"THE SOUL IN THE CELLULAR" is a gay story, with some parts containing graphic scenes of sex between males. So, if in your land, religion, family, opinion and so on this is not good for you, it will be better not to read this story. But if you really want, or because YOU don't care, or because you think you really want to read it, please be my welcomed guest.

THE SOUL IN THE CELLULAR by Andrej Koymasky © 2018
written on 3rd of February, 1995
Translated by the Author
English text kindly revised by MiMu

"I don't know, it is the 187th year of the colony, I'm not able to tell you exactly to what year it corresponds, let's say it could be between the year 500 and 400 B.C. Alalia is a Greek colony, not wealthy, not poor. It has a good port which is the reason for its existence, and which grants the contact with other colonies and with the mother country. I am the son of a well-off Greek, a potter, not so famous, but he sells and has a good income. I'm the third of seven children. From my early childhood on I bungle with clay, but it is evident I will never be able to really collaborate with my father in his work, as my brothers skilfully do.

I'm ten years old when, for the first time, something happens that will mark all my life: a fourteen year old boy, the son of the oil seller, takes me to a corner of the port, between the maze made of crates and heaps of goods and teaches me a game... you surely understand what game it is: he rises my short skirt and pushes his member into my back hole and that arouses me at once..."

"Come on, how can it arouse you? You were just a ten year old boy!"

"You forget again that in these times puberty is more precocious than now.

I've just reached my puberty and therefore I'm able to feel the sexual pleasure, moreover his tool is not too big, not yet, so it doesn't hurt me at all. While he is joyfully pumping inside me, he touches my body all over, and I just push against him to feel his small but very hard stick better, inside my back channel. He jerks me off, continuing to pump inside me, until he makes me come, and he also comes inside me. Oh, I really love it. Well, afterwards, he tells me that he doesn't do that nice game just with me, but also with three other boys between my own and his age. He asks me if I want to meet his other friends and become part of his gang, and I willingly accept. So we start to meet quite often and we do it even in threes or fours. That boy, whose name is Aner, is in some way our boss and he likes to lie down and be serviced by two or three of us at the same time. One licks and sucks between his legs, and two of us suck his nipples, for instance, then he chooses which of us would have the sought after privilege to welcome him between his small buttocks.

So he takes the lucky boy, while the others play between themselves or they continue to service the couple, licking and kissing Aner and the chosen boy he is happily fucking. I like doing this game with them very much, and it is enough for him to invite me, then I more than willingly participate. I like being on all fours with him mounting me from behind, while I possibly suck another friend's rod and perhaps a third one sucks my yet small but hard dick.... But I'll better stop with these details or you will get too aroused..."

"No, just go on, don't worry about me..." Eugenio said amused.

"For a couple of years we continue this way. Being the youngest of the group, I'm not just mounted by Aner, but sometimes also by the other members of our group. I can say that more or less every other day, but often even every day, I get a good fuck from one or another of the gang boys. Anyway, the one I like most to take me is Aner and his wonderful strong dick, which is the biggest and longest in our gang.

I'm thirteen years old when the second basic episode occurs. One day I meet a young sailor who asks me if I would like to visit his ship. I willingly accept, boys always like ships, so he takes me on board, amiably shows me around and, as we are in the hold, he puts his hand under my short skirt, fingers my small ass, pushes a finger against my throbbing hole and asks me with a smile if I would like to amuse myself with him. I accept at once, so, making me lean forward and keeping myself steady with both hands against the wooden wall, he puts his saliva on my hole and takes me with relish. He's big, he fills me completely, I love that mighty bar slipping inside my eager hole, then starting to dance inside me. I push against him, I wriggle my little ass to feel him better, and he seems to like it a lot, for he's pumping inside me. He is so big and yet he fits perfectly inside me, like a sword in his sheath. When he finally comes, he holds me tight against his body and rises me from the floor, panting, and he unloads himself deeply inside me wit a long, husky moan. Then, seeing that I evidently enjoyed receiving his hard bar a lot, he asks me if I perhaps would like him to call a sailor friend, a man who for sure will like my little hot ass very much. I say yes, and I wait there.

Quite soon the other sailor comes downstairs and, without saying a word, he positions me on a crate. His bar is not thicker that that of his young mate, but straight and longer, smooth and nice. He slips it all inside me without any problem, possibly also because I'm slippery from the cum of the previous sailor, and he starts to take me with virile energy, a really intense expression on his manly face..."

