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wild Wild West again
by: Kewl Dad

Every man needs a boy

"Where'd you come from boy?" Cal said gruffly as the boy jerked to see who had spoken. He'd been so busy taking a piss he hadn't noticed the man until he was right upon him. 

"From thatta' way," the boy said pointing with a grubby finger. "You durn near scared the life outta'  me mister," he said as he continued to hose down the tree in front of him.

"Thatta' way where? Ain't no towns for a hunnerd' miles that direction."

"We was headed to Californy," the boy said shaking the last few drops off his pecker and stowing it in his ragged pants.

"There's others?"

"I was with my ma and pa till they died," he said without emotion.

"What happened to em'?"

"They died, that's all," he said wiping at his grimy face with the same hand he'd been handling his pecker with.

"Kilt, or died?"

"Died...the plague I reckon. They sent me away once they figured out they was sick. I went back, but they was already dead," he said looking sad as he relived that moment, "my brother and sister too."

"How come you didn't get it, the plague?"

"Dunno," he said shrugging, "just didn't, that's all. Might as well have though, gonna die anyways."

"Why, you sick?"

"No sir, but I ain't doin' so good other ways. I'm awful hungry and theys animals at night. I figger' I'm gonna get et' some night whiles I'm sleepin'."

Cal laughed, "Too scrawny for anythin' to eat boy."

The boy actually grinned. He was a cute one, Cal thought, a little skinny, but a little food would fix that. His eyes were grey and his hair was the color of summer wheat, although right at the moment it was so tangled up it looked like a bramble bush. His face was dirty, but even beneath the dirt Cal could see how cute the boy was and he felt a stirring deep inside.

"Just so, I wouldn't like getting mauled by one a' the big cats."

"What's your name boy, I'm Cal."

"Billy Joe, but most ever one calls me BJ."

"BJ it is then. Glad to meet ya' boy," Cal said holding out his hand to shake.

The boy shook weakly then gave Cal a tired smile, "Where you headed mister?"

"Oh, here and there, I keep to myself mostly, go into towns only when I need ta'."

"Are you gonna let me go with ya'?" the boy said looking small and vulnerable. 

Cal laughed, "Well if you don't look like a lost puppy right now."

"Does that mean yes?"

"What's in it fer me boy?"

BJ sighed, "I kin cook purty good and clean up and take care of your horse and boots and stuff."

"I kin do all that m'self. What I want with a runny nosed little kid hangin' on me the whole time?"

The kid looked tragic now, his head hung low and his bottom lip almost touching his chest, "I guess that means no then."

The man didn't answer right away, instead he looked the boy up and down and pursed his lips. Then making his decision he scratched himself between the legs before speaking.

"A man gets lonely out here on the prairie," he said so softly he could have been speaking to himself, "got no use for women. They's for making babies and that's about all and I shore' don't need no babies," he chuckled.

BJ chuckled too though he didn't understand anything about women, or girls for that matter. After all he was only 12.

"How old are you boy?"

At first BJ wanted to lie, to make himself older, but in the end he knew the man wouldn't believe him, and lying might make matters worse.

"12 mister, just turned a'fore we started for Californy."

"You got your hair yet, can you spit?"

"Hair?" BJ said running his fingers through his tangled mop of hair, "I can spit," he said demonstrating by hocking a loogie a good three feet.

Cal laughed, "Short hair boy...down here," he said rubbing the front of the boy's pants causing him to shiver. "And I meant does you pecker spit when you rub it."

BJ was still confused, but he didn't want to anger the man or appear stupid. Was he talking about his privates? He wondered. He did have some hair down there and sometimes to help him sleep he'd rub his pecker till it felt good and sometimes there was some wetness there. Was that what he meant?

"I reckon on both things I'd hafta' say  yes sir."

"Good, don't want no Gosh-danged bald baby in my bed, now do I?"

"No sir, I reckon not," BJ said more confused than ever.

"So if I feed ya' and take you with me...will ya' lay with me and not complain when it hurts?"

When what hurts? BJ wondered. What was he talking about? Was he gonna' whup him, like his pa used to when he was bad? If that was all it was, he'd take it like a man and not cry, just like his older  brother John had taught him.

"No sir, I reckon I won't complain none and I won't cry neither."

Cal smiled, "You don't know what I'm a talkin' about at ya'?"

BJ sighed, there was no fooling the man, "It don't matter mister. Whatever you wants me to do, I do it, and I don't complain none, and you can whup me every day ifn' that's what you want."

"Whup? No boy...I don't cotton to whupping a boy...never liked it when I was a growin' up and don't like it now. I won't whup you even if you're bad, but there's other ways ta' punish a boy."

"I kin' take matter what mister. Just let me go with ya' and maybe eat the scraps when yore done eatin'."

"I tell ya' what boy: I'm tired and hungry and I was gonna' camp here tonight anyway. You kin stay with me tonight and I'll show ya' all you need to know bout' things. If we both like it, then you can go with me."

"All right,"  BJ said softly, his fatigue finally catching up to him.

"Good, now...go gather up some firewood and I'll fix us up some grub."

The thought of hot food got BJ's feet moving and soon he had enough firewood gathered for two fires. Cal had already built a small fire ring to contain the fire and had matches and some kindling ready.

Once the fire was going Cal went to his saddle bags and pulled out some salt pork and some canned beans. Usually he would have shot some game for food, but the boy had been a distraction and he was anxious to get him fed so he'd be in the mood for what was to come later.

The boy gobbled the beans and salt pork down with a few dried biscuits and sucked down a half canteen of water before he was full. Cal was happy to feed the boy, for he too had known hunger many times as a child and knew what it felt like. 

"You done boy?" Cal said tossing the last of his coffee on the ground.

"Yes sir, I'm full. Been a long time since I was this full," he said smiling and patting his tummy.

"I'm glad, you won't go hungry if you stay withe me, I promise you that."

The boy began gathering things up, using first dirt, then grass to clean the pans and plates. Cal was impressed by the boy's resourcefulness and decided the boy would make a welcome partner even if he didn't prove to be a good bed mate.

When everything was rounded up Cal built the fire back up and unrolled his bedroll and another right beside it, overlapping the two to make room for them both.

"Lay here boy," Cal commanded and the boy obeyed willingly.

"I"m gonna check on my horse. When I get back I want you be stripped down to yore' underpants."

BJ started to protest or at least ask why, but his need to please the man outweighed his fears and curiosity and he obeyed. His boots were worn and holy and his socks more dust than cloth. He had to admit it felt pleasant to wiggle his toes in the cool evening air. As he stripped off his shirt he was careful not to damage it any more than it already was.

His upper body was skinny and there were a few scratches here and there, but nothing serious. There were a few old scars on his back where he's taken a belt a time or two, and a long jagged scar from his sternum to his ribcage where he'd got tangled up in some barbed wire when he six.

He brushed a bit of dust off his flat tummy and sighed. He was tired, but he knew Cal expected something from him and he needed to stay awake. Lifting his skinny rear he skinned off his ragged pants and rolled them up and placed them beneath his head.

In the winter his momma had furnished him with long johns, but now all he wore beneath his pants was a pair of thin cotton underpants with a fly front. The cool air on his legs felt good and the thin garment let his privates cool down as well. The effect however only made him more drowsy and he had to fight to stay awake.

He was just starting to nod off when Cal reappeared. BJ watched with interest as Cal stripped off his shirt revealing a muscular chest with just a sprinkling of hair and a flat tummy beneath. It was a far cry from how his father had looked. His father had been fat and hairy and always smelled of sweat and whiskey, but BJ suddenly realized he missed his fat smelly father and he felt a wave of sadness wash over him.

His sadness was quickly dispelled as he continued to watch Cal undress and when Cal stripped off his jeans, he was confronted with his first look at a man's privates, for Cal wore no underpants.

BJ sucked in a sharp breath and stared unashamedly, a fact that did not go unnoticed by the man.

"Like what ya' see boy?" Cal chuckled, "never been much for under things, sometimes in the winter I wear the danged things, but not in the summer."

"You got a big pecker Cal," the boy said still staring.

"It's big enough. You'll get bigger when you get growed up."

"It's puny right now," BJ said sadly.

"Let's see it boy," Cal said folding his long legs as he sat down next to the boy.

"'s too puny..."

"I'm not askin' boy, I'm tellin' ya' it to me."

"Yes sir," BJ said feeling a bit anxious now. Then raising his skinny butt he pulled off the only thing between him and total nakedness.

Cal's eyes feasted on the boy's skinny form and when his privates came into view he growled deep in his throat, "Boy, you got no reason to be ashamed of your pecker, it looks fine to me."

"Really?" BJ said feeling some better, but still blushing.

Cal let his eyes roam over the boys lower body, noting the fair-sized bush and the size of the boys balls and deciding the boy could probably spit a great deal. He loved boys that could make pecker juice and he loved sucking it down. He'd never drank a boy's pecker juice that he didn't like. It was like wine, or so he'd been told, each boy had his own unique flavor, and it just got better as they aged. That was until they became men, then it turned bitter and undrinkable.

