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Wild Wild West again

Part 2-Boys on the Beach

by: Kewl Dad

Editor: Stan S.

                    Note from the author: This is actually a back story to my story Wild Wild West Again and explains how the boys wound up on the beach. It is not necessary to read the first story to enjoy or understand this story, but if you decide to read both, it actually makes no difference which order you read them in. 

After the great war of 2020 man found himself once again in the dark ages. Technology was gone, and man once more found himself living off the land and reverting to the ways of old. 


Years passed, and nature took back much of what man had once claimed, trees and vegetation grew everywhere blotting out the ribbons of concrete and asphalt, overgrowing the ruins of what were once man's great cities, and most of mankind moved to the more rural areas where they could raise food and live in peace.

Of course there were those who took advantage of the situation, and with no army, no police to protect those who were innocent, mankind had to protect itself. Just as they had in the days of the old wild west most men now carried at least one gun and often more, using them both for shooting game and defending what was theirs.

Unfortunately there were other repercussions of the war, left over reminders that man was in danger of becoming extinct,one of these was a sickness simply called 'the plague'. The plague seemed to effect only those adults over 40 and for some reason children seemed to be immune. The result was that many children found themselves as orphans at a time in their life when they needed family most.

One such family affected by the plague was that of the Danners. Erik and Mary had been born into this new world, this new Wild Wild West, and both had lost their parents by the age of 16. They lived at the time in a small close-knit community near what had once been the great city of San Francisco and had known each other since they were still in diapers. 

It only seemed natural that they should find comfort in each other's company, and after being together for only six months, they were married by the mayor of their small community. It was only a formality of course, marriage these days was by choice and divorce was by choice as well. But most couples stayed together, for there was not only comfort in numbers, but safety.

They continued to live in the small community and when their first child was born, a strapping baby boy that they named Zacharia, who later became known as Zak after he coined the new spelling when he was only five years old.

Two years later his brother Dane was born and no big brother was ever prouder. He doted on his new brother, and it was unusual to see one without the other, and was still true to this day.

When the boys were 12 and 10 the community had grown much smaller due to deaths among the adults, and the Danners decided it was time to set off on their own. It was not an easy decision, but they had hoped that by distancing themselves from other adults they might escape the scourge of the plague and live to raise their sons to adulthood. 

And so they made their plans to leave the following week, but as fate would have it, they had waited too long. The first signs of the plague appeared on Monday and by Wednesday half of the adults in the village were dead, Erik and Mary Danner among them.

Suddenly finding themselves orphaned, the boys grieved only long enough to bury their parents, then set out to fulfill their parents dream of starting anew. Several of the remaining adults begged the boys to stay, assuring them they would be provided for, but in the end the boys decided they didn't want to live in a place so full of memories of their parents and the life they'd led.

And so the people of the village pulled together and made sure the boys had all they needed and sent them off one foggy morning to find a new home.

Zak had grown both physically and emotionally in the last few months, and as was only fitting, he took charge of his younger brother and became the leader. He was a bright boy, witty and shrewd, and mature for his age, and Dane never doubted him for a moment.

As they left the bay area, traveling by beach most of way and only using the trails when necessary, they headed North. As they passed the rusty remains of the once great Golden Gate Bridge they stood in awe at the sheer size of it. Even in it's present condition, the roadway mostly gone, parts of it hanging precariously into the ocean, and its dangling cables looking like the tentacles of some mammoth sea creature, they were reminded of their insignificance in the scheme of things.

"It's so big," Dane said staring at the mostly rusted remains of the once mighty bridge.

"There were other bridges, just as big or bigger, but pa..." he paused to regain his composure as he thought about his dead parents, "Pa said the bridges were the first targets when the missiles hit."

"What are missiles?"

"They're bullets only huge, like taller than you or me and they have lots of explosive stuff in them that blow things up. And some even had something they called nuclear warheads that were even more powerful and burned everything up for miles and killed people who were even far away. Some died right away, but some died later from the poisoning of the nuclear stuff."

"Is that what mama and papa died of?" Dane asked sounding sad again.

"No, that was long ago and that stuff doesn't hurt anyone anymore. What mama and papa died from is a sickness called a virus. No one seems to know why only older people die from it, but I've heard some say that eventually our bodies will find a way to kill it or prevent it and no one will die that way anymore."

"Too bad it was too late for...for," Dane was unable to finish as he choked back tears and dropped his head.

Zak dropped to his knees and hugged his younger brother, "I miss them too," he said sadly, "but we have each other and I promise I'll always take care of you."

"I know," Dane hiccuped, "Thanks, can we go now?"

"Yeah, let's go. I want to find a good place to camp before nightfall."

They camped on a sliver of beach against a greenbelt where nature had taken back what appeared to be a parking lot at one time. There was a tumbled down building in the center, but it was too unstable to offer any shelter so they spread out their sleeping bags and built a small fire in the sand. They fished in the ocean to supplement what little food they had brought and that night they dined on roasted fish and some unleavened bread that one of the ladies in the community had sent with them.

After their meal they drank sparingly from the canteens they carried and then lay down to rest for the night. 

The boys had always been close, not only emotionally, but physically as well, and early on they had discovered the pleasures they could give each other. It had began with simple touching, then when they'd discovered that their hard peckers could bring them great pleasure, they began to experiment with ways to please each other. 

By the time Zak reached puberty at the early age of 11 and a half he and Dane had done just about everything two horny boys could do together, and they had become even closer. Kissing was one of their favorite things to do and they never gave any thoughts to whether it was wrong or sick, they only knew that they loved one another and kissing was a way of expressing that love.

Laying on their sleeping bags, Dane snuggled up to Zak's naked form and they kissed deeply as their hands played along the soft curves of each others body. Dane was average for a ten year old in all aspects, except he seemed to have the libido of a boy much older. He was always horny and most of the time went around sporting an erection, which Zak was always happy to help with. It was fortunate that their libidos seemed to match and the sharing of their bodies had brought them closer as they grew older.

"Zak, have you ever wanted to be with a girl?" Dane asked softly. 

Even though he and Zak had had this conversation before, Zak showed no dismay as he answered once again.

"Nope, girls are okay...but I like boy parts...I like your parts," he giggled grabbing Dane's hard 3.5" nail.

"And Andrew?" Dane giggled.

Andrew was a boy back in the village that both of them had played with. It had started out when they went swimming naked in the ocean and wound up with them flat on their backs on a blanket doing all the things boys can do when naked. Andrew was a year older than Zak and had a wiry patch of blond pubes at the base of his cock, but was otherwise as smooth as Dane. 

Andrew took to the playing around with gusto and after that day they often included him in their games, and eventually Zak began to have feelings for him that were different than what he felt for his brother. He couldn't explain how he felt, the butterflies in his stomach, the nervous thumpy feeling inside, but when they were together he was his happiest.

"Did you love him Zak"

"I...I guess I did, didn't you?" Zak replied thinking of the boy they left behind and wishing they had asked him to come along.

"Yeah, but not like you did," Dane said matter-of-factly.

"I don't know," Zak shrugged, "but don't matter now, cause we'll probably never see him again."

"I think he wanted to come with us, but he didn't want to leave his ma."

"Yeah, I know..." Zak said sitting up and staring out into the darkness, "we can't think about that now...we have to forget all that past stuff."

"I'm sorry Zak, I won't mention him again," Dane said patting his brother soothingly, "lay with me Zak," he said lustily, "you can do me first."

Zak laughed, "Always horny aren't you little brother?"

"Yeah, I like it when you put it inside me. It makes me feel closer to you."

"I love you little brother," Zak said kissing his brother deeply, then pulling him back onto the sleeping bag he began kissing his body all over as the younger boy sighed contentedly. As the waves crashed on the beach below them they made slow gentle love then fell asleep all snuggled up, their worries of what lay ahead put at rest for the time being.


They traveled two more days before stumbling upon a small settlement near a river. It had several permanent structures as well as an open air market and seemed ideal for what they had in mind. Now if they could only find a suitable place to live nearby.

They stopped in the settlement long enough to check things out and meet a few of the locals who seemed friendly enough. They had nothing to trade at the moment, but they figured once they started raising crops and fishing regularly they could trade for other goods. But first, they had to find a place to live.

The ideal place would have fresh water nearby, room to raise vegetables, and yet be close enough to the ocean for fishing and swimming. They considered asking some of the merchants if they knew of any place nearby, but decided not to reveal their plans and risk someone trying to take advantage of them.

They left the settlement that evening and camped on the beach, eating fish once again and then snuggling up and making love till they  fell asleep.

They woke early the next day and ate some dried fruit and flat bread then packed up and started off once again. They moved away from the beach and traveled a mostly overgrown trail, stumbling along and searching the surrounding area for anything that looked promising.

"It's no use Zak," Dane said sitting down on a rock and wiping the sweat from his cute face, "there's nothing here but rocks and trees and ruins."

"Maybe we just haven't gone far enough..." Zak said sitting down beside his brother.

"I'll do whatever you say Zak," Dane said smiling weakly, "but maybe we should try to find something closer to the settlement."

"I tell you what, we'll walk until noon and if we don't find anything by then we'll turn back and look the other direction."

"Okay, but can we rest a minute?" Dane said taking a drink of water from his canteen. They'd filled their canteens from the river and the water was cool and refreshing. It was amazing how quickly pollution had disappeared once man was no longer causing it.

"Yeah, I could use a rest too."

When they started out at last Zak had a heavy heart, but suddenly after only a half hour or so walk he pointed to something ahead.

"Look, up looks like a bunch of houses," Zak said pointing, and then the two boys took off running.

The first house they came to was in surprisingly good shape, the walls and roof still seemed to be intact and except for some broken windows it seemed almost perfect. Inside there was some clutter, and a few leaves and sand driven by the wind, but it wouldn't take much to clean it up, Zak decided.

The back of the house actually faced the ocean and beach and was no more than few hundred yards away from the gently rolling surf. Emerging from the front door they saw a rusting hulk of metal that both boys recognized as an automobile. It's rubber tires were flat and rotting, the metal rusted and tarnished, but the window glass was still intact. 

Pulling open one of the doors, Zak stood back as years of hot putrid air escaped, and coughing he retreated till the air had mixed with the pleasant fresh air outside.

"Wow," Dane said in awe, "I've never seen one in one piece before."

"I know, it's amazing, isn't it," Zak said sliding into the warm rotting cloth seat and gripping the steering wheel, "ouch, it's hot," he laughed.

Not to be outdone Dane went around to the other door and slid into the passenger seat and leaned back, "This feels comfortable," he said rocking back and forth.

"Over there," Zak said pointing at a large building with a huge roll up door and a regular door on the side, "that's probably where they kept their automobiles. Let's go see if there are anymore."

What had once been a three car garage held no other vehicles, but there were two rusty looking bicycles, their tires of course flat, but otherwise looking serviceable.

"Wow, what are these?" from Dane.

"Those are bicycles, people used to ride them around by pushing down on these things..pedals, and it made the wheel go round."

"Wow, we could fix them up and ride them..."

"Yeah, if the tires weren't rotten," Zak sighed.

They left the garage and explored some more and discovered one of the overgrown asphalt roads only a short distance away. Beyond that was a small pond, which seemed to be spring fed, the water clear and delicious, and to their amazement there were mature fruit trees a short distance away. In addition there was ample space near the house for growing vegetables.

"This is almost too good to be true, why hasn't someone already settled here?" Zak asked in disbelief.

"Maybe it's haunted or something," Dane joked.

"I don't believe in ghosts," Zak said without conviction, "Maybe people just don't want to be so far from other folks, but that's perfect for us. Come on, let's look at some of the other houses."

There were four of the beach front houses here, but the first one they'd checked out was by far in the best shape. Zak made mental notes of what he could salvage from the other houses to fix up the first one and decided they could make it their home without too much work.

It was while exploring the third beach house that they got the surprise of their life. Hearing the two talking, a boy suddenly emerged from behind the house. He was skinny and looked tired and dirty, but when he saw the other two boys a look of relief filled his face.

"Hello," he said in his friendliest voice.

"Hi," Zak said speaking for both of them, "do you live here?"

" of...I don't really have a home right now. My folks, they um...died and I'm all alone," he said looking ready to cry at any moment.

Zak looked at Dane and they communicated in that unspoken language as only two brothers that close could.

"You can stay with us...if you want. We're going to settle here and raise vegetables and trade our fruit and vegetables and fish in the village."

"I...I can help," the boy said scratching his skinny ribs, " you have anything to eat?" he said lowering his head.

"Yeah, come back to the other house with us, our stuff is there."

As the boy ate they got better acquainted and they learned that the boy's name was Doug and he was 10, the same age as Dane, but somehow he looked younger. He was a cute boy, but it was obvious he'd been through some hard times and Zak felt even more compelled to help him. Besides, he decided, three had a better chance of making things work than two. 

"How long you been on your own?" Zak asked once the boy was fed.

"A while now, not sure...maybe a month. I ate mostly fruit and once I trapped a rabbit and cooked it, but it was mostly burnt," he said frowning.

"Why did you go off without any supplies?" Dane wondered, seeing that the boy had nothing but the clothes on his back.

"I didn't. I had a backpack with stuff, but I met this man and he...he took it," the boy said looking down, his voice shaky from the memory.

Zak knew there was more, but he dared not ask him what else the man had taken. Maybe someday the boy would feel comfortable enough with them to tell the whole story, but till then Zak would do what he could to make the boy feel wanted.

"Well, don't worry about that," Zak said putting his arm around the boy, "it's too late to do much else today. Why don't we go swimming and wash the sweat off of us, then we'll talk some about what we need to do to make the house our home."

Doug seemed to snap out of his funk and when they reached the beach he stripped off his shorts quickly and was the first one in. Zak watched the boy with interest and noted that he was still smooth below although he seemed to be above average in size down below. Besides being a bit skinny he had a nice body and was a cute boy, very cute and sexy as well.  Zak wondered if the man he'd met, the one who had taken his things, had noticed that fact and maybe taken advantage of it.

Once in the warm ocean the boys forgot about their hard life and their struggles and became three boys having fun. Having lived near the ocean all their lives all three boys were excellent swimmers, though they dared not go out too far for fear of encountering the undertow, or worse sharks.