"Bah, nothing new, it seems..." Eugenio objected.

"No, it certainly is. You see, up until now I believed that it was just a game amongst boys, and on the contrary I discover that even a young man, and then a grown man, like to do it at least as much as I, Aner and the other boys like doing it. And I love it with these two horny sailors even more than with my friends: the two men have more substantial tools, and they both know how to use them in a very skilled way... So, when a new ship comes, I start to wander in the port, hoping that some nice sailor wants to do it with me. To my pleasure, it happens quite often and I also discover that there are different ways to have sex, or must I say different styles... and not just concerning various mating positions, but also and mainly for the person's character. Some do it with fantasy, some with joy, some seem to carry out a duty, some are just in haste, some are passionate, some tender, some vehement... It is really fascinating.

I'm fifteen when I have my third experience that completely changes my life. A Roman sailor hooks me on the street and takes me to an inn room. After having me suck his hot and hard bar for a good while, he puts me with my back on the bed, kneels in front of my exposed ass, folds back my legs against my chest, and finally he enters me. He takes me with slow and long strokes, and he asks me to suck his nipples at the same time.

While pumping inside me, he tells me that I am a very good fuck and that he likes me very much. He is the talkative kind... He tells me how much he did like that Egyptian boy's mouth in that port, or that Sirian boy's ass in that other port, and he continues to pump inside me without haste, thoroughly enjoying me. I too enjoy that strong and butch body on me, that hard and hot bar inside me. I like sucking and gently chewing on his hard nipples, and make him moan with pleasure. After this very pleasurable and lasting sex session with me, he gives me a coin and asks me if it is ok, if the tariff in the port of Alalia is the same as in other ports for this kind of services. That's how I discover that you can obtain money doing something you like very much.

I then do some rapid sums, and realize that, if I can find enough sailors, and perhaps not just sailors, who are ready to give me money in exchange for sex, I can earn a good living and in a very, very pleasurable way."

"In short, you became a hustler. But did money already exist at that time?" Eugenio asked.

"Ah, so you call them hustler? Yes, sure money exists, since a couple of centuries at least. So I decide to commerce with my body. To sell pleasure, receiving pleasure. I know that there are women doing it, so I start to observe them, to try to understand how they hook their clients. And above all, where they take them, because sometimes I can find a sailor or a city man, mainly the soldiers of the fort, willing to do it, but it happens that we can't conclude just because we don't have a suitable place to go. Doing it as amusement, that occurrence could just be something I regret, but if I want to enter commerce, it would become a net loss..."

"Commercial soul, right? You were a kid, but not artless, it seems..."

"It's no use to talk to me with that mocking air! To me this is a really serious matter, all my life from that moment on could, or better would, incredibly change."

"But what about your family? Did they know which decision you took?"

"Yes, I told them. Well, they aren't really happy, but I am resolute. Anyway, prostitution is a recognized and respected work in this epoch. So I decide to become a male prostitute and, having heard that the far away port of Nea Polis is very big and hence frequented by lot of ships, and not only Greek ones, I decide to move there as soon as I gather enough money. For one year I bustle about, accepting every chance, even clients I don't like so much, just to get money. The market days are also good to find new clients, mainly amongst the country folk. But the two main categories remain the sailors, and second the soldiers. At last I can put away enough money and then, having made farewells to my family, I leave Alalia, for I obtain a passage on a Phoenician ship heading to Nea Polis, in exchange for some free services during the journey for the captain and some of the sailors. The journey has no story, I just pass from one berth to another, giving pleasure to several men. And finally we land. Nea Polis is a really wide and beautiful port, a lively town, built at the foot of a big volcano..."

"Yes, go on, it is Naples, I understood..."

"All right, I am just telling you what I feel at my landing, right?

So, I was saying... and I realize that the boys having arrived before me and for the same purpose are not few. But that doesn't worry me at all. Taking everything into consideration, it seems to me that I'm more desirable than the average of these boys. Some are effeminate, some very butch, so I decide to be in between, not posing one way or the other, just to be genuine, to be myself. But I understand that being well dressed is also important. A well-dressed boy can attract more clients and earn more money. My clothes seem too provincial to me, so I buy some more fashionable clothes. And there is always the problem of where to bring my potential clients.

