"THE SOUL IN THE CELLULAR" is a gay story, with some parts containing graphic scenes of sex between males. So, if in your land, religion, family, opinion and so on this is not good for you, it will be better not to read this story. But if you really want, or because YOU don't care, or because you think you really want to read it, please be my welcomed guest.

THE SOUL IN THE CELLULAR by Andrej Koymasky © 2018
written on 3rd of February, 1995
Translated by the Author
English text kindly revised by MiMu

Eugenio became aware that he was starting to believe the voice. But he wanted to put it at a test. For two days he didn't contact the voice but read a history book, hoping he could catch the voice red handed. Then, opening the cellular, he said:

"Hey, why don't you tell me who you were in 1787?"

"I am Guillaume de BrÍle, third son of the Marquis de BrÍle, and I'm born in 1779. Therefore I am eight years old. This year, like the following one, in France the harvest is disastrous, so there are also difficulties in the provisioning. The price of wheat goes to the stars and whereas my family, even if grumbling, can afford to buy it, several poor people don't have the means to buy it, and so they suffer from hunger. Especially in Paris. In the States General it is chaos, the Third Estate feels mocked by the nobility and the clergy and decides to do the oath of Jeu de Paume. Little after Parisians revolt and attack the Bastille. I am then ten years old..."

"So, you didn't personally live those moments..."

"No, sure, even because we were living in the country, far from Paris, in a small castle bearing a countrymen village. But the news fly, at home we talk about it. My father is worried and, notwithstanding everybody says that this is just one of the many popular risings that will soon die away, he feels that this time something more serious is happening. So he decides to send us away from the castle, from France, to the house of one of my mother's sisters, who lives in Belgium. We leave with the carriage. We arrive at our aunt's castle and she welcomes us, worrying for the news coming from France.

There is lot of tension in the air, and things seem to go from bad to worse. In 1771 we hear that the king escapes from Paris, but he is recognised, caught and brought back, prisoner of the revolutionaries. Several aristocrats, who flew abroad, try to persuade the bordering powers to declare war to the revolutionary France to free the king and to give him back his power. So, the revolutionary France feels threatened and declares war. On September 20th 1792 France defeats the Austro-Prussians and the revolutionary army attacks Belgium, which belongs to Prussia, so we have to flee again. While we are escaping, we hear the news that the king of France has been murdered..."

"You are fourteen when the king is guillotined, right?"

"Not yet, my birthday is some months later. We escape to the other side of the Rhine, to Hamburg where our aunt has some German relatives, amongst them the Count von Tiemann. Here I meet Dieter: he is the second son of the Count, an eighteen-year-old boy. He perfectly speaks French, English, Danish, besides of course German. He is very elegant, courteous, cultured. At the beginning, a little because of my shyness, a little for my condition of poor relative, really relative of relatives, I don't tie up with him. But anyway, neither with other people.

Dieter treats me kindly and seems to be interested in me, he asks me to go to ride with him, he trains me in fencing, he likes to talk with me... so, little by little, I start to open up with him and seek for his company. Dieter reveals himself being also likeable and witty. He introduces me to his friends like his French cousin and this pleases me: it makes me feel a real, accepted member of his family.

When the good season comes, he takes me to do long rowing in his park lake and we joyfully chat of this and that. Little by little a sense of real friendship sets up between us; even if he is four years older than me he doesn't make me feel that. One evening he proposes me to go with the boat on the lake to see the full moon rising. He assures me that seeing it being in the water is an unforgettable scene. I willingly accept and go.

When we are at the centre of the lake, he puts the oars in the boat, spreads a soft blanket on the bottom and we lay, the one at the side of the other, our heads leaning on the padded seat. I like feeling the faint warmth of his body at my side. He seats himself better and puts his arm around my shoulders. Then I lay my head on his chest. We talk of this and that. He caresses my hair. I feel really great and tell him. He gives me a light kiss on my forehead.

He looks at me, I smile at him. He gives me another kiss, between my eyes, gentle, light. Feeling affection, warmth, friendship in that kiss, I whisper him a thank you. He smiles to me and caresses my cheek, and tells me that he likes me. I answer that I too like him and that I feel really great near him. He caresses my chest through my shirt. I quiver and curl up against him. He kisses me again, but this time on my lips, always light, and his hand roams on my trunk, from my chest to my belly, gentle and warm. Little by little, without even realizing it, I become aroused. He continues to caress me and holds me tight against him. He kisses me again on the lips, but this time he lingers there longer and brushes his lips on mine.