Cal was erect now, his pecker sticking out at a 45 degree angle and already wet with anticipation. He scratched his balls absent-mindedly and reached over to touch the boy's soft skin, tracing the long scar lovingly.

BJ shivered at Cal's touch, but he didn't complain. There had been little affection in his life, and what little he'd experienced had been from his mother or other females. His father was a cold man, who's idea of proper raising of boys was to apply the belt often to build character, and that made Cal's gentle touch all that more welcome.

"I can be good to you," Cal said leaning in and nuzzling the boy's neck causing him to shiver and gasp softly as his heart sped up, ready to burst from his skinny chest at any moment.

"I'd like that Cal," the boy said softly.

"Do you know what men and women do together boy?"

"You mean...kiss?"

"That's one thing, but there's more. I don't suppose your pa ever explained where babies come from..."

"No sir, but I reckon I've seen a few calfs borned and such. I've seen horses breeding and it shore is scary."

"Well, men and women do that too...that's where babies come from."

"You mean a man puts his...thing in a women and makes a baby?"

"Pretty much boy. Like I said I ain't got no use for a woman, and I sure don't wanna make no babies, but I got needs just like a stallion when a mare is in heat. Do you understand boy?"

"I think so sir," BJ said as his ears burned with embarrassment.

"Now there's something to be said for women, they're soft and smooth and sweet to the taste, but I find that a boy can be all those things too...before they get too old and too hairy. Boys your age are my favorite. Do you understand me boy?"

BJ swallowed hard, "But I don't have no part to stick your pecker in..."

"There are other things that can be done, but you're fergettin' boy, that part of you that has a hole, a nice tight hole...your butt."

" butt, but that won't fit in there..." he said in horror, "it's too big."

"You'd be surprised boy. I've put it in smaller boys than you."

"But doesn't it hurt?"

"At first, but I take my time and make it good for both of us."

" that what you want to do to me?"

"Yeah boy, but it's not all bad. I'll take care of ya' till you're grown up enough to go off on your own. You'll be happy, well fed, and I'll teach ya' how to get along."

"Okay," BJ stuttered. He wasn't sure that was what he wanted, but he really didn't have any choice.

"Okay then, we'll start slow."

True to his word Cal was gentle and took his time, teasing and touching and exploring the boy's body with an almost reverent look in his eyes. He wished they'd had time to find a creek and bathe, but even dirty the boy tasted delicious, and his scent excited Cal to no end.

"All these things I'm showin' ya', that what I want you to do to me boy. Pay attention."

"Yes sir," BJ sighed dreamily. So far he'd liked everything Cal had done and was looking forward to more, even if he did fear the butt stuff a little.

Cal nodded and began nuzzling the boy's dusty pubes causing him to moan softy and instinctively thrust his hard boy nail upward, even though he didn't know why. 

Cal laughed softly, "You eager boy, want to get yer' pecker wet don't ya'?"

BJ wasn't sure what that meant, but he uttered his agreement anyway, hoping the man didn't see through his ruse.

"Spread your legs boy. Like that. Your balls are still smooth and not a lick of hair, jus' like I like em'. I hope you can spit a lot boy, cause I love the taste of a boy's pecker juice. Do you know what that means boy?"

"No sir, but you can do whatever you want ta' me."

"I wont' hurt ya' boy. I'll make ya' feel so good you'll want ta' do it ever day."

"Okay," the boy growled as he felt Cal's  hot wet breath on his privates, "no one's ever touched me down there and I shore like it."

Cal chuckled, "We're gonna' get along jus' fine boy."

Bj nearly came up off the bedroll when Cal began licking his smooth balls and his pecker throbbed and seemed to grow larger and fatter as he continued. He thought he should be ashamed or disgusted, but all he felt was joy and wonder that the man would do such a thing to him and make him feel so good.

"Like that boy?"

"Yes sir," BJ gasped.

"Stop callin' me sir boy, call me Cal or daddy."


"Yeah, you're gonna' be my boy from now on, might as well call me daddy."

"Oh...o...kay, da...daddy," he said liking the sound of it. He had never called his own father anything but pa or sir, so it wasn't like he was replacing his own father with Cal, although the thought wasn't an unpleasant one.

"That way ifn' anyone questions why we're together you can tell them you're my son and I'm your daddy, most will understand and no one will mess with ya'."

Bj never doubted what the man said was true, he somehow knew this man knew more about life and the world than he ever would. He'd heard stories of how things were before the big war and knew there were things that had been lost over the years, but he'd never given those things much thought till now.

Then suddenly Bj was aware of a new sensation as the man moved up and began licking is hard pecker, up and down like a peppermint stick. He shivered and thrust  up a little again, causing the man to place a hand on his leg to hold him in place while he continued.

"Uh..uh..uh.." the boy gasped. Then remembering what the man had said about paying attention and learning so he could do those things to the man, he began to get a little scared again. 

Could he bring himself to do those things to the man, licking his big hairy balls and his hard pecker? Yes, he decided if it meant having those things done to him, a warm place to sleep, and food in his belly. In fact he found himself looking forward to pleasing the man and showing him how much he liked it so the man would keep him as his boy forever.

He was deep in thought when Cal suddenly stopped licking his pecker and swallowed it to the root. BJ sucked in a deep breath and shivered, sure he had never felt anything so wonderful in his entire life. Then when the man began  using his tongue to stimulate the sensitive ridge of his pecker head he nearly blacked out.

"Ohhhhhh....ohhh...." the boy gasped as he breathing sped up and his body trembled with excitement.

Touching his own pecker had never felt anything like this before. Needless to say the boy would not have lasted long if not for the skill of the man who seemed to sense each time the boy got close to release. Backing off each time the boy got close, Cal prolonged the sweet agony of the boy's first ever orgasm given him by someone other than his hand.

So far the lesson had been going on for no more than 15 minutes, but to BJ it seemed as if he  had been laying there for hours. Feeling his body pulled toward that feeling he had only learned to give himself recently, only to be pulled back from the edge, he felt frustration mixed with ecstasy.

"Ready to come boy?" Cal said softly reading the boy's body accurately.

"Please..." the boy begged.

"Okay, next time I won't back off, but I'm just tryin' to make it special for ya' and to build up as much juice as I kin."

BJ didn't understand exactly what the man was talking about, but he trusted him completely, and whatever the man wanted was fine by him.

When Cal began sucking again he used every technique he had learned over the years to bring the boy to a ball wrenching climax and finally collected his reward. The boy didn't just spit, he shot out his pecker juice like a geyser. The sweet, salty, creamy taste of a boy just barely into puberty was the most delicious nectar of them all, and the boy produced a mouthful.

Cal moaned as he tasted the boy, swishing his cum around in his mouth and across his tongue, savoring every drop of it before swallowing. The boy never went soft the whole time and Cal kept him in his mouth long after  his balls had given forth their delicious load.

"Like it boy?"

"Yes daddy," the boy said happily.

"You'll be a good son," Cal said kissing the boy all over his privates.

"Yes daddy, your turn now."

"You sure boy? You can rest a little."

"I'm ready."

Cal didn't argue, he'd known enough boys to know that once they got worked up it was best to let  them have their way and he was more than ready to lose his seed to the boy. Whether the boy would swallow him, or whether  he would breed the boy's butthole was yet to be seen, but he was sure whatever happened would be enough for the first time.

Cal lay down and stretched out, spreading his legs and offering himself to the boy. For 30 he was a handsome man, fit and muscled, and he took good care of himself. He kept his privates trimmed and his balls shaved because he knew some boys didn't like all that hair. It also made it easier to keep clean down there and he liked being clean for his boy.

His last boy had been Jimmy and they only parted ways a few months ago. He still missed the boy, but Jimmy had wanted to go and he saw no need in trying to hang onto someone who didn't want to be hung onto. He was just 15 and though he was older than Cal's ideal age for a boy, his feelings for Jimmy had been so intense that he was sure he could have loved him forever, even when he became a man. But that was not to be, for Jimmy had met a girl and fell in love, and that was the end of his relationship with Cal. It was a bittersweet ending, but he wished Jimmy well and gave him four gold coins as a wedding present. He wished he could have been there to see the look on Jimmy's face when he'd learned the true value of those coins, but he supposed this was best. He wasn't sure Jimmy would have accepted them if he had known they were worth more than most folks would make in ten years.

"Daddy," BJ said as he hovered over Cal looking small and frightened.

"Boy, just do what feels right. There's no right or wrong way to love a man."

"Yes si..daddy," BJ said leaning down and offering his soft sweet lips to the man.

Cal pulled him down on top of him and kissed him deeply. BJ's toes curled as he shared his first ever kiss, and he somehow knew that his life would never be the same. He had seen his mother and father kiss, but it had never been like this, this deep, this sensual, this exciting. He could feel the man's tongue pushing at his own and he playfully pushed back. 

He tasted something sweet and salty on the man's lips and tongue and then suddenly realized it was his own taste, his pecker juice the man had milked from him with his mouth, and that excited him even more. How had he lived twelve years and never knew such things were possible? He felt as if a veil had been lifted from his eyes and the world was new and shiny and wondrous once more, as it had been when he was merely a child.

