Joey's New Father

Written by JD April 14th, 1998





Authors Note: This was the 3rd Diaper story I had written with the 2nd being long ago lost to me. Someday I hope to rewrite the 2nd story but I also hope to someday find someone who might even have it. Like with the Original Davey's Story, I was not that good of a writer yet. Now I am not saying that I am a great writer today or otherwise I would be able to do it for a living. I do have to say that I believe I have greatly improved since my first few stories. I am not sure now as I have several stories that I am currently working on, but I hope that maybe someday I can return to this story. For now, I hope you get some enjoyment out of this story but please don't base my writing on my earlier stories as being the same as my newer ones. If anyone would like to contact me, you can email me at Please remember that if you enjoy the stories on this site to please donate.



April 14th, 1990 this was a day to remember for Joey, It was the day he got a father. Here is his story -



Chapter 1 "The Adoption"



Joey was excited today for the 1st time in his 11 short years he would have a father. 5 weeks ago his mother "Marie White" married his new stepfather soon to be his adopted father Jeff Rich. He couldn't believe that finally his dream of having a father was coming true. Unfortunately he never got to know his real father because before Joey was born he was killed in a car accident.



Joey was a good looking lad and already had a few girls chasing him around. He was 4'4" and about 77 pounds soaking wet. He had short black hair that he liked to spike to make him look cool and bright blue eyes that his mother swore look like burning sapphires. Mostly though he was a very energetic kid who loved cartoons and goofing off!


Now for the 1st time he will be able to have a father to do things with. Like play catch, go fishing, and those ever popular Boy Scout camping trips.


Today after 4 weeks of waiting he would officially have a real dad. For today was the day his new father was to sign the adoption papers.






"What do you want to do to celebrate?" asked Joey's new father. They had just got done with signing all of the adoption paper work and were now heading back home.



Joey, who was very excited and bouncing all over the place in the back seat, proving that the car seat belt could not contain his energy, practically yelled his response to the question "How about going camping with my troop next weekend"!



"Well I don't know" "what do you think Mrs. Rich" "do you think I should go with our son 'Joey Rich' on his camping trip" he said winking to Joey's mom.



"I think it would be a great way for you each to get to know each other better." replied Mrs. Rich.


So the next weekend the new father and son team headed out the door together on Joey's Boy Scout camping trip. During this weekend he got to really know his new dad and enjoy his company. He had a lot of fun and was very excited to show off his new dad to all the other scouts on the trip. His dad even knew some great scary ghost stories and taught them all how to make a hobo dinner. Joey could tell that it was going to be great having a dad.



As they got to know each other over the weekend Mr. Rich started to tell Joey about all the things he did as a kid, like when he went camping with his dad. He also talked a little about how he missed his little boy as well. He did make sure that Joey understood that it didn't mean he did not consider him to be his son as well, and that he had enough love for both of them.



You see it turns out that his dad has another son Joey's age named Brian. The only problem is that his mother ran off with him when he was 6 and he hasn't seen him since. Mr. Rich tried to find his ex-wife and son but had no luck in it. 4 years ago he was given by the court soul custody of Brian. So if he ever found him Brian would live with them.


As time went by things just seemed to get better for Joey. He loved his new father and they were getting along great, but as luck would have it this happiness would not continue.





Chapter 2 "The Accident"



Things went downhill 2 months later. It was Thursday night Joey and his mom were on the way to Joey's baseball practice when their Pontiac Sunfire was slammed into by a Ford Bronco. The guy in the bronco was drunk and ran the red light at the intersection where the accident occurred. It was later learned that the driver was driving at an excess of 60 mph when he hit their car. It was great luck that Joey escaped injury except for some minor cuts and bruises. His mother on the other hand wasn't so lucky; because the bronco hit her side of the car her injuries were far greater. It took rescue crews over 30 min to extract her from the car and then she was immediately flown to Atlanta General Hospital.


