"THE SOUL IN THE CELLULAR" is a gay story, with some parts containing graphic scenes of sex between males. So, if in your land, religion, family, opinion and so on this is not good for you, it will be better not to read this story. But if you really want, or because YOU don't care, or because you think you really want to read it, please be my welcomed guest.

THE SOUL IN THE CELLULAR by Andrej Koymasky © 2018
written on 3rd of February, 1995
Translated by the Author
English text kindly revised by MiMu

Eugenio sat comfortably on the lounge armchair but, unlike usually, didn't switch on the TV set. It was more amusing to use the cellular. He opened it and at once the voice said:

"Do you need to do a telephone call, or do you want to talk with me?"

"With you. Tell me, who were you around the year... 1100?"

"I am Selim, an Arab groom. I am born in the year 434 of Hegira, that is 1056 of the Christian era."

"Hey, suddenly you are no more in Europe?"

"Sure I am in Europe, I'm born in Sicily that since about 170 years is dominated by the Arabs."

"And how did it happen that you incarnated in an Arab?"

"Before I was a Byzantine knight, then a Sicilian fisherman, then, after the Arab conquest, an Arab merchant, and at last Selim, all right? And after Selim, as the Norsemen arrived in Sicily, I incarnated in a Norseman, but I died when I was just two years old..."

"You know history very well..."

"I know everything I experienced and everything my various 'I's have studied. I can say I know some parts a lot better than many historians."

"But, do you really remember everything?"

"Everything in the smallest details, even what my various 'I's forgot during their lives. Do you want me to recite you all the Koran or all the Bible by heart? Or also..."

"No, no, thank you! Tell me rather about that Sicilian groom."

"Well, I come to life in 434 of the Hegira, son of an Arab soldier and a Sicilian girl. They call me Selim. As a boy, I'm sent to work at the Emir's stables. I am thirteen. The Norsemen have landed on the island and a long war is fought. But where we live, everything is quiet, the land is still firmly in the Emir's hands. One day the Emir's son comes to the stable and tells me to prepare his horse. I am saddling it as I hear the prince saying to the other groom to go to the palace and ask the servants for the mantle he forgot, so we are alone now. He comes near me, telling me that he noticed me, that I am a really handsome boy, that I found grace at his eyes. I feel excited, and to receive such compliments by the son of our sovereign is agreeable. Then he gives me a coin. I help him to mount the horse. The other groom comes back with the mantle, the prince takes it, spurs his horse and goes away. Naively, I tell to the other groom, a seventeen year old boy, about the compliments I've received. He bursts out laughing. Thinking he doesn't believe me, I say, upset, that I'm not a liar. He continues laughing, but he says he believes me. He puts his hand on my ass and repeats that surely he believes me: 'The prince wants this', he says. 'How?' I ask, 'What do you mean?' He explains to me that he also has gone through it: the prince will pay me more compliments, will give me more coins and when he feels I'm grateful and ready to please him, he will ask me to let him take my ass. And of course I could do nothing but let him mount me as he pleases, exactly as it has been with him.

The prince is back and does pay me some more compliments. When he goes away, the other groom, Ali, smiles and tells me to be prepared to loose my cherry - 'He will hurt you a lot, he has a very big dong... it will be better if you train, Selim, before that.' 'To train? And how?' I ask him. 'Well, mine is not so big, let me fuck your ass, so you'll start to get used to it' he says and pulls me to him and caresses my ass. I say no and withdraw, but I'm worried. The prince is more and more gentle with me, gives me more coins, caresses my hair... Ali returns to the attack, tells me that it will be really painful, that it will hurt me badly, and insists it would be better if I let him prepare me. To convince me, he pulls it out and shows it to me. It seems big to me, but he says that the prince's dong is lot bigger and he makes a gesture with his hands to show me its size. I shiver in fear...

The prince is more and more gentle with me... I feel the moment approaching. So, one evening when we are alone in the stable, I tell Ali that perhaps he is right, that perhaps... Ali smiles, takes me to the storeroom for horse rugs, makes me lower my breeches and uncover my ass, makes me lie on some rugs and with his finger he spreads something on my hole: he explains to me that it is an unguent that will make me feel less pain. Then, he comes on me, pushes his rod in my hole, I scream. He shuts my mouth with his hand and takes me with force. It hurts me; I wriggle, but to no avail. He fucks me for a good while. When it is over, I'm in tears: 'How should I ever take the prince inside me?' I ask scared. 'You will see, you will get used to it, as I got, even if nobody helped me to prepare my hole for that.' he says, 'The important thing is that we do it again, until your hole is used to it. Look, Selim, I'm doing this just because I want to help you' he says...

Well, I believe him, and even thank him. I accept the prince's kindness towards me with trepidation and fear, and wonder when he will decide to take the last step, that is to take me, and meanwhile I continue being fucked by Ali. I see that he is right, I'm getting used, and within a few weeks I even begin to like it. So, I think that when the prince will mount me, it will be the same: at the beginning it will be painful, but I'll get used to his bigger size also...