"Mmmm...good kisser," Cal said breaking the kiss and nuzzling the boy's neck.

The boy could feel Cal's hard cock pressing against him and it felt hot and wet, it's presence reminding him of what he still needed to do. Taking a deep breath he steeled himself for what came next. He felt excitement mixed with fear, but in the end his excitement won out over his fear and he began to do what he knew he must do.

His movements were automatic at first, touching, kissing, licking, but soon his excitement built to the point that he was enjoying and improvising as he went along. He loved the taste of Cal's salty skin and the feel of his taught muscles beneath his swarthy flesh. 

There was very little hair on his chest, mostly around his nipples, which were ruddy and erect at the moment, attracting BJ's attention and wicked tongue to them.

Cal shivered as the boy suckled his nipples, he loved a boy who took charge, and his nipples were one of his most sensitive areas.

"Good boy, you're doin' fine," he cooed.

The boy looked up and grinned at the man and couldn't resist giving him a peck on his lips before returning to his exploration of the man's body. Though Cal's stomach was smooth and hair free for the most part, there was a thin trail of soft looking hair from his belly button to the sparse bush just above his pecker and it drew the boy's eyes there over and over.

Instinctively the boy drew his tongue down the middle of Cal's chest until it made contact with his belly button. His tongue explored the shallow depression, tasting his salty flavor and growling softly.

"Oh yeah, boy you're a natural..." Cal panted, "got me leakin' and throbbin' and you ain't even touched me down there yet."

The boy looked down then and saw the glistening cock head just inches from his face and shivered a little. He could smell the man's musky, sexy odor and it was doing things to him that he couldn't understand. It made him feel light-headed and drove him into a frenzy, making what came next all the easier.

Letting his tongue play with the soft hairs of the man's pleasure trail he licked his way down to the base of the man's pecker. It was hard and hot as his tongue bathed the base of it causing the man to shiver and moan lowly.

"Good boy..." he growled.

Encouraged by Cal's words  he grabbed the hard fleshy spike in front of him and began licking all up and down just as Cal had done to his own pecker. The taste was unexpected, but pleasant, and the sensation of the soft skin wrapped around the hard spongy pole was exciting.

Automatically he snaked his hand down to Cal's huge, mostly smooth balls, and began to fondle them as he continued to lick his pecker. Cal's long sheathe of foreskin retracted easily exposing his flaring piss slit and a glob of clear pecker drool which BJ instinctively licked off.

It was sweet and salty, but not at all unpleasant, and he was sure he would have no problem swallowing whatever the man produced when the time came. Wrapping his hand around Cal's pecker he began working the skin up and down as his tongue continued to lap at his flaring piss slit, sucking up all his pecker drool as soon as it oozed forth."

"Oh, it's been so long..." Cal hissed.

"Am I doin' good?" BJ asked softly.

"Really good boy, put yore' mouth on it. Suck it like a titty, but watch the teeth."

BJ wrapped his hand firmly around the shaft of the man's pecker and lowered his mouth over it, taking in just the head and closing his soft lips on the ridge of his pecker head.

Cal moaned, "Oh gawd...kid, that's good...real good...a little more, but not too much, don't gag on it."

BJ obeyed, taking an inch more into his hot wet mouth, and remembering what the man had done with his tongue, he swirled it around the pecker head sending shivers through Cal's body. The taste was more intense now, and the boy felt that light-headedness overtake him again, but not so much that he couldn't keep his mind on the task at hand.

"Good boy...more...yeah...not too far...oh...yesssss," Cal gasped as his cock suddenly swelled and began spurting a geyser of pent up man seed into the boy's mouth. 

At first BJ was caught by surprise and choked on the salty thick liquid and some trickled from the corner of his mouth before he got it under control. The taste was much stronger and the liquid thicker, but he was determined to swallow every drop of it to prove to the man that he could please him and earn a place in his life.

"Oh...boy...sorry I didn't warn ya'...kinda' slipped up on me. You did good, just swallow as much as you can, no need to choke on it..." he gasped.

BJ ignored the last part and continued to suck and swallow until all that was left was a slow ooze from the piss slit of Cal's pecker. The boy pulled off at last and seeing the thick white liquid he closed his eyes and brought his tongue to the puddle and lapped it up noisily.

"OH boy...that's enough, kind of sensitive now...just let it rest..." Cal panted, "too tired for more tonight, curl up here and let's sleep," he said stretching out his arm and wrapping it around the boy when he lay down beside him.

It was warm out and there was no need for cover of any kind and soon the two, the man and the boy, were sleeping soundly, both spent and happy.

BJ stirred first, feeling a need to empty his bladder and when he untangled himself from the man Cal's eyes fluttered open. He yawned and smiled at the boy. Only when he was with a boy was he truly happy and he had a feeling this one would make him forget all the others before him, even Jimmy.

"Mornin' boy, that for me or do you need to pee," he said staring at the boy's stiff pecker.

"Need to pee first," he said not ruling out other possibilities.

"Me too," Cal said grabbing his own stiff pecker and shaking it.

Then rising he stretched, and walking over to the boy, he put an arm around his shoulders and led him a short distance away where they peed side by side. When they were done and the last few drops shook off, they walked back to the bedroll and Cal looked into the boy's eyes.

"I been thinkin' boy. You still wanna' go to California?"

"It don't matter much to me daddy, wherever you wanna' go is fine by me."

"It's as good as anywhere else, and I ain't got nowhere I need to be these days. Might as well be there as anywhere. Ever seen the ocean boy?"

"No daddy, never. Is it as big as they say?"

"Bigger than ever since the war and all. Some things are gone forever...but that's true everywhere."

"My pa used to talk about...the before, but it didn't make no sense to me. Why would men blow up everythin' and kill all those people?"

"War is a crazy thing, no one  understands it, but that was a long time ago, and all those men who caused it are long dead and buried. Now folks just tryin' to survive and get along best they can."

"Was there really buildins' as tall as the sky and wagons that runned on their own power and men didn't need horses?"

"I reckon so, I've seen pictures in books, but I can't read the writin' in em'. Never leaned to read and never needed it, but sometimes I wish I had."

"I kin read some," the boy said as he stuck a finger in his ear then inspected it.

"There's places in some of the bigger towns where you kin find books and pictures of how it used to be, maybe you can read me some a' what they says."

"I shore will try daddy," the boy said smiling.

"Well, we should get dressed and get some breakfast boy," the man said feasting on the boy's body with his eyes.

The boy looked up at the man and smiled shyly, "Did I do all right daddy?"

"You did fine boy, ain't no doubt about that."

"But I didn' know...we didn't..."

"There's time for that, what  you did was fine. Come on let's get dressed before I throw you down on that bedroll and show you what we didn't do," he laughed.

"If that's what you want can do that."

"Tonight for shore, for now...get dressed, I'm hungry."

While BJ built the fire back up, Cal pulled the grub out of his saddlebags and arranged it on rock next to the fire.

"I been saving this for a special occasion, and I reckon this is one for sure," he said holding up a can of peaches, "this'll go nice with our breakfast."

There was more salt pork, taters, and biscuits and the canned peaches were a real treat for the boy and man. When all the food was tucked away and the mess cleaned up and the fire extinguished and covered with dirt, Cal saddled his horse and threw his saddlebags on.

"We'll get you your own horse next town we come to, meanwhile you'll ride with me," he said mounting his horse then offering the boy a hand up. 

The boy weighed practically nothing and Cal's strong grip put him in the saddle easily. 

"Wrap you arms around my waist boy and enjoy the feel of your man against you. I want you to get used to touching me."

"Yes daddy," the boy said happily as he locked his arms around Cal. 

BJ could feel the heat coming off the man and smell his exciting manly aroma, and nuzzling his head into Cal's strong back  he sighed, "Like this daddy?"

"Yes boy, like that. We've a long ride ahead of us, but by tomorrow we should hit town and we can find some more grub and a horse for you."

"How will we pay for them?" the boy asked then blushed as he realized it was none of his business.

"Don't worry, I have a way. While you're with me you never have to worry about such things, I'll take care of us both."

"Okay," the boy said as he closed his eyes and let his mind drift away. 

"We'll camp here tonight," the man said bringing BJ up and out of the dream he'd been having.

He's slept most of the trip, his body unconsciously hanging onto Cal to keep him from tumbling off the horse, but now he was fully awake. Here, was a lush spot beside a sparkling clear stream and like most boys his first instinct was to rip off his clothes and go skinny dipping.

Whooping and hollering he slid from Cal's horse, and leaving a trail of clothing behind, he jumped into the creek, his naked body a blur as it hit the water.

Cal dismounted and led the horse to the stream to drink then left him to graze while he joined the boy. Once naked he swam out to where the boy was and floated nearby.

"Boy, I won't punish you this time, but never do anything like that again. Don't ever leave me without askin'. There are dangers you don't know bout' and this here creek could a' been poison for all you knew."

"I'm sorry daddy," the boy said looking worried, "I won't do it again, I swear."

