but here in privacy with someone who cared about him a lot his privates could be covered in spit and it was great.

Tony sat down on the floor his arms behind him and Ricky crawled down to curl up next to him. Tony leaned down on the floor and Ricky could feel Tony's arms go around him. He felt a kiss on his cheek and for a moment they stayed like that.

"So Ricky I wasn't expecting to see you today. Is everything okay?"

"Yeah, just wanted to ask you a favor." Ricky said.

"Oh, is that why you showed up all naked?"

Ricky giggled. "I was wearing clothing until I got here."

Tony kissed Ricky on the head. "You know you just have to ask, you don't have to do anything special to get me to do something for you."

"I know." Ricky wiggled a little becoming more comfortable. "It's just more fun this way."

"All right, out with it my little love. What can I do for you?"

Ricky smiled. "You know that house, the one on the edge of town? The abandoned one, the really old one?"

Tony thought for a second. "Yes, I know that I think. It's not too far from here."

"I heard at school, there’s supposed to be a treasure there. The guy who used to live there was a pirate. He’s supposed to have buried everything in the basement. I was thinking we could go there and look for it. Do you have a shovel?"

Tony held in, stopping Ricky. "I'll make you a deal. We will explore this house but I don't want to do any damage. Also, if I think if it becomes too dangerous you don't argue. Abandoned houses can collapse. I've seen it happen."

Ricky nodded in the affirmative. Tony always worried about him. It was frustrating sometimes. He could be so old sometimes…

It was about a thirty minute walk from Tony's place. The house was off the road and very old. There was a tall wall around it and Tony had to give Ricky a boost to get up to the top. Tony then with a running start was able to jump up top. They dropped to the ground together rolling as they hit the lawn and started racing towards the house.

From a distance the house didn't look too scary, but as they got closer Ricky started to notice things. They had come in from the side and there must've been a cemetery there at some point because he could see graves. Some of them were covered by grass but he could see names written on some of the tombstones. They were really faded. He couldn't make out any dates.

As they got closer to the house the air somehow seemed to feel heavier. Ricky felt like it was pushing down on him and butterflies were flying around inside his stomach. He glanced at Tony who was looking a little pale, but maybe he was just not feeling well. Anyways it was his decision to come out here and he was not going to turn away before they got into the house.

Even as they got closer he noticed he couldn't see into the windows. Even when they were only a few steps away it looked pitch black inside. They walked around the house trying the doors and windows. For being so old none of them were broken. Tony even made a comment about how well the house looked. The paint on it wasn't even peeling. It didn't look much run down. It even looked in better shape than far away.

The back door was open. It led into a large room that still had furniture in it. The furniture looked old and it was covered in dust. Still, nothing looked out of place. Ricky had an idea in his head what the house should look like and it wasn't matching up to what he was seeing. The house was very quiet and when Ricky opened his mouth to try to say something, he just couldn't make any sound. As dark as the house had looked from the outside they didn't need the flashlight Tony brought with them just yet.

They walked around the lower floor of the house. Besides the dust everything looked perfect. A good cleaning and you could move right in Ricky thought. Well, there was no electricity. After the second room Ricky noticed one thing that he thought was strange. The carvings in the wood furniture and the paintings on the walls were all of boys. Sometimes they were fully clothed and at other times not. He could see their willies. Normally that would excite him but it seemed weird here.

The two of them slowly moved from room to room finally walking into the entryway. It was where people were supposed to come in through the front door. There was a tall spiral stairway that led to the second floor.

"You said the basement right?" Tony finally spoke breaking the silence.

Ricky nodded. "It's supposed to be in the basement." Saying that simple sentence was like sucking cement through a straw.

"I don't know if they have a basement. Did you see any doors? Maybe it's on the outside." Tony said.

Before Ricky could say anything he felt a giant hand grab him. He was yanked off of his feet and high up into the air. Just before his feet disappeared over the banister on the second floor he was able to let out a shout. Still in the air he was pulled down a hallway. He couldn't see where he was going, only where he had been. Then he was in a room when he heard the door slam shut as he landed on a bed. He bounced twice before being pulled up into the air again. His arms and legs were pulled straight out and he felt his socks, pants, shirt and underwear fly off of him. He was slammed down onto the bed his arms and legs spread so he looked like a giant X.

"Ricky!" He heard Tony shout.

"Tony, help!" Ricky shouted as he tried to sit up but he felt like an elephant sitting on his chest.

From the corner of his eye Ricky could see a shadowy figure appear out of thin air. He had a large beard with cinders burning in it. His eyes were narrow and when he smiled, several teeth of his were missing. He took a step forward and Ricky could hear clunk like wood hitting against wood.

Ricky's eyes widened. This was a ghost! It had to be.

"Well aren't you a pretty little thing." The figure raised his arm, holding a sword in one hand which he placed on Ricky's stomach. Ricky was unable to move but he could shiver as the flat blade slowly moved up his chest and then back down to its private area.

Ricky could just lift his head up far enough so that he could see where the blade was heading. He could also see the door he had been pulled through. A second later it burst open and Tony stood there.

"Help!" Ricky shouted again.

"Get away from him!" Tony started forward, his shovel still in his hand only to be stopped when the pirate raised his hand.

"Stop right there. I know why you come here. You come looking for my treasure. Well, you can have all you can carry. It's in the basement. You can't steal it, it's a trade. My treasure for your treasure. That’ll be fair."

"Ricky isn't my treasure. He's my friend."

"And he's more important than all the gold you can carry?" The pirate ghost asked.

"Yes." Tony said without hesitation.

"Well, then you make me do this the hard way." 

The pirate raised his sword and charged Tony. Ricky shouted for him to run, but he brought up his shovel blocking the blow from sword. Ricky heard the sound of metal hitting metal and then they broke apart. The Pirates swung again and the sword would have taken Tony's head if he had not ducked.

Tony jumped bringing the shovel up and hitting the pirate on the chin. The Pirate shot backwards and before he could recover Tony brought the shovel up over his head and swung it against the pirate’s side. The pirate took the blow and fell to the ground. Tony brought the shovel down on his neck and the pirate disappeared.

The weight on Ricky's chest suddenly disappeared and he sat up. Tony dropped the shovel and ran towards the bed to hug Ricky.

"Are you okay?" Tony asked.

"I'm okay." Ricky said.

Just as Tony finished speaking there was a loud crash and the house started shaking. The windows rattled and Ricky saw the walls discolor and begin to crack. Before he knew it, Tony yanked him to his feet. They started to run down the hallway. Tony held him tightly as they ran downstairs.

Ricky could see the walls and floors all changing around them. It was like the house was aging in an instant. Reaching the bottom of the stairs they ran out the back door and outside. Ricky’s looked back. The house looked even worse outside than the inside. The roof was peeling back and the paint was falling like snowflakes off the house. Just as they reached the wall there was a loud crack and the house began to fall in on itself. Tony let go of Ricky's hand and they both watched as the house finished collapsing.

"Wow." Tony said into the silence that followed the destruction.

"Yeah," Ricky agreed before realizing something. "I'm naked!"

Tony glanced at him and smiled. "What's the problem with that?"

Ricky slapped Tony's stomach. "It's not funny."

Without saying a word Tony took off his shirt and handed it to Ricky. "Let's just get back to my place. I'm sure I can find something for you where."

Ricky nodded and let Tony lift him up so he could grab the top wall. He spared one last glance at the house or what was left of the house and never looked back.

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