Two, three months pass, but the prince doesn't seem to decide, until one day he tells me that he really likes me a lot and that he decided he wants me at palace, in his quarters as a personal page boy. Here we are, I think in a flutter of anticipation and fear. I follow him. He gives me page clothes, he takes me to his bedroom and shows me where I will sleep: at the bottom of his wide bed, there is a little bed...

Amongst my duties, he explains to me, there will be helping him to undress in the evenings and to dress in the mornings... So, that same evening, while I wait for him in his bedroom, I mentally prepare for what is about to happen. He comes. I help him to undress, almost trembling. He has a really fine body, strong, it is the first time I see him without his clothes on. He remains with just the short underpants on him, that don't hide a big swelling, and he lies on his bed. I ask him if I have to undress, he says 'Sure, boy!' So I pull off my clothes and remain, like him, with just my underpants on me, then I go close to his bed and tell him that I'm ready. He looks at me with an interrogative air and tells me to go and lie on my bed. I go, thinking that perhaps he prefers coming to my bed, so I lie down, and wait. After a while I hear his regular breathing: he is asleep!

I don't understand, but I think that perhaps he doesn't feel like, tonight... The following morning I help him to dress, but again nothing happens; he is kind, gentle with me, at times he gives me something like a caress, but nothing more.

Some days pass, but nothing happens. So, at the first opportunity, I go to look for Ali and I ask him why the prince hasn't taken me yet... He starts laughing and tells me that I swallowed his story: the prince only likes women, he says, it is him, Ali, who wanted to fuck me and, with that excuse, he got what he wanted. I'm angry with him and attack him, but he holds me fast and tells me not to be silly: he knows that I like it a lot being fucked, then, what do I complain about? While he keeps a firm hold on me, he touches me, he arouses me... and at the end he persuades me to give myself to him again. It is true, I like it very much, feeling his rod hammering inside me... So, from time to time, when I'm done with my duties, I go to the stable to have sex with Ali, without any further excuses, no more shame.

I'm no longer angry with him, now, on the contrary... I like Ali, I like the enthusiasm and the impetuous way he takes me. The story with Ali continues for three years, until he marries and tells me that he doesn't need me anymore. But at this point I like it too much, and I want to do it again. But with whom? There are people attracting me, first of all the prince, but I don't know if he, or others, would like to do it with me, I don't know how to ask for it, how to make the other understand. So almost one year passes, it's really difficult for me. I ask Ali again and a couple of time I talk him into satisfying me. But I want somebody steady, someone who wants to do it often, more frequently. I am with the prince in his Summer Palace.

Today the prince is absent, so I go down to the cove. It is a very hot day, so I undress and dive in the cool water. Back on the beach, I lie down to dry under the sun. Without reason, I get aroused and my wet breeches make a tent. I close my eyes and start to slowly caress between my legs, enjoying the good sensations I'm giving myself. Suddenly I have the feeling that somebody is close to me. I open my eyes: there is a local boy, looking at me with a cunning smile. He also wears just his short breeches, and they also show a good swelling.

Without saying a word, I sit up and caress his swelling. He crouches near me, circles my shoulders with his arms hugging me, and kisses me. I never had been kissed by Ali, so I withdraw, but he blocks me and kisses me again, into my mouth. It is such a sweet sensation, I like it, I reciprocate. He pushes me on the sand, he caresses me all over my body and kisses me again, then he slips his hand under my short breeches, and he caresses my bare erection. I sigh.

He, for the first time, speaks to me and with a smile, asks me if I want to make love to him. I am deeply stirred and answer yes. He pulls off my breeches, then his own, and we intertwine on the sand. Usually Ali just took me, mounted and fucked me. This boy instead makes me experience an intense pleasure. I ask him his name: he is Alfeo and nineteen years old.

He has a splendid body. When he makes me understand that he desires me, I hastily offer myself to him, feeling my heart filled with joy. He doesn't take me from behind like Ali but from the front, and this also is new to me, and beautiful. He enters me slowly, brushing my nipples: oh how wonderful it is! Moving inside me, he also kisses me, caresses all my body. He gives me intense new feelings.

His smiling, merry expression conquers me completely. I want to belong to him, forever. I caress his strong legs, his chest, his slender sides. Until I feel him explode inside me, and I also come, and is eyes are so luminous and so beautiful... He invites me to swim with him, I follow him. He swims like a fish, he is beautiful. We are back to the shore, completely naked, we lie under the sun to dry, and then he says to me that he wants to meet me again. I feel so happy, I tell him yes, but unhappily I will be there just for a few more days. He then asks me not to leave him, to remain here. I tell him that I cannot, I am a servant of the prince, I have to follow him. He seems to become sad, but he doesn't insist. When I put on my clothes, we make a date for the next day.