"I know you won't. Now then, let's have some fun before the sun goes down. Been wantin' to warsh the dust off me for a hunnerd miles or more. This is the life boy, this is the life."

"Is it true that in the oldn' days they had waterin' troughs in their houses and could warsh anytime they wanted to?"

"Bathtubs? Yeah, it's true, I've seen em'. Used to be water ran to every house and there were things that het it up too so the water was hot. Long before you or me was borned though. There were other marvelous things too, like fridgerators, that kept things cold and made ice. Stoves that didn't need no wood to heat things and I even heared of gadgets that used something called lectricty' to cook with and do all sorts of things."

"And wagons without horses," BJ said with wonder in his voice, "I wish I had lived in those days."

"Well, not likely any of that stuff will ever work again, so we hafta' do with what we got. Sides, horses are easier to come by and don't need no fuel cept' grass and hay and water."

"I've never had a horse of my own," BJ said voicing his uncertainty at having one in the future.

"But you can ride?"

The boy nodded, "I kin ride, but it's been a long time."

"It'll come natural to ya'. We'll find a gentle horse, one you can bond with and it will be fine."

"All right," the boy said easily. So far everything the man had told him was so and he had no reason to doubt him.

"Come here boy," Cal said holding out his arms. 

The water here was just up to Cal's chest and almost over the boy's head but once in Cal's arms the boy felt safe.

"I been thinkin' boy. If we're gonna be paudners' we ought to get some things straight."

"Yes daddy, whatever you say is fine by me."

"Okay, well...first of all: you can't never lie to me bout' nothin', and I won't lie to you neither."

"Okay, I won't lie."

"Even if you think it might make me mad or be afraid I'll toss you out, cause I'll never do that if you tell me the truth. But...if you lie to me, and I don't think I can trust you, then we'll have to part ways. I won't dump you in the middle of nowhere, but I won't take you with me when I go from whatever place I leave ya'."

Tears stung the boy's eyes, "Daddy, please don't leave me."

"I'm won't, as long as you don't lie to me boy. Lying is the worst sort of evil. Lying is what ruint' this world to begin with. Now all we got is our pride and our word. You lose that, you got nothin' boy, understand?"

"Yes sir," he said feeling a need to show respect to the man who had the power to save him or toss him away like a scrap of food.

"Good, long as you understand," Cal said, then leaning down he engaged the boy in a long wet kiss, "Yep, just wanted to make sure I hadn't dreamed you was a good kisser, you are."

The boy giggled, "I never kissed nobody before, but I likes it...a lot."

"Good, cause I like it too. Let's wash our stinky bodies now and then we'll climb out and have some grub. I bet I kin find us a rabbit or a squirrel to cook up."

But instead, supper came from the creek, two huge catfish that Cal caught with his bare hands. The boy had never seen anyone so fast with his hands, but it was just one more of the mysteries that surrounded this man, and BJ accepted it easily.

With their tummies full of roasted fish and dry biscuits, Cal once again pulled a treat from  his saddle bags, this time two apples that were sweet and juicy to the taste. BJ ate his down to the core and kept sucking on it to get all it's sweetness out. Though fruit was not that scarce, it had been a while since the boy had had any.

"Thank you daddy, that was wonderful."

"Welcome boy," Cal said staring at the boy's nakedness. Cal had insisted they wash their dirty clothes and they still hung on tree limbs drying.

"Where do you come from?" the boy asked suddenly, curious about the man and wanting to know more about him.

"From a place far away, long ago," he said mysteriously, "nowhere you've ever been or heard of."

"How did you get here?" the boy asked not willing to give up quite yet.

Cal turned his eyes to the ground and thought a moment. Then looking up, he seemed to be looking at something far away, "In the olden days there were great machines that flew through the air, carrying hundreds of folks at a time. Folks were able to travel across oceans and land in hours, not days or weeks, and the world was a smaller place."

BJ sat quietly waiting for the man to continue.

"I found one of those machines one day...when I was just about your age. It was rusted and overgrown with weeds and inside...inside there were the skeletons of those folks who died when it crashed into the earth. I never forgot what it felt like to be among all those spirits and know they died together, falling to the ground and unable to do anythin' about it."

"I promised myself I would never be out of control like that. The next year my family moved us to the coast and we became fishermen. We lived a good life till my father drowned in a storm. Then it was just my mother and me and a younger sister. I was the man of the house and I did the best I could."

"Then one day while I was away fishing a fire swept through the city and killed most everyone there, including my mother and sister. With no one and nothing left to care for I sold my boat and bought a horse and began to travel. I was 14 then, I'm 30 now."

"Wow, you've been alone since you were 14?"

"Not alone, not always. As I told you I often take boys to be my companions. You are not the first, and you will not be the last."

"What if I want to stay...forever?"

"None do, I see you as being no different."

"But you'd let me?"

Cal laughed, "Why worry about a time that may not come. We could both die tomorrow. Just enjoy life while it's  here and leave the future alone."

"All right daddy," BJ said, vowing to find a way to endear himself to the man enough that he would never send him away.

"I'll leave the cleaning to you, I'll make our bed and see to the horse."

As they had the previous night the two curled up together on the bed rolls and made love. Tonight was different however, for when the boy took Cal into his mouth, the man pushed him away after a while.

"I want to put my seed in your other end tonight," Cal said in a voice husky with lust.

"Yes daddy, I'm ready," BJ said shaking with fear and excitement.

"Don't worry, you are not the first boy I have deflowered. You will like it as much as I do when it is over."

The boy had no answer for that and when Cal took him in his arms and guided him onto his stomach the boy accepted his fate. 

At first the boy was confused when Cal stuck his soft wet tongue into the boy's tight hole and began lapping at it like a cat on cream. Now he knew why Cal had paid special attention to this part of him earlier when they were bathing in the stream. Never in his wildest dreams could he had imagined anyone doing such a thing, but it was just one more thing he accepted without question.

"You're tight, hold on, I have something in my saddle bags."

BJ turned his head to one side and watched as Cal dug a tin from his saddlebags and a instant later he was back. He continued to tongue the boy's hole for a few more minutes then suddenly pulled away. The boy heard the tin being opened and a moment later he felt something slick and sticky against his hole. Then slowly something poked him and he realized it was the man's finger.

"Uhhh," BJ grunted, fearful of what was next.

"Relax", Cal said slapping the boy on the rear with his free hand, "I'll start with one finger, then two, then three, and you'll be ready for my pecker."

"O...okay," BJ said uncertain he'd survive such an ordeal, but feeling helpless to protest.

The first finger slipped in easily and the boy was surprised at how good it actually felt. The man was touching something inside him that made him squirm and feel like it did when he touched his pecker.

The second finger took longer, but other than some discomfort at the beginning, it went in without incident. The third finger however caused BJ to cry out in pain as he tried to pull away.

"Relax," Cal said swatting the boy again, "you're making it harder than it has to be."

BJ closed his eyes and took a deep breath as Cal tried once more to insert the third finger. This time BJ was pleased to discover there was no pain, and before he know what was happening the third finger was inside him.

"You're stretched out now," Cal said, "I'm gonna slick up my pecker now and put er' in ya' before you close up on me."

"Will it hurt?" the boys whined.

"Not if you relax, and if it does it won't hurt long."

"Okay," BJ said as his heart thudded in his chest and his breathing became labored.

He felt Cal shift position, the tinkle of the tin lid, and then he felt a hairy leg on either side of him, and the fingers slowly withdrawn from his butthole.

"Here goes boy, relax and take deep breaths," Cal said as he placed his pecker against the gaping opening. 

There was a little discomfort when the head slipped in, but Cal sensed the boys feelings and paused to let him adjust. At just 6", his cock was not as large as some men or as thick, and he'd found over the years that most boys could easily accommodate it on the first try. This boy was no different except that he seemed more willing than some and more desirable.

"See, it's in and you're not crying," Cal chuckled, "must be feeling okay then."

"Yes daddy," the boy agreed, suddenly feeling his pecker start to stir beneath him.

Cal was quiet then, except for an occasional moan or grunt as he worked his hard pecker in and out of the boy's tight hole and he thanked his lucky stars that he'd found the boy when he had. It had been too long since he had a boy to love and he was happiest when he did.

"Gonna change it up," Cal said pulling out slowly then flipping the boy onto his back before he could answer.

Pushing the boy's legs high he re-entered the boy before his hole relaxed and picked up where he'd left off. Freed now, the boy's pecker swole to it's full 4" and throbbed with each beat of his small heart. 

Reaching down Cal took hold of the boy's pecker and worked the loose skin in rhythm to his own fucking. The boy moaned lowly, overwhelmed with feelings inside and out, and he felt as if he would explode with pleasure.

"Not...not...gonna'...last...too...much...longer," Cal hissed as he pistoned in and out of the boy's tight hot guts.

The boy was moaning now as his orgasm approached and the feeling inside him was building as well. Cal was working his pecker faster now and the feeling was even more intense than it had been the night before in Cal's warm wet mouth. 

"Oh it comes boy," Cal cried out as he began to unload deep within the boy.

