"THE SOUL IN THE CELLULAR" is a gay story, with some parts containing graphic scenes of sex between males. So, if in your land, religion, family, opinion and so on this is not good for you, it will be better not to read this story. But if you really want, or because YOU don't care, or because you think you really want to read it, please be my welcomed guest.

THE SOUL IN THE CELLULAR by Andrej Koymasky © 2018
written on 3rd of February, 1995
Translated by the Author
English text kindly revised by MiMu

"But you never was an Italian?"

"Yes, several times, even if you don't consider the years before 1000... For example when I am Masolino. I am born in Velletri in 1508, but when I'm ten, my family moves to Rome. My father, who is from a family of grape growers and wine makers, is sent by the family together with his brother to open a tavern not far from Campo de' Fiori. The Wild Boar Tavern, as it is called, soon becomes the meeting place for artists and skilled artisans who are working on the imposing project the Pope has ordered to be built on the Vatican hill, the new basilica. Sometimes even Michelangelo is our customer, who is around forty five..."

"Did you even make love with him?" Eugenio interrupted the voice, suddenly excited.

"No, never with him. But, if you are interested, the nude represented over Isaiah on the Sistine Chapel, the one on the right who almost touches the scene of the Deluge, is the portrait of Duccio, one of my lovers..."

"But, you were ten years old!" Eugenio objected.

"Eugenio! Not when I am ten years old, of course. When Duccio becomes my lover, his image is already on the Sistine's ceiling and I am seventeen years old... Anyway, Duccio's dick is bigger than Michelangelo represented it, I can assure you."

"Has he been your first man?"

"No, and if you don't continue to interrupt me, I will tell you. My fist man is a twenty-year-old stone dresser working at Saint Peter's construction. His name is Flavio. He comes often to our tavern. I am thirteen years old. Flavio is a likeable guy, a joker, his company is appreciated and often the others offer him a drink, so he often leaves the tavern a little tipsy. But one evening he is almost not able to stand up. For my father knows he lives close by, he tells me it will be better if I take him to his place, and I willingly accept. Leaning on me, tottering, I take him home. He shares an half underground room with other stonecutters. His companions are still in our tavern. I bring him to his pallet, he lies down, abruptly laughing. I ask him if he needs something before I leave. He says yes, embraces me and pulls me against his body. I think he is joking, I laugh and try to free myself from his hold. He caresses me, tries to kiss me and asks me to make love with him. He touches me between my legs and arouses me, but I manage to get free and tell him to sleep. He says he likes me very much, he wants to have sex with me, and he suddenly falls asleep.

I go back to the tavern, but I am slightly upset - I liked the way he touched me, and what he told me makes me think. Even if I haven't had any sexual experiences yet, I know that sometimes men do those things between themselves, I know it at least for the witticisms I hear at the tavern.

Two evenings later, I see Flavio again, and I am aware that he looks at me quite often, so I recall his words. Possibly he doesn't even remember he tried with me... but he looks at me in a way that now is clear for me, and recalling how he touched me, I am aroused again. When our eyes meet, he sketches a smile and I answer with a smile. Yes, I can feel he desires me.

Several days elapse, while we continue exchanging glances. Then one evening, suddenly he says he's feeling bad, he should better go to bed and asks my father if I can take him home. My father has nothing to object. All long the way he seems really in pain, he leans on me. I take him to his sleeping place, to his pallet. He then grasps my arm and, looking at me with his dark and deep eyes, he asks me if I did understand what his illness is. I, having believed him, answer that I don't. He then says that he is not at all ill, but that he just wanted to be alone with me, and saying so he pulls me to him and caresses me.

When he sees that I don't try to escape him, he holds me tight and kisses me in my mouth, and I can feel his erection pushing against me. I become aroused, he starts to undress me and I let him. He undresses himself, pulls me on his bed, lies on me and wraps his arms and legs around me. The contact between our naked bodies arouses me even more. He feels, kisses, caresses me, he brushes his body against mine, and he gets more and more excited.

When he tells me that he wants to take me, I am hesitant, afraid - it seems to me that he has such a big tool! He swears that he doesn't want to hurt me, that he just wants me to enjoy it, that he wants both of us to enjoy it together. He asks me to trust him. After some insistence and sweet words, at the end I accept. He makes me lie on my tummy, then he starts to spread something between my buttocks with his finger, on my little hole, His finger gives me a strange but pleasant feeling. Meanwhile he caresses, kisses, feels me and tells me to relax, assuring me that it will be really beautiful. His finger, teasing me deeper and deeper, starts to feel agreeable. I relax.