None of the boys had ever seen a shark, but they'd heard horror stories all their lives from the adults about the huge fish with razor sharp teeth that loved the taste of human flesh. Zak got shivers as he thought about the stories and cast a wary eye at the horizon. Then seeing nothing out of the ordinary he went back to frolicking with his brother and their new friend.

When they tired of swimming they climbed out and stretched out on a huge rock near the water's edge to dry. Somehow, whether by design or accident, Doug wound up between the two brothers, available to both.

Dane was first to pay attention to the boy, placing his small soft hand on his chest and patting him gently.

"Do you like to play?" Dane asked letting his hand trace a trail down the center of the boys chest to his flat stomach then to his outie belly button, which looked like a little wad of chewed bubblegum.

"Play, mean in the water or hide n' go seek?" Doug asked shivering a little at Dane's touch.

"No, I mean...with this," Dane said letting his hand wander down to the base of Doug's hairless pecker.

The effect was immediate, Doug's pecker grew to it's full 4" and the boy shook as if he were freezing.

"What do you mean?" Doug said, knowing full well what Dane meant.

"Dane, maybe he doesn't want to play that way..." from Zak.

"No...I what you're doing..." Doug gasped, "It feels...good."

Encouraged by Doug's words of acceptance Dane grasped his pecker in his hand and began working the loose skin. All boys were intact since the great war, with few doctors, and most babies being born at home, there was no desire to mutilate a boy at birth as they had in the old days.

Zak was glad Dane had led the way for he too wanted to play with this new boy. Oh, it wasn't that he didn't enjoy being with Dane, but he missed playing with other boys as they had back at the village. He knew if anyone could get the boy to play it would be Dane, who was hard most of the time, and always eager to play.

Zak rolled onto his side and placed his hand on Doug's chest and nuzzled his ear, "Do you mind if I play too?" he whispered tickling Doug's ear.

"Oh...oh...kay," Doug gasped, lost in the feelings that were almost overwhelming.

Zak kissed the boy's cheek and then moved down and began licking and sucking on his little erect nipples.


Zak laughed at Doug's reaction to this new stimulation, while meanwhile Dane had moved between his legs and was licking his hairless nut sack. 

Doug had played some with other boys, but nothing as intense as this and he liked the feeling. Then he remembered the man, the man who had robbed him of his things. There was something else the man had done, but he couldn't quite remember what it was. He did remember that he didn't like it, but his mind had shut out all the other details, and fortunately it did not ruin the feelings he was experiencing with the two brothers.

As Doug lay there, his eyes closed, he felt something warm and wet surround his hard pecker and he rose up far enough to stare down at Dane. When he saw what Dane was doing he moaned loudly and instinctively thrust upward, trying to plant more of his rampant member in Dane's mouth.

Dane grinned around Doug's tasty pecker and began rubbing his nuts gently as he continued to suck. He wished the boy was older and could make pecker juice, but he knew the good feeling would be just as strong, and he would be able to tell when it happened. He'd had plenty of experience in sucking prepubescent boys and could read their bodies well.

Zak was engaging the upper portion of the boy, rubbing his soft tanned skin and pinching his nipples as he nuzzled his neck and placed kisses on his face and eventually his lips. Doug hadn't known kissing could be so much fun till now, and he welcomed the older boy's attention.

"Swap with me..." Zak growled in his throat.

Reluctantly Dane gave up Doug's pecker and allowed Zak to take his place as he moved up and began kissing Doug deeply, with more tongue than Zak Dane. Below, Doug felt as if his groin was on fire and his pecker was tingling as if he needed to pee. 

He knew the feeling of course had nothing to do with peeing. He'd had the feeling many times, usually at his own hand, and he knew what was next.

"Uhhhh....I''s happening..." he cried out as his nuts pulled tight against his body and struggled to expel the pecker juice that was a full year away from coming. Then suddenly he thrust upward and his pecker expanded and contracted as the most intense feeling of his young life washed over him.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh," he moaned.

Zak knew what had happened, and he knew some boys grew sensitive afterwards, and for a moment he merely held Doug's spent pecker in his mouth as the boy came back down to earth.

Meanwhile Dane was still nuzzling Doug's neck and rubbing his flat tummy and chest, soothing him as he talked him through his after glow.

"That was a good one...right?" Dane cooed, "we'll give you lots of good feelings. Me and Zak do this stuff a lot and now you can do it too."

"Oh...okay," Doug said in a trembling voice, "want me to do something for you now?"

"You just rest, me and Zak will show you how we play," Dane said grinning.

As Doug rolled onto his side Zak and Dane came together kissing at first and behaving more like lovers than brothers. Doug watched with interest as they made out, and then when Zak began nuzzling between his brother's legs he moved closer to get a good look.

"'re licking his b-hole," Doug said wrinkling his nose.

"Yeah, it's clean," Zak said coming up for air.

Doug didn't reply, but he thought about what Zak had said and reasoned that it made sense. But why would anyone want to do such a thing? 

Next Zak took Dane's pecker in his mouth as Doug watched with interest. This he understood, sucking on a pecker brought pleasure to both the one sucking and the one getting sucked. He'd learned to suck a pecker when he was only six years old and he considered himself to be quite good at it. He'd had a regular partner, a boy in the village, up until he and his folks had moved out on their own...just a few months before their death. He missed that friend, but mostly he missed the sex play and he was happy he had found these brothers who seemed to like that as much as he did.

When Dane came he was loud and verbal and Doug laughed as he watched him thrashing around and enjoying his good feeling.

"You sure do like that don't ya'?" Doug chuckled.

"Zak is the best..." Dane panted.

"Yeah, it was good for me too. you want me to suck on you Zak?" Doug asked eying Zak's erection with what could only be described as lust.

"Sure, you can get me ready," Zak said plopping down on his back.

Ready? Doug wondered, Ready for what? 

Putting Zak's words out of his mind he knelt between his legs and began licking the older boy's nuts, marveling at how much bigger than his own or Dane's they were, and anticipating with hunger what they would produce.

When he began licking up and down Zak's hard pole the older boy moaned appreciatively and considered just letting Doug finish him off. He could save the other for bed time and maybe get Doug involved as well. Yes, his pecker throbbed at the thought of having Doug that way too. Even if his ass wasn't as plump or round as Dane's, it was cute nonetheless, and he knew his hole would be hot and tight.

His thoughts of Doug's tight, perhaps virgin ass, was too much for Zak and suddenly he cried out as his pecker exploded in Doug's mouth. Doug was right, his pecker juice was delicious and he rolled it around in his mouth savoring the flavor.

"Mmmmm," Doug said smacking his lips almost comically, "I like how you taste."

"Hey!" Dane said sounding upset, "I thought you were gonna give that to me...back here," he said pointing to his backside.

"Later, little brother. That was just too good and I got carried away."

Dane pouted a little, but he knew there'd be plenty of time later for more sex, and right now his tummy was growling and he knew it must be getting close to supper time.

They had roasted fish and flat bread and fruit from one of the trees behind the house and sat around the fire and talked while their dinner settled.

"Tomorrow we'll see what we can salvage from the other houses to fix this one up and make it a home. We'll do that first, then we'll start a garden with the seeds Dane and I brought, and fish some more for our food. For a while fish will have to do...unless we can find some small game. We have our bows and arrows and we're pretty good shots and we can build traps...."

"Why don't you have guns?" Doug wondered.

"Our father hated guns and he didn't own one. There were guns in the village, but my father always used a bow and arrows to hunt with. He taught us to shoot and now we're pretty good at it."

"Will you teach me?"

"Yeah, we'll show you all you need to know. You're one of us now."


Doug proved to be a valuable member of the team and within a few weeks they had the house fixed up, the broken windows replaced, and a good size vegetable garden going using the seeds they'd brought with them.

Doug's body began to fill out once he was eating regularly and his sexual appetite soon fell into line with that of the two horny brothers. Often they would take a midday break and swim in the ocean then lay on a blanket and make love in the warm summer sun.

It was while they were engaged in one of their afternoon romps that they added their next member.

"What are you all doin', wrestlin'?" the blond boy said picking at his nose and grinning. He knew what the three were up to, and was only trying to be funny.

"Fucking," Dane said not missing a stroke as he pounded Doug's well oiled behind.

"Thought so, looks like fun, kin I join you all?"

"Sure, but you gotta get nekkid and swim first to wash the stink off," Dane said anxious to  have a new boy to play with, "how old're you anyways?"

"Nine, but I like playing just fine," he said rubbing his hard little nub to emphasize what he meant by playing.

"Okay, that's okay. I'm ten so's Doug, he's the one on bottom," Dane giggled, and that's Zak fuckin' him, and he's 12. I'm Dane, what's your name?"

"Billy," the little blond boy said grinning.

"Well, don't just stand there, get nekkid and washed off," Dane said impatiently.

Billy didn't waste any more time as he shucked his worn shorts and headed toward the water and Dane was right behind him checking out his rear end as it bounced along. He'd been fucking Doug since he'd joined them and now he figured he'd have a new boy to fuck, unless Zak got to him first.

Billy turned out to be as horny as the other three and after a pleasant afternoon, romp during which all four boys had multiple orgasms, they retired to the house for refreshments and Billy told them his story.

He had been living with his uncle when the plague took him but he'd been lucky enough to live in a village that took care of orphaned children. He'd run with a pack of boys in the village and that was where he had learned all about sex play, and would have been there still except for the fact that he was kidnapped by a man who wanted him for a sex toy.

The man had taken him away on a boat and they'd wound up not far from here, and on the very first night the man had taken the boy's virginity and left him crying and hurting. The second time wasn't quite as bad, but Billy despised the man and when his opportunity to escape came he took it.

Rising while the man slept he took a piece of fire wood and struck the man on the head then fled, not bothering to see if he was dead or just injured.

Billy had wandered for days trying to find his way back to the village, but in fact he'd been going in the wrong direction and thus wound up on the beach with the boys as if fate had ordained it.

"You can live with us now," Zak said simply. He was nearing his 13th birthday by then and Dane and Doug would soon be 11, but he knew they were more than capable of taking care of Billy till he was able to contribute to the family.

"I can work real hard," Billy said thanking the three, "you'll see, just ask me and I can do anything."

"Can you suck dick?" Dane teased.

"Like a baby on a teat," Billy came back and they all laughed.


Life went on, the boys thrived and added another year to their age. At 13 Zak was starting to show some real muscle definition and he was more handsome than cute now. His pecker had grown too, but for some odd reason no hair grew on his groin nor in his arm pits. He didn't care however, he liked a boy to be smooth down there, and it suited him just fine to be that way as well.

The younger boys had begun to fill out as well from hard work and swimming, and their appetite for food and sex grew to a voracious level. One seemed to keep the other in check and no matter how much they ate, the only weight they gained was in muscle.

That's not to say that they didn't grow between the legs where most boys thought it mattered most, and by the end of the first year together, all but Billy was shooting the white stuff and experiencing puberty.

During the warm months the boys would grow their vegetables and trade the surplus fruit and vegetables in the market for meat and flour and sugar and other goods. Clothing was not a problem most times, for they wore very little when not in the village, but they did have some loose fitting shorts and shirts for times when the need for clothing arose.

Summer turned to fall and still the temps were mild during the day, but at night they would often have to build a fire in the huge fire pit in the kitchen at the front of the house for warmth as well as to cook their meals on.

Life was good and by the time Zak turned 14 they had made the little house on the beach more than just a home, they'd built a family, and Zak loved the other two boys as much as he loved his own brother. But as perfect as their little family was, that was not to say that there wasn't room for more.

One dreary winter day as fog rolled in across the bay and the wind whipped at the windows of the beach house the boys gathered by the fire and drank cups of steaming tea.

"Zak, look out there," Billy said gazing out the huge plate glass window that had miraculously remained in tact despite all the assaults of man and nature.

"I see, do you think he's alone?" Billy said sidling up to take a look.

"I don't know," Zak said taking charge as  usual. You guys stay here, if you see I have any trouble, you know what to do."

"Yeah, we know," Dane said grabbing up his bow as did the other three. Zak had taught the other boys to be excellent bowmen, and now they were almost as good as he was.

Zak pulled on a long coat and slipped on shoes, grimacing at the confinement, but knowing he needed the protection from the cold wet sand.

Slipping out the side door he went up wind a bit before heading toward the beach at an angle that would intersect the solitary walker's path.

The boy looked up when he saw Zak and a look of panic filled his face. He looked behind him and to the side, trying to decide if there was a place to run, then finally let his shoulders slump in defeat as he braced  himself for the worst.

"Hello there," Zak said addressing the boy with a smile.

The boy wasn't expecting such a warm greeting and it took him a moment to reply, "Ummm...hello. I'm Frankie."

"I'm Zak, are you alone?"

How should he answer? Frankie wondered. If he said he was alone would the boy attack him then? Then he chuckled to himself. Why would the boy attack him? He had nothing and was good to no one. He was all alone, half starved, and had no hope. And so he simply nodded the affirmative.

"You look cold, would you like some hot tea and something to eat? My house is just over there, in the trees. There are others too, my brother Dane and two other boys. We're sort of a family," Zak rambled on, not understanding why he felt the need to give away so much information at once.

"I...haven't got anything to trade..." the boy stammered.

"You don't need anything. Come on and meet the others."

So just like that there was one more, and Frankie and Zak became best friends almost immediately. They weren't quite lovers in that sense, but once Frankie joined in the sex games, he and Zak spent a lot of time together that way. 

Dane wasn't jealous, he had attached himself to Billy and Doug and the three were practically inseparable, so he was actually pleased to see that Zak had someone to share his time with.

Zak and Frankie, as the two oldest of the group, shared the leadership role without dispute. Nothing was ever talked about or agreed upon, it just came to be, and everyone accepted it as naturally as they'd accepted Zak being their leader before that.

The joint leadership role brought Zak and Frankie even closer together and soon they were feeling things they had never felt with the other boys. Whether love or a strong crush, it was both confusing and exciting for the two, and though they never really talked about it, both accepted it as good and natural and just enjoyed it.

Dane had noticed from the start the mutual attraction between his older brother and the new boy, and though he sometimes missed the closeness he and Zak had shared, seeing his brother so happy made him happy too.

"Where's Zak and Frankie?" Billy asked as the three younger boys piled vegetables on a small cart that Zak and Frankie had built from parts gathered here and there.

"Probably off somewhere fuckin'," Doug giggled.

"Naw, they did that all night, they're probly' tired by now. They must be doin' something important," Dane said taking up for his brother as always.