BJ could feel Cal's cock swell up inside him but before he could think any more about it his own orgasm hit and he sprayed a fountain of pecker juice straight up. It all seemed to happen in slow motion as the liquid hovered in the air then fell slowly to land on his heaving chest and finally on his flat tummy.

"Oh boy...boy, boy," the man said reverently, "you are special, yes you are," Cal panted. 

"I...did okay daddy?"

"You did better than okay boy, you're the best I ever had."

The boy smiled, his face lightening up the whole world for that brief moment. "Thank you daddy."


The following day they came to a town along a river. As towns go it was bigger than most, mostly because of the location where water was plentiful and easy to get to, but also because it still had a good many buildings still intact.

The town's commerce was centered in a two block area where a dry goods store, a grocery store, a barber shop, blacksmith shop and other necessary businesses stood side by side attracting business from local folk as well as those passing through. In addition there was and open market where local farmers sold their goods.

A motel stood at the far end of the street and Cal made mental note of it for later. He was carrying enough gold to buy this small town, but he didn't want to flaunt his wealth and risk being killed for it. He would need to be careful, but then he always was.

"Is there a bank?" Cal asked the clerk at the dry good store.

"Not a proper bank, but old man Hendricks over at the grocers does a bit of bankin'."

Cal nodded, "This one needs some proper clothes, some jeans, underthings, shirts, and a good pair of boots," Cal said pushing the boy forward, "can you fit him up fer' me while I go see this grocer fellow?"

"Yas sir, I can do that..but, no offense intended, how exactly are you gonna' pay for all that," he said eying Cal critically.

Fishing in his pocket Cal produced a single gold coin and dropped in on the counter, "This enough?"

The man's eyes grew big as he picked up the coin and examined it, "I should say so," he said in a more friendly manner now, "I meant no disrespect fine sir."

Cal grunted, "See to the boy's needs and only the best." Cal said, then detailing exactly what he wanted for the boy he took his leave.

"Cal..." the boy  said feeling suddenly worried.'

"I'll be back boy, go with the man."

At the grocers Cal rattled off a list of provisions he wanted and paid for them with several small gold coins. The clerk gave him a curious look but asked no questions since his profit on the transaction was more than usual. 

"I'm told you do some bankin'," Cal said as he gathered up the things which the clerk had place in a burlap bag.

"Yes sir, a bit," the man said raising an eyebrow.

"Can you change this?" Cal said laying a hundred dollar gold piece on the counter.

The man stared at it for a moment, "May I?", he said reaching for the coin.


When Cal rejoined the boy at the dry goods store he barely recognized him.

"Is this what you had in mind sir?" the clerk said smiling.

"Yes, exactly...maybe a hat too," he said picking one up and shoving it on he boy's head. It was too big and fell down over his ears hiding his face and causing the two men to laugh, "Well, maybe not one so big."

At the motel Cal paid for two nights in advance and for a bath. The room was nicer than anything the boy had ever seen and he was overwhelmed at first.

"Is this how people in towns live?"

"Not all, some do. Some live in places not so nice."

"Did you live in a place like this...before the fire?"

"Not this nice, but it was warm and dry, I had a bed to sleep in, food in my stomach."

BJ sighed, "Would you ever settle down and live in a town again?"

"Don't know, maybe someday when I'm too old to fend for myself," he chuckled.

"I'll take care of  you,"  the boy blurted out, "I mean...if I was still there I would..."

Cal laughed and ruffled the boys shaggy head. "After our bath we'll go get us a haircut and I'll get a shave."

"Can't I get a shave too?" the boy teased rubbing his smooth face and grinning.

"Only hair you got is right where I want it to be, don't go growing no beard on me...I wouldn't like that."

So that was it, BJ thought, As long as he stayed young and didn't get all hairy Cal will keep him. That was depressing to think about, but there was nothing he could do about it.

"What's wrong boy? You look down in the mouth."

"Nuttin', I'm fine."

"Okay, let's go get our bath."

BJ had never had a real bath before and he nearly fell asleep in the warm water as Cal knelt beside him and scrubbed his body clean.

When he was done it was Cal's turn and BJ was more than happy to return the favor. Although he had touched and licked and kissed almost every square inch of the man he still found it exciting to perform such an intimate act as washing him.

"Feels good boy," Cal moaned, "you learn fast."

Dressed in the new clothes from the dry goods store Cal took the boy to the barber shop for his first ever store bought haircut. When they emerged a while later they both smelled of talc and aftershave and looked like two completely new people.

Afterwards Cal took the boy to the fanciest restaurant in town and treated him to a steak and all the trimmings. Over hot apple pie with a slice of cheese BJ thanked Cal for the hundredth time.

"What's mine is yours boy," Cal explained, "as long as you're with me you don't need to worry bout' nothin'."

Back at the hotel Cal let them in the room and lit the beside lamp. "There's a real honest to goodness outhouse across the hall," Cal said unbuttoning his shirt, "If you need to pee or anything."

"Inside you mean?"

"Inside, come on, I'll show ya'."

BJ was astounded by the inside plumbing and the flush toilet and the boy in him wanted to know how it worked. Cal explained what little he knew and finally managed to drag the boy away and back to their room. He was relaxed and clean and horny and he couldn't wait to get the boy in bed and make love to him.

In bed and naked, BJ stretched his lithe body and purred with satisfaction. Cal laughed at him and tickled him causing him to giggle. In the short time he'd known the boy he'd become very attached to him and thought of his lost love Jimmy filled his head less often now. Maybe this one would be the one who stayed, the one that didn't grow up and leave him.

Their lovemaking was gentle and slow that night, and when it came time for Cal to enter the boy, BJ was as excited and anxious as he was. There was no fumbling this time and rimming the boy was all the lube that was needed.

Cal entered the boy easily and made love to him slowly, finishing up with BJ on his back, as Cal leaned down and kissed him. Neither of them touched BJ's cock this time, but that didn't keep him from coming hard and spraying his sticky cum all over the two of them.

When Cal was spent he spooned up to the boy and kissed him gently, "You're growin' on me boy. How do you feel about me right now?"

"I never want to leave you," he said simply, "I want to be your boy forever." Then sighing he added, "I know that can't be, cause' I'm gonna get all hairy and grow up someday and then you'll leave me by the side of the road."

"No, look at me," Cal said taking the boy's face in his hand and staring into his eyes, "I will never leave you by the side of the road or kick you out. If you ever need to go, I will make sure you're safe and taken care of."

"Promise me that will be a long, long time," the boy pleaded.

"I can't promise nothin' but I can't see ya' goin' nowhere anytime soon," he said kissing the boy's nose.

They slept then, and later when they awoke they made love again. This time Cal sucked the boy to a glorious orgasm first, then slowly fucked him till the boy came again just as Cal did. Afterwards they lay and held hands and talked before using the bathroom across the hall and then falling back to sleep again.

The next day they spent most of the day checking out the town and trying out the other eating places. If anyone noticed that Cal was spending more money than most visitors no one showed it, but even so Cal kept a watchful eye on everyone. He knew his greatest asset was the boy and there were men who would gladly kill him to have the boy for themselves.

"Ever had soda pop boy?"

"No sir..Cal...daddy," the boy said going through all his names and then grinning.

"Come on then, we're gonna have us a soda pop."

The bar was almost empty this early in the day and though a few patrons looked up to see the man and boy enter, they went back to whatever they were doing quick enough. 

"Two root beers barkeep," Cal said in a voice filled with good humor.

"Fifty cents," the man said reaching beneath the counter and fishing the bottles out of a tub filled with water and a few melted bits of ice.

"Keep the change," Cal said laying a one dollar silver piece on the counter.

"Much obliged," the man said nodding.

Like most of the people they'd met in the town so far this one seemed content to mind his own business and not ask any questions, which was fine with Cal. The less attention they caused, the better.

"Let's take these outside," Cal said looking at the boy, "it's too pretty outside to be cooped up in here."

As they walked the crumbling sidewalk along main street they sipped their soda pop and talked. 

"How long are we staying here Cal?" BJ asked after a while.

"One more day, that's enough of soft livin', then back to the trail. We need to get to California before the cold weather sets in."

"We don't have to Californy...I mean."

"We can't stay here,"Cal said firmly, "havin' second thoughts about goin' with me?"

"No...not that. I don't care where we go."

"Okay then, how's the soda pop?"

"Good, really good. I never had nothin' like this before," he said meaning everything and not just the pop.

"Don't get spoiled to it, tomorrow we ride out."

The boy was quiet then, wishing they could stay, but knowing he could be happy no matter where they went. Like most kids he was intrigued by anything fancy and new and he knew he could get spoiled to this place and this life very easily. Maybe this was best, he thought at last, leaving before he became to attached to civilization. All he needed was Cal and once they were on the trail there would be no one to tempt him away. Yes, this was for the best.

"I'm glad. We can be alone again," the boy said smiling warmly as he gazed into Cal's eyes.

Cal laughed and their life together began anew.

Two months later as they stood staring out at the ocean, holding hands and marveling that anything could be so big and so beautiful, they realized they were but a speck in the bigger scheme of things. But as insignificant as they were, their love was real and life changing and nothing could compare to that.

