"THE SOUL IN THE CELLULAR" is a gay story, with some parts containing graphic scenes of sex between males. So, if in your land, religion, family, opinion and so on this is not good for you, it will be better not to read this story. But if you really want, or because YOU don't care, or because you think you really want to read it, please be my welcomed guest.

THE SOUL IN THE CELLULAR by Andrej Koymasky © 2018
written on 3rd of February, 1995
Translated by the Author
English text kindly revised by MiMu

"All right. My name is Rox, I am born in Grav'inis, not far from Carnac. My father is a skilled potter, appreciated by the community..."

"Sorry, but what year is it?"

"I can't say with precision, but possibly, more or less 1500 B.C.. The calendar is not yet known in this part of the world..."

"And, how do you know were you are born?"

"In a later life I went to these places, and I'm quite sure they are the same.

In our village the chief is the man having more cattle and land than the others. He is a kind of king, if you want, but he is assisted by the council of the family fathers, that has a certain amount of power. The two wavers, the potter, the three stone cutters and the shaman are anyway influential people, constituting the chief's council.

So, I am born in an important family. I am respected by the boys of my age, and also by the village people who have as their unique resource the strength of their arms. We are not yet really divided into social classes, but there is something like an outline of it. But marriages still are free, there is some kind of equality feeling, due also to the fact that all the efficient men, wealthy or not, have to defend the village in case of an attack from other villages. This happens quite rarely, I just heard talking about it from the old people, but all my life it didn't happen.

I reach puberty and then, for me and some of my friends, the coming of age ceremony is celebrated. It consists of three rites: the emission of our sperm to testify we really are adult, the cut of our hair and the ceremony of taking the habit. In fact, before that all the children are stark naked. Each of the rites has, of course, songs and dances and the complete ceremony lasts a full lunation.

Amongst us boys, after puberty, it is normal to have sex, in fact the mothers closely watch their daughters until their marriage, and if one of us boys does a little too much the rounds to a girl, it is not rare that her mother tells us to stop it and to go giving vent to our yens with another boy. In fact the marriage is celebrated four springs after the coming of age. The parents decide, after the puberty ceremony, the couples. I have to marry Ker, the daughter of the nearing village's rope maker.

Besides cultivating the fields and breeding animals, at times we go hunting, fishing and so our diet is rich. We conserve some of the food, this is the women's task, so also in winter we can have good meals. There is also enough free time, and during the year there are several festivals. One of the most interesting is the festival when from each village groups carry the surplus of the production, to go to the wide plain to swap their productions with the surplus of other villages. It is right on that occasion that also the marriages are negotiated.

The Great Reunion, how it is called, takes place at the end of Autumn, near the point where the small river merges with the big one in a long but small fall. The fall is a little higher than a standing adult, but it is long like about twenty lying adults. Mainly we boys go to bathe at the fall, on that occasion.

It is here that I see Bres for the first time. He is an adolescent of a village near the sea; he is lean and nimble. I feel at once attracted to him, so passing under and behind the fall, I arrive unseen at his shoulders, circle his waist and pull him to me. He reacts in surprise, thinking I want to fight, but when I gently grope him on his genitals he understands my intentions, laughs and he also starts to touch me between my legs. We are aroused and soon disappear behind the water curtain. I am more developed than him, and he likes to touch me. We are even more aroused. He caresses my hard rod and smiles; I caress his small and firm buttocks and with a finger explore the crack and the puckered hole. His smile widens, and after a short while, he turns around and offers his nice ass to me without any hesitation. I take him standing in the shelter of the thick water curtain, I feel his little hole opening to accept me, and Bres pushes his lower back against my groin, lightly wavering his hips: I smoothly slip inside him and I feel a really pleasurable sensation.

He is tight and hot, and evidently likes being fucked by me, because in spite of the noisy waterfall, I can hear him moaning for pleasure. While steadily pumping inside him, I brush his nipples and caress his little hard dick and his nice contracted balls. He pushes his head back on my chest and moans even stronger. And each time I sink in him, he pushes back his little ass to be better penetrated. With his hands he caresses my hands that are roaming on his body. And he suddenly comes, and with each spurt all his muscle also contract his hole around my rod, so that I, too, soon cum inside him.

We part, he turns around and looks at me with bright eyes. He caresses my chest and I tell him that I liked taking him very much. He smiles and says that he too really enjoyed being fucked by me, and that he wants to do it again with me. Our villages are not far, so we make a date to meet at the great rock that is more or less at half way. And at last we tell each other our names.

So we start to meet. With my other friends, normally, we penetrate each other in turn, but Bres likes just to be penetrated, and that suits me fine. In the great rock there is a small cave where we spread a thick layer of leaves to be more comfortable, and there we undress and lie to have sex. Differently from the other boys, we don't mate immediately. First we just touch, brush our bodies one against the other and just when we both are really aroused I take him. I like Bres more and more and evidently it is the same with him. This, anyway, doesn't refrain me from having sex also with other boys of my village.