"Them two must be in love," Billy said grinning, "they sure do spend a lot of time together."

"They're both older, that's all," Dane said, "they need more than just the playin' around." Dane was wise beyond his years and the two boys nodded their heads in agreement.

"When we get older reckon we'll start loving each other?" Doug asked squinting his eyes and making a face, "If we do, someone's gonna be left out."

"Naw, we'll always love each other and play together," Dane said trying to reassure the boys that their future was safe.

"Or...we could find another boy...or a girl," Billy giggled.

"Don't care much for girls," Dane said making a face, "they smell funny and they're weird actin'."

"Yeah, girls are crazy," Doug agreed, "I knew this one girl and she used to spend half a day just brushing her hair."

"Did you play with her pussy?" Billy giggled.

", that's nasty."

"I guess somebody has to like girls though, else there wouldn't be no babies born," Dane said thoughtfully.

"Yeah, maybe when we're grown up we'll want to make some babies," Doug offered, "but for now...I don't want to get with no girl."

"You guys, my pecker is hard just talkin' bout that stuff?" Billy giggled.

"Your pecker is always hard," Doug reminded him, and they all laughed.

"We should take a break and have some fun," Billy said fingering his stiff nail.

All three boys were naked and tanned and healthy, and perfect examples of boyhood. They were happy too, and it showed in the way they behaved and the way they treated each other. They seldom argued and jealousy did not exist among them.

"Okay, but if Zak and Frankie catch us they'll probably spank our butts," Dane said, as anxious to play as Billy was.

"Or fuck em'," Doug giggled.

"Fuck what?" Zak said suddenly approaching with Frankie close on his heels.

"Our butts," Doug said looking up, "we were about to take a break and mess around."

"Not till all the vegetables are picked and sorted and ready to go to the market," Zak said sternly, "We'll help and then we can all take a swim and play before we go into the village."

The work took about another hour and the younger boys led the way, hooping and hollering as they ran toward the beach and the ocean beyond.

"Those three are hornier than we are," Frankie observed with a smile.

"Don't know bout' that," Zak said grabbing Frankie's hand and squeezing it gently, "I seem to remember you goin' at it till early in the mornin'."

"Well, it's hard to resist you," Frankie said blushing.

"I think we need to start including the others in our play more though," Zak said simply, "I don't want them to think we don't care for them that way anymore."

"Why, has someone said something...did Dane? Did I take his big brother away from him?"

"Naw, no one's said anything, I just know, that's all."

"Okay, that's fine. As long as you don't mind, I guess I don't."

"Don't get mad or hurt...okay?" Zak said reading Frankie clearly.

"I won't," Frankie said pulling away from Zak and running on ahead, "Come on slow poke, let's have some fun."

The ocean was blue as the sky and warm and wonderful, and the boys swam for an  hour before finally wading back to shore and falling down on the blankets they kept there for just that purpose.

The older boys had purposely fallen down on either side of the three younger boys, away from each other, a fact that did not go unnoticed by the younger boys.

"Your pecker is getting bigger," Zak said touching Billy's hard spike and causing him to shiver.

"Uh huh, it's big now, when will I start spittin' white stuff Zak?"

"Soon, I'm almost sure. I can almost taste it," Zak laughed, "Let's see if we can hurry it along." And with that Zak leaned down and began licking and sucking on the boy's nuts and pecker as the others watched with interest.

Frankie felt a pang of jealousy, but it soon flew away as he began touching Dane's tight smooth body and soon he was lost in lust for the little brother of his lover. 

Doug jumped in and helped both Zak and Frankie, taking turns tweaking nipples or kissing lips or handling nuts or asses, and waiting his turn.  Billy came first, always quick on the trigger, but eager to go again shortly, and then Dane, who cried out as Frankie drank down his tasty boy juice.

"," Doug said when the older boys had finished with their partners and Zak and Frankie tag teamed the horny boy and soon had him panting and clawing at the blanket before he came hard, spewing his cum onto his flat belly and smooth chest.

Zak and Frankie began licking him clean, occasionally pausing to kiss and swap spit and cum, and when he was clean they fell back on either side of him and rested while they contemplated what was next.

However Doug and Dane seemed to have already decided what was next, and using spit and cum and much determination, they mounted the two older boys and impaled themselves on their hard teen peckers.

Dane sat atop Frankie and Doug atop Zak and held hands as they literally fucked themselves, using the two older boys like a sex toy.

Soon Zak and Frankie took over, grabbing the boys' slender  hips and thrusting up, burying their rampant teenage peckers in the hot tight holes offered them. The surf gurgled at their feet, birds cried out overhead, and all was right with the world as Zak and Frankie filled their younger partners with their potent teenage seed.

When they were spent, the younger boys rested as they cuddled close and talked.

"That was good," Frankie said summing things up for everyone, "we should do this more often."

Zak laughed, "Yeah, nothing like young tight tail."

"Oh, what's wrong with my tail?"

"Nothin'  just like a little something different sometimes."

"Yeah, me too. So...are we still going into the village?"

"Yeah, give me a minute then we'll wash up and put on some shorts so the decent folks in town won't think we're savages."


The trip into the village was uneventful, and although the boys didn't really like wearing clothes all that much, they endured it on these occasions and looked forward to their visit to the village. Princess, their mare, pulled the small wagon and seemed happy to be going somewhere and getting some exercise. She was more than worth what it took to feed and care for her and all the boys loved the horse and considered her a member of the family...the only female allowed.

Rather than waste their time hanging around and selling their produce to individuals, they sold it to a merchant who had a permanent store. His name was Riki and he was nearly 30. He was single, and seemed to be a loner, but he was friendly enough with the boys and chattered away about this and that as they did their business.

On this particular day Riki had some news of a stranger that had wandered into the village and seemed to be looking for someone. 

"Tall dark haired fella' with two guns, one on each hip, and a scar from his chin to his eye on one side. Gruff talkin' and not very friendly. I think he might be a gun slinger, looking for someone."

"You think he's dangerous?" Zak asked with concern. He knew the world was still a dangerous place and he could never become complacent and drop his guard just because things seemed to be going along fine.

"Dunno, he didn't say what he was doin', but I was glad when he left my store."

"Thanks for the news. I reckon we'll get our stuff and go. Did you get any honey yet?"

"Yeah, fresh batch. Tell you what, I know you boys like your sweets," Riki said grinning, "I'll give ya' an extra jar just for being such good customers."

Loaded up with the things they needed and a few they simply wanted, the boys headed off down the potted asphalt road through the center of the village and stared at the shops in awe and wonder as they always did.

"Can we get a soda pop?" Dane asked hopefully.

"Yeah, I think we can do that," Zak mumbled, his mind on bigger things at the moment.

At the saloon the two older boys went inside for the drinks while the three younger boys waited outside with the horse and wagon. When they returned they divvied up the bottles and all took a swig.

"If I had my way, we'd have soda pop everyday," Dane said wiping his mouth with the back of his hand.

"Ha, when you strike gold maybe you can do that," Zak teased.

"Well, I can dream can't I?"

"Yeah, little brother, dreams are okay as long as you don't let them interfere with the real world."

"Why so glum?" Frankie asked Zak as they trailed along behind the younger boys.

"Don't know, just worried I guess...about the stranger. He sounds like trouble."

"Well, I'm sure he won't hang around here long. We'll just be careful for the next few days and  hopefully he'll ride out of town in a day or two."

"Come on, I want to go one more place before we go home."

The other place was the blacksmith's shop ran by a burly young man barely into his 20's named Roy. In Zak's eyes Roy was just about perfect, sinewy muscles, a tapered waist, a cute ass, and a face that was both handsome and kind.

But Roy's most redeeming feature was his brain and his knowledge in what seemed to be all subjects. He could build anything and fix anything, and the boys had been one of his most loyal customers.

"Well, if it isn't my favorite bunch of boys. How you doin' fellas?"

"Hey Roy, we're fine. How's it coming with the bikes?"

"Finished, and I tried them out myself, they work just fine. The new tires work good on the sand too. Come on, I'll show ya'."

The bikes in question were the two the boys had discovered that first day when they'd discovered the beach house, and Zak had been obsessed with them ever since. Then one day Zak had mentioned the bikes to Roy and he had perked up and asked Zak to bring them next visit and he'd see what he could do.

The new wheels were made of some sort of metal but covered with a black rubbery looking substance with knobs on them. The tires gave traction in the sand and made the bikes more or less all terrain.

"They're perfect," Zak said after taking one for a spin. Though he'd never ridden a bike before, he was strong and smart and had an acute sense of balance and riding came natural for him.

"What do we owe ya'?" Zak asked smiling excitedly.

"Oh, how about a good meal and maybe a sack full of those vegetables you boys grow."

"Yeah, that would be great. When can you come?"

"How's tonight?  Too soon?"

"No, tonight is perfect. We're having chicken, we got some roosters that need killin'."

"I love chicken. I'll be there before sundown."

"And you'll spend the night?"

"If you want, I reckon that would be best."

"It's settled then."

Zak rode one of the bikes and after some practice Frankie rode the other while the other three boys led the horse and wagon back down the trail and to the beach.

The trip back was uneventful except for the little spill Frankie took in the sand. But fortunately the only damage was to his ego when the others burst out in laughter.

As soon as they arrived back at the beach house the boys went to work. While Doug and Billy rubbed down Princess and fed and watered her, Dane went about building a fire while Zak and Frankie started laying out the meal for that evening.

The younger boys were still squeamish about killing the chickens, so Zak and Frankie took care of that chore, and after cleaning four fat roosters they mounted them on spits and put them in place over the fire to cook slowly.

Dane was in charge of turning them and making sure they didn't get too done on one side, and once the other two boys joined him they helped as well.

Frankie liked to bake, and using a wood fired stove that had been conveniently left behind by the previous occupants, he baked bread and two apple pies using the flour sugar and honey they'd traded for in town.

The air was thick with the smell of roasting fowl,  baked bread and pies, and the boys tummies were growling by the time everything was ready.

Right on time, Roy appeared just before sundown, looking freshly scrubbed and dressed in a pair of nearly new shorts and a button up shirt.

"I could smell the heavenly aroma of your cookin' a mile away," Roy said starting to undress as soon as he was admitted into their home.

Zak's eyes went to Roy's broad chest and then drifted downward until he was staring at the biggest uncut pecker he had ever seen. Even soft it was impressive and his balls were huge and looked ripe. 

Unlike Zak, Roy had a small patch of pubic hair just above his prick, but it appeared to have been neatly trimmed and as far as Zak could see his nuts and inner thighs were devoid of hair.

"I hope you're hungry," Frankie said following Zak's gaze and once again feeling a little jealous, "We've been cooking all afternoon. I made bread and apple pies."

"Mmmmm...smells good," Roy said sniffing the air and grinning, "OH, by the way, how did the bikes work?"

"Great, they run good on the road and the sand. Thanks again Roy, you're a genius."

"'re welcome. My daddy was a blacksmith and my daddy's daddy, and as far back as I know, but before that all the males in our family were what was called engineers or scientists. And they've passed along the knowledge from father to looks like it ends with me."

"Why is that?" Zak said hearing the sadness in Roy's voice.

"Because I have no son to pass it on to."

"You're still a young man, there's time," Zak said soothingly.

Roy shook his head, "Takes a man and a woman to make a baby," he began, "and ain't likely I'll ever find a woman who wants ta' bear me a son and give him over to me."

"What do you mean?" this from Frankie, "Don't ya want to get married?"

"Ah...well, you know what girls are like," Roy laughed nervously, "or maybe you don't since it's just you boys here."

"Yeah, girls are weird, that's for sure," Zak said grinning.

"But you can stand one long enough to do what you need to do to get a baby, can't you?" Frankie laughed.

"Of course I could," Roy said brusquely, "just don't want no gawl danged woman hangin' around, that's all," he said grinning.

"Come on, we can talk we eat," Zak said putting an arm around their guest and leading him to the huge table nearby, "You're our guest so you get to set at the head of the table. Dane, pour our guest some wine."

Wine was plentiful in this part of the country, grapes grew wild almost everywhere, and most everyone made wine for their own use. However, the boys had no need to make their own wine, for below the beach house was a secret wine cellar with hundreds of bottles of wine, all from the days before the great war of course. 

They had discovered the wine vault quite by accident one day while exploring, and needless to say they'd celebrated that night by drinking wine till they passed out. Since then they rarely drank to excess, except on special occasions, and this was certainly one of those.

"This is magnificent," Roy said after taking a sip of the wine. "Where did you get it, it doesn't look or taste like anything like what they make around here."

"It's from France, wherever that is," Zak said, "I know we can trust you not to share our little secret, but below us is a room filled with hundreds of bottles of wine of all kinds from all over the world and even some California wine, all from the old days."

"I've heard of those, secret wine vaults. From what I've heard wine like that is very valuable, maybe even priceless."

"Maybe, but we're happy just to share it with each other and our friends, in fact we'll send you home with a few bottles if you'd like."

"I...don't know what to say. How can I refuse such a kind offer?"

"We'll go down after dinner and let you pick your own poison," Zak laughed.

"Ahh, what a wonderful night, good food, good wine, and even better company. I'd like to make a toast. To my friends, may your life be filled with love and happiness."

"And to our guest, the smartest man I know," Zak offered, holding his glass high.

The food was placed on the table then and dishes passed  around as the feast began. They talked and laughed like they were old friends and Roy told them all about his latest projects and the boys listened intently.

"I been thinking about your problem Roy," Zak said as the meal progressed to dessert, which Roy declared delicious.

"Oh, what problem is that?" Roy asked shoveling in another bite of pie.

"Your not having a son to teach your trade to..."

"Oh, that problem. And what were you thinking?" Roy said sounding amused.

"Well, if you don't want to get married and have a son, why not teach one of us instead?"

"And then who would you pass it on to?" Roy asked seeing the flaw in Zak's solution right away.

"Well, if they don't have a son I guess they could just find another boy to pass it on to. God knows there's plenty of boys running around these days and I'm sure there will be from now on...what with the plague and all."

"And which one of these fine young minds would you have me pass my secrets along to?" Roy asked looking around the table.

Zak hadn't thought that far ahead, but he was sure they could figure that out if Roy agreed.

"I wouldn't mind," Doug suddenly said twirling his fork in his pie and blushing.

"Oh, and what makes you think you're strong enough to work as a blacksmith? It's hard work you know, shoeing horses and repairing wagon wheels and anything else that needs fixing."

