4 H With Brad


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I was setting up my rabbit cages in the fair ground's livestock barn when I saw Brad and a red haired boy walking toward my booth. My heart fluttered and I felt my face flush. Brad looked taller and his shoulders appeared broader. He was no longer the skinny little kid I knew. I quickly thought back to the last time I had seen him. It had been almost one year ago at the annual 4H summer picnic and campout. It was a county wide 4H event when all the different extensions of the 4H gathered for a huge pig roast and campout.

Brad was one of the kids that went to the water park that afternoon. He was a cute twelve year old with long locks of curly brown hair. Bright blue eyes, and a smile that just melted my heart. He had an all-over tan except where his skimpy, little, blue and white Speedo covered a small portion of his butt and privates. The wet fabric did little to cover the treasures that hid there. I went with the other kids that day just to get wet and cool off from the ninety degree summer heat. I laid back and watched as the younger kids played on the slides and splashed around in the water. I got caught up in their horse play a few times. Since I was fifteen and bigger than most of them, they loved it when I'd pick them up and toss them up into the air, sending them flapping their arms and legs before splashing back into the water. Brad couldn't get enough of it and I had ample opportunities to feel his smooth, lean body as he giggled and wiggled in my clasp.

All too soon it was time to head back to the hog roast. Being the perverted boy-lover I was, I couldn't wait to get a chance to see all the little boys naked when it came time to shower and change back into regular clothes.

The sounds of twenty giggling pre-pubescent boys rushing into the locker room was almost deafening in the large tiled room. Most of the little boys weren't modest of their nudity at all, while some of the older boys chose to leave their swim suits on while they showered the chlorine off their bodies. I was pleased when Brad was one of the few older boys to get completely naked for his shower. I quickly slipped off my swim trunks and followed the little cutie into the shower room. I started to bone up a little, watching his sweet little, white bubble butt bounce from side to side as he skipped across the tiled floor.

I hurried so I could get the showerhead beside him. While he was tilting his head back rinsing his face and lovely curly locks, I checked out his dick. He was completely hairless down there. While most of the other boys were cut, Brad was uncircumcised like me. While I don't think he had a boner, his wiener stuck straight out like a lot of little boy's wieners do and it looked to be about two inches of pure boy. The glan making up about half of its length, the corona clearly visible under the thin foreskin that formed a little nipple at the end. Tucked up closely between his inner-thighs, his smooth, silky scrotum formed a tight little pouch.

He snapped his head my direction when I smacked his bare bottom. He squealed, "Hey! What'd you do that for?"

Once I had his attention, he looked down and checked out my stuff too. I laughed and told him, "I couldn't resist. Your butt just looks so smackable."

My thick, semi-hard teen meat hung down about four inches, my foreskin was pulled back just enough that the pink tip of my dick peeked out. I was proud of my dick and my neat, little patch of brown pubic hairs. Though I was fifteen, I still didn't have any dark hair on my balls yet, just some fine fuzz.

We laughed and played a little grab-ass as we finished showering, but nothing so daring as to be seen as anything sexual. That was the ice-breaker between Brad and me. We became inseparable the rest of the weekend.

We all walked back to the fairgrounds and had a great feast. After we pigged out on roast hog and all the goodies that went along with it, things started to calm down for a while. Some of the adults and little kids went to their respective tents or campers for a little nap. Brad and I just hung out together under the pavilion, talking and getting to know each other a little better.

As we talked I couldn't stop thinking about how cute he was and what he looked like naked. I had had several sexual encounters with a few different boys before and I was trying to think of a way I could get into Brad's pants without freaking him out or being ousted as a pervert.

"Wan'na walk down to the river?" he asked.

I told him, "Sure. Nothing's happening around here."

"I'll have to go tell my dad where I'm going." he said.

I followed him through the grassy park that was scattered with tents, campers and other people lounging around. When we came upon his family's motor-home he knock on the door. After several seconds the door opened as his dad stood in the doorway.

"Hi Dad. Me and Steve are going to walk down to the river, okay?"

His dad looked down at him, then looked over at me, then back to Brad and said, "Alright, but don't be gone too long. Remember, we're going to get a softball game going about 4:00."

Brad told him, "Alright. We won't be gone long. We're so stuffed we want to walk it off before we play. See ya later."

"Alright." his dad said.

As we turned to leave, I waved and told him, "See ya later Mr. Brown."

We walked back through the park towards the woods. My heart started beating faster as I though about being alone with Brad. I wanted to fool around with him but I was too afraid to try something. How do you tell a boy you hardly know that you think he's cute and you want to suck his dick?

Once we were in the woods Brad said, "I gotta pee."