But while for the other boys this coupling is just a waiting period before having their girl, to me and Bres it is different. One day he tells me that he really is not at all attracted by girls, and I know, and tell him, that for me it is the same. So, one day, we mutually promise that we will continue to meet at the great rock also after our marriages.

I like very much when, after arousing him at the most, he begs me to take him and I don't do it immediately, I make him wait and tease him until he can't resist any more and prays me, beseeches me to take him. Then I finally agree to his insistent request and he is so excited that he cums even without touching his dick. Bres adores me, and of course this pleases me. Quite often, after I enjoyed him, he succeeds in arousing me again and making me take him a second time. He discovers that I love being licked all over my body and he learns to do that in a really skilled way.

So, one day, after licking my thighs, for the first time, on instinct, he takes my tool in his mouth: I find that extremely pleasurable and suddenly cum in his mouth. He swallows all my cum and seems to like its taste. So I teach this new possibility also to the other village boys, and some of them like it a lot. But Bres remains the best: he does it with a passion that most don't have. For making love, he is the most skilled boy I ever met.

First I, and then also Bres, have to marry. But as we promised each other, we continue to regularly meet at the great rock and to make love with passion. The other boys of my village, once married, cease to have sex amongst each other, at least for what I know, and seem fully satisfied and sated with their women. Not Bres and I, who always find better when we unite between ourselves than when we have to carry out our duty with our women.

The chief of our village dies and the great tomb of his family is reopened to bury him. Then his eldest son is appointed chief and a great festival is held, and some envoys of the neighbouring villages participate. Bres is also amongst the envoys. As each house of the village hosts one or more of the envoys from the other villages, of course I host my friend Bres. At night I can't resist the idea to have him here and I want make love with him, so I sneak in his bed. He welcomes me with real pleasure. We kiss, then we suck each other and when Bres feels I am fully aroused, without words he offers himself to me. I sink in him with extreme pleasure and start to piston inside him, while he, happy and very excited, caresses all my body. We are passionately making love, when my wife wakes up and catches us in the act.

You have to know that in this period and in our land, women have a remarkable influence on social life. So, the day after, she goes to see our chief and tells him that she doesn't want me at home anymore. The chief tries to calm her down, after all he is my friend, but she makes such a fuss that all the village comes to know about the fact. So we become everybody's laughing stock. Also for the other envoys of Bres village, for all the envoys from all the villages, and for the women. We are treated like boys, with heavy jests, and at times also like women.

I can't stand all that anymore, so I challenge one of my villagers to a duel. Not only the chief opposes to this duel, but the guy says, with a scornful air, that he doesn't fight against a woman or a boy. I am furious and fly into a great rage. At this point the chief advises me to better leave the village. Also my brothers, who are very ashamed because of me, insist that I have to move away.

So, together with Bres, we take our weapons, some food and we abandon my village. But what to do? We will for sure not be welcomed in the neighbouring villages, where as soon as the various envoys will be back, our situation will be known. So, hunting and fishing to eat, and gathering edible vegetables, we start a journey towards the south. We try to be accepted in several villages, telling we are brothers, but there is diffidence towards two unknown men without a family.

We fear winter: without a shelter, and without a provision of preserved food, we feel that we will not be able to survive. We arrive in a wide village and we see that the inhabitants are working to build a great grave, transporting the huge stones with wooden rolls and ropes. So we offer ourselves to work for them in exchange of a shelter and food. The chief accepts: four strong arms more to build his new family grave are just useful.

They come to know that Bres is a rope maker, and I a potter, so, besides the help to build the grave, we also start to help the local potter and rope maker. Little by little we are integrated. But then, the chief asks us if we want to take a wife. I feel lost - we are over again! But Bres has a brilliant idea: he confides to the chief that we cannot marry, or just have sex with a woman, in fact at our birth there was a prophecy that we will die the same moment we will couple with a woman.

These news seem to interest their priest: in this place, differently from our villages, the priest, or shaman or man of the spirits how they are called in the different places, has to absolutely never couple with a woman, therefore he can have sex exclusively with his acolytes, one of whom at his death will take his place. Seeing that with my actual knowledge I would say that this tribe did find a simple and easy way to integrate the gay people.

So, after some meetings, we become assistants of the priest. Now we have an official role in this small society and, above all, we can have sex without problems. But it happens that I take a fancy in a young acolyte, the favourite of the priest, a boy of an incredible gentleness and beauty, and I start to discretely court him. Until one day I succeed in being alone with him in the wood. So I clearly tell him how much I desire him. He dithers, hesitates, seems ashamed, but when I embrace and kiss him, he surrenders and starts to reciprocate. Little by little we undress each other, we lie on the grass and finally we start making love. He is tender, delicate, but also passionate. After having aroused him, I finally penetrate him with immense pleasure. He shakes under me and actively participates giving me a great enjoyment. After having finally unloaded myself in him, I become aware that his beautiful rod still is hard end erect and I feel the desire to have it in me. So I offer myself to him. He seems stupefied, but he comes to me, really excited. I have to guide him inside me, and he enters me, and I love the sensation, but after a few fast strokes he cums moaning aloud his pleasure. I am the first man he could penetrate and he also likes very much being the top. The boy falls in love with me and our secret relationship begins.