"I...maybe I couldn't do the heavy stuff, not till I'm older, but I could learn anyway."

"You sure about this?" Roy giving the boy a serious look.

"Yeah, I'm sure...if it's okay with everyone," he said looking around.

"I think that's a great idea," Zak said patting Doug on the back, "With a blacksmith in the family, how can we go wrong?"

"There goes my best customers," Roy laughed, "Ah well, at least I'll know my heritage will live on."

"Oh, I think it will be a while before Doug knows enough to take care of all the things you do. After all, you've been doing this all your life."

"Well, not all my life, just from age six and up," Roy laughed, "I did have some childhood."

"I'm glad for that, no one should have to grow up till they're ready," Zak said smiling.

"Yeah, you know...I envy you boys. Living together and working the land and swimming in the sea and having as much fun as you can. I wish I'd had friends like you when I was growing up."

"Well, you have us now," Zak said giving Roy a warm smile, "If you're done with your dessert what say we go pick out that wine now?"

The entrance to the wine cellar was located in a pantry just off the kitchen, and was accessed by pulling a lever located at the back of one of the shelves. Since it was a mechanical switch rather than an electrical one, it had operated flawlessly the first time they'd discovered it, and every time since.

Down a short flight of stairs Zak led the way carrying an oil lantern as Roy followed close behind. The other boys had remained upstairs to clean up the mess, but they knew the evening was far from over. Roy had promised to spend the night and they were looking forward to more conversation, wine, and perhaps more.

"Oh man, that's a lot of wine," Roy laughed as he surveyed the hundreds of bottles of wine nestled in their wooden racks, "this one says 1908. Oh my's well over a hundred years old. I've heard wine gets better as it ages, if that's true this one should be perfect."

"Take it, and you can let us know. I think there's a couple of more bottles of it there. This is one here is good, I drank a whole bottle of this stuff last winter when it was cold. I put it in the little spring fed creek behind the  house and let it get really cold and I opened it and I couldn't get enough. I was staggering by the time I got back to the house," Zak added laughing.

"It's not good to drink alone," Roy said turning serious then giving Zak a warm smile.

"Oh, I wasn't depressed or anything," Zak assured him, "I just couldn't get enough once I started drinking it."

"That's good," Roy said turning back to the bottles of wine, "I've heard of champagne, but never had any. Does it really have bubbles like soda pop?"

"Yes, and it's wonderful....definitely take some of that, take two or three bottles, but no need to take more than you can carry. You can always come back for more and it will give you an excuse to visit us," Zak moving closer to the hunky young man and staring into his eyes.

Roy's eyes were the greenest eyes Zak had ever seen. They were filled with warmth and kindness, but there was sadness there too, and Zak reacted to that sadness by placing his hand on Roy's muscled shoulder.

"You know I really do envy you and the others," Roy said softly, "and I want to thank you again for inviting me. The dinner was great, but the company is even better," he said smiling with his eyes.

"You know you're the first real man we've had in our house and it's nice," Zak said instinctively glancing down at Roy's manhood which had begun to rise from being so close to Zak.

Zak's pecker was rising as well, but he felt no shame. He was used to being naked, as were the others, and hard peckers were common, but even as horny as the boys were there was no way they could satisfy every erection that popped up.

"I don't hardly ever go anywhere. I got no real friends in town that I hang out with, so I pretty much just work and eat and sleep."

"Don't you ever have fun?" Zak said keeping his eyes on Roy's rising pecker and licking his lips absent-mindedly.

"Fun?" Roy said in a raspy voice as his face flushed with embarrassment.

"Fun," Zak said daring to reach for Roy's rampant member and giving it a squeeze.

"Uhhhh...not in a long time," Roy said as his knees turned to jelly and his breathing became labored.

"You do like fun?" Zak asked just to be sure he wasn't assuming more than he should.

"Fuck yes," Roy gasped, and that was all Zak needed to hear.

Dropping to his knees Zak pulled Roy's foreskin back and began licking his cock head all over. It was an angry shade of red and the piss slit was wide open and oozing pre-cum like mad. Zak brought his tongue to the sweet liquid and moaned his approval as he savored the tasty treat.

"So big..." Zak moaned between licks.

"That feels mighty good," Roy moaned, "you're pretty good at that," he added as he grabbed Zak's head and ran his fingers through his long blond hair, "I'm sorry...but I ain't gonna last long."

"No problem," Zak said coming up long enough to lock eyes with Roy, "we have all night and there are five of us."

Roy growled in his throat and threw his head back and when Zak suddenly swallowed his pecker to the hilt he cried out and began to unload what seemed like buckets of hot sticky sperm.

Zak struggled to keep up with the gusher erupting from Roy's big pecker, but eventually he got it all swallowed down. All that was left was the clean up and that was almost as much fun as the main event. Zak used his wicked tongue to bathe Roy's big, but empty balls and his huge pecker which had yet to go soft. When Zak was satisfied Roy had come as much as he could, he stood and gave him a quick hug and a kiss on the lips.

"There, how was that?"

"You really know how to treat your guests," Roy said still trying to recover from perhaps the most intense orgasm of his life.

"There's more where that came from. Do you like fuckin' ass Roy?"

"I...uh, well...I've never..."

"Oh, man are you gonna have some fun tonight," Zak said rubbing his own hard pecker as he spoke.

"Should I? Can I? I mean..." Roy said staring at Zak's hard teenage pecker.

"What ever you want...I don't mind," Zak said grinning.

"I'm not too experienced, but I think I remember a few things," Roy said reaching for Zak's pecker and skinning back the foreskin releasing his musky teenage fragrance.

Dropping to his knees Roy mimicked Zak's earlier actions, adding a few tricks of his own and before long Zak was moaning and thrusting, and just as he was about to come, a ruckus on the stairs pulled his attention away as the other boys came barreling down the stairs.

"Told ya' they were messing around," Dane said grinning as they screeched to a halt beside the two.

Roy was surprised, but not so surprised that he stopped what he was doing, and before Zak could reply to this rude intrusion he arched up and began to unload in Roy's eager mouth. 

Roy drank Zak's thick teenage sperm down and marveled at how good it tasted, then licked him clean and stood up and gave Zak a hug, skipping the kiss.

"That was fun to watch," Dane laughed, "Was it as much fun as it looked?"

"Why don't you knock next time?" Zak teased.

"Well, if you could keep your pecker to yourself, I wouldn't need to," Dane laughed and everyone joined in, except Roy who was blushing and busying himself with the wine bottles he's set aside.

"Don't tell me you wouldn't have done what I did if you'd had the chance. You'd just mad cause I got to him first."

"Guys, don't fight over him," Frankie said noticing that Roy was a bit embarrassed by the situation.

"You guys go on back upstairs and lay the mats out. We'll be up in a minute," Zak said taking charge, "Don't mind them Roy, they're just horny," he said once the others were gone, "I hope you're up to it, cause everyone of those boys is gonna wanna get a feel of that big ole' pecker of yours."

Roy made that growling sound in his throat again and his pecker throbbed at the thought of having five beautiful sexy boys giving him pleasure.

Back upstairs they found the others had laid down the mats and were lounging there, sipping wine and watching the fire as they touched each other intimately in preparation for what came  next.

"Well, I see you boys started without us," Zak said pulling Roy by the hand into the middle of the lounging boys.

"Lay down here," Dane said patting a spot in the middle of the mats, "that way we can all see ya' and touch ya'."

Roy was shaking with anticipation as he laid down, but he didn't have to wait long before he was joined by the other boys. Dane was first to reach for his manhood and he lifted it gently as if he was weighing it before skinning back the skin and kissing the glistening head.

"Uhhhh..."Roy moaned rolling his head from side to side.

Doug was next to join in, taking a place between Roy's sturdy legs and lifting his full nut sack and licking the smooth eggs before taking them into his mouth and rolling them around.

Billy was a bit shy around new people, but once he saw how much the others were enjoying themselves he moved closer and began to gently rub Roy's chest and stomach, making little oh sounds when he discovered how hard and muscled Roy was.

When Billy leaned down and began sucking and biting on Roy's erect nipples Roy moaned louder and reached down and began fondling Billy's smooth ass. He might have been a virgin as far as fucking was concerned, but he knew a nice ass when he saw one.

Zak pulled Frankie to him and they were kissing deeply as they watched the others, content to just be together for the moment.

Zak nuzzled Frankie's ear causing him to shiver then planted a sweet kiss on his cheek as he reached down between them and latched onto Frankie's hard pecker.

"Mmmm....that feels good," Frankie moaned deeply.

"Don't tell the others, but this is my favorite pecker of all," Zak whispered into Frankie's ear.

"Mmmm...yours too," Frankie murmured softly.

 For a time they were oblivious to what was going on with the three younger boys and their guest as they immersed themselves in each other. Then suddenly Roy cried out when they looked that way they saw Dane just beginning to lower himself onto Roy's hard pole.

"Oh MY GOD," Roy panted, "how can that fit in there?"

"He's had lots of practice," Doug giggled.

Zak went back to Frankie then, but occasionally he would glance over to monitor Dane's progress, and eventually Dane managed to take the whole thing up his tight butt.

"Oh...shit, that feels so tight," Roy moaned.

"Just relax and let me do the work," Dane hissed, as he began to fuck himself on Roy's hard slick cock.

"Good thing I came already," Roy panted, "otherwise I'd already be firing off in your tight bottom."

"I know how to make it good and how to make it last," Dane said grinning, "don't I Zak?"

"Yeah, my little brother is an expert," Zak chuckled.

Roy let Dane do the work for as long as he could, but eventually he grabbed onto Dane's slender hips and began humping up into Dane's hot tight hole. It didn't take long before Roy was panting and raving as Dane flopped around like a rag doll, then suddenly Roy cried out and began to unload.

"Oh shiiiiiiiiiiiitttttt....oh, oh, oh...."

Then still panting as if he'd ran a mile Roy quit moving as Dane sank down and remained impaled on his slowly shrinking cock.

"Did you like it?" Dane asked grinning.

"Like it? Like it?" Roy gushed, "It was the most amazing thing I've ever felt."

"Good, glad you liked it. You know Billy is even tighter than me?"

Roy groaned and everyone laughed.

There was more sharing as the night went on, and eventually Roy got a change to see just how tight Billy was. When first light filtered in through the window Roy found himself with a warm soft boy on either side of him and he smiled.

"Good morning," Dane said as his eyes drifted open, "did you sleep good?"

"Like a log, but my pecker is kinda' sore today," he chuckled.

"I bet, it was up a lot of butts," Dane giggled.

"I thought I dreamed that," Roy muttered.

"Dreamed what?" A sleepy eyed Doug asked from the other side of him.

"You," Roy said giving the boy a squeeze, "You gonna come back to town with me like we talked about?"

"Yeah, I want to, but I'll miss the others," Doug said forlornly.

"Well, you can come back and visit, we both can. Anytime you say."

"I know," Doug said softly.

There was a big breakfast of fresh eggs, dried bacon, bread and honey and butter, as well as tea and coffee. The older boys liked coffee as did Roy, but the younger boys preferred tea.

"I had a wonderful time last night, but I need to get back to town and to work. I have lots to do today."

"I can help," Doug said seeming more cheerful now.

"Still sure you wanna be a blacksmith?" Zak asked watching Doug closely.

"Yeah, I really do. I'll miss all you guys, but I'll be back before you know it, right Roy?"

"Yeah, like I told Doug, we can come visit anytime he wants to. I won't let him come alone though. I mean you guys can come get him if you want, but it's not safe for a boy to travel alone."

"Right, I been thinking bout' that. What if you brought him back on Friday since you don't work on the weekend and stay with us till Monday?"

"Are you sure? I mean that would be great."

"I think that would be best. That way you can tell us how Doug's doing and we can help you relax."

"If I relax as much as I did last night I won't last long," Roy chuckled.

"Well, we'll try to make sure you don't overdo next time. I understand it's been a while and you had lost time to make up."

"Yeah, but I'm good for a while."

"Plus you'll have Doug every night," Dane laughed.

"I'll have him all to myself," Doug said grinning. 

"We'll miss you Doug, but when you come home it will be extra special," Frankie added.

"I've been thinking," Zak said as he wiped his plate clean with the last of his bread, "that guy...the gunslinger or whatever, he might still be around. So Doug I want you to take your bow and arrows with you."

"Oh, you think he's dangerous?"

"Who knows , better to be prepared in case."

"Sometimes I wish I carried a gun," Roy said frowning, "but I hate the things. I do have a couple of rifles back at the shop, but the only thing I ever shot was game."

"Just be careful guys and if you see that guy avoid him if you can."

After breakfast the boys cleaned up the mess and they all walked down to the ocean for a quick swim before Roy and Doug left for town. They skipped the usual sex session and as they walked the two up to the main road into town there was a feeling of sadness hanging over them. 

Doug had been with them every day since they'd stumbled upon him and though Billy hadn't known him as long, he felt a sense of loss as well. Doug have mixed feelings, excitement at what was ahead, and of course the thought of being separated from his family.

"Bye, you guys...see you  Friday. We'll have a big dinner and lots of wine," Zak said waving, "Doug, listen to Roy and do what he says and you'll be fine."

"Yes dad," Doug giggled, "Don't worry, it'll be fine. See ya' guys," he said taking Roy's hand, and then together the two started down the path.

"I miss him already," Dane said sadly as they stood watching the two walk away.

"Yeah, I know," Zak said squeezing his younger brother's shoulders, "this will be our first night apart since we found him."


By Friday the boys had forgotten about the stranger in the area and were looking forward to Roy and Doug's homecoming. They'd prepared a feast for the boys and had chilled some champagne in the spring fed creek to celebrate their return.

Roy had agreed to close early to give them plenty of time to get there before dark, and as promised they appeared at the end of the path while there was still plenty of daylight.

When Doug saw the others standing at the end of the path watching them approach he broke loose from Roy and came running up to greet them. He threw himself at each of them in turn, hugging them and kissing them, and then Roy was there and there was more hugging and kissing.

"You look good little brother," Zak said looking at Doug as he stripped off his shorts.

"Awww...that feels good. I hate having to wear clothes all day in town, but when we're working around the forge and stuff it's not safe to be naked."

"Never thought of that," Zak said giving Roy a warm look, "has he been behaving himself Roy?"