When he said that, I quickly got excited with the thought that I might get a chance to see his dick again. I told him, "I gotta pee too."

We looked around to make sure no one could see us and we walked over to a big tree. Brad was quick to unsnap the button of his cut-off jeans and work the zipper down. He pushed his shorts down to his knees then pushed his tighty-whities down as well.

Standing right beside him, I got another good look at his wiener. He looked over and saw I was checking out his stuff. He giggled as he wiggled his little wienie up and down. After the full display of his boy-parts I did as he did and worked my shorts and undies down to my knees too, giving him all the view he wanted. He stared at my dick for several seconds while he stroked his wiener back and forth with his thumb and two fingers. Not to be outdone, I pulled on the end of my foreskin stretching it out as far as I could, then worked it back over my glan, exposing the full knob of my dick.

As he played with his dick, I could see that he was getting a stiffie. I thought, Damn! This kid just wanted to get me into the woods alone so he could show off and jack his dick in front of me. I was surprised by his forwardness but it was turning me on watching his show of exhibition. My dick was quickly stretching out.

We watched each other work our penises into hard, boy-cocks. Brad's eyes were glued to my dick as it filled out to my full six inches of hard teen-meat. "Wow!" he said. "Your's gets really big."

I saw that he had a pretty good size cock for a little kid himself. What started out as being about two inches of flaccid wienie turned out to be almost four inches of thick, pre-pubescent boner.

"You got a pretty good sized one yourself for your age." I told him.

He giggled, "Yea! It feels good when it gets hard."

I asked him, "Can you cum?"

He said, "I don't squirt yet but I get dry cums. That`s what my cousin Donny calls it. He can squirt. He`s thirteen and has hair. You got a lot more hair than he does."

I thought, Sweet! Brad's messed around with his cousin. As forward as he's been, maybe he wants to mess around with me.

I asked him, "You guys ever fool around? You know, jack-off together?"

He looked at me and started to blush, then a mischievous grin spread across his face. "Yea. We mess around sometimes when he comes over to my house or I go to his."

By this time, Brad and I were facing each other, watching each other play with our hard boy-cocks. I stepped closer to him. "You guys ever rub your dicks together?"

Brad let out a nervous giggle and said, "Yea. It feels good."

I asked him, "Want to rub dicks together, now?"

Shyly he said, "Yea, okay."

Holding our own dicks we stepped even closer. I told him, "Pull your skin back so we can rub them end to end." Tingles shot up my spin feeling his warm boy-flesh touch mine as we meshed our knobs together.

He gasped, "Oh!"

I was so excited rubbing my dick against his I thought I could cum right then.

We rubbed our dicks together for about a minute when we heard some other kids in the woods. We quickly stepped away from each other and pulled up our shorts as fast as we could.

We looked around and saw two other little boys running down another path. They had never seen us, or what we had been doing.

"That was close." Brad said. "We better get back now."

Damn it! A couple of more minutes rubbing my cock against Brad's and I would have cum.

"Wait!" I told him. I opened my shorts back up, whipped out my cock and started to really beat-off. After only about one minute I shot a healthy load of teen jizz as Brad watched.

"Wow!" was all he said.

After I came down from my orgasm, I milked my dick of cum and wiped my fingers on my shorts, shoved my dick back into my shorts and zipped up.

"You shoot a lot more than my cousin." Brad told me. "I can't wait until I can shoot!"


Brad and I were on the same side and we had a lot of fun playing softball with the other kids. Throughout the game in the dugout, Brad kept brushing up against me. I'd look down on him and he'd look up at me and give me a mischievous grin. He was pretty fit for a twelve year old. We both helped with farm work at home and I was pretty fit myself.

On the way back from the ball field, I told Brad I wanted to stop at my tent and get a clean T-shirt because the one I had on was soaked with sweat. I had long taken it off but used it as a sweat rag.

When we got to my tent, Brad said, "Wow! You've got a big tent." I did have a big tent. I bought it at an army surplus store. It was a full-size, two-man tent.

I opened the door flaps and walked in, Brad followed me inside, looked around and said, " It's so big, three or four kids could sleep in here."

I told him, "Yea. Me and a couple of my cousins camp out in it sometimes and there's plenty of room."

Brad looked up at me and said, "This is so cool. Can I camp out here with you tonight? The AC in our camper don't work and it gets hot as heck in there at night."

I followed his eyes from my face, down my sweaty chest to gaze at my crotch. I knew what he was thinking and my dick twitched at the thought.

I looked down at his firm, young chest and tummy and quickly thought of the fun we could have after dark.

