Then and Now 10


I could tell Thelonikas liked my finger inside him, and experimentally I rotated it and scratched around at his insides. The way he writhed and moaned made me smirk, and pouring some oil on my fingers I pushed a second inside him as well.

Glaucos also seemed to be enjoying himself, getting off the bed and peering at the hole as I fingered it while slowly masturbating.

I longed for its cock, but its fingers were amazing! I'd never done anything like this to it; yes, I had shoved a finger inside it a few times while I sucked it, mainly because I couldn't fuck it and suck it at the same time and it did, for some reason, seem to squirt more spunk when it had a finger up it.

"That's not something we do," I heard Glaucos say, "It looks to have interesting results. Where did you learn about doing it?"

"In my world sometimes you `finger' someone if you want them to feel good. It makes your insides all tingly and excited." I tried to sound worldly and authoritative in front of the older boys.

I had heard about `fingering' from my mates, and while we had giggled about doing it to girls it seemed to work equally well with boys.

"Interesting," I heard Glaucos say, and though I dare not look up at him because I was playing being a slave, I knew he'd come close and was peering at whatever my slave was doing with my arse. It certainly felt good and my cock was jutting out, stiff as it could get.

"Perhaps," Glaucos commented, "It may be possible to get Thelonikas to at least do that to me, even if he is too caught up in morality to actually fuck me."

"Right now he must do whatever you tell him," I slapped Thelonikas' backside to emphasise that he was a slave and yelped as his hole tightened around my digits.

Thelonikas yelped as well, but there was more to his cry than simple pain and I spanked him again to see what would happen.

"I don't want him to have to," Glaucos sighed, "I want him to want to,"

Slowly my self-obsessed mind was starting to understand how much I must have hurt my friend by simply not realising what he wanted. Even if I had realised I wouldn't have done it, but to not even realise at all must have been so humiliating for him. And yet, he was still my friend!

A slap from my slave's hand on my arse sent a hot thrill through me. Nothing like the willow, it was less pain than sheer excitement and my cock jerked and twitched as the glow of the slap soaked through me.

Then it slapped me again and I moaned, not because as a slave I would moan to please my master, but purely as a boy who is having something very wicked, very naughty and very, very sexy done to him.

My cock jerked and my bum wanted more spanking. Spanked or fucked? I didn't know and I didn't care.

I slapped Thelonikas' backside again, pushing my finger in and out.

It felt good and I spanked him a few more times, but my cock was getting hard and, impatient for relief. I suddenly pulled my fingers out and pushed his legs back to his ears. Lining my own cock up to his hole I rubbed some oil on it, before rubbing it up and down his crack to find the entrance.

I whimpered as it slapped my arse and fingered my hole, but those whimpers were not the pretended noises of a slave, they were whimpers of pure pleasure.

How was it possible for me to enjoy this? Subjecting my body to the whims of a slave?

Not a question I could answer now, nor did I wish to answer it, all I wanted was for the slave to do more to me, use my flesh as carelessly as I used its, and when it started to rub its cock inside my crack, brushing my aching hole, I almost screamed with frustration, wanting to shout at it to put its cock inside me and stop teasing my body.

I smirked as Thelonikas writhed and wriggled in frustration. He was clearly desperate for his back passage to be broken in and I was more than happy to oblige.

Soothingly stroking his face as if to reassure him, then suddenly thrust forward with my hips. My own cock was only about three inches long and sill quite thin, but I wanted to see his face as I suddenly forced it inside him.

I yelped when it at last stopped teasing me and, without warning, thrust its cock inside with one hard push. My arse was open from its fingers and its cock was no bigger than its fingers and went in without any resistance from my hole.

I yelped, not because it hurt, but at the suddenness of it, and then my yelp turned to a long moan as it ground its pelvis against my arse cheeks, forcing itself in as deep as it could get and sending new, undreamed of, amazing feelings to flood through my body.

I wanted to yell at it to fuck me hard, but as I was playing at being a slave, I stayed just moaning and allowed it to have its way with me.

I let out a loud moan as Thelonikas' hole closed around my cock. It was tight and wet inside and I felt his back arch and heard his own moan of pleasure.

Slowly I pulled slightly out and pushed in again, then again, picking up speed as I did it. I had been fucked often enough to know how you did it, but this was only the third time I had been the one doing the fucking and I didn't want to cum too fast.

Slowly it got harder and faster with its thrusts into me and I arched my back, trying to get as much cock inside me as I could.