"He's amazing. I mean it, he soaks stuff up like a sponge. In six months he'll know as much as I do and be thinkin' up new stuff."

"That's good, that's great. So I guess you like it okay?" Zak asked feeling conflicted. On one hand he was glad Doug was doing so well, but on the other hand he was hoping Doug hated it and wanted to come home.

"I love it, it's so much fun. Course' I miss you guys, but me and Roy have fun, don't we?" Doug said grinning lewdly.

"I bet," Frankie laughed, "well, I hope you saved yourself for tonight, cause we got big plans for you guys."

"Yeah," Dane giggled, "for both of ya'."

"What's to eat?" Doug said sniffing the air, "Roy ain't much of a cook and I been missing our cookouts."

"He's right about that, but I'm tryin' to learn now that I got someone to cook for."

"We're having roasted fish, potatoes, fresh veggies, fruit and bread, and for dessert a cake with real frosting."

"Wow, how'd you do that?" Doug asked sounding impressed.

"Frankie figured out how to make frosting from sugar and egg whites. He nearly wore his arm off beatin' it," Zak laughed.

"That's great," Doug said smiling, "I'm so glad I'm home," he said plopping down on the worn couch near the fire pit. The smell of roasting fish and vegetables caused his mouth to water and he had never felt as happy as he did at that moment.

"Wine?" Zak said offering the two travelers a  glass.

"Mmmm...good, "Doug said taking a big gulp and sighing, "how'd you get it cold?"

"Put it in the spring overnight."

"Mmm...cold is better."

"Any sign of the stranger?" Zak asked as they were enjoying their dinner.

"No, but I heard he's still in the area. I heard he was asking about a guy named Tom Haskins. Said he had a score to settle with him."

"Tom? You sure  he said Tom?" Billy said looking worried.

"Yeah, why?"

"Oh, nothin'. It's just that...that man who took me away, his name was Tom, but I don't know what his last name was."

"He's dead though, right?" From Zak.

"I...I'm not sure.." Billy said not explaining further.

"Probably a different guy," Roy suggested.

"Wonder what he wants with this guy?" Doug asked looking worried.

"Who knows, men still make war even after all the bad stuff that the last one caused," Zak said thoughtfully.

"Yeah, too bad more people can't live like you guys do, in peace and harmony with the world," Roy said raising his glass, "to the boys on the beach and peace for all."

"Piece of me," Dane giggled, "you up for some fun Roy. I missed that big ole' pecker of yours. It felt good in me."

Roy blushed, but nodded, "I been thinkin' about that night."

"Hey, wasn't I good enough?" Doug protested.

"Sorry,'re fun too, but that night was wild."

"Should have been, five boys are bettern' one," Dane giggled.

"This fish is delicious," Roy said changing the subject.

"It's a new fish we discovered. It has hardly any bones and fillets easily. It tastes almost like chicken, don't ya think?"

"Yeah, it frog legs maybe. I think if you can catch enough of these to trade you can make some good trades."

"Yeah, we been thinkin' about using nets, but we'd need a boat. Any idea where we could find a boat?"

"Yeah, I do. I'll work on it when I get back to town. Maybe I'll have news by the time I come back next Friday."

They ate slowly, enjoying the food and wine and most of all the company, and when they were sated they moved to the little living area overlooking the beach and sat and talked some more.

The  moon rose over the ocean and was not only beautiful but romantic. The boys were cuddled up close, Dane and Doug on either side of Roy and  Billy, Zak, and Frankie made up the other threesome.

"Nights like this makes me glad to be alive," Zak said softly as he nuzzled Frankie's neck playfully.

"It's nice here, too bad I can't make a living out here, I'd move in a minute."

"We'd feed you and take care of you," Dane said handling Roy's huge pecker as if it was his private toy.

"I know you would, and it's tempting, but I feel like what I do is important and that someone needs to do it. That's why I wanted someone to follow in my footsteps. Let's face it, if the plague gets me I don't have too many more good years to go."

"Don't say that," Zak said frowning, "you're still young and the plague is striking fewer and fewer people down each year."

"Yeah, they say eventually we'll adapt and it won't kill anyone," Roy said softly. "I just hope it's in my lifetime."

"That might be a good reason to retire to the beach," Zak suggested, "my folks seemed to think that it was spread from one person to another and some people only died cause they were exposed to those people. That's why we were moving away," Zak said remembering the pain of his parents deaths all over again.

"Yeah, well...let's not talk about sad stuff you guys," Roy said hoping to soothe Zak's pain, "who's up for a walk on the beach and maybe a midnight swim?"

"Me! Me!" Dane and Doug yelled at once.

"That sounds good to me," Zak agreed, "You guys up for it?" he asked looking at Frankie and Billy.

They moved to the beach walking side by side and talking softly, in awe of the moonlight and celebrating the richness of their lives. Zak and Frankie held hands while the other boys scampered along side by side occasionally brushing hands or bumping together like puppies.

The gentle roar of the surf sent fluorescent waves crashing onto the white sand as the moon bathed the vastness of the ocean with an ethereal light. It was both beautiful and frightening to behold, and enraptured by the spell of the ocean the boys fell quiet.

When at last Zak spoke his words were barely more than a whisper, "So fucking beautiful," Zak said softly as the others stood beside him and stared out at the vastness beyond.

The moment passed and the boys eventually snapped out of their trance and began to frolic on the beach and in the surf. Despite their bravado no one dared to actually swim. The ocean seemed too huge and scary for more than just wading, but the was just fine too.

Eventually they piled down on the blankets that the boys kept on the beach, and laying side by side they talked quietly among themselves. Talking soon turned to touching and touching to sexing and the night was soon filled with soft moaning and the wet sounds of bodies coming together.

When each boy was sated at least once they lay entangled and let the cool ocean breeze play across their bodies as they talked quietly among themselves.

"We should do this more often at night," Dane suggested, "it's really nice out here and a lot cooler than in the house."

"Yeah, as long as a sea monster doesn't come along and bite our peckers off," Doug joked.

"Do you think there really are monsters in the sea...and on land?" Billy, the youngest boy asked looking worried.

"I think there are things out there," Roy said gazing out at the ocean for emphasis, "that no man has ever laid eyes on, at least no man living today."

"Like what?" Billy asked scooting a bit closer to Roy.

"Oh, things with lot of arms and suction cups on those arms. Things that can see in the dark and live hundreds of feet beneath the sea where no man could survive. The old books show pictures of them. Men used to have boats that went under the water and they took pictures of the things in the sea."

"Have you ever seen any of those creatures for real?"

"No, just the usual things you boys see on the beach. Small octopuses, manta rays, stingfish, crabs, and jellyfish..."

"What about monsters on land?" Billy asked not wanting to let it go yet.

"Who's to say? The bombing did more than change how men are, it changed every living creature in one way or another. Some species survived, some are all gone. There were things called dogs and cats, but now there are only a few of those animals around. Horses and cows survived and seem to be stronger than before. Birds of all kind are everywhere..."

"And chickens," Billy butted in.

"Yeah, thank Heavens for chickens. We'll have fresh eggs tomorrow," Zak laughed.

That ended the monster talk and after a while the touching began again, this time partners swapping around until everyone pretty much had a go at everyone else. After the second round they rested again and Billy fell asleep cuddled up to Doug. Zak and Frankie found each other again and were kissing and cuddling as Roy  cuddled  Doug and Dane on either side of him.

"We should sleep here," Dane suggested.

"I don't think so," Zak said taking charge, "we're most vulnerable when we're asleep, and as long as the gunman is still around we need to be careful."

"Yeah, I guess," Dane sighed.

"Do you really think the gunman is a danger?" From Roy.

"I don't know, I just don't like strangers and I don't trust them. I know some men would do just about anything to get a boy. Just ask Billy."

"Sorry, I know you're right," Roy said softly, "and I'd defend anyone of you to the death if he tried."

Eventually they walked back to the house and after checking it from top to bottom to make sure no unwanted guests had come along while they were gone, they locked up and laid out the sleeping mats.

The earlier activities had worn the boys out and they were soon sleeping soundly.

Zak and Roy however were still wide awake and over a glass of wine they talked softly about the things that were important to them.

"I'm glad to hear Doug is doing so well. I've always thought he was smart and now I know it for sure."

"Doug is amazin'. Sometimes it's scary how fast he picks up on things. Won't be long till he knows all I have to teach him and then I guess we'll learn some new stuff together," Roy chuckled.

"Good, that's good," Zak said staring out the window at the dark beach beyond, "This gunslinger, what do you really think he's up to?"

"Well, all I know is what I've heard, but I don't think he's really a danger to us. I mean if he wanted to make trouble he could have done it already."

"I guess that's true, still I just wish he'd ride out and let us get back to things the way they were."

"Could be gone by now, who knows?" Roy said.

"Yeah, I hope so. So..Doug keeps you up at night?" Zak teased.

"He's a handful, that's for sure, but I like having him in my bed. I never knew what I was missing till he came along."

"He likes it there too, I can tell. I think he's sort of torn though, he misses us, but  he likes being with you."

"Yeah, well...not too much longer and I reckon he could come back to you all," Roy said sounding sad.

"Well, we won't rush things. When he's ready he'll tell us I reckon."

"Yeah, like I said, the boy is smart and he knows what he wants."

"I guess you're probly' tired and ready for some sleep now..." Zak said feeling Roy out.

"Not too tired," he said grinning at Zak, "Never too tired to have some fun, if that's what you're askin'."

"Might help us sleep better," Zak suggested as he scooted closer.

Roy's pecker had began to rise and as Zak's hand wrapped around it, it rose to it's full glory.

"I love how big it is," Zak said leaning down till Roy could feel his hot breath on the wet head of his rampant member.

"Yours is nice too," Roy said reaching over to grab onto Zak's hard teenage pecker.

"Ummm...shall we tumble into the floor and appreciate each other at the same time," Zak said lustily.

"I think that's a wonderful idea. I think that's called a 69 if I remember my history correctly. I learned that in a book once...when I was bout' your age."

"I like that, it fits. A 6 and a 9 all curled up and giving pleasure," Zak said as he nestled his head between Roy's legs.

"Mmmmm...feels nice, but I guess I need to stop talkin' and start slurpin'," he chuckled.

For a while the only sounds were the moaning and smacking of two horny young men sucking each other. Then suddenly Zak cried out and began to flood Roy's mouth with his plentiful teenage cum. Even as Roy savored the tasty treat, his own flood was boiling in his balls and suddenly it was spewing forth into Zak's hungry mouth.

When they were sated, and every drop had been licked clean, they cuddled on the floor and talked softly about nothing in particular. They were still cuddled up when the morning sunlight woke them as it played across their faces.

Zak stretched and looked over at Roy who was just rousing from sleep. Both boys had morning hardons and needed to pee badly, but it took a minute to become fully awake and to become motivated enough to rise.

Without speaking they walked outside into the morning mist and found a place nearby to relieve themselves. Standing side by side they hosed down the base of a tall palm tree and then shook the dew off the lily.

"Think Frankie will be mad that we slept together?" Roy asked frowning.

"Naw, Frankie understands. We don't own each other and we're free to be with anyone we want. Reason we're together so much is cause we're both older I reckon. It just seems like we get along really good."

"You don't think you love him more than the others?"

"Well, not more than Dane, but maybe a little more than the others."

"That's okay you know. You can love more than one person and love some more than others. It's how you treat them that makes the difference."

"Yeah, know I love you too, right? You're like a big brother to all of us."

"I love you guys too," Roy sighed, "and being here with you is the best times of my life."

"Well, you can take a little part of us back with you," Zak chuckled, "and here he comes now."

"Morning you guys, did you guys sleep together last night?"

"Yeah, too much wine and one last orgasm and we passed out," Zak laughed.

"I missed you Roy, but I had fun with the others. I really missed them and we made up for lost time last night."

"Did Frankie sleep with you guys?"

"Naw, he stayed for a while, then he went to your room to wait for you I guess."

"He didn't come back later or anything?"

"Naw, still there I reckon," Doug said hosing down the same Palm as they talked.

"I should go see about him," Zak said excusing himself.

He found Frankie laying face down on the bed they usually shared snoring softly. His long hair lay about his shoulders and draped down onto his face covering his fine features.

Zak stood and stared at his beauty for a moment and felt a catch in his breath. He knew he shouldn't feel this way, that he shouldn't play favorites, but damn it, he couldn't control himself around Frankie.

Carefully laying down beside the sleeping boy he snuggled into him and placed an arm around his slim waist. Frankie sighed in his sleep but didn't awaken and Zak began to rub his back slowly and gently.

"Mmmm...feels good," Frankie mumbled.

"Good morning," Zak whispered, "Sorry about last night. Roy and I got to talking and one thing led to another..."

"It's okay, I don't own you," Frankie said sighing.

"Just my heart," Zak said feeling especially emotional.

Frankie turned his head and brushed back the hair from his eyes, "What do you mean?"

"I mean I love you, that's all."

"Well, sure...and I love you too. We all love each other....right?"

"Yeah, well...I know I shouldn't say this, but I think it's more than that with you. It's hard to explain exactly."

"Yeah, I know," Frankie said grinning, "I feel like that too."

"Good, then we understand each other."

"Yeah, can I be honest about something though."

"Sure, you can always be honest with me and I'll do the same."

"I was kind of mad and hurt at first when you didn't come to bed, then I got to thinking, and I was mad at myself for thinking like that. I don't have the right to feel that way. You give me so much of your time now, and you treat me better than I deserve."

"No, don't get down on yourself over this. You have a right.  I should've come, got you and let you join us. I guess I just got caught up in our conversation and well...I drank a little to much wine and after we got off I passed out."

"It's okay, I was tired anyway."

"No, it's not okay and next time I will include you."

"Okay," Frankie said smiling, "but it's okay if you don't."

The boys dined on roasted fish and fresh eggs and biscuits with honey and after their food settled they swam in the ocean. After a long delightful swim and some grab ass and frolicking in the water they lay on blankets resting and enjoying the warm sunshine.

"It's gonna' be hard to leave tomorrow," Roy sighed.

"Then don't, stay another day or two...or a week. You're your own boss after all," Zak suggested.

"I'd like to, but I have folks dependin' on me, right Doug?"

"Yeah, we got a couple a' wheels to fix and some horses to shoe," Doug said sounding almost enthusiastic about the work ahead.

"We'll be back soon," Roy offered.