One day I notice one of the boys selling themselves, a colleague, who inspires me with confidence so I start to talk with him. He is a native. He doesn't have any problems about a place, because they run the business as a family: his father, mother, sisters, he himself and a brother, so they just use their own home to bring their clients to. He explains to me that a solution could be to pay an innkeeper to be allowed to use one of the rooms, but I object that doing so I will lose too much of my earnings, and that therefore I have to look for another solution. I don't know why, but that boy seems to have a liking for me. His name is Temis, he is one year older than me.

The day after we meet again and he proposes to have lunch at his home, because he wants his family to meet me. His mother, after the meal, offers me: if I want to go to live with them, unless I find a better solution, I can have food, shelter and can use a bed for my clients, for one third of the price I would have pay in an inn, but in exchange, I have to participate with them in house chores. I like this family, the conditions are very good, so I immediately accept and move in with them the same day. At night, as I go to sleep in my new bed, Temis emerges from behind the curtain and asks me if I feel like making love to him.

I did have just two clients this day, so, even if I'm a little tired, I accept. The way he makes love to me is... relaxing, and I really enjoy it. He is sweet, and he likes to do everything, so we start sucking each other, then he takes me, then asks me to take him. He makes me lie on my back and then impales himself on my rod, moving up and down, while looking down and smiling at me. We caress each other's chests, while we silently continue to fuck each other for a good while...

So, for four years I live with Temis and his nice and likeable family, and I continue to sometimes make love to the boy with real pleasure. What amazes me is that the father goes to the houses of wealthy dames to please them... But the trade is mainly carried out in their house.

Then, having accumulated enough money, I decide to buy two rooms on the ground floor of a building, very close to the port, and start my own trade.

At this point my clients are not just sailors, but also several town people.

In a short time I have too many clients, even after I single out, so I decide to have a boy with me at home, to help me. The first one is a country boy who just arrived in the town, looking for his fortune. I easily convince him, first to have sex with me, then to come to work with me. He is a very nice boy, he also attracts more and more clients, so I soon need to hire another boy, than yet another one...

In short, in the span of just five years, the whole building belongs to me, so I refurnish it elegantly and it is now the most famous and richest boy's brothel of the whole town of Nea Polis, with a wide choice of very fine and available boys for any taste."

"But, don't you have a steady lover?"

"No, apart from some good clients I like and that I can now choose at my will, I can amuse myself with my boys who are always willing to please me. Well, there really is a young client, the head of harbour authorities' son who comes every now and then to meet me and who seems to be almost in love with me... I like him very much, but I don't want to be involved in a serious relationship, even if he often tries to persuade me to accept him as my lover. His father cuts him his funds, at a certain point, not being happy with his son's frequentation of my brothel, and the boy is distressed.

So, I accept to continue seeing him, for free, because I really like him and I'm rich now, I can afford to have a... not paying client. He is a tender young man and, while he clearly likes also the sex part of our meetings, he needs rather affection than just sex, and I'm ready to give him that also... But I don't want a steady lover, I just don't need that... I am twenty-eight years old when I meet a new client, a young and very handsome man, a twenty-three year old Phoenician sailor. I like him so much that, when he hooks me at the port, I bring him home in haste.

Just being near him while walking along the way to my brothel, arouses me a lot. I take him to my personal room, we undress each other, and we start making love. He is different from the other clients, he really knows how to make love to a man, he is obviously trying to please me, quite as if I was his client and not vice versa... I'm fascinated by him, I am putty in his hands. He turns me around, he takes me in all positions possible, he makes me yell for pleasure. In all the years I've never met such a splendid lover. He seems tireless, he wears me out, and I feel happy as I never had been in all my life... And after having so wonderfully made love to me, while I'm just lying on my bed, panting and really happy, he rummages in his sack and, just to rob me, he stabs a knife into my chest. I just look at him with wide, unbelieving eyes then I lose consciousness. And so, after three days of agony and despite the care of my brothel boys, I finally part from my body..."

"And you enter that dagger."

"No, the sailor took it back with him. I enter in a golden ring. And from there I reincarnate a few months after, in the fourth son of a weaver..."

"Well, you will tell me about him another time, unfortunately I'm busy now. And my ear aches, staying for such a long time at the telephone..." Eugenio said.

"Ciao, then, until next time..."


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