I reached down and adjusted my growing bulge and told him, "Sure. You can stay with me if you want."

He said, "Cool! Dad won't care. Besides, he snores at night and keeps me awake."

I told him, "If you stay with me, we might not get much sleep anyways." He giggled and blushed as he reached down and squeezed his boy-goodies.

All kind of perverted thoughts streamed into my mind as I thought of his smooth, hairless little dick and all the things I wanted to do to it.


Later that evening after a campfire sing-a-long and smoores, Brad told me he wanted to go back to their camper and take a shower and asked me if I wanted to take a shower too.

"It's been really hot today and I feel all sweaty and icky. I want to take a shower before we go to sleep. Want to come to our camper and take a shower too? I grinned as I thought about taking a shower with the little hottie. He snickered and said, "No. Not together you pervert. That would be weird with my dad there. Besides, it's a small shower."

When we walked up to his camper, his dad was sitting at the picnic table drinking a beer with a couple other dads. "Hi Dad. Steve said I could sleep with him in his tent. Can I? You snore and it keeps me awake. Besides, the AC don't work and it gets too hot."

The men chuckled and his dad told him, "What's wrong with you? I don't snore."

"Yes you do!" Brad told him. "You snore like a chainsaw."

The men laughed and his dad told him he could stay with me. I thought, Sweet!

As Brad walked toward the camper he told his dad, "I'm going to take a shower. I'm all icky. Can Steve use our shower too? He`s all icky too."

His dad told him, "Sure, but you know you can only take one shower at a time until the tank heats up again."

Brad told me, "You can go first."

I told him, `No, you go first and I'll go back to my tent and get a towel and some clean clothes. I'll be back in about half an hour. Will the water be warm by then?"

He told me, "Yea. It only takes me five minutes to take a shower and about fifteen minutes for the tank to heat back up." I said good-bye to the men and walked back toward my tent.

I had set my tent up at the edge of the grassy area near the woods, far enough away from the other campers so that I could jack-off that night and no one would know. Little did I know when I set my tent up that I would have a tent-mate that night.

As I walked to my tent, I had thoughts of a naked Brad washing himself. I wished I could be in the shower with him to make sure he was good and clean.

It only took me five minutes to reach my tent and my dick was hard all the way there. I was so horny by the time I got to my tent I wanted to jack-off so bad, but decided I would wait until Brad was with me. It's hard for a horny fifteen year old not to rub off a quick one when he gets a chance, but I was able to hold off.

I unrolled my sleeping bag, gathered my towel, toothbrush and clean clothes. I still had about fifteen minutes to wait before heading back over to Brads. It was the longest fifteen minutes. I tried to think of gross stuff like dog puke to will my boner down. I even took it out of my shorts and slapped it a few times to get it calmed down. It worked and I was able to walk back to Brad's in a flaccid state.

When I got there, Brad and his dad were waiting for me at the picnic table, the other men had left. Brad looked so cute with his wet, curly, brown hair matted against his head. "Waters hot again." he told me. We walked into the camper and he showed me where the shower was. Before he left me, he whispered, "Make sure you wash your dick good." I thought... what a horny little fucker he was. I washed as fast as I could and made sure my dick and butt-crack was really clean. I dried off and put on my clean tighty-whities and shorts, brushed my teeth and I was ready to go.

When I stepped out of the camper, Brad was waiting for me at the picnic table with his dad. He had a folded blanket and a pillow. "Ready?" he asked. I told them I felt much better and thanked his dad for letting me use their shower. Brad hugged his dad and told him he'd see him in the morning, and we were on our way.

We passed a few adults along the way sitting at different camp sites drinking beer. Most of the kids had been sent to bed. We didn't waist anytime getting to my tent.

When we got there, I untied the door-flies and we walked inside. Brad threw his blanket and pillow on the tent floor next to my sleeping bag. There were several mercury lights throughout the camp and even though my tent was the farthest away, there was enough light that we could clearly see what we were doing but dark enough that others couldn't see what we were doing. The closest other camper was about thirty yards away and it looked as though those people had already turned in for the night.

Brad said, "I got ta pee."

I told him, "We can go behind the tent."

Once behind the tent, it was even darker but we could still see each other. Brad unsnapped and unzipped his cut-offs and pushed them and his undies down to his knees. I looked at the pale skin of his soft groin and butt. It seemed to glow in the darkened area behind the tent.

I followed suit and we stood next to each other holding our dicks in our right hands. I tried to get a good look at his dick but it was really too dark. We pissed and shook off the last drops.

He asked, "Want to rub dicks again?" Boy did I ever! We both quickly got boners. We stepped closer to each other and touched our tips together. Wow! There wasn't going to be any little kids running around to spoil our fun this time.