"How about next weekend?" Zak said sitting up, "In fact, how about every weekend?"

"Well, I don't know..."

"Aw, come on. What else have you got to do?"

"Well, what do you think Doug?"

"I think that's a great idea."

"So, it's settled. That way Doug won't get so lonely for us," Zak said jumping the smaller boy and tickling him.

"I gotta boner now," Doug giggled.

"Well, we can't waste that," Zak said grabbing onto it, "Who wants to  help?"

The impromptu blowjob led to more frolicking and before long the boys were engaged in all sorts of sexual activities. Frankie lay on his back, his legs high in the air as Zak slowly worked his pecker in and out of his tight ass. 

Zak took his time, leaning down and kissing Frankie occasionally, as all around him the other boys engaged in their own acts of pleasure. 

Roy lay on his back, his hard pecker buried in Doug's tight young ass as he rode his mentor and would-be lover enthusiastically, and they seemed oblivious of what was going on around them.

Perhaps if they hadn't been quite so engaged with one another they might have heard the stranger approaching, but then again the stranger was an expert at being stealthy.

"Well, well, ,well," the gunslinger said in an amused voice, "Look what we have here, a bunch of boys naked and havin' pecker fun."

Zak and Roy reacted first, pulling away from their lovers and moving between the stranger and the younger boys in a defensive manner.

"What do you want?" Zak said boldly.

"Relax boy, I ain't gonna hurt you none, though I wouldn't mind splitting one of those tight butts with my pecker."

"We don't want no trouble mister, but I'd die before I let you touch one of them," Roy said boldly.

"That goes for me too," Zak said gritting his teeth.

"Whoa, no need for anyone ta' die," the man laughed.

He was tall, with dark features and a moustache with a two day growth of beard that barely hid the scar running from his eye to his chin. He was well muscled and fit, and Zak had to admit that despite the scar and the facial hair, and his tough demeanor, he was a handsome man.

"What do you want?" Zak asked relaxing a little.

"Oh, some food, water, some information maybe."

"And then you'll leave us alone? Do we have your word?" Roy asked taking charge again.

"As one man to another," the stranger said actually smiling at Roy, "you have my word that I mean you no harm and that I'll go when I'm rested."

It was a strange caravan that made their way back to the beach house and all the way there Zak kept expecting the stranger to break his promise and attack them. He had never been so terrified in his young life, but he wasn't so much worried for himself as he was for the other boys.

Zak quickly rounded up some food for the stranger and placed it before him with a tall glass of wine. He was hoping to mellow the stranger out some by plying him with food and drink, but if that didn't work and things turned bad he was prepared to fight to the death.

"Name's Samuel Topher," the stranger said between bites, "this is good wine, you make it yourself?"

"Naw, we found it," Zak confessed, "there were a few bottles in the house, we only serve it on special occasions."

Samuel laughed, "Tryin' to butter me up. Well, thanks for the compliment," then sitting down his plate and glass he wiped his hands on his dirty trousers and sighed, "Look, I know you're worried that I'm a bad man and that I might want to hurt you, but I swear that's not how it is."

"So how is it?" From Roy.

"I'm lookin' for someone, a man. A man that I thought was my friend, but when push come to shove he abandoned me and left me for dead. I wanna' find him and pay him back, that's all."

"This man, why do  you think he's around here?" Zak asked with interest.

"Don't know for sure, but I know he was headed this way and knowin' him like I do...well, let's just say that these boys ain't safe if he is around here."

"This guy you're looking for, he gotta name?" Roy asked testing him to see if he gave the same name he'd heard before.

"Yeah, though skunk would be a better name. Haskins, Tom Haskins. Ever heard of him?"

"Uh, I...I think I knew him," Billy said reluctantly. He had no desire to stir those memories up again, for he still had nightmares about the man. But he had lived in fear of his return too long and if helping the gunslinger find him would rid him of those demons, he would do what he could.

Samuel looked the boy over, "Yeah, tell me about him."

"I was livin' with my uncle, then he died, but the people in the village took care of me after that. One day I was at the creek gettin' some water and this man...he was fat and smelly, he came up behind me and put his hand over my mouth and carried me away."

"I don't know his last name, but his first name was Tom and he...he did awful things to me and made me  hurt," Billy said as tears ran down his cute face.

He was surrounded by the other boys then who offered him comfort, and he was able to continue after a while.

"One night, he got drunk and passed out after he...after he hurt me, and I took a piece of firewood and hit him with it...on the head. I don't know if I killed him or not, but I ran away and I never saw him again. I tried to find the village again, but I got lost and, and well...I wound up here and I been here ever since."

"Sounds like him," the gunslinger said perking up, "how long ago was this?"

Billy looked at Zak and shrugged. He wasn't good at figuring out time, but between them they figured out approximately how long ago that had been.

"Could be anywhere by now," Samuel grunted, "If he's not dead that is."

"I hope he's dead," Billy said shivering.

"Sorry you had to run across that snake," Samuel said taking a sip of his wine, "but sounds like you did good hittin' him and runnin' away."

"I should a' made sure he was dead," Billy said wiping away his tears and looking angry and almost evil.

"No boy, it's best you leave justice to those who know how to deal with his kind. I promise you boy, if he's still alive I won't rest till I find him and make him pay."

"More wine?" Zak asked not knowing quite what to say after all that.

"Sure, why not? Might be a while till I have such good wine and such good company again."

The mood seemed lighter as they refilled their glasses and  the boys actually began to warm up to the stranger. Despite his hard looks and tough persona he seemed like a decent man. 

Samuel liked boys, always had, but he would never have forced one to do the things Tom Haskins had. He felt like he was too old and too ugly for a boy to want to be with him, so instead he lived a solitary life and his only relief was his hand and his fantasies.

"Don't suppose you gotta' proper bath or shower around here?" Samuel asked after he'd finished his meal.

"We mostly bathe in the ocean, but there's a spring fed creek a little ways from the house. It's cold though. We use it to cool our wine sometimes. We could haul some water and heat it on the fire if you want a warm bath. There's a big tub in the bathroom."

"A dip in the ocean will be fine for now. Been a while since I bathed. And  these clothes could use a washin'."

"We'll take care of that sir," Dane said smiling at the man then blushing. For some strange reason he found the man intriguing and felt a tingling just from being near him.

"Sir?" the man laughed, "Ain't no need to get formal. Just call me Sam boy, what's your name?"

"I'm Dane..sir...I mean Sam," the boy said blushing.

Zak look at his younger brother with surprise. Why was Dane being so friendly and helpful to the stranger all of a sudden?

"All right, well...thanks for the grub and the wine. I guess I'll go on down to the beach and get this worn out old body of mine clean."

"I'll go with you," Dane said quickly, then blushed, "I mean I can wash your clothes while you bathe."

"We'll all go," Zak said stiffly. No way was he going to leave his brother and this strange man alone.

"Still don't trust me huh?" Samuel laughed, "Boy if I meant you harm, I'd of already done it. I ain't gonna hurt you boys. I got a soft spot for boys and what Haskins done to Billy is just one more reason to hunt that scum down and end him."

"It's okay, we could all use a bath too, Frankie grab the soap and stuff."

Samuel waited till they arrived at the beach to begin undressing, first removing his leather boots and thick wool socks before removing his shirt. There were a few scars on is chest, but that didn't  hide the fact that he was ripped, with a full six pack and a flat washboard stomach.

Even Zak felt a little stirring as the gunslinger's body came into view and he had to look away when he finally removed his jeans and underwear. But his curiosity got the better of him, and after a few heartbeats he looked back and nearly fainted.

Nestled in a dark patch of pubic hair hung an imposing looking pecker and two huge balls. Zak was surprised the man wasn't overly hairy down there, but he supposed that was just part of the new nature of man since the war.

Scratching at his balls the man turned and headed toward the water as Zak stared at what he thought to be the most beautiful ass he'd ever seen.

"He's sexy," Doug whispered to Frankie.

"Uh huh,"Frankie said looking over at Zak and grinning.

"He's a real man," Doug said almost drooling, "Just like Roy," he added taking Roy's hand in his, "Come on Roy, let's get in the water."

Soon all the boys were in the water surrounding Samuel, and Dane even offered to wash the man's back for him.

Was it possible the boy liked him? Samuel wondered, then dismissed the idea immediately. Why would a beautiful young boy like that want anything to do with an old goat like him? 

"What happened here?" Dane said touching a delicate white scar that ran across Samuel's shoulder.

For a moment the man was unable to speak, the thrill of the boy's hand playing about  his skin was almost too much to bear, but suddenly he found his voice.

"Knife fight, when I was bout' 14 or so. Me and another kid was fightin' over some food."

"Didn't you have enough food for both of you?"

"Never did, not back then. We was being raised by a man who didn't care if we lived or died. It was survival of the strongest. I finally left and I guess the others got my share of the food after that."

"Sorry, but you have food now, right?"

"You worried bout' me boy?" Samuel laughed, "You're a funny sort."

"Sorry," Dane said feeling embarrassed and lame.

"No, it's okay boy. You're a good boy," Samuel said in a voice filled with emotion.

"I like you," Dane said softly, "that's all. I don't think you're a bad man at all."

"Well, some would disagree, but I never hurt no one that didn't deserve it."

"Would you like for me to wash your chest?" Dane asked blushing.

"Why not, might be the closest I get to a boy for a long time," Samuel chuckled, "especially one as cute as you."

"You're so strong,"  Dane said as he let his hand play across the man's muscular chest. How'd you get this one here?" he asked tracing a long pink scar across the man's chest and in the process grazing his nipple and causing it to become erect.

"Oooo, your hands feel mighty good boy," Samuel said feeling week-kneed and light-headed, "That one, let me see....that was from fallin' off a cliff and catching myself on a tree limb. Only problem was I durn near ripped my stupid carcass open in the process. Took me most nearly a month to heal up after that one.

"And this one?" Dane said boldly tracing his finger across the scar from his eye to his chin.

Samuel sucked in a breath and tried not to show just how much the boy's touching was affecting him.

"Another knife fight, but I won that one. Only blow the other guy struck before I gutted him."

"Was he a bad man?" Dane asked feeling only awe at the stranger's apparent nonchalant attitude about killing.

"Very bad. He killed a man and his wife and stole their son and daughter for his own sick needs. He starved em' and beat em' and used em' whenever he wanted to and laughed when they cried at being hurt."

"Then he deserved to die,"  Dane said frowning, "and so does the man who hurt Billy."

"I suppose, but just don't go thinkin' that killin' folks is fun, even if they deserve it. It eats at ya' boy. Sometimes I can't sleep at night for thinking about the things I've done."

"Oh, I know that. I wouldn't want to have to kill anyone myself."

Dane's hands had wandered down to Samuel's flat stomach now and the man seemed dazed by the boy's gentle touch. His pecker was hard as a rock now and he feared the boy would notice and be offended. 

"I think I can take it from here," Samuel said grabbing Dane's hand and stopping it before it could go lower.

"Don't you like me touching you?" Dane said sounding hurt.

"Boy, you don't want to start nothin' you can't finish," Samuel warned.

"Who says I can't finish?" Dane said grinning.

"Zak, you best come get your little brother before I do something we'll all regret later," Samuel laughed.

"My brother can decide for himself what he wants to do," Zak said, not adding that he wouldn't mind starting something himself.

Samuel sighed, "All I want is to get clean and maybe sleep here on your beach tonight."

"No way are we gonna let you sleep out here," Zak said looking serious, "you're our guest and you'll sleep in the house with us."

Did he dare hope that Zak's invitation meant more than a good night's sleep? No, there was no way anything could happen and he certainly wouldn't start anything himself.

"I'm too tired to argue, but I can pay you though."

"No need, you're our guest," Zak assured him, "and we don't charge guests."

Dane left the man to finish washing up and concentrated on his own body, but he couldn't  help notice that Samuel kept sneaking little glances at his body.

Eventually Dane took the bar of soap and went to work on Samuel's clothing, and when they were as clean as he could get them, he wrung them out and laid them out on the rocks to dry.

"It's a fine place you have here," Samuel said as they settled down once more, their glasses filled with a wine, and the mood greatly improved, "There are some what would try to take it from you. You need to always be on guard."

"We know that. We have our bows and arrows and we're crack shots."

"You should have a firearm," Samuel grunted, "I could help you get one before I leave."

"Uh, thanks, but I don't much like guns and we don't really need one. We hunt with our bows and fish mostly. We got chickens and well, we do okay."

"I suppose that might be best. Well, this wine has done clean got to my head and I'm awful tired. If you can point out a spot for me to sleep, I think I'll turn in now."

"Come on, I'll show you where you can sleep," Dane said jumping up and offering his hand to the man.

Zak eyed Dane curiously. He hadn't seen Dane this way before and it surprised him. What was it about men that excited some boys that way?

"Better piss first," Samuel said standing and staggering a little."

"Oh, sure come on," Dane said gladly leading the man to the spot the boys used for number one. Number two was done in an enclosed outhouse with a huge pit dug beneath it.

"I can manage boy," Samuel laughed, "lessen you wanna' hold it fer me."

"I could," Dane said grinning, "but I don't reckon you'd get much pissin' done with a hardon."

Samuel threw his head back and roared with laughter, "I'd forgotten how it was, bein' around boys."

Samuel peed, alone, and when he returned Dane led him to a small room at the back of the house. It had been filled with old papers and junk when the boys had moved in, but they'd long since burned all the papers and removed what junk they had no use for, and now there was only a few pieces of furniture, including a big brass bed.

"This is awful nice," Samuel said, "haven't slept in a real bed in a spell."

"Do you want some company?" Dane asked unashamedly.

"Boy, do you know what you're sayin'?"

"Well, sure...I mean it's not like we don't do stuff together and with Roy."

"Roy, that the young buck that's a Smithy in town?"

"Yeah, you know about him?"

"I know what I need to know. From what I've heard he's a good man."

"He is, he's teachin' Doug to be a blacksmith too, and he helps us a lot." Dane went on to tell him about the bicycles and some of the other things he'd built and Samuel seemed impressed.

"Sounds like the kind of man you boys need around. He live here too?"

Dane explained the arrangement and Samuel nodded. Then sitting down on the bed he tested the firmness of the mattress and despite it's age he discovered it was still firm enough to be comfortable.

"This feels nice boy. Thank you. I reckon I'll lay down and try to get some sleep. I got a long ride in the mornin'."