It was so wonderful, my mind was in a blur. I suppose, thinking about it, if I had been able to think, its little cock didn't feel that much different from its fingers, except that the cock didn't wiggle as the fingers had done, it just pushed in and out.

The real difference was that I knew it was cock in me and not fingers. I was being fucked!

Me, a boy of Athens, and a boy of one of the most important families in the city, was getting fucked! And, even worse, fucked by a slave! The immorality of it, the sheer convention defying wickedness of it, served only to multiply the pleasure.

I had cock inside me! I was doing the most unimaginable thing, and all I could do was moan and writhe with pleasure as its cock slid in and out.

I moaned louder as Thelonikas started to writhe underneath me. The movement of his body made my cock feel amazing and I started to hump him harder and faster, letting out little grunts as I did so.

Even though I was trying to control myself I couldn't stop my excitement rising , and as my cock started to twitch I forced myself inside Thelonikas as far as I could go.

Its movements became harder, faster as it became no longer a boy but only a cock, and I too, was no longer a boy but just an arse with cock inside it, and yet, at the same time, both it and I were no more than boys revelling in the delight of being boys and I wanted that delight to last forever.

Such a thing was not possible, and all too soon I felt the cock inside me stiffen even more, jerk and twitch and get pushed in as far as it could get, squashing my arse cheeks in its effort to get more cock inside me.

It jerked again and held still, deep inside, and I knew it was spunking, that it was filling my bowels with slave seed, and my only thought was 'Why so soon?'

Panting I continued to rock backwards and forwards as the last of my cum was milked from my cock by Thelonikas' hole. I had wanted to keep that feeling going forever but unable to control myself knew I hadn't lasted very long.

Eventually my cock deflated so much it slipped from Thelonikas' hole with a pop, allowing a stream of clear liquid to trickle out. Curiously I got between his legs to have a closer look, his hole seemed more open but not massively so and was already returning to its normal size.

'So that is what being fucked is like,' I thought when I could think again.

I could feel the slave's spunk dribbling out of my hole, just as my spunk always dribbled out of its hole when I had fucked it. A strange feeling, strange and, of course, as wicked as anything could be. What could possibly be more wicked, more evil, more immoral than being a fourteen year old Athenian boy on his back, his knees still by his shoulders and slave spunk dripping from his freshly used arse?

I felt sated by the thought of having cock in me more than I was by it actually happening; my slave was young, its cock still small and it hadn't filled me properly, stretched me as my cock had stretched it when I fucked it for the first time.

A long, low moan escaped from my lips, partly a moan of complaint at pleasure ended, but more a moan of desire; I wanted more cock, I wanted it to fuck me again.

I lay panting on top of Thelonikas. His larger body felt warm and soft under me and I nuzzled into his neck as he moaned and writhed under me. He was clearly still horny and I guessed he wanted me to fuck him more, and although I had just spunked my cock was already a little bit hard again.

Problem was that my small cock didn't seem to satisfy him and I wished I had a big cock like him and Galucos. Looking over at the other boy I suddenly had an idea.

"I know you don't want to fuck him alone, but I think we should stretch this slave's hole by both fucking it at the same time!" I looked over at Glaucos to see if he was game, not bothering to check with Thelonikas to see if he liked the idea.

After all, he was a slave.

"I appreciate your thoughtfulness," I heard Glaucos say rather sarcastically, "But I have no wish to fuck Thelonikas, nor anyone else. Strange as it may seem to you my need is to be fucked, not to fuck. May I suggest that, as soon as you are able, you fuck him again. It will take you longer to complete this next time as you have only just spunked, and if you do it really hard then you may find you give him some satisfaction."

Mentally I thanked Glaucos, not because the idea of having two cocks in me at the same time frightened me in any way, but because Glaucos was being Glaucos, not taking advantage of the opportunity to dominate me that I had given him. Most definitely, I decided, I would give him what he wanted and fuck him at the first opportunity.

I scowled a little, wanting to dominate Thelonikas now that our roles had been reversed. I didn't want to hurt him badly, just make him feel scared and powerless like I did now I was his slave.

Thinking of how our roles had been reversed did have one effect however, and that was to make my cock hard again. Rolling Thelonikas over I made him get on all fours so I could get at his hole more easily. It was still red and oozing a bit of cum from my last fuck, and I pushed his back down as I rubbed my cock head up and down on his opening.

I permitted my slave to change my position, submitting entirely to his desire as a good slave should, though, to be truthful, I was eager to get in this new position for I knew that doing it this way it would be able to drive its cock deeper and harder into me.