"Man, it feels wicked!" he said.

I said, "Yea, I know."

I was supper boned and started to rub my tip all around his smooth pubic area and nudged up under his tight sack. He was so smooth and warm there! I tried to push my cock between his legs but I was too tall and it was too dry to easily hump him like that.

"Let's go inside." I told him.

He squeaked out, "Okay."

We pulled our shorts back in place and walked around to the front of the tent and stepped inside. I had one of those flashlights that had a clear and red lens. I turned it onto the red lens and cast the beam of light into the corner of the tent, then I tied the door-flaps closed.

"Let's get naked and rub each other." I told him. Like the two horny young boys that we were, we were naked within seconds.

"Man, you got a big one." he whispered.

"You got a nice one too." I told him. We stepped closer to each other, reached out and held each other's waist and started to dry hump each other in earnest. It was a little awkward since I was taller but I kind of squatted low and he stood up tall and it worked out pretty good for us. I liked the feel of his naked, warm flesh against mine. We hugged, grunted and pushed against each other for a couple minutes.

"Let's lay down." I whispered.

We laid down on our sides facing each other. With our height difference, this position now allowed us to grind our boners against each other easily. It felt awesome!

I rubbed my hands and fingers all over his smooth torso, butt and legs while he did the same to me. We were two very horny boys in full lust for each other's bodies.

I was really getting worked up. I knew if we kept it up I was going to cum. I wanted to cum really bad but I wanted to make it last too. "Slow down." I whispered. "Let's stop for a minute. I'm about ready to cum."

Brad didn't want to stop. He kept humping his boner into my groin as he held onto me tighter. I had to push him away or I'd bust my nuts all over us.

I whispered, "Damn Brad! You're one horny little fucker. You know that?"

He just giggled and felt around for my boner and started to jack me. I couldn't help myself, I just had to cum. "Suck me." I told him.

He didn't think twice and he spun around and took my teen meat into his mouth and started sucking my cock like a pro. Fuck yes!

When he turned around, his four inch, bald boner was even with my face. The smell coming from his groin was awesome! Nice clean boy cock ready to suck on. I grabbed his butt and pulled him on top of me, engulfing his boner in one gulp. I could easily get his whole dick in my mouth, while he could only suck on most of mine. I loved tugging on the end of his foreskin with my lips. I had never sucked a boy with a foreskin. All the boys I had messed around with were cut. His pee hole was so tight I had to use my fingers to pull back the skin so I could lick his tip. When I did that he started to shake in my grip.

"Ugh!" he mumbled from around my dick in his mouth. He tasted a little salty from his last piss but I still liked his taste. I pushed him up and his dick popped out of my mouth. I tilted my head back and took his entire small sack of balls into my mouth. When I did that he raised his head losing suction from around my cock, making a sloppy, slurping sound. He moaned out load as I sucked on his small nuts harder.

After a few seconds he lowered his head again, leaned forward and sucked one of my big-boy nuts into his mouth. Oh man! This kid knew about sucking. He was good. Not too hard but just right to make me quiver underneath him. After a few seconds he switched and sucked and tongued on my other nut.

I let his sack out of my mouth and used my fingers to draw his stiff boner back into my mouth and started to suck him again. He was really moaning pretty loud. I pushed him up enough that his dick popped out of my mouth. I told him, "Be quite Brad! Someone might hear you." He stifled his moans around my cock and kept sucking me.

He started to fuck my mouth with meaningful thrusts. He was a boy with a goal. His boner wasn't long enough to gag me. It just reached my tonsils. Hell, I had sucked bigger dicks than his, but none as sweet.

All of a sudden he stopped and froze. His knees clamped tight around my head and he started to shudder and whimper while my cock was still in his mouth. I felt his cock swell and throb. I felt a warm flow of fluid coat over my tongue, then the familiar taste of another boys semen. Brad had spermed in my mouth.

He had told me earlier in the day that he could only dry cum. But I was sure he had just squirted a little jizz in my mouth. He tasted good! It wasn't thick like mine, it tasted more like precum. Who would have known that I would get to swallow his cherry sperms.

After his orgasm, he fell over onto the tent floor, panting and breathing really hard. He was lost in his own post-orgasmic world. He didn't know he had spermed, he was out of it. I thought it was funny that the kid had such a strong orgasm.

I was so close to busting my nuts when he beat me to it, that I leaned forward and squatted above him. I grabbed my cock and tugged a few times and cum all over his twitching, little bald dick.

When he came around after a few minutes, I told him he had cum and the jizz on his dick and balls was his. He couldn't believe he had cum so much.