" you want some company?" Dane asked again, his eyes practically begging.

"Ain't nothin' bettern' a boy in my bed, but it's been a long time and I doubt I'm what a young buck like you needs."

"I think you're just fine," Dane said running a hand across the man's chiseled chest and causing him to shiver.

"Your brother might not like you bein' in here...alone with a man like me."

"You heard him, he said I can make up my own mind. He protects me, but he don't tell me what to do."

"If I say no, you'll get yer' feelings hurt, won't ya'?"

Dane tried to act sad, but the man saw through him right away.

"Climb in boy, but I gotta warn ya', I can't go all night like those boys in there."

Dane giggled and crawled across Samuel, purposely letting his hard prong drag across Samuel's thighs causing an immediate reaction between the man's legs. This was the first time he'd been fully hard, other than in the ocean and out of sight, and Dane didn't know what to expect.

When he saw Samuel's pecker rise to it's full glory he let out a little gasp and stared at it with an open mouth.

"It's big," Dane said unable to take his eyes off Samuel's rampant member.

"I've seen bigger, but it works fine and usually gets the job done."

"Can I...can I touch it?"

"Boy, I didn't figure you was beggin' to sleep in here just for your health," Samuel chuckled, "Do what you want boy, and if there's somethin' you want me to do, just ask. But I won't take no liberties with you. It's gotta be what you want."

That was nice to know, but Dane thought that might slow things down some and he was horny and anxious to get things going.

Reaching out he placed his small trembling hand around the man's pecker and marveled at it's girth. It was so thick that his fingers wouldn't meet so he added his other hand causing the man to suck in a breath and moan appreciatively.

"Careful boy, It's been a while since anyone but me has touched that thing."

"The first time I'd like to taste it, is that okay?"

The man shook almost uncontrollably at the thought of the boy's lovely lips wrapped around his pecker and he found he was unable to speak. Nodding his approval he lay back and waited for the boy to begin.

First he felt the boy's warm breath on his wet pecker and balls and he shivered with anticipation. Next pulling back the man's foreskin to expose his pecker head, he planted a wet kiss on the end, tasting his pre-cum and moaning his approval.

"You taste good..."

"Boy..." was as far as Samuel got before he felt the boy's warm wet mouth surround his aching pecker. 

Samuel felt a catch in his throat and his heart was pounding in his ears. Then he gasped out loud as the boy swallowed him to the root, his soft lips now touching his pubic hairs.

"Oh boy..." he gasped, "You know what you're doin', that's for sure."

Dane's only reply was a soft giggle that vibrated Samuel's pecker and caused even more pleasure. Then the boy was pulling up, licking all up and down the shaft and then lapping at his balls to slow things down some.

"Don't come...too...soon," Dane explained between licks.

"Uhhhhhh...never had a boy lick my nuts before...."

"I like them," Dane said trying to pull one of them into his mouth afterwards.

"'s so...good," he said moving his head from right to left as he shivered and shook and opened his legs wider to give the boy better access.

Then before he could react the boy was going even lower, licking at his taint and then...oh my God, he was licking at his back hole. Never had he had anyone, boy or man done that, and even though he had licked a few boys back there, nothing had prepared him for this.

"You want in there boy?" Samuel growled. He liked being fucked by a boy almost as much as he enjoyed fucking one.

"Nope, but I want you in mine," he said before going back to Samuel's pecker. 

This time he took it slow, licking and sucking, and occasionally deep throating it, edging the man and until he was clawing at the covers and swearing.

Dane felt a certain power in being able to have such an effect on the older man, but he knew he could prolong the inevitable only so long and that it was time to let the man come.

Wetting his fingers in his mouth he reached between the man's leg and worked his fingers into the man's butthole then went down on him greedily, this time determined to reap his rewards.

Samuel bucked and thrusted and moaned and cussed and when he finally began spewing into Dane's hungry mouth he was so loud that the other boys rushed to see what the ruckus was.

Opening the door slowly Zak peered in and the others gathered round just in time to see Samuel thrust up one last time then fall back to the bed panting as if he'd ran a race. His eyes were closed, but eventually he opened them and when he saw the boys in the doorway he blushed.

"What? Ain't you never seen a man blow his seed before?" he groused.

"Yeah, and with Dane doin' it, I know it was good," Zak laughed.

"Get out then," Samuel said trying to sound mad, but failing.

"We're going, we're going," Zak laughed.

When the others were gone Dane crawled up beside the man and lay his head on his shoulder.

"Was it good?"

"It was the best boy, but would a' been better with a kiss. Do ya' kiss boy?"

"Yes!" Dane said perking up, then offering his lips to the man he kissed him deeply and wetly. Samuel realized the boy hadn't swallowed quite all of his spunk and he could taste it on the boy's lips causing his wilting pecker to make a comeback.

Dane felt it pressing against him and he reached down and gave it a gentle squeeze causing Samuel to moan into his mouth.

"I want to make you feel good boy, is that all right?"

"Yessss..." Dane hissed, "I'm so hard it hurts."

After pleasuring Dane the two cuddled, but Dane would not rest until he had at least tried to get the gunslinger's huge pecker inside him. He waited till the man was asleep then began touching him until he was hard once more.

He was always amazed that boys or men could become aroused while they slept, but he supposed it merely proved that the pecker had a mind of it's own. 

In this case Samuel was hard and leaking after only a few strokes. This was exactly what Dane was hoping for and he wasted no time taking advantage of the situation.

Being as quiet and careful as he could, Dane wet his fingers in his mouth and probed his hole until he felt he was ready for what came next. Then squatting over the man, still trying to be as quiet as possible, he reached down and grabbed the man's slick pecker and placed the head of it against his hot, tacky hole.

"Mmm...whaaaaa," was as far as Samuel got when he suddenly woke to feel Dane slowly sinking down on is hard pole. Then before his head could quite clear enough to assess the situation, Dane's ass had swallowed all of him and his smooth boy butt was resting on his pubes.

"Boy...." he moaned.

"I did it. I hope it was okay," Dane said not really concerned at all. How could a man resist such a thing after all?

"I can't believe it fits," Samuel gasped, "How did you do that?"

"Practice," Dane said grinning, "Zak is pretty big and so is Roy. You're bigger, but I just knew I could take yours without any problem."

"Boy, you're really tight. I might not last too long..."

"Don't worry, I know how to make it last," Dane said concentrating on Samuel's pecker  as he began to fuck himself on it, "It feels good inside me, I think I might cum this way," he gasped.

"I have had a few boys do that," Samuel chuckled, "but it's been a while. Boy, you make me want a boy of my own again."

"You should stay close then, you can come be with us anytime you want."

"I wish I could Boy, but I got things to do....uh...oh, I see what you're doin'...gettin' my mind off what your backside is doin' to my pecker," he laughed.

"If you get too close, warn me," Dane said making a face as he concentrated on the task at hand.

"Better rest a minute..."

Dane managed to prolong the fuck for another ten minutes, but there was no way either of them could have lasted much longer. As expected Dane came almost at the same time as Samuel, splashing his hot teenage seed onto the man's chest and stomach as the man's spunk painted the boy's insides.

Dane sat there on his haunches resting as his orgasm washed over him then raised up and fell down on top of Samuel, their bodies cemented together by his cum.

"That was good boy, thanks. I'll remember that for a long time to come. Nights when my hand is all the company I have, I'll picture your face as you squatted over me and took my pecker into your asshole."

Samuel was still half hard as he lay there recovering and Dane hoped he'd be better for at least one more orgasm before the sun rose. But for now they needed sleep and to recharge, and soon he was snoring softly in the man's strong arms.

Zak peeked in on the two the next morning and was not surprised to see that Samuel was buried in Dane's ass. They lay spooning, Samuel moving slowly in and out of the boy while both moaned in pleasure. Zak smiled and closed the door and went in to assist the others with breakfast.

Later as they sat around the cooking pit eating scrambled eggs and bacon Zak kept watching the two wondering if they were going to say anything about what had happened the night before. He knew it was dangerous for a boy to become too attached to a man he couldn't be with, but he had no fear that Dane would want to do something foolish, like going off with the gunslinger.

"I want to thank you for makin' me feel so welcome. You're good men," Samuel said as the meal neared the end. I don't suppose there's any secrets between ya', but I'll leave the tellin' of what went on last night up to Dane. I'll just say I won't forget it for a long time though," Samuel said looking years younger and much more relaxed.

"You mean Dane rapin' you?" Doug giggled, "he's been braggin' about it ever since he climbed outa bed."

"Well...I never had one that big before," Dane said blushing, "bet you couldn't handle it."

"Wanna bet," Doug countered, "Just try me. Hey Samuel..."

Samuel groaned but his pecker was standing up proud now. If he didn't get out of here soon he'd be lost for good. Boys may be Heaven to be with, but some of them were devils in disguise.

Talk of taking on Samuel's big pecker dried up eventually and the conversation turned to other subjects, most notably where Samuel was headed next.

"I think I'll head South up the coast and see what I can see. If that skunk Haskins has half a brain that's the way he'll be headin'."

"Why not just let him go and forget about him," Zak wondered aloud, "You could settle down here, in the village and live a good life."

"Settle down?" the man laughed, "fraid' that's not in the cards fer me. I was meant to wander and to rid the world of vermin like Haskins."

"Just a thought. When will you go?"

"Soon as I get dressed I reckon. The sooner the better. If I stay around here too much I'm liable to get spoilt," he chuckled.

Dane led him to the barn where his horse was grazing and watched as the man saddled up.

"I wish you could stay a little while," Dane said trying not to sound like he was whining. He couldn't explain his attraction to the gunslinger, but it was there and he felt a sense of loss at his leaving.

"I might come back this way...ifn' you want me to," the man said realizing he was holding his breath waiting for the answer to that question.

"When?" Dane said perking up.

"Soon, not sure when. After I find him and get that out of the way."

"I hope it's soon," Dane said then feeling desperate he looked around to see if any of the other had followed them and seeing no one he took the gunslinger's hand in his, "Before you go...can I show you something?"

Samuel smiled, curious to see what the boy was up to, "I suppose I can spare a few minutes."

Dane was making things up as he went along and after leading the man inside the carriage house which they'd converted to a barn, he directed him to an empty stall.

"What...." was all Samuel got out before the boy was kissing him on the lips.

There was never any danger of Samuel resisting the kiss, but when the boy began to tug at his belt and trousers he wasn't sure if he should let things go that far.


"Shhh...just one last time...for us both to remember each other by..." he said freeing the man's already expanding manhood.

"I...okay boy, do what you want..."

And what Dane wanted was everything. He started by dropping to his knees and taking the man's wet hard pecker in his mouth, but that was only a prelude to what came next. 

Releasing Samuel's pecker he turned and bent over and spread his ass cheeks then looked back and winked, "One last time. It's all yours."

Samuel was surprised, but his pecker seemed to know just what was going on and was soon leading the way. Shuffling forward he found himself pressing his wet pecker into the boy and watching it disappear quickly.

" big," Dane said looking back and shivering with excitement, "give me your seed Samuel."

As excited as Samuel was he didn't last long, but Dane didn't try to slow things down this time. He knew the man needed to go, to do what he must do, and this was his way of saying goodbye and hopefully make him want to come back.

When it was over and Samuel's clothing was back in place, Dane acted as if nothing unusual had just happened. Then walking him back to where his horse waited patiently they said their goodbyes.

"Come back...okay?" Dane said trying not to sound like he was begging.

"I don't know when, but I promise I will...someday."

"Okay, be careful...okay?"

"Always boy, you do the same." 

The others had gathered to send him off by then and as he rode off he turned and waved and then disappeared into the woods that bordered the beach.

"Well, at least you don't hafta' worry about the gunslinger no more," Roy said pounding Zak on the back playfully.

"Yeah, but I think  he took a little piece of Dane with him when he left," Zak said softly.

"Yeah, not to mention the part he left behind, running down Dane's leg," Roy chuckled.


Time passed, Doug continued to learn and the boys grew and matured, but they never lost their childlike wonder of the world. Doug and Roy came every weekend and stayed till Monday morning then returned to the village to run the blacksmith's shop.

Occasionally the boys would venture into town and visit the two during the week, and one day as they neared the blacksmith's shop they noticed a young boy of about 12 or so lingering near the door.

When he saw the other boys approaching he quickly bolted up the street and disappeared.

"Huh, wonder what he was  up to?" Zak chuckled.

"Don't know, but he was cute," Frankie said grinning, "Maybe Roy has an admirer."

"Better not let Doug catch him sniffing around," Dane added.

"Oh, I'm sure Doug would share," Zak said, "If that's what it's all about. Could be he's up to mischief. Could be a thief."

"Well, if he's hungry or needs anything you know Roy would see that he got it, so he wouldn't need to steal," Frankie reminded him.

"You forget not all boys are little angels, like us," Zak laughed, "Come on, we'll see if Roy and Doug know anything about him."

After hugs all around Zak asked about the boy they'd seen and Roy frowned.

"That's Josh, his ma and pa live out by that old abandoned boat house near the bridge.

"What's his story?"

"Not sure really, he's always about, but he never says much. Comes by sometimes and just watches us while we work. Don't say much. Sometimes we offer him a drink or some food and most times he takes it, but not always."

"Hmm...strange. What do you know about his folks?"

"Not a lot, I don't think I've seen em' in town lately though. I wonder...naw, coudln't be..."


"Well, boy like that, sort of independent, ifn' something was to happen to his folks he might not be apt to tell anyone for fear someone would want to take him away from here or something."

"I think we should pay his folks a visit," Zak said sighing, "but right now, I'm treating you two to lunch at the diner."

The crops had been good and the egg money alone payed for the meal, and as they sat enjoying their lunch and talking, suddenly there was a disturbance in the back of diner and everyone looked up at once.

"I told you boy, stay away from here," someone yelled, "I should tan your hide good. What's got into you younguns? Stealin' food from the kitchen like you didn't know no better. I think I'll just hold you for the Sheriff and see what he thinks we should do with you."

"No, please...just let me go," it was a boy's voice and Roy recognized it immediately.

"Sounds like Josh, I'll be right back."

Roy returned shortly with the blond haired blue eyed thief and guided him into a chair between him and Zak, "Sit boy and tell us what's goin' on with you. You know you don't gotta' steal food. You know folk'll help out if you need it."

"Sorry sir," the boy said looking down.