Joey's life was now turned upside down. His father came and got him at the scene and both of them immediately made the 2 hour trip to the hospital. By the time they got there, Joey's mom was already on the operating table, so all they could do was wait. They were told that there was a good possibility that she would not make it. To make things easier for them the hospital got them a room at the hotel across the street at a reduced rate, and Joey's dad put him to bed there. He told Joey that he was going back over to the hospital and that Joey was to stay in the room until he got back. He said that the hotel was informed that there would be a small boy here alone and would keep an eye on him.


Joey didn't think he would ever get to sleep that night but soon was off to a nightmare of bad dreams. He awoke the next morning and found his father in the bed next to his. He wanted to wake him and find out what happened to his mom but knew that he was probably up most of the night and decided to let him sleep. The problem was he didn't know how long he could wait. He ended up watching TV hoping that his father would hear it and wake up. Sure enough the TV did finally wake him and his father then sat down with him to let him know how things went.


"Joey I hope you can understand this. Your mom went through a grueling 10 hour surgery last night. She survived the surgery but has gone into a comma. The doctors don't believe she will ever come out of the comma" his father said with tears in his eyes.



"Are you saying she will die without waking up again" Joey could barely get out as the tears started to fall from his eyes.



"Joey I am so sorry, I know it has been just you and your mom for so long and I don't want to give you false hope, what we need is a miracle." said his dad with tears running down his face as well.



"W-w-what is g-g-going to hap--p-p-pen with her?" Joey tried to ask but couldn't help stuttering due to his now openly crying.



"Well for the next couple of weeks she will stay here at the hospital. When the doctors feel that she is stable enough we will be able to bring her home. Because of her state I will hire a live in nurse to help care for her and help take care of you, do you understand"? Said his dad.



"I... guess" said Joey trying to wipe away the still falling tears.





Later that day his mother's condition took a turn for the worse and was again taken to the operating table. All of this was starting to take a toll on young Joey. He again was left in the room most of the night while his dad waited for news at the hospital on his mom.



That night while Joey slept his dreams got worse. He awoke around 3am screaming from a bad dream. His dad who had been sitting on his bed rushed over to comfort him.



"Hussshhh Joey, you are okay you just had a bad dream." his father said trying to comfort his frightened son.



"It was awful... I dreamt that mom died and then came back and blamed me for not loving her enough" Joey replied shakily while wiping tears from his eyes.



He was sweating all over from the bad dream but it didn't take Joey long to realize that he also wet the bed for the 1st time since he was 8 years old.





Chapter 3 "the bedwetting problem"



He couldn't believe he had wet the bed. He didn't know what to do or say to his dad who would surely find out.



"Is there something else the matter son" said his dad who realized that something more than his dream was bothering him. He continued "Are you worried about your mom? I just came from the hospital and she is doing fine now" he included.



"Yes I am worried about mom but that's not it". Joey said hesitantly.



"Then please tell me what's wrong" pleaded his dad.



"You... you promise you won't get mad?" Joey whispered.



"I promise" said his dad.



"I... I... I am so sorry dad I had an accident and I guess I kinda wet the bed" Joey was barely able to get out as new tears welled up in his eyes. He quickly followed that with "I didn't do it on purpose though".



His father immediately gave his son a hug and said "I know you didn't do it on purpose. You have just been under a tremendous amount of stress for such a little guy as yourself. Something you should have never had to go through, which caused you to have an accident. Let's get you cleaned up and after that hop into my bed with me for the rest of the night." said his dad.



Joey got in the shower and washed the pee off him. Once he was done cleaning himself he then put on a dry pair of PJ's and went to sleep in his dad's bed.





The next morning after talking again to his mother's doctors they drove home. Now was the hard part facing all his friends and not knowing what to say. His dad told him that it was ok if he wanted to take a couple more days and stay home but after that he needed to get out and have a life with his friends.