Meanwhile also the priest takes a fancy in Bres and he keeps on until one day he succeeds in making love with him. Evidently the priest looses his head for Bres, and this doesn't amaze me at all, because Bres is really able to make love in a very special way. So, the priest, in order to have Bres all for himself, decides to poison me little by little to get rid of me. But his acolyte becomes aware of that, warns me and gives me an antidote. The priest is astounded for my resistance to his poison, therefore he increases the doses, until one day his acolyte just swaps the food in our bowls...

The priest is almost immediately hit by a strong pain and dies within a few hours. He has just the time to realize that he has been poisoned with his own poison but he can't understand by whom. In fact he never suspected that his favoured acolyte and I are lovers, because he was too taken in trying to hide his affair with Bres.

The new priest is my young secrete lover. From the neighbouring villages come the priests to consecrate him with a long rite. He wants me at his side as his first assistant and of course also as his secrete lover. But I am restless, and it is not so long after that I take a fancy in his new young acolyte, a really agreeable boy, so, little by little, I manage to make him fall in love with me and to convince him to be mine. The problem is that Bres officially is my lover, so that I make love with him and however I like Bres, I continue in secret to make love with the new priest and also, each time we can, I have very good sex with his young, complaisant acolyte who, officially, is the priest's lover. A very complicated situation that puts me often in difficulty..."

"A real Don Juan, in short..." Eugenio interrupts him with a sneer.

"No, more of a Casanova..."

"And what's the difference?"

"Huge: Don Juan was interested just in the conquest, and once he obtained what he wanted, he was no more interested in his partner, and started to search something new. Casanova on the contrary was fascinated by all of them, and the women were to look for him, to get round him..."

"Well, then you were half way, because in reality, as you are telling me, it is you to look for them and to go round them..."

"Yes, it is true. I would like to have all of them for me, I am not able to renounce to any of them. I like Bres, I like the young priest, I like the acolyte..."

"But are you in love with at least one of the three?"

"Probably not... I love them, really, but all three in the same way. Love, the real love, comes later. And it is right for it that I lose my life. I fall in love for a boy of the village where we now live, whose name is Frey. He is near marrying, therefore he must be around fifteen years old. I start to court him, I let him understand how much I like him and desire him, how important he is becoming for me. He rejects me, gently, but he doesn't want to have sex with me. I feel madly in love with him. So I try again, but he again refuses me.

One day I see him near the small lake. He is completely naked, he must have swam, and he is stretched under the sun. We are far from the village and there is nobody around. I am on my way back after gathering some herbs with medicinal properties. He doesn't hear me approaching, he has his eyes closed.

I stop near him and contemplate him, and I am aroused. Without any noise, I put down my basket with herbs and my bronze sickle, pull out my clothes and go to him. I am sure that if I manage to have him excited, he will be mine. If I succeed in making love with him, he will understand how much I love him and will no longer reject me. Therefore I have to make him mine, to take him. When he realizes my intention, he rebels. We fight. I am more and more excited, I want him, I want him to feel the strength of my love, I want him at last to accept it. He too is soon aroused, and this gives me even more determination, pushes me to proceed. I am an adult, stronger than him, so little by little I succeed in bending his body to my desire.

I can't understand anything more, I just know that he has to be mine, that I want him, that I have to take him and I think that, if I succeed, he will be mine forever. I am finally penetrating him, entering him, he is so warm, so tight, throbbing, and so beautiful... I feel being in paradise. I feel happy and smile to him... he grasps my sickle and hits me. I am like stupefied, I loosen my hold, tell him that I'm in love with him, but he hits me again, and again, and again... I am dying, I am parting from my body. I don't feel pain any more, I see him attack ruthlessly on my inanimate body. Then Frey, covered with my blood, pulls me in the water, keeps my head under, and all is over."

"Shit, what a death! Terrible."

"A death like any other. I just am sad that he didn't understand my love."

"But you were raping him!"

"Yes... and no. I really was in love with him."

"Love is not to take, but to give."

"Yes, little by little human beings are understanding that, but it took not few a thousands of years. And men have yet to fully understand this, in reality. The desire to take more than to give remains very strong in the human being, don't you agree? Jealousy is one evident proof of this."

"Anyway... you have to become a novelist..."

"I? I can't, I don't have a body. Perhaps one of my future incarnations, but of course then I will not be able to suggest him my past experiences. Possibly, you can rather write down what I'm telling you..."

"I'm not a novelist, I am just an office worker. I don't have the needed fantasy..."

"No, real life is a lot more fanciful than the most lively imagination, believe me, Eugenio. I lived more interesting things in my lives than what was written in the gay novels John was reading."

"It seems so. What will you tell me, tomorrow?"

"What you want." the voice quietly answered.


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