I shudder - I like very much what he is making me feel. I caress his back, the nape of his neck. He barely turns, pulls me closer against him and I feel his erection pushing against my side and his tongue creeping between my lips. I part my teeth and accept his tongue, breathless - I suddenly understand where he is driving me, and I feel ready to follow him! His hand lowers between my legs, feels me and his tongue plays with mine inside my mouth. His hand opens the buttons of my silk breeches, slips under the cloth, reaches again my erection and caresses it, pushes, massages it. I sigh and quiver closing my eyes, and feel great warmth all over my body. I understand that Dieter wants me, and I feel ready to become his.

He drives my hand between his legs and I notice that, I don't know how or when, he did open his breeches. Under my hand I feel his naked hard on. It is like a shock for me, but very pleasurable. I like that first, intimate contact with his naked member, and I feel deeply moved. I squeeze, caress, feel it with an incredible pleasure. He, with a slightly hoarse voice, tells me that he likes me very much and asks me if I want to make love with him. I answer yes, deeply moved, but I whisper to him that he has to teach me everything, because for me it is the first time. He kisses me, caresses me and says that, if it is my first time, he wants it to be splendid. He doesn't push further what we are doing. We just continue to touch, caress, kiss each other, and we wait for the moon to rise. Never the moon seemed more beautiful to me than tonight, in this sweet intimacy full of reciprocal desire. Then, having put our clothes in order again, he takes me back to the landing place.

He ties the boat, then embraces and kisses me again, and whispers to me that tonight he will come in my room and he will make love with me. I nod yes, quivering and happy. We go back to the castle. His elder brother is playing violin. We listen to him for a while, then we chat a little, and at the end we bid each other good night. I go upstairs in my room, undress, and slip under the bed sheet in quivering await. I hear my room door open and with the light of the moon that floods my room, I see him coming to my bed. He asks me in a whisper if I'm asleep. I smile happily at him and whisper that I was waiting for him.

Dieter comes in my bed and embraces me. He pulls off my long sleeping shirt, pulls off his own, and I feel his naked body joining mine, full of desire. He caresses and kisses me for a long while. Little by little he brings me to stop thinking, he makes me so excited. I feel that he wants me, and I too want him inside me, and finally he makes my legs rest on his shoulders, and spreads something fresh on my waiting little hole. His fingers massage me there, he is preparing me, and meanwhile he kisses me and tells me how much he desires me. I feel completely relaxed and ready. I want him, so I ask him to take me now, not to wait anymore. He asks me if I'm really sure I want him to enter inside me. I tell him yes, with a mixture of desire, enthusiasm and fluttering happiness. And at last he leans against me, and takes my virginity, penetrating me with tender passion.

I feel it pushing on my throbbing flesh rosette, and I open to it, eager to finally have him inside me. I feel him stretching my hole little by little, and I really like the sensation. I feel it sliding inside me, strong, resolute and yet delicate, and his face depicts an intense and pleased expression. I feel he is taking me to paradise, it is the most involving experience of all my life. I feel I belong to him, I feel he belongs to me, I am one with him. I murmur him that I love him. He says nothing, smiles and continues to settle into me, gently caressing me.

Finally I feel the curly and soft hairs of his groin tickling my spread little buttocks. He is completely immerged in me. I smile at him, he smiles at me and asks me if it is all right. I am so moved that I'm not able to raise my voice, so I just nod yes. Then Dieter starts to move in and out with vigorous calm, and I incredibly like feeling it moving inside me. He brushes my nipples, while he continues to take me, and I like this too, so I reciprocate. He smiles and asks me if I'm enjoying it. I vigorously nod yes again. By instinct, to feel him better, I push my ass against his groin each time he sinks back into me, and this seems to increase his pleasure. My pleasure is reaching unknown peaks. Suddenly, it is like inside me all was upset, all my muscles tense, and moaning, I unload between our bellies. It is like a signal to him, who holds me stronger and at his turn empties inside me all of his male liqueur. God, how beautiful his face is while he is enjoying inside me!

Later, while we lie intertwined, he whispers to me that he believes he is in love with me, and that to him I am the most important thing in all his life, and that he never felt something such intense with anybody... and I am happy. I let him cuddle me, I caress him, thinking that nothing more beautiful than that could happen to me. We kiss, and say each other many sweet things. But then he has to leave me, to go back to his room. He kisses me a last time, deeply, and leaves. I fall asleep, happy, trying to catch his good, male smell in my cushion...