He swaps his finger with his member, he brushes it on my little hole, he starts to push. I yell a short scream and he stops at once, and asks me if I want him to withdraw. I say no - it hurts a little, but I like the good feeling it gives me too much. So he starts again and pushes all of it inside me, very slowly. He stops for a while so that I get used to that massive invasion, then he starts to move up and down. I feel like being in heaven, I like that meaty rod massaging me deep inside. Suddenly I cum against his pallet, he continues for a while, then he too unloads deep inside me.

He asks me if I did enjoy it, and I answer yes. He asks me if I want to do it again with him, and I decidedly answer yes.

When I am back to the tavern, my father asks me why I am so late. I answer that Flavio was really ill and that I didn't feel like leaving him too soon. But now he is sleeping and that he seems more relaxed... My father, luckily, swallows it. That night, in my pallet, I think again about what had just happened and I feel satisfied. Flavio has a fine body, and not just a nice body, but a really beautiful big dick, that he is able to use it skilfully so that making love with him is really pleasurable.

The day after Flavio waits for me on the street. He tells me that he cannot pretend to feel bad each time he wants to make love with me, so we have to find another way to meet. The problem is, I object, that when the tavern is closed and I have some free time, he works at the Saint Peter's yard. But he tells me that he and his roommates make turns to have the room free when one of them wants to have sex, and that therefore he can ask them to have the room for us on Sunday mornings, after the mass, when he is free and the tavern is closed.

I ask him, amazed, if his roommates know about us. He answers that they know he doesn't like girls but boys and that there is no problem. Rather, he adds with an amused smile, sometimes one of his mates, when he can't find a girl, makes sex with him. I ask him if he never had sex with a girl and he answers, making a weird face, that luckily he never did. Between men it is a lot better, he states. If it is so, I ask him, why doesn't everybody have sex just between men? He answers me, laughing, that it is just because otherwise no more boys with which one could make love would be born. I like him when he laughs, he becomes even handsomer.

We start to meet every Sunday morning after the mass. We can make love for a long time, with calm, and I have no problems when I go back home for lunch, my parents think that I was just somewhere around the ward playing with my friends.

I am now fifteen. One evening, leaving the church after mass, while I go to meet Flavio, a group of three patricians is walking on the street in the direction opposite mine. I stand aside, against the wall, to leave them passage. One of them stops in front of me and looks at me from head to toe, then asks me my name, how old I am, where I live. The other two approach, and ask him if by chance he is thinking to take me in his bed. He answers that he is right thinking about it, and fingers between my legs. I blush and try to wriggle away, but I am against the wall and the three youths surround me. That one continues to feel me until I get a hard on, he smiles with lust and says that I suit him. I pray him to let me go, but they take me bodily and try to take me away. I struggle, scream, but one of them pulls out a stiletto and points it at my throat.

They bring me at the small back door of the garden of a mansion I know very well - Palazzo Colonna. The young Colonna, Fabrizio, pushes me inside while his two friends, laughing bid him goodbye, wish him to amuse himself and leave. Fabrizio takes me to a small building half hidden in a corner of the garden and with a key opens the door and pushes me inside. There is just one room, luxuriously furnished, where a wide and low bed filled with cushions stands out. He locks the door and orders me to undress.

We are on the bed. He is licking my body all over and he is arousing me. Then, when my dick is straight up and hard, he starts to suck it. I can't deny that it is really agreeable. Then, to my great surprise, he lies down on his back, spreads his legs and folds them on his chest, and orders me to fuck him! And he tells me to do it stronger, stronger... until I loose any embarrassment and start to fuck him with real passion. He likes it, he caress me, he feels me all over, really excited, he jerks himself off fast, shaking under my strong strokes. He orders me not to cum too fast and I do my best... until finally I am no more able to hold it back and empty myself in him, moaning aloud. Then he too cums, uniting his pleasure moans to mines.

He tells me that he really liked me, that he wants me again and makes me swear that I will come back to his place. Why not, I tell myself, I too liked fucking him very much, and if he likes being fucked... He offers me fruits, wine, he caresses me between my legs praising my virility. In fact, even if I am still a boy, I am yet well developed there. Then he lets me go. I dress, leave the garden and he, at the little door, tells me that next Sunday he will wait for me, and that I will find the small door open...

I go at Flavio's place. He was already thinking I wouldn't show up. While we make love, I tell him my adventure. Flavio giggles, excited, and tells me to ask to the young Colonna if by chance he would do it also with him... Flavio says he would like a threesome, and especially with a patrician...