That Sunday they went to church and asked their congregation to pray for Mrs. Rich. The whole congregation joined into the prayer and in a way it kinda made Joey feel a little better, just maybe God was listening. That Sunday night they stayed home and watched TV together trying to not think about what has happened, but that was the only thing the two were thinking about.



Joey was sent to bed at 9pm and before he got in bed he got on his knees as he use to do as a child and prayed with all his heart for his mother. He then crawled into bed thinking there was no way he would fall asleep but in the end he succumbed to the calling of the night.



That night for Joey was another night of bad dreams. In his dream he kept hearing how his real dad had died and then there would be a flash and he would relive the car accident and in his dream his mother dies. He awoke the next morning to find that he had again wet the bed.

"Dad... " Said Joey. He was trying to wake his dad to let him know of his bad dream and his accident.



"What's wrong son" said his dad who only had love in his eye for his him.



"Dad, I... I had another b-b-bad dream and I had an accident again, I wet my bed" said Joey who hung his head in shame.



"Come here son" said Joey's dad who gave Him a big hug. He knew how Joey felt because he himself had been a bed wetter until he was 19. He told Joey to get cleaned up while he went and took care of his bed hoping that the mattress wasn't ruined.


Later on that morning they had a talk. "Joey I would like to have you examined by a doctor to make sure your bladder wasn't somehow injured by the accident would that be ok with you?" said his dad.



"I guess" Joey said.



His dad made an appointment with Joey's pediatrician for this coming Friday afternoon. Mr. Rich also went out and bought a protective sheet for Joey's bed again making sure Joey would be ok with it first. Joey's dad felt that at this point in time that what Joey needed most was to feel like he was a part of the decision making. He thought this would help him feel needed and more loved through this ruff part of his life. And he also felt that it would be wrong to force him to do these things.

It turned out that it was a good idea to buy the rubber sheet. Joey ended up wetting the bed again Tuesday night, and the following night and again Thursday night. By the time Friday's appointment with his doctor came around Joey felt he was turning into a big baby.





Chapter 4 "The Solution"


The doctor's appointment didn't take long. The doc. gave Joey a complete physical and took some x-rays. He explained everything he was doing to Joey to help him feel at ease.



"Well buddy it looks like to me that you are in tip top shape" said the doctor.



"So his bedwetting isn't being caused by any medical problems?" asked my dad.



"None that I can see. Considering what has happened I am betting it is due to the severe stress and psychological problems caused by his grief over his mother's recent condition" said the doctor. The only thing I can suggest is to give him lots of love and some way of venting his anger and stress. Here is a business card of an excellent child psychiatrist who deals with death issues" said the doctor. "In the meantime may I suggest trying diapers, they will at least keep him from having to wake up in a cold wet bed every night" continued the doctor.






"Hey big guy, what do you think about the diaper idea?" asked Joey's dad once they got back into the car.



"I... don't know, I really wish I just could stop wetting. I really hate being a baby." Joey said as once again tears started to streak down his face.



His father couldn't help thinking how much he missed the happy energetic little boy that Joey use to be. He wondered if Joey would ever be able to be him again, if he would even be able to smile again. "Joey, please understand, it is not your fault. I personally think you would be more comfortable in a diaper then in a wet bed. Just think how much nicer it would be to not have to sleep in a stinky wet bed all night. I don't think it makes you a baby by wearing them? I fact I would think if you did use a diaper for this problem that it would show you as being more mature because you are doing something to help deal with the problem.



"I... guess maybe I should give it a try" Joey said.



Joey couldn't believe what he was hearing 'Diapers... ' For a long time now he had noticed that seeing pictures of diapers on TV or seeing babies in them for some reason excited him and he couldn't understand why something so babyish would do that. He once again found himself getting excited at just the thought of wearing diapers. Even though the thought of wearing diapers brought back this excitement he was ashamed that he now had to wear them because he couldn't hold his pee through the night. He couldn't help thinking about how only babies wore diapers, how many kids his age wore diapers to bed!