A wonderful period begins, where he surrounds me with care and gentleness. My mother can't understand what could have provoked such a change in me - she suddenly sees me happy, joyful - and she is glad. Dieter and I continue to make love with unchanged passion, night after night, month after month, for almost one year. For me the best moment of the day is when I can be between his arms, his legs, under his handsome body, and Dieter takes me with that mixture of greedy desire and tenderness. At times, when we are completely sure not to be seen, we also stay just embraced, lying together, and to enjoy the quivers we arise the one in the other.

In 1794, the French Convention resumes its military actions against the Coalition, and Dieter has to leave for the front. I would like to go to fight with him, but I am still too young, and cannot. He tells me that he will be back soon, and to wait for him. He asks me to promise that I will be faithful to him that I will not look for another lover in his absence. I swear with all my heart, I feel that I can be only his. But unhappily Dieter doesn't come back: he gloriously falls on the battlefield. For me this is a real shock. I feel the whole world crumbling. As much as his love made me happy, as much I feel now in despair. I close in myself. The only thing that has an interest for me now, is to reach the age when I too can go to fight against the revolutionary, to revenge my Dieter, my king, and my father of which we have no more news and we are afraid he did fall under the revolution's strokes too. Therefore I constantly train myself in the use of weapons.

Finally I can enrol in the army, but just then the Prussians sign the peace treaty with the French. Angry and disappointed, I then decide to go to Austria to fight with them against the French. Deaf to my mother's prayers, I go to enrol in the Austrian army. But now, at the head of the French army there is a young general, a certain Bonaparte, who unhappily defeats also the Austrians and with the peace of Campoformio, France obtains Belgium and part of the German region East of the Rhine.

Disappointed, I leave also the Austrians. I am now eighteen. England has not yet signed the peace with France, therefore I decide to go to England. But the English army is conservative and unhappily doesn't accept foreigners in his ranks. So, I just join the small community of French exiles and of their English friends, mainly young people of the local aristocracy.

I am twenty-three when I meet Lord Attlee's son, the young David who is eighteen. The beginning of our acquaintance comes from the fact that I am called at Attlee Mansion to teach French to the young Lord. He is a quick witted, likeable boy, and he yet has a smattering of French. He applies himself in the studies with diligence and makes fast improvement. His father is happy with my work, therefore, when they go to Bath for the summer holidays, I am invited to their villa.

Together with David, we do long rides in the vicinity and he illustrates me these places' history. He says that Bath is so called because the Romans already built there some spa. He says that the ancient Romans did bathe completely naked, and that they weren't ashamed of their nakedness. So I say that it seems to me that ancient Romans were more civilized than us. He smiles, nods in assent, then with a casual air says that Romans didn't either have problems with making love between men, in fact several emperors had publicly a man as lover.

While he tells me this, he looks straight in my eyes. I repeat, smiling, that they really were a civilized people. He then holds out his hand and puts it on my leg and asks me if I would have liked to be an ancient Roman. I answer that, with him near me, I would have been more than happy. He now caresses my leg. I put my hand on his and lightly squeeze. Our fingers intertwine. I pull him to me and kiss him. He reciprocates my kiss with passion and tells me that he strongly desired me since the very first moment he met me.

To be sincere, I didn't. After my Dieter's death I didn't have a sexual life anymore. But now, suddenly, I feel I desire him, strongly. He leans against me for a moment, then parts from me and whispers that in here we could be seen. He tells me to follow him. We go in the villa's park, and he takes me to the gazebo. We enter it, lock the doors, and he comes into my arms. Quite frenetically we undress, I pull him next to me on one of the dormeuses, I kiss him, our bodies brush against each other, his hands lower to feel my virile erection and, excitedly, he begs me to take him.

I am taken a little unawares, because I am on the point to ask him the same thing, but David insists, folds his legs on his chest and offers himself to me. That silent offering gesture is incredibly exciting, so I feel I want to try. I put the tip of my member on his throbbing hole and push. He receives me with a long pleasure whining, I take him and what I feel is really wonderful. I slide all inside him without difficulty, and I start to move back and forward. He incites me to do it faster, stronger... He moves under me, whining with happiness, whispering my name as in a passionate litany. I'm terribly excited.

His radiant smile conquers me, the passion with which he gives himself to me subjugates me, the pleasure that he gives me inflames me. Making love with him annihilates in one stroke the years of sadness that weighed on me like a leaden cloak. The mirth with which the handsome David welcomes me into himself makes me really happy.