The following Sunday I try to tell Fabrizio, and he seems really interested in the proposal. He tells me that the following Sunday he will await me and Flavio. So, the Sunday I pass to fetch Flavio and, together, we go to the appointment. Fabrizio seems to be really delighted with Flavio and vice versa, and even if both involve me in their sexual games, Sunday after Sunday I feel to be in the way...

So, when a Swiss of the guard, Willy, who sometimes comes to drink at our tavern, let me understand that he would like to withdraw with me, I at once accept. The soldier takes me in a house where they rent beds, divided just by thin wooden walls and curtains, for couples who have no other place to go. We undress: he is a really handsome man, strong and passionate. And hearing, while we are making love, the moans of the neighbouring couples, is really exciting. They all are men couples, and almost one half are guards of the Pope, friends of Willy. The Swiss Guard has a renown, I discover, for loving sex amongst men.

I didn't completely loose contact with Fabrizio and Flavio, who meanwhile have become a steady couple. So when Fabrizio organizes a party in the countryside villa of the Colonna for his twentieth birthday and invites us, I go there with Willy. There are young patricians, artists, soldiers, boys of the low people... Little by little the atmosphere becomes merry, somebody partially undresses, couples form here and there and touch and kiss without shame. It is almost an orgy where couples form and part and swap freely.

And here I meet Duccio. He is twenty one years old. He is sitting, while a boy sucks his nipple and he rummages with his hand inside the boy's breeches. When I pass near him, I look at the outstanding erection pushing from inside his breeches. Duccio takes my arm and pulls me down to him. He kisses me in my mouth and I start to finger his glorious erection through his clothes. He opens my shirt and kisses my bare chest, then slips his hand in my trousers and caresses my buttocks, rummaging between them until he rims my hole quivering with pleasure. With a warm and sexy voice, he asks me if I want to withdraw with him. I tell him yes. He leaves the other boy, who turns to caress a soldier, stands up and draws me up a stairway. In one bedroom there are yet two couples making love; in another is a threesome on a bed. They all continue unworriedly even if they are aware we are looking at them. Duccio and I are really aroused. We find an empty bed and Duccio takes me on it.

We caress and kiss full of desire and in short we are both naked. He has the most beautiful body I ever saw. He too seems to appreciate my seventeen-year-old body, to which he dedicates himself with incredible passion, so that he makes me loose my head. I too dedicate myself to him with passion, we search each other, we kiss incessantly, until at last we unite. First he takes me, but then he wants me to take him, alternating so several times in a crescendo of pleasure to the final enjoyment.

Then Duccio asks me who I am, were I live... he wants to meet again. I too want to meet him again, I like him very much. He tells me that he lives alone, in a small room nearby the Ottavia Porch. He asks me if, after the party, I feel like going to his place with him. I accept with pleasure. We go downstairs, where now several couples are in full embrace, in any corner of the villa, often one near the other. Willy pulls me in a corner where another boy is waiting for him, and they involve me in a threesome, while I see Duccio in the arms of a patrician who is undressing him.

When I and Duccio go home, he tells me that he wants do make love with me again. I feel a little tired, but he succeeds to arouse me again and we unite once more. I ask him if he has a steady lover, he says no. Then he asks me if I want to be his boyfriend but, he specifies, without stupid jealousies, both free to have all the adventures we want. I accept.

I am nineteen years old when the Imperial soldiers pillage Rome. The tavern of my father and my uncle is ravaged and then burned down. My family decides to go back to Velletri, but I want to remain in Rome, so I go to live with Duccio. It is very beautiful to fall asleep near him after making love, and to wake up with him again wanting to make love. We pass a splendid, intense year. Duccio seems insatiable, and I don' dislike this at all.

But a patrician lies his eyes on Duccio and offers him to go to live with him as a steady lover. A luxury life that Duccio is not able to refuse. He leaves me his room and goes away. I work now as an apprentice in a weaponry shop and so I earn my living. But soon I miss Duccio.

Thanks to my work, I meet a rich Swiss banker who moved to Rome two years before, and who collects ancient weapons. And I met also his son Huldrych, a nineteen year old boy, that is three years younger than me. The boy comes often to the shop to bring or to fetch a weapon to restore and, under the pretext of looking how we work, comes near me and looks at me with eyes that, soon, don't leave any doubt for me about his thoughts and desires. I like Huldrych very much, therefore I try to let him know that I'm deeply interested in him.

One day Huldrych, who I call Ulderico, asks me what I do on Sundays, when the shop is closed. I tell him that I do nothing special, that I'm free. He then asks me if I would like to go with him to have a glass of wine and to chat - he doesn't have many acquaintances and he would like us to become friends. We go to drink. He asks me lot of questions, and at a certain point he asks me if I have a girlfriend. I tell him no, and that I'm not even interested in finding one, then I ask him if he has one. He says that he too is not interested in girls, and that he always felt right just with people of his own gender. Then he proposes me to go to his home for lunch. I tell him that my clothes are too humble to be a guest at his place, a middle class home. He tells me that he will lend me one of his suits for the occasion and that, as we are becoming friends, he wants to introduce me to his family.