"What you thinking about over there slugger?" asked Joey's dad who broke his concentration.



"In a way I like the diaper idea because it will keep me from sleeping in a wet spot at night and will keep the bed dry, but it also proves that I am, a big baby who can't control his bladder. I don't know of any kids that are my age who wet and wear diapers for that reason. I feel that I am the only 11 year old in the world who has to wear diapers." Joey sadly told his father.



"What would you say if I told you that there are others out there your age and older who not only wet the bed but even their pants and wear diapers for it?" asked Joey's dad.



"You got to be joking" Joey replied.


Joey's dad then went on to tell him that he himself was a bed wetter until 19 and that he even had day time accidents till he was 9. Joey couldn't believe what he was hearing but knew that his dad would not lie to him. His dad went on to tell him that if he were to take a poll of all the 11 year olds in his class (there are 30 kids in his class) to see who still wet the bed and they reported truthfully, that there would probably be at least a few students who still wet the bed, and some of them most likely still wear diapers to bed. He also said he would be surprised if not at least 1 kid in his class has wet his pants accidentally, at least once this year.


Joey started thinking about this and realized that a kid by the name of Josh who was in his class last year did wet his pants twice that school year. He remembered how the kids teased him about it. He also realized that he was one of the teasers and realized that he needed to call Josh and apologize to him. He now realized how it was to be in Josh's shoes.





Joey and his dad went shopping for diapers and diaper supplies. They decided together to use cloth diapers and rubber pants as they were better for the environment and were washable. That evening Joey was diapered by his dad and secretly realized that he loved diapers and liked the idea of his father changing him.



Mr. Rich could also tell that Joey was actually enjoying his diapering experience which made him think about a dark deep secret from his childhood. After a few moments thought he decided to confide in Joey. "You know Joey when I was your age I realized that I enjoyed my diapers very much, but was too afraid to admit it because I thought my parents would then take them away from me". His dad continued to say "I want you to know right now that I will never try to humiliate you or condemn any feelings you might have towards your diapers. There are many people who wear diapers not because they need to, but because they like to".


Joey was surprised to hear his dad say this. His dad was telling him that he would allow him to wear the diapers without embarrassment. That he would not condemn him for liking to wear diapers. He didn't know what to think for sure, all he knew were the feelings he was experiencing at that moment. He now felt more love than ever for his new father.




Chapter 5 "What Was Once Lost"


Over the next several months things seem to at least get less stressful for him. His mother was home. Though she was still in a comma and being taken care of by a live in nurse his mother's presence at home made Joey feel better. He still was wetting his diapers while he slept and even had a couple of daytime accidents but he felt better about himself and wanted to continue to have his daddy diaper him for bed.




A full year had now gone by and it again was April the 14th the year, 1991. It was the one year anniversary of Joey's father adopting him. Joey now 12 years old was starting to finally become his old excitable happy self that he used to be before the accident. He still had his moments of sadness and grief, also the occasional bad dream. To help with all that Joey had been seeing a therapist who has managed to find the old Joey still there... hiding... but still there. With his help the old happy Joey started to appear more and more. April 14th was a good day as the old Joey came out once again as he remembered how happy he was one year ago when his father adopted him. To celebrate they were going out to eat for dinner. As they were walking out the door a private investigator that dad had hired to find his ex-wife and son 7 years ago finally called with the news that Mr. Rich had been waiting 8 long years to hear "I have found your son Brian and he is here at my home with me now".

Mr. Rich looked over to Joey as he heard these wonderful words he had been waiting for so long to hear, and cried. He couldn't believe it his son Brian was found. Mr. Rich told the PI that they would be right over and hung up the phone. While getting into the car Joey's father told Joey the good news he just heard. After hearing it Joey couldn't help feeling that this might be a good omen.