After we rested for a while I told him that I had cum on his dick after he had cum in my mouth. He was so hyped up about squirting sperm he was ready for another go-a-round.

Isn't it sweet how young boys can get their nuts off so fast and be ready for another go and never lose their boner. That's my boy Brad.

We laid on our sides facing each other feeling each other up, more slowly this time, taking time to take in all the wonderful feelings of each other's young bodies.

As we lay there, he told me more about him and his cousin Donny. "Me and Donny've been messing around for a couple years. When we have sleep-overs we do all kinds of stuff. When I was ten he showed me how good my dick could feel. One night before bedtime we were wrestling around on his bed. He was on top of me and had me pinned so I couldn't get away. He started humping me. I didn't know what he was doing but it kind of felt good, then the next thing I knew, his boner was sticking out the fly of his undies. He kept humping me and before I knew it, his boner slipped under the leg-hole of my undies and I felt his boner rub against my dick and balls. Man! That felt weird but in a good way. He kept humping me harder and faster. I liked the feeling of his boner rubbing against me down there. Then he stopped moving and started to grunt and shake. Pretty soon I felt something wet and warm on me. I thought he'd peed on me. He went limp and rolled off of me. I thought he was dieing. He was breathing real hard. I got scared. I leaned over him and shook him and asked him if he was alright. He looked up at me. His eyes were funny looking. He grinned and said, "Yea, I just dry cummed. I didn't know what he meant and asked him. He told me, "It's when you rub your dick and it gets a really good feeling."

"Then I asked him why he peed on me. He told he that he didn't pee. I asked him why I felt wet down there."

"He sat up and looked at his boner sticking out of his undies. His boner looked all shinny and wet. He rubbed his finger along his dick, giggled and smiled, then lift it to his nose and smelled it, then stuck out his tongue and tasted it. He looked at me and said, "I just spermed!" I asked him what it was. He told me that when a boy gets old enough, he starts to produce sperm in his nuts and it comes out the end of your dick. "Sperm is what makes babies when you put your dick in a girl's pussy."

I didn't understand anything he told me. I looked down and there was a big wet spot on my undies and I got scared. "Am I going to have a baby?"

"No stupid! Only girls can have babies."

"I hooked my thumbs under the elastic band of my undies and wiggled them down past my hips. My pubic area was all shinny and wet with his sperms. I rubbed my fingers through it and it felt slippery and sticky. It kind of looked like pee but it had gooey white clumps in it so I knew it wasn't. He told me, "Smell it."

" I lifted my fingers to my nose and sniffed it. It wasn't pee. It didn't have much smell to it at all. Maybe a little like bleach."

"Taste it." he told me.

"Ewe! No it's gross!"

"It's not bad." he told me. He leaned over and got some more on his finger and licked it off. "See, it's not bad. Go ahead, taste it."

"I lift my finger back up to my lips and stuck out my tongue and tasted it. It didn't have much of a taste. Maybe a little salty."

"See. I told you." he said.

"Still kind of gross." I told him.

"He leaned over me and started to lick his sperm off of my dick and balls. Oh man! His tongue felt wicked licking me. I popped a stiffie right away. After he licked up all his sperms he put my boner into his mouth and started sucking me. It felt so good! It didn't take long and I felt something happening. My face felt hot and my tummy started to tickle. I told him to stop, but he didn't, he just kept sucking my little boner. I tried to push him away, but he held onto my hips and kept sucking. Pretty soon, I didn't want him to stop. I felt light-headed and the tickles traveled from my tummy down to my dick and tiny nuts. I started shaking and wiggling all over his bed. It kind of felt like when you ride a roller coaster down hill. The feelings got so strong, I thought I was going to pass out. When I started crying he stopped sucking me. I just laid there quivering.

After a few seconds I opened my eyes and looked down at my dick. It was all wet and it was bobbing up and down with my rapid heart beat. I looked over at Donny and he was smiling at me.

"Did it feel good Brad?"

"Oh man! Yea. What happened?"

"You just had an orgasm."

I asked him, "What's an orgasm?"

"That's what they call the good feelings you just had. Did you like it?"

I told him, "Heck yea! That was wicked. Did I sperm?"

"No. You had a dry cum. Little kids can still get the good feelings `an orgasm` but you're too young yet to make sperm. When I was humping you, that was the first time I squirted sperm."

Brad's confession of his first orgasm was really making me horny again. I was the same age as he was then, ten, when I had my first dry orgasm. I told him, "Me and the neighbor kid started messing around when we were ten. We were in my dad's garage. It was summer time and we were just wearing shorts. He asked me if he could see my wiener. I asked him why. He said, he had never seen another boy's wiener. He had three sisters, one older and two younger. He said he wanted to see if his wiener looked like mine.