"It's Roy, not sir," Roy said sighing theatrically.

"Sorry Roy."

"Are you hungry Josh?"  this from Doug who pushed half of his sandwich toward the boy.

"A little," Josh mumbled, but the way he devoured the sandwich in three bites said he was more than a little hungry.

"Mel, bring us another sandwich and some taters over here," Roy said to the man behind the counter, and a root beer."

When the boy was finally fed Roy tried once again to feel him out, but the boy said little until Zak finally jumped in.

"Is it your folks? If it  is, we understand. Dane and me, well we buried our folks a while back and then lit out on our own. We're doin' okay, and if that's what's happening with you, we can help."

Suddenly the boy's hard demeanor cracked and he began to sob. Zak and Roy reached out and put an arm around him and comforted him as he sobbed softly. When he had recovered he wiped at his eyes and sniffed snot back up his cute nose.

"Maw went first. Pa buried her last Tuesday, then Friday Pa died and I spent all day diggin' him a grave. I was afraid to tell anyone. I don't want to be no orphan and have to go live in that place down south..."

"That's a myth," Roy said soothingly. "There ain't no orphanage. It's what folks tell kids to scare em' into bein' good. The villagers take care of the youngins what lost their folks, just like we will."

"Really?" Josh said wiping at his eyes again and looking relieved, "Who will take care of me then?"

"We will," it was Doug speaking up now and looking at Roy for his approval and getting a nod, he went on, "We can use another  hand in the shop and you can learn a trade, right Roy? It's hard work, but you look strong."

"I am strong," Josh said showing his muscles, or lack of, as he flexed.

"I can see that," Roy said kindly overlooking the boy's lack of any real muscle, "What say we go move your things into town as soon as we finish eatin'. We'll hitch up the wagon and all go out there."

And so just like that Roy had another boy to look after. However, what he didn't know was that Josh was the answer to Doug's prayers. Doug loved Roy in his own way, but he missed the other boys and only seeing them on the weekends was beginning to wear on him.

He felt as if he'd learned enough to be of help to the others and wanted to return home for good. But first he had to find a suitable replacement for himself, and now he was  hopeful that Josh would fit the bill.

As the days passed he did everything but push the two into bed and finally he had a long talk with Josh.

"You know what Roy and me do in bed at night, right?"

Josh blushed but nodded with a grin, "I reckon I do."

"And have you ever done those things?"

"Not with a growed up man, but with other boys some."

"It's the same, only with a man it''s better somehow. It's like it's all more serious and the man really knows how to make ya' feel good and then he teaches you things."

"Like what?" Josh said sounding interested and a little excited.

"I could show ya'," Doug offered.

"Okay, I reckon that would be okay. Uh...will Roy get mad at ya'?"

"Naw, Roy would be happy to know I'm teaching you, cause..well, I think...I mean, I'm pretty sure Roy would like to do those things with you too."

"He would? I like Roy. Are you sure he'd want to do those things with me? I mean he's got you."

"Trust me, men always like new boys. Heck, we could even all three do stuff."

So Doug taught Josh all he knew about boy sex and Josh took to it like a duck to water. Before the end of the week Doug had his plan halfway there. Now to work on Roy.

"He likes ya'," Doug said as they snuggled and engaged in pillow talk after Roy had just fucked him quite thoroughly.

"Who?" Roy said pretending to be disinterested.

"Josh, he likes you...a lot."

"I like him too," Roy said nonchalantly. He was pretty sure he knew what was next, but he wasn't giving anything away.

"He really likes getting fucked," Doug offered, "I know cause see...well, we been doin' that lately."

"I thought so," Roy said acting as if he could care less, "nothing wrong with two boys havin' fun."

"But he wants a big ole' man sized pecker to fill him up."

"Oh, well...anyone in particular?" Roy chuckled.


"He said that?"

"I sort of asked him if he'd like to join us sometime, just to know? And he said yes. Can we?"

"Oh, well...I reckon if that's what you both want then I ain't gonna say no."

"Tomorrow night then?"

"You sure this is what you both want?"

"Yeah, a lot," Doug said grinning, "but tonight it's just you and me..."

Roy didn't remember most of the next day, but after work he was a bundle of nerves as he anticipated what was to occur later. It was Doug who suggested they walk to the creek and wash up, and after supper they did just that, carrying clean clothes and towels with them.

Once naked Roy couldn't help but check out Josh's body and he was not disappointed. Although this was not the first time he'd seen the boy naked, until now he had never had the occasion to look it over this thoroughly.

Josh's pecker hung about 3" limp with a long nozzle of foreskin which completely covered the head in it's flaccid state. He had a few wiry hairs above the member but none below or on his plum sized balls. His legs were sturdy, and his arms had begun to develop some muscles from working in the shop, as had his chest, but it was his perky little nipples that attracted Roy's attention. 

From his chest Roy's eyes wandered up to the boys neck, which at the moment had a necklace of dirt, what his momma had called Grandma's Beads, but that in no way distracted from the soft beauty of it. His chin was rounded, his cheeks full and his nose small and pixie-like, but it was his soft kissable lips which Roy zeroed in on.

He wondered, did the boy even like kissing? Had Doug introduced him into the world of kissing as well as sex? He hoped so, for kissing was almost as good as sex. Well, not quite as good, for burying his pecker in a boy's nether region was about the best feeling ever and the thought of maybe doing that to Josh caused his pecker to throb.

"You're gettin' a boner," Doug observed.

"That's cause I'm a man, men get boners."

"So do boys," Doug laughed, "and I'm gettin' one too. Your pecker hard Josh?"

"No," Josh said blushing, but his pecker soon betrayed him as it began to rise just from hearing it's name, "Well...maybe."

"It's okay, we all got boners. Hooray," Doug laughed, "and tonight we get to play with em' together."

With Doug leading the way, Josh's initiation into the world of man/boy sex was gentle and loving. Roy hadn't realized he had such feelings for the boy before, but once he saw the boy laying there naked in his bed his heart went out to him. He had a sneaky suspicion that Doug had been pushing him toward Josh from the beginning, but he didn't want to think about what that meant. 

Had Doug gotten tired of him and wanted to go back to the boys on the beach? Roy had deep feelings for the boy, but all along he thought this was to be only a temporary arrangement and though he would miss the boy, if that was what Doug wanted he would not make a fuss.

But now, now he had Josh and he felt like he could bear the pain of Doug's loss easier. Then it dawned on him exactly why Doug had been pushing Josh toward him. He was grooming his replacement. Roy chuckled to himself, Doug was something else all right. He wasn't about to leave Roy till he knew he would be taken care of and have a boy to love.

Doug lay watching the two, and even though this was all his idea and he had worked so hard to get the two together, he still had pangs of regret and a wee bit of jealousy. But it passed quickly as he joined in, kissing and touching and loving until it was time for Roy to take Josh as his own.

Doug wet Roy's pecker with his mouth and licked Josh's behind as he had done when it was just the two of them and when it was time for Roy to plant his pecker in Josh's hole Doug was right them comforting and soothing the new boy until he had accepted all of Roy's hard flesh inside him.

"Feels good," Josh said panting hard. His face was flushed and sweaty and Doug lovingly wipe the sweat away and kissed the boy.

"Nothin' like having a big ole' pecker in ya'," Doug laughed.

"Just relax Josh," Roy said smiling down at the boy, "I'll take it slow. If I hurt ya' just say so and I'll stop."

"It don't hurt none," Josh said sounding surprised, "I reckon Doug done broke me in good."

"Yeah, I wanted this to be special," Doug said forgetting his jealousy and beaming with pride at his handiwork. He felt as if he had brought the two to this moment and his plan was almost complete.

"I'm gonna go get a drink," Doug said jumping out of bed, but the two lovers were barely aware of him and when he paused at the door and looked back they were engaged in a long deep kiss as Roy fucked the boy slowly.

Doug grabbed a root beer from the bucket of ice and cold water they kept in the small kitchen and opened it quickly and downed half of it, belched, and thought about what was next.

Tomorrow they'd be going to the beach house and if Roy didn't throw a big fit, he 'd be staying behind. Josh was bright and seemed to take to smithing as well as he had, and it was obvious he liked Roy a lot, and after tonight he was sure he'd like Roy even more. And there was no doubt in Doug's mind that Roy already loved the new boy, and after planting his seed in the boy, well...that was about the most serious thing a man could do and there was no going back from that.

He had mixed feelings again, but he knew this was the right thing to do and so...sighing, he finished his drink and went back to join the two lovers.

It was a bittersweet night of loving, but Roy was attentive to both boys and bred Doug once he had recovered from his first time with Josh. After they were all sated they lay snuggled up, Roy between the two boys, and talked softly. 

Doug considered bringing up the inevitable parting, but he decided this should be a happy time and he didn't want to cause Roy any hurt feelings.

However Roy sensed Doug's mood and he was sure he knew what was going on with Doug and Josh. He was sad to think he'd be losing Doug, but Josh would more than make up for his loss. He felt guilty thinking that way, but if this was what Doug wanted then he'd accept it gracefully.

Josh had passed out and was snoring softly after a few minutes, and Roy rolled onto his side and snuggled up closer to Doug and brushed his ear with his lips causing the boy to shiver. Doug would miss this, but he missed his family more.

"You're leavin' me boy, aren't ya'?"

"I'm sorry," Doug said with a catch in his throat, "Josh will take my place."

"Is that what you want?"

"Yeah, I miss Zak and the others a whole bunch, but you can still come visit us, and Josh too."

"I'll miss ya', but I always knew you would be goin' back someday."

"Yeah, I've learned a lot, but I'm ready to go home."

Roy nodded, "Then there's to be no sadness, I'm happy for ya', for us both. Josh will take your place and I'll teach him everything he needs to know."

"Well, I've taught him most of what he needs to know bout' bein' with a man," Doug chuckled, "and you're a fine man to be with."

"And you're a fine boy...and someday you'll be a fine man. I hope we'll still be friends then," Roy said sounding sad at last.

"We will, I just know it. All of us at the beach and you, we'll all be friends, and Josh too."

"What are you two talkin' about?" Josh said rising up and leaning across Roy as he rubbed sleep from his eyes.

"We was talkin' about you bein' Roy's boy now. Is that okay with you?" Doug suddenly realized he hadn't stopped to consider Josh's feelings all that much and the boy deserved a say so in what was to happen.

"But, what about you? I thought you was Roy's boy."

"I am, but I have to leave now and I want you to take my place. Can you do that? Will you take care of him and learn from him and be as good a boy for him as I was?"

"Yeah, I'd like that," Josh said blushing, "Ifn' he'll have me."

"I think I can stand ya'," Roy teased pulling the boy on top of him and tickling his ribs, "If you can stand me."

They wrestled for a few minutes and then Josh wound up on the bottom with Roy looking down at him, a lusty look on his face. Josh was hard now, from the wrestling and the simple fact that he was a horny boy, and Roy's eyes zeroed in on his stiff pecker.

"I love a boy that can get hard quick and stay hard," Roy said licking down the boy's body, past his flat tummy and to the base of his stiff pecker. 

The foreskin was retracted just enough to reveal a little of the head and a clear drop of pre-cum formed there. Moaning in pleasure Roy licked the drop of pecker drool off and smacked his lips.

"I think we should both work on im'," Roy said smiling at Doug, "come help me."


Josh worked out just fine and everyone welcomed him with open arms. Although Roy and Josh didn't visit every weekend, they were frequent visitors and there was always wine and food and loving all around when they did.

With Doug's new found knowledge the boys made many improvements in the beach house, including a flume fed shower and flush toilet. There didn't seem to be an end to the things Doug could think up and the boys were kept busy, but there was always time for fun too.

They swam in the ocean and made love at night, five boys in love with life and with each other, but soon their ranks would grow again.


By the time Jordan stumbled up on the beach the following spring the boys had turned their modest dwelling and surrounding land into a thriving business. They now had two horses and used them to pull a cart they'd built to market as well as to have fun riding.

When the beautiful dark haired boy showed up on their front door step one day there was never any doubt that he would join them, especially after they heard his story.

Orphaned at 8 years old he'd been passed around by men like some commodity, often beaten and starved, but he'd managed to escape his last captor when he drowned while swimming. He didn't bother to tell the other boys that he'd hit the man over the head with a rock first and then held him under, but he felt no remorse for ridding the world of the man's evil.

Jordan loved the horses best and soon took over their care and feeding. He was a happy boy, despite his hard life, and a welcome addition to the family and the sex games the boys all loved to play. With experience beyond his years he fit right in with the horny bunch and actually taught them some new things.

They were now a family of 6, strong and capable, but most of all loving and considerate of each other. They lived a happy life and wanted for nothing and life was good. 

Roy and Josh accepted the new boy as well and upon theire next visit they had a celebration that lasted well into the wee hours of the morning. Wine flowed freely as they shared their bodies and their love and all was well for The Boys on the Beach.

Then one day while Zak was out walking the beach, just thinking as he often did, he saw two strangers in the distance. They stood facing the ocean as if hypnotized by it, and Zak looked them over.

One was a man, no doubt about that, tall and straight with a fit body. The other was a boy probably 12 or so, he guessed, and from the way the boy clung to the man it was obvious they were lovers. 

A man and a boy, Zak mused, no harm in that, but was the man a good man or would he be a problem? He considered going back for the others and their weapons, but instead he continued to watch the two.

After a while they swam in the ocean and he could see the delight and awe of the ocean in their eyes as he ventured yet closer. He was amazed they didn't notice him, but the ocean did that to people. Causing them to forget all else as they merged with it's vastness and realized how small they were by comparison.

When they retired to the beach and began to make love Zak relaxed. He could see that the two loved each other and the man treated the boy with reverence as they came together in the ultimate act of love.

Boldly Zak approached and only when he spoke did the man acknowledge him.

"I thought that's what you were gonna' do," Zak said sounding amused.

The man jerked his head up and looked at the stranger and then relaxed. He was young, naked, and not the least bit threatening.

"Do you enjoy watching two lovers having sex?"

"Actually...yeah, I do."

"Suit yourself, I'm almost done. You okay with it boy?"

"Makes no never mind to me," The boy said working his hard cock fast and never missing a stroke.

"I could help," the boy offered.

"Let's not stretch things," Cal said, "keep quiet and let me finish."

And the rest of the story you know, Cal and BJ came to live with The Boys on the  Beach, and they lived happily ever after.


The End

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