When we are in his room, he tells me to choose a suit. I take the simplest one, and even that one seems too fine to me. He invites me to change my clothes. I start to undress, he looks at me with evident desire and when I have just the under breeches on me, he draws closer and tells me that I am beautiful, and lightly caresses my chest. I am at once aroused, and he notices it, so he unties my underwear making it slip to my feet, and caresses my tool, looking me in the eye.

When he sees that I don't escape and that, on the contrary, I smile at him, he asks me to undress him. I willingly comply. In a while we are intertwined on his bed, making love. Ulderico offers himself to me and I take him with real pleasure. He is sweet, tender, he welcomes me in him with sheer passion, and moves under me so to give me an increasingly intense pleasure and finally he cums with me, moaning in happiness. We relax slightly panting, caressing and giving each other small kisses, his eyes shining, I am still deeply inserted in him. When I slowly slip out from him, he makes a soft sigh and caresses my cheek.

We dress again, I with the clothes he gave me, and go downstairs in the dining room, sitting at the table with his father, mother, elder brother and younger sister. He introduces me as his friend. His father, I'm sure, recognizes me, but he says nothing and treats me kindly.

Ulderico want me to keep the suit, for the next times, he says. After lunch we stroll downtown, chatting. I like him very much. I tell him so. He gently smiles, happy. Chatting, he tells me that at home his family knows that he likes sex just with men, and that for sure they did understand that we make love. This amazes me, but also excites me.

But when I go to his place and we make love again and then go downstairs for lunch, I feel embarrassed at the thought that his family knows that I just had a sexual intercourse with him. But everybody treats me with the usual kindness, as if I was any common friend of their family. Now, each time the shop is closed for a holiday or on Sundays, I am their guest.

One day Ulderico asks me if I want to be his steady lover. I tell him that I already am, in fact since I've known him, I didn't look for any other boy or man. He tells me that he meant something different - he wants me to go to live with him, in his house, in his room. I ask him what his family will say. He tells me that his family likes me, and that he asked his father, and he didn't raise any objection. I ask him in what capacity I will live in their house, as a servant? No, of course, as a lover, he tells me.

So I move in his room. At the beginning I am rather embarrassed, but I like being with Ulderico very much. I am treated like a member of the family. To spend my time, I keep the weapons collection of the father in order, I do my best to give a hand as often as I can, taking care of a thousand little things. Gradually I start to help also in the bank work. Nothing difficult in the beginning, just keeping the books in order, welcome the clients, little but useful things. Astolfo, the elder brother, teaches me to do other small operations. Apart from Ulderico, of course, Astolfo is the one treating me with more liking and familiarity in the house.

I'm living there for two and half years when one day, while his father and Ulderico are out, Astolfo asks me to help him finding some old account books. We go in the archive room, I am searching, when Astolfo comes at my back, girdles my waist pulling me at him and kisses me on my neck, telling me that he desires me. I try to free myself, gently, telling him not to joke, but I feel he is really aroused and I too become aroused. I still resist him, I recall him that he is near marrying, that I am his brother's lover, but he caresses me between my legs feeling the erection I cannot hide, pushes me against his erection, bits my neck and repeats that he wants me.

I succeed in wriggling free, I am troubled and beg him to stop, but he pushes me against the wall, embraces me, kisses me deep in my mouth and starts to untie my breeches. And I, more and more aroused, surrender to him. When he takes me to his room, I follow him trembling. I let him undress me, I watch him undress and I have a jolt of pleasure when I see his naked body and his splendid, powerful hard on. I put my lips on it like a thirsty man, and when he excitedly whispers that he wants to take me, I offer myself to him - it is so long that I can't remember the pleasure of being taken. The virile impetuosity with which he takes me is sheer pleasure. I really needed that. I abandon myself to the sensations he is giving me, without thinking anything more.

But afterwards, while we lie sated and panting, I feel remorse for what I allowed him to do, for what I did. I tell him that we shouldn't have done that. He says that we just don't have to tell nobody, but that he also enjoyed making love with me. He tells me that, apart from when he was adolescent and he did it with a cousin a couple of times, I am his first man. And that he wants to do it again with me...