I had three older brothers, so seeing other boys dicks was no big deal to me. My oldest brother's dick was huge.

I saw no harm in showing Jonny my wiener. I pushed my little-boy shorts down and showed it to him. He looked at it for several seconds before I pulled my shorts back up."

"Your's is different than mine." he told me.

I thought... How could his wiener be different than mine, we were both boys. Mine looked like my brother's, just that I was a little kid and my dick was smaller than theirs.

He said, "Look, I'll show you."

He pushed his boy-shorts down and showed me his wiener. It was about the same size as mine but he didn't have skin over the end like I did. It looked weird, but intriguing.

He pulled his shorts back up and we went back outside to play with our toy trucks in the sand pile.

That evening I told my mom that Me and Jonny looked at each other's wieners and his looked different. I told her his didn't have any skin over the end.

She giggled and said, "Oh you boys! Jonny is circumcised. You and your brothers aren't."

"I asked her what she meant."

"All boys are born with,.. what's called a foreskin. It's the skin that covers the end of your penis. It protects the end of your penis and helps to keep it moisturized so it doesn't get dry. Some parents choose to have their sons circumcised after they're born. That means that the doctor cuts off the skin that cover's the penis end, also called the penis glan."

"That made me wince!"

I asked her , "Why would they do that?"

"Well, it kind of started during the second world war. At the time, most men were not circumcised. War conditions were hard on the solders and they had very little clean water to bath themselves. You know how I've taught you to pull the skin back over your glan so you can wash your penis thoroughly. Well, our solders sometimes didn't have clean water and their penises would get infections. It would be painful and the best way to cure the infection would be to remove the foreskin so bacteria would have no place to live. So to avoid this problem, some parents started to have their baby boys circumcised at birth."

I asked her, "Doesn't it hurt?"

"For a young boy or man, yes. But for a newborn baby, it only hurts for a moment and then it's all over, and the baby is so young they don't understand pain yet like they do when they're older."

"I'm glad you didn't have the doctor cut mine off." I told her.

"If you keep yourself clean there, you'll not have any problems."

"Thanks Mom. You're the best!"

"So... the next day, Jonny and I were together again and I told him what my mom had told me."

I said, "Look." as I pushed my boy-shorts down and skinned back my skin to show him my end. "See. It looks just like your's."

He pushed his boy-shorts down too and said, "That's neat! What's it feel like to have the skin over it?"

I told him, "I don't know. I've always had it, so I don't know what it feels like without it."

He said, "I wish the doctor didn't cut mine off. Your's looks so cool."

By this time we were both getting stiffies. I stepped closer to him and with my fingers and thumbs I pulled the end of my skin open. "I have enough skin, I could cover your end with it so you could feel what it's like." He giggled and stepped closer so our wiener ends were touching. I pulled my skin open and let it close around his end. We both gasped at the feel of our tips touching."

"Of course we didn't know what we were doing. It just felt good to touch our ends together. My skin closed tightly over his ridge and we were hooked together as one big wiener. We both giggled at the sight."

" I took my stiffie in my hand and started to move it around his soft glan, he did the same and soon we were getting tingles. It felt so good rubbing our ends together sheathed within my skin. We both started to shake and we had our first dry orgasm together."

"After that, we kept doing it whenever we could... and a few weeks later we sucked each other's dick. It was awesome!"

Brad told me, "That's cool!" "Let's suck each other again right now. My dick's so hard it hurts!"

I was only too happy to suck with my little buddy Brad again! I leaned over and took his firm, little cock into my mouth and started sucking.

When I put my lips around his dick and started sucking, he was still so sensitive, he pulled away from me. I knew I should stay away from his sensitive tip, I lowered myself so I could lick his smooth, hairless sack. His tiny, little nuts where holding up tight against the underside of his boy root.

He spread his legs apart so his genitals were fully exposed to me. I laid on my belly and licked his puffy, nut-sack like an ice cream cone. I could taste my dried cum on him and the smell of it and his boy parts were awesome. I licked him all over, trying to avoid his tip for awhile.

I don't know what came over me but as I licked his sack, my tongue kept making longer laps, getting closer and closer to his butt-hole. Natural instincts took over and Brad lifted his butt up off the floor of the tent, inviting me lick him even lower.

I had fingered my own butt-hole while jackin-off many times and knew how good it felt. Heck, I had even stuck my finger in it and finger-fucked myself, fantasizing that my finger was another boy's dick. It always gave my a stronger orgasm when I did it.