"It's so big," BJ said in awe, "it scares me some."

The boy had grown some. He was taller and filled out now from eating properly and his body was fit now. Miles of riding and hard work had built muscle and he was strong and confident, a far cry from the boy he had first met.

"There's another country on the other side of it. People there just like us, well not exactly like us, but human I mean."

"Someday I want to meet them," the boy said softly as he squeezed the man's hand.

"I hope you can," Cal said gently.

They swam naked in the ocean and it was exhilarating and frightening. The ocean was so vast and they were so small and insignificant and BJ feared they might be swallowed up and never heard from again.

After the swim they lay on a rock and sunned until they were dry. It was too warm for their regular clothes and they'd found a shop in the beach town nearby and purchased garments more suitable for the climate. 

"What are these called again?"

"Swim trunks," Cal said chuckling, "they're from the old days."

"They're almost like underpants," the boy said,"but there's underpants inside too."

Cal laughed aloud, "Feels good on your privates, don't it?"

"Yeah, but not as good as your mouth," the boy teased.

"We have time..."

Naked again and wrestling on the bedroll Cal had thrown down, they were too much into each other to realize they were not alone and that they were being watched. Cal was deep inside the boy when the other person finally made himself known and nearly scared both the lovers to death.

"I thought that's what you were gonna' do," the voice said sounding amused.

Cal jerked his head up and looked at the stranger and then relaxed. He was young, naked, and not the least bit threatening.

"Do you enjoy watching two lovers having sex?"

"Actually...yeah, I do."

"Suit yourself, I'm almost done. You okay with it boy?"

"Makes no never mind to me," BJ said working his hard cock fast and never missing a stroke.

"I could help," the boy offered.

"Let's not stretch things," Cal said, "keep quiet and let me finish."

The boy fell to his knees near BJ's head and the boy looked over at him and smiled. The new boy was tanned all over, blond and blue-eyed, and despite appearing to be older than him, his body was totally smooth. His pecker was hard and slightly longer than Cal's and fatter. His plum sized balls hung below and looked full and ripe for the picking.

Cal grunted out his orgasm and pulled out and took BJ into his mouth and brought him off in a spectacular fireworks display. Gobbling down the boy's spunk he licked him clean then sat back on his haunches.

"How long you been watchin' us"

"A while now. I saw you lookin' at the ocean. I could tell it was your first time, it does that to everyone."

"You live here?" Cal said not bothering to mention that he had actually seen the ocean on the opposite shore.

"Over there," he said pointing, "near the village."


"No, not alone," he said not explaining.

"Is it safe to sleep here tonight?"

"Yeah, no worries, but...if you want you can come home with me. The others won't mind."

"The others?"

"There's six of us...all boys, we don't like girls much."

"Six boys," Cal chuckled, but a part of him felt excited at the prospect of six boys living together who didn't like girls, "must be a hoot."

"We all do our part. We fish, we grow things, and raise chickens, and we get things done. I'm in charge, but we all do our share."

"How old are you boy?"

"I'm Zak," the boy said, "and I'm 15 and the oldest. My brother Dane is 13, the others are 12 to 14."

"Pretty young, all of you, but if it works, then it works."

"It works for us. Hey, you know my name, what are your names?"

"I'm Cal, the boy is BJ."

"Hi," BJ said looking the boy over once more. Was he a threat to him? he wondered, were the other boys?

"Big fish fry tonight," Zak said grinning, "two more won't make a difference. Plenty to go around."

"What do you think boy?"

BJ considered his answer carefully, Cal's one rule was total honesty, but he couldn't tell him how he felt in front of this other boy.

"Can we private."

"Oh...I'll just be over here," Zak said rising and brushing the sand off his knees.

When he was out of earshot Cal turned to the boy, "What is it you're thinkin'?"

"You told me to always be honest and never lie. I'm afraid of that boy and the others. I'm afraid they'll take you away from me."

Cal smiled, "Thank you for being honest. Boy, have I ever told you how much I care for you?"

" said you loved me and I love you too."

"And did you believe me?"

"Yeah, I believe you. You never lied to me before."

"And I never will. Boy...I love you more than I love myself. You never have to worry about me leaving you. I'm the one who should worry and I do...every time we get in sight of civilization. I worry you're gonna' leave me for all that fancy stuff and to live in a real house."

"I never would. Since we're bein' honest, I wish we lived in a house and had that stuff, but I'd never want it without you there too."

"Then we both have nothing to worry about. bout it, want some fish and maybe a good night's sleep in a real bed?"

The boy nodded, "Yeah, as long as you're in that bed."

The boys' home was an abandoned 4 bedroom beach house not far away. The boys had claimed it and repaired the roof and replaced a few windows and made it livable by salvaging things from here and there until they had made it a home.

The others saw them coming and met them at the path leading up from the beach. Like Zak they were naked and beautiful and Dane was like a miniature version of Zak. They excitedly welcomed the newcomers and swarmed BJ and bumped against him and made him feel right at home. Two of the boys offered to take care of the  horses and led them away to be fed and watered.

It was Cal who worried now as he saw how quickly BJ took to the others and the beach house. There was an airy kitchen open on one side to the beach and four large bedrooms, a huge vaulted living room overlooking a deck and the beach, and several other rooms which remained unused.

Zak had his own room as did Frankie, the 14 year old and the two 12 year olds shared a room, as did the two 13 year olds.

"You can sleep in the living room," Zak said taking charge, "the couch is comfy and so is the love seat, or we can make a bed on the floor for both of you."

"Together," BJ said quickly, then blushed.

"They're that way," Zak said making a circle with thumb and forefinger and sticking the other forefinger trough it repeatedly.

"Is that a problem?" Cal asked defensively.

There was giggling then and Zak threw an arm around Cal, "Man, we're all that way. I told ya' we don't care much for girls, but we like fun, right boys?"

"Yeah," they all cried enthusiastically.

"You can sleep with me," someone called out causing the others to hoop and holler and laugh riotously.

"Ignore them, they're harmless. We don't break up lovers," Zak said glaring at his boys.

"Good to know. There was talk of some fish...what can we do to help?"

There was indeed plenty of food for everyone, delicious flaky fish, roasted vegetables, bread, and bottles and bottles of wine. BJ who had never touched a drop of alcohol in his life, suddenly found his cup was never empty as the others kept him plied with the sweet drink.

"A toast," Zak said holding up his cup, "to Cal and BJ, may you love each other forever."

"Here, here," the all cheered as the wine continued to flow.

As the wine continued to flow the boys seemed to become more affectionate with each other. Cal watched with interest as they kissed and cuddled, but it didn't seem as if any of them were especially attached to anyone in particular. 

BJ was slurring his words and looking a little wobbly as he leaned into Cal, watching the others intently. Other than Cal he had never been with anyone else sexually and he was interested in what the others were doing. He was hard, but then so were the others, and he felt no shame. 

He felt a little dizzy, but he was horny and the alcohol had removed any inhibitions that still existed, and suddenly he leaned in and kissed Cal deeply as he squeezed his hard pecker. Cal, who was never one to resist BJ's advances, returned the kiss and squeezed back.

"I know you guys are together, but you're welcome to share with us," Zak said fondling one of the other boy's ass as he spoke, "we share equally, that way no one ever feels left out."

"Boy?" Cal asked nuzzling BJ's ear, "Do you trust our love enough to share it with others?"

His head buzzing from the effects of the wine he nodded, "I love you, and I trust...I trust you," he sighed, "Just don't love them more than me."

"Never boy, never..."

From somewhere soft pallets were laid down and soon eight naked writhing bodies filled them. It was hard to keep track of who was with whom, but not one inch of flesh went untouched, or un-kissed, and not one pecker or one hole went unsatisfied. 

What was left as the sun rose over the ocean were eight exhausted bodies, covered in the sticky liquid of love making. Cal roused first, and feeling a need to pee, he rose and stretched and walked out into the sand to relieve himself.

Soon BJ awoke, his head throbbing from his night of unaccustomed drinking, and staggered over to join the man.

"You okay, boy? You look like shit this mornin'. I guess I forgot you've never drank before."

"It was fun...last night, but today I feel really bad."

"Some food and some water and you'll be fine. What I was really wonderin' do you feel about the other stuff, the sexin'?"

"I don't remember all of it, but I liked it just fine," the boy said grimacing, "did you like it?"

"I liked it, but I don't need to do it again, unless you do."

"How long are we gonna stay here?" the boy asked cocking his head and studying Cal's face.

"Boy, you wanted to come to California, now here we are, you tell me how long."

"No, I mean here...with the others?"

"How long do you want to stay Boy? Do you want to pack up and go? If you do just say the word and we'll go," Cal said sounding annoyed.

BJ shook the last few drops off his pecker and stared out at the ocean. It looked even bigger and more frightening today, but there was something about it that pulled him toward it.

"I like it here, but I'm happy anywhere you are."

"I see your eyes when you look at a place like this," Cal said gazing out at the ocean, "I can't keep you from that. If this is what you want then I reckon I can live with it."