I did it often enough to it this way to know how easy it is to drive the cock deep, and though it didn't have all that much to drive anywhere, this way I would feel it more.

Strangely, the feeling of being dominated, of having to submit to another's desires and pleasure, was exciting; the humiliation adding to the pleasure in a way I could not understand. I wondered if it felt the same when I used it, having to submit and enjoying things more because it had no choice.

I slapped Thelonikas' rump as he moaned, wanting his attention on what I was about to do to him. I wondered if he enjoyed being dominated like this. Part of me liked how he could do whatever he wanted to me now I was his slave, and I wondered if he also got those feelings.

Rubbing my cock head up and down over Thelonikas' hole made my owner moan louder, and I rubbed it harder and harder until suddenly his hole seemed to pull me inside and, with a hard thrust, I entered him for the second time.

It slapped my arse with its hand, and that stung a little. A little, but not enough. I wished it would keep slapping harder and harder, or even use the willow on my arse if it wanted, make me hurt before it entered me again, but it didn't. Instead it teased my hole with the tip of its cock, gradually pushing harder and harder, making my hole scream to be used, and when at last it pushed a little more I pushed out as well, like I was trying to have a shit, and its cock was sucked inside me.

A low moan of satisfaction escaped my lips; I should not have done that, I was a slave, but the feeling was so intense I couldn't stop that moan of pleasure.

Then, and I have no idea how I knew what to do, I started to clench and relax my arse, gripping the little cock inside me and making it work.

It occurred to me that what I was doing was a pale imitation of what that Cretan slave had done at the Baths, and I tried even harder to make myself squeeze as much pleasure from the cock in me as I possibly could.

I let out a loud moan as Thelonikas started squeezing my cock with his hole. I didn't know how he did it but it felt amazing, and I slapped his rear again harder.

"More Slave!" I slapped him again making his hole clench my cock extra tight.

"Yes, master," I moaned as it slapped my arse as it fucked me. I wanted it to ride me as one rides a horse in a gallop, stinging the horse's flesh with a crop to make it go faster.

Had I been permitted to speak I would have begged for that, for it to whip my arse in time with its thrusts, drive me to a point where I was just flesh to be used, drive me beyond any thoughts of right and of morality, things that now seemed foolish and of no consequence.

I pushed back on the cock as it thrust into me, trying to encourage it to ride me harder, though, as a slave, I should have done no more than simply permit whatever my rider wanted.

I started to fuck harder, my recent spunking meaning I was able to thrust in and out without fear of cumming.

"Milk me slut," I slapped his arse as I thrust and suddenly had an idea.

"Give me that," I gestured to the willow wand which Glaucos passed over and, much like a jockey, got it in my hand so I could 'encourage' Thelonikas as I rode him.

"More!" I gave him his first taste of the willow to see what effect it would have.

It used the willow and it stung, sending a shock of pain through me, making my hole clench tightly around its cock.

Though I was acting the slave and should have done nothing, it was clear to me that it was not yet fully relishing its position of power over me and needed to be helped.

I searched out Glaucos with my eyes and saw him watching, stroking his cock and clearly enjoying what he was seeing.

"Tell it to ride me like a horse," I mouthed to him, forgetting my role as slave in my search for pleasure.

Glaucos' eyes widened when he read my lips and a smile crept onto his face. "Ride him properly," I heard Glaucos say, "Get your legs inside his, force his thighs apart and then you can use that crop on his legs as you ride him. Make the most of your opportunity, slaves do not often get the chance to ride their masters."

I mouthed a smile of thanks to Glaucos who was now stroking his cock with some enthusiasm.

I moaned and forced Thelonikas' legs apart as Glaucos suggested. His hole felt good around my cock and I began to ride him harder, applying the willow more to his buttocks to encourage him.

"His thighs, fool," I heard Glaucos say, "You should know it hurts more on the thighs than on the arse, and you can get a better swing as well."

It hurt enough on my arse, but I knew what Glaucos meant and braced myself for greater pain to come.

I laughed nastily and gave both of Thelonikas' thighs a cut with the willow.

"I think I want to gallop," I told Glaucos and started to rut harder.

I gasped as it started to whip my thighs with the willow. Each cut sent a flood of pain through me, and all that pain did was to add to the pleasure. The pain itself was pleasure and being fucked mercilessly and whipped at the same time was driving me to ecstasy.

I knew I would spunk if it continued and hoped that if, when, I did, it wouldn't stop but keep riding me until it could ride no more.