Brad smelt like soap, so I knew he was clean down there and licked across his smooth little hole. He gasped out loud and squeaked, "Oh man!"

I felt so naughty licking another boy's butt-hole. I kept licking and Brad was moaning and wiggling all over the place. As I licked him, I wondered what it must feel like. He was defiantly enjoying what I was doing to him and hoped he would lick me there too.

After a minute of licking his butt, I stopped and asked him, "Do you like that?"

"Oh gosh yea! It feels wicked."

I crawled back up and laid down beside him again and asked, "Will you lick me like that?"

He was silent for a moment and said, "I don't know. That's where you poop."

I said, "So? I washed my butt super good. I licked your butt. It didn't taste like poop. Come on Brad. If you lick my butt, I'll lick your's some more."

He thought for a moment then turned over onto his hands and knees and crawled down between my legs. I spread my legs for him and he started licking my balls like I had done to him. Slowly he worked his way farther down to where the tip of his tongue was brushing against my hole. His warm, wet tongue felt so much better than my own finger.

He stopped for a moment, looked up at me and said, "It's not bad. It don't really taste like poop. It just tastes like your dick."

I was glad he wasn't grossed out, and he went back down on me again licking me with more enthusiasm. It was awesome! I started jacking my hard, six inch cock while he kept licking me.

Brad licking my butt-hole felt really good! But I felt like it could be better. I needed more than just his tongue. I wanted to feel his dick in my hole.

"Brad." I whispered. "Put your dick in me and butt-fuck me."

He stopped licking and looked up at me from between my legs with a naughty look on his face. "Really? I've never done that before. I'll get poop on my dick."

"So what?" I argued. "If you get poop on your dick, you can wash it off. My wash cloth is still wet. Come on Brad!" I pleaded.

He thought a moment and said, "Okay, but you're not going to butt-fuck me. Your dick is too big."

I assured him I wouldn't try to fuck him, that I just wanted to feel what it's like to have another boy's dick in my butt. "I've finger-fucked myself before. It feels good. I bet your dick would feel even better."

"How do you do it?" he asked.

"Just like fucking a girl, only you put your dick in my butt-hole. Spit in your hand and smear it all over your dick to make it slick and put it in me."

I could tell that he was excited with the prospect of putting his dick in me. He worked up a big spit in his mouth then spit it into his palm and coated his boner with it, meanwhile I had spit on my index finger and lubed up my butt-hole. I pulled my knees up toward my chest and spread my butt-cheeks open. Brad waddled closer and fumbled around with his boner in his hand, rubbing his end all over my crack looking for my opening. I reached below myself, took hold of his dick and helped him find the spot.

"That's it Brad, now go slow and push it in me."

I felt the pressure of his knob at my back-door and I tried to relax as much as I could. I felt his tip pass through my ring and felt his young shaft enter me as he pressed forward. It's hard to express with words what it felt like. Warm, almost hot. Soft. Solid. Wonderful!

He held onto my thighs as he pulled himself deeper into me. Within seconds I had four inches of hard, twelve year old boy-cock in my ass and I loved it.

"I'm all the way in you." he panted. "It's so warm and tight!"

"God Brad, you feel so good in me!" I managed to grunt out. "Now pulled back a little, but not all the way out, then push back in."

He did as I told him a few times, but he was getting excited and slipped out. "Put it back in Brad." I pleaded.

After about half a minute of clumsy humping, Brad had a rhythm going, and I was being fucked by a real boy at last. Not to be compared by finger-fucking myself. His dick was long enough that I could feel him brushing against my prostate and it was driving me nuts. My dick was as hard as it ever had been.

I reached below myself, grabbed his butt and pulled him into me. "Fuck me Brad!" I squeaked out. "Fuck me harder!"

Brad was a natural and was pounding me like a porn star.

It was too bad that he didn't last very long. Only after about three minutes of feverishly fucking my butt he started making funny, throaty noises and he started shaking and jerking around. I held him tight so he couldn't pop out of me.

"Oh Fuck! Oh Fuck!" he moaned as he pushed all the way inside me and stopped moving. I swear I could feel his dick pulse inside me from his orgasm.

"Stay in me as long as you can!" I pleaded.

I grabbed my hard cock and I was all slippery and sticky with vast amounts of precum. My nuts were pulled up tight against the root of my shaft on either side. They were just two small lumps buried up inside my pubic mound. It was like I didn't even have a scrotum anymore, it was pulled up so tight.

I felt weak and my heart was beating out of my chest. I couldn't breath. Brad reached down and grabbed my hard, teen cock and started to jack me off. I couldn't even moan, because I didn't have any air left in my lungs.