They drove over to the investigators house Mr. Rich had a tearful reunion with his son Brian. Brian had grown a lot since the last time his father had seen him. At 12 years old Brian stood a full 5' tall over a half a foot taller of Joey's still 4'4" height. Brian weighed about 100 pounds and looked a little underfed. Brian's hair like his dads was a dark red color and he had a smattering of freckles on his nose. Unlike Joey's hair Brian's was long and brought back into a ponytail that Joey found interesting, they also both shared blue eyes. At first it didn't seem as if Brian had the same energy as Joey had but after a while as Brian started to get comfortable with them His father noticed a spark of energy just hidden behind his bright blue eyes. This at least made him feel better as it confirmed to him that his son would be okay.



They all sat done and talked for a while. Brian got a chance to tell his dad how much he missed him and he was sorry that he didn't try to get away from his mom. Truthfully Brian had been grieving over his parents' divorce all this time but felt his mom needed him more in the beginning. He told his dad all of this but he also let him know that he missed him terribly. After a while Mr. Rich realized it was getting late and he had two boys still to feed. More than ever he felt they had something to celebrate so Mr. Rich thanked the PI for all his work and promised to get back with him in a few days to go over his bill, then the three of them all went out for dinner and celebrated together. Even Joey was happy, as he and Brian really got on great with each other all evening. Joey couldn't help thinking how this day did not only give him a dad; it now had given him a brother as well.


During dinner Brian told them more of what had happened to him over the last 8 years. He and his mom did a lot of moving around at first. Once they were settled, Brian was told by his mom that his dad was killed and that they were now on their own. Deep down though he knew his mom was lying to him. His mom had also managed to create new identities for them and used them to keep from getting caught. The only flaw in his mom's plan was the fact that she liked to get stoned and just happened to have been caught during a drug bust on a suspected dealer's home where she was at. After the police ran her prints they realized she was wanted for kidnapping. They immediately had interrogated her on Brian's whereabouts which she refused to give up. Luckily with the assistance of the PI Mr. Rich had hired the police found Brian asleep at the apartment of another drug buddy of his mom's.

Later that night Brian embarrassingly confided in his dad that he had problems wetting the bed.



"Well Brian you will be glad to know that you and Joey here have something more in common than being brothers" said Mr. Rich.



At the mention of his name Joey looked up from watching TV to listing to his dad talk to his new brother Brian. He saw his dad look at him questioningly and he could see that Mr. Rich wanted his okay before he actually told Brian about him. Joey quietly just nodded his head showing that he was fine; he knew Brian would find out anyway. He listened as their father told Brian how Joey wore diapers to bed and if he would like to try wearing them too. It turned out that Brian was already use to wearing diapers as his mom kept him in them every night later after they were both in bed Joey admitted to Brian that he really likes being diapered, he admitted he didn't really understand why but it felt good somehow. Brian shocked Joey by also admitting he liked the feeling of being diapered. With the two now snuggled up in their beds across from one another, happy that they had each other in their lives, they both drifted off to sleep.





The Epilogue


So this is the story of how Joey got a new father and in the long run got a brother out of it too. But wait this story is not through. For you see the miracle that Joey and his dad had been praying for, the miracle that the local church they attended prayed every week for since the accident, occurred... Joey's mom came out of her comma just 1 week after Brian was found and returned to his father. This according to the doctors was a true miracle and after a complete checkup they were amazed that there was no brain damage and proclaimed she was going to be okay.



Now don't get me wrong, it was not easy by a long shot as Mrs. Rich had been in a comma for almost a year. It took Joey's mom several months to regain her strength but by the following year, again April 14th, 1992, she was again back to her normal self. She was again the best mom in the whole world Joey and even Brian felt.


As for Joey and Brian, they still wear diapers for their bedwetting. They have even occasionally worn them in the day time purely for the fun of it. Together they found ways to make their diapers more enjoyable, but that's... another story.




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copyright April 14th, 1998 by JD


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