I rutted harder and harder, applying the willow whip to Thelonikas' thighs and buttocks as I did so. The strikes from the cane made his hole clench and milk my cock as I fucked him, and I was moaning and crying as I humped him.

"Going to cum," my cock was rock hard inside Thelonikas and a sudden strike from the cane made his hole clench tight around it as it was balls deep inside him.

It collapsed on me and I knew it had ridden me to a finish. I had spunked before it neared the finish line, spunked as big as I've ever spunked, and when I recovered enough to look I could see drops all over Glaucos' grinning face and running down his chest.

"I hope I get ridden like that," Glaucos grinned, but I was too exhausted to try to grin back.

The slave was lying on my back, panting for breath, and if it hadn't been a slave I would have thanked it for riding me so completely. But, truth told, I was probably too exhausted to form words.

I had to lay on top of him for a few minutes afterwards, panting as I tried to recover. I had seemed to flood Thelonikas with my spunk and as my cock slipped free I saw it oozing out of him.


"It cannot be the same from now on," I told my slave a few days later. You now know too much about me and have learned too much about yourself also."

I had, as I had promised myself, fucked Glaucos to ready him for his lover, and had discarded my slave's neck collar for a silver one that fitted round its balls instead, over the cock and under the balls, and I led it by a slender chain attached to that. The Persian silversmith who made it for me knew exactly what I wanted, "Many of these I made for boys in harems," he smiled at me, "This tiny screw will allow you to tighten it around the balls and so delay the onset of seeding. A boy may orgasm several times but be unable to seed because the channel for the seed is kept tight shut, and when finally there is so much seed waiting to be expelled the quantity will be more than you dreamed of."

It made no objection to being led through the streets by a chain around its cock and balls, indeed it seemed to relish it, glorying in the unsubtle evidence of its purpose as a slave.

It had fucked me several times since that night and I had used, not the willow, but a leather strap I had made for the purpose, on it when I fucked it, as it used the same on me.

"What we do now are not the things slaves and masters do, not in Athens," I told it after a particularly good riding. "One day, I mean to free you so we can do those things openly."

I looked at him in shock. For a Master to promise to free a slave was no small thing, and while Thelonikas would not be obliged to keep his word somehow I knew he would free me.

"I won't say a word Master, our secret is safe with me." I purposefully called it our secret, making it clear I was part of this conspiracy and not just a slave doing as his Master ordered.

"And if you do free me I will be like a brother to you Master," I promised him, taking his hand.

"For now we are still boys and should enjoy to the full the glories of being boys," I told it. "Your cock is growing and soon it will be a thing of pure delight. We cannot, unfortunately, stay boys forever, and the time will come when you are too old for me to enjoy and that is when I will free you.

Perhaps you may indeed wish to be like a brother, and we can live together, and purchase young slaves for our pleasure. Would that appeal?"

"It would appeal very much Master," I gave Thelonikas a wicked grin as his hand moved to my crotch.

"Then so shall it be," I smiled as I fondled his young cock. "We have, perhaps three or four more years to play and then we will go shopping for boys. I have a fancy," I confessed, "To try something young and tender, say something of perhaps ten years. What shall we purchase for your pleasure?"

I thought long and hard about it.

"I think a boy of the age I am now, full of fight and spirit. I think breaking such a boy to a life of slavery might be pleasurable."

"A life of cock and arse, you mean," I said, slowly wanking it, "And to break a boy who has no wish for such would be a joy indeed. Perhaps," I said, a very wicked smile forming on my face, "We should try to find two suitable brothers?"

"I think that sounds like a fine idea Master," I gave Thelonikas a sly grin, perhaps a younger brother who already, despite his young age, has a liking for cock, and an older one who hates the thought of it."

"Wonderful," I grinned, "And, for a proper price, I believe the trader who provided me with you may find us what we wish for.

This then, is my promise to you. Shall we seal it by sharing the spunk I am now going to make you shoot with a long and lingering kiss?"

I giggled, "You can try Master," I teased him as he lent his mouth into mine.

"Kissing is nice, but nicer still if spunk is shared," I grinned after our tongues had twisted for a while. "You have the choice now, shall I wank you until the last moment or would you prefer to be sucked dry?"

"I think sucked dry Master," I told him smiling, "My cock hasn't been fully drained for a few days so I should have nice big load for us to share."

"So shall it be," I grinned and took its cock into my mouth. The next few years would, I knew be good years, full of cock and filled with fucking.

Life as a boy is a wonderful life.


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