"What about sleeping under the stars? You always said that was what made you happiest."

"Don't mean I can't sleep in a bed once in a while too."

"So what are you sayin'? We find a house or build one...or live here?"

"Don't know boy, like I's up to you."

"Hey you guys," Zak said approaching quietly.

Cal thought he looked even more beautiful today, but he knew he shouldn't be thinking those kind of thoughts.


"You two okay? Last night wasn't too much for ya' was it?"

BJ shrugged.

"The boy has some mixed feelings about it, don't matter much to me. Don't change nothin' for me, I still love the boy and ain't nothin' gonna change that."

"You're welcome to stay, you know that? A day, a week, forever. Course if you do stay you'll have to contribute, help us out, do your part."

Cal nodded, "We thank ya' for the offer. The boy will have to decide."

"Well, at least stay for breakfast. When was the last time you had real eggs? We raise our own chickens and have fresh eggs and sometimes chicken. We don't like killin' to eat, but sometimes when they get too old to lay or we hatch a new bunch and there's a lot of roosters..."

"Eggs?" the boy said perking up, "I haven't had an egg for a long long time."

"Come on BJ, I'll show you how to gather them."

BJ followed Zak happily and forgot about his headache and his worries for the time being. Zak showed him how to distract the chickens while he gathered the eggs and when they had enough for two each they headed back to the house.

The other boys were already busy, baking bread and cooking strips of bacon they had traded eggs and vegetables for in the open market in town.

"There's jelly and butter," Zak said, "but they're expensive and we usually only have them on special occasions and this is as special as it gets."

"We can pay...for our food," Cal said fishing a gold coin from his pocket and tossing it on the rock ledge around the fire pit.

Zak gave Cal a curious look, but made no move to pick it up, "You'd hurt our feelings if you did. You're our guests. If you decided to stay, that would be different, you could share whatever you wanted with us, or not. As long as you contribute, that's all that matters. But today, you're our guest. Put your money away, it's no good here."

Cal understood exactly what Zak meant and he nodded and pocketed the coin. "What can we do to help?"

Breakfast was even better than the fish fry the night before, and fresh eggs alone were almost enough to sway BJ's decision about staying. But not quite. He still had some thinking to do and he needed some time alone to do it in.

"I'm gonna walk down to the ocean," he told Cal after they'd helped with clean up.

"You want me to come with ya'?"

"Naw, I need some time...okay?"

"Okay, but be careful boy. Remember the rules, stay alert and if you see any strangers, come back quick."

"Okay," BJ sighed, "I'm not a kid, I know how to take care of myself."

"See that ya' do, I'd miss your ugly puss if anythin' happened to you."

BJ nodded, but he was grinning as he walked away.

"It safe out there?" Cal asked Zak when the boy was gone.

"Never had any problems before," Zak said smiling, "you really love him, don't ya'?"

Cal nodded, "I worry about him. He's hardly ever morn' a few feet away from me."

Zak put his arm around Cal's shoulder, "I hope you two stay, we could use a real man around here."

Cal watched as the boy slipped on his swim trunks and then padded off to the beach. He watched till the boy was out of sight then went to check on the horses. They looked content grazing on fresh green grass behind what looked like it had once been a garage of some sort. The boys had converted it to a stable for the two horses they owned and part of it had been turned into a chicken coop.

One of the boys was brushing a chestnut mare and when Cal appeared he looked up and called out a friendly greeting.  Cal seemed to remember the boy from the night before and thought his name was Jason, or Jordan.

"Mornin'," Cal said smiling warmly, then blushed as he remembered just how intimate he had been with this boy the night before.

"Hullo, where's your boy?"

"He took a walk, seems he has some thinkin' to do," Cal said walking over and patting the horses next and getting a friendly whinny from the mare, "Nice piece of horseflesh."

"This is Princess, she belongs to all of us, but she knows I like her best," he said grinning, "and she likes me best too. Don't tell the others though, they'd be jealous," he giggled.

Jordon was one of the 12 year olds, but what he lacked in years he more than made up for in experience. Before joining the other boys his life had been a hard one, marred by hunger and abuse, but he had never lost his childlike wonder of life, and sometimes appeared even younger than 12.

Suddenly a vision from the night before flashed before Cal's eyes and he felt himself go hard. The boy, Jordon naked on all fours, begging to be fucked, and moaning loudly as Cal entered him.

The boy saw his erection and smiled, "Last night was good. The others are just boys, I like a man when it comes to rutting."

"Yep," Cal managed to say, "you'd make any man a fine son."

"Last man I had was a bastard, he beat me and starved me and hurt me when we made love. I hated him..."

"What happened to him?"

"He drowned," the boy said showing no sympathy for the man, "and then Zak found me and I came to live here."

"Zak is somethin', that's for sure. He start all this? He the one what found the others too?"

Jordan nodded, "Him and Dane were livin' in Frisco, their folks got killed and they just wandered till they found this place. Along the way they met Doug, and Frankie, then Billy. They were already living here when I wandered up from the beach and I been here ever since."

"You like it here then?"

"I wouldn't wanna' be anywhere else. They're my family now, but there's room for two more," he said grinning. "We need a man."

"So I've heard," Cal laughed, "not sure I wanna take on six more boys to care for."

"We care for each other, we pull our own weight, it's easier than being alone really."

Cal nodded, "Well, we'll give it some thought."

"Man not aught to go around with a hard pecker," the boy said eying Cal's erection, "Let me take care of that for ya'."

At first Cal wanted to refuse, but the boy had already reached for it and his touch was hard to resist, and when he dropped to his knees and took him in his mouth he was lost. Fortunately it didn't take long to release his seed and soon the boy was gobbling down every drop of it greedily.

He remained on his knees till the job was done, then licked Cal's pecker clean before standing. He resumed grooming the horse as if nothing had happened and when Cal made his leave the boy barely looked up.

"He's hard to resist," Zak said meeting Cal out front.

"You saw?"

"We're not ashamed of what we do. The human body is beautiful and making love to it is natural and also beautiful."

"Tell BJ that," Cal laughed.

"He's only jealous because he is afraid of losing you. Once he realizes that won't happen and he learns to share he will be a better lover."

"He'd never known anyone but me...until last night. I think he might be a little confused by his feelings, I know I am."

"All the more reason to stay longer and see how things go. If you don't like it, you can always leave...but give us a chance. We need you...both of you."

"It's really up to the boy, I won't force him to do things he don't want to."

Zak nodded, "You're the man, you should be in charge."

"I'm gonna go check on him," Cal said ignoring the last part, "I feel uneasy knowing he's not with me."

"Just give him a little space. Observe from a distance, but give him a little freedom."

Cal nodded and went in to find his clothes. He slipped on the swim suit he'd worn the day before, even though he preferred to be naked, but he figured it was better than going around displaying a hard pecker all day.

He scanned the beach once he got close enough to see the ocean, but saw no sign of the boy. At first he thought maybe the boy had gone back to the house, but something deep inside him told him that was not the case. He'd had a nagging fear ever since setting out to find the boy and now that fear had turned into full blown terror.

Approaching the ocean he watched the waves crashing onto the beach and studied the horizon. Surely the boy would not go swimming alone. He'd been frightened even with Cal by his side the day before and he was sure the boy was no braver alone.

Then he saw them, the boys footprints, and relaxed some and began to follow them. He had gone quite some distance when the footprints changed, suddenly there were two sets, the other much bigger, a man's prints, and then the sand disturbed almost violently indicating a struggle of some kind. Had someone attacked the boy and forced him to accompany them?

Scanning the horizon he saw no one. He was tempted to go back for the others, but he was afraid to let BJ and his abductor get too far ahead. As it was he had no idea how long it had been since the boy had been abducted, and he didn't want to risk losing the trail. Fortunately Zak and the others were already headed his way.

The sun was getting lower in the east and still there was no sight of the two, though the footprints were still clearly visible. It was confusing at first, the larger prints first, then the small ones he identified as BJ's behind.  Why would the boy follow willingly? Unless he were tied and being led like an animal to slaughter.

The thought of that sent Cal into a fit of rage and he vowed that when he caught up with whoever had done this to his boy he would kill him with his bare hands. And bare hands would have to do since his gun and rifle were back at the beach house. How could he have been so stupid as to go off without a gun? How many times had he told the boy to always be prepared, and now it was he that was left without protection.

Behind him a quarter mile or so, the others were intently following three sets of tracks. They too had discovered the spot where BJ had been captured, and they knew Cal was hot on the trail. They hurried along, trying to close the gap, but unlike Cal, they were prepared.

Night began to fall and still Cal saw no sign of his boy and the other, and his heart began to sink. He shivered as the temperature dropped and a feeling of despair swept over him. He was quite sure if anything happened to the boy he could not go on. Never had he gotten so attached to anyone in such a short time, and he vowed that if they were reunited he would never let the boy out of his sight again.

Night fell and Cal's despair grew. The tracks were harder to follow now and he worried he would loose sight of them altogether when suddenly he looked up and saw something in the distance. A fire, he decided. Of course, they couldn't stumble on in the dark. They must've stopped for the night, and that was all the opportunity Cal needed to get the boy back.