Later on we very often meet to make love. Each of our lessons begins with a long love making, and only after that we apply to the studies. David is incredibly sensual and, even if younger than me, is able to make love in a sublime way. He is able to take me to incredible pleasure peaks, then he offers himself to me, joyfully. When I'm too near to my orgasm, he makes me slow down or stop, because he wants to enjoy me inside him the longest time possible. In the pauses, he lightly bits my nipples, he licks me, he kisses me all over, keeping well awake my excitation, then asks me to take him again...

This is one of the most beautiful memories of our fantastic unions... It is summer, we are riding along the shore. The long stretch of beach is deserted, so we undress completely and dive into the water. We swim, and play in the water, splashing each other with water like two carefree school boys, but soon we both are aroused and full of mutual desire. I embrace and kiss him, and say that I want him. He then invites me to ride the horse. I don't understand, so he explains to me: we will both, naked as we are, mount the same horse, possibly mine which is stronger, and, while we ride, I will take him... The idea amuses and arouses me.

We mount, he sitting in front of me and holding the reins. He starts riding and his delicious little ass brushes against my strong erection. I hold him at his waist and make him move so that, little by little, my steel-hard rod finds the way to his warm and tender little ass and enters him. When I slide completely in, he pushes the horse to a jog trot, then to a fast trot. Even if we don't move, the rhythm of the horse rump makes me taking him with sound and pleasurable strokes. I lick and lightly bite his back, caress his chest and belly, feel and finger with increasing pleasure his turgid genitals. It is beautiful staying in that way, free in the nature, the evening air caressing our naked bodies, with him between my arms, pushing against me to better enjoy this double ride.

When he feels that we are both nearing orgasm, he turns the trot into a strong gallop. His pelvis jolts on my lap with vigour, so that I am now taking him with strong strokes, which send us both to paradise. And when, with a loud, chocked moaning I pull him to me and reach orgasm in him, he restrains the horse, stopping it, and lets himself go against me, panting and satisfied. He too reached his orgasm together with me. He throws back his head and we deeply kiss, my member still throbbing deep inside him. He asks me if I liked it. I answer him that it has been the most beautiful ride of all my life. He smiles and nods. We kiss again.

Yes, I feel really happy, and even more than happy when he tells me he is in love with me. I am now able to answer him, in full sincerity, that I too am in love with him. And our love seems to grow every day. I am again serene, or rather, fully happy.

When in 1802 also England signs the peace with Napoleon, it is a new big disappointment for me, but I remain in England, because now I have David. Anyway, the following year the war between France and England bursts out again. Therefore David has to embark to participate in the sea war against Napoleon. Fortunately for me, my lover comes back safe and sound, after a clash has neither winners nor losers.

In 1804 Napoleon has the Pope crown him Emperor. England is still at war with France, but all is limited to a few, scarce clashes on sea. England in reality is not interested at all in France, neither in revenging his assassinated king. The only aim she has is to be able to sail safely on the seas she always dominated.

In 1805 I am twenty-six years old and David twenty-two. His father decides to send him to the "Grand Tour" as it still is in fashion for the young men of the European aristocracy, and he decides to send him on a journey to Russia. David wants me to accompany him, and I immediately accept and am happy, both because I can remain near my lover and for the perspective of the journey. On the ship we can get two neighbouring cabins, with a communicating door, so that we will be able to make love when and how we like, which is quite often.

The journey has just started, we are off Belgium, when our ship meets a terrible storm. For a while the ship succeeds in steering, but then the sails are torn, the rudder crashes, the mainmast collapses. The ship drifts and we are shipwrecked on the Belgian coast. Several of us are able to reach the shore swimming. David is always near me. We are worn out. We are rescued. But, while David can recover quite fast, I, after an apparent improvement, get a strong fever and, after an agony of almost one month, I die."

"You often die young." Eugenio said.

"It happened to me to also live for a long time. Anyway, remember that the average life span was not the same as nowadays. The average in this period is still just thirty-five, forty years. Therefore, having lived to my twenty-sixth year, could be like now living the double."

"Anyway, I hope not to die at fifty two..." Eugenio said laughing.

"Any moment is good." the voice said.

"It's easy for you to talk so, you are immortal! For me it is different." Eugenio protested.

"Ha, but then you believe me, now." the voice calmly said.

"Well... I don't know... possibly..."

"I bet that if God in person appeared to you, you would be the type who runs immediately to be seen by a psychiatrist..." the voice said ironically.

"I think so." Eugenio answered laughing. Then he asked: "About that, did you ever had, in your lives, some visions? Apparitions? Something that you were, and are not able to explain?"


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