The following day he is waiting for me at the cove, but when I arrive, he takes me nearby, in a small hut. There is a pallet. We lie down and make love. I'm more and more fascinated by him, and tell him so. Then he insists that I have to remain with him; he asks me to leave the prince, he wants me with him. If he could he would follow me, but the Arab aristocrats don't take natives as servants. So, it is up to me to remain here... As the day of departure approaches, I feel more and more in love with him and he insists more and more that I have to remain. 'You will come to fish with me' he says, 'We will be happy.' 'But the prince will sent his men searching for me, he will find me, punish me' I object. I would like to remain - I feel that now with certainty. We think of thousand plans, we do a thousand projects. But in the end, I decide that the best thing to do is to ask the prince to set me free, to allow me to remain. If he will deny me what I ask him, we will have no other possibility than parting, but I'm confident...

The prince, in contrary to what I hope, doesn't want to renounce my services and orders me to never talk about it again. I have to go back with him. Parting from Alfeo is a very sad moment, for both of us. The prince and I go back to the palace. I don't succeed in forgetting my beautiful fisherman. The distance, instead of attenuating my sentiment for him, makes it stronger..."

"Cut short, did you meet again or not?"

"Hey, Eugenio... wasn't it you who didn't believe me?"

"Whether I believe you or not, the story is interesting."

"And you are aroused by it, right? Shortly before you were masturbating..."

"What's that, do you even have eyes, now?" Eugenio asked, astounded.

"No, I understood by your breath, am I wrong?"

"No... but go on, did you met again?"

"I am twenty-two years old. I'm very sad. Contrary to before, no other man attracts me anymore, I want just Alfeo, even if I'm afraid I lost him..."

"Didn't you go back to the Summer Palace, the following summer?"

"No, that part of Sicily is in the Norsemen' hands, at this point. We still have a small part of the island, and all is going from bad to worst. The prince is now passing more days in battle fields than in his father's palace."

"Well, ok, tell me how you met with Alfeo. You did meet him, right?"

"Yes. One morning, I'm crossing the market when I hear someone calling me: Alfeo, a basket of molluscs in his hands, is looking at me with a wide smile. I go towards him, like in dream. He tells me that, in those years, he did nothing but thinking of me. He asks me if I got a lover. When I tell him no, he seems happy and says neither did he, because he is still in love with me. He tried to forget me, he did have adventures, but he couldn't forget me, so finally he decided to come and look for me. I feel like embracing him, kissing him. Almost as if he could read my mind, he whispers to me exactly the same thing as I do: 'I'm so happy to see you again, to be near you...'

I ask him were he lives, to take me to his place, so we will be able to be alone for a while. He smiles and tells me that before that he has to sell his molluscs, otherwise he won't have something to eat this day nor the money to pay for his bed. He asks me to meet again in the afternoon, near the Abdul's Mosque. I'm longing for the afternoon to come. I go to the mosque. I just wait for a short time, then I see Alfeo coming. He smiles at me and makes me signs to follow him. We enter the mosque: I'm a little amazed, but I follow him. While he guides me through, he explains me that the muezzin rents him out a small room behind the mosque's storehouse. We enter, he bars the door, and we are in each other's arms. We passionately kiss. We undress each other, filled with desire we lie down on his pallet, we make love. It is even more beautiful than I remembered. We are no more two boys, now, but two young men in the bloom of our virility, and he knows how to make love in a splendid way. I feel him on me, in me, around me... and it is wonderful. When I finally leave to go back to the palace, it is sunset: we didn't realize the passing of time.

For three years we love each other in secret. If the prince is absent, we meet even every day and we make love extendedly, and when the prince is at his palace, we cannot meet so often and we have less time, but it is always splendid.

Then, the town is besieged by the Norsemen and finally the Arabs capitulate and leave the island. But many Arabs, especially those of the lowest classes, remain. And I too, notwithstanding the prince's insistence, decide to remain. At the side of my beloved Alfeo I see the last Arab ship setting sail.

In town there are the new masters, the blond Norsemen winners. Abdul Mosque is burned. The Arabs who remain start to convert to the conquerors' religion and I, now living with Alfeo and fishing molluscs with him, also ask to be christened assuming the name of Sereno."

"Sereno? Why did you choose that name?"

"Alfeo chooses it for me, because it resembles to Selim and because I'm really serene, now that I can live with him."

"And then, did you remain all your life with Alfeo, or did you fall in love with a handsome Norman?"

"No, I remain with him until his death. And six years later, I also die, it is the year 1119."

"A nice story, romantic. But were you always faithful, in your stories?"

"No, not always. It depends, and not from me as a soul. For example, when I live in Corsica with the name of Filon..."

"When?" Eugenio interrupted him, with curiosity.


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