For several times I succeed in resisting him, I don't want to cheat on Ulderico, but at last Astolfo succeeds in taking me again in his bed and we again make love. He marries, but even after that, he sometimes manages so he can unite with me. Ulderico doesn't suspect it at all, even when, possibly for a sense of guilt, I make love with him I become even more tender and passionate with him than ever. With Astolfo it happens quite seldom, not even once in a month. But I like it very much, and when he says that he wants me he doesn't need any more praying. Possibly the secrecy of our encounters makes them so exciting... or the fact that I love being taken, besides to take.

I am thirty years old when once Astolfo's wife catches us. It is a tragedy. She cries, insults, shouts, and all the family runs... I would have died for shame. The father orders Astolfo and his wife to go to their room to explain themselves, and gives the same order to me and Ulderico.

It is a painful confrontation, I am terribly ashamed. Ulderico doesn't shout, insult, yell - he is just sad, he wants to know, to understand. I don't try to justify myself, I feel guilty. We talk for a long time. I want to go away, disappear... Ulderico shows to be extraordinary - he tells me that he loves me and that he is ready to forgive me, if I promise him not to cheat on him again. I tell him that it was not my intention to cheat on him, but that I had been weak, and therefore that I don't deserve him. I tell him that now I am too ashamed in front of his family, that I didn't feel like remaining there... that it will be better for everybody if I leave.

But Ulderico goes to talk with his father and asks him to rent a small apartment just for the two of us, so the peace will be back both between him and me, and between Astolfo and his wife. His father accepts, so Ulderico and I move. His love for me doesn't change at all. I succeed in being faithful to him for a long time, even because I am more and more in love with him, but I start again to feel, and stronger as the time passes, the temptation to have somebody penetrating me. And Ulderico, on that ear, seems absolutely not to hear.

So I talk to him with open heart. I tell him that I don't want to cheat on him, but that I miss something and that the temptation to look for that, to find it, is making me more and more weak. He understands me, and tells me that he doesn't want to lose me and that, therefore, if I really cannot resist, I can look for somebody giving me what I need and he is not able to give me. But he tells me also that he is afraid that, if I found somebody ready to take me and to be taken by me, I don't need him anymore and that I could possibly leave him.

I absolutely don't want to leave him. The fact that he gave me his assent, seems for a while to attenuate my problem. But it comes back, little by little. Until one day I meet Duccio again. We greet each other, I ask him how he is and he asks me. He is still with his patrician, who spoils him, and he is happy. I tell him about my problem. He smiles and asks me why not to take a servant at home ready to "put me under every now and then" as he puts it. If I feel like, he can point me out a couple of such people... I ask him to make me meet them.

Duccio made us meet. One is a young man the same age of Ulderico, not really handsome but terribly virile and sexy, whose name is Claudio. When we are alone, I ask the young man if he really would agree to have sex with me. His eyes shine and he says that a man as beautiful as I am for sure doesn't need to beg him. I ask him to undress and I too undress. He has a fine body, sensual, and between his legs a remarkable tool, that as soon as I brush it, stands up imperious.

We lie down and, after exciting each other for a while, I try to penetrate him. He escapes me and says no, he doesn't like that at all, and if it is that what I am looking for, he is sorry but he is the wrong person. I am really happy with that. So I ask him to take me, and Claudio says that he is more than willing to do this. He makes me lie on my back, he pushes my legs against my chest, he kneels in front of my stretched out ass and starts to tease my hole in a very skilled way, until I am all a shudder and feel ready to be taken. Then he lies on me and with a set of well dealt blows, he is inside me to the hilt. He starts to go out and in, and he seems to become even more handsome, while he is taking me. He does it with calm vigour, enjoying me for a long time and making me enjoy it like a real artist. I am conquered.

I talk with Ulderico and I propose him to take Claudio in our home as our servant. He wants to meet Claudio, and he accepts. Claudio comes to live and work in our house. I normally sleep with Ulderico, but some times I also go to Claudio's bed to give vent to my needs. Ulderico is happy: he sees me completely serene, and moreover the house is now sparkling clean. Claudio works hard, and doesn't profit of his peculiar role. With Claudio it is just sex, even if really pleasurable, but I am deeply in love with Ulderico."

"But, how? Weren't you in love with him all the time?" Eugenio asked.

"Yes, possibly at the beginning I thought to feel for him just a strong affection, but the repeated proofs of his love made me understand, year after year, that Ulderico was for me the most important being of all my life. I now realize I am really and deeply in love with him.

When his father decides to open a branch of his bank in Bologna, he sends Ulderico and me to manage it. I am now able to side him completely. We move, keeping with us the faithful Claudio. We remain in Bologna until my death, that is in 1556."

"What's the cause of your death?"

"As they call it in that period, of tertian fever."


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