He only jerked my dick a few times and I was in nirvana! I saw colored tracers shoot to the center of my mind. All I could hear was a loud humming sound in my ears. My orgasm overtook me as never before. The orgasm wasn't so much located in my dick or balls, but consumed my entire body.

When I finally floated back down from my orgasmic high I opened my eyes and Brad was leaning over me and I remembered where I was. I slowly came back to my senses. I touched my dick and it was still dryly convulsing. I had jizz all over my tummy and chest and even on my face. I'm sure it was the biggest load of cum I had ever shot out.

I was so numb I couldn't even talk. All Brad said was, "Wow!"

Brad laid down beside me and put his head on my chest. It was too late when he realized he had put his cheek in a big glob of my jizz. He squealed, "Gross! Where's your wash cloth?"

We both sat up and I laughed. "Don't worry Little Man. A little jizz won't kill ya." I told him.

I leaned over and licked my semen from his face. Brad flinched back from my touch. I swallowed the stuff and grabbed him, pulling him into an embrace and kissed him softly on the lips. He was shocked and wiped his mouth with the back of his hand. He squealed out, "Ewe!"

I found my damp wash cloth and gave it to him. He wiped off his lips and cheek, then wiped off his flaccid, two inch dick. I got my dirty undies from my overnight bag and mopped up the jizz from my body and the tent floor. I threw the soiled underwear into the corner of the tent then started tickling him, he started laughing. We rolled around playfully on the tent floor for awhile enjoying each other's nakedness until we were completely worn out. We hastily made up our bed for the night and cuddled together, soon followed quickly by sleep.

When I woke up around 9 am, Brad was spooned up against me with his smooth, naked butt nestled into my lap, his head resting on my left arm and my right arm draped across his mid-section.

I started rubbing his tummy and chest. He felt so smooth and smelt so good. My fingers slowly worked their way down to feel his little-boy penis. My dick started getting hard as I played with a naked Brad and thought of the fun we had had with each other during the night. As my dick got harder, so was Brad's.

As he slowly began to wake he turned to face me and realized where he was. He smiled and rubbed his eyes. He told me, "Good morning." I told him good morning also as I rubbed his side and back, working my way down to his smooth, little bottom, pulling him into me. We hugged as we ground our dicks against each other. Even though I was boned and wanted to cum again, I wanted to suck Brad's hard, little dick again.

I pushed him onto his back as I scooted my way down his body toward his boner. He smelt a little funky down there and when I sucked his dick into my mouth, I realized he tasted a bit funky also. I opted to jack my young friend off.

I gently felt and played with his small nuts as I slowly worked his thin foreskin up and down his hard shaft with my thumb and two fingers, causing him to wiggle and squirm.

Soon he was softly moaning as he began to thrust his hips up-ward. He squeaked, "Feels so good!"

He shook as he pushed his hips up again and held himself there. I watched as a jet of young Brad juice squirted out of his dick and fell onto his tummy, followed by a second squirt, and then a third that puddle on his bare pubic bone. He slumped back down, breathing in gasps as his young cock twitched. After a moment he looked down at his tummy and saw the little wet spots of fresh, clear boy jizz he had just expelled and giggled.

I leaned over and lapped up the small puddles of semen. There was just a slight taste of sperm. A taste I didn't mind at all since I knew it was the sweet honey of my little lover.

I was so turned on, that my cock was rock hard. I knew if I touched it, I'd explode. I knelt beside Brad and tugged on my dick a few times. That's all it took and I squirt my teen load all over the young boy's chest and belly. It wasn't a lot but it was the thick, white cum of a mature young man.

I rubbed my finger through the mess and offered a taste to Brad. He hesitated at first, then stuck out his tongue and licked it off my finger, then reached down with his own finger and scooped up some more and put it in his mouth. I thought, 'What a dirty, horny, cum puppy he was.' He moaned, "Umm. Not bad." After a moment I found my dirty undies and wiped the rest off the young boy's body. We were such nasty queer boys.

We rested a while then got up and dressed. We walked behind the tent and pissed. The smell of beacon cooking filled the air and my belly grumbled. "Let's go get something to eat." I told him.

Brad and I hung around the park together for a few more hours before his dad told him it was time for them to leave.

As we walked back to my tent to get his blanket and pillow, we stopped at the restroom. Their was no one else there and I told Brad to use some soap and wash his dick. Once back at my tent, I took one more opportunity inside to suck the kid's dick again. I couldn't get enough of his hard, hairless, little cock and sweet boy cum. We softly kissed and hugged each other good-bye. I was saddened as I watched him walk away. Not knowing if or when I'd ever get to play with young Brad again.


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