But how to approach them without being seen? There were no trees, no rocks to hide behind, only miles of ocean and sand. Could he slither on his belly and get close enough to attack? He was desperate now and his shaking had intensified as he thought about how hopeless the situation was.

He sat down in the sand and was surprised to find that it was still warm. Having absorbed the sun's rays all day it would continue to radiate heat for several more hours. It was comforting but offered no solution to his dilemma. What he needed was a miracle.

Who was this person? He wondered, Was he old, young, strong, brave, or just a coward? Was he armed, was he dangerous? Cal was sure that he could handle himself in a fair fight, but he was no match for an armed maniac.

He sighed deeply and raised his face to the air and sniffed. He could smell the campfire, that was good, that meant the wind was blowing in his direction and his scent wouldn't carry to the man. If only he had a weapon, he thought for the hundredth time. Then shaking his head to clear it he spoke aloud to himself.

"Stop it! You don't have a weapon and you can't do anything about it now. You are going to have to use your bare hands and your wits to free your boy, or die trying."

Steeling himself he snaked off his trunks and laid down on the warm sand. He found that he could pull himself along and make pretty good time this way, and reasoned that if he kept low enough he might not be detected. The problem was, what to do when he got within striking distance? He decided to worry about that when the time came and devoted all his energy to the slow and nerve racking crawl toward the campfire.

He was within a hundred feet when he heard their voices, and he stopped and listened.

"You might as well give up tryin' to get away and face the truth boy, you're mine now and no one is gonna take you away from me. Aw...come on, it's nothin' to cry about. I'll treat ya right, I'll feed ya and we'll have fun."

"No!" the boy wailed.

Cal stiffened as he recognized BJ's voice, but he was heartened as well. At least he knew the boy was there and still alive. 

"You'll change your mind when you get hungry enough," the man laughed, and Cal vowed to tear his heart out with his bare hands if he got the chance.

"I'll never change my mind, I'll die first," the boy sobbed.

"No one's gonna die," the man smirked, "A dead boy ain't no use to me. I know you'll like it....just give it a chance. I'll be good to ya'."

"You'll have to kill me first," the boy said, then spit angering the man, and the next sound was that  of a hard slap.

"Shut up, bitch. You'll do what I say or you'll be sorry. I'll make you hurt like you never hurt before, and then I'll take what I want."

Cal had resumed his crawl as soon as he'd heard the slap and he counted on the man being preoccupied with the boy to mask his arrival. When he was a few yards from the glow of the campfire he stopped and waited, holding his breath, willing the man not to notice him laying there.

"I'm gonna leave you tied up, you need ta' pee or anythin'? If you do...tell me now or pee yourself. Oh wait, you're naked, so I guess it don't matter," he laughed. 

For some reason that angered Cal even more than the slap and it was all it took to get him moving. Jumping up and screaming as loud as he could, because he'd heard somewhere that would scare the enemy and cause them to do stupid things, he ran toward the fire.


"Hold it right there," the man said pointing a rifle at Cal and not looking the least bit scared, "I wondered when you was gonna' make your move. Been watchin' you for the last mile or so. You're a lousy tracker."

"Just give me the boy and there won't be no trouble," Cal said feeling stupid at being caught, and at the idea that man would just hand over BJ without a fight.

The man laughed, "Just like that, huh? No, I don't think so. I need me a new boy, my last one had a little accident," he chuckled infuriating Cal even more.

Cal's hands were clenched in fists and his whole body was tensed in the typical fight or flee stance. He looked at the boy and his heart sank, his hands were tied behind his back and there was a noose around his neck, the other end tied to the man.

The man was black as pitch, taller than Cal and well muscled. He too was naked and his pecker was long and hung down in front of two pendulous balls. He was smooth, except for a little hair on this chest, and under different circumstances Cal might have found him attractive.

"Don't even think about it," the man said reading Cal's body language, "you'd be gut shot before you got two feet. This here gun would blow a hole in ya' as big as yore' head."

"Cal," the boy whined, his voice so forlorn it cut right through Cal's bones and into his heart.

"We can make a deal, I'll pay you for the boy. I have gold...a thousand dollars for the boy, I won't even try to go after ya'. You take the money and you go, the boy stays with me."

"Awful lot of money for a piece of tail and a mouth. Where's this gold at, up your ass?" he cackled.

"Not far, in my saddlebags..."

"What's to stop me from killin' you and taking the money and the boy?"

"There are others...guarding the money. I'm the only one can get it."

"I don't believe you. I think you just want to try to fool me and take the boy, but it won't work. He's mine now and as long as you're alive I'd always be lookin' over my shoulder, so..."

Cal swallowed hard and expected the bullet that never arrived. Instead he heard a TWANG sound, the man sputtering, then the rifle firing off into the air, another TWANG and the man dropping the rifle and clutching something sticking out of his chest just above his heart. Seconds later he crumpled to the ground and lay unmoving on the sand.

BJ was sobbing loudly now and Cal turned his attention to him. Rushing over he scooped the boy up and untied his wrists and removed the noose around his neck and cuddled him.

"'s all over," he said, still not sure what had just happened.

Then suddenly the answer to that question came in the form of six lovely tanned and naked boys, four of them carrying bows and arrows. Zak walked over and nudged the man with his foot then examined his wounds and grunted his approval.

"Right in the heart Dane, you're aim is improving."

"Not bad yourself big brother," Dane said walking over and bending to retrieve both arrows, the first arrow having hit the man in the neck severing his jugular vein. The man didn't stand a chance, he had been dead before he hit the ground.

"" Cal said trying hard to control the trembling in his voice.

"Dane has these... these feelings sometimes and we've learned to listen to them. We came looking for you and we saw the tracks and we are."

"Thank you...all of you. I was a second away from bein' a dead man."

"I was scared," BJ sniffed, a little more in control now.

"He didn't hurt you, did he?" Cal asked with concern.

BJ shook his head, "No...except for slappin' me."

"He won't hurt no one again," Zak said, "boys...take care of him."

Cal watched with detached interest as the others picked up the body and headed toward the water. After a while they returned, their bodies wet now, but there were no signs of anything as grisly as disposing of a body in evidence.

"Come on, let's go home. We can talk later. I think BJ needs a drink and I know I do," Zak said offering a hand up to Cal.

The trip back was a quiet one, Cal carrying the boy most of the way and when he wasn't, he had a strong arm around him for support. Once they arrived at the beach house Cal settled the boy down on the couch in front of the fire pit and Zak brought a bottle of wine and glasses.

BJ sucked his wine down noisily, and for the first time since the ordeal began, he realized he was hungry. Having gotten used to regular meals since he'd met Cal his body was protesting loudly.

"You must be hungry," Zak said laughing, "I can hear your stomach rumbling way over here. Frankie, get BJ something to eat."

Frankie busied himself near the fire and produced a bowl and filled it with something from a pot hanging over the fire and handed it to BJ. BJ took a small bite then dug into it hungrily and didn't stop till the plate was empty.


"Naw, I'm good...more wine though..."

"Take it easy, don't wanna' get as drunk as last time," Zak laughed.

Cal drank his wine and thought about all that had happened. He felt like an idiot for letting the boy get out of his sight, and worse for going off after him unprepared. If not for the others he'd be dead now and the boy would be facing a fate much worse than death.

Was he growing soft and losing his wits because of his love for the boy? He had never needed anyone else before as much as he needed the boy, and the thought that he'd almost lost him was too much to bare.

"I think you two should stay with us for the time being," Zak said as he sipped his wine.

"I been thinkin' about that, what do you say wanna stay for a while?"

BJ nodded. "I'd feel a whole lot better if we do...just know, things...." then he trailed off, but Cal knew what he meant.

"I guess it's settled then."

"We'll fix up one of the empty rooms tomorrow, but tonight I'll bunk with Frankie and you can have my room. You two need to be together and to feel safe." Zak said hugging both of  them.

They didn't share their bodies as a group that night, but once in Zak's room Cal and BJ fell into bed and began to make love. It was what they both needed, to know they were alive and together. It was life affirming and healing and when they finally slept they were at peace once more.


Days turned into weeks, weeks into months. Winter came, but it's mild on the West Coast, and there were no hardships. Cal used his gold sparingly, not because he didn't have plenty, but because he didn't want to offend Zak and the others or to tip off the locals that he was a wealthy man. Once BJ had asked Cal how he came by so much gold, but other than saying he'd come by it honestly, he'd never explained, and BJ didn't press him. He was happy just to be with Cal, and now the others, living in a house with a roof and a soft bed, with plenty of food, and love enough to go around. What more could anyone need?

The End

This story just popped into my head one day and I sat down and hammered it out over the course of several days. I had originally intended it to be set in the 1800's, but finally decided it would be set in the future, after the war to end all wars, when mankind had reverted to the days of old. I know there is potential here for more, but I doubt I'll ever have time to revisit it, so the reader will just have to use his imagination. Needless to say though, they all lived happily ever after.

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